Bible Trivia Quiz - Fun Game

4.7 (11.2K)
51 MB
Age rating
Current version
DH3 Games
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bible Trivia Quiz - Fun Game

4.75 out of 5
11.2K Ratings
11 months ago, engery!!!!!!!
I haven’t played this game much but I love it already! I downloaded this game just today. I’m a Lukewarm Christian and I’ve been for a while. This game can help people get closer with Jesus & God. This app has taught me a lot of things Jesus has done. If you wanna learn more about these types of things I would recommend downloading it. There’s lots of levels and you can even try quizzing yourself. You can try again if you too. These levels get harder and harder but it’s okay! Ps: Download this if you want to have a good relationship with Jesus, by getting closer. Xoxo: Eli 💋💋💋.
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1 year ago, R2.3.2.D2.
Warning….. This app has great Biblical questions that mostly I’d say Christians want to answer. Everything’s fine until ALL OF A SUDDEN you start getting provocative adds for games that I’d say Christians, and even some non-Christian’s, I know wouldn’t want their kids exposed to, nor would they play them themselves I don’t get these adds on Solitaire or any other word or puzzle games I play. Weird how this audience is targeted. Too bad someone is targeting a group of people by baiting a biblical game I have a bunch of games and have Never seen the adds for apps like are showing up here. They even want you to click on some of them because they say “Sensitive Content!” Don’t fall for it! I don’t know if they want you to pay to remove the “bad” adds, or they just think it’s funny…… I KNOW all “Christians” are not moral, honest people, but the majority I know wouldn’t want to support this. It’s a shame …. Keep the nasty adds off here! I’m out…..
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2 years ago, Addison Akins
The game of life
I like this game bc it is so fun and I love playing it especially with my family!!!! I do wish the questions went w/ a story like they give you a story and then questions like those questions but I still love the game hope you get it!!! - Addison Akins ( p.s you can you this for a commercial or personal review. Like if you were looking for some you could use mine if you wanted but cut this part out )
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7 months ago, Ginnystar122
The Holy Spirit
This is still a nice game and I do like it (even though if things could be more specific it would be better), but I never like to see the Holy Spirit referred to as a “what” the Holy Spirit is a “who”! The Holy Spirit is a person and someone, as Christians, we need to know. The Holy Spirit is not below Father, GOD or Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit Himself is GOD too. Your literally referring to GOD as a “what”! The Holy Spirit is a person and one we must know. Referring to Him as a “what” would bring anyone who plays this game the wrong influence about Him making them also think He’s a what! You’re not a “what” and you would never want to be referred as one, so why would you do that to out wonderful LORD and Counselor the Spirit of GOD?!
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4 weeks ago, Marshall Wall
Accuracy concerns
I was playing this app on a road trip and was enjoying it until I reached the question about why John baptized and according the the app the answer is “for the remission of sins” this is misleading, for John was preparing the way for Jesus and his baptism was for a clear conscience and a show of repentance. AFTER Jesus death, burial, and resurrection Peter preached the first sermon of the church age (Acts 2) and it was at that point that baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38) was instituted. Before Calvary baptism was only symbolic and there was no authority to remit sins at that time. App creator please check content for accuracy! Thank you and Lord bless you!
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1 year ago, lilly.034
This is great
I’ve tried other Bible apps that don’t give you the right answers if you get it wrong and make you watch adds to get gems to be able to even answer questions. I even play bible trivia apps that have wrong answers as the right ones! But this sapo does not do that, I’ve actually been learning stuff and it’s really cool.
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2 years ago, LeilaZenith
Inappropriate Ads
I’ve been taking the Bible quizzes with my daughter(9) nightly and she looks forward to it. At first we had different ads and one for cash solitaire, join and win real money (gambling) but I over looked it. Tonight there were ads for “Lily’s Farm” a mother with her baby in a baby carrier and she walks into her bedroom with her husband in bed with another woman. I can’t make this up, it was totally inappropriate and my daughter even asked, does her husband have a girlfriend, I was shocked and didn’t even know how to respond. Not sure if the developer is Christian but they should have someway to approve the ads being suggested under their game.
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1 year ago, AntEngland5
Very fun game! Just one thing…
This is so fun and a great way to test your Bible knowledge, I just wish that maybe they could add more things to it. It just goes straight to the game and doesn’t really let you do anything else other than do the quiz. For what it is, awesome! But I think they could have made so where u could get coins or something. It just gets kinda boring when all u do on it is quiz yourself. Other than that, very fun! I’m glad I downloaded it.
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1 year ago, Peacemanvii
Difficult to see correct answers
I am enjoying answering the questions but when getting a question wrong it is difficult to see which one is the correct answer. The answers are in colored boxes and the text of correct answers get highlighted. There is not much of a contrast and I can’t see it. By the time I find it, it goes on to the next question. I want to learn but can’t if I don’t see the answers to the questions I get wrong.
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3 years ago, paigenicity
Wonderful so far but I would like to see…
I’m enjoying the levels and the 10 questions each. Great questions! I’m only on level 7 but they aren’t too easy or too difficult just yet either. I do wish the levels kept your score for you on the main menu or something because if I get an 8/10 I want to go back and get a 10/10 but nothing within the game seems to track that.
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1 year ago, IPad no skype
Too many ads-ads get locked up too long
It’s a good game- when you get to play a round, but after EVERY 10 questions (a round) you get an ad - and not just a pop up ad for a few seconds before you can exit- these are LONG ads that get “stuck “ - can’t get out until they time out after a minute or two! And one ad was suddenly loud when I had the game turned down! Annoying ads- too bad because they have good questions.
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3 years ago, grggfgrgcggcgdg
This is amazing that they made a gospel app there’s not many apps or people that would do this. I think that they can do one update that they can only quote where the answer is in the Bible I take my spiritual life really seriously and I am only 11! They should also add in more levels and harder questions.
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4 years ago, oaris is my real name
Thank u
Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this app but I think y’all should not question people and not tell them what the question is about Some people might not know what it is about and delete this app I don’t want them to do that because it is spiritual and I want people to learn a spiritual this is for my grand child
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1 year ago, Mefrja
Wrong answers scored correctly
I just did my first quick quiz and score 10 even though I knew I had incorrect answers. Once that issues is fixed, I look forward to sharing this app with my kiddos and other family and friends.
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1 year ago, klujano
Love it!
I love this app because it gives my children a distraction while in car rides and they learn something about His Majesty. They always ask questions after and I show them where in the Bible it states it, or I put cartoons that cover the topic. So many thanks to the creator of this app!
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11 months ago, Mesha 8021
Game keeps crashing
The game keeps crashing as soon as I open the app. I paid for it so it’s very frustrating! I would also love to know which answers I got wrong Update- the game is fixed and I can also see what answers are wrong and right. I love this game
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2 years ago, Luckyboyboy
To God be the Glory
As a Christian this is fun way to keep my mind sharp, and interest me to go and read about the questions and the answer given! Plus i can be a Good Stewart by being accountable to Jesus Christ by showing him my Heart that I want to learn, and Grow as-well as share to my friends and family!
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2 years ago, Beee-rad
Excellent App
The fact that it lets you keep attempting the same questions, allows a person to keep answering questions until they get a perfect score. Which helps to imprint the Biblical facts into a person’s mind. Awesome capability!!!
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3 years ago, TebbsT
Thank You
I submitted a previous response about a question that seemed incorrect, and I was really impressed with the quick change and response. Many apps take many months to a year, and even forget to even respond, but they responded and had it fixed within just a few months.
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4 years ago, PattyAnnF
Incorrect answers.
The trivia answers are incorrect. For example: One incorrect question, can’t remember but I think it was around level 17, had the correct answer as an option twice. I chose one and was marked incorrect, the other was the correct choice. They were spelled exactly the same, so it wasn’t meant to be a trick. Another incorrect question, “Who wrote the book of Revelation?” I selected John, that was marked incorrect and the correct choice shown was Moses. The introduction to Revelation tells the author, and Moses was not around when Revelation was written.
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3 months ago, Nancy DeHoyos
I am enjoying this app; however, it would be great if I could see the wrong and the correct answers I had. Please help I am still waiting
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1 year ago, BroncoBob
Correct Answers?
This could be a great game but it only shows you how many questions you got correct and, at least as far as I can see, there is no way to check which questions were answered correctly and which were answered wrong.
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4 years ago, Boldall
Fun, but ...
I just installed this app because I was excited to grow in my knowledge of the Bible while also having fun. At first I didn’t know the correct answer turns green, so I was disappointed to not know what I got correct and incorrect. Now that I realize it, the game is a bit better.
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2 years ago, 1524satg
Wish quiz told which answers we got wrong
The questions are good, but after going through the sections (levels) & see that I only got 7 out of ten, I wish I knew which questions I got wrong! That would really help learn the information. I think this is flaw in app.
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3 years ago, Saykooh
Option to pay, please
I love this app but I want to remove the ads. I’ll pay a few bucks to remove the ads.
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3 years ago, AllNaturalCaliGirl
Game is cool but an ad after each level is a bit much
Way too many ads in my opinion. Levels only consist of a 10 questions and then you have to sit through ads. The game itself I really like but don’t think I will be keeping it
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1 year ago, teecookies
It's OK but I could have a little changes
I like it it's just I would like a if it had like the page of the Bible to help and I would like if it had like it didn't have to have a subscription to not have ads
Show more
1 year ago, landry love
Read allll the reviews
Ok so love this game its just that It has so many adds 🙄🙄🙄I hate hate adds. after Avery challenge add in the middle of a challenge add I got 6 adds in 10 minutes and it’s about cat litter CAT LITTER!!! Bye the way those are the worst ones 🤣. But for real please stop putting so many adds in
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3 years ago, newlevels
Too colorful
Love Bible quizzes. Hard to find a good one. Tried this one but with the colorful colors and my poor eyes, I had to delete. Just hard to see for me. Also I like to be able to go back and correct my answers without doing the entire ten over. Be blessed
Show more
3 years ago, rainbowofjustice
I really think it’s really good and you guys did a really good job of making this app I installed it yesterday and I’ve been using it today and I’m on level 10.
Show more
4 years ago, Gemini Kel
Good questions
There’s a good mix of questions on this app. However, in level 5 the question is “How often was Peter told to forgive a person?” The answer according to Matthew 18:22 is “seventy times seven.” This isn’t one of the choices.
Show more
4 years ago, jzlo11234
Glitch in level 2
2nd question in level 2: how many days did God take to create the heavens and the earth? There is no answer that is correct as none will turn green. Each possible choice will only be highlighted red after choosing it. According to the Bible it should be 6 as he rested on the 7 day.
Show more
1 year ago, sagmgtlgsagdlgbmg
Those colors
I only played this one time and I thought the questions were excellent. But I deleted the app The colored stripes with the answers on that bright pink background were very hard to see on a cell phone. If it was black fonts on a white background I’d probably still be playing it.
Show more
4 years ago, Grandkitties GMa
Quiz with no answers
No info given as to which question missed after a level. Ugh
Show more
2 months ago, dukebb63
Response needed after each question
Show more
1 month ago, Cjjs29
I LOVE IT!! Great Questions!! Love The Bible, Love This Game!!!
Hello, I love reading the Bible and I love to test my knowledge! The only thing I don’t like is that there are constant ads! I don’t like them, for example, I’m almost done with a level boom, ad! I answer five questions, boom, an ad!! Sincerely, Girl Bible Lover📚
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6 months ago, TonioTheTetrimino
Best Quiz Review building up
Of the Word of God. We must feed our spirit as well as our flesh. Let us feast on the gospel so that we may have life and have it more abundantly.
Show more
3 years ago, Botchybear
After you finish each section of 10 questions there is a commercial. Or whatever you call it when it’s online. Also if you get out of the app and go back into it you have to start back over at the beginning. This is just pretty stupid to have made it this way. I only picked it because it had lots of bright colors in it. I get tired blah.
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2 years ago, Nursepage77
Great app if it wasn’t for the ads
I would really enjoy this app if it weren’t for the annoying ads that pop up after every level. Or if I could pay a small price to make them go away.
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4 years ago, Iamdamammathatswhy
New player
Would it be possible for the answers to stay red/green for slightly longer. Sometimes if I get an answer wrong, it disappears so quickly that I don’t have time to see which one I got wrong.
Show more
3 weeks ago, NCLAYTONC
Good questions, but…
The app doesn’t tell you if your answer is right or not. It just moves on to the next question. This app would be so much better if it provided the scripture reference, and the right answer.
Show more
2 years ago, Lanac3
Would have given 5 stars if , I knew the correct answers after each test.
Show more
3 years ago, player,ok
Please fix a glitch
When I finish level 21 it told me to go onto level 2 can you fix the glitch?
Show more
5 months ago, bellaxegxwrh
Still a newbie
Still a newbie but I would like to see my errors corrected or the answers
Show more
4 years ago, DeE3773
Please correct...
Level 9 has an error. The book of Revelation was not written by Moses. The Book of Revelation was written sometime around 96 CE in Asia Minor. The author was probably a Christian from Ephesus known as "John the Elder." According to the Book, this John was on the island of Patmos, not far from the coast of Asia Minor, "because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus" (Rev. 1.10).
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2 years ago, Shayi Webb
Hi, I really like this… however I would love to see the answers if I’m wrong. How can I play with my kids and use this app to teach them if the app doesn’t allow you to see the correct or wrong answers…
Show more
3 months ago, Lilly(Phyllis)
Bible review
It's a very good game to play it has all these question and you can even get coins download this game right now NOW! YOU HAVE TO DO IT!
Show more
2 years ago, funky turnup234
Pretty good
This is actually pretty good compared to other BibleQuizs I have downloaded. It could use a little more entertainment but it’s fine.
Show more
2 years ago, lmgaryed50067
Way too many Advertisements
Play the game. Then there’s three or four screens of advertisements. Then it tells you your score. Way too many interruptions before knowing score. I am going to delete this and go on to a different app
Show more
4 years ago, RGphotoman
No obvious means tp reset
After I finish the first level I wanted to restart so that my wife could try the game, but there is no obvious menu to accomplish that. It seems only option was for moving on through level two. If there is a menu or a means for accomplishing that why not make it obvious?
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