BILL Spend & Expense (Divvy)

4.8 (14.7K)
85.7 MB
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Current version
DivvyPay, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BILL Spend & Expense (Divvy)

4.77 out of 5
14.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Jenn Norman
Huge time saver!
I legit almost cried with how easy it was to use Divvy for the first time. I travel quite a bit for work and searching between multiple emails, uber/lyft apps, and let's not forget the old paper receipts, was a nightmare. Add having to wait for a transaction to finish processing (2-3) before uploading those receipts and doing my expenses was my least favorite part of my job. Not with Divvy! It's a breeze. A transaction is processed and a notification is sent to your phone where you can immediately snap a photo and upload a receipt and categorize the expense. And I don't think about that expense ever again. This truly saves me a few hours of time each month.
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5 years ago, MitchyMitch8
Lots of headaches for something that should be simple
The value proposition of Divvy is nice on paper, but the way things are setup makes actually paying for stuff 10x harder than it needs to be. Budgets have people and people have funds within each budget. You can't share a budget with multiple people; each person must have a specific amount of the assigned funds given to them. Because of this, if you want to buy something, you have to have enough funds assigned to you in one budget. If you don't have enough funds well... Good luck. You have to go into the budget, determine how much is available because the calculations in the app are usually inaccurate or don't make any sense, remove allocated funds from someone else (if they have enough) or increase the size of the budget. Then restart the app so the new budget is updated and assign the new amount to yourself (good luck if budget is recurring). If you made it that far, you can finally put in your credit card number (that you can't see in the app for some reason) and pray that you did everything right so you can pay for lunch.
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2 years ago, ladymimi22
The days to process payment are way too long!
I think the concept is really great. I like being able to manage and divvy money to my team. Track their spending and the feature that allows them to have their own spend card, upload receipts, contact divvy for support questions and request more funds on the app are all great. My issue is that they gave me a very limited budget. My team spends money quickly so I pay the accrued immediately when it is spent in order to have more available funds but it takes it takes more than Five business days for the payment to process unless I do a wire which costs me fees. That is a very long time to wait and a major issue I have with me being able to fully utilize the app. It takes four months to even request additional budget or credit limit. Hopefully they work on faster payment processing times or options to have instant funds available if we pay the balance.
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2 months ago, Small Business Success
Cumbersome and slow to act.
Beta test gone bad. Disappointed with spend and expense. It’s cumbersome IMO. The bank card piece isn’t awesome. Not comfortable with the customer service queue as it relates to basic transaction inquiries. One example is the effort it took/is taking to reverse a duplicate payment made on the account. Feels like a small business would be better off working with a bank card directly rather than what seems like a tech company that wraps around a bank card product. I’ve had a couple of customer service inquiries relating to cash debit/credits to the account and was left feeling hung out with no resolution for days. Verbose, redundant communication and tickets don’t count as customer service. Sorry, but if I carry a bank card I expect my card holder to credit my account immediately if a foul transaction occurs rather than hanging me out to dry for days. Hours spent trying to stay on top of a simple matter is not a good use of any owners time.
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3 months ago, DgomezPro
Broken process...
I have had Divvy for a few months, and ran over 100k through their services. I had a bank mishap over the holidays, and I was doing all I could to make sure they got their funds paid back. So to be clear it was not Divvy's fault at the beginning. But now I have 39k over paid funds to this acct from Dec. 28th and my over funds were to be returned to me. Which on the app it's states 5-7 bus days. No problem, It's now Jan 13th and still no funds. An to add to this, I was told ohh don't worry you won't have to make this months payment. Because we are holding more than your current balance, and we will just send you the rest. So, your telling me your holding my 39k of funds for 2 weeks and then only sending back my current balance so I don't have to pay in a few weeks? Should I be charging interest? I believe, I will have to get legal involved. Service here started out great, but faltered at the end and with the results.
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2 years ago, WWIILegend
Be Prepared to do a lot of work…
This app could be so much better. It’s not easy to move around funds and requires a lot of time and patience to understand. Although they do have a team to help you for support, the worst part is that the support people are not always the same person for one issue. I’ve spent countless hours going through multiple support reps trying to help with problems just to never get the problem fixed. I would start with one person and ended up going through 4 others before someone could explain what was going on. Also when transferring money to Divvy, the process can be very challenging if your bank is not one that offers the wire instructions as divvy suggests. My payments were lost in Finanfe multiple times and took weeks to get the funds to the account after emailing the support team and then… of course 15 people took on my case while passing it to the next person because they couldn’t assist me in any way.
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9 months ago, qwefjhdaagjljb
It’s good
It’s good and app is easy to use but it’s also annoying because it’s a prepaid card but if you don’t like notifications and something telling you that you need to complete a task that is labeled required and won’t go away until you seriously pick a category for that transaction and it’s every transaction then the app will annoy you like it does me. My work uses this a prepaid card for your bonuses to do with as you please yet it requires you to complete tasks to get that red notification to go away. Why not just let that be an option for those who just want to use their money or whatever and not worry about pointless notifications and tasks. It should be optional for those who may be required to log their every transaction.
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2 years ago, Ayoungcito
So easy to record expenses - best I’ve seen
When I spend, I get a push notification that comes directly to my phone that is super easy to manage. I love taking care of my expenses immediately instead of stressing about keeping my receipts. I found a bunch of receipts in my laptop bag from a previous company who didn’t use Divvy that I don’t think I was ever reimbursed for. I hope to never feel like I’m financing my employer’s operations again or feel panicked about forgetting about what I’ve spent! Divvy solves all that.
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4 years ago, beeeeep boooooop
Bad app
This started as a great app and only got worse and worse. Loooooong delay time when going through receipts for accounts I control. The budgets haven’t auto-renewed for my controlled accounts for 3 months now and I’ve had to painstakingly go in and re-fill their cards one by one with the lagging. It takes an hour for 28 accounts. When I check the budget auto-renew, it’s gone from the app; but on the desktop it says that I have auto-renew set to $500 at the start of every month. Some glitch caused one charge from 5 months ago to permanently say “pending” on my alerts page with no way to get rid of it. I’ve even tried deleting and reinstalling the app and it still won’t go away. It’s been closed out for months! Also, constant crashing and having to reenter the PIN number after I’ve been in the app using it consistently for 5 minutes or so is annoying. If I’m already IN the app, why are you making me reenter the pin??! Just another waste of my time, not really “secure”, just an annoyance. Just make it set to have the pin entered every time you open the app?! Other apps have figured that out so I know that exists. I’m not sure what happened but with every update, the app seems to get worse and worse. Pretty much a useless app when I have to use my desktop to get anything done.
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2 years ago, Leydeen
We recently started using Divvy, is fine it helps some as I don’t manually have to enter every transaction, however, we use quickbooks as our accounting software and every time a new transaction is enter on divvy it asks the employee to enter the name of the business they made the purchase at, allowing them to do that is creating duplicate vendors. For example they went to shell for gas, whomever enters the transaction if they misspell wrote differently or added something to the name, now I have several “shell gas stations” as vendors because not everyone will write it the same way, to me that is a huge flaw if the app. Another thing is that it transfers everything and checks it as a billable expense on the quickbooks side thousands of transactions and we still have to go one by one to change that. The developers have a lot to work on.
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1 year ago, tyindy8890
Potomac park
Here is the issue that’s most troubling to our organization. We switched our bank account and actually added a second checking because we got hacked. Then we were able to get that account reopened, long story short our divvy card was connected to the account we were in the process of closing out, just needed to run down the funds then close it. In the meantime our divvy came due and low and behold we where a few dollars short so immediately you shut our card down. Now that’s the same card we are paying all our bills with. It’s over a week and a half since we made sure it was paid and the card is still not active, exactly what do you want us to do send you our first born for collateral? Please do something about getting cards reinstated quicker it’s causing hardships!
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2 years ago, JD MacWell
Payments and Limit reduction
Ach payments take longer than any company I’ve dealt with. This results in payments being applied to balance after due date. No matter how good the pay history and how my company’s balance was paid in full every month. Due to the delay in processing time (almost 6 days) before ach processes, wire fees to get it there quicker, no real points to use after a year of using the card….this may not be the best account to use. I paid a large balance only for my line to be reduced. Please be careful and keep options open. I would have never used the card if I knew I would pay a balance and not be able to use my funds anymore. As an independent business, it would be great to have a company who is part of the solution as well. Best
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3 months ago, Horrible non working card
Horrible customer service and card keeps getting declined
Since getting a reissued company credit card, my card continuously gets declined. I have tried to fix on the app and by calling customer support. I was on hold with customer support for 45 mins before I got through for them to say it is fixed and still it is not working. My CFO has called to have it fixed which again they say it is fixed and it is not. Basically it is a non functioning credit card with no adequate timely support. Update: called the number they provided below and it went straight to voicemail and no mention of who the company was. Continue to have issues with DIVVY card being declined for every purchase for business expenses. This company is a joke!
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3 years ago, Cabidon
#1 most useful thing for my small business
I run a contracting business and I don’t think I would have survived 2020 without Divvy. It’s super simple. You get rewards and they’re friendly and helpful when you have a problem. The platform is easy to use and the card comes in handy. I pay all my bills with it and use it to help with working expenses and then pay it off every month. It’s great.
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1 year ago, Scott Willard
Recent updates have made it worse
6-8 months ago, or thereabouts, the app worked great. Then, they made some adjustment to the way the app processes receipt images and now it takes 30 seconds or longer to import a receipt and know whether a transaction is truly complete. More, it’s ocr process can sometimes mangle the images. It was perfect and fast, before. Also, notifications (important when you’re using the system to manage a group of purchasers) don’t clear properly anymore. The frustrating thing is that the app worked perfectly before. Proper testing should have blocked these “updates” before they went live.
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1 year ago, Astro Blk
Worst Customer Service
This company has the worst customer service of ANY credit card I’ve ever used. They take WEEKS to respond to you or fix simple issues. They will freeze your account & stop you from having access to funds even if you pay your balance in full. They’re customer service is incompetent. They froze my account for NO REASON and it’s been 3 weeks of me going back and forth with them without any progress. This company doesn’t care about its customers and will close your account without warning even if you pay your balance in full. Filing a civil suit against this company for robbing me of $20,000. Their idea & platform is nice but TERRIBLE customer service & shady business practices.
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2 years ago, jhEclectic
Crucial Feature Too Hard To Find
My new card was compromised within 5 days of, and after an arduous process of activating the card, The Freeze card function should not be nested in deep areas or menus This app should have a Freeze button prominently displayed on, or in. all pages of the app If multiple cards the app should have a prominent button which navigated to an option page to choose the card you want to freeze Update While I did finally find a menu item to tap Freeze on the card, it’s not intuitive .. I’ve already forgotten the steps. Also, there is no way to quickly tap to notify if a fraudulent transaction in process One as to wait for a fraudulent transaction to clear in order to dispute the transaction Also, it is difficult to quickly notify via the app that a card has been stolen New Item Seems that disputed transactions are not available on the mobile App, only in the web browser Mobile App lack features and intuition
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1 year ago, Alpha Ace G
Two whole month ….?!
Let’s begin here I got approve for Divvy, funded my account and as soon as I receive my physical card for some reason my account was closed for unknown reasons , I’ve been in contact with customer service via chat and for a whole month they are saying to wait for an email regarding the situation, which is useless it’s been a whole month and every other day I try to get an explanation. So I can’t withdraw my funds back to my bank until they decide ? I’m confuse the reason I looked into this product was to build business credit and use the tools provided. It’s about to be 2 months and it’s either I get an explanation or my funds back. What’s going on ??
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1 year ago, Valana
Stole my money, lies about returning it
I had a Business Checking account with Divvy, who on Dec 20, 2022 suddenly terminated my account. I immediately reached out to customer support, and was notified by “Collin” on Dec 21 that they had discontinued their Credit Builder service. As such, they would return my funds within 2 weeks. On Jan 9 I reached out again, having not received my funds and being unable to withdraw them manually (trying to do so instead withdrew funds from my linked checking account, causing an overdraft). “Nia” assured me my funds would be transferred within 5–7 business days to my linked checking account. As of Jan 23, it is now 2 weeks since that last contact and more than a month since the first, my funds are still frozen, I am unable to withdraw them manually, and my Debit Card has also been canceled. I am locked out of my account, unable to access my money, and being lied to repeatedly. I have now opened complaints with the BBB and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and a fraud investigation with the FTC.
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8 months ago, tortugasjester
Downhill since acquisition
This was a great app before Bill bought them out and put their fingers in it. The rebranding is silly, but the functionality is awful now. You can’t even view requests for approval. You get the alert as an admin, but can’t view it in app. The badge stays there on your phone, but you can’t get in and approve it so your guys don’t have funds when needed unless you manually go in and adjust funds. Requests don’t work, the app is overall buggy. I wouldn’t recommend anyone that hasn’t engrained their business with this company use them and those that are already engrained start trying to find a different option.
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8 months ago, Gio’s dad
App glitch
Divvy is by far the best expense app out there. Going from concur to divvy was the best choice I’ve seen any company make and hope more people make the switch. Only problem I have is, I have a glitch in the app that continues to bring up a purchase I have clicked on to decline it but every time I open the app. It pops up again. I have reached out several times over the last several months and haven’t gotten an answer back or a fix for it. That would be my only complaint.
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4 years ago, Lil Benji
Great app, notifications bug still not fixed
This app is wonderful in its actual usage, however, a bug over the last few versions still has not been resolved. It continually leaves a notification bubble up even though you have no open alerts in the app. You have to open and close the app at least twice AFTER you clear out the alerts just to remove the bubble. This is a distraction because it continually makes you think that you have open items to attend to when you do not. If they can squash this bug once and for all I would give this a five star.
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2 years ago, sk0203
Horrible company
I missed one payment on this card because of my payment account getting hacked and forgot to switch this card over to my new account. I made the missed payment 4 days after because i went to use my card and it was shut off do to the payment being automatically taken out of the account that was hacked and not going through. I spoke to a representative and explained my situation and they stated that they would reactivate my card once i made the payment. I made the payment and they closed my account completely. Didn’t give me a reason to why or anything.
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2 years ago, The Glease
Game changer for traveling
I used to work for a company that used Concur. I would hate filling out my expense report every time I travelled. The divvy app makes it so nice because as soon as I swipe the card, I’m notified, can classify my charge and upload a receipt. Gone are the days of sorting through 20+ receipts at the end of a business trip and uploading them one by one.
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3 years ago, DJ Yung Vibe
Notification issue…
When you’re chatting with support, and temporarily close the app, you will never receive a notification of when the agent finally chats back with you. Idk how this app thinks some of us will wait on the same screen for 5-10 minutes, to finally have someone chat back with you. Just wish the app would notify you when someone finally chats back. ALSO, I know this is a charge card, but getting a notification of when the card is charged would be nice!! The app does not do this at all.
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3 years ago, dbdjhsjcjsjjdjd
Divey issues
I have had the divey card for a month now and there are a couple of issues I do not like. They split the month in payment and you have no grace period. They take the money out of your account as soon as the half month period ends. That’s not a big deal but if you want to do a big purchase and need time to pay it, this card will not be a good one. I like how it tracks expenses and does budgets and let’s you manage a lot of things to do with those thing.
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3 years ago, TryGrain_Stopped_Working!
I applied for $3000 but got approved for $1000 and LOVE IT
Hello All, and after, feels like, 1 year of using Nav Boost, Divvy, who gave me at least 1/3 of my “Asking Credit Limit”, reported to D&B within 3 months and, overall, gave me a “Initial PayDex Score” of 80. And I just learned they also have a Divvy Pre-Paid Business Card that •CAN• assist “Start-Ups”. I give Divvy A+ across the board for •at least• giving me a chance
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5 years ago, Strikovski
Excellent service, pretty good app
I’ve used Divvy for 9 months now and like the control it gives us. No more receipts or reimbursements is nice. I haven’t done an expense report since who knows when. The app can be buggy at times, but nothing major. I just hard close the app and relaunch and it typically bounces back to full functionality. Looking forward to the new features!
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5 months ago, Ronnie1353
Lack of information
When we get the charges in the Divvy App. There is NO information to match the charges to the receipts we receive from the vendors, a fact that create hours of research. Few merchants like hotels for example change the charges due to incidentals charges which makes it more complicated. EVERY charge is by a receipt that Divvy should get or ask for and the receipt ID should be given to us to match the charges. So far the this kind of service we get is nothing but a big headache.
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11 months ago, indros
Some improvements to workflow needed
Overall, i think the app is pretty sound, but it could use some improvements. Approving transactions is slowed by two things: 1) i have to tap Approve twice. Why? 2) i have to swipe out of a transaction to review the next one. Once I approve a transaction, i should immediately be presented with the next transaction that needs approval. The extra steps make it take a lot longer to do multiple approvals at a time.
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1 year ago, Barney135792468
Best business expensing system yet!
I’ve been with multiple companies and used other expensing programs such as Concur. It almost seemed as if they were designed to frustrate and get sales reps to not expense or forget to expense, often causing us to eat the costs out of our own pocket Divvy makes life sooooo much easier! 5 Stars without a doubt!
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1 month ago, augnosmusic
New update slower to enter details
Something was changed where I could use a swipe gesture to back out after entering in details on a transaction. Now I have to wait until each detail is uploaded before I can back out and go to the next section. For us that have dozens of expenses to report and fill out every week, this really puts a hamper on efficiency that was there a few days ago. Waiting seconds for every detail entered adds up fast for hundreds of transactions.
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9 months ago, Vistalisa
It’s good but why can I only upload one photo at a time?
It’s 2023. I should be able to select more than one photo to upload for a receipt. If I’m taking screenshots of order invoices on my phone I usually have to take more than one to for the entire transaction in. However-to upload these photos I have to go through all the steps for each transaction. Come on. I should be about to select more than one photo.
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4 years ago, Obisppo
It only keeps getting better
As a Divvy user for nearly two years the updates and new features keep coming. Most everything that I would do in a browser is now possible on the mobile app saving time and allowing me to administer budget updates on the go. Even customer feedback has made its way into recent versions.
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2 months ago, buflex
Not impressed
It took over a week for the funds to be available and then when I tried to utilize it for the first time it declined the transaction on a business trip. Thanks a lot. I still had to use the company debit card and now I just have cash tied up with you too that seems useless.
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2 years ago, Blahhumbug634455678
Love it
I was approved very fast actually with this card . The support is good I have had every question answered also the app makes it super easy to track of what I spend and the weekly payments are better for me because it doesn’t allow me to spend more than I need to for the time being .
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4 years ago, EpicRBG
Hello I run a non for profit organization in Chicago. I heard about divy and it sounded like a great way to track expenses for my team. After downloading the app I had to wait to be contacted by divy personal, once that happened they requested I submit a host of financial information. I gave them access to my accounts (like an idiot) and haven’t heard from them since. I’ve emailed consistently asking what they were doing with my account details and have had no reply. Finally i decided to change all of my account details in Fear they were comprised. It’s been a real nightmare, They are a horrible!!!
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5 years ago, ❤️
I love hating divvy.
If it were actually good at what it attempts to accomplish, I’d lose out on being able to bond with colleagues over our shared hate for divvy. The app forces this weird paradigm of having both categories and budgets. Both need to be filled out and you might think you have spent from the right budget but really you just categorized it with the category that is named the same as the budget. Overall I just think their UX feels very much like an MVP. I gave it 2 stars for the comedic value it provides every time we try to use it and it lets us down.
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3 years ago, chubby six pack
Terrible service and app is frustrating
Signed up with them and didn’t receive cards for over 3 weeks. They claimed they would expedite new cards and couldn’t get me a tracking number for over a week and I still don’t have cards to use or a tracking number. The app kicks you out if you even look away from your phone and every single time you have to use 2 factor authentication which gets extremely old. At this point I’m considering closing completely because I couldn’t use it even if I wanted to since they can’t seem to ship a card out.
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4 years ago, asamoilik
Good. There is room for improvement
Good app for expense reporting, though some stuff is missing. I’d love to see receipt scanning functionality (like Dropbox, Notes or OneDrive do) instead of just taking a picture. It would also be of use if I could attach not only from photo library but also from Files. Since this is a business credit card first and foremost, I’d like it to have rental car insurance as one of the perks.
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3 months ago, Ddeucher
Great except I must take receipt photo outside of the app
So nice and easy to use. Fast and convenient. My only complaint is that I am unable to take a photo of my receipt from the app. I must take the photo outside of the app then sign back into the app and select it from my photo library where it is sometimes difficult to recognize. Love it otherwise. 😊
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2 years ago, RealtorUser6378
We love Divvy!
Divvy has been great with helping us with our expense management! Divvy is easy to use and the support is wonderful! Divvy goes above and beyond in taking care of their customers. We are a small non profit and Divvy treated us as if we were a big company. Divvy is great and you won’t regret getting Divvy for your organization!
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1 month ago, Me and me 2
Hate the update!
In my job I use Bill to get reimbursed for mileage. I used to just have to go under the + and it was easy to get to and use since I input it daily, however now I have to go a new rout which takes 3 steps instead of the 1 previously. It is annoying when I already have to click five other things to justify my mileage usage. Sorry for the rant but it’s frustrating.
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3 years ago, BigBoss of Da South
I love Divvy very Good relationship at first but then something weird happen the deactivated my account for No reason! I paid all my bills, charges or any type of fee. For what ever reason they just said they didn’t want to do business with me anymore. As a small business owner I’m so confused. No warning! No advance notice! No reached out to me! Simple I didn’t know what I did wrong. I hope the CEO of “Divvy” this I love the platform but I don’t know why or given any warning if I did do something wrong.
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2 years ago, NYC Neurotic
Not easy to navigate
Small tweaks needed to the app: Virtual cards should allow individual changes to General ledger or other default settings with each transaction so folks don’t need to create so many virtual cards with super specific settings. This flaw will not affect those that don’t have multiple new markets to cover for travel and other expenses. Navigation within the app is also not as intuitive as it should be. It’s not easy to find the view where card numbers can be copied. Very frustrating. I do like the AI driven receipt matching, though it’s not perfect. I suspect this will improve with time. Overall it does Save me some time, as it helps me stay disciplined with expense reporting and I can more easily attach receipts.
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3 years ago, xswqa
Missed payment
Got to say I did start to love this cardI had fried and my bank account we are caused by every two weeks payment for DIvvyTo get blocked instead of coming out on the 15th end up coming out in the first because I had it set up for every two weeksNever been late on a payment and they turned around and canceled my card still don’t have the bonus points of 75,000 their platform is amazing it’s just I feel like I am canceling me or freeze in the account whatever they call itWasn’t a great move on their part
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2 years ago, StretchParry
Amazing App
Amazing App! Makes receipts easy and accurate. Very easy to use and pretty customizable. Overall I highly recommend.......but. I have one wish. Can you make "needs approval" and "admin approval" different colors, like you do with "approved". Making "needs approval" red or orange would be awesome! Another option is a filter so you can your current needed transactions.
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2 years ago, mad company
Disputed charge
Does divvy really have your back ? our company card was stolen and it’s obviously clear the charges made on the card were way out the ordinary . They had no security feature to stop someone from spending 6700 on one day at Walmart and target . I had to pay for the charges on my next statement and waited over a month to hear back and nothing still. Divvy doesn’t have your back and won’t go to bat like all other credit card companies . Don’t go with divvy use a major credit card .
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9 months ago, Regret we chose this card
Executive Asmin
I absolutely hate the change since this has become Bill. All the transactions in my be place instead of being n each individual’s budget is absolut mayhem. When you are approving for 16 employees and you need to ask questions and then come back to the transaction, it is an absolute pain in the —- to scroll through all the transactions to find this one. When it was still divvy you could click on each individual and go through/approve just their trans action and then move on to another when done, this making approving, locating and following transactions so much easier. The entire purpose of my employer switching to divvy was for the purpose of keeping time and simplicity. So much for that. I hate this app now.
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2 years ago, hgar20-22
Alerts - Notifications
It would be very helpful to have the option of clearing / deleting notifications. As an example, on my alerts, I have a notification about a declined transaction that has been there for more than a year without me having the option to remove it. Thanks.
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