Bike Race: Free Style Games

4.8 (598K)
182.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wildlife Inc
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bike Race: Free Style Games

4.84 out of 5
598K Ratings
4 years ago, Rougeu X (youtube)
My problem with this great game.
I love this game, every part of it, especially the tournament. (I explain my problem in the space below this paragraph.) If you don’t know, the tournament is a part of the game where you can choose from a list of currently available races, and you compete against other people to try and get the lowest time on four maps. If you get a higher rank, you get a better chance at getting a bike or a part in 1 out of 10 chests. The bikes can be leveled up with other bikes and when they are evolved by combining other max level bikes, they get cool special abilities. My problem is that I have all but one of the bikes necessary to level them up, and now I have all but one of the parts to that bike. However, it is unlikely that I will get it soon because the tourneys where you get the parts are special and don’t appear often, so it is stupid, because for players like me who are ready to progress further are limited by these rare tourneys. What I would like is if you were almost ready to progress, the game would present you with one or two tourneys, repeating them until you got the new bike. I also want a specific 1 Star bike, but I can’t get it out of 1 Star chests, even though it’s counter part is found there. If you l play tourney and want to know my situation, I have the wraith and the X-reverse and a scooter maxed out and have 3/4 parts of the bike Kickass. The 1 Star bike I want is the wild wings.
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4 years ago, hgfhfvgdhfght
awesome game but...
I have been playing this game for a long time. I have wanted more upgrades for the bikes. I keep winning and there’s no challenge and every race so far there’s a very small amount of coins in each race but I’ve been playing for a long time and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier there’s not enough levels I can complete almost all of them with three stars there’s very few that I can’t get three stars on those are like Mission impossible thoughAfter a lot of thought I completed the levels and now I just want new ones in the user created levels there isn’t enough I’ve gone into them all add most of them aren’t even possible it is so hard to get the superbike it is possible but takes a lot of time I’ve been playing that game for about five years now and the best regular thing I have is the ninja bike second style and everything so hard to get to making it a little easier and giving it more levels with higher rewards would be great and that’s my review and I hope you enjoy your game and I’ll talk to you soon about new updates
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4 years ago, BetterCallSapp
Bike Race
Wow! After being a devoted fan for years they up and change the whole game? I can no longer just play through the courses. The continuous pop ups have no x button or no thank you option so if you’re a normal person and can afford 30$ a month on a little kiddy app than you can’t play anymore. You have to constantly close the app and reopen it after every level. After finding this game again I can’t believe what they’ve done. It goes to show no matter how faithful and dedicated one is towards something they will always find a way to take advantage. Who do they think plays this, majority is the ones who’ve played for years. I guess to sum up this is greed at its finest. Hill climb racing is still great and if you want something with perks you can download the 2nd one. That’s what they should have done here. Made a bike race 2. Why ruin such a great game. I uninstalled and maybe will try it again in a few years to see if they change it again for the better. Until then I will make sure I share the hell out of this as I got about 30 or 40 friends playing 5 years ago so I’ll be sure to tell them how bad it is now. PS: I am also a computer science programmer and there’s no way if I developed a game I wouldn’t rip people off like this. Make a good living that’s fine but there competing against developers from Mario and Zelda. Those are way better and only 50$ was requested for them. This is an absolute joke !
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2 years ago, Shxdow_Bl3ke
Bike Race is good. But there is a Problem…
I love playing Bike Race. It’s really fun, exciting, and competitive. Which is my favorite part of this game. I love playing with my friends, and race with other people in Multiplayer. But here is my Problem. So I’m here, playing my game and grinding so I can get to tournaments and duels. But when I get to there, All the grind was for nothing because it won’t let me get into duel or tournaments because “The Server Is Under Maintenance.” I don’t know why that is happening in the first place and I just want it to stop. I don’t know if they are having an update or something, but this has been happening for 4 months now that I remember. So if the creator of Bike Race looks at this message and finds the problem that I’m having, please fix it. I also have another problem with my tasks. There is always an error when I Open my case. It always say there’s an error. I have full bars, and the best reliable internet and yet it still isn’t letting me open my case. So please. Fix this so my game can run better, and it can be more fun!
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2 years ago, Jess Lanes
Bike Race
I love this game. I’ve been playing it for a couple of years now. It’s fun, challenging, and the multiplayer feature is the best. I only have two problems with the game. One, it’s almost impossible to progress in the game unless you have a great bike. You earn better bikes in Tourney mode, but you’re not allowed to actually use those bikes in other modes unless you purchase one of their packs. It’s really rigged, honestly, and I don’t appreciate that the only way to do great in the game is if you give them money. Not doing that. Two, Tourney and Duel, two multiplayer game modes, have been shut down for two months now. I can’t get a better bike, making it impossible to beat others who purchase bikes like the Super Bike (who I refuse to play against). It’s not just me—I’ve heard several people say they’re down. Are you guys ever going to bring those back? It’s half the game, and it’s the only way to for people who won’t pay them money to earn better bikes.
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6 years ago, Tyler2006
This Game Has Really Gone Downhill
I used to play this a couple of years ago and loved it. I had done every level with three stars, so when I was looking at games and saw this, I instantly downloaded it. From what I remember, this game used to not be pay to win. The only things you had to buy was the super bike or the ghost bike. The acrobat bike was free if you did like 5 flips or something. Me and my friends used to play this and I remember a lot of people playing this, but now the developers have taken way to much advantage of this by making the game pay to win. Not just pay to win, pay a FORTUNE to win. They knew people played this and made a great game into one of the worst ones I’ve played in a while. Every second they are asking to to pay 7 dollars a week! If you played for a year, you would pay $364 USD! Yes, they do have a $100 dollar package, but with that money you could get so many better games. I understand that the developers are some pretty greedy considering that they put up fake reviews to reel people in, but really $100 a year? I would not recommend this game in a million years at this point, although if a developer reads this and realizes how bad their game is and would like to change the game back to how it used to be, I would surely play everyday like I used to.
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4 years ago, darkblood8207
I have read a lot of reviews saying that this game is a shell of its former self and to be honest it is I played when this game had a lot of popularity and this game has a crazy amount of in app purchases even though the game functionality is limited so if you do about anything you have a choice to pay also the duel mode is broken and I’ve upgraded to the turbo bike at three stars and max upgrades yet no matter how many times I win or lose the game just says that me and my opponent failed and the game is a draw so it is impossible to play and unlock later stages because of the constant drawing meaning my win 2 duels mission is also impossible to complete and aside from that multiplayer should only allow players with the same bike abilities to play with each other because I’ve played multiple times against people with the ultra bike while only having options of default speed hogs and other bikes meaning that it’s extremely unfair and makes the whole point of "racing" useless without paying or spending an extreme amount of time playing so if you want to play a few levels and don’t have Facebook then go ahead just steer clear of multiplayer and delete the game after you complete the dunes or around there
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4 years ago, M ninja
The former shell of a great game
I used to be a devoted bike race fan back in the day. I 3 stared every corse, had gotten many bikes, and was doing well. After a few years i decided to upgrade my iPad, and then re-download the apps i wanted. I accidentally for got to re-download bike race though, and didn't play it for a few years. I was wandering around the app store when i found bike race again. I was ecstatic at replaying the game i once loved. the game did have in game purchases back then, but it was got only one thing that you could get for free if you worked for it. note I'm not against in game purchases, the game devs need to make money somehow, but when i reopened bike race what i found was very surprising, and honestly somewhat concerning. There were now in app purchase EVERYWHERE. You want this previously free bike? No, only vips get it now! Want to play more then 3 games of multiplayer? No, only vips can do that! Everything now seems locked behind a pay wall. Im sometimes able to cheese the system and watch some adds for a new bike, but i didn't have to before! I still think bike race is a great game to pass the time with, but it now being flooded with in app purchases makes me a little saddened at what bike race has become.
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5 years ago, demetri P.
Progression system
Dear creators. Great game, graphics, mechanics, all simple, yet still fun to play. However there is one crippling flaw that makes me want to put down the game and never play it again. The progression system. Why, why, WHY? Must you make it so tedious. First of all, why is it so hard to earn gems, the only way to my knowledge is through tourneys and a lot of us, myaelf included, do not have the time to level up in an hour a two. Second, why make the chests random, if we grind for it, there should be certain achievements we must complete in order to unlock a bike, not parts per say. It’s tedious and takes far too long. Thirdly, in tourney, why must you make evolving bikes so TEDIOUS? We need 4 bikes in order to evolve a SECOND EVOLVED BIKE AND LEVEL THEM ALL TO MAX. When bikes like the kickass and the scooter are randomized in the chests they become super TEDIOUS TO UNLOCK. AND FOURTH, excuse my yelling, WHY DONT YOU MAKE THE BIKES IN DUEL UNLOCKABLE. Thank you for your time, 6/10 overall.
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5 years ago, alpacalives
I usually don’t write reviews but I have strong feelings about this. First, the concept of this game is awesome, and the playable ads were really fun, so naturally I to downloaded it, and I just seen the good reviews without reading the most recent ones. Big mistake. I would like to go on record and say that I don’t have a problem with in-app purchases, I understand people have to make a living. That’s not my issue: they should not be an integral part of the game, it should not be impossible to win without paying $7.99 a WEEK. Now, to be fair, I could just be an idiot and can’t figure it out, but I cannot make it past the second level with the regular bike. I tried the free trial to see if it’d be easier to win with any of the VIP bikes, and yep, won the first try, and the first try the level after that, and the one after that.. and it’s not like there’s a few bikes you can use without VIP, you have to pay to use ANY but the original, you can’t earn any of them. Conceptually this game is great, I was looking forward to it, but I cannot afford to pay $7.99/week for it with everything else I have to do, and I’m sure a lot of other people can’t either. TL;DR: You HAVE to spend money in order to have any fun at all
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5 years ago, imreallydissapointed
Great Game, But Developers Greedy
The game is excellent, as it has been for years. I’ve played this game off and on for nearly 6 years, so here are some of the problems I’ve noticed. Back when the game was first released, you could unlock almost every bike, or pay for them separately. The ultra bike used to cost $8, which may be a little overpriced, but it was the best in the game. However, now to unlock these special bikes, you have to pay an outrageous fee of $100 per year, that’s $3.65 per day, meaning in 3 days you would have paid the old price. The developers may say that they’ve given us the option to get the thunder phantom in tourneys, but there lays the second problem, acquiring the wild wings bike. The only way to get it is from special tournaments, and to this day I have only been able to play in 4 (after grinding for a long time), and got parts out of two. After grinding for several months (about 6), I only have half the bike. This is outrageously slow progress. I’m asking the developers to stop being dominated by greed, and either make the wild wings bike easier to get, or allow the ultra bike to be purchased separately once again.
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5 years ago, 5GamAzing
This game WAS great
Around 3-5 years ago, this was the best game ever. I couldn't stop playing it, got all sorts of bikes, and when world tour came out I played it constantly. Never spent a dime, but I loved the game. Then, along came championships, which were a great way to liven it up with all these new bikes. It was lots of fun, until I realized I had to spend tons of money to ever hope to get anything better than 2-3 stars. Eventually I broke down and spent 5 bucks and what's I get? Some parts to bikes I'll never be able to finish without spending hundreds of dollars. eventually I stopped playing A few days ago I saw an ad and was like "that app still exists? Ok I'll play it lol" but when I logged in here's what I saw: a bunch of my progress gone, no improvements to crappy help settings, no "contact us" button, and constant pestering to buy a $8 A WEEK PRO VERSION. They took out all of the fun, achievement-type ways to unlock bikes and just moved to chest openings. They much deleted world tour. They pretty much ruined the game. I'm just glad I have it on my old iPod 4 still :D PS stop saying it's free for a limited time this game has been free for years and it's just tacky
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5 years ago, lolley91
Super Annoying. Unethical business strategy to rope you into weekly/monthly payments.
After you beat a few levels there is a pop up wanting you to sign up for a “free” 7 day pass with everything unlocked. There is no way to exit this pop up without completely exiting the game and then restarting it. After you restart the game, after completing the next level you are asked again and again and again if you want to sign up for “free”. Look I understand they need to make money, but deceptive business practices aren’t the way to go about it. If you sign up for this all access pass or whatever they call it you have 7 days free. After that it’s 8$ a week. They also have monthly options. At least give me the choice of weather I want it or not without forcing me to exit the game to do so. Really hate when people try to cheat me out of money knowing darn well that people will forget to cancel before the 7 day trial is up. You can’t even access the rest of the game unless you either sign up, or completely exit the game and reload it. Then you will be constantly bombarded with this pop up that will not go away, wanting you to sign up. Very displeased with this game.
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5 years ago, didjdndnnd
it gave parts of bikes and they were all different when i thought i was gonna get full bikes!! owners of bike race i understand that why you don't get any money!put full bikes in the special chests. please, i promise you'll get more money! Much more money! oh have i not mentioned the wild wings bike! its impossible to get! i am not stupid, i have been playing bike race for like a year now! also this game is preventing me from getting the kickass helmet. it has been weeks and i still dont have it. i like the italy bike but that doesnt mean i am fully happy.i thought they would be full bikes, but now that you are tricking me with parts, i will never order again! without spending money ill never get a nice cool blue angel!sigh developer response money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money and MMMOOONNNEEEYYY!!!!
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6 years ago, Tammy_876
Upgrade Tounement
It is annoying how the tournaments mode has special rounds but they offer easy bikes to get. And 2 tries is not enough. Even if you manage to win you don't even have a 4 percent chance of getting a full bike. And for why do rubies cost so much, and why do you have to buy them? Cant you get daily ones when you log in? And I've been playing for years but I started tourney when it came out. Back then you started with 50 rubies and every thing was like 10 to 30. I never was able to buy anything again. Because now it's 200 to 300. Also I have 3 3 star bikes 4 2 star bikes and a lot of one star. I've been upgrading my phantom for so long but I'm only at level 40 I want to get agile soul and thunder phantom. But I ran out of space to store all my items. And my whole tourney account is stuck on level 17 but luckily I'm almost done with that level. To whoever his reading this thank you and Top Free Games, see if you can change some of the things I said.
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3 years ago, Lloydthegreat
Eh game with Ads that make it unplayable
I enjoy this game, don’t get me wrong, but it has a few minor flaws and one big one that makes it not as fun and more of just a time waster. First thing, some of the time my bikes turning will be unresponsive, and I die. Second, sometimes my bike will just go slower, for no apparent reason. Now, the main reason for why I give this game a 2 star rating is because of the ads. There is only one ad that comes up in this game and you can’t skip it or get past it, it just stays there until you completely restart the app. It’s an advertisement asking you to pay money every month to the game to get some perks, but it doesn’t even give you the option to skip it, nor does it skip automatically after a period of time. It just stays in kids veiws and since there’s no red or white x for them to push to get rid of the ad, they think that the purchase button will get them back in the game, which will then charge their parents over $7 a month. It’s a greedy tactic, and a game that is good like this one shouldn’t try to pull these kind of tactics.
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4 years ago, 👒🌿
Racer’s family
I have a deep concern for the family of the person on the bike. I can only imagine the insufferable pain he feels, trapped in a course and blowing up from the smallest things all the time. They miss him and he won’t be coming home. I imagine the family hearing the news about their dear father and husband meeting a demise after exploding. “I’m sorry, Mrs. [Racer’s lastname], but [Racer] won’t be coming home.” “What? That’s impossible! Our daughter’s birthday is in a few days. He wouldn’t miss it for the world! Why can’t he come home?” “Well, ma’am, he.. uh.. exploded, during a course.” “Wh-WHAT?! You’ve got to be joking. I was assured this was safe! I- I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I’ll never.. see [Racer] again.. why.. why?!” “I’m sorry. We have the footage, if you’d like to see.” *shows the wife footage of the racer doing a wheelie, and tipping back a little too far and exploding.* *gasp!* “No! Not my [Racer] no!” “Ma’am, I’m deeply sorry for your loss.” “Get out. You did this to him! He’s dead because of you!” “Ma’am, no, I assure you, it’s not my fault! We thought the operation was safe, we didn’t know he’d explode if he did a wheelie. If we did, we would’ve made sure to tell him not to do that!” “Get.. out.” *the family mourns their lost father and husband*
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7 years ago, 4hunniduser
Duel multiplayer is garbage
The duel match multiplayer feature is quite irritating lol. I understand you win some and you lose some but the ranking system is unpredictable. First they will start you out every time you win you gain 30 pints or so and every time you lose you lose 15 points or so. Then they start to twist things up and when you win you can most certainly not predict how much points you will gain sometimes 15 sometimes 20 sometimes and rarely 30. Then they like to make you lose 35 points every time you lose. There is no strict guidelines for this game and what to shoot for. It’s not how fast your time was, or by how much you beat the other guy or anything, pure random. A random that is rigged to give you the lesser of the benefits. Quite annoying because you don’t know what to look for when your doing good. You can win 5 games all worth 15 pts. Lose 3 worth 30 points. Set up some strict guidelines so we know what to work for and not get irritated at a game lol and maybe so you don’t have individuals give up your game and write bad reviews because it’s not healthy lol
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7 years ago, Bod hitter
Good, but...
I love the game, it’s amazing, and my favorite is the tournaments. But the problem is that you have to buy so many gems! I spent 30+ dollars on gems to get a super trooper from the chest, but i only got the front, and the rest of the gems went towards other bikes I already had like the rebel awd and grim reaper. Please make it so we don’t have to buy as much or make the wild wings family be able to be found in regular chests. Yeah, that sounds a LITTLE op but make it either extremely rare, or just keep it as rare as a 1wd or something, cause then everyone’s bound to come across one, which will make the game even considering everyone will come across it at one point. So instead of literally 99% of the tournament being wraiths and phantoms and just having the one super trooper ruin everything, make it so most people would have one, making the tournament so much evened out, making it about skill, not about who has the super trooper. Thanks for reading
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3 years ago, Adan0813
Really Good! But an issue.
So, I recently started this game wondering what to download. I wanted some good nostalgia so I downloaded it. The new updates are fine and have no problems with it . Although, I found 1 issue that I don’t know why but bugs me. The free trial bike where you have to watch an ad doesn't work. In singleplayer, when you equip the bike, you can’t use it and it says you have to buy VIP. When you exit out of that, it doesn’t even let you use it! The same is for multiplayer. It would automatically do the classic bike and you cannot use the free trial bike. It’s a small issue but still, the point of the free trial bike is for players to experience it. If this issue was resolved this game would be an easy 5 stars. No hate to this game, the rest of the game is really good and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend downloading this game.
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4 years ago, thunder phantom
Thunder phantom
I used to play this game three or four years ago and I really really loved it but then I deleted it cause I got bored recently I got it again and I was looking at videos of the thunder phantom and so I started to TRY to get it but it is over extremely hard to get I just wish the developers could make just a LITTLE easier to get because you can either pay over five dollars monthly of you can spend one year trying to get a single bike and still only be a fourth way through I REALLY HATE IT I have almost decided to delete the app again PLEASE DEVELOPERS MAKE IT A LITTLE EASIER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also it is super hard to get gems it is super hard to win tourney. And developers I think that you shouldn’t have to evolve four max level bikes to get one bike and I am sure many others think it should be the same and it is literally no fun never winning all the people with better bikes don’t care because they always win you don’t even have a chance. And duel mod is the worst I always get matched up with way better bikes
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4 years ago, thdjdbksievdkdhdvdj
Amazing game but there is a problem
This game was my childhood, I remember playing it every day but one day my iPad broke so I could not play it. A few years later I get my phone and was extremely excited to play again after so long, but I open the game and get flooded with vip add and stuff to buy. The game use to be fun with all of the different bikes but now if you want anything you gotta get vip. The only bike you can get non vip is the standard one and multiplayer is a curse where only vip can play more than 3 times. This game is still good but the vip ruined it and on a level you have to win 4 multiplayer games to be able to play it but guess what? I CANT BECAUSE I CAN ONLY PLAY THREE TIMES! It’s like the game is forcing you to pay. I still play it but please add some freedom to the game where I don’t have to pay. Thank you for my Childhood bike race.
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4 years ago, Awesome_snake474774838
Great game, but...
I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I’ve found a lot of problems for it. So first of all, the best time recordings (Am I the only one who watches these?) don’t work like 80% of the time. I watch and watch and watch the silly ads and I get nothing. Here’s my next one: when you do player made levels, (am I the only one who does these too? Wow) if you watch the recordings there’s always a 0.2 second one or something crazy like that. When I want to watch those, I watch the silly ad then I race the level and when I do, it just says level (NULL) and is blank. Also Does this change in bike race pro? I won’t ever buy it so I can’t figure it out but yeah. Thanks for considering my report and I hope you fix this or give me some information on it.
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6 years ago, BOBDUDE187
First of all I think some of the things that people say to certain games is very disrespectful because it takes a lot of effort and time to make a game so I think I’ll green games are a great start. And of this game is one of those great games and I am just starting it right now and I’m really excited to see what comes my way in this game I’ve read some of the reviews somewhere very disrespectful and very rude and very disrespectful and there’s some I just love them because they were exactly like me and they don’t criticize games that technically they take huge amount of money to put the game on App Store so I think this game is such a great game and I’ll tell you what I think about it after I play it well thanks for reading this and to whoever comes to help my problems with people please figure out a solution please.
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3 years ago, TronaldDumps
Love it but…
So let’s just start by saying I love this game it’s my childhood game… and while I love it I had a problem. I bought the bike pass and I can’t use the best bike in the game because the free bike trial says I can’t use it… I don’t really know how to explain this but if I click on the bike (the best bike) it says my free bike trial has expired so I then waited for the game to give me a new free bike even though I had the bike pass pro or whatever. After the timer went down and it gave me the “free bike” I couldn’t use it. Usually it says watch an ad and then have a free bike for like a small time like five minutes. However I can’t push the ad button… nothing happens and I still can’t use the bike that I’m paying 7.99 Ford
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3 years ago, BekahBooj
Trophies in Duels??
This is a great game! But I don’t understand how trophies in duels are added and subtracted. I won about 5 races against higher tier bikes than mine, but I only got around 20 trophies each time. And then I lost 2 games against really good bikes that clearly won just because they had better bike power, and I was deducted 40 trophies. And this isn’t consistent, either. Sometimes, I’m only deducted 7 trophies. I feel like you shouldn’t be deducted as many trophies if you’re just racing against a better bike in general because it doesn’t seem fair, and vice versa if you beat a better bike than yours. I don’t know if the trophy amounts are just given out arbitrarily or if there’s some kind of system already, but I think my suggestion would help create more fair play for duels. Overall a really good game though!
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3 years ago, frustrated user 78564
Great game but has a problem
I love this game especially all the levels, bikes, and features. But the thing that bothers me is that every few levels, I get a pop up on my screen that says: GET 7 DAYS OF FREE BENEFITS, TRY IT FREE. This all started a few days ago, when I pressed A VIP button. When I pressed that, it had a feature where I could press not now. But whenever this new pop up comes on my screen, there’s no not now button so I have to close that tab and open the game again to be able to play it. I’ve tried deleting the game and downloading it again, but I still get that dumb pop up on my screen. Plus, I always get it at the end of levels, so I can’t see how many stars I got or how long I took on the level. I recommend the game because of all its amazing bikes, levels, and features, but I don’t recommend it because of the pop up.
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4 years ago, stranger_things_fan-___
I don’t like this game for reasons
I have always had this Game but then I realize that they only want money for everything and free trials are so much there $100 for one year there’s an option to have a free trial with no ads for seven days there is no X button to get out of that free trial I will be deleting this game as soon as possible this is my final review and another thing is the level so hard I haven’t even gone to the advanced one and I can’t even understand how to get the first level on the desert one you have to go so fast and then so slow and every time I stop it and it just touches the ground it’s still going I don’t understand what is with it and this game these levels are impossible and the make it almost impossible I almost wanted to do self jame because of a level I would rip out my hair and this is not a good game if you get stressed out easily or have depression you will want to do bad things to yourself this game is so frustrating and I am deleting it so I don’t want to do self harm anymore
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5 years ago, Bamaramaluvbucket
Subscription charges!
I downloaded this for my 4 year old to play while out one night (since it’s rated 4+) and, since he can’t read, he must have inadvertently accepted a pop-up notice for a subscription of $7.99 per week. Without any authorization from me, he was able to make this purchase and I have been charged weekly since October 4th. Since I have other iTunes account charges that are variable, I did not recognize it until one week when they charged me twice. This game should not be available to children under the age of 6, if they are able to make purchases without requiring a passcode or other parental authorization. Furthermore, parents should be made aware that in app charges don’t require further verification before processing so that parents can watch more closely. No fine print will be sufficient in protecting customers from feeling mislead. The fact that the app includes “free” in the name makes this very ironic. I am honestly surprised by the high ratings. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
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5 years ago, Ram Tram
Ads and Pop-ups Galore
This has one of my favorite games since the iPhone 3GS (I believe). I’ve completed it so many times and continue to come back to it because it is that enjoyable for me. Solid game, challenging handling, and intricate courses that make you work for it. Just a fun game. However, the most recent time that I downloaded the game (had to re-download because I got a new phone), I was completely bombarded with pop-ups on their hands and knees begging me to purchase the outrageous $7.99 a week VIP membership. I can deal with the ads because every free app/game nowadays has has some sort of ad system, but how many times do I have to say “no, I don’t want to become a VIP member”. And not to mention the crazy stipulations to keep unlocking new levels. You can pay for the VIP membership to skip all of it, but who wants to do that? I understand that the developers want to make their money, but Jesus Christ there’s a point where it’s too much.
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2 years ago, Shwedstur
R.I.P. Ghost Bike
Heads up if you were hoping to get the ghost bike you need to pay a $20/month subscription service for an abandoned game. You used to be able to purchase the bike on its own and even earn the equivalent for free via the tourneys mode but they have replaced those options with the subscription. The game itself is still super fun but duel and tournaments will never be available again since the servers are permanently offline. They are still happy to rub micro transactions and a subscription service in your face though. In order to get bikes that will never again be unlockable you have to watch ads. I tried watching ads (despite buying the full version of the app) hoping to get the ghost bike for free. It gets to a point where they actually just cut you off and don’t let you get free bikes anymore. This is just another way for the devs to slowly rake in revenue on their abandoned game without giving full access to old features.
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4 years ago, Daniel Pulun Zhou
Yes, this game was once great, and it still is, if you are willing to pay 20 dollars every month to be able to access 75% of the content, 30 second ads are pretty much after every level, and the literal only way to get new (subpar) bikes is to farm ads. That's it, you just have to farm ads, and buy gems, since there's pretty much no reliable way to get gems, the game also has massive bugs, for example, if your device is not perfectly new, and you don't have perfect wifi (I don't) then more than half of your duels will be draws, even if you obviously lost or won. Also, expect some crashes if your device is old/slow, but this is not the game's fault. This game is almost up to to EA levels of greed and paywalls. Do not expect the same game if you are coming back to this game, as I was, and if you are thinking of trying it, I am now warning you to be aware, you are free to do as you like, but don't be surprised if you are infuriated by the paywalls and ads.
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3 years ago, Feed up with bugs
I love this game and I can’t stop playing it, I’ve had it forever and it’s probably my favorite racing game. For anyone looking at the reviews who are thinking about getting it, I would DEFINITELY get it. It has HARDLY any ads, it’s kid friendly and overall a great game to pass the time. What I really like is it’s NEVER laggy and never had any problems. I only have a few suggestions for the game. 1, I think you should be able to unlock all the bike race V.I.P bikes freely instead of paying, or, once you pay you’ve permanently unlocked them, because I don’t think people want to pay money every year for a few bikes but I do think it’s a great deal. 2, I don’t like how you have to complete certain events for a certain bike that only come once every year and I don’t think you should unlock the bike by getting a certain amount of blueprints for the it. Last but not least, I think there should be more levels, I’ve had this game for years but it doesn’t have anymore levels then what it had before. Overall, this is a really good app to pass the time, compete in, or simply just have fun! I hope you will take consideration of the suggestions I have mentioned. Thank you!
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4 years ago, jay042203
Used to be great, now its terrible!
I have never written a review of an app but this one made me so mad that I had to write one. In middle school i played this game NONSTOP and it was awesome, I completed every level with 3 stars, and spend Hours playing. Now, like 5 years later, i was looking for a new game to play, and found this. I decided to download it, and thought it would be fun to play my old favorite game. About 5 minutes in, i realized how much it changed. After EVERY level, a pop up add comes up that requests you get a free trial, and then pay $7.99 a month. Thats insane. if it was even just like a dollar a month I would buy it without hesitation, but 8 bucks a month is ridiculous. Also, the popup add has no exit button, so you literally cannot continue playing without closing the app and restarting. These developers are terrible, I understand that they need to make money and everything but they absolutely ruined this game. Bring it back to how it was!
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6 years ago, paul isn't my real name
The first track of the hills is so freaking hard and, so is level 5 in the dunes. You can only race three times a day in multiplayer without having to sign in to Facebook. Not to mention that you also need to sign into Facebook to get most of the bikes. And you also have to sign in to Facebook to get vip and hills if you don’t have at least 23 stars in dune and if you click on hills if you don’t have it yet of course you have to sign in to Facebook like I said or pay $20 a mont or have 44 stars in total an 2 trophies which you can only get in multiplayer which like I said you can only race 3 times a day without of course signing in to Facebook but, other then that for the most part it is really fun and easy.
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3 years ago, LegoMyEggo_7
Great game, but…
I been playing Bike Race for a few months. I’ve been using it to pass the time and have found it pretty addictive. I just wish I could play the advanced tracks without playing with a Facebook friend. I don’t have any form of social media, and probably never will unless work related. There were a few ads in which I saw no X button or “no thanks” button. I understand the game devs have to make money somehow, but I have to completely close out of the game to reset it. Despite these” issues”, Bike Race is a great game, I highly recommend it, I promise the good features outnumber the bad!
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6 years ago, Millikenb
Fun game but....
I mean, this game is so much fun, I stayed up until midnight playing, so it’s addicting too. My one problem that keeps bugging me is that if I’m laying in bed my arm gets tired playing vertical like that, but when I turn onto my side my bike will flip. That is not my main problem but it does bug me, maybe you could do it where whatever position you start the race in is straight so I can be on my side or back to play the game. My mostly main problem is that the bike race VIP costs $7.99 a month! And you have to pay the much to get better stuff, maybe you could lower the price to something like $3.99 a month, that’s more reasonable. I know the developers have to make money but that’s SO expensive for just a game. Other than those problems this is my favorite game at the moment so others, be sure to try it! It’s so much fun!
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6 years ago, Manbad007
Why I “uninstalled”
I deleted this app a while back, then saw it on the App Store again and thought, “hey I remember this being a fun trials-esque game”. After playing through about 3 levels I quickly recalled why I deleted this app... Everything is this app is aimed at one thing - Your wallet. Just wait for the constant (and I mean constant) pop-ups (NOT ads... I don’t mind ads) asking you to spend upwards of $90/year so you can get super bikes, which make the game no longer fun, and play multiplayer, which is irrelevant because someone else just has to pay more money than you and they will have a bike that virtually levitates through obstacles faster than you could ever hope. I have to give them props for creating fun mechanics and levels, but alas it is ruined by the constant pressure to spend way to much money on a game that lacks competition or depth. I rest my case. (I was asked to review this game).
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5 years ago, Twig LaLa
Would Put 5 stars but SO MANY ADDS. ( and more )
Hello. I put 2 stars because there are a lot adds. TOO MANY to be precise. I end one round and an add pops up. If you create these adds for them to be fun, then why do you add so many adds.I mean........😤😤😤😤😤. Now, what is also not fun is that you have to include Facebook. You know that some kids are not old enough for Facebook. Like me. So, I can’t play any of the other levels. It is very frustrating. I get to play the same levels for 2 years. Kids or moms of kids that are reading this, this app is not that good for kids because you get to play 6 levels but then at that point you can’t play anymore because you don’t have (Facebook). This you really need to fix, and I mean it. You need to make a better version of this app. People are never gonna play this if you don’t fix these problems. But the game is fun. That is why I put 2 stars.
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5 years ago, J11A333M
Developers ruined the game
Me and my friends used to love this game in middle school. It was always something fun to do after school and I recently came across the app and remembered how much fun me and my friends had. I reinstalled the game and was immediately greeted with a pop up asking me to pay $8 a month. At first I didn’t think much of it and tried to close the pop up. The developers deliberately don’t put a button to close the pop up so I had to click on the pop up and then close the request to Apple Pay. This was very annoying and already unfamiliar. The new look of the game isn’t great and you have to basically buy all of the bikes which was very different from the old game. The developers are clearly very greedy and only focused on money rather making a good game. I really miss the old game and hope that the developers see that this new version is not the way to go. They’ve really ruined the game and I don’t recommend it at all.
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4 years ago, cookie ave
This game is indeed so horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!😤😤😡
This app was awesome before. But when I got to the higher level, it was so horrible!!! I only gave this game one star. ONLY one star! !😤 Now I hate this game! I only downloaded this game just in case the game Moto X3M runs out of levels for me to play since I played all of them. Since I said that this game bike race is horrible, I decided to delete this game. So from now on, I will always restart all the levels of Moto X3M when I finish them. So this is what I think about this horrible game. Even you now have to slide your own electronic left or right to move the bike. So this is my review about this game. And just saying, if you have the game Moto X3M, and if you hate this game, just delete this app and restart all Moto X3M levels if you want to. What I’m trying to say is please fix those errors and I will write a different review and download this app if I can again. So this is my review. From the person, Cookie ave
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5 years ago, AskTheGamer
This Game Is Not What Is Was...
A while ago, my friends and I all had this game and we loved it. It was the perfectly balanced bike racing game that we were looking for. I recently downloaded the app again just to see what its become and I wish I didn’t. This game is now full of pay-to-win offers in which many children are using their parents hard earned money to get. Instead of being the balanced game it used to be, it is now completely broken. While I was testing the game to see what it became, I was unable to win even a single race. I understand that after a long break from the game will make you a bit rusty, but I played for three weeks straight and never won a single race. I also noticed that some of my bikes were no longer available for me to use such as the “Silver” or “Gold” bikes. Overall, this game has gone really far downhill and I don’t think it’s going to climb back up any time soon...
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2 years ago, AngeloCataldo
Coming back to this game is a blast from the past, growing up playing this game on my phone it is just as fun as I remember. However I’m not quite sure if this is always been a thing but. The fact that I can’t just play single player without winning a certain amount of multi player matches is goofy to me. to add on top of that you can only play three multiplayer matches a day, if you ask me that’s limiting how much time I’m playing the game. I don’t wanna play multiplayer, I don’t wanna play against other people, I wanna play The single player experience. overall I love this game but there are certain parts that ruined the entire game for me. Adding on- I did put down a three star but now it’s a one star I just found out that I also need to play multiplayer games with my Facebook friends???? I don’t own Facebook so i guess I’m done with the game. Great job Developers!!!!!
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2 years ago, do not download bike race free
Deceptive subscription
Had a free trial of this for probably 10 years. Not sure when but years ago my kid picked up my iPad and selected the app. As I didn’t know, and there was no password or anything to go from free to subscription, apparently I’ve been paying for god knows how long for a terrible game that my 5 year old accidentally “subscribed” to. I don’t have gobs of money for frivolous subscriptions and until now I never thought of having to watch for scams like this from apple. Just these past few months have costed me nearly 200 dollars and I don’t have that kind of money. At the very least change it from an automatic or quick in game one click subscription so that a 5 year old can spend money with the click of an unverified button. All I can say is read the fine print I guess and delete this if you have kids.
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6 years ago, JuliaLucille
Watch out for the ads!
The game is good, and my whole family enjoys it. The issue I have is that the ads are definitely NOT family friendly! One ad has the Elf on the Shelf shown being moved by the parents, and my son started asking questions. Not okay, but I could kind of get over that. The one that really bothers me is the one where a woman is shown in very short shorts, twerking with her rear end right up in your face. I do NOT want my son or my husband to have to see that to play the game! I understand the need for ads, to keep the game free, but pleas make them appropriate!! I know lots of little boys who play this game, and I would hate to have to remove it from my son’s device because of the inappropriate ads!
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6 years ago, Ajunos
Game has some nice concepts. They throw a weekly, yes, weekly, subscription at you in order to do any of the non campaign features. Okay, $7.99 for a comparative game maybe worth it. They give you a week free trial. This is when the fun begins. Tournament mode (Most other games would call it ranked or ladder) is one of the worst match making systems. You upgrade your bike with coins you get from winning races. The higher level your bike the faster you can go. The downfall is starting around level 4, about 5:7 games are a 2 level gap. Meaning the other players have a 2 level speed advantage. So you have to hope they crash, or server timing is in your favor. As a level 4, I played against 5 level 8 accounts. There is *no* way for me to win aside from buying more coins (on top of the $7.99 sub) to upgrade your bike or hope you get lucky. Save your time and play something else.
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6 years ago, Pilkbab72
Duals is broken
My user name is Pilkbab72. My level on duals is 45 currently and I am usually above 3800 trophies. Recently though, my level 45 bike has been as slow as a level 35 bike. I will race people level 30 and their speed is faster than mine for some reason. I cannot bring myself to believe that someone that is barely at 3300 trophies beat me with skill. Anyone that has a bike with a similar level than me is outlandishly faster than me. I don’t know if tfg is making everyone faster than me or if I’m getting screwed over with a slow bike. I know I’m not the only one with this problem. It’s like tfg is rewarding people who don’t consistently upgrade their bike and punish the people who actually put in the time to do so. Sorry for such a long review. PLEASE FIX THIS
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3 years ago, Makenzee🤫💋❤️🤠🤣😂
ONE STAR!!!!!!!👎🏼😩
I had this game in the past and I forgot how easy it was. That’s probably why I deleted it. I reinstalled it today and I am deleting it today too. Every level I passed after the first few there was an add for an in app purchase. The game kept asking me to sign into a free trial for something to get everything in stores on the app. There is no X to tap to get out of the add. I kept having to completely exit the app and go back on to get out of the add. VERY ANNOYING. Do not get this app unless you enjoy having to do more work than your job!!!! I seriously recommend not getting this app.
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5 years ago, FluffyUnicorn24
Fun but some problems...
I love bike race it’s a fun game I love to play it during plane rides or road trips it’s a good game for passing time but sometimes the game will kick me out and on the tracks I can also get stuck from time to time and I hope you please fix that problem. Otherwise, this is an amazing game that is actually fun unlike some other game I have played and if you fix these problems this could get a 5 star rating! Thank you for your time and bye! Update: I know other people have said you have to pay a lot of money to win and I think that it is overpriced but I have not paid any money and I have gotten pretty far in the game and you can unlock bikes by completing levels so yeah.
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5 years ago, JC_SaltLaker
How to credit card skim unwary teens
My minor child downloaded this app and unwittingly signed up for “Auto-renewal.” Apple billed my card for almost $40 before we detected the charges. Let me first confess: I must have missed the Apple Store fine print about when your kid turns 16, they can start using any credit card linked to the Family Group WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS’ KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION. After 3-4 stressful hours in Apple support topics, forums and phone calls, we were able to get most charges reversed by a helpful and understanding Apple team member. What hasn’t been reversed is my loss of faith in the Apple Store itself. Clearly, this case represents a lucrative exploit in the App Store system: developers can design and market a “free” game aimed at middle teens who are 1) young enough to make the mistake of not parsing the app billing section for details of any Auto-renewing features, but 2) old enough that Apple has removed the PARENTAL NOTIFICATIONS/PERMISSIONS for credit card usage by younger children. Sometimes I’m slow, but I do learn: Apple doesn’t always hold your Family Group credit card information sacrosanct: if you want to play in their sandbox, you need to be constantly vigilant and carefully scan for loopholes which profit-minded App Developers are keen to mine.
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