BiCupid: Bisexual & LGBTQ Date

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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for BiCupid: Bisexual & LGBTQ Date

4.01 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Ceciliax92
Good app but customer service is hard to come by.
Can’t reset my password because the app didn’t put the correct email. Can’t change my email because I don’t remember my password. Can’t change my password because my email is invalid. Need to change it back but it’s bringing me in circles.
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2 months ago, Caitlyn0628
issue from the start
I didn’t even get the opportunity to actually use the app, so I don’t want to completely trash it but this was a bit frustrating. It’s just that I was still in the process of setting up my account when the app said that my account was now suspended while I was setting up my profile picture (which didn’t have anything vulgar and was appropriate). They made it easy to select an option to get the suspension resolved with customer support but I don’t understand why I was immediately suspended when I’d barely even used the app. I’m also not too interested in going back and forth with customer support over an issue that seemingly came out of nowhere. I’ll possibly update my review if I’m able to get any help with the issue, assuming that I decide to continue using the app.
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3 years ago, dopecorgis
I joined this app hoping to meet fellow Bi friends and people and I was met with many straight/cis people on the app who were there because they are quite “into bi stuff”. It’s a fetish heaven for straight people. People will only dm you for sex and the dms you get very objectifying (way worse than a usual tinder message). Also lots of couples looking to save their pitiful marriage. If you aren’t looking for a hookup with old straight men lying about their age or you want to be a unicorn, then this app is not for you. I’ve been on tons of dating apps and I have never felt more awful about myself or an app until I came across this. There is no good reason to use this app. Just stick to HER. The fact that this app even says that it is supportive and for lgbtq+ people is atrocious because they basically just made a bi fetish app where actual bi users are preyed on.
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2 weeks ago, scammrs
Not much use without $30+ per month subscription
Without subscription, your limited to messaging with only one profile, and chances of matching someone close by or just matching at all are slim. You’re swiping on every profile in the entire US (subscription is required to narrow it closer), with few profiles close by sprinkled along the way. Which isn’t bad if you’re just looking to connect online—to the first profile you matching with. So, unless you’re intending on spending $30+ a month, can’t think of a reason why I’d recommend using the app. (Window shopping I suppose.) Whether it’s even worth it, I didn’t bother to check. Typically, dating apps set up like this aren’t. Hence why, they don’t let you do anything without paying.
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4 years ago, Dancsipok
Interesting how all the 5 star reviews have the same grammatical errors... hmmmm... almost like the same person wrote them all... lol 🤷🏽‍♀️ Also most of these 5 star reviews talk about friendship and chatting (they cost hella money). I don’t wanna have friends from the other side of the country. It’s stupid! If I live in CA why (and how in the hell) would I play with anyone in FL?! Also, just to chat for 33$/mo is a huge ripoff, I’ve been on here for at least 6 months and the only one person that I liked and was close to me wasn’t worth 33 bucks to write to... You will also swipe left on the same 15 people over and over and over and they keep coming back... lol. What a piece of crap... they have got to lower this ridiculous price and at least let “mutual matches” talk to each other for free!
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2 years ago, Ellarose899
Not Trans Woman friendly
Number1 This sites biggest con is definitely price …Number 2 the men on here only want nude photos of trans woman. Number 3 you get blocked with no reason from user they can just block you . Number 4 Basically if your a trans woman looking for relationship this dating site is nit for you it for trans woman fetish straight men who get off on trans woman but are to afraid to Amit that they are actually into trans women to the public….this is a way for men pretending to be straight can hide behind a screen to get their fetish fix without friends and family knowing that there into trans women. Number 5 should be free for trans woman and woman. Especially trans woman because we are heavily targeted.
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1 year ago, Speachlerich
False advertisement
The title of the app says bisexual, and LGBTQ hinting at the fact that this is for bisexual, but this is also for every other community yet, when you actually enter the app, it’s only for bisexuals. There isn’t much diversity happening here. Yes you have your trans people. But your options are “ woman” “ male” “bi woman” “bi male” and “trans” is this website is supposed to only be directed towards bisexual that’s OK but don’t include LGBTQ in it. All you’re doing is just thinking that everybody who’s in those communities can join and it’s targeted to all of those audiences. When in reality, it’s only for bisexuals.
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11 months ago, ✨💖🌸Hannah
Disgusting and uncomfortable
I’m an 18 year old girl who specified the age range I am looking for (18-21). I find it disturbing that even with that specifically said, there are 40-54 year olds interacting with my profile! Not only that, but I was put into a group chat of anonymous people without even being asked if I wanted to join. There were borderline nude pictures in that group chat. I am extremely uncomfortable to even go on the app as it seems like every time I go on it, I have another over aged person requesting for my private photos. This is a serious issue that needs to be reviewed and resolved! I will be deleting this app.
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4 years ago, Kingeli07
Lots of five star reviews repeat themselves
I find that a lot of reviews keep repeating themselves to give users a false sense of security. I have also chatted with several people and found they have stollen identities. Some say they are from my area and keep trying to convince me to upgrade and chat. 1 was a porn star from Germany when I looked up here picture another a woman from the UK. The Google app has a pic search that allows you to find pics that may have been stolen from online. Apple should not allow an app like this to scam people out of their money! I am requesting a refund! This is fraud!
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3 years ago, Jahmya Circuittab
Great lgbtq dating app with video chat function
One thing i noticed is the lgbt users on bicupid seem more intelligent than those on tinder,OKC,and her. Of course there is some progress needs to be made, but thats just how it is across all platforms so i wont take any rating away. Finding dates in real life is better but if you’re gonna use an app, this is one of the good ones.
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4 years ago, EhaocekC
you can pay it and get what you want
From my personal experience, all I can tell you guys is that if you pay, you will find it, but if you don’t, you have to wait for other people to contact you. Even though this couples dating app needs to be paid, it’s undeniable that this bisexual app works.
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1 month ago, J_0vi
Waste of time
I’m giving this a one star after trying it for a week. You can swipe right or left on profiles, put as much info as you want on yours and answer 209 prompted questions about yourself…. You have to purchase the premium membership to see your matches, see who likes you, see who viewed you (these are all expected in dating apps I suppose) but you have to go premium to message anyone. At that point might as well use okcupid or tinder and message for free
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4 years ago, Mlrn4y64011a
Like people here
When you are using this dating app, you can simply see someone’s profile and picture and decide if you like them or not. I have used this app for some weeks. Frankly speaking, I think it is better than any other dating app in Bisexual dating field.
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2 years ago, 0zzem
App doesn’t work
This app has a lot of bugs. It won’t let me change my password. I can’t delete my account. I assume everyone that ever used this app came across the same issues because it seems like non of the users are active. Since I could not delete my account I just uploaded a blank picture and deleted the app. I would think twice about downloading the app if you don’t want your abandoned profile on the app until the end of time.
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3 years ago, ChaoticNichole
I’m Not Sure I Want To Pay
Seems like an okay app but I don’t wanna have to pay $34 a month to see who liked me when I just downloaded the app. I feel like there should at least be a trial period so people can find out if paying that much money is worth it or not. I can’t afford it either way so it’s not like it matters to me as much but I’d be nice for others.
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3 years ago, 0styn_
Worst dating/hookup app
First of all everyone who isnt a catfish or a bot is super gross looking so look elsewhere. Aside from that, on the rare occasions that you DO match someone (and someone decent looking), you cant even send a message without paying for a $33 monthly membership. This app is barely worth a $3 membership. Youre also forced to repeat seeing the same profiles regardless if you swipe left or right. Dont download theres bumble, tinder, match, okc, yubo etc. anythinf is better than this
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5 months ago, Munchie_Master
Good but the range you set doesn’t work
All I’m saying is if we match you better drive far because there’s no way I’m driving forever to see you. This app puts the people you swipe through outside of your range you have set. Why would someone from the Midwest want to drive out to the west coast? Common app developers, it’s common sense.
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2 years ago, abc123youknowme
With in 15 minutes the app pauses and says I must wait more than 12 hours before I can continue swiping, or upgrade. I decided to upgrade even though it was $30 for one week.. only to find no one around me so it automatically shows out of state profiles. The app is nice and easy to use but the service fees are way too high for what you get. Other apps are cheaper
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4 years ago, bmbr0ayn710
just try it out for once
You can keep searching for bisexual date in life or you can download this threesome dating app and try for once. I’m sure you won’t regret it. This is the advice from someone who actually used this dating app.
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3 years ago, DJLove1987
Almost there
If it wasn’t for the fact that everything was him and everything requires me to purchase some thing not all of us have that kind of money it may not seem like a lot but with the prices of everything now that is a lot wish there was more free stuff like messaging people
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3 years ago, Caitlan Sheridanhd
Better than taimi, people are genuine here
This app give focus on bicurious dating. Without the a lot of low-quality profiles on tinder, nor the pointless connections on plenty of fish, OKCupid and taimi, I like how strict it is for keeping its members! I am gonna cancel my Taimi membership, and remain as a loyal user here.
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2 years ago, RedHer3
App problems.
I paid for a premium account, used my Apple ID to log in. The app logged me out often enough it was annoying. I thought I cancelled my subscription, but it renewed itself. So I figured I’d keep using the app for another 3 months. But. BC deleted my previous account, had to create a new one and now my premium status doesn’t apply. So I unintentionally paid $70 for an app I can’t even use because I was somehow erased.
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4 years ago, Kinan Abatelli
It's pretty good for swingers
Pretty sure most people on here are genuine. The app itself is good and is quite intuitive. The only thing is the cost is not cheap, but I suppose it does cost you to find someone better. However, all in all a good dating app.
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2 years ago, Flowey the Flower 🌼
Pricey and Hard to Navigate
It seems like it’s a decent app at first. But then you realize that to even see people who view you, or send a message(!!) costs 33 dollars a month??? It’s ridiculous. There’s also a swipe feature for profiles that’s not explained. Is it like other apps that a swipe right/left means something? Who knows?! Don’t recommend this app. If I️ could rate 0 stars, I️ probably would.
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8 months ago, The-dog-101
Good app
It’s a very good app just not for me I paid for the premium and there’s not many people near where I am for what I was looking for but they refunded my money first app to ever do that so very fare app would 100% try
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4 years ago, Hilah Stockill
Wow!! Best couples dating app out there right now!! 
All the best looking, well established, genuine guys and girls are on here.. having lots of luck on the friend side as well. This app blows the others right out of the water. If you haven’t tried bicupid yet.. DO IT!! You won’t regret it ♥️♥️♥️
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9 months ago, imin12
Spammer nation.
Way too many spammers here. And not enough selection in my area. App takes a little to get used to. But for $34 a month to have 90% of all contacts be spammers it’s no where near worth it. Save your time. Find a different app. (Update) 2023 2 years later I tried again. Basically the same from before. Idk why I thought things would be different. This app is trash.
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4 years ago, Darriana Chong
i met my fiancée on this app
I met my fiancée on this app about one year ago, and now we sometimes have some fun together on this app. if it wasn’t for bicupid we probably wouldn’t have ever met. She is my sunshine. Forever grateful for this app!
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11 months ago, DanCarFloIelLosRos
Location problems
App was okay but I had problems with the location. I would only see people from different states, I had my distance preference set within 50 miles, I would reload the app and still had the same issue. Tried contacting with for help and I got nothing.
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2 years ago, ViccaRose
Straight/cis men have taken over this app
If you’re looking for real queer relationships this is not the app for you. It’s all straight couples hunting for 🦄. And straight/cis men usually have a couple account but only want you to date them. Conversations start out super sexually and people are extremely sexually aggressive. If you’re into that it’s the app for you but it’s definitely for hookups and not long term relationships.
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4 years ago, khfRlb
You will love this couples dating app
I believe that when you start to use this dating app, you will love it immediately. So I highly suggest that you should download it and make a start of bisexual life now.
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4 months ago, dwlatham
One of the best if not the number 1 all, for connecting, refuse to touch another date site, all have been removed
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2 years ago, datingappreview
Not user friendly
This app is not user friendly at all. The app layout makes no sense and is all over the place. The picture quality is garbage and it will not let you change your profile picture or edit, crop or move your photos. I have messaged customer support multiple times with no response. I DO NOT RECOMMEND
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4 years ago, Jesusworshipers
Don’t get this app it’s a waste of time and money
This app it’s too expensive and you don’t really get to see other profiles. I even paid the monthly subscription and I kept on getting the same profiles over and over even when I was swiping left. Then it will show me profiles from other states even when I was specific to just my area. Don’t waste your time or money
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1 month ago, MrReviewEmAll
Straight trash
This app definitely isn’t worth the headache. They just want your money for garbage. I used my iCloud to create the account now I can’t delete it because they used a autogenerated password to make it now my page is stuck n I can’t delete my photos either. They need to fix this before wanting all that money
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4 years ago, Fabrizzio La Willewo
Really cool polyamorous dating app 
Its really cool polyamorous dating app this app makes it useful for people like me. Honestly, i have a lot of experience in dating app, and the difference of bicupid from other apps is you can meet real people.
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4 years ago, Jayquon Menendez
Need more new people
There are the same people on most swingers dating sites and apps, but this one is different. I can see many new faces even in my native city.
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3 years ago, B12357
Dnt waste Money or Time
when compared to other apps like tinder or bumble etc, this app is worst and all are fake people or scammers. I got a premium membership and i see scammer here and no matches at all from 2months. if you want to cancel membership you cannot do that. premium cancel button is not working in this app, so you lose every month.
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2 years ago, zotobaked
Smh bro
My account got hacked so fast and I couldn’t delete the picture the email was changed everything is a mess and then I can’t email them and since the password is changed and email now I can’t do anything and I don’t know how to contact them if anyone that works with the company help maybe please
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3 years ago, Imabubblebear
not inclusive
right from the beginning of setting up your account you’re limited to 6 options and they’re all basically man, woman, or trans. Being trans isn’t a gender (i understand if you use this to exclusively meet other trans people tho) and you’re leaving out an entire group of queer people. it’s alienating
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2 years ago, lkn 4bi
Like this app
I just wish I could at least send a few messages for free so I can make a decision lol
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7 months ago, D. Blair
Great concept, but don’t get your hopes up.
What a fantastic idea! I was super excited for this app, but guess what? There’s like nobody on here. I’m in the Detroit area, and about 20 swipes in and I’m already into people in Canada! Definitely don’t do what I did and buy a three month subscription, it’s a waste of money unless there’s people near you.
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4 years ago, Raghav Casperce
Best app of its bisexual kind 
Such a great bi dating app, It works well so far. Its smooth and easy to use. I've used this app for one week, no bots or scammers. the features are easy to use.
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3 years ago, Psycho-Robot
Not a real dating app, it’s a scam
All the 5 star reviews are fake/made by the same person You can’t talk to anyone unless you pay over $30 bucks? That’s ridiculous, the app does not have a big enough user base to be worth that much. It’s basically locked until you pay up
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3 years ago, Narada Chatwinso
I downloaded it for group dating
People on BC are more inclined to open up and be honest, which is sorely needed in the fun dating scene. I tried Kinkoo and Tinder before, but I think bicupid suits my need better.
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4 years ago, Ladyortheinte3net051f
Best app ever
Dating is always a complicated stuffs for any one. no matter what is your gender, race or sexual orientation. But in this digital world nothing can challenge our desire for bisexual dating. BiCupid is definitely a Cupid!
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3 years ago, ok meow
Pretty nice
Wish it was easier to get an account back
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1 year ago, JessieLynn0218
How am I supposed to meet people if I have to pay $33/month to message them??? Isn’t the point of dating apps to help you meet people? A lot of us can’t afford an extra $30/month. My ability to find someone shouldn’t rely on my ability to pay a subscription fee. Total rip off.
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2 years ago, jan3258
Cannot even get passed sign in page
Attempted to find what everyone else in boasting about in this app, but an SSL error occurs every time I try and sign-up to create an account. Every option fails. :/ maybe a future update is needed. I may try again in a few months.
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3 years ago, z i p p y
Pay to use
You have to pay to send message or even reply. Pay to look at who liked you. Pay to look at your views. And it’s expensive to use their services. They’ve paid hella people to write 5 start reviews. Pay attention to the one starts for a reason.
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