Bills Organizer & Reminder

4.7 (18.1K)
66.5 MB
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Current version
Dennis Kruta
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bills Organizer & Reminder

4.69 out of 5
18.1K Ratings
4 years ago, AshleyQuana
This app has helped me SO MUCH! I have always struggled with budgeting, and even more with remembering how much I should be expecting to pay each week in bills or exactly what day they were due. I’ve tried what feels like millions of other budgeting apps, but they all either sucked or they wanted access to my bank account just to track my bills! But this app is so effective and simple, honestly a life saver! You can easily view all your expense accounts that are due each week, with the total amount due for the week as well, all on a scrolling view. It can be a bit hard to figure out at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy to use. For utilities that fluctuate in exact cost each month, it’s good to take the highest price you’ve ever had for that utility, add a couple dollars, and use that as the amount for scheduling it to all future months. They have an option for you to remove ads for $1.99, and the ads are the least invasive ads I’ve ever seen. No pop ups, no crazy flashing animations, no randomly opening the App Store: Just a rectangle the size of the space bar at the top/bottom of the screen. Literally no need to buy the remove ads at all. But I’m about to go buy it anyway just to support the wonderful humans behind this app. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 years ago, Rbickal
If you just want something to tell you what bills need to be paid and when to pay them, this is the app for you. There are so many apps that want all your bank account info, analyze your spending, net worth, blah blah blah, but let’s be honest you stay on track for a bout a good.....two weeks. And then your bank stop sinking, you need to go into the app reauthorize, go and change a bunch of things re-categorize, and you get bored and it’s too much work. This app is a simple as putting money in an envelope and marking it gas bill, mortgage, groceries, etc. I love this app it’s very easy to use if you live paycheck to paycheck, and not even paycheck to paycheck but just trying to save just let you know how much you’re going to save each paycheck if you pay all of your bills. Only thing I wish I could do is add another user. My husband and I share finances, so it would be nice for him to be able to look at it too without me having to show my phone all the time.
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5 years ago, hlevolve2
Simple & Great
I’ve only been using the app for a couple of days and this coming month (Feb 2019) will be the true test of the push notifications and functionality of the app but so far I like it a lot. It has plenty of information and makes it simple to see the total due for a given month and when everything will be coming due. I like that they offer updates pretty frequently and when contacted with a couple of feature ideas they responded quickly that they would look into them. I’ll update my review if anything changes but I found my new bill reminder app for the moment! I have used a ton of apps and the developers always seem to drop the ball and stop supporting the app after a year or two so hopefully that won’t be the case here and they can just continue to improve. FaceID works great and I like that they have local as well as iCloud backup of data.
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4 years ago, zax-mom
Keeps me on track to not miss due dates
Had the free version, set up max of 5 bills. Found that I really liked the app so I decided I’d pay $2.99 for unlimited. This app has helped me so much with not paying bills late. Love the feature of setting alerts to remind me a bill is upcoming. I’ve tried calendar alerts and such, but I keep up better with this app because it’s right there every time I pick up my phone. I hate having notifications on my phone, so when it comes up I pay the bill, mark it as paid, and the notification is gone. I originally gave this app 3 stars because I was having issues with it running. Turns out the problem was on my end...... I needed to free up some storage. Oops. 😂 Well worth the $2.99!
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2 years ago, bahgiejan
I’ve had this app for 20 minutes and already have laundry list of complaints. And this from a guy who almost never writes reviews. You can only add 5 bills before it make you pay to add more! Luckily it’s only 2.99 for unlimited. Why is this app so slow? I was trying to swipe to the next month, and ended up several months later by the time it decided to do something. It was fun getting back to the right month with the five second delay for every action. Why can’t I change the bill amount on recurring bills? I entered the wrong amount on one bill, and had to delete it and make another one. Also, my electricity bill is due on the same day every month, but never for the same amount. I should be able to just change the amount. It defeats the purpose if I have to re-enter this bill every month. I wish I could set up my pay period, and this app would tell me how much is due each period. Or at least let me select a range of days and it automatically calculates the amount due. It should be easier to mark a bill paid. It ask for a payment confirmation number. Like I’m gonna look that up every time. I just made up something. But it wasn’t obvious that that would mark the bill as paid. I the name of the bill should show up in calendar view. And possibly the amount. The app is so slow it’s a real pain having to select each day just to see what’s due that day.
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2 years ago, Cajun9339
Great app
I highly enjoy the usefulness of this app, and suggest anyone who wants to use it to track their monthly bills, to use it. It looks to be in its early stages, and has some features that could be added, that would make it an incredible tool and easy to use tool for a monthly budget, better than any other I’ve seen for high prices, but for now, it will help you track what you have, and what you have paid, even your automatic payments. If you receive a regular set paycheck for the same amount, you can set up an “accounts receivable” bill, for that monthly, weekly, or whatever it is, and it will track it for you.. but it doesn’t separate them from the rest of the bills, or add a plus or minus to the figure.. it just totals it right.. so it doesn’t show it distinguishes it differently, hence my 4 star, instead of 5.
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1 year ago, LeahLee881906
Great app
Just what I need to organize my bills. Looks like some don't know how to use some features. To edit/change amount of bill swipe left and tap edit simple. Now I would say there is no feature to change the amount of months to pay off bill so won't be paying monthly for a bill you paid off. $2.99 for the unlimited accounts is fine. Then had to pay to remove ads. I didn't add any account numbers and I didn't have to. I just tap save after adding amount and repeat monthly, but like I said before there is no feature where you get to add for how long to pay that amount. I would say add a note and then edit to never repeat after last payment for some bills. Thats why I removed a star I mean it would be perfect if I could do that then won't have to worry about over paying.
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2 years ago, BrittanyCimarron
Helpful, but has its issues
I wasn’t a fan that you could only add 5 bills without paying $2.99. But I was looking for a decent app to help me declutter my calendar in my phone, so I paid it. I’m fairly happy with the app, although there a few things I wish I would’ve known. Like it doesn’t sync up to any other device, which isn’t a huge issue. My main complaint is that you can’t input your pay dates. Everything is set up on a weekly basis and can’t be altered. I worked around it for now. But I can see that I will be looking for a different app in the future that has that option. Otherwise, it’s fairly decent. I haven’t run into glitches yet, because I just recently started using it. One last thing I didn’t notice until after I paid for the extended features, the app hasn’t been updated in over a year which makes extremely apprehensive.
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5 years ago, JOTiNGO21
Needs extra functionality
This app is really helpful simply to know when you need to pay something and to remind you before you have to pay, that’s about it. I think it would be very cool if there were more options when adding a bill, for example a very important thing is add the date of the last payment if there is one, how much do you owe in total if it’s credit and when you pay subtracting what you paid from the total amount and when finished delete the bill, if it’s a credit card, not ask how much is due but what your credit card limit is and when you pay add how much you owe and how much you’re paying... Or if possible link your account to you bank and it automatically tells you how much you owe...things like that would make this app amazing, apart from a little work on a more modern look but that’s too much to ask for.
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10 months ago, janderson117
Simple but just what I needed
I love the simplicity of this app. No bells, no whistles, just a quick and easy way to glance at my expenses to make sure I am on track. The only requests that I would like to see changed is that I have the iPhone 14 pro max. The “dynamic island” screen partially covers up some tabs and options causing me to repeatedly have to switch back to the app because I kept loading Apple Music. I also did not see an option to change a bills category once it was created. I categorized a few incorrectly and don’t want to delete and recreate them. Other than that, if you are looking for something simple that is close to pen and paper, this is it.
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2 years ago, Re794
So far I love this app!! It’s simple, easy to navigate and not complicated at all. I normally write down my bills or put them in my notes on my phone but this app is very helpful in organizing everything and reminding me what is due when it’s time. I don’t understand the complaints about the 2.99, I mean it’s a one time fee for unlimited accounts, you can’t beat that and besides they have to make money too so I get it. Some other reviews I read that were negative pertained to how to do certain things, like edit bill amounts… you can definitely do that! Just have to learn how, it’s easy! I usually don’t write reviews unless I’m in love with an app or really hate it!!
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1 year ago, Brandon Harken
I’ve tried ever budget app and stopped at this one!
I have literally tried every budget app in the world, you name it, I’ve tried it. They’re all way too complicated for me but this one’s simplicity is absolutely fantastic. I’m always blind-sided by bills every months that I forget about and this one helps me remember. The simplicity of it and the ease of use and the calendar are what makes this great. I love that I can add in my income now. It has just a few improvements it needs: need to be able to change the category after you’ve established a monthly bill. You can only change it at the beginning when first creating it. It also needs the ability add a spouse on there so you guys can share the same budget together.
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3 months ago, MrsJETFast
Perfect for my needs.
Went ahead and bought this because I have more than 4 bills /accounts. It’s perfect for what I need. Do not have to tie actually banking info if you don’t want to. This doesn’t send the money, it helps you track when something is due and mark when you paid it. Easy to use. I have 10 or so things I track and pay so this has helped me tremendously. I have one bill that I pay on every 2 weeks because it’s easier on my wallet to pull half from one check and half from the other. I set the bill up to pay on the 15th and the 1st instead of the 1st. Anyways. Great little app. Not flashy or fancy but works great.
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2 months ago, bxfizzlex
Perfect budgeting app!!
My husband actually referred me to this app since the one I was previously using was discontinued. I like this one way more than the one I was using before!!! It’s super easy to input and edit bills. You can set them to auto or manual pay, which is super nice. I also enjoy the color change in the due date as the bills approach. This helps a ton when I do my quick glances at our bills to see what’s coming up soon. They’re neatly organized by date and also show how much your total bill amount is left for the month / each month. I highly recommend this app!!!! Absolutely worth the full purchase.
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2 years ago, WLS88
For starters I started writing down my bills. Then tried added the numbers in my head, because I love numbers. Over time it became to be more stressful than I imagined it would be. I came across this app hoping for some help, and ohh boy did it. I love that it has the payable and receivable feature, so it shows the total amounts from both. The only thing that I wish it had would be a feature showing the $ amount that you have left after you pay each bill (difference/pocket/cash on hand feature?). Also I wish it had updated features because it is a little out dated. Other than that I TRULY like this app!!! ;-{}
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3 years ago, jack1235335
Great app
Love the app it’s easy to use and edit the different accounts. However I would love the option to put a total amount and it’s progress. Such as a mortgage is $100 a month but if you only owe $1000 if you could put that in there and easily show how much you owe on a given bill. I understand it is shown on whichever website the bill is actually paid on but it would be a nice feature to be able to see that information for all of your bills in one place. Again I still love the app how it is and i buy the upgraded version every time I get a new phone as it is definitely worth it.
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11 months ago, WillNeverB2Old
It’s Okay…
I purchased the app and dislike that I’m still seeing advertisements within an app that I paid for Although the ads are an excellent reminder to never save account #s or any other personal information within the app. This is my personal opinion of the app: 1. I’ve noticed a delay in it’s response time when entering information and at one point the app froze and I had to close / reopen in. 2. When swiping through the available names for the bill type on an iPhone, the app’s page will disappear and then I have to swipe up to make it reappear. I found the only way to prevent this is tapping on the names until I reach the correct name. In today’s fast pace world, this just doesn’t cut it. 3. It would be nice if we had the option to select different colors for the calendar. For instance, we the app allows us to add income, yet it still shows as red on the calendar. 4. Another option that I would love to see, is the ability to add an end date for installment payments. 5. It would be nice if the account would show on the calendar without having to tap on the date to view what bill is due on that date.
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2 years ago, agandikal
People complaining about $2.99 are you serious
The app is so simple and functional, it’s the perfect bill organizer. Setup is a breeze, seeing what you have to pay and what’s already paid is clear as day, and being able to put the web link to your bill so you can pay everything from your phone from the app is efficient. Just efficient. So all these one star reviews talking about 3 dolllars, 3 DOLLALRS. One time. For everything. Forever. To add a semblance of structure to the mountain of bills you rack up that cost thousand times that. What a deal. Great app use it every day and never worry about a bill pay day again.
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4 years ago, shelbbssc
Simple and easy
I’ve recently started using this app and I like how simple it is. I did the one-time purchase to upgrade to ad free and to use more of the app, like adding more accounts. But this app is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Something that doesn’t ask for my bank information, accounts information (I tried Prism and once I added my info in, my stuff was getting hacked). This app simply reminds you when your next bill is due and you can check it off your list. It sends notifications and it’s great for someone like me who just needs a simple notification reminder that something is due!
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3 years ago, J.R. 102216
Simple and Perfect
I know there are a lot of apps out there that will give you breakdowns of every cent. But what I wanted was a simple tool to punch in my bills, not have to connect or link accounts if I chose not to, and keep track of what I have to pay each month. And when. Here’s the app for that! I also enjoy that you can upgrade this app for only a one time purchase of $5! (Two add ons) This takes the app to the next level and helps those who created it. This will more than likely be the app that I use for my bills for a long time.
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1 month ago, ashlrwh13
You can only add 5 bills for free
Of course nothing simple can be free these days, the free version of this app only allows you to add 5 items (bills.) and then prompts you to pay. While the idea and concept of the app are great, it’s just annoying to start adding your stuff and then a prompt like this pops up. Can’t they advertise somewhere “first five items are free then you pay” so we don’t waste our time? The free version of the app is child’s play. Good for a teenager, but not for an adult with a ton of responsibilities. Also, I wouldn’t really trust adding my bank account info to a random app for those of you who are so trusting. You never know what, when, who and how can steal your data.
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10 months ago, Jamie Q.
Category picker is the WORST!!
This app has a lot going for it, and I’m extremely picky about bills management apps (only reason I stopped using my last one was because they killed notifications and went EOL). While every other bills organizer on the App Store gets one star from me, this app would be 4 or 5, except for one thing: the category picker. It should not be a rotating picker!! ESPECIALLY not one that dims all options but the currently highlighted one. That means I have to look through all few dozen categories individually in the most ridiculous way possible. Just make that a scrolling list!! Design smarter, not dumber.
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1 year ago, LuvlyDisaster
Great app! Needs an update!
Really great app but needs an updated look and an update to the bill entries. Also a space for a Balance and Available balance especially on credit cards. The payment is different and having all 3 listed helps me pay them down faster. Right now I’m adding the balance and avl balance in notes on each of my cards and lines of credit. Also having a option to edit the payment times from monthly to biweekly would help with reminders. The look is simple which is great but I think it could use a little streamlining and updating.
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3 months ago, Defabian63
Simple and effective
This app provides the exact functionality needed with a responsive and easy to use interface. I like to have a view of pending bill, when they are due and amount owed. You can select how far ahead you display recurring bills. There is the ability to show income as a credit due, but it is otherwise treated as a bill. I would prefer if it payroll deposits were shown differently, but this is a minor personal preference. I tested the basics then paid the very reasonable one time fee for unlimited accounts.
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8 months ago, jdobbins84
Exactly what I need
I love this app! And even though it charges the small few to use unlimited it didn't break my already broken pockets. I needed an app I could just organize all the bills I have so I can be more prepared with expenses. Only feature I would love to see is having an end date added to the form as some bills aren't paid weekly or maybe an installment and may end on a certain date or if there are multiple payments for an account it may have different balances due on different dates.
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3 years ago, Colorado Dad
No personal info to enter, worth the money
I looked at a lot of different apps before I settled on this one. What I like about it is that I do not have to enter any personal information, it is simply a bill reminder. It won’t automatically pay your bills which is ok with me since I already have apps to do that. If you want something that has automatic this and automatic that and 27 layers of budgeting nonsense, look elsewhere. But if you want a simple, no-nonsense bill reminder app with a clear and intuitive interface, look no further. Recommended!
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4 years ago, DeviantofSins
I haven’t started using it yet but looking at the features, I would recommend something that can be used between devices. Example, a couple that shares bills. I pay the bills but I would like my husband to have access on his device to see what bills are still outstanding and where payments are at so he can see our monthly budget so he is more involved. Just seems to me there should be a way to share it. I am impressed with the actual app and the looks and ease of use. I think it’ll be what I am looking for.
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8 months ago, ramtruck20
Crappy app
I was really happy when I found this app since I always tracked my bills in excel and I thought this would really help me. It all seemed nice when I was able to post on my bills on the app and it showed me how many days I had left until the due date. The problem is that our everyday credit card we pay over the course of the month. Let’s say we have a bill of $2500 from all our expenses and we might pay $500 after one paycheck and we wanted to track until we paid the full $2500 by the due date. Well this useless app only lets you enter amount of the entire amount due and does not allow you to pay part and then track how much you have left. After one day of this I’m deleting the app and looking for a new one.
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3 months ago, Asha Ahmon
Convenient but….
This app is convenient but I haven’t used it in a year. I went back to start using it again and I see nothing but red squares for the “late payments”, that the app thinks I missed. There’s no way to remove those date all at once. I have to go through manually, line by line starting from March 2023, to “mark as paid”. That over 400 lines! It’s too much. I can scroll down to the current date, but I don’t want to do that every time I open the app. I rather it opens to the current month of April 2024, and not open to March 2023. I might have to uninstall the app, which is a bummer because I have a lot of bill dates, that I entered in manually. It’s a shame to have to delete it all.
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2 years ago, HATEY DA IPHONEY
Why so good?
This app is good. When use properly it helps you budget your income and see your expenses. Simplicity at its best and straight forward, nothing fancy. Why so good and not the best?when pressing save, edit, cancel or while strolling through the months on the calendar. You have to press it multiple times before it activates and it could get pretty annoying especially strolling through the calendar looking for March and ending up in November. Other than this problem this app has helped me view all my expenses which in turn helped me take my own action to budget my money.
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4 years ago, Jwall323
You. Need. This. App.
I don’t usually go out of my way to write app reviews, but this one is incredible! I’ve only had it for about a week, but I’ve already got ALL my bills sorted in a nice, clear visual - including monthly totals - dating 3 MONTHS OUT, and it was so easy to do! I’ve never felt so on top of my finances! With this app, it will be so easy for my husband and I to keep up, and make sure the right bills get paid each week. Whoever designed this app, as a mom of four - soon to be five - THANK YOU!! You just took so much off of my never-ending, chaotic to-do list!!
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1 year ago, Eglex
Great App!
I started looking for something after the big name product got too personal and way too expensive for what I used it for. I tested several apps and chose this one. I have been using it a little over a year and it does exactly what I need it to do. Really like the calendar view which gives a great visual of your bill status. Only suggestion I would make is to allow the pay amount to be inputted without having to back space the zero amount.
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4 years ago, Vani209
Almost perfect
This app has helped me organize my finances greatly. I love that I am able to see all my bills and when they are due and I can even designate when bills are on auto pay. It helps me budget and pay bills on time, love the pie chart that breaks down percentages for all my bill categories. The only thing it lacks which would make it perfect is to allow partial payments to be tracked. Sometimes I will pay a large bill over two paychecks and the app will not let me enter a payment amount lower than the amount due. Please add this ability to your app!!! Then it will be perfect!
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4 years ago, Throttle-jockey
Does not really link between my devices
I downloaded this app on my phone. My phone and tablet is synced. I tried to get started on my phone but found it easier to add my bills and get everything organized on the tablet. Got everything in on my tablet, even paid for the app because not free after linking 5 accounts, and it is not showing up when I open the app on my phone. Also doesn’t show that I paid for it on my phone wants me to pay again. There’s also no option to share this with anyone. The point of this was to set it up and share it so that it would pop up, on my phone, tablet, and my wife’s phone. Not sure I want to use it anymore I would like a refund.
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2 months ago, Angzen
APP worked great for the 1st Few Days
I downloaded the app and loved it. I wanted an app that would remind me when my bills were due vs trying to remember or keeping a calendar. Now, one week after downloading and paying for the options, I get notifications that there is a bill coming due, but when you open the app, the bills page is blank. I have it set to tell me 7 days before a bill is due - and there are bills due…I just can’t see them.
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4 years ago, Saxthorpe
Great support
Today I installed the app on t iPad Pro 12.9, and I had a question about how to set up Family Sharing. So I sent an email into their support desk, and (I kid you not) they responded within one hour! Kudos, guys (and gals). As we are just learning to use the app, and the fact the only way it can use Family Sharing is if BOTH iPads are signed in with the same user ID and PW. While that is not what I wanted to hear, we may be able to do a work-around by exporting reports in .csv format. The app is very easy to set up, even my aged wife had a dozen or so bills set up in under an hour from first use.
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1 year ago, Fat Fingers 2
My GoTo Bills Manager
After years of managing aps for my accounting bills control I have found my GoTo bill pay ap, it has all the information, visibility, reminders and control I need to make sure I have paid my bills on time accurately and when I’m finished with one month the next month is right there to get me all set up to pay. If this app could trigger the payment automatically from my checking account all I’d have to do is make money and work hard.
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3 years ago, Ms Guera
Absolutely Love!
I have two teenage boys who pay bills. This app really helps us keep track of what bill they have to pay. I wish I could’ve found earlier. So ez to set up, keeps track of past due bills and notifies when a bill is due. It lets u set it payments how ever often that bill is due. LOVE LOVE!! This is great if ur teaching ur kids how to manage their money and make sure they take care of their responsibilities. I paid the $2.99 for unlimited bill creation. The app only come with 5 free.
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4 years ago, Tiger14468
Paid $2.99 to add more than 5 bills and I probably should’ve used the $3 to buy a paper calendar. App is very glitchy constantly has notifications for bills that are no where near due claiming them to be past due and recurring bills aren’t automatically added to the list of bills for the next month. App is only useful because I’m constantly being notified about bills that aren’t due so I’m always seeing what’s coming up.
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6 months ago, MzVickyV239
Amazing but needs adjustments
I really love the app but it is getting a bit out of hand in my account. It would be really nice if I could pick from the accounts I already have listed when I am placing a new bill. Like a drop down list for the accounts when you’re typing in a bill and if you need to add one then it will already be there. I have multiple accounts for the same merchant just because they were typed in different days. I need to merge accounts. Also it would be AMAZING if paydays would be marked a completely different color on my Calendar!!!
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5 years ago, posygirl
Easiest bill app ever
If your only goal, which is mine - to pay your bills on time - this app does exactly that. It has some minimal tracking. It’s not over complicated. one does not have to fill out all the account information for the app to do what it is suppose to. easy way to check what bills have been paid and track due dates. This was all I need - know, who to pay, when and how much - date paid and how much. Easy peezy. It is well worth the few bucks the full version cost.
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5 years ago, Maureen (Morty) M.
Prone to crashing
I downloaded this app based on the reviews and then purchased the “no ads” and “unlimited accounts” features. After inputting all of my bills and pertinent information, the app reverted to factory settings, so to speak, even after I opted to backup with iCloud and on my iPhone. So, I inputted everything again after restarting my phone, and the same thing happened. It’s not worth it to me to chase down $5, but certainly I’m uninstalling this app and do NOT recommend it at this time.
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2 months ago, bechard15
Makes paying Bills easier!!
This app is so helpful when it comes to paying bills. I’m not the type of person to get into some complicated all that’s hard to use, this app is so easy and very convenient. It sends you reminders when ever you have an upcoming bill, and you can customize each week or by month (however your income comes in) to see how much your spending. I recommend this app very much!!
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1 year ago, ergvffhjgtiitefkoywweffe
Great Organizational and Reminder App
I am excited for this app, as it organizes upcoming bills and provides reminders. I need to know when bill amounts will be coming out of the bank, so there are no surprises. Thanks to the creators of this app, I feel more confident in knowing how to organize monthly bills. I purchased the premium, as I wanted to support the company and to have an add-free screen. Thank you for creating this and for helping me to be more organized.
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3 years ago, I'm the bunny
You’ve got to be kidding?!
Limited to 5 bills you can enter without paying a fee? This is a joke. Thanks. I just wasted 30 minutes figuring things out and adding my bills just to delete the app after getting a notice I reached the limit. This is completely counterproductive. The whole point of getting a bill organizing app geared towards someone who needs to manage their money better and is possibly/generally limited on funds…and has a lot more than 5 bills, and can’t afford to spare even small change on something they don’t even know can help them. Waste… and then I had to spend more time writing this review so someone else doesn’t waste their time.
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11 months ago, TRaf7130
Great app
Hi I recently downloaded and purchased this app. I do like it a lot and it keeps me organized but I am a little frustrated with the fact that I cannot change the due date after I create a bill. If I have to change the date I have to delete it, which would then remove anything that I have already paid in the past. Is there anyway that that feature can be added on under the accounts category? This would be very helpful. Thank you
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3 years ago, natpar3
It helped me sooooo much to stay on track
I wanted to stay on my own but was afraid that I would forget to pay something and things would spiral out of control. I downloaded this App in August of 2020. I have not missed any of my bills and in a time with the pandemic caused things to be out of control in so many ways, this has given me the tool I needed to stay in control of the financial part of my life. I am so glad I found it and gave it a try when I did.
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3 years ago, uberfuzzy
Nice tracking app, helps me stay on top of things
I like the queue layout, shows me what’s next to worry about and I can mark stuff as paid if I pay it early. My only wish would be to disable the number badges for stuff that’s marked as auto pay, because that’s not something I need action on. Honestly I only docked it two stars because you STILL can’t use the “support” or “feedback” buttons under About if you don’t use the default iOS “mail” app, despite it being 2021 and iOS 14+ having non-native app handlers for a long time.
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6 months ago, No time 4 this!!!
Previously would have given 5 stars
I used this app for years and it worked great. Recently it keeps freezing and I have to power cycle my phone just to use my phone. When I finally get on the app all my data is gone. First time this happened I set it back up. That can be time consuming. Then I go on the app a few days later and everything is gone again. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Here I am now looking for a different app to use. I would pay if it worked correctly. The last thing I want to do after working all day is search for another app and take the time to enter all my information again.
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12 months ago, KnowItAll100
Great app until
The app works well for putting your bills right in front of you so you know what you want to pay and when you need to pay it but lately the app hasn’t been loading and will only stay on the main screen. I was really enjoying the help from the app with noticing my bills however I’m going to have to delete the app if the app doesn’t start working properly soon.** this is an update the app just froze my phone for 15mins I couldn’t use any other app or anything I am very disappointed in the developers and will be requesting a refund for the addition of adding more bills!!!! Was a great app until it turned crap!!
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