Bik - A Space Adventure

4.8 (79)
279.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bik - A Space Adventure

4.78 out of 5
79 Ratings
4 years ago, MathOsGuru
Awesome Adventure Game
This is an awesome adventure game from start to finish. It is not a short game at all, and you will get plenty of play time, no doubt. This game reminds me of the old Sierra Spacequest series which were awesome to play. I managed to find a box load of old Sierra games my uncle has stored away, and they are all like this game (very fun to play). You will not be disappointed, this is a great adventure through and through. Cheers to the developers! I hope there will be a Series 2 addition.
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2 years ago, AmberSweet.
I looked for Space Quest and found this gem
This game was AMAZING. I didn’t put it down all weekend!! The music is very vaporwavey, and the art is simplistic and yet fun. The characters are funny, and you get achievements for trying stupid stuff. There was a couple times I got stuck in the game, but there’s a Dutch walkthrough online that helped a lot! You just need to translate it via google. I will definitely play more if their games.
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3 years ago, Poliooilop
I’m really enjoying this game
The puzzles are logical, the characters are well established and 3 dimensional, and the world isn’t built using pages of “lore”, rather it is built through natural dialogue and art. One bug I encountered: after shooting the monster like 50 times, Bik just showed up and stood there. He was clickable but not interactible. No actual effect on the game though.
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4 years ago, ZedPS
Wonderful Space Adventure
I’ve played this game twice all the way through now. Really takes me back to old PC space games from the 90’s. Challenging, but not overly so. Graphics are certainly dated, but that’s part of the charm. Neat little gem, wish there were more like this for the iPhone.
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8 years ago, jedmmc
Game breaking bug
Great game but it has become unresponsive at a certain point and I can't continue. This happens when Bik throws a bit of food at a console to escape imprisonment. I'm unable to do anything after this. Restarting app and iPhone does not help. I'm on latest iOS. Hope you can get it fixed!
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5 years ago, marylasagna
I loved playing this quirky little game. Especially enjoyed exploring and just poking around, finding funny hidden things and weird ways to die/fail. The characters are super likable, and the story had an interesting progression ending with a good message. Thanks!
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6 years ago, corinne2665
Awesome game! A sequel / similar game would be AMAZING
I’ve played tons of Indie/Retro games so far and I haven’t found one as amusing and original as Bik yet! The characters are so creative, and the design is the perfect amount of cheesy and cool. The music is awesome as well! Keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, WasilESQ
Love this retro point-and-click
Just want I was looking for. I wish there were a million if these types of games for the iPhone.
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8 years ago, AnoleX
A new classic
Bik brings back all the memories of playing Sierra point-and-click games as a kid. Full of great puzzles, pacing, and humor, I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates the classics.
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8 years ago, Reth-Eldirood
Thanks for the update!
Thanks for the sound fix and for bringing the game back to the App Store. I really hope this game gets the sequel it deserves one day :)
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7 years ago, Pam the Puppetlady
Fun. Here is a hint.
Yep. It was fun. After you capture the scrate bug, hide behind the desk by selecting desk and hitting the hand symbol. When you stop hiding, knock over the water dispenser. You're welcome.
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7 years ago, Babbo11
Intergalactic Awesomeness!
Love this game. Part puzzle, part sci-fi — all fun! Puzzles are challenging, but solvable. Story is funny and well written. Art is super cool, and very well done. Highly recommend!!!!
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6 years ago, jennifer626
One of the best adventure games out there
Retro point and click fun with a sci-fi theme, plenty of snark, and clever puzzling. Highly recommend!
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8 years ago, Skgire
Great game!
Was such a fun nostalgic game to play. If you loved Space Quest and Kings Quest growing up, then you'll love this game too. Excited for the next chapter.
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8 years ago, kjjm
Love it!
Fun game, reminds me of old point and click games from my childhood
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7 years ago, Eggysandwich
More please
This is such a great throwback to Sierra games like Space Quest, Kings Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry. I hope they make sequels.
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6 years ago, Rnnnng
Bug when throwing food.
Loved the game so far but my screen freezes after I throw food at the console. Is there a fix? :(
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7 years ago, Cdffdsfghjkk
Good story and characters. Puzzles were slightly challenging.
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7 years ago, Leif jaramillo
Perfect homage to old point and click classics
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6 years ago, RickL#
Excellent Quality
Reminds me of Space Quest. Well done!
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6 years ago, superman_y100
It’s super cool because it gets to show you that we’re not alone
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5 years ago, niffy44
Best game ever!!
Super fun, challenging but very doable without hints. Loooooooong gameplay for the price. Hoping for a sequel!!!
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4 years ago, Humberto2844
Great game
Not finished yet, but really enjoying it. Great story.
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7 years ago, VicoEsco
Loved it
Wish there was a sequel
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8 years ago, Cakeman309
Great game
Really good pixel game! Perfect amount of puzzle and pixel greatness!
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5 years ago, Netroman 11 h
Great game
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10 years ago, snogurt
I would easily pay $5 or more for this. Best "classic" adventure game I've played on ios. Great pixel style with really interesting music. Very usable controls. Definitely brings back echoes of the space quest series. This game is done so right! Feels fresh and classic at the same time. It is challenging without being brutal and unforgiving- as it tends to auto save conveniently when you make a "mistake" and do something that'll kill you. I feel myself immediately immersed in the world and story. I don't understand people that would take off stars for it being "too hard"??? Look up puzzle solutions online or something... Or try again and again and again- it's good for you! For 99 cents this game is ridiculously amazing. Way better than that sword and sworcery super brothers nonsense... And that was like 5 dollars!
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10 years ago, Boston Playlists
My all time favorite app ever!!!!
I don't rate too many games anymore because most of them are addicting money sucking greed vacuums. This game doesn't require buying anything else. You pay and then play. The story line is very interesting and the music is the best I've heard in any mobile game. I have played lot of games too. If you are looking for a game that has story and isn't just requiring you to keep pumping money into it, this is it! I've gotten hours and hours of enjoyment out if my $2 and I still haven't beaten it yet. If you were a fan of leisure suit Larry, space quest, kings quest, etcetera. This is perfect continuation from the golden era of that said games. Kudos to the game makers on this one! Love it!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, morbice
I would like this game better If it gave you an option for help and didn't make it so difficult to figure out exactly what you are supposed to do. A suggestion would be to make a tab displaying goals for the current time and speeding up the character's walking pace. The storyline is good but it's confusing at times what you are supposed to be doing. I died much more than I would have thought in a game with little enemies. Every time I thought I was trying to kill the enemy, I died very pathetically. I also would have liked it better if the speed of the walking pace was faster.
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10 years ago, Cvb177
So much Character!
As a 90s gamer, I always have a little hole in my heart for great point and click games, and i have found this gem. It melds a mix of REALLY pixelated graphics (some to the point of Atari Level) with several different styles of graphics, to keep it feeling new. (Like Sword and Sworcery), the music adds an ambient depth, and the writing is really funny. The puzzles were (I felt) a GOOD addition to the story, not just 'oh it's one of THESE puzzles', and just challenging enough without feeling annoying or repetitive. An overall nice story, a mashup of the generic space stories, but with personality.
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10 years ago, AFO Neptune
Beyond Words
I have been looking for a game like this for the longest time. The fact that it has to do with space, aliens, and all of that makes me love this game even more. For an introductory price of just 99 cents how can you not grab this beautiful masterpiece. Here's the weird thing, for some reason I love playing this game alone and at night with the lights off, I feel like I'm literary there in space! Weird I know!! But any-who, get this game because you will regret it if you don't. Knowing me I know I would. 👽🌕🌌🚀
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10 years ago, KubKahn
A Lot of Trial and Error Fun
I really enjoyed playing BIK, and you may too. It really depends on wether or not you enjoy trial and error tasks. That's really what this game comes down to. You have complete an objective and only certain resources are available to you. It's up to you to figure out how to use the resources available to meet the objective. At times the objectives are so simple that it feels a bit asinine to have to even do them, and some challenges are so hard (Chompers) you may lose interest, but OVERALL the game is very enjoyable. If you like games like Maniac Mansion, you need to try BIK!
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10 years ago, DuckAndCower
Solid Old-School Adventure Game
Old-school point'n'click adventure game with a lot of charm. You don't see many games like this in iOS, so I gave it 5 stars. However, it does have some issues. For example, the stealth sequence and some mini games are tedious and annoying, and the interface seems designed for a PC, so it can be clunky on a phone. Still, if you're looking for an entertaining setting, interesting characters, and some fun puzzles, this is worth picking up.
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10 years ago, miggs80
Whole lotta game.
This is probably my favorite point and click adventure game next to The Silent Age. Some things could have been more responsive like moving the dumpster for instance but it was still a great game. I'd click to drag the dumpster and nothing would happen so I just started tapping all over the screen and it eventually worked. It's definitely not short either which is great. Well done. Hope to see more creative games like this from you guys.
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9 years ago, Guybrush21564
Great retro-style Adventure game!!
This game is so much like those old LucasArts point and click adventure games, that you'd swore you just discovered it in your floppy disc collection. This game has got it all: great characters, funny dialog, problem solving with strange and random items and combinations, great retro style music and graphics, and best of all: an unforgettable adventure that takes you all over the galaxy. Best two dollars I ever spent. It's better than a lot of $60 console games.
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10 years ago, Teachmyown3
Gets you right in the Feels!
I would give this game 6 stars if I could. Waves of nostalgia come over me as I play. This reminds me of the space quest games and old Sierra games. This game takes me back. The game has excellent controls and is a fun adventure game with the right amount of puzzles and comedy. It is not overly hard and the auto save allows you to keep trying at puzzles. I highly recommend this game and hope other games like this will soon follow!
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9 years ago, mikemty9
Amazing Game
Not an app reviewer but this one I couldn't resist. This is the best retro game I've played in years and it is in iOS. Great humor, well defined characters, excellent background music, smart funny dialogs like those in old adventure games. The game is actually easy compared to those C64 lucas and sierra games. But there is a walkthrough on the web in case you need some occasional tip. If you loved those games, you will definitely like this one. +1 on BIK 2. Thank you guys.
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10 years ago, Cake and Beer
An Amazing Game
I haven't played an adventure game this good since the 90s. It will almost make you wonder where the quirky "Lucasarts guy" intro credit is. Great story, great humor, quality artwork, sweet music, and just the right amount of puzzles make for a terrific treat of gaming. Even my fiancé, an avid non-gamer, was quite amused when she tried it out, so the folks at Zotnip must be doing something right. I'd say it's totally worth picking up even if it were $15, at $0.99 it's a steal.
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9 years ago, Knitfeathers816
A great game!
Bik is really fun. I had been missing the point and click style computer games I played on the computer; this game is really similar to them! It probably took me about 6-8 hours to play through, and I ended up looking on the internet for a couple answers. I'll be playing through again to get the rest of the achievements. :)
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10 years ago, Ginn ggg
Love it
Bik is an amazing game. It's an old-school adventure game with charming graphics and witty dialogue. The game is challenging but makes it fun when you die and is considerate enough to autosave before you are eaten by a beetle-lobster-looking thing or blown to bits in space. Very fun so far and hours in I still have more to go!! Update: hours more into it and now fully in love <3
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10 years ago, skamsie
probably best dollar ever spent on AppStore
This game is great. It's nice to see how a nice story develops from what initially seems to be just your regular point and click puzzle game. There are a lot of games that have that 90's commodore / NES touch, but this one is so well made in that aspect that you almost feel like it's a port from one of those platforms.
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9 years ago, mmmorningstar
I do not usually take the time to publish reviews, but this game was amazing so I had to!! Please make a Bik 2 !!! Usually the point and click adventure games I play are short, this one is so complex and so worth playing! Absolutely loved it I'd give it a million star rating if that were an option :) 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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10 years ago, Rateryed
Smartly done
Even as it hearkens back to the classic era of point and click (and retains their best features), this game also incorporates, unobtrusively, accommodations of the modern point and click games. It is smartly done, with an engaging story, and plenty of humor to boot. I haven't finished it yet, because I am pacing myself. I don't want it to end.
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10 years ago, Varlot5
Great game
This 8-bit space adventure game was the best dollar I've spent all year. It's not the easiest game but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. I prefer the parts where I get stuck at because it makes me use my brain and it intensifies the game value for me. It's fun and addicting, I recommend giving it a try.
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9 years ago, Jacarandatree
Great point and click puzzler
The best game I've downloaded in awhile. Very original and interesting storyline with humorous characters that keep you smiling as the plot unfolds. The puzzles make you think but are not so hard that you keep getting stuck. Graphics remind me of old Atari games. Awesome!
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10 years ago, Poopheadstarface
Download this game
I hate writing reviews. I don't even write reviews for the apps I'm always using...but this is different. This game needs all the support it can get because it's awesome and should be available for everyone. I love the music and the story line.
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10 years ago, Kristofer_D
Clever and beautiful
Great music, intriguing characters, quirky humor. A classic, retro styled point & click. I also appreciate that you can "fast forward" certain timing-based points in the game when action gets slow. Definitely worth a play!
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9 years ago, cbmalta42
Retro, finally done right!
This was a wonderful, charming, funny, well-thought out game. The characters, puzzles, and scenarios were all memorable, and the laid-back, "atmospheric" music really set the tone of this fantastic point-and-click gem. A mini masterpiece!
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10 years ago, Corellian Freighter
Awesome retro vibes!
Bik is what video games are about: Great storytelling that transports you into another world! The music sets up the perfect atmosphere for the game, as well. The graphics are an authentic 8bit style that takes me back to being a kid in the early 90's. Thanks for an awesome retro game with great music!
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9 years ago, Met3lAngel
Pretty fun
Glitchy at certain points. Screen froze and certain sequences never happened until I had to reload the game. Overall it was a fun game though. I hope there are updates with more adventures to come.
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