Bills Manager

4.7 (6.1K)
16.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jose Fabian Pena
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bills Manager

4.75 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
2 years ago, maustin89
Super simple out of the box & does everything desired perfectly 👍🏻 I picked another app “Prism” at random as the first bill tracker I tried and while it did technically accomplish the same as this app it is SO CUMBERSOME TO USE AHHHHHHH this is 1000% better in every way. Every interaction is quick & crisp, there is no extraneous information or intermediary pop-up screens/prompts/transitions to slow you down. Everything works intuitively & predictably. I got everything migrated over in about 1/8th the time it took me to set up in the other app, and the available features are better too. 👌🏻 The customization options are good — adequate without being exhaustive. Maybe a few more icons to choose from would be nice, some of the provided ones are pretty weird! (NOTE: the far right column of icons is partially cut off on the 5.4” iPhone screen 🐛🐜🪲🐞) All the provided sections & features of the app are useful & everything is nicely laid out and easy to understand. It achieves what it is meant to with no overreach at all. It’s so nice!!! Thanks a lot! 😊 One small gripe: it can be easy to grab the wrong column in the date picker when setting the due date. And a suggestion: a different-color dot to indicate current day in calendar view, and also showing the bills list underneath the calendar when a date is selected rather than in a new view (this part of the interface is not so crisp as it stands). Thank you goodbye!
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4 years ago, Raymongm
New User
I use to keep my bills on an Excel spreadsheet on a flash drive. Long story short, broken the flash drive moving computer and of course, I was not backing up my flash drive. First thought was I don’t believe this, but, with God’s help, I did not panic. Sat on it a couple days then felt led to look for an app to help me manage my bills. The Holy Spirit led me to $Bills Manager (first one I tried) and so far I am pleased with it it thus far. Now I have everything on my iPad and do not have to have both my computer and iPad to pay my bills. Also, I do not travel with my computer and now I can check on my bills anywhere. spreadsheet lined up with my checking account and therefore I knew a month in advance how much money needed to be in there to pay my bills at the beginning of each month. It was good, but I could only do it at home. Now I can go to $Bills manager, see what’s do over the next week and make sure the money is in the bank. Although I loved my spreadsheet, I feel I've moved forward with technology.
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2 years ago, Yowzoe
💎 gem ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Like many other reviewers here, I put in some time trying many apps to simply track my bills – not to create a budget. This is the best I’ve come across, by far. It’s minimalist, elegant, and pleasing to the eye. It’s a simple bill manager. I use it for 8 of my major bills currently. I highly recommend second excellent app called “Bobby” for subscriptions as well as small bills under 20 bucks. Between them I have a handle on all my bills, major and minor. I would just advise the developer to respond to every negative criticism in appstore reviews, all of which are rooted in just a couple common problems: One is the lack a checkbox for “no expiration“ on recurring bills (no end date). If this cannot be done, explain it in a help section and in the appstore description. People are forgetting or don’t understand they can set an expiration date a decade or two out. It’s easy to miss. The second is people thinking they’ve lost their data when they switch phones, not realizing they can restore from a Dropbox backup. Again, the developer should simply explain this more clearly both in an in-app help section, as well in the app description here in the App Store. Congrats to this developer for really making a tidy, intuitive app with just the right amount of options, but not too many. It just does what it does so much better than Mint’s bloat, for example. An incredibly useful app, thank you!
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6 years ago, TwokoolAA
Pretty good but needs some improvement
Overall the app is good. It helps me keep track of bills and reoccurring payments that need made. I have only had 2 times that a reoccurring bill turned off on me because it hit an expiration date. Maybe add a check box for no expiration could be useful. Another issue is that I put payment notes in the account settings of the bill I’m paying. So I will put a note that says - “pay from bank app” or I will use the url in the account to populate the web link to login and pay my bill. Problem is you can’t get to either of those from the bill screen. So now you have to back out, go to accounts, scroll to the account you want to open, then get the details on how to access where to pay the bill. I open the webpage to my bill and dang... I forgot how much i wanted to pay or i need to change the bill amount in the app to reflect the actual amount I’m paying. Let me go back to the app, back out of the account, go to my bills, scroll to the one I’m paying. A lot of back and forth management makes me look for a better app, I just haven’t found it yet.
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5 months ago, Justi Christ
Prism is shutting down
For all my people who used Prism and it will be shutting down soon. I enjoy the simplicity of this app. I don’t require autopay in an app or something that links to the website to pull my account. I like visuals and notifications for reminders and budgeting. It covers my needs to set bills on certain days with repeat options weekly, monthly, and yearly. It has icons for your different accounts. Calendar view allows for quick press on the days ☑️ icon for that bill being paid. It tells you how much you’ve paid and how much is due for the monthly period. I enjoy the pie graph percentages on my accounts as well. Would more account icons and color schemes be cool? Yes. Does it need all that to handle the business that I need? No. App is updated regularly and I appreciate the creator for keeping it up. Excellent app for your bill management.
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4 years ago, lauritaGarcia
Great but could be better
I love this app, it has helped me stay organized and on top of what needs to be paid and when. Whenever I have a new bill, I simply add it, or when I’m finished paying off a bill for good, I remove it. The only downside that I recently came across was that, you don’t actually create an account with the app so that it saves all your bills ect. I changed iPhones recently and afterward I went to check on bills and realized there were no bill history on the app.. I looked to see how I could retrieve my bill history and realized that since you don’t create an account or anything, if anything were to happen like let’s say you accidentally delete the app or like in my case get a new phone... there seems to be no way of finding your bill history on the app. That was a bummer because now I have to try and remember all the bills that are due and when and the amount , all over again to reorganize them on the app. Also looking through bank statements.. but other than that minor flaw, I really like and enjoy this app. It’s well created, easy to navigate and figure out.
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6 years ago, Synercivic
Diamond in the App Store
This app should be #1 above all others. FANTASTIC interface, simple to use, smooth and polished without glitches. Truly the best. I use it every single day and it saves me hundreds of dollars each year in late fees. I absolutely recommend this app as a must have on your phone. The only thing I would change is a way to make repeating audible alerts, repeating after a initial bill notification: for example, a notification comes up for a power bill due. After dismissing the initial notification it would be nice to then get daily reminders until that bill is paid and checked off. Wonderful app and a must have on IPhone. The iPhone X update is STUNNING! Download this app today and I cannot believe how they put so much time and work into this app!
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7 years ago, Spit for Brains
Good but some improvements needed
Much like the reviewer before me, I downloaded this app because BillMinder was not updated to support iOS 11. It is very similar with a few deficiencies. As stated in prior review, there should be an option for ongoing recurring bills with no end date. This isn’t soooo bad as u can put end date hundreds of years in the future. Unless you plan on living to 300 it shouldn’t be a problem. However, it should still have an option for unlimited end date. Second, there should be a box to check for each account to allow for recurring bills with different amounts each month. A mortgage or car payment will recur with same amount but credit cards should not carry over amount as they change each month. Other than two relatively minor issues the app is good and similar to BillMinder which I used for many years.
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1 year ago, RiannaFrost
I have been using this app for a few years now. I tried many others that were all set up weird or just too complicated. I went from trying to do the same thing on paper to being able to easily enter my bills on my phone. Getting paid each week is made easy because it highlights what is due for the next few days. My favorite feature is being able to change the amount of one of my bills for a certain month or week and having the option for not updating all future payments. Comes in handy with the way bills fluctuate. It has really helped me not being overwhelmed. If I could give it more stars I would in a heartbeat.
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11 months ago, yahgirlaiyana
Love This App!
Personally I don’t write reviews but I mean I’m going to give this app its credit. It reminds me before hand what bills I have to pay. It lets me know my week to week it let’s me put the exact date. IT DOESNT CHARGE and you can put as many bills as necessary. It’s very organized. It doesn’t require a lot of work to change the date, payment amount and all other things pertaining to the bill. I’ve had this app for about a year now and it’s ran smooth this whole year. No fees. No random deleting of your content. I love it and I promise you will too millions of perks and FREE to use. If I could give this app more stars I would. Thank you to the developers for making my financial life 100x earlier.
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9 months ago, Noy206
Does what I need it to do!
Been using this app for years after a previous app was deprecated. It’s simple and it does what I need it to do. It keeps track of all my monthly bills and reminds me when the due date is approaching and allows me to quickly glance to see what bills are remaining for the month and check off the ones that have been paid. It’s a good app but there are things that could be improved. The notification is a little buggy as sometime I don’t see it. The interface isn’t as professional as some other apps and I wish there was a way to insert notes about an account that carries onto every reoccurring month. Regardless it has helped me to be in top of my bills and I’m still using it after all these years!
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2 years ago, whatifwyatt
Used for over a year now
I have severe ADHD, so remembering bills and keeping up with my finances has always been difficult for me. I highly recommend this app to ANYONE struggling to remember when things are due. I love that the app sends a reminder to me a few days before, and when I go on the app it has all my bills in order and turns red when it’s about to be due, AND I love that it will show me an expense report of the total amount I pay in bills a month, what I spend the most on, etc. all around just extremely helpful and I haven’t missed a bill since I got this app probably 1-2 years ago! Cant live without it at this point.
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1 year ago, Blahblabbfgdvm
Simple & Straightforward
I absolutely love this app because I can’t stand the apps that sync your bank account and try to identify your bills. I find that more tedious and complicated for some reason. I just needed a straightforward, easy solution to managing my bills in one place. This app fits the bill! It is annoying on initial setup because it is time consuming and I wish the app icons shown in the pictures were an out-of-the-box feature but it doesn’t bother me much. I was also super happy that all my info synced over iCloud when I lost my last phone to water damage and was nervous I would’ve had to start over from scratch.
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4 years ago, 1LovelySista
Keeps My Monthly Expenses In Order
Great app that finally allows me to keep my monthly expenses in order. Gone are the days of my hand-written monthly bills reminder that I would carry in my wallet! I appreciate that you enter due dates only once that carry over each month to keep you on an accurate payment schedule. You can even designate whether a particular bill has a reoccurring auto debit payment arrangement. The app also has a feature that also allow me to see where most of my bill spending is being allocated, which gives me an assessment of where I may need to make adjustments in how I spend.
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9 months ago, Liv_206
The App
I tried a few different apps before I found this one and fell in love. I like having in front of me always what I have to pay, what’s coming out of my account, and when. This is the only app that I’ve found that I can have more than 5 accounts. I like how it has the categories and how it’s set up. It’s very easy to navigate and use. It also gives you a total of everything for the month, which makes it easier than having to calculate it all together. I would recommend this app to anyone that’s looking to organize their bills, and have them in front of them always.
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1 year ago, rofesta
I used to love it but now it needs work
I have used this app for probably 3 or so years now, it was perfect when I first got it. I don’t want an app that has access to my bank because I don’t trust that, I don’t want to know what I spend wherever I spend it, I don’t want to make a budget, I just simply wanted an app that sent me monthly alerts on that day that I have a bill due. And this was exactly that app; until about three or four months ago. I noticed it would send me some notifications and others it wouldn’t. It would show up on the app as red (unpaid) but it never sent me an alert. I have changed every notification settings for this app, uninstalled and reinstalled and it still doesn’t work like it should.
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2 years ago, Rod T.
A great bill reminder
Great app! I’ve been using it for quite some time now, over a year, and really appreciate how it does just what it’s supposed to do. I wasn’t looking for an accounting, budget, or “envelope” finance app just one to help me remember when, what and how much is due. I did have to make one “twist” to the app. Since the app doesn’t have a way to mark when payday is (so I know from which paycheck to pay things) I added a bill that represents my paycheck, set it to $0 and made it an auto pay, and changed the color to green. Now I can see a green bar in the timeline and know when my paydays are also. The ads are non-intrusive but I won’t ahead and made the in-app upgrade purchase to remove the ads only to support the developer. I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do. I have no relationship to this app or the developer other than being a user. the app works so well for me that I wanted to give the developer a few kind words of support.
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4 years ago, Charitytp
Loved this app but my bills disappeared.
I got a new phone and opened up this app to find all my logged bills were gone. Even after hitting the restore purchases option. I’ve actually had this same issue of my bills disappearing with another bill manager app but it was after the app underwent and update so I switched to this one hoping for some more stability. The app works great when it works because it’s simple and I really like that it doesn’t require you to add your logins for various bank accounts etc. but there really should be an option to create an account within the app so that all your info isn’t lost for whatever reason. It takes a long time to enter it upfront so it’s very frustrating when it’s lost. I actually just switched to a paper log for now and may go with G-sheets going forward.
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1 month ago, Kdj8653
Very good
I like it. It’s easy to see what’s due and what’s paid. The only thing I’d like to see is a check mark or ability to see when that payment cleared your bank. So what you see that you’ve set up to be paid does not truly reflect as cleared. Sometimes it’s a day or two but sometimes longer to clear bank. So I still have to go into my bank site to see what’s actually cleared and see what I actually have in the account after what else needs to come out. I had my own pen and paper spreadsheet which I hoped to get away from but still use so I can see what’s cleared. So just an additional check mark column would be very useful for me.
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5 months ago, Nancy in Alaska
Best Bill Keeper!
I tried several bill tracking apps before Bills Manager. Most of them want you to sign up for a bill pay or log into your bank account! I just wanted a simple way to keep track of my payments each month and to have reminders to pay them. Most of my monthly bills are setup on auto pay but this app helps me see at a glance when bills are being paid or to be paid. It’s easy to setup and customizable at that! I don’t even remember now if it is totally free or if I paid a fee when I got it. Because I don’t care! It’s worth it!
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5 years ago, AkDeathDealer
Perfect to get your bills in order & see where your moneys going
I was having issues keeping track of my money, bills and looked all around for a good app that would suit my needs. I downloaded multiple ones and this is the best one I’ve ever been able to find you can personalize it and it also helps layout and gives you 12, 6, 3, & 1 month reports as to where your money is going, how much you’re spending on things, and can help you adjust your lifestyle and/or bills to fit your budget and needs and help you to cut back on frivolous spending and save money
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2 years ago, smdamd 84
Simple and effective bill management
As a longtime user of Microsoft Money I now can appreciate a simple bill tracker without all the painful setup and maintenance required for a full-fledged money management software package. If you just want to know what’s due and when, along with a simple click to mark paid, this app is perfect. Took about 15 minutes to set up for a decent stack of monthly, quarterly, and six-month billing invoices. Set up the drop-box to backup on demand any time. No account numbers required if you’re concerned about security. Love this app!
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2 years ago, Mytstrong68
Love this app!
It took me a couple of hours to get everything set up just the way I wanted it. But it was so worth it!! I created my own categories so I knew exactly how much we were spending in certain areas. I do have one request though: can you please add an option to print your monthly bills straight from your phone? I have everything set up on my phone. But, since this isn’t shareable with anyone else, I’m having to take screenshots and print those out so my husband can see everything.
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6 years ago, AliciaPeck
I really like this app, I got it cause my list bill tracking app didn’t update for iOS11 (seen others with the same issue) I would only suggest a few things, a little more control on what shows as “due within 7 days” and “due within 30 days” I wish there was a “due within 14 days” because I (like many people) get paid bi-weekly and it helps me see what has to get paid before the next check comes. Other than that, and a few “wish list” type things, the app is great at the purpose it serves and I really appreciate the time someone put into making this and putting out for people to use.
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5 years ago, LettyOnt
Exactly What I’m Looking For!
I was a Mint user. It absolutely infuriated me when my accounts all needed to be synced each time I used the app. I always had to log into my bank and phone accounts. I finally decided to find a replacement. I was originally just looking for a simple bill tracker app when I found Mint, and I wish I would have found this sooner! It’s super simple, has options for notifications and reminders down to the hour, and multiple view selections. I was surprised to find out how many things I could do with this. Literally perfect.
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10 months ago, Meanna2838
I’ve been using this app to track my bills for a long time now. The only problem I’ve had is that I didn’t realize there was a stop date when I set up a bill and I stopped getting reminders and missed a month… when I looked in the app I realized it defaults to like a year later then you stop getting reminders. Some bills like electric bill never end so you just have to be mindful of that when setting it up. Other than that this app is perfect for what I needed it for. :)
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7 years ago, Mandyrae78
Great app! Needs a couple more functions.
I was looking around for an app to replace Bill Keeper as it will not be supported with the new update. I really like this app and the setup. The only issues I have are overs that Bill Keeper offered. The first is to have a way to not have a Repeat End Date. If you have a recurring bill, you don't necessarily have an end date. Secondly, an option to choose that a bill is auto paid. This way you don't have to go in and click the ones that you know are automatically taken care of. Other than that, a great app.
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2 years ago, Kriket0069
Love this app
This app has helped me to keep my bills organized and I’ve actually been able to pay them down and build up my credit score. I helps me to pay things on time with the reminders. The only issue I have is not imputing the time of bills and sometimes it thinks they have been paid off but like I said that is user error not the program. It’s not a magic program that’s going to fix your financial problems but it will help get you on track.
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6 years ago, Javadahutt
Legit the App iv always been looking for
The best thing about this app is that you don’t necessarily have to connect your bank account... you can input your bank, but then leave all the info blank. Which comes to my conclusion of why this app is perfect. If you’re looking to just keep a tracker of your monthly bills so that you can budget correctly. This is the App for you. I just went through one of my bank statements and jotted down all the recurring bills.. inputted each one, and now every month i can see how much I spend on bills.
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9 months ago, JackieCaban
Don’t miss any due dates!
I really like that I can check off when I pay bills and I can set up the bills that are paid automatic. I use this app when I’m budgeting to make sure I don’t forget any bills, and it does alert me when something is due in the next couple days, so I can double check myself that I’ve made the right payments. You can put account numbers, have a link for the website to pay bills, and also see reports for the month.
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8 months ago, RICAN81
Great App
What I like is that the developer lately has kept the app up to date. Very simple to use. Only change I would like to see is the end date of recurring bills. I have to set it out (50 years) for example. I wish this could be simpler like “forever” as some other apps have. Everything else is great, once you get past the learning curve it’s very simple to use. Great job by developer. Please keep it updated, I’ve seen other apps go years without updates.
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5 years ago, ChristianCasillas
This app has changed my life!
Using this app really helped me tackle down my bills and create a good system to make sure I paid everything on time and that I was budgeting the little income I have correctly across all the bills due. I love it, I would highly recommend it! One thing I can’t figure out is that it always shows like 11 notifications on it and I can’t get them to clear out. Any input on how to fix that? Like the little red dot with the number of notifications on the app icon?
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2 years ago, Ms. Froggy
App Keeps Crashing After Bill Paid
Everything I mark a bull as paid and then try to go back to the calendar, the app crashes/shuts off. I have been in contact with the makers several times over the last 2 years to try and help them resolve it, but they have failed to fix this. I am done trying to help and done with this app! It is not only frustrating to have to log in again after every bull I pay, but it is a waste of my time to try and help the app developers who just give up because they cannot figure out the issue. Note: It is not my phone as I have switched/upgraded in the time I have use this app. If you decide to download it, be prepared for frustration.
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4 months ago, harleydrew98
Perfect! Life Saver!!!
I’ve been using this for a few years now. I can say its amazing. Every paycheck I look and see what bills are due for the next 2 weeks until my next paycheck, and check my bills off as I go. I don’t use the reminders much these days, but its great that they’re there and they’re adjustable! I also absolutely love that I can back up EVERYTHING to Dropbox and restore if I need to reset my phone. I’ll never stop praising this app!
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3 months ago, Mndroach
Finally! I’ve been looking for an app strictly to keep track of my bills. I do ott need anything other than a place to document my bills with their due date and to mark them as paid when time. I can’t tell you how many apps I’ve downloaded in attempt to find something so simple. Most make you pay or are strictly budgeting apps. So glad I finally found my fit! Thank you for helping a gal with a forgetful mind!
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6 years ago, Jva722
The only app that works for me!
I hate budgeting, numbers and paying bills. This app is helping me get back on track with all of that. It’s easy to manage and navigate and helps me prepare payments in advance so I’m not caught off guard by any bills. Thanks to this app, I am slowly paying off my credit cards, on time with my bills and building my credit score. I highly recommend this app to everyone looking to organize all their bills in one place and trying to get back on track!
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4 years ago, Vikkeroni
Best Bills Tracker
I absolutely love this bill tracker. It is simple, easy to use, and it keeps me straight. I am one of those who has a planner, pays bills as soon as I get paid, and I use the envelope system. So, adding an extra layer to that is great. I like being able to see listed out in a simple format what my bills are. It also helps keep me on track so I don’t do as much impulse spending when I can pull up an app that reminds me that I have bills due that my money needs to go to instead.
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5 years ago, Falintothesun
I love this app!
Simple and easy to use! I would like some additional or different features, but for now, I use it alongside another app that easily tracks my spending but doesn’t notify me of bills due. I’d like a way to I guess more quickly adjust the amount I’m paying for bills that aren’t the same every month (such as electric), and the “repeat” option needs an infinite setting for again, bills that are paid monthly no matter what, such as electric.
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4 years ago, Aromaff16
Me and my wife have come a long ways financially over the past year. We’re at a point where I don’t have to count every penny in my account anymore to pay bills and it’s great. I don’t need to balance my bill account anymore and this app has made it possible to keep track of bills easily without having to worry about messing up my bank account. It saves me hours every payday by allowing me to pay bills without balancing my account.
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4 years ago, sarafina625
I can’t live without this app
I’m not exaggerating. One time I got a new phone and didn’t back up my bills and I lost all of them and I was lost for weeks .. this app helps me more than any other app will. I never realized how much bills I have until I was able to see them all in one place. I feel so organized, and I make all my friends get this app. The ONLY thing is that I wish it gave the option to repeat a bill every 2 years / 5 days etc
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4 years ago, CarolynElaineXD
Notification issue
I love this app for staying organized. It is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. I’ve had an issue with the push notifications however, which is the whole reason why I have it in the first place. I have it set to remind me of bills the day before they’re due, but it hardly ever does. Normally, there won’t be a notification until I open the app to check my bills. Then the red notification button will appear on the Home Screen, but by then I’ve missed paying my bill. Not sure if this is just me or not but thinking about getting a different bill notifying app.
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5 years ago, BrocTheBarber
Amazing !!! Changed my life no joke I never miss a bill or stress about it
As long as they don’t shut down or stay strong enough to never get any bugs I’ll keep getting everyone I train to download this app .... also would like if they could make separate accounts for different businesses! I have my personal bills , and my Barbershop bills , I would love to separate the 2 and also 3 4 5 ect. As the years go by and I open different businesses
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3 years ago, StephPhilemon
Very helpful
I use this app every day. It is very helpful. However, I wish it had a weekly total to know the weekly bill amount. Also, it would be helpful to have a “priority” button, so that each week could start with a specific bill. Or be able to separate weekly. Again, this app has made a huge difference in keeping up with and organizing my bills.
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6 years ago, Fffraaaaggger
Love the app but Please update the end date option
Love the app except the end date! I accidentally put an end date in and now I can’t get rid of it except to put an end date of way out into the future. I even deleted all the bills and added them back in and it automatically put the end date back in so now I can’t fix it...Ugh! There should be an option to change it with no end date... please. Just very frustrating. Now I am worried I might mess up and miss a bill.
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6 years ago, ChinkyLu
Exactly what I was looking for
Super simple to keep track of bills! No need to connect accounts or banks like other apps ask for....just manually input the bill and how much a month etc! Tells you how much total in bills a month and automatically subtracts a bill from the total when you pay it off....I like it because you can set notifications 2 days before (or more) a bill to remind you. Never forget a bill!
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6 years ago, Bganoe5100
Great app
This is the best way to stay organized. I own rental properties and have a few vendors to pay each month this helps me insure that they get paid on time and all of them are paid and never forgotten. Great app less I have to worry about just check what needs to be done at the beginning of the week and do it . This also will show you what you are spending per month per bill. I like it a lot helps run the business.
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8 months ago, fastattk
Now Tis Is An App!
I love this app tremendously! I’ve been using other versions of a Bill Manager for quite a few years now and this one is definitely heads above the rest! I love the versatility and ease of use and the “neat” feature of reminders that help me to stay on top of my finances. I recommend this app to anyone reading this as you will not be disappointed. This is definitely my “go to” app! I’m richer for it!!!
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5 years ago, papisama
This is awesome
This is probably the first ever review I’ve done about any app I’ve used so far. I looked for hours trying to find something decently okay to keep track of bills that was simple and free. Most apps you have to pay or it’s just too much of a hustle. Hands down this app is mad good, very easy to use, and very self explanatory. The only thing they could do to maybe attract more users is make flashier but that’s honestly about it. Great job!!!
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6 years ago, aussiemama1122
Needs Fine Tuning - I appreciate developer response! Thanks!
I like the app, but the notifications never show. Just the red notification number. What are you notifying me of? Also, I uncheck bills that haven’t been paid and, when I revisit the app, those unchecked bills now are checked. NO! Don’t do this automatically! Means I have to go back in and search through the ones that I know I unchecked and I must uncheck them again. Not cool. It should give you a daily banner notification of what’s due that day or in how ever many days you set it. There is a notification option, under Settings, but I’ve never been notified and all my notifications are enabled. It would be cool if you could pay the bills from the app, but that’s not super important. The three suggestions for improvement that I listed above are critical.
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6 years ago, bosslady19
Good but enhancement can be made
This is a good app for ppl who need to see their actual $$ and due dates for their bills. The only think that I dont like is that once I marked a bill “paid” it asked me did I want to change this for all future occurrences. A user should be able to mark a recurring bill “paid” without it affecting future occurrences of the bill. Maybe some color coding can be added to split what bills can be paid out of what check, but no necessary. Just would be a nice feature.
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