Bitget- Trade bitcoin & crypto

4.7 (1.9K)
384.2 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bitget- Trade bitcoin & crypto

4.65 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
5 days ago, HushOflagos
Bitget has established itself as one of the premier cryptocurrency exchanges, known for its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and extensive range of trading options. Catering to both novice and experienced traders, Bitget offers a seamless trading experience with its intuitive platform design and comprehensive support for various cryptocurrencies. One of the standout features of Bitget is its advanced security protocols, ensuring users' assets are well-protected against potential threats. The exchange employs multi-signature technology, cold storage solutions, and real-time risk monitoring to maintain a secure trading environment. Bitget also excels in providing a diverse array of trading options, including spot trading, futures trading, and copy trading. The copy trading feature, in particular, is a notable advantage, allowing less experienced traders to replicate the strategies of successful traders, thereby maximizing their potential returns. Furthermore, Bitget offers competitive trading fees, which are among the lowest in the industry, making it an attractive choice for high-volume traders. The platform's responsive customer support and educational resources also contribute to its reputation as a user-centric exchange. Overall, Bitget stands out as a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange, combining security, versatility, and affordability, making it a preferred choice for traders worldwide.
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2 years ago, WordDragon
Pretty good
I wanted to use KUCOIN but didn’t feel comfortable doing so because it’s not licensed in the USA. I read that Bitget AND MEXC were actually licensed in the USA, so I downloaded both. I like Bitget better out of the two. Fast verification and Bitget also has a ton of altcoins I’ve been wanting to buy. Even Hex. So I’m happy with this advanced style trading app and it probably one of my top exchanges now.
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2 months ago, André Røsè
Poor Network and Servers
Your app is good but it has network issues now and then. The network times -out most times in p2p section and other sections of the app. The climax was when I tried to withdraw some of my assets, the network was so poor…writing so many terms I couldn’t understand- from network timeout to “abnormal terminal environment”. It took several minutes before the withdrawal was able to initiate successfully. I like your app but you need to improve in your network or servers. I hope you see this. When I see improvements, I will come back to give you the 5 stars that you deserve Edit: I’m yet to see any improvement in your site. Your site is really poor compared to other sites. And did you forget to add dark mode in p2p section in your newest update?
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9 months ago, Yasaooooo121
I really disappointed from the kind of service
Three time trying to change my phone every time documents is not clear wasting my time and my money and every time go with live chat before I write my complaint the chat close and I have to start over and over again how long it takes just to change the phone number while I have all the access and am using same device and using same fingerprint and same document I provide all the requirements and still nothing more than 3 month to change the phone number OMG the worst service ever , I need your quick response plz and support ,
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2 years ago, Garnet Gregory
The BGB Staking is so cool but I need them more…‍ ‍     ‍
I joined both the first and second round of BGB earn (the staking) on bitget app. This program has the best reward and low risk. With 13K BGB staking, I got 2+ BGB interest everyday in 7 days straight! I wish this program will happen more often, and also please have staking for other coins too, like USDT, USDC…​  
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4 weeks ago, patton19900808
Best Exchange
I came to Bitget after being recommended by a friend. The transaction speed here is very fast, there are many types of coins, and the customer service is very patient in answering questions like this. I recommend using Bitget.
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1 year ago, Bitget extortion
Good to very bad
I have invested over a 100k with the bitget trading. I have made over 200k or did I. I will never know because every time I go to withdraw money. Bitget demands more money get release my funds. So far I have paid over 200k to this scam and still haven’t received any of my money. I just recently payed 20k to them. They told me I was good to withdraw. I tried withdrawing 10k and yep now they want another 30k. For what they won’t say. I highly recommend you use a different exchange this one is corrupt
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10 months ago, Db West
I love Bitget
Bitget is one of the crypto exchange apps and platforms that I have used and have grown fond of it. Great system and the app’s user interface is so much well designed and engineered to be user friendly. Keep it up
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1 year ago, Shrhftrvtfg
Where did it go
With the late update we lost the ability to see where our stoploss and take profits levels are on the candle stick chart, what happen?
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12 months ago, Dehorus
Great exchange
This exchange app is very easy to user with a welcoming user interface and fast transaction executions. I definitely recommend this for all crypto users over the world
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12 months ago, tariqulncf
So smooth network and little transaction fee.
So smooth network and little transaction fee.
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3 months ago, lyubomyr Nazar
I am using ios 12 and after update that I can not enter to the app
Before asking for update app everything works fine but after bitget ask about apdate i can not wnter to my account and can not update just becose app required iso 13, why not jus leave using old version of app on ios 12
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1 year ago, MirzaTalha7000
Fake Reward system
Never trust on their reward systems. Because they dont give rewards everytime. They are fake . They made a fraud of giving me reward which i have done it according to the requirements. And they have done it 2 times with me. And when i contact to their Support system , they said we are sorry for that . Nothing else.
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7 months ago, 欧易注册返拥邀请码eth3594
Use the referral code(k35b) to register BITGET and enjoy a 20% discount each time you pay the trading fee!The discountis permanent and valid for both futuresand commontrades!使用bg有一年多了,慢慢发现bg 非常棒!邀请码:k35b 填写后有机会获得高额新手福利和手续费减免。 Works well but
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1 year ago, Gaz Barksdale
Works well but
The exchange itself is good and works well but this is the only futures exchange that hides your PNLfrom you on futures orders as well as not showing the risk on the current open order. This is obviously by design so you can’t keep track of your losses which in itself makes this platfom shady. Add our PNL please like every other exchange.
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2 years ago, Kmeelo
Missing Feature...
I love your app and Bitget exchange! A new feature connects to your telegram account; I would like to view more information in telegram messages, like "Trader" and "P/L."
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11 months ago, nanwang1988
Use the referral code(3xyy)to register BITGET and enjoy a 20% discount each time you pay the trading fee!The discountis permanent and valid for both futuresand commontrades!使用bg有一年多了,慢慢发现bg非常棒!邀请码:3xyy填写后有机会获得高额新手福利和手续费减免。
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6 months ago, Subhan131
It's a poor exchange; when any coin is sold on the platform, it automatically sells at a lower price, causing the chart to display red candles. When you compare the coin chart on other exchanges or trading views, there is no sign of such significant drops. What is Bitget's behavior, and is this a reliable way to generate extra income?
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2 years ago, Jaden Corr
Bitget review
I like the idea Bitget has but the fees are out of control be carful with this. You’ll make money if you trade once or twice a week and your right by a huge margin every time. Otherwise the fees eat away at your account.
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2 years ago, da4nai
Does everything but the landscape mode
Then it would be 5 stars for sure! Thank you Bitget!
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12 months ago, Harqlee
Nice interface and A good app to use
It’s smooth and easy to use The ui is great!!!
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7 months ago, Vjsksc
Well I use this app for 4 months and get very good results by trading
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2 years ago, hahgagshnentl
Margin ratio
Maybe fix the fact that you can’t see your liquidation price before you enter a trade . That’s is the dumbest thing ever .. especially since u can see it on the laptop.. no setting to change it either ..
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2 months ago, HHânleee
This exchange app is very friendly for users
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2 years ago, Dominic Ren
Perfect application for crypto
I can find some altcoin which i love it
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12 months ago, user_779
The experience is pretty smooth
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2 weeks ago, Pip008123
At first all will be going well then all of a sudden you won’t be able to withdraw your assets, you will contract customer service and no reason will be given to you.
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12 months ago, Sirajus
Great ui/ux
User friendly interface of Bitget
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2 years ago, Sounds like miley cyrus
Optimized for iPad
Would really love for this app to be optimized for ipad in landscape/horizontal mode. Other than that rate it 5 stars
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3 years ago, ry65?
This app steal my crypto,
This app is fake, send crypto to wallet to use it in copy trading never show up in wallet, contact support they keep saying do you want to buy crypto over and over which I already did ,no luck in receiving it support is fake
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4 months ago, kkkfff7
Perfect app
A lot of crypto currencies to trade, which makes this app perfect
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1 year ago, mac_rat
Better trading exchange
Bitget is exchange with lots of rewards for its user. I love this exchange!
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2 years ago, 快讯美国
good app
Please fill in “upb8”when registering. There will be a surprise.
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3 months ago, drghbty
Super app
Amazing and easy to use
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2 years ago, Uid: 8849851020
Great deal
We are bitget exchange lovers from Bangladesh.
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1 year ago, YucaSteve
Poor registration process
Choked on my Mexican permanent residence card. I’m not sure exactly what it’s looking for and don’t much care. There are many better exchanges. This one wasn’t worth the bother.
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10 months ago, Bitget7
50 days that the withdrawal part from my account is closed And they don't answer my emails Take care of your money
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6 months ago, Rooh Zai
Stealing your money
My account had been frozen without giving any warning or reason by Bitget and my funds and stolen by them.
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2 years ago, VOLT HOLDER
Volt Inu
I downloaded this app because I want to buy Volt Inu ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
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4 months ago, Swordfish-17
Cannot be used in the USA!
It cannot be used in the USA, what other option is there to use the platform?
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1 year ago, Qwwiz
good app
very good application and also has a very nice and clear interface, inspires confidence
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11 months ago, Sean9812
They let you put money in but not take out
Do not trust this company, cannot get my funds out
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6 months ago, mR.Kaqkini
U should check app because we cannot update it it says that it been remowed from appstore
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6 months ago, ojshab
Why there’s no United state option in the countries list?
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12 months ago, yaminmmt
Use this exchange, good
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9 months ago, poori64
Higher gas fee!
This wallet charges a higher transaction fee than other wallets and this is very strange!
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10 months ago, jahjdjdjjndd
Bitget stolen money
Bitget stolen my money I want to tell all users to be careful with this platform and withdrawal all the money
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11 months ago, Wishing for my money
Theft and extortion
Bitget has stolen my funds. I have deposited money to my account and traded for years only to be robbed. USER BEWARE!
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10 months ago, CharmingDTC
Now they require KYC… and lots of users report their accounts unable to withdraw.
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10 months ago, darkmercurymoon
Not available in new york
Don’t offer bitcoin just bitcoin USDT and can’t send to external wallet.
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