Bingo Party!Live Classic Bingo

4.6 (169.4K)
474.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bingo Party!Live Classic Bingo

4.64 out of 5
169.4K Ratings
6 years ago, The BASS Hunter
Best Bingo Game
Never dull, fun and exciting. The best bingo game I have played. I have been playing bingo since I was a kid. This game is so much more than a regular bingo game app. It has different challenges which I like. It makes you work towards a goal (completing a puzzle). There are so many different and exciting things to accomplish! It is never boring! The graphics, etc... are awesome! You can see the cards a few seconds at the end of the games and are able to see what you may have missed. I like completing the daily tasks, because it’s not impossible, but it is a challenge. I've pretty much been sticking with the path along the river, because the awards build like the cost of the cards. I've tried a few games that weren't along the path a few times, but they seemed to be too expensive and I rarely got any Bingos. After all, what we all like most, is playing, and the excitement of winning. So the more we can play, the better. Lastly, I would like to say that I enjoy all the different types of game styles. It's never boring and as I've said before, the graphics are very nice. Thank you for the fun, and keep up the good work!!!
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2 years ago, Chap100487
Love Hate
I love playing this game, but I can’t play long enough and that’s why I give it a star off. The rare power ups, namely the double pay out, are the only way you’ll actually gain on wins. Pay outs for a win are low, and unless you get all your cards to bingo, you will end the round at a loss every time; thus if you don’t have a double pay out you should play a low level game and hope you get one in a chest. But don’t be too hopeful as the chests are WAAAAY to experience heavy and commonly 2/10 will have a power up….and those are usually common. I have 4,500 power ups and yet I am always out of double stars, rainbow stars, and 2x payouts…they really should be easier to collect as the game isn’t worth playing without them. I know they want you to spend money, and I have, but $2 gets you 2 rare power ups…and sometimes it 2 of the same. Also, the ticket pay out is crap. $5 gets you barely enough tickets to play the low bet rooms. I love playing this game, but I wish I could spend 30-60 minutes playing over the 10 minutes it usually takes for me to lose all the tickets (even when I hoard over multiple days to play big rooms).
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7 years ago, jessicatongtong
Best bingo game!!
It's a fun bingo I enjoy. My favorite super game. It makes you want to play. I have played a lot of bingo games but Bingo Party is the BEST one. I actually have deleted all my other ones. I love all the different places very detailed. I also love all the special games we get to play. The daily missions are really cool. I can earn Tickets from it. I can also collect a lot of tickets and power ups from my friends. This game is updated frequently. So many funny events for us to play. When I get up in the morning Bingo Party is the first game I go to so I can send my gifts and try to do my daily challenge. I also like puzzles in this game. When I finish a fantastic puzzle with my hard work, I will have a sense of accomplishment. I just joined a group and I love it I actually have friends now that I can play with and help them out with tickets and power ups and they do the same for me. I have only been playing for maybe 2 months and up to level 131 I’m very addicted. Keep up the great job.
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2 years ago, hiho1073
Fun but rigged
I will admit this game is a lot of fun but definitely not worth what they are charging to play it. I have spent thousands of dollars playing it and have come to realize it is totally rigged. I have been double charged at times and also not received what I paid for. In addition if you buy a timed offer and the app crashes or you can’t get back on the app you’re screwed. I finally figured a way to reach out to them after many crashes and losses and they offered 500 in tickets which at most cost $2.99 because of my troubles for multiple purchases that costs $9.99 a piece. No matter how much you spend they will not let you win the big prizes which by the way are tickets or power ups, it’s not even a monetary win. When you get close to winning the big prizes they will speed up the clock or cut your time short so there’s no way possible to win. Or they will give you numbers that aren’t on your cards so you are unable to win. I am confident if you spend enough money and time playing this game you will see exactly what I mean by the different ways it’s rigged. Such a shame to rig a game people are paying big money to play when the only thing you win are tickets. I will be looking at how I can report this app beyond here to stop others from getting screwed over.
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3 years ago, Stray-Singer
Fun game, but...
Tech support is nonresponsive and told me when I pointed out that in one particular BINGO game, when the game itself hit one of the specials (2x XP, 2x Payout, chest, etc.) that it did not count?! This is the only BINGO game I have so far encountered where the game can't also trigger a special. For example, when I activate a 2-daub powerup, and one lands on a 2x XP, I get the 2x XP as if I'd daubed it myself. In the Odyssey, if, for example, a sunflower activates a special, I get the special as if I'd daubed it myself. I pointed this out (admittedly a little rudely) and for three days now, crickets. The developer's social media platforms listed on their website do not exist. Most of the people listed in LinkedIn have private profiles and can't be contacted. I reckon I lost out on at least one chest, possibly multiple 2x specials and tokens for whatever side game was active *per card set* of this particular BINGO game that I played over a week long period, because I have been trying to complete the Odyssey a second time for another wildcard as I am four cards short on the card collection game of 60,000 tickets... I want those tickets, dammit, and if the game had behaved as expected, I might be in a better position to get them.
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6 days ago, sbabz22
Trash and rigged game
Honestly, the game was fun in the beginning. Your typical bingo mobile app. Unfortunately, it’s far from the other in terms of gameplay. The games themselves don’t give out that great of rewards even when winning which makes continuing to play the game much harder. Getting bingo (at least for me) has been a nightmare. This game relies heavily on power ups and if you don’t have any, you will never get a bingo. Even when I use all the power ups at my disposal, I could rarely get a bingo. The people I’m playing against seem to get bingo before I can even finish half my cards and I’m playing with 4. It takes way too long to level up in this game too. Even in the first couple of levels, you have to get through like 5-6 games to level 2. Honestly, you will get nowhere without spending a lot of money. I understand these games need to make money, but when a developer makes it impossible to play just to make a buck is ridiculous. Also, for some reason this game wasn’t awarding me my 2x ticket multiplier in game. I got the 2x power up and daubed it in the game and at the end where it’s giving all of the rewards, it says I didn’t daub it. Don’t know if it’s a glitch or if the hame is RIGGED so you don’t get as many tickets so you have to buy in more. Anyways, trash game.
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5 years ago, Thenewno3
Good game but recent updates are bad
I like this game a lot and have been playing it for quite a long time. However, I don’t like some of the recent updates, especially around the 3 daily tasks. I hate that they now unlock subsequently, meaning you first have to complete task #1 before the next one is revealed and so on. If task #1 is, say, to use 20 power ups, and task #2 is to use 4x the double payout (which is a rare item), then chances are high that you’ve already blown all your double payouts in the previous round to complete the 20 power ups task. And that means, if you are really wanting to complete all 3 daily tasks, you have to shell out real money (and quite a lot) to buy enough of those double payout power ups. And if you get to task #3 and that is to DAUB the double XP powerup 5 times, we’ll then good luck, you’re probably having to buy a LOT of tickets to do that. I get that they want to make money, and lots of it and while I have already spent way more real money on this game than I care to admit, this is where I stop. There are other bingo games out there where I can have fun completing 3 tasks without having to unlock subsequently and spend a ton of cash. Sorry to say but this will be the end for me unless they change (which I suppose won’t happen).
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4 years ago, fedguhjn
Ads for Tickets
I will give credit where credit is due and say that this is by far my favorite bingo and overall game app that I have encountered. It is the first gaming system that I have spent my own money on as it is quite addictive. However, with this being said, the amount that I get every day is about enough to play one to two rounds of 4 cards, if I’m lucky. Before, we had an opportunity to watch videos for tickets, which didn’t feel like enough then but at least it gave us more to work with. Now I feel even more limited and almost forced to continue to spend my own money to be able to enjoy the game fully. I cannot continue to afford this expense, regardless of how much enjoyment I receive from this game, and may even stop playing entirely so I am not tempted every time I lose tickets so quickly. That would be such a bummer since I truly enjoy this bingo version a lot! At the very least please allow us the option to watch ads for tickets, it would be a big help. Keep up the great job making this game as dynamic and entertaining as possible!
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5 years ago, 0302Bella
So much fun!
I stay up way too late playing Bingo Party. It’s always fun, and has enough variety to keep me playing! Once I figured out the tournament games, I was hooked-I love their quick pace. Also love the different stages like PAC-MAN, Crazy Drops, Vampire, Gladiator, and more. They keep the journey interesting. The only problem I have had has been in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I get disconnected from the internet, and in the past I would get a refund when I was able to get back on. But recently, I haven’t been getting refunds when this happens, which is costing me a lot of tickets, power-ups, and then money. I live in a city which doesn’t always have the best coverage, so I get disconnected somewhat regularly. How can I get my refunds when that happens?
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2 years ago, Tyl3r dollas
Could be awesome
It has so many different bingo games that anyone can find something they like. It’s definitely a super fun game and I love playing it. The HUGE downside is that if you have any issues you are on your own. You can email the company and you will never hear back from them. The longer you play, the less you win. The power up system they have is terrible. I have over 700 power ups but none of the good ones and when you are playing the game they ALWAYS play the power up you don’t have so either you purchase more( at a huge cost) or you can’t use your 700 power ups you keep collecting. I find this to be by far the most annoying thing. If I don’t have the power ups, they should not come up to play. It makes no sense. And you will never win any of the big challenges. They totally fix it so you can’t. And why don’t you have a way to get in touch with you? Is it because you are just trying to rip people off and don’t want to deal with it. There should be a place to report developers like this.
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10 months ago, They’re all taken12345
New Update is Terrible
I was having so much fun with this game before the most recent update because you actually earned tickets to play and won the puzzle pieces at a decent rate. Now after this update it is absolutely TERRIBLE. You don’t win that often and when you do, the tickets/prizes you win are not even close to what you have to use to get one win. And the puzzle pieces you have to earn to win the ticket prize on each level? Almost impossible to win now. And they don’t offer them on the base level of play anymore (at least at the level I’m on now), not even in chests. You HAVE to play the tier 2 level minimum in order to even have a CHANCE at winning one and then winning it from there is next to impossible now. I’m not willing to pay a ton of money for tickets to play and have to wait sometimes a day or two in order to get enough tickets to play one or two games. I wanted something that was fun and that I didn’t have to pour money into and this game was that until it wasn’t. Disappointed to say the least.
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6 years ago, WJaMhIll
Not For The Casual Player
The game looked like a simple way to wipe the cares from one’s mind, but it appears I have but two options: (1) Sign up with facebook to enable saved-game status, or (2) play as a guest, repeating entry-level games for eternity. Now, there MAY be other options I’ve not seen, but those two are the only options on the entry screen (there isn’t even a “contact the programmer” or a how-to on the entry screen). And when I played one game as a guest, I couldn’t see where else to save “my” game-status. Frankly, I’d give the game zero stars if I could for the inane assumption that everyone who plays on a personal device wants to connect digitally with friends (which I would rather do in person...over movies, meals, & margaritas; conversations, cruises, & cards; laser-tag, laughter, & linguine; tacos, tennis, theater and the hallowed beauty of mere time). When I play a game, it’s to fill in a few moments when the mind needs to rest in relative blankness. Obviously, this game isn’t for players like me, but I assume it will fill a spot for those who haven’t yet “completed” a circle of very close friends with whom one wants to (and can) connect in the real world...
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5 years ago, Paperski
Played for first time and of course didn't have the cash to win the daily tournaments and all the other bs your are subjected to all at once by trying to win this and that etc. That was ok I was willing to know I was not going to place but I had fun....HOWEVER this morning when I went to play I was greeted with really crappy messages saying COME ON! You placed at the bottom 7% and then said something else negative about not winning or completing a puzzle etc! Talk about bullying me into feeling bad. I don't need petty Bingo to make me feel bad. This world is hard enough then to get grinded on by a stupid game. Also might be nice if the challenges didn’t always start with BUY BUY BUY-basically if you don’t purchase anything you wont win anything so don’t bother. You have RUINED BINGO FOR SO MANY PEOPLE. GREED = PATHETIC- SOME COOL DEVELOPERS WILL EVENTUALLY FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE A GAME JUST ABOUT FUN AND TRUE LUCK VS GREEDY ALGORITHMS! If you think its going to get me to buy more WRONG! I am uninstalling after this review. Get your GREEDY ACT TOGETHER! Try being positive to those of us who can’t afford to dump our money into online Bingo where you don't win anything REAL anyway. SHAME ON YOU!
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5 years ago, hollysanita
Too much for my blood
I love this game. But ticket prices are too high. I don’t even have a Facebook to like the page to receive free tickets from you. If I play a tournament my daily bonus I receive will be spent instantly on 4 cards which is one game. It’s no fun playing 1 or 2 cards. The lower costing rooms don’t even give you a chance to bingo before the game is over. And I’ve bought tickets and power ups. Again $4.99 for 500 tickets isn’t a deal and definitely isn’t enough. And that tony guy has never sent a gift. Ever. I started playing in October and nearly completed most of my puzzles before you all introduced the new puzzles thus expiring my hard work. And those are tickets I’ll never have. I hate the new wheel thing. 10 stars is the minimum to spend the wheel. And stars are nearly impossible to get now. Duplicate cards? Honestly I can go weeks without spinning. I’m cashing out on this game when I can go to a real bingo hall and play more then what you charge me for a pack of tickets. Awesome game but these changes aren’t beneficial to your players
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5 years ago, Folds my good cards only!!!
It’s ok if you spend money
It’s the funnest bingo I’ve played, until I run out of tickets. It’s difficult to rebuild if you don’t “win”. So you are stuck waiting a day (sometimes two) until you can play “a few more games”. UNLESS you spend money. I don’t like spending money on games unless they are good deals. These aren’t. You lose so quickly it isn’t worth the money. I wish there were easier ways to “win tickets” to play. As spending a crap ton of money for a bingo game isn’t in the cards for me as I have a family to support. Don’t get me wrong, It’s fun to play, like I said the funnest bingo I’ve played! Just wish the Money and losing tickets so quickly wasn’t such a huge problem. I’d play more and probably spend some money if it was easier to hold onto, or had better deals that weren’t wasted. To each their own. I wait till I get a few more tickets and play for about 5 min then wait a few more days. May delete the game cause of this, but it WAS fun while it lasted.
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5 years ago, choklate thai
Fun game, poor rewards
I actually enjoy playing this game however the rewards you win are not worth the amount of tickets you play. The daily bonus that you can get every 24 hours isn’t sufficient enough to play 4 cards at double the price ( you want to double you card price so you have a higher chance of winning) i literally go into the game every day just to collect tickets for almost a week at a time just so i can play a few games at a time. They do offer tickets for purchase but even those are not enough to satisfy your play time unless you are forking out loads of money. I am definitely NOT paying for anything in the game i would rather uninstall it than to pay for tickets that will get me 1 round before i have to buy again. My suggestion: increase pay outs and daily bonus as far as tickets go to make playing and winning bingo worth it! My daily bonus is less than the cost of 4 cards... not sure how you expect me to play multiple rounds with my rewards never reaching the costs of the cards smh
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6 years ago, Jjbyke82
No improvement
I went to this page to check out other reviews to see if other people had the same feelings I did. First off I love this game, but I’ve seen that many people are not happy with things that I feel the same about. Not enough profit with bingos, not enough bingos, and the insane money you have to spend for little playing time. I have read reviews from OVER A YEAR AGO with the same complaints and you guys say you “seriously consider the feedback” but honestly you must not at all. I downloaded this game less than a month ago and I am already fed up with some of the issues that make me not want to play. I’m not someone who can waste money on tickets everyday. I have seen you say invite friends but Facebook won’t let you do that anymore. I’m just disappointed because you guys take no feedback. You honestly only care about the money aspect. Very unrealistic and it’s very disappointing you guys create such a fun game but it has so many downsides. I hope to see change in the near future.
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2 years ago, Bobbersxcz
Not realistic
Save your time. This game does not produce very many tickets or rewards compared to what you need to play. You dont stand a chance without boosters. If you dont have them, it is impossible to win, so you will need to spend a lot of money to stock up on them. If by chance you do win, it rarely covers the cost it took to play the game. Tried on 2 occasions to collect all the cards, spent way too much money, only to come up 2 cards short each time. There is no way to guarantee that you even can get all cards as they appear to be by chance, with the highest chance they are not available. My stupidity was that I honestly felt like I could complete the task of collecting all cards. I just missed it one time so I was hooked going for the second time. Im embarrassed to even say how much money I spent on this game, but whatever you think you spent, I’ve doubled or tripled that. You would be better off playing the lottery without any numbers, same odds. Do me a favor and don’t fall into the trap. You will absolutely never win.
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8 months ago, DaveD19
Used to be fun but nothing but a money grab now.
This game used to be fun and entertaining. This was by far the best bingo game available to play. Now the game has become nothing but a money grab. I do not mind spending money sometimes which I have done. You should not have to spend money every day to have a decent chance of going good on the game. Lately, spending money on the game gives you the same amount of chance of success as not spending any money. They have taken helpful ways of getting tickets and power-ups away recently. The sales have went up substantially in price but you get the same or less compared to what you got a year or two ago. Last, if you any issues with the game, support will find a way to blame it on you. Plus, it takes way too long to better back from support. I’m very close to deleting this game for good. I’m holding out a little longer hoping the game will be fun like it used to be.
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3 years ago, BabesBunni
The New Update is the Downfall to this App
I’ve been playing Bingo Party for over 3 years now. I, like many others, have invested hundreds of dollars in to my account for a fun, leisure Bingo game that WAS worth it. However the recent update has made it almost impossible to complete certain tasks and obtain cards. It’s confusing and difficult not to mention asking us to invest to level up on the “Free” & $20/mo RoyalPass to advance. Not to mention lowering the amount of tickets we earn from daily tasks but we shouldn’t have to purchase “Jewels” when we are already spending our money on tickets, power-ups, monthly events and sale chests. The Facebook Group for connecting with other daily players has expressed their concerns so much, many are leaving due to your greediness. No one can afford any additional add ons; especially in a pandemic. Please let me know if you intend to make any changes because you’re losing a lot of clients.
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5 years ago, BellaDana
Used to love it, but...
Now that I’ve leveled up a little, I can’t seem to get a bingo to save my life. It’s very expensive to play number one, and I realize these companies have to make their money, but I just feel like it’s a bit over the top. I’ve spent a lot of money on just this one game and at this point it seems like there’s no benefit to playing. It’s things like the caller calling out every number but the ones you need to either get an instant bingo or regular one has frustrated me to the point where I can’t help but believe it’s on purpose. Like, constantly losing will somehow make me want to spend money?? Lol. Early on in my progress I was winning almost every time I played, but that is no longer the case. I just want to gripe out loud because it’s so obviously intended to get you hooked enough so that you’ll continue to spend, and it’s totally frustrating. This is just a game; I will and do sleep at night not winning like I used to, but people know when games get greedy or try to sucker you into spending your money. I spent what I have because I was entertained, I enjoyed it, and so on. Maybe the focus should be getting people to play/pay and KEEPING them playing/paying instead of trying to dupe them into it. No need to reply, I’ve read the previous reviews and responses and I don’t need anyone to try and satiate me or lead me to believe you’ll do anything about it.
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3 years ago, cam-a-rino
You people are so sad
It’s sad because it’s such a fun game at first. Get to level 40 and they cheat you out of your tickets. I used to buy 2 cards at a time when I was level 10 and win a lot but as I got up I would buy 4 cards and win once every 2 games if I was lucky. I am sad to say I probably will not be playing this game again because of the fact that whenever you seem to run out of tickets it advertises a sale to spend money. I am disappointed that a fun game turned into a rip off. Also I think that this game developer will recommend things on Facebook. I think that you are forgetting that there are little kids here that can’t have Facebook or people, like me, who try to stay away from social drama. I am frustrated beyond belief and you need to be able to earn more tickets without money, 5 videos a day that give you barely anything, and Facebook!!!!! Until people come to their senses I do not recommend this game!!!
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6 years ago, Karbunny
Very good but costly
This was the best bingo game I’ve came across in a while. The levels are wonderful especially the candy one. I love the music and the narrators matched what part of the world you were in at that time. I love the chances to double your points. Ant the extra merits you received when you hit the right number or level. Great time consuming game. Downfall, just plan to the point. You win nothing even though you spend money. This isn’t one of those live games where you have to pay to win “real” things. I can’t see where you grab a lot of points even when you hit bingo. I came in first place and it cost more tickets to play that round than I received after winner 1st place. Great game if you have extra cash to waste. It would be nice if the game was actually fair. If you felt as if you was winning more than losing your actual cash. Also, they have advertisements in the game so they get paid from them. I miss the old days when you got a game and you could enjoy it without it being fixed to take your cash. If you have extra cash to replenish every couple days, then have fun.
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10 months ago, Trixsterpix
All the fun is gone
Every update makes this game just worse and worse. Stupid, juvenile graphics, inexplicable changes to contests and special rooms that are difficult to understand and even more difficult to actually succeed at. Used to stand a chance at getting extra tickets or rewards participating in specialty games and rooms, forget that now. Either it is next to impossible or the payouts have been reduced to smaller amounts. For what purpose, just greed? And now the latest update doesn’t even show a count down timer to show you when the bingo starts - so you can be stuck waiting until “33” or whatever amount of bingos are won until the next game begins - just starting at a screen twiddling your thumbs. What a pain and stupid change. This used to be such a fun, relaxing game that I didn’t mind shelling out some money to play it now it just disappoints on absolutely every level.
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4 years ago, Blanche golden girl
Great game, needs a few adjustments
Love this game, spent a lot of money playing, my only concern is that as soon as it says round over the game ends, it should give you a few minutes before it closes to give you time to search for bingos you’ve probably missed. Also, since the amount goes up as you go up levels, the amount of money you receive should be more, plus the time to get the bonus should be less and more money. I enjoy playing this game, however I can’t afford to pay no longer sometimes with a bonus of $1100 and I’m up to playing the 600 puzzle, I can only play 1 game if I don’t win and even if I win, it’s not enough to play at least two. And also you can’t get bonuses on the tasks if you are at a lower level. Hope you take this into consideration, I will hate to stop playing, because I enjoy the game, as I said before I can’t afford to keep paying...
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6 years ago, He's a nice mayne
I have never written a review past a few sentences... here we go..
In the ten plus years I’ve had an iPhone, gaming apps have not been my thing. They still aren’t however this one.. I need to delete.. I’m hooked. For whatever reason I have spent over $400 or $500 in two months. This is with no judgement to anyone who does not doesn’t. However I felt the need to share my experience with the game. It has quite honesty been a type of coping skill or drug to me. It’s awesome! The graphics, all the “neat stuff” lol. I have no idea what techie words to use to describe it. I’m sure you can connect the dots! My message to users- Try it. It’s a great app. Beware though. I’m deleting now. I take responsibility for the black hole I fall into when playing and $ I am unable to put my brain around spending. My message to the developers is this- Not cool to give so little daily tickets, daubes, what not. You have an amazing game. Give the users a break on the “specials” The dangling of carrots to lead users to play and play . It was fun while it lasted! Peace! 🎟
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6 years ago, Disappointedmlt
Greeeeeeeeeeeedy developers
The amount of tickets won per game is not even 1/2 the cost to play. Sometimes you only win 8 tickets! That’s a joke. I understand that you can beg your Facebook friends by asking them to send you tickets. Games that require you to force people in your friends list to play are annoying. People don’t want to add random people they don’t know to their personal page only to get tickets to play a game. You say to play the low cost games and thats not accurate either. In order to play those you still need to win tickets which this game doesn’t give. You can watch five ads only to receive enough tickets to play one round. And if you do win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place bingo you still don’t even win enough to cover the cost to play. You say that the game gives you free tickets every 22 hours. Yes that is true. It gives enough to play one 4 card game or two 2 card games every 22 hours! That’s terrible. You say that Tony gives gifts from time to time. Again 150 tickets is only enough in some of the lower cost levels to play one time. Come on! At least give enough tickets equal to the amount it costs to play like other games! It’s too bad cause the game itself is really fun. This complaint is in the reviews and on the fb page over and over again. Why aren’t you listening to the people’s request?
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2 years ago, Jackiek41
I love this game. I really do, and I want to PLAY this game… I’m just not rich enough to maybe? I might get to play 2-4 rounds anymore because I run out of tickets and when tickets are awarded after an hour, I’ll get 8… what exactly am I supposed to do with 8 tickets, or even 30 tickets? That is not enough for a game. So there I am, another hour later… 18 tickets. Ok, so I’m up to either 26 or 48 tickets… let’s wait another hour. Why is it so expensive for the tickets? I would buy them, but it’s not worth the money. $10, with double tickets, gets you 2000. If you’re trying to move along and complete rooms, at 960 for 4 cards, you get 2 plays for that amount. Please make winnings worth the price you are paying to play, or the tickets cheaper. I don’t want to delete this game.
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6 years ago, Eriikaah
This game is a rip off
I used to love this game before the update. I have paid for the elite status only to have the game constantly crash. I have lost over 6000+ tickets and countless power ups (2x payout and instant bingos mainly) and never got them back. It wasn’t even worth paying for as the payout for the bingos is far less then you pay a round. That is even if you get a bingo because out of 45 players and 300 cards there is only 22 bingos!!! I will not pay or even play this game anymore. Nothing but money hungry developers. Sure it’s different from all other bingo games but what’s the use of it if you can play but 10 minutes of the day. I’d rather play the other games and know I will have more game play time than this game. And before I get a promoted answer from developers just know that you are losing players fast by not taking into account what our grievances about the game are. Your greediness is costing you more.
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1 week ago, tmunch
Just ok
So I’ve been playing for a few weeks I’ll start with the good….the look is very nice and it’s easy to play. The level progression is fair. Now for the not so good….its not easy to navigate, ticket payout compared to ticket cost per round is ridiculously low, way too many pop-ups to try and get you to buy stuff with your own money, the caller voices/accents are super annoying which makes it hard to understand the numbers, some of the actions during rounds are distracting. I am not the type of person who will spend money to advance in a game I would love to just be able to play a fun game that I do not have add my own money. I would pay a one time fee to own the game with no ads or pop-ups and earn tickets or coins at a decent pace.
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4 years ago, Squid{123456789}
Fun but issues
Play this game a lot and find it addicting sometimes. Some of issues I’ve been recently having are spending tickets to play and it takes my tickets and doesn’t allow the game to continue. Happened twice this morning and I lost out on 1,040 tickets on Level 74 of Munich. This happened in the past as well but we for lesser levels. I recommend that when you purchase packs to carefully scrutinize the purchase to determine all tickets, power ups, safe coins, etc are actually shown in your account. Frustrating when I just purchase tickets, used them and got nothing in return. Other than these issues, the game is fun as I said and levels get harder. I personally like the special play bingos and not the usual kind but they seem to be more infrequent.
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5 years ago, D-oodle_Bug
Greedy, Greedy, Greedy - Stingy, Stingy, Stingy
This Bingo game is nothing but a front for the owner(s) to make money by both making the Bingo round so short (only 22 numbers called per round) and the payouts so small so you will quickly run out of the in-game currency you need to keep playing. They also withhold your ability to use the “power ups” you have by randomly flash a pop-up window that covers up the both your Bingo cards and the numbers being called with an ad wanting you to buy more (with real $$), when you click on the flashing “Power Up” icon. It’s not only incredibly distracting, it’s down right rude. There is a constant barrage of these “buy our stuff” pop-up ads every where in the game. One time I counted 5 when I was entering the game. I’m giving it one star, but that’s only for the graphical design of the game. It may be free to play but that’s just proof of getting what you pay for 😏
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7 months ago, Mason Warman
Greedy and rigged game.
I really liked this game until I got to about level 44. I’m now on level 46. Tickets are unreasonably hard to come across. I enjoyed the game so I made FOUR purchases for tickets in 2 levels. I’ve spent about $20 on this game just to lose the tickets IMMEDIATELY. This game is so rigged. You win maaaybe 1 card out of 20 cards? There’s been so many cards where the round is over and my card only has 2 or 3 daubs. The most annoying part is I consistently have “wonderful daubs” meaning I don’t miss a number but yet I’m not winning at all. I wish I could go back and delete the app before I WASTED money in hopes to be able to enjoy playing some more. This game is so greedy. You spend 5 dollars to get like 12 cards that you’re going to lose all the cards anyways. Do yourself a favor and delete the app once you hit the 40s on levels.
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1 year ago, iBexxx0825
Hate the new layout & UI
I don’t like the lack of info now during bingo games that came with the latest update i.e how many chests you’ve collected and if you dobbed x2 win, x2 xp. Took me 10 mins to figure out how to get out of a bingo room. Also there are 2 misspelled words that are driving me nuts. One is the new game Proud Peacock, in the game it says Pround Peacock and the 2nd is when scratching legendary cards for the card collection. The copper chest is spelled as cooper. The game now resembles Wild Bingo which was terrible. I liked the older look of this game, now it’s lacking a lot of basic info and simple movement through the game. Terrible job devs. Also the garden event has become impossible to complete. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game but I’ve no desire to play since the latest update. My wallet will thank me.
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2 years ago, 1 cindi
3 stars. Would like to give more buuutttttt. I think being able to get support easily is important. This game is not support friendly. Had to go this route. I do enjoy the game and don’t usually have issues. But I am playing in odessy—the piggy game. And have yet to have any stars awarded. I know I should have at least 2. Please check into this. I usually find the games fun. Sometimes frustrating when I can’t get the one bingo I need. But still fun! And a lot of them are kinda cute. I have played a lot of bingo games over the years and this one I have yet to permanently delete. I don’t often have to wait long for issues to be addressed and if support was easier to get to I would give 5 stars. Thank you for a fun game
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3 years ago, Kandyst4r
Fun but frustrating
I have spent an embarrassingly large amount of money on this game and I still can’t get the last card I need. Not only that but they have now made the game harder to get anything in the events it’s ridiculous. So basically you can spend over $200 in this game and you still won’t get anything and they expect you to keep doing it but Nah. And I don’t normally pay real money for these games but I kind of just thought maybe I’ll do it this one time and then yeah it’s not even worth it I kind a wish I could just give all my money back. The game is fun yeah but not so much when they make it harder to play events And to get these cards. So might as well just stick with Bingo Journey because at least they give you a chance without you spending anything.
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5 years ago, 1winglessangel
Fun Game BUT....
The game is very fun, it has a great variety and the challenges are fun however, you run through tickets fast. Even low cost games run through them. There is a glitch that doesn’t allow you to invite friends or get credit when you do send the invite. Also, you never win enough tickets to even come close to compensate what you spend. The purchase cost of the tickets isn’t even reasonable enough. For example, $20 will get you about 3000 tickets, which you burn through in just a few rounds. The $100 purchase doesn’t even give you enough tickets. If the devs would balance out the ticket ratio, this game would be the absolute best Bingo game on the market. Right now Bingo Pop has this one beat, simply because the card cost is better balanced.
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2 years ago, divinekiki
Awesome Sauce!
This has always been my favorite bingo game so I try to play it as often as I can. I was wondering though I only recently one time won the 7 days free Crystal Club pass but the daily prize button never worked for me. I’m not sure why but I tried several times a day to no avail to make it work. I’m trying to get it again I was wondering is there anything I’m doing wrong that it doesn’t work? This way I will know for future reference. Other than that I love all of the challenges and the new things that keep coming up. Keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, Call me puzzled!
If I could rate it lower I would. Many times to count on the last number I could get a bingo, you end the round with no time to hit the number and I miss out again and again. Give us enough time to play the last number. You are about to lose a dedicated player for feeling cheated. You should at least reimburse me for this happening every day many times. Show me you care that I spend lots of money. Or you will lose me as a player. You said you would daub something but nothing happened. I did not notice or see anything. I’m so disappointed and regret having faith in you. I cannot see myself spending another dime on this game. By the way the problem of ending without any way of playing the last number continues. I will finish out what I have available to play and then I will quit. Just asking for fairness and I guess that does not interest you.
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3 months ago, elfinfaerie
Not for me
After initially downloading the game, I would say that the rate of gameplay they offered was decent. It didn’t last long though. After a few days, the bonus credits given to be able to play dwindles. You can watch ads for tiny amounts of credits, but it isn’t enough to sustain any enjoyable amount play time. My credits today were the tiniest. Watching a full length ad would give me about 15 credits. You need hundreds to play a game with 4 cards. After each game concludes, you’re forced to sit through a load of graphic theatrics. That being said, the game is built well and lovely to see—— I just wish I had enough credits to ever really enjoy it. I don’t mind being supportive and watching ads for revenue—- the payoff just isn’t worth it though.
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7 years ago, Katz123456677
So-so new update
(1) The new update (today) seems to have discontinued the free tickets I would get for logging in (not counting the daily free tickets). (2) Powerups should only pop up for the ones you have. It’s silly to say i have one to use, but wait, I actually don’t. Then I have to click off the pop-up window saying I don’t want to purchase it (in the middle of the game!!). Only display powerups I actually have! (3) I love the daily challenges and the daily tasks to complete. Not many tickets, but it’s fun and challenging. (4) There should be more bingos in rounds. If 100 people are playing 300 cards, it doesn’t make sense that there are only 22 bingos available. This number should be increased to at least 1/2.. other bingo games do this and it’s not so disheartening.
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5 years ago, tanabanana13
Connectivity issues in the middle of a round
I want to like this game but it just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s always cutting out in the middle of a live game saying the network lost its way, and then it spins and spins and the game gets out of sync, and it reconnects you after a TON of balls have gone by, and it’s frustrating to have to catch up. Sometimes you don’t, and you lose points for missing numbers, or you didn’t get to place your last few winning marks and miss out on a bingo. Sometimes you catch up just in time to call the bingo but you mash the button and it disconnects. It feels risky to play more than two cards at once. The connection issue is not me. I don’t have issues with any other online games and it happens consistently in every round. I’m deleting this game.
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7 years ago, Sefune15
Not as fun
With almost 400 power ups, the game will still only allow 2-3 to be used during a game of four cards. Sometimes up to 5, but why the fluctuation? However when you try to use the next power up it pops up a “purchase” screen, in the middle of the game. Frustrating. Also, the game seems designed only to get you to make purchases. The cards cost a lot, you can’t always use the power ups and you barely win. You could play 20 cards and not still get 3 bingos. Its a drain. Again, designed with the hopes that you’ll spend money and buy the tickets and power ups that will be gone in minutes. Almost impossible to win. Finally, customer support is terrible. Send an email to report something gone wrong and they don’t fix it. Instead they give you lame answer that has absolutely nothing to do with went wrong.
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3 years ago, Youve got to try this
No stars, except the one that has be selected to send my review
I’m removing the app for this game. I used to like playing it daily, and moving to new levels with new voices calling out the numbers. I liked playing with four cards to increase my chances. Now, I can barely get enough tickets to play one card. I spend more time looking at game previews (which are sometimes for the same game six times in a row)to get enough free tickets to play one round. I’m done wasting my time trying to get enough tickets to even play one round every three days! So, unless you are prepared to spend a lot of your money trying to buy enough tickets to keep playing this game, then I wish you luck. Me? I’m out!
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5 years ago, Danel Ehorn
Great game, but....
This is such a fun game!! It’s fast, addicting, and tons of different challenges and game within it. However, it irritates me that it’s all designed to make you spend real money to play!! As you pass each level, you have to pay a lot more to play, BUT you get hardly anything back in return! For example, you have to pay 240 tickets to play 4 cards. Say you win two bingos out of the 4 cards, you only win 70-90 tickets in return! That’s if you’re lucky. You usually win less than 30 tickets, and have to pay over 100 to play! It’s not fair. They push all these “deals” to make you pay real money for more tickets, but you still blow through the tickets so quickly, because you barely win any back! It’s getting to where it’s not fun anymore!! I can only play a few games a day, then have to wait 24 hours to get another 240 tickets free! Sometimes that’s only one game! I refuse to pay $20 for 3,000 tickets, when that doesn’t go far! Please start being more generous, or You’re going to lose a lot of players.
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6 years ago, ttoratheexoraa
I like the game but it’s too expensive. When you use your tickets you don’t get the awards back that you put in 98% of the time even when you win. Then when you actually get the cool free spin it literally gives you either 2 useless power ups or not enough tickets to buy one card. Also, the snowman room is ridiculous I’ve won maybe two times because there is never snowflakes. For example, I will have 4 numbers left on the board with less than half the meter filled needed to win. And now It just took my tickets and that really made me write a review. AND EVEN WIN YOU PAY MORE ACTUAL $$$ OR INCREASE YOUR LEVEL FOR BETTER REWARDS YOU STILL WIN VERY LITTLE. The amount of times I’ve won a lot of tickets/gotten good rewards and been happy has been less than a fourth of the time I’ve had the game.
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11 months ago, Yellow Sun Flower
A Joke
I have been playing Bingo Party since it came out. This is a joke. They change the rules and hold players hostage from completing the daily tasks and all the other side games you have to play besides playing BINGO. They just made some changes. They have now copied Bingo Blitz with the task display but didn’t tell their customers that have to play in Super Boost mode to get credit for tasks. They copied the Fish game from Bingo Bash. They never do anything to compensate their players and will fight you to the end of the world to make sure you don’t get a refund from the App Store or Google Play. I have have made many purchases this year, along with all the other years and I am in a worse position with winning the game challenge that the rules forever change. The biggest Bingo Joke I have ever seen.
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5 years ago, M4GM1
New daily task
Right now I'm not happy with the new daily task. First time playing the game since the new daily task started & it says I need 900 tickets to complete the 1st task. I'm fine with that, but I've played & I've won 6 bingos which means I've won tickets & it says I have 0 tickets. What's up with that! Is it a glitch or am I wrong in thinking that how you get your tickets for completing the task is actually by winning them through winning bingos? If it's a glitch then please fix it. EDIT: After I wrote this I went back to the game to play some more & the tickets started filling up in the daily task. It must have been a delay.
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6 years ago, jdb1277
Love the game - HATE the cost - Improvement Suggestions
Love this game, but it could be so much better for the players if some improvements were made... My suggestions... 1. Chests should be for power ups and puzzle pieces only. 2. When you increase the amount of XP needed to level up, you need to increase the reward received as well. The costs far exceed the benefits. 3. There should be more bingos available. The number of bingos in relation to the amount of players and cards is a complete rip-off. Greedy much?? 4. There should be packages available that include tickets and power ups. Having one without the other is a complete waste. 5. Elite and VIP status should count towards every bingo room - not just the tournament score. Extra XP would be an idea... 6. Payouts on bingo wins should be at least double the cost of a bingo card. Winning back what you just paid is really not winning, and double payouts only seem to happen when you don’t have any bingos or power ups, so why even bother?? If you offered better payouts and more chances to bingo, you would have much happier players. Stop being so greedy!! Thanks!!
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2 years ago, Kayak_Lady
If you don’t mind crashes and 18 mandatory buttons to get to a game
Been on this app a couple years and spent money. The daily mandatory clicks to get to a bingo card is annoying. Just when I think I’ve responded to the last one, up pop another 4. But that’s not what broke my enjoyment. Over the past month, it’s crashed during a game once and twice a week. This time, it’s two days in a row. No other game on my phone crashes so it’s not on my end. The game restores my lost credit at the next log on but it’s happened so many times that, when I start a game, a part of me is feeling a little anxious wondering when it’s going to crash mid-game again. When a game does the opposite of its intention it’s time to move on.
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