Bingo Bash: Live Bingo Games

4.6 (51.1K)
230.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scopely, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bingo Bash: Live Bingo Games

4.61 out of 5
51.1K Ratings
2 months ago, KimmyC467
New Version of Bingo Bash
I don’t know what’s going on with your new version of Bingo Bash but ever since you’ve changed everything, the game keeps kicking me all the way out and if I’ve won I lose everything, which it just happened AGAIN!! I won 3 bingos and it kicked me out at the very end and when I went in to play again I won another bingo just to find out that the other 3 bingos were null and void and not there at all and neither were the bingo chips or the hearts floating (an additional incentive you had going on at the same time). I think you need to get these glitches and flaws fixed in the game because this is becoming a frequent occurrence and very annoying, especially when one spends his or her own hard earned money buying chips and rockets, at times to no avail, which is totally not fair, as there’s no way for us to recover our losses that should’ve been wins!! SMH!! This NEEDS to be rectified immediately or I have a funny feeling that the # 1 rated Bingo Bash is gonna end up as last place instead! I would hope you would reimburse me some of the many many chips that I’ve lost due to these so called glitches! Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter as it is much appreciated.
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2 months ago, fairyfaeblue
Bingo Bash
The game is addicting, love playing it as much as possible. Can’t afford to buy chips all the time but will as often as I can. The game has excitement no mater which game you play in it. I love the challenges that you face and knowing while playing most of the chances you take are the ones that get you ahead or the finale win This is just an all around fun game. Very addicting and can be expensive but I have so much fun.! I buy chips as often as I can would love to be able to buy more but I do enjoy the games as much as I can when I am able to buy chips. This is one of the fun games I enjoy. I buy chips when I can. I wished the support team would answer my questions when I send an email but I have so much fun I continue to play it daily. Thank you for the fun. Love this game. Yes it is very addicting and I too can not afford to buy chips all the time but do when I can. I also wished the support team would answer my concerns when I send an email. They use to be so great about getting back to you but have not since the last big update. I will still continue also to buy chips when I can and play as much as possible. Thank you for the fun.
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4 years ago, Jay081773
Playing Since 2014
I’ve been playing pretty much every day for six years, if only to receive my bonus. I’ve spent more than I ever should have, especially according to my wife. I’ve obviously enjoyed it; however, the update on the Grand Tour is HORRIBLE! It used to be a way to earn tokens when you were out if you had some time and with the ease of the keys you felt like you had some control. Now with the “enhancement” it doesn’t feel like you have control. When you just need 5 Jacks or 5 10’s and you have 200,000 coins, you shouldn’t lose every single time playing 50 coins to get down to zero! That’s basically hundreds upon hundreds of loses in a row. This absolutely never occurred prior to the last update and if I weren’t addicted to the game I’d bail. However, I’m finally to the point where it’s not too much fun. When you win 3 hands and you bet 32 tokens and you only win 24 back, that’s ridiculous. Anyways, as someone who has actually spent money on a game with no incentive, I’m not to pleased. I miss the days of the blackout game and the Grand Tour being fun
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2 years ago, EricaB!
Addictive game..but I’m honestly getting sick of it;
My complaint, like everyone else's, is about the bingo chips. I have actually purchased over 900 chips and they're gone in a day...including the 68 free that I get every morning. The daily login bonus. But - The chips go so fast because each room costs SO MUCH. Half of the time, I don't even have winning bingo cards! Therefore I lose...and I lose lots!!! On winning cards (very seldom) the payout for calling a bingo isn't really nothing. 3 to 9 chips for a win....after I've spent 16 for 2 cards. Wow. Can something be done? I would hate for y'all to continue losing players... 4 premium cards costs 96 chips and lately, that’s what I have been playing and a bingo never gets called on any of the cards! Ever!!!! I fork out ALOT of real money to this game, continuously buying bingo chips!! And they are expensive! Just to LOSE! This app really needs to be updated to where it’s actually FAIR for ALL players to have a win now and then. It’s always the SAME players to win every single round. Every day. That gets really old and it makes me want to delete this app. I’ve been a daily, loyal player for over 5 years, and I would honestly hate to go and delete the app, but I can’t keep wasting my hard earned money on bingo chips and I never win at all. At all. So pathetic and sad…
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1 month ago, loemx
Not as fun as it could be
I’ve really tried giving this game a chance, but it’s got room for improvement. I’m only playing it to get points elsewhere, but usually I like bingo. I just think if there were ways to get extra tokens instead of a few every day, or a way to exchange coins for tokens or rockets it would be a little better. Or if you get a bingo, why not let us choose the reward. If you made the game to where (take for example the bunny one where they need to get home) if you get a regular bingo, but bunnies not all home, you get (whatever prize y’all give) but if you get the bunnies home, you get to choose your prize. Y’all just make it so frustrating to play for an obscene amount of tokens.. bc basically if you play just one or two cards winning is impossible. Here’s a little secret…if winning were a little easier, or if you didn’t want to charge actual money for every single thing, more people would play, which in turn means more people would pay. Like the slot thing or the wheel-guaranteed that if they could use their coins, they’d use them up and end up wanting to buy more cause slots are fun for a lot of people. There’s things you could improve on this game to make it fun for the players and make it profitable for you🤷‍♀️
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2 years ago, Deb amazing
Play if you want to spend money
This game is ok. Your chances of winning a Bingo are slight unless you spend money to upgrade. You can’t reach most of the extras unless you constantly play but you can’t do that unless you buy more tokens. The free tokens are usually about 8 tokens except for the once a day reward which is about 37 tokens - enough to play 2 2-card regular games that you will loose. I get that this game uses a random generator algorithm. What the developer doesn’t get is the cost of the game - they are in this to get as much money from you as possible. I got a response from the developer for the original review saying I could increase my chance by playing 4 cards and using rockets. Given the random number generator algorithm playing 4 cards won’t increase your chances very much if at all since you can’t control the numbers on the cards. What playing 4 cards does is increase the cost of each game. Using rockets don’t guarantee a win since they randomly choose which number to daub and you don’t get a lot of rockets but you have to use 30 rockets at a time. I’m sure there’s a way to purchase more rockets. This leads me back to my first point - don’t play unless you want to pay the developer to play as you won’t be very successful. I’d say you have about the same chance of winning a lottery.
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4 months ago, Lady w/ Sharp Sticks
I’ve had this game since it came out.
I live Bingo Bash for so many reasons. I was in my 40’s when I first began playing but I quickly made friends through their FB page and learned that the slower speed was great for many others older than me (and now me too!). Their game ideas are original and interesting. They’ve come a long way. I still play one other bingo game often and another only if I’m out of chips here and my back up. Lol. But they seem cold (or silly where adults players are supposed to talk about the company’s cat mascot like he’s real. 😂😳 ) Bingo bash sends out ‘How do you like this new game?’ Questionnaires with almost every new game. They care. Any problem I’ve ever had I either found the answer on their website or my email to Support was answered promptly and politely. I don’t think I’ve got any other games on my present iPhone or iPad that I’ve had since iPhone 2 (I think that’s about right ) when I found this great app. Get this Bingo game before you waste time on the others. It’s the gold standard to many of us!
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3 years ago, Azone4me
Fun, but need some improvements
I have played this ya for years now. I really enjoy it but two things are a problem. First, the cost if you want to play daily is way to high. You should either decrease the cost of tokens or better yet give more free tokens. I would love to play more and certainly understand its a business like everything else and I don’t mind dumping in money now and then to support it but in this case the cost is way to high and the progressive scale they have for winning level bonus is ridiculously steep. I like the little bonus emails they have been sending out but the amount they give away is next to nothing. I mean seriously 4 tokens gets you nothing. I have been seeing the same comments as mine year after year and the only do say sorry and they do appreciate the feedback and then year after year nothing changes. I am sure by the number of players I see they must be making a chunk of change but in my opinion they would make a lot more if they made it so you could play daily without dumping $40 a week. So please, don’t thanks me with a reply, thank me with some changes.
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5 years ago, WideWorldofWoody
Crappy tech support
I’ve used the game for a while and I had mostly enjoyed it however I had an issue with the game recently and emailed support and was told the problem didn’t occur and they suggested I take screen captures before and after (the problem already happened). So if I followed that advice I would be taking a photo each time a ball is called in case a problem occurred. That is absolutely the most absurd idea ever. Regardless whether the glitch was a programming error, an internet hiccup or bad timing of a game ending before the power up finished, all they had to do was apologize and credit the 192 chips to cover the two games. Since I’ve spent a decent amount of money using the app for quite some time, I would expect this to be the first action taken. When I replied and explained the absurdity of their “take screen caps” idea and lack of credit, they once again told me that I needed to prove it by taking pics. That’s literally the worst app support I’ve ever had and as a result I’ve deleted the app and will not be giving them any more of my money or game play. Advice to developer, when someone claims an error occurred and you can, without harm to your bottom line, replace the game that was lost, don’t be snotty or make excuses, say sorry and give the few tokens.
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1 year ago, DoneHopingForChange
I wish I could give a better review but…
I have played this game along with 4 or 5 other bingo games every day for 5 or more years. This game has its good points like new rooms, challenges, and events that are cute and exciting. The payouts are great when you boost your cards and your chances of “A” bingo are higher when playing 4 cards, but unless you are spending money frequently like I have done, you may get to play 1 round a day and that round is over so fast it’s unbelievable. I get that you can’t win all the time, but the ratio of wins to losses have never been as good as the other bingo games I play. I quit spending money with this new update because it became even harder to get a bingo. Now it’s even worse for winning 1 bingo (not on a fish card) at maybe 1 bingo a week. I quit for about a year around 2019. I’m so frustrated that I’m considering quitting for good. I play games to relax, not increase my stress levels and add to my frustration. Good luck. I’m thinking a total rewrite of the program may be in order. JMHO.
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2 years ago, LGcool
Fun game & doesn’t rip you off
Changes games up yet gives options to continue in a favorite game. Many ways to earn chips, only complaint, can’t buy them with coins earned by playing, has to be real cash, same with rockets. But, can exchange coins for power ups. I’ve been playing since 2012, off & on, off usually to build up chips which are collected daily. One other complaint…the little side games don’t last long enough to complete, like uncovering jewels or finding objects to complete a puzzle, 2 days isn’t long enough. How about a week or 2? I can’t spend a lot of money so if I run out of chips, I rarely buy them, but feel they deserve to be paid, so I’ll purchase usually rockets, chips occasionally. All in all, I recommend the game. They also are responsive to refund chips if you get knocked off game. Just have to notify them at the time. It doesn’t happen often. Took me a while to get into fish cards, still don’t understand the aquarium, can’t put more fish into it.
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3 years ago, Bethanne80sbaby
Awesome game
I’ve been playing this game for years!!! It is by far my favorite. New rooms all the time. The only problem I have is it will give you chances to win freebies on the Facebook page or I’ll get a notification on my phone. When I click on the link through Facebook, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t do anything. Sometimes it will even say I’ve collected the freebie and I haven’t. When I get the notification on my phone. I click it. It opens app and nothing. I mean I understand you guys can’t give away free chips all the time but when it clearly says y’all are giving me one and I get nothing it’s very disappointing. The worst is through email. Will say have a round or something like that. You click it. It opens app and nothing again. Am I the only one having these problems?!? Other then that I would highly recommend this game if your a fellow bingo lover. This is by far the BEST Bingo App!!👍👍. Thanks
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4 months ago, kack bee
Love the gnome game. Always get quick win. Do not like the house game with the toolboxes. Boring and drawn out So very hard to get one bingo. Usually 10-15 games for one bingo. I wish the game would would pay back more for a win than was papery to play the round. Just started monopoly game. Looks complicated. I’m hoping it gets less complicated as I play more. Just want to have a little fun without thinking a lot.l Love the Santa game even though I do not win as often as I’d like. At least there is enough activity to make it fun. Recent games very quick and difficult to win if not playing on premium Easter game is simple not really fun. Lots of players, very few wins for me playing two cards not in premium. Get rid of the fish thing. I’m fairly smart but that makes absolutely no sense to me last 3 games are fun and uncomplicated although not too many wins…. Lots of coming close but not many wins. This game is fun and has started off uncomplicated. Easy to watch with good characters. I don’t like games that need to uncover sections of characters to get bingo
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2 years ago, Tamcginn
Support quality has gone way down
I used to love this game, and truth is I still love playing it, but I’ve now lost chips on three separate occasions due to losing connection with the server. This didn’t used to be something that happened often, but when it did, I’d usually see the credit immediately upon relaunching the app. If I had to email, I received a quick response, and never had a problem getting my lost chips refunded. Recently I’ve lost chips on two separate occasions and although I relaunched the app several times, no refunds were made. I emailed to seek assistance for both occasions and have yet to receive any response or refund. The developers can see exactly what happened and see proof that the chips were in fact lost because of a glitch or server disconnects, so I am really disappointed. I wasn’t going to do much but literally less than 15 minutes ago I spent 96 chips in the new room, before I even saw a countdown, a pop up says there was some kind of error and my app shut down. When I relaunched the app, I was out the chips and no refund was automatically applied to my account. If this is what’s up with this app now or just GSN in general, I’d suggest finding a better app.
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4 months ago, MABasenjis
It’s fun but nobody answered your support questions and if they do they tell you the same thing!
I’ve been playing for quite some time and recently I’ll be right in the middle of a game or I’ll be just finishing up a game and it will shut right down and kick me out and go to my home screen of my cell phone so I reported to Support for this app and they told me all it’s the Internet connection it because your Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough and I’m sitting in a business that has strong Wi-Fi when I’m at home which I know I have strong Wi-Fi or is the app needs updated and I just updated it like the week before or they tell me to close out all my other apps before I start using their app I always do that so I have recently sent them about 15 or 16 messages about this happening and asking them to check my chip count and nobody has answered me back not even when I sent that email so you’re welcome to use this app but be careful when you send a message to their support department because they won’t answer you and if they do you will receive that message it’s very annoying I’ve been going through this for almost 2 months now and I just updated my app last Monday! No I don’t appreciate being ignored!!!
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11 months ago, Disneygirl1611
New Update is fine.
•••. Okay, I get it Bingo is a game of chance and gamble, I play in real life. But the chances are the same for everyone in an actual bingo hall. I also get it, you want actual money for your game. But come on!!!! This new update is just PURE CRAP!!! Making the amount of Fish food needed to feed your fish, almost triple what you needed, and still only giving 1 at a time is just ridiculous. Having 2-7 minutes to complete a “reward” and having the extra games pop up between and then having those balls called 2-3 seconds slower than any other room is just asinine. People aren’t stupid, and saying otherwise is just arrogant on your part. We know you want actual money, but you’re going about it the wrong way... reward your super loyal (playing for years) with some awesome rewards once in a while... change the “daily” chips to a larger amount once in a while. Or the level up chips past 50..... you keep making everything else expensive, you can at least “give us a raise”. Quit being so greedy and start rewarding your players.
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6 years ago, Bcsmodeling
Best game ever
I’ve been playing this game since 2012!!! I absolutely love it and I always come back to it!! It never gets old! To the people who created this app and all the games that’s been added since 2012, I absolutely love and have fun playing the newer boards, but i am so happy that the older original ones are also at reach!! Thanks for making this fun and exciting!! Response to another feedback, I also have lost a lot of credit because of lagging and disconnection, it does upset me especially when I’m down to my last credit to play bingo and lose the game due to lag and disconnection which therefor makes me miss a few daubs and I’m behind. I think we should be able to automatically get our credit, especially if on the creators side see that someone didn’t finish a game, obviously the most sought out reason is due to horrible lagging which is the games fault. But other then that I love it. I spend a lot of money on this game prior and still now!! Xoxoxo
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4 years ago, LoriK93420
Player since 2011
Hi I’ve been playing this game for a long time, it’s a lot of fun to pass time with! Good job to the creators of the game! I would gladly have given 5 stars, But... over the years I’ve experienced the problems they’ve gone thru and fixed as people bring them up. The biggest problem I tend to have, and it seems to always continue and maybe has become worse over the years, is the inability to load screens! I find when I try to open a room, the hour glass will spin and spin for so long that I just close the app! I’m not a tech person but I feel the problem is all the “pop up” things they throw at us keeps the game from loading smoothly. Some days it’s so frustrating that I just collect my daily bonus and go on to play a different app. 🤷‍♀️ I’m not new to this, I hope you guys can fix this! It’s happening again to me today so I finally got to the point where I needed to mention it to you. Hope you can fix this, I’d love to play it again soon!! Off to my other games for now. Namaste! 🙏 Be well.
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6 years ago, siarmyn
Played many bingo games LOVE this one!
The best thing about this bingo game app is you can get 4 cards and the 2 behind the game automatically daubs for so you only have to worry about the two in front you! Second best thing is there’s always always always some sorta game with in the games going on or vice versa. The one thing I think this app can get better at is their pricing for to buy more bingo balls and etc ... they’re sneaky and try to make you think the deal of the day is a good deal when in reality it’s really no different at all or there is very little difference at all in what you get for the same amount of money. I have to buy anything in this game because I just can’t justify their prices but if you can be patient and wait for more bingo balls daily then you can play a couple/few times a day. And don’t forget about the pull tabs and spinners and etc ... I’ve won 500 one time and close to 200 balls another time with those games!
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6 years ago, iamupinya220
Fun Game but rigged to make you spend $$$$
I enjoy playing the games but it’s not a free game by far. They never give you enough chips to really enjoy the game it just enough to play 1-3 cards on one game or one card in 3 games. Either way when playing it’s hard to accomplish successful completion of challenges without having or playing enough chips and or games to win by bonuses allowing free chips because the goals are long fetched with prizes that duplicate leaving you needing certain puzzle pieces that make you spend more chips and play more games in order to complete. It seems you will always run out of chips,xp points or coins right before rewards making you buy chips to gains rewards. It seems like the game is designed to make you spend and it makes you lose more often so that you would want to spend to continue playing. The chip packages cost a lot yet never are they generous with the amount of chips purchased vs what you paid for it. You will find yourself out of chips quickly with a short lived enjoyment for what you purchased. But the games are fun
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6 years ago, babywendy
bingo CRASH update
Update: I wrote the last review about 3 years ago. It is an amazing game now I love it. I wrote a review already and had given this app 3 stars because of the crashes and losing chips that I SPENT REAL MONEY ON. Now it's starting to get ridiculous. I am so extremely angry at this game. It's so frustrating when I spend my hard earned money on an in app purchase on stupid bingo chips, and the game ends up crashing and I lose my chips!!!!! WHEN DO YOU PLAN ON FIXING THIS?! It really is such a shame. This is an amazing app besides all the crashing. I think also waiting 20 some hours for a few lousy bingo chips is insane, especially when it cost so many chips to play one bingo card to begin with. I am extremely disappointed with this game. Please fix and I promise to update my review. Why won't you listen to us!!!!!!! I would even pay 5 dollars up front if I need to, seeing I already lost about 20 DOLLARS on bingo chips that I LOST due to crashing!!!!!!! Insane. Ugh.
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5 years ago, mega8189
Fast talker
Been playing this game for a long time! Finally decided to speak up! The game is awesome! One of the best I’ve played if not the best!?!! Wail for it..., BUT the call speed needs to be increased! It is very frustrating to play and watch a bingo left counter fall from 40 to 6 in a matter of ten seconds and not have any numbers called! The time between called numbers seems to be two seconds or longer! I want to win every time I play and get upset when I don’t??? DUH!!! That’s how I’m supposed to feel! That’s part of playing I get that! But when the game starts and finishes in less than what seems like three minutes and the caller (computer) is just giving out a number one a at time! (Bueller..., Bueller...Bueller??)??? Come on!!! Speed up the caller timing! Give a two or three count between numbers!!! At least then I’ll feel a little better about losing or missing a win by one number! For anyone who has complained about the call speed being too fast should go to a bingo hall and listen to the professionals! If you can’t handle the speed, Don’t Play!
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2 years ago, Tdelynne
Power play hostage
I play daily. I spend quite a bit buying chips. So now I’m down to 3 single daub power plays and you ppl won’t let me use them during game play. When I get 3 daubs and power play becomes available, it switches to buy more power plays and will not let me use the 3 I have. I estimate I’ve lost at least 4 games bc of it today. Maybe I don’t want to buy more. Maybe I want to play without power plays until I earn enough to buy 15 with 2500 coins. But I feel as if I’m being held with a gun to my flipping head if I don’t buy more now, then you won’t let me use the 3 I have left. It’s ridiculous and I find myself disliking this game more and more. 48 coins to start daily. That’s not even enough to play 2 games with 4 cards. I’m disgusted and I might just save myself some $ and delete the game after playing for almost 5 years. I’m kind of sick of getting raked over the coals.
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4 years ago, misscreatr
So Disappointed!!
Been playing for atleast 6 years. Stopped playing for 2 years because of what I’m about to say. I then started playing again last year. In all these years I have only earned 5 VIP CHIPS extra a day, 53 daily chips. Pathetic! As soon as you miss 1 day of logging on it takes your measly 5 VIP CHIPS away for 5 or more days! Definitely DO NOT EVER buy anything because once you stop buying, I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT win a Bingo. I have literally gone through a little over 2000 chips without 1 Bingo. I can’t level up to get those chips, and I have been stuck with 4 out of the 5 bingos you need to open the chest for 3 weeks, (which has never been more than 15 chips) Just extremely disappointed guys. This was my favorite game until I started seeing unfairness, left and came back 2 years later only to experience even worse unfairness. Hope you enjoyed my Hundreds of dollars. I will NOT be returning to this game at any time.
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6 years ago, KBROCK2020
Lack of Chips
Excellent game and very addictive but it’s very hard to get chips without buying them. The cost of chips it takes to play a game, even on the regular level and getting bingo, does not give many chips back, if any, to keep playing. Once or twice a day tops, there are some links to get free chips. Also, it’s hard to progress in any of the games without playing the double or triple up. It just cost too many chips and doesn’t give enough back. Even the daily chips are barely enough to play one card on regular mode. Lastly, it gives the options to exchange chips to coins but the only thing I have found that the coins are good for are playing one slot game which gives more coins. If there is an option to exchange chips for coins, there should be an option to exchange coins for chips. I also suggest there there be free videos to watch or other ways to get chips.
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2 years ago, Stevie sunny
I like it, however...
This is a great app for bingo, i.e. attractive, fun, clever game formats, many extra game features, etc. I’ve tried other bingos and like this game better than the others. However... I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the rocket purchase options. I exclusively play the 4 card option and feel that $2.99 to purchase rockets for a few extra daubs per card is quite high. However, I succumb to the temptation only when I feel I have a very good chance of winning. There have been numerous times when I see a bingo win, and for whatever reason, I am denied the win. Very frustrating! It’s already too expensive, and then not getting credit for a win, I feel completely robbed. I’ve been playing for several years, and am also annoyed with the ongoing diminishing sizes and number of the special feature winnings/wins. There has definitely been an increase in greediness on the part of the game site. The term “rip-off” comes to mind. Disappointing and sad.
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5 years ago, Lcr1022
Below is my original review which had given 5 stars. This however is my new review: I have been playing this game for YEARS. 5 I believe. I have had very minimal problems up until the last 3 days. It will open for 5 seconds then close. I contacted Bingo Bash and got an automated response. They are looking into it. I have contacted them 2x. Still broke. I understand it is a free game. However it shouldn't not open up for 3 days. The server issue from my previous review was resolved and happened very little. Previous rating 3 yrs ago: Awesome game. Fun and easy to play. Have played it for over a year now. Only two problems. Sometimes I get kicked off the server and have to wait for the game to load back up, thus losing time and games, and I have leveled up several times and noticed I have not gotten any more daily bonus chips for it. Other than that.... Great game and great boards.
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1 month ago, Verona22
Still Not fair!
Response from developer not satisfactory. I Do play with 4 cards each time! I use rockets when I earn them. Bingo Bash is ONLY interested in selling, selling, selling! I understand that you are a business, but if you don’t make it relatively possible for players to have FUN playing without buying, buying, buying, then it’s FRUSTRATING,! Not FUN!! It would HELP if players could use coins to buy some rockets. Other than that please change the probability factor in random number generating factor!! Looking for less frustrating games! Don’t have a chance when 3 numbers are called and someone gets a bingo! Then another number is called and more bingos, but us poor saps get no numbers!! How do you set up your auto numbers call? They are NOT, NOT Random!!! Just played games intermittently today (Mothers Day) and could not get a Bingo. Other players get the 2 and 3 free plays and get Bingo in 3 or 4 numbers called !! I get ONE FREE DOUB and still get nothing! Not fun at all.
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4 years ago, collinslib
I like the game but I haven’t won in a long time I’ve gotten ripped off when a game goes off and comes back on I am not reimbursed for the chips that I lost.? Also I never received the extra chips from the Princess and the stickers I got but never got when the time was up!! I wish you would be fair to all!!!i i still haven’t got any more bingos even after the last talk we hag!!!!!!!!I still think you aren’t giving all our chips. I lost a game that I never got to finish and didn’t get any chips back!! Still lose chips because I missed one day not fair!!I like the new gamescan’t wait for a Christmas game!!i liked getting chips twice a day it gives me more chips so I can play more I would to see more of that! Great game! I just love to bingo!!!i love playing the game and really like the new game!i give you 5 stars! Like 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼I give you 10 stars!! I enjoy bingo!!
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12 months ago, sumrrayne
Very fun but COSTLY
**Updated to make my review more clear for the developers** You have to spend money to get chips. Period. You will not earn enough to play consistently. I have had this app for many years and occasionally play. Why only occasionally? It’s too expensive. I am a level 190, I’ve spent a bit of money to play over the years. I earn 30 “VIP” chips per day. That gets me exactly 1 game of 3 cards at the lowest “regular” level, 1 game of 1 card at the 2 next higher levels. No games at the highest level. If you want to play 4 cards the highest level, it’s 160 chips PER GAME. You have to save up for 5 days just to play 1 game at the highest level. Or spend $20-$30 to play a couple games and that’s it. There are a lot of smaller games inside the game itself which I do love, but if you aren’t playing 4 cards every game, you’ll never get to the point of it paying off anyways because you get a bingo maybe once every 3 games. Multiple bingos if you are lucky once in a while. I love this game for its graphics and interface. It is a wonderful set up, and mad props to the developers. I just wish I could experience the entire game without spending $100 on it just to play for an hour at the highest levels. It’s ridiculous honestly. Download it but if you have an issue with spending a lot of money on games, avoid it because this one will drain your accounts quick. Bottom line- most people don’t make $30 an hour… why should a game?
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3 years ago, Emmaneal
BINGO BASH: My All-Time Favorite Bingo Game
I’ve been playing Bingo Bash for about 10 years ever since I got my first iPad and discovered online games. I usually play several games daily, depending on how many bingo chips I have accumulated or won. You don’t have to spend real money to play the game, although I do purchase bingo chips occasionally when I run out. I enjoy the variety of games and the cute pictures that accompany individual games. I also appreciate the free bingo chips that the Bingo Bash developers send to me, as well as the free weekend power ups. Thanks for thousands of hours of relaxing entertainment❣️ I do not like the graphics for the new update. The cards on my iPhone10, which has a larger screen, are difficult to see. They are much smaller than the ones in the old version. I’m still able to play, but I don’t like this update at all.
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3 years ago, Anon.321
Enjoy the game, but limited play without $$
I like the interface and available varieties of games. Unfortunately there aren’t enough non-cash ways to earn chips to really enjoy playing. This isn’t a warning against the game, it is fun when I do play. Just be prepared to have to pay for chips or else log in for many days in a row to earn them. Logging in daily and watching ads might net 20-30 chips before “no more ads available.” If you want to play 4 cards at a time it costs 96 chips. 1 card is 24 chips. So each day, at best you’ll earn enough free chips for one round, one card. Most people want to play a game for at least a few rounds. Let’s say 10 games during a break from work or school. You’d have to log in every day for 5+ weeks to earn enough chips. Yes, game developers should be paid for their work. But if I’m helping them with ad revenue, I don’t want to “pay to play” on an everyday basis. I’ll spend $ on games that are fun without the cash and then the $ gives me extras.
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6 years ago, T-bird. S p
Four stars because the game is great!!! interesting games are all different something for every body--spent lots of money which is okay but the freeze-ups or not cool At first I was getting repaid when it froze up but now it just goes back to the game and you can't catch up or either the game is over and you lost your chips-I can t overlook that any more I not been repaid for 100s and hundreds and hundreds of chips---I don't want to quit the game because it's a great concept and sooo much fun- please hire somebody that can fix this game you all have a great concept there is no other bingo games like it---I quit playing but then I came back that's how much I love this game but it's very frustrating when it freezes up every couple of minutes----I read a review that said people that are on Facebook only win that's not true-are that people that spend a lot of money win more that's not true--my game freezes up & sometime I don't Win--I can't win the new solitaire of bingo game.. well I guess I had my say!! Just really want my game fixed my favorite favorite game... Don't give up every body they're going to fix it I just know it !!! By the way r the bonus suppose to reset an start over after u win them ??? Mine didn't (I've won them all ) I told u I'm ur biggest fan !!! Even with the problems I kept playing !!! Players r loyal !!! T-bird from louisiana
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4 weeks ago, BrandyRae.
Bring back the original
Does anyone remember Bingo Bash before it sold out? It was the best bingo around. You could complete collections to earn extra chips that were permanently added to your daily collection. There were games as cheap as 1 chip. There was speed bingo. There was a variety of games that were just plain fun and there was something for everyone. And where the power plays were actually bonuses and not every weekend was unlimited power plays that just give you 1 free daub. If everyone gets the same thing all the time, how is that fun? This new bingo bash is over commercialized and just lacks the appeal of the original. Every game is exactly the same, just with a different theme and it just keeps getting more and more pricy. It would be great if you could do a retro week or something to bring back the original for us long time fans. It’s greatly missed. If you are the original creator by chance reading this review, just know that your original creation was great!
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6 years ago, ms.november
Too many complaints
I've played this game off and on for several years and I always end up deleting it because of several issues. Every time I turn the sound off, it's on again the next time I open the game. Recent issues are now that I can only play the new rooms if I buy bingo chips. Very few are won with bingos, certainly not enough to go play new rooms. Also bingos are not being registered in the special event, the ones indicated with the small letter "i". It is very frustrating and certainly doesn't give enough free play time for me to justify having it take up so much precious memory in my phone, so I'm probably going to have to delete it again. I'd have to check in for days, collecting my daily chips, just to be able to play once in one of the new rooms! That said, I keep reinstalling it because I do like it a lot, but the issues are too many to justify keeping it. Note to developer: please do not give me the standard cookie cutter reply I see you give everyone else with similar complaints. Please redo the game so it is more engaging and fair to everyone.
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11 months ago, dottys_kid_46
Payout is too low
This app costs too many credits or cherries to play. You rarely even win back the entry cost when you win at all. And then in order to join in on the games that may payout a little better, the entry amount is so high you can never ever play it. If I get to play three rounds a day it’s lucky. I’ve been playing for years and can never get anywhere because the cost is too high and the payout is too low. I’m about to delete this one and look for something I can actually win at. For free. I’m not going to pay money for a game that is supposed to be free. So this is an update to my latest review. I was contacted with an apology , and asked if I wanted to change my rating? But , nothing was resolved and I did not get any portion of the hundreds of credits that their glitch cost me. Five minutes ago I used 10 spins that I had accumulated. If the ten spins , i won 2000 coins and not one single cherry. So in answer to your question, admin, yes I would like to LOWER my rating.
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9 months ago, Frank Pappalardo
Get a lucky
I’ve been playing for years, every time they do an upgrade , it usually screws up the game but always fixes after a bit. This latest upgrade was the worst. 1. First of all, we no longer get freebies with ads. 2.The freebies on Facebook and messenger have a mind of their own, sometimes the work, sometimes they don’t. When I contacted support, they pointed out the ones I collected, which are few and far between the ones that I have not. I play in games where people are collecting bingos after 6 numbers called, and I’m not enemies close by the time the game is over. 3. If they are not giving the ads, they should at least let us collect our daily bonus every 10 hours while they figure things out 4. I fave it a 2 star rating, I used to give a 5 star rating
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2 years ago, S. Barnes
It's fine, non-spammy fun
This is a legit app without ads and it doesn't really require you to buy anything. But... It's kinda boring? It's really hard to get a bingo in most rooms. Buying more cards hardly helps. It gets tedious real fast when you have one dud card after another. There are coins in the game, but they have no purpose and you can't use them to buy anything. Why they exist, who knows. But what really knocked stars off for me was the lightning bolt system. At first, this is unlimited and it always knocks out two spaces. It's usually completely unhelpful, but at least it feels like progress. After two days, you have to use lightning bolts to use it and it becomes randomized so you can get knock outs or coins (why?) or gifts (what are the gifts? This is also unclear). And once it chooses something other than space knock outs, you are stuck with spending a lightning bolt on it. What? That makes these hard to win games even more tedious. I really appreciate a bingo game that isn't scamming me, but it needs some work to be worth my time to play it. Who likes losing all the time? Not me. Who likes game mechanics that get worse as you level up? Not me. Who likes getting locked out of the rooms you can actually win once you complete meaningless mini games? Not me. Get it together and this game could be really fun instead of a frustrating snooze fest.
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5 years ago, Thatsmylucy❤
My favorite bingo game on iPhone
I love bingo bash!! I think it's the best bingo I've found for my phone. After reading other reviews & seeing what people say about lost connections I'll say I used to have the same issue but only when I'm someplace with a bad WiFi connection. If I have a bad connection I turn my WiFi off & it works fine again. I've also found that your either on a win roll or a lose one. If I don't get bingo after a couple games I leave & come back later because I know I'll just lose all my chips. I used to spend money on chips but refrain from doing so now because you really don't get anything in return for the purchase other than a few more minutes of play time. I also usually check in daily for my free chips then wait for them to have the free power up weekends. It's hard to win without power ups. Over all tho as I said I think it's the best bingo for my phone.
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5 years ago, Tammy10864
Bingo bashes players
The game is fun. I’ve played it 7 years. I’ve been in a snit ever since they changed the daily tournament. You used to use gems to play and you won coins. Now you PAY chips to play and rarely get a high enough score to even get the chips back you used. I have contacted them several times about the unfairness. They claim players LOVE it. Not the response I’ve gotten during chat. It is a absolute smack in the face that they actually think we believe the exact same players (BOTS) win the biggest prizes day after day. I have spent hundreds, thousands is probably more accurate, to play this game. Just to have greedy bingo bash not actually awarding the chips they claim to be. A class action suit should be filed against GSN and Bingo Bash. Had enough. You have lost a long time faithful player. Lol 81 chips a day for being a VIP for over 7 years. A BIG thumbs down. I’m sure this review will never make it to human eyes.
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3 years ago, ashlrwh13
The best Bingo game
I’ve been playing Bingo Bash for YEARS, and it’s the only bingo game I will play on my phone! The entire game is just perfect. I love the power play feature, and the themes of the rooms are always super fun! Plus, if you follow them on facebook they make sure to share free chips with you multiple times a day, which is awesome because you can play any time you want to without having to worry about running out of chips. I do miss and wish they’d bring back the “world wonders” (I can’t remember what they were called exactly) I remember playing in the Machu Picchu, hanging gardens, temple of Zeus, and the Big Ben theme rooms and I loved them so I wish they’d bring them back for nostalgia sake! Over all, this is one of my most favorite games ever, and I’m still obsessed even after 7+ years of playing !
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5 years ago, Toy71351
So much fun!!
Best game out there hands down! Lots of great prizes and always great new offers! Edit/Update: I still feel good about this game but I’m dealing with some issues. There were times when I purchased tickets & scores a bingo but it wasn’t honored during the prize collection after my game. Also, a bunch of times where I should’ve been able to use power plays after 3 daubs, there was some sort of a glitch I'm assuming because I couldn’t select the power play to use in the game. It literally sat there highlighted & wouldn't count down for the next power play. (Like it was frozen or something) I’m always checking for updates in case there are glitches that were improved. It’s really frustrating however because I use ACTUAL MONEY to purchase balls, coins, etc at my own discretion. I hate wasting money even though I’m using it to play a game... I hope this gets fixed or I can get a reply. I sent an email a month ago but still no response.
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6 years ago, sadaw9904
I love this game, but...
I have been playing this game on and off for the last few years. I love the fun rooms. I log in daily. I just have a few issues. 32 bingo chips to play 4 cards? When the daily free chips are 31? I may get to play 1-2 rounds a day, and that’s if I save up for two days. I understand you have to make your money, but the only way to possibly win is by buying 4 cards, and having power plays. I’ve actually spent money on this game before, multiple times, and it almost isn’t worth it. Also, The money power plays are pretty worthless. If you spend real money you should be able to get more free/instant bingo power plays, not just coins. And you should be able to earn more chips. Bottom line: if you’re going to spend actual money on a game, there should be more incentive. I’m tired of these money grabbing games. I have a lot of fun and I am willing to spend money if I like a game. Stuff like this makes developers loose players.
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6 years ago, Sanuela
Becoming Fun!
I have been playing this game for years and I have never written a review. I have instead written to the creators hoping to have a direct effect but clearly that isn’t working. I’ve watched it go from a great site with plenty of games and opportunities for lots of fun to boring and disappointing. If you don’t go on to FB, which I will never do, you suffer. Bingos are rare for me at least and rewards are less and much harder to get.....I think it’s time for them to up their game and it seems like they are doing that. I’m pleased and I’m hoping this is here to stay! Update: They have created some new games with some more creative rewards and they are fun. I loved this game when I started and I’m hoping there will now be good reason to love it again! Update#2 Seems to be maintaining, I am looking forward to playing each day and on most days it’s a good time! I know the creators are sharp and I hope they continue to use that to keep it a a greater game still. I highly recommend this bingo game! Last update on this review: although I do still have some frustrating issues this game brings me pleasure, is fun, and is only one of two games I play!!! I do highly recommend this bingo game above all others I have tried. It’s my game of choice!
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1 year ago, Zpts1
Predictable and Scammy
I’ve been playing this game probably as long as it has existed. It’s always been a little predictable, but now it’s ridiculous. Since I’m not stupid enough to pay for chips, it’s not that important that I win all the time or even if it’s always “fair.” However, I just want something fun to start my day, something where there’s a chance of winning RANDOMLY. This game has lost all of that randomness. I’m pretty sure it’s close to impossible to win if you didn’t top up. I see the same people winning rounds over and over. Perhaps they’re bots. I have no idea, but it’s frustrating. I’ve always known that if you had a bingo on 2 cards or more in a round, it’s not going to allow you to bingo for a while, but I think in my last 5 or 6 rounds (4 cards each) I had 1 bingo. That means it’s not worth playing anymore. I have better than average reflexes, so it’s not that I’m slow. This game is now seemingly just targeting the mentally deficient who pay to play. That’s fine. They can do it without me.
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2 years ago, emmnnorq
New update!
Five stars when it’s not glitching!I’ve been playing this game for about 2 years and usually enjoy it, but every time there is an update the glitches are RIDICULOUS! I log onto the game long enough to buy 4 cards(32 chips) and then get kicked off before the game even starts!! And then it repeatedly kicks off and goes back to my phone’s home screen after letting me maybe use a power play or maybe click a number, sometimes the game won’t even fully load before it shuts back off. I literally had to come to the App Store to leave a review because I couldn’t go to setting (before the game shut off) and send an email! This isn’t the first time this has happened and it’s the 2nd day in a row this time! Get your *#&$ together please!!!
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6 years ago, So_CalGirl
Love this game.
I been playing this game on and off for a few years now and recently I been experiencing a glitch. I will buy power ups for during the game but it will only let me use a few then tell me I’m out again. For example right now the red circle says I have 16 power ups. I will purchase 9 and then when the red dot says 20 it will say I’m out and need to buy more. Every time I see this game has an update I get excited thinking they fixed it but it hasn’t been fixed yet. So today I decided to go through everyone else’s reviews to see if anyone has been experiencing the same issues and not one person has mentioned it so I don’t know if I’m the only one. I don’t want to delete the game and redownload it because I went a few weeks with just logging in and not playing to build up on chips and I have about 1000 now. I really don’t want to lose those.
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1 month ago, Queenkaren1
Count down bell
I love playing Bingo Bash every day just to unwind & relax, but, the count down bell in many of the rooms is so annoying & makes me feel anxious! There is nothing I can do when the bell starts counting down, so, I don’t see the purpose of it. It just interrupts my “sense of calm”. Update: I still love Bingo Bash & am always asked to submit my opinions on a room that I don’t play. So, I thought I’d give my opinion on what type of rooms I like to play. The rooms where you have to clear the path for water or other objects from the top of the card to the bottom are my very favorite!!! They are very relaxing. Also, the rooms with just straight bingo are fun. You can get creative with the collections, but let the bingos stay simple. In the end, all I want, is to collect enough balls to continue playing for as long as I can. Thank you.
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8 months ago, Annie777j
Been playing for years!
I have been playing this game for years. It is the only one I have kept on my smart phone because it is easy to play yet challenging enough for some distraction from my otherwise busy day. I enjoy the strategy of generating ways to earn bingo chips and love when I can have chances to win more. This is what keeps me engaged! I love the 5 day challenges! I always participate. I may not win much on the drawing , but I meet the goals every day. It is still exciting and I am satisfied to win something!!! I love the graphics and the themes. I think they are creative and fun. I love the extra themes like the seasonal challenges too! It keeps me coming back day after day! I will continue to promote this game to my family and friends!
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3 years ago, renc82
Used to be my favorite..
This used to be my favorite game to play. It was easy to win chips to keep going. Now, it seems like I blow through hundreds of chips before I win any. Also, what is the point of coins?? I have almost 500 power plays and usually on the weekends it’s a “free power play weekend”... so why not let us use coins to buy chips when we are low? Or to buy plays for the bonus games? It would be more fun, to me at least, if the coins weren’t useless and we won more chips. Honestly, that’s why I don’t play anymore. Sure the graphics are good and the games can be fun, but if you’re not winning as much as you’re losing, then you’re just losing... I have spent real money buying chips to play and it’s just not worth it anymore.
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