Bill Organizer

4.4 (4.9K)
60.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Space-O Digicom
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bill Organizer

4.36 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
7 years ago, AppleGirlGenius
Trying it out
Still working with app. Doesn’t seem to respond to my touch on iPhone 6s. Trying to figure out if it’s the app or phone. Will update post when I have it set up and running. One feature is if I write a review it will unlock imputing more then one bill for free so that’s a plus so far!
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2 years ago, blackgirlplays
Minor Additions Make a Difference
I barely needed to use the app to know I didn’t like it. I kept the score at a 3 because honestly the app isn’t horrible, I like the basic and easy aesthetic. It’s just that I need to have more exclusive or customization options for the occurrence of the bill. Being only limited to every (1) week, month, or year isn’t specific enough for me as I also have bi monthly or even bi weekly bills and subscriptions. Also, another big thins I see across not just this app is the reminder options. Not sure why these apps don’t give options for multiple and more customizable options as the purpose of the app is to track and be able to provide convenience and organization to pay bills. I just note that I’ll have to crest my own reminders in my phone which I honestly don’t have a problem with doing, but the convenience in the app would be beneficial. Other than that the app is fine and good for people who want to track their bigger bills or just start getting some
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6 years ago, angela178
This is a total scam
I didn’t even have a chance to use this app properly. After closing three pop ups (which each shut down the sound on the podcast I was listening to), I had a chance to look at each of the tabs and when I went to add a bill, got a pop up saying this was an app created by a little girl trying to help her family make money and to give money to help them. After looking at other reviews that have said something similar but contradictory (like “This app was made by a mother”) I’m convinced it’s a scam. I have no problem paying for an app if it’s good and functional and if it legitimately was to help a family or a child, there’s no reason not to simply charge up front instead of a bait and switch. I find this app very suspicious, so much so that I deleted it and downloaded it again JUST so I could write this review. Who knows what the actual app is like — it’s impossible to even get to the point where you can use it without getting frustrated, interrupted, or taken advantage of.
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6 years ago, dr. dead
Caution, Beware
I have never written a review before. I downloaded this app bc I thought it was exactly what I needed. Color coded tabs and I could put the bill amounts in with the dates and it was very attractive to the eye. I felt like I would use this rather than my standard calendar that i carry around. Well beware the minute you try to add a bill you get a pop up asking to donate money to a girl that created to app. Umm no. That is very fishy to me. If you want money for the app charge for it. If there are going to be pop ups make it ads not pops that look like a virus scam. This app will be deleted as soon as I finish this review. Whomever made this app should really change their tactics and Apple should really pay attention to the apps they have in their store.
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6 years ago, Me2233445566
The worst app ever
I usually don’t write negative reviews but I feel obligated to tell people about this worthless app! I read the reviews before I purchased this app and thought it was going to do the job needed. All I needed is somewhere to monitor my bills with reminders, my previous app is no longer supported by the new iOS 11. 1- it doesn’t sync from iPad to iPhone, which means I need to purchase it twice, are you kidding me? 2- it is the slowest app I have used from launch to closure 3- you can’t update all the info on a bill, it has to be done one field at a time, saved, then open the bill again to update the next field. Because the app is SO slow, it takes forever to update and save the bills 4- I went on their website and wrote an email to them but no one even responded If I can give it - stars I would. This is a a horrible app, don’t purchase it, it is a ripoff! I want my money back because I have to purchase another app so it doesn’t take me half a day to update my bill!
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7 years ago, Chelle19911991
Not a fan
Very odd to get pop ups during use asking for reviews because " creator of app is a mom of 6 kids to support"....guilting ppl into reviews is an interesting way to ask. Anyways.... it's hard to know if the app is worth the buy since you can only input 2 bills Before it locks you out. I'd like to have actual time to look the app over before committing. It's confusing on how to add bills and it would have been nice to see how the reminders for them come up and how things adjust once bill paid. No real trial. There's a lot of similar apps that are free or give a better trial/ idea of what you get before buying. Go with those.
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3 years ago, Annie Folzie
Couldn’t Sign In
I tried for more then 10 minutes just to get his app to work. As soon as you get the app, it requires you to either start a plan or do a free trial. So I opted for the free trial & thank goodness I did. I couldn’t even get the app to sign into my Facebook or my Apple account. I had to force close the app each time with account sign in attempt. I then decided to completely power off my phone as a means of working around the issue & it still wouldn’t work. I couldn’t get this app to work, period. Deleted in the first 15 minutes of installing.
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5 years ago, Mommygcj
My favorite
Having two complete households makes for double the bills and it’s hard to keep track of all of them. I searched the App Store and downloaded multiple budget/bill/income apps to help me keep track and I was never really pleased with any of the generic cheaply made budget apps and then I found this one and it’s PERFECT for our complicated lifestyle! I love it!
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6 years ago, Ms.SoniaRuiz
Has potential
I first got the free app but it wouldn’t give me a chance to figure out if it’s something I’d like to buy without getting interrupted by ads. From the little I was able to see, I figured I’d buy it and give it a try. This app has potential. I like how it looks and the idea of it is great. Just a few huge deal breakers for me: 1. There isn’t an option for reminder every 2 weeks (I’ve seen in many other FREE apps) 2. Every time I open the app it says my volume is muted (even when it’s not) 3. It doesn’t remind you. You need to go into the app to see your bills. I have another bill app that actually sends you a notification 4. You need to enter in when you want to be reminded of the bill every time. Many apps will allow you to customize to “remind the day of” or “2 days before” and it’ll do it for all bills.
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1 year ago, B4msmith
Too Expensive
I recently downloaded 20 bill reminder type apps to play around with and find the one that works best for my needs. This one fit the bill, no pun intended. However, it was the only app that didn’t have a free version and was by far, the most expensive. For that reason, I went with my number 2 choice, Chronicle.
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1 year ago, KyleVanVolk
Can’t add recurring bills
Just paid $30 for this app and I’m not even able to add the bills as recurring like shown in the pictures. The “add bill” screen is completely different from what’s advertised. I have to manually go in and add bills each month. That’s a waste of my time and money, I wouldn’t have paid $30 to do exactly what I do now. I mean what’s the point of a tracker at that point?
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7 years ago, cheekygeeky
Pest Control
Pro: It has an attractive interface and appears to be easy to use. Con: After entering one item, no more features are available without purchase or review. I'm so sick of these dishonest, unethical developers who don't have the integrity to let customers know upfront what to expect. Will they request more reviews for more features? If I purchase the pro version will it still have ads? Will they charge for the "new features coming soon?" Fair trials, fair prices and honesty......why is that so hard?
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2 years ago, Magid mustafa
My comments
Very bad application it doesn’t deserves even one star they cheated me. I applied for 3 days trial suddenly directed me to one year subscription. In addition to that it is very slow application so many times hanging. I donot advice anyone to purchase it .
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4 years ago, KiaRose04
I would love the app if I could actually use it
Before I even have the chance to add a bill the screen asking you to subscribe pops up immediately. I can’t get past it, to actually use the app! It’s so frustrating, if you’re going to force people to pay for the app to use any basic features then directly put the amount on the App Store when downloading instead. Needless to say if I can’t even use the basic version of an app I’m not going to pay to subscribe to it.
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5 years ago, SenorJesse
Awful just awful
I do most of my finances on my IPad. I thought by downloading this app I would helping myself a great deal. Boy was I dissapointed, not only is not fully functional with an IPad it wouldn’t allow me to enter the t-mobile website without displaying an error message saying “please enter a valid website”. Why is it up to the app to tell me what’s valid and not valid. I even copied and pasted the actual website from the Web which returned the same error. What a pile of crocodiles!
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4 months ago, Kevvinnnrrr
Almost all bills are monthly, yet this app doesn’t automatically save monthly bills, every month you have to go into the app and create a new bill for the month for every biller. Not only that but they list the bills out of order in terms of due dates, they mix all the billers up so it’s a nuisance trying to figure out which biller is next. This app is trash, Prism was the greatest biller app of all time and nothing will ever come close.
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3 years ago, Derkoe
Potential? But not there yet
Downloaded the app because I was looking for a simple app to keep track of my monthly bills. Seems like it would be a good app once a little more development goes into it; the app feels cheap/scammy, and I cant say I was amused with the app not being able to change orientation to landscape, but yet I have the ability to share my bills with friends... Focus on the basics of the app, and then add gimmicky features. Just my $.02.
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5 years ago, JennYuuka
I didn’t even get past the first page and the app wanted to charge me $9.99 a month. Umm no. And then if u choose the free your account still will be charged after a certain month. Nope this app is getting deleted asap. If u wanna charge for the app then advertise it as a pay app or use ads. Don’t have it in the store as a free app and then have people downloading it thinking its free. $9.99 is a lot of money to some people. Why do u think some of us are downloading a budget app.
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5 years ago, Bighows
Not a bad app but I have had to add a couple reminders several times as it keeps dropping them. Also can’t change some reminders that automatically changed to automatic pay without deleting
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7 years ago, Tana Roo
Purchased in order to avoid ads and set up without having to keep waiting for an ad to finish. I wished I hadn’t spent money on it and been a little more patient. It’s slow and buggy. Some bills won’t show up for a minute or so. When saving new bills it runs so slow and at times, freezes up. Hopefully these problems get fixed that way I could actually use the app.
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7 months ago, x0nikkio6
Couldn’t even explore the app
Downloaded the app, went to add my second bill and it wanted me to purchase a plan or wait 24 hours to continue using the app?! How can I even know if I like the app if it won’t even let me explore it. I’m not paying for something I can’t try. Basic features should be allowed, subscriptions should be for added benefits and features. Immediately deleted!
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2 years ago, blaker626
I didn’t even get to try this out fully because when trying to save only the second bill for a month I couldn’t even save it without having to pay. I’ll gladly pay if I actually get a chance to use an app and it works great but the fact that I have to put in my CC info just to enter more than one bill is ridiculous. This app is going in the trash!!
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4 years ago, sb18b1
So annoying
So I really like this app and after downloading and deleting millions of bill pay apps I was very happy to find one that I liked. I added one of my bills and was unable to add more without paying $1/day for the “Pro” version. This is very disappointing. They might as well have made it an app that you have to pay for before you download it because it’s a total scam.
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7 years ago, CoteTaja
Still getting used to
I just installed this app so I am still getting used to it, but so far I like it. It is forcing me to add review in order to add more bills so that is why I’m writing this. Once I use it for Sone time (at least week or two) I will update my review to lot you know more.
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7 years ago, Swfreant2
Bills change amounts month to month
I wish you could type how much your electric bill is every month and it would keep that data. Instead of forcing me to set an amount that I am help to every month.
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2 years ago, MsJackeeP
Early Charges/Bad Customer Support
I purchased the yearly subscription with one month free trial. I wanted to have a couple weeks to see if the app provided what I was looking for. However, I was charged immediately for the yearly subscription. I contacted the app developers three times to get a refund for being charged early and have yet to get a response to resolve this issue!! I want the charges to be reversed!!
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7 years ago, Bambizel
So far it’s amazing
I just installed this and it seems to be great so far. I just wish I could add money coming in like a paycheck and so on and have my bills deducted from that so I would have an idea on how much is left after everything
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7 years ago, joebinks86
Great app
Seems very easy to use, is very user friendly! I like how there are different colors for the different category of bills. I’m color blind, but even I can tell the difference because of the vivid colors!
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4 years ago, Rocio Pacheco
Can't see my bills or edit them
This is not friendly using. When you enter your bills you can see them all in one page, which was very helpful. Once the new month enter that page disappear and now I can't see them unless you run a report, but you can't edit, if you want to change or update anything, you are doomed because the list of all your bills are gone.
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3 years ago, johnnyjohhnyyespapa
Pretty solid app
Definitely works for how I need it to and keeps track of all my monthly expenses and stuff, would recommend
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2 years ago, Teesosaucy
Total Joke
I only got a chance to add 1 bill then went to add a 2nd one & got hit with a subscription notice.. I might as well use my calendar… I have enough bills.. Why on earth would I subscribe to this ? So fyi, if you want to organize & be put on notice for multiple bills then you WILL be paying… but if u only have 1 bill to remind you of, you’re good, It’s free (: .
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7 years ago, Paul MB
Auto payment feature
Would like feature to show if payment is being made automatically. Just starting out with this app now
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7 years ago, Dylan Phillip
Slow but steady
Still unsure about the app but seems to have most of the features others have for free. It's hard to complain about this app cause it has yet to be fully tested nonetheless is fully functional compared to its competitors.
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6 years ago, Bev the red
Great way to remind me of my bills that are coming up due to be paid
Easy to use and i at least find it user friendly for my needs
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7 years ago, DontMindKrys
Testing it
Hoping that the system understands recurring bills like rent, electric, gas, etc well. Some apps make it seem more like you pay the bill on this day for a certain amount of time then you're done which is not good
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6 years ago, Ensepulcher
10$ a week
I really love this app but they want to charge $10 a week to use it! I downloaded this app to help me save money not spend it lol. It wouldn’t really be an issue but every few seconds and ad pops up, and after I added only one bill I had to wait 10 minutes before I could use the app again? Like seriously? I’ll just another another one to use I guess
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7 years ago, Lacec1
I like how it is to use and the bright colors. I have used others and I like the way you are able to track payments even if you are not paying the full amount.
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7 years ago, Tsoani29
So far
So far so good. After adding one bill it's required your to leave a review in-order to continue adding other bills. Which is clearly not enough time to get a feel for the app. On the other hand everything seems user friendly.
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7 years ago, she.rocz
Partial review
The app has a nice interface; will have review later for a full review since only used for 10 minutes then forced to review to open other bill reminders. Will update once I am able to actually use the app and full functions.
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5 years ago, savvylashlady
Afraid this is scam
I just signed up for this app, says it’s connected to Apple I tunes but I find nothing connecting it to Apple at all. I’m afraid I may have made a mistake and signed up with the scam company. I’m trying to find a way to get rid of it now and take my credit card number out. There are many more companies out there that offer the service for free that are located in the United States not in India.
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6 years ago, Jkizziah
It would be extremely helpful if the bills that are marked paid disappeared from the “ALL” tab. Allow the next months bill to pop up about 10 days before the due date. It gets confusing!
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7 years ago, Almo3tnormal
Looks good So far
I really like how everything is color coded and the interface is simple and straightforward. Not much that I couldn’t find that needs to be worked om
Show more
7 years ago, LeahGraham
Seems like it might work for my needs
I entered one bill and a notice popped up for me to rate, so I could add another bill, so I’m just going to say that I’m not sure how I feel about the app yet cause I have not gotten to use it, but the few things I have done seem to be good so far.
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6 years ago, SweetMagnolia!
I bought this app last month, I don’t think the repeat reminder is working because none of my bills repeat monthly.
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7 years ago, LightWeightPod
Helpful in getting all the reminders. Can improve in data entry with options to duplicate bills so that user entry during initial setup is reduced. Also pre-populate reminder field based on due date. The reminder like one day before due date would be great.
Show more
7 years ago, Malimaha
Very easy to use!
I love the colors and the simplicity of this app! I wish I could add my income as well and see how much was left over each month but it’s still very very good!
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6 years ago, Musicloverlex
This app has so many ads that if you don’t pay for premium you can’t even do anything inside the app! I tried to add a bill reminder and an ad for premium popped up so I exited that ad then another ad popped up and when I exited out of that one, it took me back to the home page and I couldn’t add any bill reminders because the ads kept popping up.
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6 years ago, Quiet S
What is with all the pop ups???
Hello there, I downloaded the app only because it received some pretty good reviews! As soon as I opened it, I received pop up. I tapped on the x, then another pop up..and then another pop up. What’s the point? I had to delete the app. I am not able to comment on the app itself simply because I was so frustrated with the ads. Maybe next time.
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7 years ago, Ermism
Easy to set up and use
It's a quick and easy tool not complicated and very to the point I would recommend this to anyone that needs organization in their life
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6 years ago, Samplesr2
Great App
I really just like everything about the app. I have one issue always mutes the volume on my phone when I open it. Please fix
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