Birthday Countdown

4.8 (4.9K)
43.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Find Appiness LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Birthday Countdown

4.8 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Bulgaria528
Steven James
Great app I love how you can add it as a small widget on my iPhone. I do love how you can change the color when you added the widget to either black, blue, green. Though I wish for two requests for this app because I have paid for the pro version. MyFirst request for this app is if we can choose what size of widget we want in our home screen for that particular app. For example it could be a medium size widget a small widget or a large Widget. My second and final request for this app is if we could choose more colors to add into the Widget once we edit The widget where we can choose what color we want the background to be on the Widget while it’s on the home screen of our iPhone. Great work whoever created this app the developer did a great job with it set up and I love it because once I add it to my home screen as a widget I don’t have to go inside of the app I could just go in the app right on the home screen from the Widget. Keep up the good work please keep me updated of what changes are you making in the future of this app email me if you want to directly. I highly recommend for all users to have it to try out these brand new features that I just mentioned on the review.
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4 years ago, MassiveBist
Best birthday app!
I have tried a few apps to get reminders for the birthdays of family and friends and this one is the easiest I’ve used. I can add as many birthdays as I want without paying, I can enter the year of birth for each person so that I know how old they’re turning, all in all it's great! About time someone made an app that works great and is easy to use, keep it up!
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2 years ago, inShaneity
Crash on import from calendar
Probably the best simple one I’ve found! Love the fact that it keeps track of the age which is what I’ve always wanted from google calendar. Edit: Latest update fixed the import! Thank you!! Raised 1 star. A few more suggestions would make this perfect: a search function, being able to put the age instead of the year, have option to remove the emoji.
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2 years ago, MaddelynSadie
Highly recommend!
I like being able to open the birthdays app to plan whose gift I need to think about next. Today was one of my closest friends’ birthday and she was so moved I remembered it that she cried (she’s used to having her birthday forgotten) so yes this app is very worth it Nice and simple to use, I like the import from contacts option. Doesn’t need any other bells & whistles for me
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4 months ago, Dan Guasp
Absolutely awesome
This app is exactly what I have been looking for. The other one I was using stopped being supported. This app allows easy import, and export after you unlock that feature. The widget is exactly what I want. On the front where it is alway visible. Thank you for creating this app.
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3 years ago, Ar,Nicole22
Amazing App, Just One Thing..
I use these apps religiously! The Countdown app is my all time favorite. I love this app too, but the only thing is that it doesn’t keep up with the days. For instance, it will say that a birthday is 17 days away for a week and it won’t countdown (this is on the widget). If the widget could keep up and countdown better then it would be perfect! That’s my only thing though! Everything else is amazing!
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4 years ago, catalanojuan
Title: Best birthday reminder!
I love this app, I'm not missing birthdays anymore. Because I've been using Facebook less and I relied on it for birthdays I missed several friends birthdays. I tried a lot of birthday apps, and this one is the best. The design is clean and it's easy to use, there are no limits to how many birthdays I can add. It just works. Love it!
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1 year ago, Nora Gomski
So good
I have 2 big family’s and it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s birth day and now I get reminded to tell them happy birthday it is perfect me it also tells you how many months days and hours till your b day such a good app to get
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2 years ago, gogoll
Nice and simple app
Just switched to paid version. Please add the ability to add short note to a person's Birthday. That would really be useful as I want to add time or place of birth, or a gift preferences. Other than that, all good and simple. Thank you!
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2 weeks ago, Michelle Pencil
Some Weird Glitch
I enjoyed this app for several years before a weird glitch changed about half my contacts birthdays to be a day off. It was totally random as to whether it switched to one day before or after and I can’t even tell which are correct or not. I still use it because it’s hard to take the time to switch them all to something else. I just feel like seriously? You had one job? One job….
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1 year ago, Layla Alysse
Best countdown ever!!
I like this countdown. It has no ads and it lets you add more than 15 birthdays. If you’re looking for a birthday countdown that has no ads you’re at the right app. You can even add countdowns for weddings, vlogs, and more. I hope the app never ends.
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12 months ago, iman kgs
Wow amazing
I love this app as i love birthdays and remember a lot of them but I have a huge family and a lot of friends so I can’t keep track of them and they’re birthdays are so close together that I keep mixing them up
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3 years ago, Beachwalkin
❤️ 2 weeks notice option please
I live far from friends and actually still mail cards/gifts. If you could make a 2 weeks notice option, it’d be perfect 👌 thanks
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4 years ago, Sushicatgirl
Has Never worked
I paid for an upgrade and this app has been basically frozen! I wrote two emails on the help icon & have never received a response. As far as I’m concerned a rip off!
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2 years ago, cornwell#1
So useful
I love this app it is so useful and it has no adds and I use it for other things not just birthdays.I recommend it for forgetful people like me and people who have a busy schedule.😁
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2 years ago, Shelendor
Good app with one big issue
I installed about 10 birthday reminder apps and tried to find the best one for me. This one was pretty good, but... Guys, "2021 year" for all contacts that don't have a year? Seriously? Do you really think that users always know the year of birth for all their contacts?
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3 years ago, jbnichols13!
I love it so much!
I love this app so much and I really think it is helpful! I can be forgetful sometimes with my friends and family’s birthday but with this one I will never forget a single birthday!
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7 months ago, Price-O
A must have app
I really really love this app with the widgets, the alerts that sound off to remind you of that person’s birthday. Great job and Thank you!!
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12 months ago, James Lajerick
I say 4/5 because its simple and easy to use, but the only things are, instead if a notification, it should be an alarm. And theres is no need to know the year they were born.
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1 year ago, Glen Chao
Great app but could be better
Great app! Easy and straight forward to use. The widget feature integration is also great. However, it would be even better if the widgets would display more information and have more choices. 1. Show more than one birthday for small Home Screen widget also Lock Screen widget 2. Be able to show a specific birthday for widget. Edit: 1. Thanks I will be reaching out. 2. My bad I forgot to try that. But would be great to be able to show more than one birthdays for the small widget.
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2 months ago, Emma the bomb
So easy to tell how long until your event definitely recommend
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1 year ago, Skiskaks
I love how this app sends reminders and you can import ur contacts make easily
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1 year ago, Eileen Rogers Mullins
Can’t Open App
I love the app, but I can no longer open it. When you click on it, it starts to open, then closes again. Would love to be able to get in again!
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7 months ago, mjtherockstar13
I like this app cuz I helps me remember when events and birthdays are so it’s very helpful so I love this app and who ever created this had a great! Idea
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11 months ago, Whywhywouldyoudothat
Does its job
I deleted the app because it's not what I’m looking for but it does do what it says
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10 months ago, loco Lola Rose
Something went wrong!
I have been using this app for a couple of years. All of a sudden, I was a day early wishing people happy birthday. On August 30 & 31, I had 3 people off by a day. I looked ahead to September and everyone listed us a day early! What happened?!?!?!
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3 years ago, pickleball23
Very handy app
Nice to have an app that reminds you of birthdays just when you need them!
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4 years ago, tdog526
Great App
It’s great with keeping me updated on not just birthdays but and even that I may need. It is very helpful considering I can be forgetful at times.
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3 days ago, Mario0721
About the app
Excellent app. I would like to get the premium feature, but I don’t have any money right now. Let’s see if comes better times for me.
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3 weeks ago, Nonion bizz
Never had ads before. And I’m not paying to have them removed. I’ll just delete the app. And use old fashion calendar on the wall.
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4 years ago, maddox kames buns
So good
I never had this I’m 8 and I have never done this before. It helps me keep track ofMy friends and family’s birthday
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4 years ago, Stella_softballplayer
The Birthday App
This app is so helpful for knowing when people’s birthdays are!! I hope that it has been this easy for me too! Thanks! Stella
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1 year ago, Santiagod89
Over all good
Very simple but helpful app- no complaints expect one - sometimes it doesn’t alert you on the day of. It’s on and off on my version.
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10 months ago, Rokeyswoman
I love this Birthday reminder! Thank you very much.
Thank youso much. I personally need this reminder a
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1 year ago, Cyndy Elizabeth
Love it!
I’m the one that forgets birthdays. Ever since I found this app I’m the first one to say happy birthday! It’s a great help!!! It works!
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3 years ago, KidClutch1234
I like the one time fee option
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3 weeks ago, Cecilia PCan
This app helps me keep track of important dates and events
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2 years ago, starchild685
No way to import backup
I loved this app until I had to reset my iPhone. Now all my birthdays are gone, and there is no way to import a backup.
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11 months ago, 7379174
i love this app!!
im pretty young and pretty forgetful so this app is so amazing!! even without paying the price of the plus function i love how the app lets you customize your dates. sometimes i use this app for events that im looking forward to!! overall 10/10!!
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1 year ago, Buggy63747
This app is my favorite and helps me remind myself about others birthday!!!!!!
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2 years ago, crazy-over tiktok
Must have
I like this. App it’s a good app and I like it it reminds me stuff so that good it’s good for old people too. 🤣🤣
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2 years ago, Chelytrg
App glitch
The app froze and wiped out all my data
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4 years ago, siesbxhdhdh
I love this app because it remembers me when it’s my birthday and it’s so nice to remember things and it’s so nice cloning this
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2 years ago, A'trina
Not an honest app
I downloaded this app and purchased the thing to be able to do a countdown widget on the home screen of my iPhone and after purchasing the upgrade , I am a still not able to add the widget!
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1 year ago, heyejekehegejjd
This is a nice app if you want to remember something and yea it’s nice and fits ur Home Screen
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2 years ago, RuZe's Mom
I think it’s a great reminder for your birthday
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4 years ago, GramzMom
Yeah! So easy to add names and takes another thing off my mind!
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4 years ago, fhchycygjur
This game/App helps me figure out how many days tell my birthday and holidays like Christmas 🎄
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4 years ago, DepaOS
Great app!
I can import all my birthdays from my calendar without limitations! Thanks!
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