Birthday Countdown ‎

4.4 (2K)
99.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sevenlogics, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Birthday Countdown ‎

4.43 out of 5
2K Ratings
5 years ago, LarenDW
Hi there, I’m going to keep this short and simple. I don’t like how at the top of the screen it keeps showing the ad bar even if you we remove the ad, the bar would still be there. But overall the app is good. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this hopefully.
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7 years ago, kkzjaity13
Cute Idea But Disappointed
So, while it’s FREE I paid for the upgrades to do edits as it’s my daughters 18th birthday and created my slideshow but when I share it, it only shows that one picture when I hit the share icon on and changes the font and doesn’t show the all the words? What’s the point if I cannot post and allow others to enjoy the countdown and what I created? I don’t need a reminder of when her birthday is. I’m also disappointed it’s a link they need to click as no one will click a link. Would like a refund as her birthday is a few days away and I don’t need to have this to give myself a reminder and click on a app to get that reminder. From what I thought it would show the countdown wherever I posted it but that’s not the case. Very very disappointed and frustrated.
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3 years ago, Lagrive333
My wife and I always create some sort of count down days to our birthdays etc. They usually come out not very professional but fun to do. This app is amazing and it’s free for the basics. They give you the days, min. And seconds with a choice of a few fun covers. You can also use your own photo and music from your Apple device. It’s awesome and totally seamless. What a great APP.
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6 years ago, Jaz 💁
Good app but slightly buggy... 🤷🏻‍♀️
I love the app, don’t get me wrong it keeps me track of time when my birthday is getting close. But the problem is that whether I’m not doing anything on my phone, the music suddenly starts playing even when I’m not using the app. It’s been doing that every single time now and I think it’s a bug or glitch... I would be happy if this gets fixed and I won’t be hearing the music every single time, only when I’m using the app. Thank you 👌🏻
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4 years ago, jadey_bear___7
Wrong name
When I got the app I was super excited because I thought this was a very cute idea. When I went into the app for the first time, it asked my permission to use my name and information that was on my phone. I agreed and went to set my birthday. When I was done I went back to the screen with the countdown and the name it said was John Appleseed. When I tapped on the name it took me to a screen where I could change the color and font. I wasn’t able to change the name from John Appleseed to My name so I’m giving this 2 stars
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2 years ago, 1223457754334788
Life changer
I got this app and I loved it made it so I didn’t have to ask my parents how long until my birthday it helps so much or like I need to know how long till my sleepover is so I got the app and put in my things. This app is awesome if I ever need to know how long Intel something is I will use it and you should too.
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4 years ago, lovey love love tic toc
Ion know but I love dis app
I want to write this review because Im happy the way this app works for me and it keeps me aware of when my birthday is almost here and there is no bugs no glitches just perfect some other peoples phone just might not be it but over all I am happy and will continue to have and use this app every birthday of mine
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4 years ago, uh name here
I think this app is good because I don’t have to ask my mom over and over and over and over and over and over But other than the ad bar I don’t really like it sometimes it glitches and you cannot get rid of the ad thank you for your time
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2 months ago, 2518 😂😂😂
I don’t understand..
It’s not loading. I haven’t even opened up the app yet. It’s been, like, more than an hour of doing a different activity to wait. Please let it install. I chose a random rating because I haven’t seen the app yet. Bye.
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1 year ago, i just wanna say
Very good
It’s really fun to use since I don’t wanna have to take the time to count how many days, weeks, and hours until my bday. I can put multiple people in there so I don’t forget. Great if you have a hard time remembering peoples bday!
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2 years ago, app rater$$$$
Best Countdown Ever
This is the best countdown app that I have ever had. It lets you choose your background for your countdown. You get to choose your fount and you get to choose months,weeks,days,hours,and minutes. That is why I rated this app 5 stars!!
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8 years ago, Googlegirl469292.
The only thing I don like abought this app is that it's hard to find where you can change ur name because not every ones name is John Appleseed+where you can change how old you are going to be on your birthday because not every one is turning 12 although I am turning 12
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4 years ago, random_person-me.123
Great app
It’s a pretty great app and I’m using it for free.. I only have my little sisters birthday in there though because she wanted to see how far away it is so I’m not sure if it gives problems if u have more than one date in there but overall so far it’s pretty cool
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5 years ago, blinkxneverland
i am using this app to countdown till my birthday, which is in a couple days. However i would love the app even more if the ad on top of the screen could be removed also if there were more picture options available. But very nice app🥳😁
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7 years ago, Hicks🙊
count down review
everything was fine with the app until i tried making a 2nd count down. they give you a limit of 10 pictures to put as your background. i tried to select 4 pictures (for my background) and they would not upload. i restarted the app and everything but it still did not work. It was very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Tiny olani
Good app just a little things need to be changed
They do not let you choose a name and by the time of the birth they think that’s your birthday but other than that good app
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7 months ago, Brooklyn_m 123
I love this app ❤️
It keep me updated with the exact time until my birthday it is really satisfying to me especially because my birthday is on Christmas Day so it’s really useful bye guys download this app as soon as possible
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2 years ago, kenzie ope and she
This is the best app right now😌
This app is the best because you will know when your birthday is coming up and the thing about it it’s like it’s you planning your own party 🎉🥳I LOVE THIS APP. I think you and your fam to get this app.
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8 years ago, Donnn_Juliooo
365 Countdown
I love this app! The only thing I don't like about it is the ads. I feel as though there shouldn't be any ads at all with free apps. It's real petty that people must pay to not have ads. It makes me wanna cry when it says Congratulations or Happy Birthday!
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6 years ago, ablexa
I thought it was better
i had this app since i was like 5 and now i see it has changed so much since then, it got more complicated and there SO many ad’s. every time you want to do something, there’s an ad. you basically just have to wait till it’s over. sorry, i just thought this app was better
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4 years ago, cat+dogmom
5 star!
This app is awesome. There is nothing wrong with it and you can change everything that you see on the front. Even after you submit the settings.
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7 years ago, MJDunham
I like it especially how the backgrounds can change to your liking but if you have the iOS 10 update on an iPhone it won't let you easily see the countdown on the widget page on you lock screen. It says it is unable to load so u have to unlock your phone and open the app to see it
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4 years ago, MewTwaila
Love it!
I had this on my old Samsung Tablet in elementary school and I loved it so much I would add music and specific pictures for the background and I would use it for holidays and birthdays I’m glad to be using it again as a Highschool Junior lol💖 Sure has changed a lot in (7?) years though! I don’t remember there being ads and while ads usually annoying me the nostalgia is strong with this app so i’m lowkey proud because an app getting ads is like a mile stone or something right? 🎉😁💕
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5 years ago, Abby witters
I love this app but
I love this app but whenever I add a birthday I always have to do it twice because it always goes black and white but it does the countdown i find that a bit annoying and I can’t delete any of the birthdays why is that? I don’t want to delete the app every time I want to delete a person from the app.
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2 years ago, makup girl
Great app
This app is a great app if you wanna keep up with your birthday and you can see how far away it is I 100% recommended!!!! Also it has great pictures for your background 🎉🎊🎂👍👍
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1 year ago, I’m ❤️ this app
thank you
Thank you for helping me remember how much longer until my birthday I am so excited for my birthday. Apparently it is in six days. and I’m so excited I
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6 years ago, jorjor devdev hayhay
I love this app although it took me a little while to figure out how to change the name but I still think it’s amazing and Whenever I’m bored I go on this app and see how long till my birthday
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5 years ago, 💩💩😹😹💩💩
Love it
Personally I love this app but it would be cool if there was like a little celebration when your birthday hit instead of just say happy birthday but otherwise this is great and keep up the good work
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6 years ago, tmed7
Not for large FAMILIES!
I have 8 siblings! With all the nieces, nephews and great and great, great nieces and nephew we have 41 people in our immediate family, plus my cousins and friends! This app cut me off and indicated that I had reached my limit. Wasted time putting in family members birthday and picking pictures for nothing. I also paid for the upgrade. One star for effort! The description should have a disclaimer and inform about the limit!
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3 years ago, vfyhgghghghghgh
Great app
Great app very Cool and gets everyone excited about special occasions! The only down part is the app always ask to rate it or buy the special add on but besides that I really recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Alivia25738
It’s good, there nothing wrong with the app. Sometimes is could be quite confusing.. Overall I use I for my family and my favorite artists. There is nothing that I can say that is really bad about it.
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3 years ago, omgivantfindanicknqme!
Overall good app
Really good app that shows a cute countdown besides the fact it always has a period tracker add so I can’t show it to friends and family
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5 years ago, xfydugzhj
Great app
Great app and I love that you get to pick your own background and font. You get to pick what fits you. Idk if it’s just me but I love to know the exact thing of my special day!
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11 months ago, Keomie
Great app
I personally think it works great. It accurately times my birthday and I think it’s pretty useful except you have to buy premium 🙄otherwise good 👍👍
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3 years ago, Morgs4956
I love this app my birthday is coming up and it helps me see how many days until my birthday.
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3 years ago, Simbacat99
Awful and No Progress Increasing Number Of Birthdays
This app is decent but you are limited to the number of birthdays you can add (I think 12). This developer has done nothing to improve this. I wouldn’t recommend this app. Makes no sense you would create an app and limit the number of birthdays you can add.
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6 years ago, Uhhhhhhhahhhhhhgyea
Short and sweet
I love it. It works and I’ve been counting down till my birthday. I mean it’s not buggy and tons of pretty fonts. I have 0 complaints :)
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3 years ago, 🙃😃😓
Great app
I love this app! The only complaint is that there is an add bar at the top that won’t go away. Other than that it’s perfect!🤟
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3 years ago, HHIgirlie609
Great but not
I got this game hoping I could add widgets for free. I was wrong😢 The app didn’t say I needed to pay for widgets. Other that that, the game is pretty cool 😎. I like this idea of it I just don’t like the idea of having to pay for a couple of widgets.
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7 years ago, Sammy 10205
Really cool
It a really nice app and you can set more than one countdown the only bad thing is the adds but those aren't even that bad.
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4 years ago, Kariyon
It’s a super good app I have 2weeks and 00 days and some hours and mins , thanks 😊 I really appreciate it bc , I wouldn’t keep Track so Thxs 💙💙
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5 years ago, JoseUSAca
I paid for this app $1.99, (so it wasn’t for free) since I saw what this app does. The big dissatisfaction is when the app stopped “accepting” the “countdowns” It never says that you have certain amount of birthdays to input in that app. In fact when they “promoted” to get the free ads app, the description says UNLIMITED birthdays countdown. BE WARE and don’t waist your money! To the developer: The description of this app is misleading, you need to let people know that is a limit of the birthdays that they can put in! That’s taking people’s money in a “restricted” product. If I would know that, I wouldn’t buy it Easy as that
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6 years ago, Bluelilrose
Great App❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
I love this app. In the app you can choose a background, or a customized one, color, font, date, and title. It is my tradition to have this app for special events.
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2 years ago, ashpashoo9
Birthday is so soon
My 9th birthday is coming up so I got this app so I won’t forget I am so excited to turn 9
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6 years ago, TatiByers
Can’t share it!!
I created this for Facebook thinking I could post it and everyone else could see it. However when you do so it’s a link they have to click on to view it! This app is a total waste of time and pointless!! Don’t get it unless you need the reminder for your own birthday!!
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3 years ago, plsfixtheseproblems
Love it
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this app. I love this app so much it works perfectly
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3 years ago, Elsa frickin anna
It’s very good
It actually shows my birthday and helps me remeber for my next bday and it’s very useful and the countdown is good for it :)
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6 years ago, •reubenski•
Okay, but misleading.
Nice app, but was looking for one that would sync with my Facebook birthdays, which is what the description says it will do, but that was not an option on the free version. Don’t mind ads, because it pays the bills, but there is a thing as too many. It is shame as this one of the better ones.
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6 years ago, Nana Higdon
Thank you
Thank you for a way of keeping up with up coming dates.
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2 years ago, 444.niquee
please read.
as i have read some of these reviews and i see that some of them are bad reviews because they don’t know how to use the app properly. this is an amazing app! as well with my birthday coming up in 3 days, this app has made the countdown more fun!
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