Big Fish Casino: Slots Games

4.6 (214.1K)
123.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Big Fish Games, Inc
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Big Fish Casino: Slots Games

4.55 out of 5
214.1K Ratings
3 years ago, vivid napper
Best Slots machine app out there
Let me start off and say that this is my first review and probably will be my only review of an app. I cannot express how much boredom and time this game has killed for me.I’ve had many accounts over several different phones so it’s my number one time killer. This app is very well put together and has events to get the community involved. If you are looking for a game that has slot machine fun then this is it. The slots have good odds and run smoothly which can keep anyone glued to their phone. I will say this though, although the slots seem to be getting upgrades with sleeker slot machines and events to go with them being added very frequently, it seems as the developers have forgotten about their other casino games. The Texas Hold’em game seems as if hasn’t had an update in three years. It just looks clunky on the newer phone screens. I’m not saying it is unplayable but it does bother me a bit having two thick black lines on the top and bottom of my screen. I wish that the developers would take a little time work on the other games to make them as sleek as the slot machines. I would recommend this app to any and everyone whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran.
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6 years ago, Joetizzle123
Addictive. Ridiculous
Basically this game is very addictive and it’s fun because it’s multiplayer. You can play while chatting with people. that’s why people play this game for years. Because you make friends. They make is hard to win and do well. They sell chips for super expensive. Actual money. So why you might ask, when you’re not considered “rich” on this game unless you have over 100 million chips do they sell chips for insane amounts of money? The answer is because people buy them. People spend incredible amounts of money on this game for chips with no actual real world value. A person could easily spend $100 in chips and lose it in a minute. But people are addicted to playing and buying chips. And so the creators of this game make that their main focus. Getting people to spend chunks of their retirement savings, kids college savings, grocery money, etc on fake chips with absolutely no value. There’s even other parts of the game which people mainly use to socialize, such as poker and blackjack. So they don’t even bother updating those games. Because they make money off of people’s addictions to slots. It’s remarkable, insane and ridiculous.
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5 years ago, NashvilleTennessean
Horrible Horrible Horrible
I would give them a negative score if I could. Big Fish Casino is a waste of time! They state the further you advance in levels the more difficult it becomes to win. Who in their right mind goes to play slots for the challenge. I surly do not! I play slots to win money or to hit a jackpot. If they are trying to mimic slots, which they are not, then the level of difficulty would be the same at all levels. There is nothing random about a game when it is programmed before you even make a bet. These games are preprogrammed before you even make a bet. These games are preprogrammed so you win less often, the amount you win per winning spin becomes less as you progress, and the further you progress in levels the harder it becomes period. Also, don’t be duped into thinking that you have won when the payout is less than your original bet. You only WIN if you get back more than what you originally bet at the beginning of each spin. Say you bet 100K and spin, after the spin is over the slot says you have won 25K. This is totally wrong; You actually lost 75K. You only win if you get back more than you bid at the start of each spin. Don’t give these crooks money thinking that you are going to win. If you give them money do so because you leisurely enjoy playing slot games to pass time, but if you expect to win something without having to pay any money out of your own pocket then you will be sadly disappointed.
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5 years ago, Joslotplayer
Playing for about 4 years
(Edit. I’m still never buying chips but even if I did, its an app, not a real casino. I get plenty with daily and hourly bonuses and up to over a mil in leveling up. If you need more than that you are playing too much and need a life) Never bought chips so as far as game developers they probably don’t like my type. Also play the sister one Jackpot magic. Same but smaller bets. I find this game the most fun of all of them. I actually like that it is a bit cartoonish and not trying to be exactly like known slots. Each game has an extra. Like 3 bonuses or a shared pot, or special rounds, free spins etc. The timed bonuses come up enough that if you wait to the next day you have plenty to start with. After all more money is just more zeros and commas. Just pretend its more. What’s the diff? I’m not saying dont pay to play but if you do you can’t rag the developers. Any real casino you are paying for every spin! Besides that. I also have a life. If online that much to complain? You need other interests
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5 years ago, wynd mc
My overview of your casino
I have met very nice people on your site. I like the games. You remove quickly people who are very insulting. Your updates are good. Your win loss ratios per spins are lousiest I’ve seen. And that’s towards our loss. Your game gets stuck rolling and rolling. It finally stops or it goes back to your face page and I start over; I always loose my bet. When I go to the vault to get coins, I push the button and for some reason coins are lost. I manually keep track of my coins. This is the reason I don’t buy coins, and the fact that you don’t tell people what a coin is worth. I can go to other sites and win 75 million coins on a spin. A billion coins when winning a big spin. They give 350,000 free coins per hour. Your tiny pittance of 12,500 to get extra coins is insulting. Other sites tell you the value and I have bought coins and won. I would rather travel to gaming sites and get better odds. Yes, it’s a game of chance, if our odds are so bad people walk away. If you check your sites on our comment lines, people have called this site a joke and a ripoff. I have 12 to 15 friends I introduced to this site. They all left but one. Betting is our choice, but walking away from impossible odds is ours as well. Thank you.
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12 months ago, The FIRST Default
The virtual casino is a fun concept. But it seems since it was sold the new owners tightened the wins & pushed the need to buy chips. If your using bill money to buy fake chips and keep loosing, why not go to a REAL casino and spend the money there? People are LEAVING Big Fish. Cannot afford to LOOSE REAL money like this. A win more often would boost morale. Read some of the profile pictures. Ppl are unhappy and leaving. If you chase them away, NO BODY has fun...😒 Today BF solicited me for a review. So they ARE LISTENING... 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Thanks! I hope you loosen up the wins. It IS A GOOD CONCEPT and A FUN GAME... But prove it to the players BF.. *** I have the chance for a SECOND REVIEW. The players I play with are in quarantine now. So with less money and no jobs, a win for them would be huge. I’m hearing the same thing. Want to just leave. Stay for the friendships, tired of loosing, but buy buy to loose faster, they want to leave BF. What BF is doing is not inspiring morale. Missing an opportunity to show empathy during the pandemic. 😷 June 27,2023. My opinion hasn’t changed from last review. It was a small win & you immediately ask for stars & a review? Thank you but I feel the same. It is not as fun as before. Not compelled to play jours now.
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6 years ago, Tightwads
Worst money hungry App.
Do not get yourself suckered into this app or their other App Jackpot Magic Slots. They are the most money hungry, greedy company I have ever experienced. All their updates are made to increase you chance at losing chips so you will buy more. The club feature is full of BF admins in the top teams so you will never get there but you will buy buy buy trying. The rich get richer (because they work there) and the poor just keep buying. I have been on this app for 4.5 years and their customer service gets worse every day. They don’t care about anything but your money. Find an app that you can really play for free on. I will be deleting this app for good. They started a new VIP reward program and sent me a message saying I was automatically enrolled. I was to get 117 mil chips from this new program. My balance was 64 mil. When I sent in a ticket they said oh sorry we made a mistake. Now granted I didn’t ask to be enrolled in this program and I can not decide I don’t want to do it. It’s made to only allow you one boost per week so you lose your chips in the first day and buy the next 6 days. Before this we could ask for a boost about every 2-3 days. Well I have decided this app is no longer fun and won’t be playing anymore. As I said don’t let them sucker you into their whirlpool of money sucking games.
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3 years ago, ms.reen269
Not fun anymore
I’ve played this game app on and off for several years. However, It seems that within these past two years or so, when playing the slots, it can’t be played for more than 3 minutes without losing all chips, or if a person is wise enough to catch on and move on to another slot after a big win (within 3 minutes), upon moving to the 3rd slot, the chips are depleted within that 3 minute window. The Moto is to “have fun”, yet it seems that people are made to feel like they have to buy chips just to have more time to play. It gets worst if chips are purchased. If chips a purchased, then they are immediately depleted after a few spins. All of these antics mentioned occur all while playing the minimum bet. It doesn’t seem to be much fun in that. I’ve played other “free” casino apps where these subtle antics do not happen. I know that I’m far from the only player that has noticed this, as it has been discussed throughout the clubs. Of course there are those who win many chips, so it doesn’t be made to look so obvious, but it’s more of an algorithm thing, meaning the game is set up to choose those winners, instead of it actually being random.
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6 years ago, Troycity
Biggest Scams Ever
The review by Karma in October sums it to the T! Graphics and social is simply amazing. Now as far of the odds don’t even go there. They always compare themselves to Real Casino Odds but like I have said in my emails to Big Fish and to Apple they are not affiliated with any gaming control board (GCB), a search on Google will bring this “GCB, A gaming control board (GCB), also called by various names including gambling control board, casino control board, gambling board, and gaming commission) is a government agency charged with regulating casino and other types of gaming in a defined geographical area,* unfortunately, they are regulated by no one and earned over $430 millions in just 2017 ! All that without paying the GCB a penny! Now, if you complain to Big Fish that “it is only a matter of time until someone report them to the GCB or local news or starting a class action lawsuit,” they simply reply saying “ anymore abuse to anyone at big fish and you will no longer get tech support and that they will ignore any future emails.” I long the day of a major class action lawsuit against Big Fish. It is only a matter of time. So please stay away from this app if you plan to buy chips. If you have no intention in buying and just plan to play for free, you won’t get very far but at least you’ll be ahead.
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5 years ago, all named are taken
Not a happy camper
I have been playing for a couple months. I’ve spent more money on this “free” casino than I care to even admit but because I am exactly the kind of person this game is for apparently. The game app people are greedy and the prices for the small amount coins you get is ridiculous, but so is actually paying money to win fake money. The graphics and music are colorful and some catchy.. but sounds are on all the games are pretty much the exact same. It’s almost impossible to get a large payout because you need to bet high and when you do you never win and bonus is hardly ever there when you need em.. I play tons of casino slot games online. Lucky Win and Cash Mania are way better and you win all the time. I am not being a sore loser or upset Because I didn’t win a billion dollars- it’s too hard to level up and there are hardly any bonus games. Lighten up Big Fish— maybe try letting your slots win once in a while.. right now it doesn’t feel that fun sorry.
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6 years ago, GoldieMB
Yes i love this app
The company keeps a good job keeping the new games refreshed and interesting ! All the games are so different and have wonderful themes and ways to play. That keeps the games interesting and fun instead of always playing g the same thing like canary crush. I love how they come up with new ideas with the side activities like the sports challenge picking a team. The changes with the clubs are fun too and I like how the leaders get to make their own rules for their club like personalizing it. That makes the social part of this app fun and I’ve made life long friends on here !!! I’m starting to get to know my host and she’s a sweetheart I can tell she’s a true down to earth person and wants me to have fun here playing she respects me as a person and customer. Of course the only bad thing are the odds giggling but I bet everybody complains about that lol. I love this app and get excited waking up seeing w the next game, activity or etc is next. Thank you !
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1 year ago, Music sir!
Ups and downs but good
Like most games, there will be winning and there will be losing. However, sometimes the losing in this app seems a bit too programmed and for too long at times. However, I think I’ve noticed some slight improvements… slight! What I like as there are, are the vaults and the amounts given as well as the daily wheel and the rare chips gift which, ever so often, only appears after you have lost all your chips or fallen so low that you cannot play any longer. What I do not like are some persons being rude or disrespectful and although they are reported, their profile avatar just changes to a black thing with red eyes and that is all… this need investigation. More Suggestions: The experience points could be doubled or tripled even, more often and, there could be more or better chances to win colossal, massive, enormous and gigantic chests based on game play, level or even gaming duration. Let us win more in general please! Is there another Big Fish app also where persons can win real money? If not, this might be another good idea. Thanks.
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2 years ago, No more spins
See title. This game is trash. Negative 1 star. If you like to lose, this is the game for you. Wins are rare. And when you do get a 'win' it's usually significantly less than your bet. Seems like the developers are too focused on pushing out regurgitated slots with a different name/theme. A reskin of another slot. They don't care about user experience. They also have the little side games where you can get additional chips by winning a certain amount of chips. "Bet a total of 17 million chips"...the reward? 5 thousand in chips. Seriously? In order to bet a total of 17 million chips, expect to lose at least double that. And then to receive 5k? Trash. Not worth it. And that's if you're lucky enough to even get close to the 17M. Scatter games? I just got done playing the Aloha Fortunes scatter slot. Took me over 100 spins to get a scatter. The odds are severely against the player. They are fake chips! Let your player base win once in a while! But they do this in hopes you buy chips, which is a complete waste of money because you'll lose it all within minutes and you get a small amount . Don't waste your time with this abysmal game.
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6 years ago, Terwillegar
App is fine. Fun if you play it the right way.
This app is fine. I’ve been on it a little over a year, and log in about once per night. I don’t play obsessively. After a few weeks of playing, I made a minimal purchase of chips or something just to get rid of ads, which worked. The key is to slow-play with lower bets in the slots. Maybe not the minimum, but not high. Over time, as you build your base, you can increase your bets. If you play auto-spin, just don’t make huge bets and do check on it every few minutes (and only some of the slots let you go very long without touching the screen, anyway). Over time there are cold streaks and hot streaks; you just have to pay attention to not lose your rear when on a cold snap. And getting too aggressive with bets when on a hot streak can backfire. Just stay consistent and pay attention. Without too many irreparable cold streaks and an equal or greater number of hot streaks, I’ve built up to about $110 million. When I want to just autospin, I do $50K bets on Lightning Wheel (my go-to slot). When I spin myself, I do maybe $125K unless I see I’m ice-cold after a little while. I think the only way to lose out is by being way too aggressive, blowing funds with big bets on other games (I guess if you’re good at hold em, have at it), or just not paying attention. It’s a fun way to mindlessly veg out while hanging out or watching tv.
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6 years ago, Eijh
It’s not gambling, it’s robbery
Update: To Big Fish sympathizers, this app is now illegal in the State of Washington. Let that sink in for a moment. This app is predatory, period. Gambling is regulated in most states to give a certain level of payout. However since this is simulated gambling, there is no regulation. This game is averaging about 30% payout for me compared to 90+% payout mandated by most gambling regulations. It’s illegal if this was real gambling because the payout is too low. Simulated gambling is arguably more dangerous than real gambling because the user wagers tokens bought with real money but with 0% chance of cashing out. When the payout is bad, the users experience all the downside of gambling (lost money) with zero upside (no way to recoup the money). I hope Apple, Google, and the governments comes to their senses and realize this needs to be regulated. It’s currently the Wild West and Big Fish is robbing all users blind with zero oversight. Regulating gambling while Big Fish robs people with no oversight is akin to regulating alcohol and turning a blind eye to the meth epidemic. I hope the executives cashing in on their bonus realize they’re cashing in on corruption money. There is a special place in hell for those with no conscience.
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4 months ago, NameUsed
I suggest that you don’t buy chips. You only win after you lose a lot. It’s like if you hit a big win they take it all back quickly and of course it seems suspicious. I would say 95% of the times that I had a big win it was after I lost a lot. A big win usually doesn't even bring me back to even. You can go 40-50 spins and get only 2-3 wins that is bigger than what you bet. I understand it’s a casino and gambling but unlike a real casino you don’t win real money. So for that reason this app should have better odds than a real casino. They can’t lose lol. Just very greedy and they feed off people addicted to gambling. They really should be ashamed. Just think about it. You are spending money on real poor odds for what? Just to win fake chips. Imagine this company laughs every time you buy. Think about what you could of done with the money you wasted on this game. If you live in a state that allows gambling then download a real casino app with slots that pay real money. If you are going to spend money then at least with real casino you can win real money not fake chips. They are probably legit too
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7 years ago, Nate.Doyle.MN
Bigfish you guys write your own reviews?
I promise you no way is this rated 4/5 stars. In slot chat where ever I go recently players are complaining. Been playing since 2013. It use to be fun and a great social experience with friends. Then they introduced "clubs." That's when Bigfish really started to go downhill. Think of "clubs" as another form of odds. As of September 2017 you will not win before on or after club payday. Club payday is Tuesday. So no hits Mon/Tues/Wed and weekend are even worse Fri/Sat/Sun. Out of the whole week you have Thursday to maybe hit. I have reached above player level 1063 yesterday and have spent thousands on this app. It's depressing and addicting. I know I need help, but they continue to take advantage of their customers and give two cents about them as well. On my fourth week straight of being broke struggling in Snowday with squatters. If you really want to get a kick, "GOOGLE HOW MUCH BIGFISH MAKES ANNUALLY OFF THIS APP." You will cringe! I would post it on here but they would delete my review. As they deleted my status when I said how much they made. Greedy...greedy...greedy. Run from this app, not worth the time and PLEASE never spend a single penny on any online casino/gambling app.
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2 years ago, Iriesluvv
Silly ‘extras’
PLEASE remove the sliding ‘claim your prize’ alert on the left side of the screen. It blocks the view of the slot machine. Put it at the bottom or top…SOMEWHERE else. It’s annoying…even though you can close it, it’s never closed for long. ALSO…the tickets. If you give them to us, let us collect them but give us an idea of how to collect them in one swoop to get chips if we wish to instead of your players having to spend their time on the ridiculous games you offer. We EARNED those tickets and should be able to cash them in for chips…not taking us away from the slots we came to play. We USED to be able to do that years ago, but some genius somewhere thought it would be a good idea to waste everybody’s time. YOU’VE GOT GREAT GAMES AND I LOVE THEM, but these ‘side action’ extras are silly for those of us who come to play slots.
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4 years ago, HippyORnurse
Good, bad, and frustrating
This app has its fun parts involved like Texas hold ‘em, blackjack, roulette, and their creative slots. But I’ve been playing these games for well over 3 years now and I feel like it’s bringing more frustrations than fun recently mostly on their slots. The slots have begun to be designed very well, however, there’s nothing different about the spin itself. All 25 lines and up, ultra coins, Grand, major, minor, minis... boring! Where’s the 9 line slots, the scatters, the ones that will give a big pay just by getting 5 symbols in one line? Start making some variety big fish! Last, the most frustrating part is I finally spent REAL money on fake chips. What a complete waste! Lost it all (45 million) in 90 minutes!! You would think they would increase your win odds for giving them real money? Nope. Big fish casino could be one of the best casino apps with a few changes here and there. Please take this as some constructive criticism not a bash
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3 years ago, sgtsharkey
This used to be a great fun app BUT….. Have played for years. The slots are fun but the wins have become nonexistent in the past few years. BFC wants you to pay a lot of money for fake chips then they turn off the wins. They say the odds are fair but I have come to believe they absolutely manipulate the algorithms against you. The goal is for you to buy as many fake chips with real money as they can possibly squeeze out of a person and in return hardly give out any wins to you. Therefore you must give them more money. The slots are fun and entertaining They let you win, get you addicted then, BFC pulls the plug and never let you win again. Be careful, they ask you to contact them but if you complain they just ignore you and basically refuse to address questions or concerns. Such greed ruined a good app
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4 years ago, 3DG4LIFE!!!!!!
Not fun anymore
I’ve been a loyal big fish casino player for 6 years. The past 6 months have sucked so much. First off, when I first started playing they didn’t have the VIP system. They had classic slots, none of these 25 line slots. They slowly started changing it and good payouts became non-existent. The VIP program was great though because your bonus was pretty good depending on what you spent on chips and it wasn’t impossible to reach higher VIP levels. They’ve gotten rid of every single classic slot on BFC. If you’re lucky, you still have access to them. I don’t anymore.. I don’t know if it’s an apple thing or what? My mom who’s been playing the same time as me, has access to all the classics. None of the slots EVER pay out anymore. You’re lucky to get 5-10 spins out of one slot game before you’re out of chips. And the VIP program requires such a ridiculous amount of points to advance levels now that it’s not even worth it. You have to spend $1000s of dollars to even get anywhere on it now. I love BFC. I’ve been playing for many years but I wish they would rethink how they’ve changed this game.
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5 years ago, Enchantedpoet
The clubs make it worth it..
Don’t be fooled by the hype of this casino app. I’m a real person with a real review. I have played this app for 3 years and use to love it. You would lose, but winning happened often. You could relax and spin having fun. Now the last year you spin and lose, some buy chips with real money which is lost quickly. With this casino app the only perk is the people and clubs. Clubs help you sometimes giving you chips to spin with, it’s a great way to socialize and get to know people. Sadly most are upset complaining they lose all the time, and are addicted which caused them to spend to much hard earned money. Do I still spin? Yes... I collect the daily bonuses all day and spin in the evening. I talk with my friends in the club, and I get frustrated when the coins are gone quick. If your thinking about downloading this app.. please do not get addicted because it will break you. There is no spinning or betting system to figure out.. your really better off driving to your local casino and losing your real money.. your winning chances are way better. I hope this helps.
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4 years ago, LSLR Number 1
Badly needs Attention
I have played this game off and on for years. I began playing again a few months ago. Nothing has really changed but the huge price increase for chips. The game is slow, slow, slow. It takes way too long for the game to render, and many times I have left a game because it takes too long for it to come up. It is still necessary to slide by all the games to get to the game you want to play. If by chance, you end up in another game while moving across, which happens often, back you go to the beginning to start over. I see that BF has many other games that are newer, but if this game is not high on the list for fixes, at least give your customers a break, and all these new games that don’t pay aren’t it.
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7 years ago, Kurokiba97
It's all true
1 month ago I was looking at this app, reading all the reviews especially the low rating once to see if it's true or not. I thought most of it were over exaggerated. But it's NOT. This game is a big cash grab. They want you to spend a lot of money to upgrade your VIP tiers which is basically how you make most of your income early in the game. Otherwise you'll have to slowly grind out the VIP tiers yourself by spinning which will take forever. Cause first of all you lose 80% of the time. I had 5mil chip once and decided to bet safe and go low ball and only spin 25k. You would think that I wouldn't be losing too much but that is horribly wrong. I lost 4 mil in a blink of an eye. Betting only 25k. Ridiculous. And of course once you go bankrupt - tadah. An offer to buy chip comes up. And these "limited time" sales are all BS. They appear very often that they shouldn't even call it limited time offers anymore. Overall verdict: if you want to get far in the game, prepare your wallet. Only catch is- you don't actually win any real money throwing money at a virtual casino.
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5 years ago, Pvp3871
More and more disappointed
I have had this app I believe for almost 6 years. Have made, in my opinion, a ton of purchases. Spent well over 3k on fake chips. I used to enjoy the game. I felt it was fair and when you lost chips you could build back up. Now not so much. I purchased $50 worth of chips in January, and didn’t have a single big win and lost them quickly. I don’t stay on the game typically if I’m on a losing streak and have yet to get any big wins. It’s absolutely ridiculous! Honestly I have always been more apt to purchase if I was winning. I am tempted to delete the app but I enjoy my club. I have been harassed on private conversations using this app as a dating sight. Wasn’t until I finally had to say something to the developers that they blocked these people. Honestly DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you are willing to fork out some money. I have much better odds on my trips to Vegas every year and come home a winner EVERY SINGLE TIME! I would rather donate my money to a charity then waste it on money hungry app developers!
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5 years ago, Katie827262
Nothing more than a scam.
I've been playing this game for a few years now which was introduced to me by my dad which loves to play bigfish casino, we even made a club together. Anyways, the reason why I'm giving this app 2 stars is cause they will get you hooked and then take your chips back instantly, I ain't complaining though cause I get my chips by squatting and betting low which takes time but having them take it back within minutes when it took you hours/days to get those chips really gets you worked up as if they could care less and only want your money. We used to win all the time before the new owners took over winning close to 500m on a daily basis and now we're lucky if we can get a few million to play. It's nothing more than frustrating and sad cause this is one of my favorite games and used to help with my depression but now all it does is make it worse. I'm poor in real life and on a game, the chips ain't even real so why be so greedy giving them out. ANNOYED.
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6 years ago, Aber1210
Did like the game until they cheated me out of chips
So, as far as games go, I like it a lot. The visuals are great and the slots are fun. I spent more money to buy coins than I want to admit to myself when I ran out. At the end, I didn’t mind because I was enjoying myself. I liked also the sense of community I had with other players from around the world. In my opinion, it is superior to other casino games out there. However, I won a mini jackpot about five days ago. It was 4,500,000 coins, plus whatever the line was going to pay out. The mini jackpot got stuck. It ended up not giving me any of my winnings. I did what I was supposed to d: I immediately contacted technical support and requested them to fund me my winnings. I gave the precise time the game and the amount I was supposed to win per their instruction. I received an automated message that essentially told me that it was a connectivity issue on my side, so sorry. It said if you have any further issues reply to this email. I did immediately, and said “I want my chips, are you going to refund them to me?” It has been about three days now since I have received zero response back. I am taking that as a big fat no. I will not spend another dollar on this game. There are other games that I have played in which this has happened, and they immediately corrected my account within 24 to 48 hours. I don’t like being cheated. I don’t normally write reviews, the buyer beware.
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7 years ago, Nanagamma
Big Fish Casino
I gave wrong review because I was a little teed off. This is a real fun game. You win some and you lose some. I really enjoy playing the game. Nice way to pass the time. I like playing the game and like the graphics. Nice way to pass the time when you can not get out. I still like playing the game and the new games are nice, but still waiting for the chips I bought and have not received yet. Love the games, would like to win more though. The games and graphics are very nice. Being as I can't get out due to very bad back the games are the next best thing to being able to go out to casinos and an otherwise enjoyable way to pass the time. I also like the new games. Love playing the games. The new games are nice and I won a few mini jackpots. Still enjoying playing the games. I just won $100,000 on the Big Fish Casino Easter Giveaway. Thank you Big Fish, I just won $20,000 free chips, thank you! I just won $10,000 free chips, thank you! I just won $10,Ooo free chips, thank you! I just won $10,000 free chips, thank you!I I just won $10,000 free chips, thank you! I like the game but cannot seem to progress any farther. It seems like I buy chips and then lose them. Would be nice to win and keep them, but I enjoy playing the game.
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1 year ago, Pglicky
Here’s what people need to do
Here’s what people need to do about their chip buying habits: have some self control. Maybe call 1-800-Gambler, put your phone down, and take a nice walk outside. Big Fish isn’t forcing you to buy more chips. Neither is Lotsa Slots, neither is Huuuuge Casino, neither is GSN Casino or Slotomania. The fact that there was a lawsuit from a woman who says this game stole money from her is ludicrous. First of all, think about it. It’s a casino app, with any real casino, you can’t beat the house, number one. Also what goes through anyone’s mind when they just flush away real money on fake things? There’s actually a massive field of study behind it. Y’all ought to do some research. Anyway, I digress. I love this app, and I play responsibly, and i have a great time. Keep it up, devs!
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3 years ago, BINGO ugh!
the BEST EVER 💕💕💕💕
I have been a member of BF Casino for over a decade 😲🤭 I Love this app. so much! Anyone that has anything bad to say about BF needs to contact the very BEST Customer Service Team in the world. Give them a chance to help you with whatever you need. Just contact them through your account settings and start by getting a ticket and filling it out and let them know what problem you may be having. They are very very nice and helpful. They are a HUGE HUGE WONDERFUL PART of making BF the BEST APP. TO PLAY ON. The games are awesome 😎 give them a chance. They give you freebies everyday when you sign in and every 30 minutes you get freebies and different vaults to open throughout the day. I’m so Thankful 🥲 yep…. Happy Tears. Thank You Customer Service Team ☺️
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6 months ago, Gmen200$$$
Very bad customer service
They never resolved the issue their game had in which I lost all the chips I had , second they take all your purchase in less then an hour and buying their packages is just a scam, don’t expect to win anything, if you join you will see a lot of bots joining and collecting chips which will ruin your table if you are playing with friends , big fish always pushing you to buy their packages even though you win nothing and get nothing special, their classic games are laggy and would take some chips and not compensate you if you win and some vip games you have to go up on tier to access which is messed up since you are force to buy in order to access everything in the game, lastly I see a lot of restrictions within their club program, people will only let you join their club if you are a spender which in my opinion is also messed up since this is a social game not a real casino and should not be based on money spending
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2 years ago, Mofro jr
Just be careful
This game can be really fun! They have great graphics and game themes. They also give you freebies here and there. The downside is you can’t really play consistently unless you have deep pockets. I don’t mind spending money on a gaming app that brings me enjoyment. But the amount of money that you have to spend just to play for an hour or so is pretty over the top. I usually purchase chips on a weekly basis. But they are gone in an instant and you’re back to saving up your freebies. I think that they should treat paying customers a little differently where the win loss ratio is concerned. It just doesn’t make sense to spend a couple hundred dollars a month on something that offers no return on investment. You will encounter a whole lot of angry and aggressive players who are upset at not being able to win. Ignore the in game chat if you can. Just my thoughts!
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4 years ago, Thatguyyouprobablyknow
Pretty solid in all honesty. Used to play this all the time and came back after a couple years and it’s still as good as I remember it, except that they seemed to have removed horse racing which was a pretty fun game mode. You don’t need to spend money to have fun, I avoid slots and just play on the roulette and it’s fun. Sometimes you’ll hit big, and sometimes you’ll miss, that’s how it goes, so I wouldn’t necessarily listen to all of the people saying it’s rigged. Slots may be rigged though, as for anytime I play slots I usually never get a big win, let alone a profit. Like I said, I’m more of a roulette guy, to me it’s a lot more fun, you don’t spend your money as fast as slots, it’s not rigged, and it’s exciting. All in all, solid, just bummed they removed horse racing. It wasn’t that good for making money, but it was fun watching your horse win sometimes
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3 years ago, bepis112636
Do NOT download this game, it’s fun at first but through gathering data and experimenting with the game I think it’s rigged. I found that the more time you go without playing the game the more likely you are to win big fast probably to get you to play the game again. Other than that the machines never pay out but always seem to land one symbol away from a jackpot or bonus to make you feel like you got so close. From what I’ve gathered I think your vip status also correlates with how much you win. I asked some players with hundreds of millions of chips and they all admitted to having extremely high vip levels after paying for extra chips. This could be coincidence but something smells fishy here.( no pun intended) All in all big fish casino seems to favor those who pay for chips or those who have been playing for a very long time while newer players are greatedwith big wins followed by huge losses and a metric ton of “exclusive” offers to buy more chips and keep playing.
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1 year ago, xXchanceXXX
Do not play this garbage game
I have been playing this game for well over 8 years. It was once good but is now the worst app you can possibly get on the app store lol. I am not exaggerating when I say, I have better luck at REAL casinos than I do with this app. As a matter of fact, I play this app before I go to real casinos to lower my expectations. I have literally not won anything on roulette, slots, or video poker for 2 years and I play just about every day. Just save yourself time, there are much better casino apps out there :) Just to add, Big Fish Games is a VERY scummy company. Lots of controversy and lack of transparency. Not the kind of people you want to affiliate yourself with anymore. Times are tough for them so they are rigging their games to try and increase the amount of people buying fake chips, which I'm sure is not working 💀. I'm sure they are on the verge of bankruptcy and I'll be happy when every one of those bozo executives and lazy developers loses their jobs.
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5 years ago, Tkvmadman
I have to agree with every single bad review, no way the good reviews are real. Paying my hard earned money for fake chips with zero return in fun. Disgusting greedy Richard Craniums can’t even give fake chips back to keep you going. After I’m done with this review I will be deleting this spare money depleting app. I used to check in all the time and have frequent play but lately my money is just sucked up along with the fun. If anyone takes the time to read this, go with the bad reviews as they are the only true reviews out there. Believe me, I have lost a lot of real money only to give this piece of Bull$hit app “one more try”. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Go to a real casino and have real fun, you’ll get some of your own money back and actually have fun. PEACE OUT
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3 years ago, Tristem_martin
Nothing but losses
Much like your other casino apps, this app features steady strings of nothing but losses. I was buying fairly frequently until I realized you people could care less about your paying customers. You designed an app that people buy and buy and buy from, and get little to no enjoyment in return. It’s not uncommon to spend $50 or $100 and be completely broke in minutes. Instead of letting people win some coins (that they will eventually lose back), you made it so that they have to continuously buy in order to play at a fun level and win for their club. On the off chance that someone does finally hit, they can expect nothing but losing in the next 15 rooms in a row, until they are completely wiped out. These coins literally cost you nothing in exchange for real money, and you still won’t give up the wins. The game design and the club format are top notch and the developers should be commended, the people who decide the win percentage should be fired.
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7 years ago, Califf81
You'll have better odds at a real casino playing for real money!!
This app is a complete joke. The stats are rigged, for example if you look at the "total winnings" if the player hasn't played that day or isn't in a low level the number will be 4, 294, 967, 295 how could that be an accurate stat? Some days are lucky but most are not. All spins and in game bonuses are predetermined. I have reached being a billionaire 2 times in the same week but have lost those billions in a matter of a few hours of playing and not always betting max. Many players spend hundreds of dollars to keep playing, hourly bonuses are small (even if you spend thousands on the app the 30 minute bonus is only about 110k, bonus collections from the Facebook page are only 40-50k which if you are broke from losing means you will need to purchase one of their high priced packages or play an extremely low table. If it wasn't for the people I've met on there and play daily with this app would be deleted.
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4 years ago, Yoshi-j
Do not get this app, complete rip off!!!
This used to be a fun app I. The begin I g but evidently they changed owners and it has gone down the tubes!!! It is nearly impossible to win anymore and they want you to pay to play. They always come out with new slots however unless you have millions of chips Latin’s around good luck playing because the MINIMUM is 125k chips. Eventually they will make a smaller less costly version and give you a few wins to entice you to keep playing but that quickly subsides and they lock the reels and drain your chips account. I e seen better odds in Vegas. Like I said it used to be fun when it was fair and even play now they are just too greedy and want you to shell out real money for more fake chips so they can drain them and get you to buy more. Don’t be fooled they are not worth it, and big fish you guys should be ashamed for how you’re doing your players. So sad, used to be my favorite...sadly not anymore you ruined it for everyone with your corporate greed.
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7 years ago, Southerncookie
Best slots game/App in MY opinion!
I've won so much and so often then I ever have on any other app! And your given so many other chances to earn more $$ than any other of the games. (i.e..watching videos,joining clubs for Free,etc..) thanx for making a game where you can actually enjoy playing and earning and winning $$ so much Easier than those other lame apps!! I WILL share this app to All My Friends and Family! It's great to play when your sitting around and needing to kill some time. Or just want to feel like your really at a casino, because this app makes ME feel like I'm there because of all the sounds and the colors, lights and the constant action. I get completely Immersed in this game, This game is Tops! I Love it! Only Wish it was REAL $$MONEY$$ that I kept winning, js
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2 years ago, UrbnRbl
Once upon a time it was a Five Star.
However, as time ticks away, so does the quality of the game. Not sure if its a growing pain or simply a lack of competence, but the game simply freezes at start up screen. I have to “open”, “close”, “open”, “close” the app 3-5 times before I see any movement with the progress bar. The game offers free coins (tiny bits) when you watch a video, not much, but free is free, especially when you trade in your time for free. Anyways, now when you watch the videos, not only do the videos not give you the option to leave, it also gives you fake “X” marks at the end of the video. Why fake? B/c after clicking it, you are taken to a download screen. Then back out to the video, wait some more, then the real “x” mark is revealed. Oh, and after all that you are lucky if you receive the free coins. Yup, they don’t even pay out the free coins. Waste of time.
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6 years ago, lky ldy
Big fish casino
Have read other reviews. I have over 14billion coins or whatever they are called and have never spent even a dime. You have to learn what games pay and which do not. My only problem with the game is the requests to join clubs, etc. I play to play the slots by myself. I do not want to. Be bothered by requests that I have to waste my time deleting. After I play and it is noticed how much money I have I am then inundated with club requests. I wish there were 2 ways to play. One for those who want to be club members and one for those who DO NOT WANT TO WASTE THEIR TIME WITH CLUBS AND HAVE TO PLAY THE WAY CLUBS ARE ASKED TO PLAY. I play for enjoyment not to be a club member. I like big fish. I am a member of big fish on my laptop. I purchase games and enjoy playing them my way at my pace. Would rate 5 stars except for the bothersome club invites.
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2 years ago, big boujee
Game stats
Don’t even bother wasting your time playing this game. You will be forced to spend your real hard earned money to just lose and lose. The games statistics have been manipulated more than a real casino. For example; a real buffalo gold machine has a RTP% (player return) of 96% which is not in your favor but still lots of fun. After collecting several samples of data their game has an average RTP% of 30%. Like you will read tons of bad comments but really don’t even download this game. It will prey on the weak and vulnerable and leave you dried up and angry. Also don’t even bother talking with them when you do go broke because they “cannot discuss odds”. If that isn’t a red flag idk what is.
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5 years ago, theseyes46
Pathetic Scam
Let me just say that although @ Times I do find it entertaining on days I’m bored, I don’t particularly care for their method in which they use to get people to “buy”. Games are preprogrammed, reels will “glitch, over spin, or just shut down” on you especially if you’re due to hit. When you contact customer support they try to justify their crooked ways by saying “it must be your internet connection” & May ebbed attempt to pacify you w a million chips or so. For those of us who are “smarter than the average bear” bf I say make your money honestly & treat your consumers fairly. The money we pay w is not fake, it is hard earned, & we most definitely should get what we’ve paid for which is a game that we can play & enjoy w/o being ripped off in order to get us to purchase more “fake chips”! I think it’s all a pathetic scam & you are about to lose another consumer. If you want to be stressed, aggravated, annoyed, feel violated and taken advantage of then this is the app for you😤
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6 years ago, Ccincolo
Can’t get help
I have been here for 7+ yrs. ups n downs but the past few months customer service is an F+! They created teams for competition and I think it’s overwhelming. Ppl don’t get team payouts when they are supposed to and then it takes 3+ days to even get an email back from them saying ohhh sorry about that 50 or 100 million you earned. Too bad. Then mysteriously, gold you have purchased is gone, they say well you must have used it. Look at your system and you will know I didn’t. It is just crazy stuff and doesn’t have to be that way. The bigger they get the less concerned they are about the little guy been playing EVERY day for 7 yrs. not just when I’m on a vacation binge or drunken binge or lonely binge. But those ppl spend a ton when on those binges so they come first. Sad deal! A lot of us smaller, consistent folk are getting fed up! Shame on you Big Fish!
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7 years ago, KiddCool
I used to love this game however once you reach about level 30 you'll start to lose... and lose... and lose... and lose some more. And you'll keep losing. From level 30-72 I've received no wins. I collect my free coins every 30mins and on Facebook but the small amounts they give away for free are gone within 2 minutes. Oh and if you email them about the game odds, they will tell you tough luck. The game is most definitely rigged. The ones who rate this game as 5 stars are all on the admin team and have billions of chips. Also you can go on their Facebook page and see proof. But I will be deleting this app. Sorry Big Fish but maybe if you weren't so so SOOOO greedy. ): Side note: They updated the VIP program and stole everyone's money. You originally had to pay to be VIP. Well now anyone can be VIP. I want my money back that I paid to be VIP. Once again big fish, you're very greedy. Sad that you don't even listen to the people playing your game. 🙄
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5 years ago, Old_User_007
Don’t Waste Your Money!
Don’t Waste Your Money! This App/Game is a total rip off! Not even fun! It used to be fun about 6 or 7 years ago. But not anymore. The Algorithms are designed to cheat you, they may give you a big win up front to get you hooked, but then you will lose it all so that you can PURCHASE FAKE Chips with REAL Money! And there’s a Sale, EVERY DAY! because they are ridiculously expensive! Try $2 for about 250K chips. Or $100 for about 30 Million Chips. That may sound like a lot to someone who hasn’t played, but it’s not, you can max spin that away on one slot that will be 900k per spin and it will be gone in under 10 minutes. Don’t believe me, try it. You’ll want your money back and I will be upset and wish you had listened to what that one player said in the review. I spent the money, I can’t get it back but I wish I could. But you can save yours. For that kind of money, buy a PS4 or an XBox and play better games! Don’t waste you money here!
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6 months ago, Uncle Dolemite
Boooooo! 👎
I have been using this app since the classic days. More than 15 years. I play the free play only and when I’m out of credits, I just come back the next day or whenever and play for a while until I’m out. It’s always been fun but progressively more stingy. In all these years I’ve never been moved to write a review until now. Big Fish has decided to pull the wool over our eyes (haha) and create fake profiles of people but they are just bots that sit at tables with large, very similar bank rolls and names to give players the idea big scatters are coming. Made to think you are at tables with “whales” betting big. All to keep you there until you’ve been bleed dry. Are you really getting that desperate BF?? With so many different gaming choices, it’s shocking you all would choose this route. I sincerely hate to say… after all these years of enjoyment, I’m no longer a patron of your app. Disappointing, to say the least.
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7 years ago, rapture197
Complete Rip Off All Spins Are Predictive SCAM
I've played this for 5yrs so I know a lot about this app & how it's evolved into an utter scam. If you have $1,000's of dollars to waste then this is the app for you. They give small bonuses and restrict 60% of the casino to VIP only, meaning u have to cough up at least $5 to become one. Your spins are all PREDETERMINED so they lie when they say you have control. We've tested this with 20+ new accounts & all came out exactly the same for the 1st week. What changes is how much money you spend but your spins are still predetermined as you have losing days & winning days, mostly losing days. You can lose all of your chips in 5-30mins on a min bid & to be honest their slots aren't that exciting. Only 3 slots are fun & there's little to zero animations so very basic and BORING. I GUARANTEE if people would come back a few weeks later & redo their reviews it wouldn't have this many stars. Try double U or Huuuuge if u want a better experience
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5 years ago, ugly edna
Big Fish Casino.
Their GREED IS INSANE HOW DO I KNOW Approximately 7yrs of playing (stuck in bed after being hit by a drunk driver) I’ve spent $1000’s of dollars & not 1 chip to show for it!!! Reaching level 1013 & not 1 chip to show for it When real money is spent here they need to be audited!!!! There is no way they are paying out legal percentages of wins to losses. Who & how & when does some body hold sites like Big Fish accountable? Or is it buyer be ware while their laughing all the way to the bank? It did start out about meeting people with same interests but they turned it into just about money you’re money if you ever hope to win a jackpot. After 7 yrs of playing I wish I could tell you how great their contests to win billions of chips we’re so much fun. But I’ve never gotten to win any contest ever. Not from lack of trying !!! I just don’t believe their real. Their greed is so insane that after $1000’s of dollars, & years & 3/4 hours a day playing. I deleted big fish
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