BitLife - Life Simulator

4.8 (1.6M)
418.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Candywriter, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for BitLife - Life Simulator

4.77 out of 5
1.6M Ratings
4 years ago, pepppppapig;-;oinnkkkk
Just one little detail the game needs from my point of view
This won’t take long to read I was just playing the new update and everything which is totally amazing. And this is one of my favorite games! But every once in awhile I say I wish you could do this or I wish it had this. And I never think to come and say it on here. But what I’m getting at is I think there should be more things with your children. Not many, but these are your children we are talking about. And I think that like if you don’t want to just get rid of your child and them just disappear in the game (for what happens when you put them up for adoption) the game should have like a choice for like giving the other parent full custody (if your not with them) or even grandparents. It might be stupid and small just to put on here but it’s just small stuff like this that I would like to see more improvements on. For example how you can design your own scenario, I think you should let us add our own scenarios in our own game. And even add the scenarios more throughout your life. Also with custom people, now with god mode you can design your people and stuff, you should make it where you just design what they look like so when you create your custom people they appear in your game you don’t have to recreate their looks every time. If you read this I hope you take into consideration of my thoughts, they may be stupid but I tried to help. And I may have lied this looks longer than I thought it was gonna be😂
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5 months ago, jlewismcse
Oh the fun we shall have!
This game reminds me of the treasured choose your own adventure books I used to read in the 80’s/90’s, but for adults. While I know the younger generations love it too, I just can’t seem to go a lifetime without joining the mafia each time! I love the Sopranos, so the Italian Mob is where I typically go first. I think it’s great that sometimes you get burned doing something simple, and sometimes you get away with something more calculated. It’s always great getting to be a capo, or even somehow betraying the family boss. Anyway, something that I’d like to see here is the ability to make your own Crime family. And if it’s an effective mob, it could be ranked within the other families’ power levels. I think each time the family’s power level levels should change. I don’t think your always going to have to Italian mob as the most prevalent in that area. Like they should be strong in America and Italy, but if I am born in Russia per say the Russian mob should be the strongest in my country. You should be able to effectively track the murder rates of each new Crime syndicate and then allow rankings to change amongst the players. Love the game. It seems like when I get started playing that I am in for the long haul each time I play! Each time you change or start a new life is a new set of changes to see how your life could’ve been. It gives you a chance to be assertive when to may not be IRL. Looking forward to seeing what comes down the pipe!
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4 years ago, Hyndog
I have some ideas
Let’s start off with how much I love this game! There is something I found though. I continued with my previous person’s triplet son and when I looked at the other sons from their view it said twin brother for both of them even though they are triplets! Also when you do have triplets or twins I think they can be of different genders. Like two girls and a boy instead of three girls. Also at the In-Vitro place you should have an option for how many eggs you implant so you can hope for having twins or triplets more. Also even if the grandparents are still alive it does not show them as a relationship for the grandchildren. Also it does not show their cousins or aunts or uncles. I think in the family tab you should have a separate arrow going to extended family. My biggest hope for this game is an update to the adoption side of the game. I love how you can be adopted but that is always at birth. I think if both parents die you should have to go to the orphanage or have one of your extended family members take care of you. If you were taken in by family you could add in the run away feature. Plus if you start a life as an orphan I think that you should be able to communicate with other orphans there and attend interviews to get adopted. Or even you could have a chance of not getting adopted and that would be interesting too. Please take into consideration all these things because I hope to see them in future updates! Keep being great👍🏼
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3 years ago, ok whatever you say
i totally love playing bitlife but there are some things that could make the game better. for example i feel like grandparents should be more involved, like grandparents should have custody, or being able to spend time with your grandparent. Also cousins should be involved and aunts/uncles. It would also be awesome if you could change your characters clothing, just like how you can give them a hat. Also i feel like cars and house should be more involved. Like i know it’s a lot but maybe you can design your room or get an actual view of the inside of the house. car wise i think it would be cool if you could go on a road trip or take a drive. also maybe more scenarios with your friends like, “your significant other cheated on you with your friend” and then you could get the option to beat them😭 or you could have a sleepover and plan out what to do, like ask your friend to come over and you get the options on doing something like watching a movie, pranking someone etc. Also it would be really cool if you could date a celebrity. or it would be super cool if there was a corona update and in your lifetime there’s a pandemic and you’re in lockdown and you can’t go on vacation and there’s online school etc. that would be cool. oh last thing there should be more background on the orphanage thing like getting sent to a foster home, getting adopted, spending time with other people in the orphanage, or communicating with workers. i totally love playing this game tho❤️
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5 years ago, Rames James
What I think the game needs
For the game I suggest that we get to be able to play sports professionally and also I like what u did with instagram so I think we should expand that idea and create a Snapchat a Facebook stuff like that and there should also be a setting for when u click the add button instead of a year going by it could be like a day or a week a month even several months and when u click month or day u should get to decide the number of days weeks months or years that have passed plus I also think that there should be a phone so we can text our classmates about the homework or hit up our friends to hang out and even text our crushes to ask them out and also I think that their should be more jobs and instead of having them all in one place we should have them into different fields like sports,medical,political, scientific, or even mechanical I also think that there should be places that u should be able to hang out with your friends and go on dates with your crushes I also think that u should be able to get ur ears pierced and instead of only being able to see the head of the character u should be able to see the whole body and u should also be able to buy clothes for ur self and once u buy them u can customize them on your character and there should be a little tab where u can see ur character and customize him/her But over all this game is very fun and I can’t wait to see the updates that u guys have In store for us😁
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5 years ago, xd Dexstar
Great Game, needs more
Don’t think this game is a bad game because i don’t think it has enough, there are probably about 2000 different things that could happen to you in this game, and its very addicting and immersive since you can get sucked into hours of playing it out of boredom... the frequent updates are very pleasing and I appreciate the time the developers spent putting into this game and making it realistic. However, the only problem I've is ever experienced, is that it gets repetitive at times, I think there should be more options in college and ways to get into college, and there should be more job selections like a social media star, a rock/pop star(i just want to be famous), a professional athlete(hopefully specified, if applied), and also whenever i study arts in college, i never see any acting jobs every year, so the jobs should drastically change each year you progress. Ive bought the $2 bitizenship in the game and its very helpful when youre impatient like me. Also, i think there should be an addition of making best friends and running with that idea until you are older and you can do things with them until death. Also going back to University after attending once should be applicable, and refreshing the choices for the second time around. And for emigration, the countries should refresh every 5 years. I hope I receive a reply from Bitlife and their superior customer service. Ive heard great things about this game and i hope it only gets better.
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2 years ago, Bitlife 4ever
Great Game + Suggestions
First off I’d like to say this game is wildly entertaining and addictive. I do have some suggestions that hopefully the devs will read and also enjoy! 1. It would be really cool if there was some way to invest money in stocks. Having an interactive stock market in the game would be really cool. 2. The new updates with the athlete and musical jobs are awesome. However, I think it would be cool to have more choice in it. If we could pick our positions/music genre that would be awesome. 3. I think it would be really cool to be able to start your own company too. This would be a huge update and a lot of work, but I think it would be worth it. It could require a lot of capital to start and maybe depending on how much you invest determines your starting success. Certain management decisions can increase profit. A hiring tool could be made, you could have stakeholders, investors and you could have a market dominance meter. If your business really takes off their could even be a way to influence the world around you such as elections. You could choose business upgrades, which would all cost a lot of cash and so on. 4. I also think it would be really cool if when you get crazy rich you could influence certain things as well. Also if you are the president or prime minister if you could start wars or something. Just a couple thoughts to improve it, but its already a great game. Keep up the good work and thank you!
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2 years ago, Isaacote259
Just something that would make this the perfect game for me
This is my first time writing a review for anything so that alone says how much I like this game. I’ve been playing the game for somewhere around a year now and I’ve enjoyed it a lot through all the updates and additions that have been implemented. The continuous work put into this truly makes the game feel more immersive and keeps me coming back with each add on. I’m looking forward to the new updates that are coming however I couldn’t help but feel as if the game was missing something. In my honest opinion the game is a 9.5 and the only thing keeping me from giving it a 10/10 is the fact that there hasn’t been any updates for a combat sport career. My biggest wish for this game would be to create a bitizen that can become a professional boxer or ufc fighter and see them climb up the ranks and win titles and have the ability to train the character to improve their strength, stamina, etc. And have the game utilize it’s randomized results to give various results to fights. Achievements could be to become undefeated in 50 fights or to win all the belts and become undisputed. In my opinion that would truly make the game perfect for me. Overall though, the game is honestly worth purchasing the bitizenship and the add ons are truly worth the money. But as I mentioned before the game would be perfect to me if it ever gets an update to become a professional fighter.
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5 years ago, soccergirlcollege
Love this game but it needs more updates.
First off I love this game and it’s so addicting to play. I would have to say I love all the updates but there needs to be more. There needs to be child abductions as scary as it is but it happens but with that needs to be ways to keep kids safe. There needs to be an option where there can be custody battles in divorces and if the child’s old enough they can pick with who they want to live with. There needs to be an option we’re kids can get taken by the state but also given back, or where parents can give their children up to a family member or friend or take a family members child if taken or an accident happens to them. There needs to be online dating and possibilities to run into famous people. There needs to be where people can stay in contact with family or grow old and the parent not have to die to move on to the next generation. That way parents can take their children to see grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins. There needs to be holidays and birthdays. There needs to be more abilities to have affairs with co workers, bosses or teachers. Why not be able to choose who to play if a women and man split up. Real life stuff that happens easier drug addictions and prostitution, because unfortunately that stuff happens and maybe someone can see how bad it is from playing the game and choose not to go down that path in real life. Once again I love the game and can’t wait and want to see more as soon as possible.
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5 years ago, luna is my gf
BitLife suggestions
I love the app already but there’s always room for improvement! I would like to offer a few suggestions. It would be really cool if there was a family tree feature available so that you could neatly see which of your siblings have which kids and which of your baby mamas birthed which kids. It would be great to see how all of your family is related. Another feature is I would like to have more opportunities open for members of your family. For example, your sister can come out as gay, but she can’t come out as transgender and have a sex change surgery. It would be great to have more options expanded for family members to make family life a little more interesting. It would be cool if family had the same opportunities your bitizen had to improve upon their own life. It would also be cool if the family line extended even further with the addition of great-grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. That is the way life naturally works. It doesn’t make sense to have a baby at 20, become a grandmother at 40, and then live until you’re 120 and not have any great grandkids. I think the family should keep extending infinitely as long as you are alive. You should also be able to pick playing immediately after you die as the youngest in your family (grandkids) rather than one of your kids, who are like 70 years old themselves and don’t have much life left to live. Thanks if you have read this and have taken these suggestions down !
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5 years ago, Kite at Mat
I’m Impressed
The game has come a long way, and I’d have to say that with each update the game just keeps getting better and better! We can tell how much effort you put into making the app as amazing as possible, and I’ll tell you right now, we absolutely appreciate. I’m glad to leave a positive review and to anyone who see this, I would absolutely recommend this as a fun game, and it doesn’t hurt that you can play it without internet. I appreciate that like life, everything you do affects you, and you have the ability to drastically change statistics! Ideas: This isn’t part of the review itself so feel feel free to stop reading, but I have an idea that could progress throughout the game. I think it would be interesting that from a young age you could join organized/competitive sports (football, American football, swimming, etc.) and with that can come injuries, like concussions and sprains or twists. I think you could make it so that it branches into, if you get good enough at the sport, it could be a possible way to get a free way into colleges, giving more ways to help you bitizen succeed. This final part is ambitious but maybe you can add in professional sports careers, and maybe even a BitLife styled Olympics (or just things like triathlons and marathons) which could include a new badge like, sports fan, and a new achievement, like win a game in blank, or get gold in the bitlympics! Ok I’m sorry this was long, but that would be something interesting to see I think.
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4 years ago, ellalbieb
Here are some ideas !
I think this game is really good but I think it would be really cool if you could customize your character before they are born, for example you can choose certain diseases to be born with, or you can choose your ethnicity, orientation and more! You could also choose how smart you are, how good your looks are, health, etc. you are born with. Another ideas is choosing what time period you are born in, it could give variety to the game and the characters could have features from that time period for example if you have a character from the fifties you could have a fifties hairstyle. Also it could cause scandal if you do something out of the norm of the time period “unconservative” just for example u wear a bikini to the beach and people find out, your parents could get upset at you. Or you could see something and decide wether to gossip or mind your own business. If you gossip the person could find out and then they start a rumor/fight/ unfriend you in return! You could also have bit stories where you play as certain famous people or celebrities for example you could play as Beyoncé or George Washington and it could be fun and educational! Also it would be cool if you could go to private schools if you are super smart, skip grades, go to college as a kid etc. you can also add music lessons to mind and body so that we could have child prodigies!! Anyways this game is super good, these are just some ideas of mine that would be fun to see!
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4 years ago, i dont have aname
Definitely should get
This game is super good and addicting and funny. If your looking for something like a life simulator then this is the game for you. Their are a few things that I would add so if anyone’s reading this that can help please take my ideas into consideration. Or don’t- either is fine 😂. Anyway maybe you could let us pick how long we want the time to be that we add. Like instead of only doing a year we could pick a day, a week, a month or a year. then maybe we could also click on the face of what our person looks like and see the whole body and go shopping for them or something so we can change their clothes. also I notice that a lot of the time people will ask us to come over and do something and maybe we could do that too instead of just having the option to “spend time with”. Like when we press “spend time with” their could be a few different options of what we wanna do with that person. Also, and i’m kinda just stretching it here but, maybe our parents could like “give us a phone” or we could buy one and then we could click on it and do stuff on it. Like play a random game or text or call a person to do something. I added these ideas to just make the game feel a little bit more real. But don’t get me wrong the game is already amazing. Tell me if you see this and like my ideas... or don’t it’s ok 😂👍. They might be dumb anyway. But yeah, thanks! ☺️
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5 years ago, Nina212333
Great game could use more additions!
I love this game but there are a few changes i would like to see i think that when you file restraining order that after the 3 years if they come back that you should be able to sue them (lawsuit). I also think the hospital should have a bigger purpose (overnight stays, bills, questions about visit), choices on which hospital you choose and the rating of each hospital. Also when you get an heirloom, if you search for it while you were in a previous life that passed away you don’t get it when you start a new life so i think that when you search for an heirloom it should be passed down to the new person. Additionally when enlisting in the military and when you get sent off to war or whatever the game with the bomb is way to over complicated and in most scenarios ends badly. I think shopping should be added like cars and maybe scratch off tickets so you can physically scratch them (more exciting aspect) another job could be esports (present day career) you could be a famous esports player! i think when you have a kid that they should be more involved with you and additionally when you are married there needs to be more conversations from the husband/wife to you the player. Overall i have been playing this game for awhile and when you are a bored college student that wants the time to pass this game keeps me very very entertained! So thank you for keeping me entertained with all of the updates!
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2 years ago, Rachel Camilleee
Love the game - would also love more options
I’ve seen a few other reviews basically saying the same thing, but I love this game! It’s so much fun and the creators have done an excellent job making it enjoyable. I do however wish there were a few more options like for instance being able to purchase toys or special food for your pets. Also I bought a boy and girl dog thinking they would be able to have a puppy and realized that wasn’t an option. I would love for that to be able to be an option in the future. Another really big thing is I would love it if everyone had a “celebrity rating” and so you could meet and become friends with or date a celebrity and gain a small amount of fame from your social group. Also like if you go the movie star route and have 100% fame and then switch lives to your kids you would think they would have a small amount of fame just from being the child of a famous movie star. Lastly I think it would be cool to have more options as far as education. Like maybe you can pay extra to put your kid in private school or boarding school and if they excel then possibly the option of them graduating early? Also (maybe because I’m obsessed with TLC) but can there be an option for polygamy? 😂 My Bitlife guy needs 6 wives okay? 😂 Like I said before I love this game so much and my ideas are purely just suggestions that I personally think would make it even more fun!
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2 years ago, jdfgxklhblkiah
Love the game but a few suggestions
I love this game. It takes the fun idea of a life simulator, adds creative options (which are sometimes hilarious) without making the game complex and hard to understand. However please take these next considerations into mine as I would be extremely grateful if you did. 1. Allow us to rent a property, perhaps apartments and such. 2. Have actual effects from being homeless after highschool 3. Maybe consider adding an option to run for representative and senator in the United States (and then be able to maybe become senator majority leader or speaker of the house etc) 4. Allow us to be a member of a political party even if we aren’t politicians. 5. When you become president of the United States have it give access of the White House to the player. 6. Allow us to move to different cities inside of the same nation. 7. Allow us to be entrepreneurs, start companies (have multiple categories and allow them to evolve) for example, you can start a small business like a store and then if ran successfully make it into a chain brand where you have to pay for new properties or whatnot. For example, start a car company but you have to buy each new manufacturing plant, increasing your profits as long as you work enough to make sure it stays run properly and profitably. I hope you consider these suggestions and know that I love your game . Keep up the good work
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5 years ago, yrhshhhshd
I like the new update, I just want a few more features.
Ok it is a awesome game don't get me wrong and I know you just updated but when I go to the salon and I color my hair, it doesn't change my bitlife character. I think if you go to the salon you should be able to pick your hair color and pick what style, and then your bitlife character should change, I think it would be more fun. I love the idea of the school thing, but there needs to be more cause whenever I finish school I just start a new character because you can't really do anything at your job or university, but work harder and study more. so I think you should make university and your job more fun too. You should also add more mini games like when you're doing a sport in school or an after school activity. can you please get rid of the feature where you have to send a message to yourself when you do social media, Whenever I do social media, I have to text myself a bunch of stuff so I don't want that feature anymore, cause I just have a bunch of bitlife text messages to myself. And there should be more stuff to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend like go to the club or ask them to give money to people instead of wasting all your money have them waste their money. I'm not saying you have to do this now just maybe for the future, if not, I'm not gonna be mad, because I love this game it's ok if you don't add my features just maybe, something to look into in the future.
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5 years ago, mia the lost girl
Love it but needs more please
So I’m addicted to this game but I can think of 200 ways to change it I’m second first I wish you could see the full body of your character because you do stuff like you get plastic surgery and different sections of your body other than your head and when you change the color of your hair I mean you could pick a different colors in the hair could actually change colors and if you got glasses in the game you could you’re actually glass any characters in that would be fun and whenever you like go to the emergency room and never tells you why you’re there you could be in the Mergen see room for months even years if you like but not in the game maybe you could do that like if you have cancer in the game that something that happens and you don’t go to the emergency room you go to the doctor you should ask Weber to go to the emergency room in there and stay there for a few months that would actually happened in real life so yeah I hope I get a reply because this is what I really think stop in again hope to see you update soon. Also we never get grandparents or aunts cousin uncles holidays and you could section in to months if adding holidays were added also we could play as pets after we die also cat we have twin sisters/brother or triplets as siblings please update a BitLife I have noticed that you tubers I watch have a time travel thing on there that life but I don’t how do I get it thanks that’s all
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2 years ago, dire gray wolf
What you could add later in the game
(Re-edited on bottom) I loved it when you add professional sports into BitLife. I was thinking maybe later you could start working on more of the criminal side like the crime activity’s are good but I think maybe you guy could really do something with it as like in an actual job like hacking, planning for actual bank heist, and maybe even actually start your own gang and work up to either the best or the worst or just joining one and work up the ranks in the gang. Also maybe you could do more like governmental jobs secretary of something idk, maybe actual president bodyguard, maybe actually starting your own business. Maybe you could also work toward NASA and later they could send you to space be the first man/women on mars, maybe discover aliens. But this is what I think could make this game even better but so far I love this game and keep up the good work. So I noticed you put some things I suggested but something didn’t really make sense to me. Why can you take acting lessons but still need to actually buy the content. Also it didn’t make sense that to complete the event right now you need to but they boss mode so you can actually get an acting career. I know you still need to make money and all but like just to complete a challenge I need to pay real money. But it’s your choice to go about how you make your game. Other than that still a very good game
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3 years ago, HopeFaith543
Great game! I have suggestions
I love this game. I love being able simulate different lifestyles and the constant updates are really nice because they keep the game exciting. I love the whole Mafia update especially since I’m really into true crime. I have many things I wish would be added to the game though, for example: able to be born a twin, being able to be kidnapped or held for ransom as well as being able to do it to other people (I think it would be cool since that can already happen to a family member), taking test to graduate high school and college, being able to see your kids even after you give them up for adoption or running into them after abandoning them would be cool, maybe adding a foster system so that when your playing and your parents die you could be in that instead of an orphanage, being able to run away from your family or unexpectedly leave your spouse (as well as your spouse being able to leave you and your kids running away), also the ability to see and interact with extended family would be cool, being able to nag your family about things such as buying a home, car, getting married, or having kids, lastly having your spouse plan out the wedding and make you sign a prenup instead of having to do it yourself. But overall I think this is an amazing game! If you’ve read through this thank you so much, I know it was a bit long.
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4 years ago, 3rd geration
You should make an investor update 🏡🏘💵📊📈📉
Ok so I LOVE this game like I play it like 24/7 like I love it! But I would like there to be more investment options like you can own homes to rent out or buy land to start a neighborhood where you can sell houses or rent them out or build houses to rent them out or to sell them and make a profit! Or instead of buying like a studio buy a apartment build in to rent out the rooms or buy a hotel! And Beach houses! With the vacation and stuff we could have a option to buy a vacation home in your favorite hit spot! And I know that this is not an investment option but like kids can interact with there Grandparents well like when your person is a Grandparent you can but when your a kid you can’t do like taking your grandkids on vacation or if their given you for adoption they can take custody of them. Now with parents when you get a divorce there should be more yay one to two buttons you should have to go to court to fight for custody or more. Now another thing is I would love for married couples to have a joint account that the partners can put into so that a home or a family car or a vacation or really a lot of stuff. isn’t not all on ONE PARTNER. Now about schools for the kids! You should be able to pick between private or public school and when you buy your house you should see how good the schools are in the neighborhood where you buy a house! That’s all thank you!
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4 years ago, Bradford86836754
I have to say first, that as a 15 year old, I absolutely love this game. I play it almost every night before I go to sleep, and I’ve already recommended Bitlife to dozens of my friends. I love all of the scenarios and the implementation of challenges and achievements, and all the wonderful different ways you can live your life in the game. There is only one thing left that I’d love to see added into the production of the game. Sports. After you leave college, there is no other way that you can continue any sport until you start your next life. And I feel that you wouldn’t have to make any brand deals with national sports teams either, considering that names and such can be made randomized as well, you(the developer) could create an arsenal of random names for the sport team of the certain city that you’re in. What would be cool is if you could be able to tryout for professional sports teams, where maybe your athleticism has to be even higher than it can be when in school, and perhaps make one of the requirements for a professional team be having to be a captain of a highschool or college team. Like take that your character is living in Miami, and you wanted to play professional football, maybe the professional team name could be something other than the Dolphins. I feel like this review has been quite repetitive and I apologize for that except I feel like if this was implimented into the game, then it would be whole.
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Here are some suggestion for the next update. You can hit your profile of your character and be able to see how much they weigh, and you can also see their height and who they look most like in their family. You can also see a family tree even before they were born from grandparents to great great grandparents. I think another great thing to be able to add is grandparents and maybe even great grandparents and aunts and uncles etc. I think you should also add having quadruplets and more than just triplets and I think the twins can be opposite genders. Another really cool thing to add is you can have a baby or choose the option to at whatever age! I just think that would add a lot to a teen mom! I have only been a teen mom at 13 once please add that option back. I think should also be new jobs and careers and more because the jobs are starting to get a little bit boring it’s the exact same thing a little over and over again. I think you should be able to apply to different colleges an excepted to many different colleges. At 18 many of just a few colleges will pop up on your screen with different student population of how many attend, how popular it is, and how many were successful in the future, how the teachers are on a star rating! Please make a big huge update with everybody’s suggestion before New Years! I think that would be so cool please add these suggestions!
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5 years ago, AnimatedGeek100
My life is being ruined by this game. Its awesome! Reminds me a lot of “Alter Ego” but with way more replay value and way more interesting twists and turns. Been looking for a game like this all my life! I love how quickly things can change in the citizens life and how much one thing can mess stuff up. I also LOVE the lgbt+ content, that you can choose how to respond to your family member coming out, and that citizens sexualities aren’t determined by you. That said, one thing that irks me is that whenever my citizen adopts a child with their partner, once the citizen dies the partner doesn’t come up as the parent so the kid can’t interact with their mama or papa. I think this only happens with lgbt parents, but I could be wrong. Speaking of nitpicks, I wish there were more obstacles to overcome. Like, in one life your born to a poor family with bad living conditions, or your discriminated against for your race, gender, etc, or maybe you have to decide what sort of lifestyle your household lives. Of course, that might lead to the game being heavier than it needs to be and I don’t blame the developers at all if they don’t want to go that route. With that said, I’m very glad to see that they continuously update the game and am looking forward to whatever new content they may provide. I can’t afford not to look forward to it, since I’ve now paid money to be an official bitizen and support them. Please don’t make this an impulse buy I regret! I’m begging you!
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2 years ago, leshayshay_dance
Love this game, just a fee suggestion
This game is honestly so addicting and entertaining to me, lots of different things to do but also kind of limited of how far things go. You know how we can buy houses and cars, i want to be able to see the inside of the house and design the rooms, kitchen, bathroom etc and see the interior of the car. Also for houses, i want to be able to throw real parties not just pizza or pajama parties. I wanns host and go to real “high school “ parties where theres drinking and might get shut down by parents or cops. And for cars i want to be able to go on road trips with friends and travel with them like to different countries, states, cities and have more control over what we do on the trip like going to a club, the beach, shopping, out to eat stuff like that. Like when your on vacation you can click on activites and choose what to do on the trip but make the activities different from when your home. When shopping, i want to be able to go to different stores that vary from low end to high end brands like forever 21 to louis vuitton. I wanna buy clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry not just limited to houses, cars, planes, boats, music instruments etc. It would also be cool if we could live with roommates in college or get a place with your friend, and being able to do stuff in your sorority/frat instead of just joining, you could do like group activities to build a bond.
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3 years ago, Eggs Are Delicous
Great Game! But here are some ideas!
Hello Candywriter, I’m impressed at this game, it offers a lot of customization and experiences! Great job, BitLife team! 👍 Anyways, I have a few ideas. For one, in the emigration team, if we have God Mode, we should be able to choose which country and city to emigrate to. Another idea is religion. You could choose a religion such as Protestant Christian, a Catholic Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. The religions could offer visiting churches or other places of worship, and it could increase your happiness! Religions could also have laws that you must follow to be happier with your religion, an example is if you’re Christian or Islamist, you shouldn’t be LGBTQ. Another idea is political identification. You could choose what you identify as politically, liberal, conservative, anarchist, communist, etc. Maybe another idea is war, you could be drafted to the military and fight for your nation. There’s a chance that your nation will be annexed, it’s higher or lower based on your nation, for example, the USA 🇺🇸 would have the lowest annexation chance, while Monaco 🇲🇨 would have a higher annexation chance. You should also be allowed to vote if your nation is a democracy, if you have God Mode, you can control the elections. It should show pros and cons of the presidents, along with the party. You can also start a coup in your nation to change the ideology. Overall, great game! Keep my ideas into consideration please!
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5 years ago, L_ind_z
Great game!
This game is amazing! I’ve been playing for a little over six months! Although, after awhile it does seem to get a bit bland; thus the reason why I’d love to see more updates! Such as more sexuality options/ custom sexualities, and more gender identity options/ custom gender identities. Along with that, I’d love for your gender to be in the closet, or for you to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria in some cases! Being able for your friends, parents, siblings, children, etc to react to you after you come out would make the game more realistic, and furthermore, more interesting/fun. As well as what I listed above, I would love to see more game options, such as being born famous, becoming a singer and being able to manage your fame in other ways including releasing singles, albums, EPs, going on tours, and performing at shows if you’re a singer, being able to perform in plays/musicals if you’re an actor or actress, being able to write fiction, non fiction, etc. if you’re a writer, and being able to paint, draw, etc. if you’re a famous painter. As well as more game options, it would be fun if you could be born into fame. Finally, I would love seeing bills, being able to see what house you live in as a kid in your assets, having parents kick you out of your house and make you live in your own, being homeless, etc. These are obviously just suggestions, but nevertheless, I believe they would be great additions to the game. Thank you for all you do!
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5 years ago, Skaige
Fun game! Needs some updates, though.
I have been playing BitLife for around a year now. its incredibly fun, and there are so many different options and ways to live. However, i just have some update ideas. I think that maybe instead of living year by year, we should live month by month (or make it an option). it could become more realistic if it were month by month. For instance, we could go to the gym more than once a year, or the library, etc. I also think there should be more college options, and also more jobs or fame opportunities. For the entire time i’ve been playing, i have never became famous. i could be doing something wrong but i just think it should be easier to become famous, such as through a sport. Or, if you go to college through arts , dancing, or music, it should be easier to try and land acting or professional dancing opportunities. Or even become a famous athlete. Another idea is with the relationships. We should be able to have best friends. I see that they’re in the murder menu (like you have the option to murder your best friend), but they aren’t in the relationship tab and you can’t hang out with them and things like that. i think it would make the game far more interesting. I have a few more ideas, such as more crimes, possibly being homeless, royalties, drugs, step-relationships, being abandoned, and so many more! These are just ideas, and don’t get me wrong, i LOVE this game!! Five stars
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3 years ago, RnJcbs
Love it! Please read :)
Hey BitLife team, I love this game and it’s pretty much the only game that I play on my phone. I have a few suggestions though that I hope you’ll find interesting. I think it would be super cool and interesting if you could add an interactive stock market and maybe a cryptocurrency market too. I also think that if all of the careers had as much detail as the actor and sport’s careers then that would be very very cool. For business careers, you could start your own business and have different types of business’s and expand them and grow them. For doctors, you could pick what kind of surgeries you want to perform and you could have little mini games and the harder surgeries earn more of a bonus. You could be a race car driver and there could be race mini games. But overall, the concept of applying detail to each career path sounds like a worthwhile investment and I think it would expand the overall player base. Maybe it would be cool if you could upgrade certain aspects of your cars to make them faster for getaways and for little street race pop ups. An underground street race tab under the crime menu where you could win cars and money and rank up notoriety would also be super cool. I also think some way to become a better criminal would be good as well so it’s harder to get caught. I have more ideas so let me know with a reply with an email address if you’d like to touch bases! Thank you guys!
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2 years ago, lynnie0213
Stock markets update
I love this game! I’ve had it almost ever since it came out. I dont mind a few things being behind a pay wall but it’s getting a little much. I have bitezen ship, god mode, and the new special careers. I think bitezen ship is 5$, god mode 5$, and all special careers are 10$. The new update is literally behind a 10$ pay wall. This update was teased quite a lot and many were looking forward to it. So it’s pretty annoying to he locked behind a pay wall. What annoys me the most is the fact that the ENTIRE update is behind a pay wall, and for 10$ on top of that? I understand people need to make a living but jeez. In all everything in the game is 20-30 dollars i think. I don’t like playing this card on games at all but i could buy a 3.99 game that has much more to offer. This isn’t a ground breaking thing for me since personally im not all that interested in stocks since i find it confusing but others are. But over all i would recommend this game to anyone who loves life sims as long as they dont mind certain things being resricted behind pay walls. I’d love to see them adding on to relationships and royalty as well as other updates like celebrity dating. One thing on top of this is if you don’t want as many options restricted then I’d recommend getting bitezen ship and god mode. I use these quite often and their good to have if you wanna speed up progress or something. Anyways, great game! Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Koyo4445
Amazing simulation game, needs more stuff
This is an amazing game, but after playing it for a while it gets boring because I already know all the career paths and the jail patterns. I have some interesting ideas that would expand the game: More crime options. Living the craziest life you can in this game is definitely the most fun, and this would be a nice way to spice up the game. Selling drugs, making drugs, robbing banks, embezzling money from your job, and maybe you could even start or join a mafia and become a kingpin. Rumbling. I should be able to rumble with anyone at any age even if I will get clocked and die. Also I should be able to kill someone by rumbling, they can kill me but I can’t kill them which is odd. Friends, You should be able to manage your friends and interact with them. I know that you get random events where you can interact with them and you can throw a house party, but you should be able to interact with them via the relationships button. STDs. I should get arrested for spreading them but you can just 𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗼𝗳𝗳 scot-free. Threesomes. Every relationship I have ever been in they have said no, maybe you can raise the percentage of them saying yes? College. All the choices for college should be available and not just a few that are randomly generated, it’s annoying to wait a year or two so you can pick the option you want. I hope the BitLife devs see this because I really enjoy this game and I am a Bitizen!
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5 years ago, WaterMelonGirl684
Really good simulator!
It is a good simulator! I recommend it if you like life games. I do have ideas though. Maybe there can be a ribbon called Botched/Plastic and to get it, you need to have so many plastic surgery (either botched or successful). Or there can be a ribbon named Foodie. To get it, you need to try so many foods (like the pop ups saying “your friends are eating _____”) One more ribbon called Anti Vaxx and it’s the same way to get Fertile but you have to not vaccinate all your kids. Maybe make it more realistic because one day, my life person got pregnant at 50. Maybe there should be a job called Youtuber (Bituber?) and it is self explanatory. I wish there can be ‘news’ on what’s happening in the world of Bitlife. For example, if like a political thing happened instead of being in the journal, maybe pop ups? It would be cool to have a job like a psychic or something like that. Maybe you can talk to the deceased with those types of jobs. If you can, make Broadway play references like ‘Your _______ wants to take you to Jefferson (or Hamilton)’ To me, references make the game have spice. I would like a minigame where there are rats/bugs in the kitchen or whatever room and you have to hit them at the right time or your house will be a little messy. It didn’t make sense how a 70 year old can’t retire from his/her job but instead quit it. Anyways it is a really addictive game and I think this game is pretty creative. Sorry the review was a little messy.
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10 months ago, lucas bartsch
I love the updates but it would be cool to own a business. Ideas: you will need at least $100,000 to $1,000,000 to start a business,you can hire or fire employees, you can do interviews, you could hire a new ceo when you retire or have your kids take over, you could promote your business with ads and billboards and more, you could pick what business you want it to be like tech or candy and more, you could sell the business to a crime syndicate, you could sell the business for money for at least $1,000,000 or $5,000,000 or $10,000,000 or $50,000,000 or $100,000,000 or even more, you could promote your workers or demote them, you could make employees or bosses salary’s higher or lower. Military update: I think there should be a thing that you could pretend to be a officer, there should be ribbons and medals, when you are officer you should be able to boss around lower ranks, you should be able to fire soldiers when you are a really high rank, you should be able to steal awards like the Medal of Honor or ribbons off any kind of rank, you should be able to WORK HARDER FOR A RIBBON OR MEDAL, there should be new mini games for the military, you should not be able to go to war when you are a officer rank.I also love to be able to qualify for the olympics for swimming,gymnastics,soccer,basketball,golf,tennis,handball etc. and you should also add sumo That’s all I have but thank you for reading this.
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4 years ago, Ember452
A bit addicted
I love this game and everything that is part of it. I have some features I’d love to see that would make the game better. -First and foremost, when adding custom people and cities, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to add a new one. It is rather inefficient, since I’ve made a lot of use out of the custom people feature. (It’s probably my favorite, that and breaking out of jail.) A simple way to fix this, would be just to simply moving the “Add new custom person/import contacts” button to the top of the banner rather then having it at the end of the list of people. It would also be nice to have it with the custom cities as well. -Secondly, I think a map might be cool. So that you can see where you are in the world instead of a list and just guessing where in the world you are, it would help teach geography! This would be a feature players could toggle in settings. The map would be accessed when you click on your profile and see where you are born and what towns/custom towns maybe even are nearby. -my third and final thought is a custom people customization. So, its like the Like, if you were to put Elon Musk into your game as a custom character, and you would customize him to look like Elon Musk, it would remember that. So then everytime he spawns in the bitlife world, he looks the same. This could only be available to those who purchased GodMode Thanks for listening!
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2 years ago, sandandsound
Good game but
It’s a good game the time that I’ve played it, even without paying for anything. But I have one thing that erks me, smarts. You can go for a walk in the game with no effort and all and your looks are raised by 4%. That’s good. For to read a book, you have to start tapping endlessly, which is annoying enough as it is. And when you read two hundred or three hundred page books, it only raises your intelligence by one. Then I read a book and it actually lowered my intelligence for four percent! Yes, it was 90 pages but I was tired of all the tapping I’ve been doing non stop! And the books I’ve read afterwards, one was almost 500 pages, still only increased my intelligence by one as I’ve been trying to get back to 70% intelligence. Then I read another 260 page back and it lowered my intelligence instead by one percent. How am I supposed to raise my intelligence at all? And I’m pretty sure if I do nothing it’ll just go down over time! And studying for me in school once my grades are up doesn’t do anything! Intelligence is supposed to not be something you’re inherently born with, but it this game you might as well be because it seems impossible to raise it at all! I was in highschool, if that affects anything, but I don’t see why it should and the four percent drop was devastating. It wasn’t even a childrens book or anything like that. If this is honestly how the game is supposed to work, please make that a little more clear.
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5 years ago, allofthebirdsdiedin1986
Love this game just some suggestions
I love this game and the fact that there are more options to interact in school/university and I was thinking it would be nice to interact with your colleagues the same way at work. Things like making interacting with your colleagues and boss, trips for work, work place affairs, and the ability to make friends at work. There should also be more options to interact with friends and maintain them outside of school. It would also be cool to be able to have more texting options not just with ex’s but also with spouses, friends, family, boy/girlfriends, and acquaintances at work or school. Another idea is job options that involve social media like being an influencer or Instagram model where you can make money without technically having a job or still being in school and athletic jobs such as professional athletes, gymnasts, or dancers would be a good way to take into account the athletic skills of your character. There could also be options like opening up businesses or having your family have their own business and it being passed down to you or getting a better shot at a job because your parents worked there. Internships would also be a good way to have a better chance at getting a job and could be offered to high school and college students. Those are just some ideas but keep up the good work this game just keeps getting better and better!
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5 years ago, GamingwithIzzy
Maybe more...?
So, I LOVE this game, it’s amazing! But, first of all, I kinda wish that you could have like...ahem...affairs with your family. Also, I wish you could do more with your spouse. Also, what about better paying music positions? Or getting famous from being a musician?And what about getting famous for a certain career? Like, an artist, sports announcer/player? I also wish that you could be born into a famous and rich family, and grow up with the cameras. I also think that it would be really cool if you could gamble on sports! And I think you should be able to do more your child. Like help them with your homework (Maybe the kids could get mad at you if you don’t do it right!), or help them gain smarts or looks, get them to be happier if they are depressed. Also in general I think you should be more involved in your child’s life. Like knowing when they have diseases and taking your child to treat them. And your child should tell you secrets. Like when your a mom, if you have a daughter, knowing (if she chooses to tell you!), when she gets her period. Sorry for the long review, I’ll probably be writing another one in the future, but I just want to thank you guys for working so hard on this game. I really appreciate it and I’m sure that many others do too. I would LOVE to see some of these implemented into the game. I hope you will reply to this (it took me FOREVER to write this!), it would mean a lot. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Carlos Alacran
More crime
I would like to make my own mafia/gang or even joint one is fine just as long as I can eventually change the name when am the boss. I would also like it if I can create a dynasty like my son can become the new boss or rise up the the ranks of my own mafia/gang. I would like more crime like drug dealing, trafficking, and disturbing and maybe some other crimes to like book keeping, like having a gambling business, and other criminal “businesses”. I would like gang wars/turf wars and being being able to actually attack rival gang/mafias to eliminate them and take over their “businesses” and able to retaliate ever time they kill a family member or friend and gang members in my gang/mafia. I would also like to be able to bribe police officers and politicians where it gives me a kind of bonus that lowers my chance of going to jail or getting caught in general and maybe even getting me out of jail. Being able to put a politician or police commissioner or chief to be on my side maybe even being able to help me with crime and help me earn more money for my gang/mafia and maybe even give me some of their own men for certain things like killings or robbing, taking care of rivals whether killing them or putting them to jail. Being able to corrupt the military and government in general to help me in the criminal life path in BitLife would be amazing. Lastly the game is amazing I love it so much!!!
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4 years ago, mrvital92
Beautiful game but.…
This is absolutely one of my favorite games to just past time while on my iPhone. I absolutely love everything concerning professional sports and earning money like that. It makes you believe that even you can do it. If you can’t do it in real life then you can in this game and that’s the main goal of it in my opinion. But you have an achievement that’s accrue 1 billion dollars and I absolutely do not believe that’s possible without giving you opportunities to invest. I’m a professional basketball/football/soccer player and making literal millions but I can’t invest that into the community to make more. With that amount fame should be some type of way to make more money because eventually you still have millions but no more fame. Please have an update that allows you to buy properties and rent it out. That’ll make sure you and your children will have an increased flux of income without working again after 20 years at any establishment. If being able to rent out all of these houses and even possibly buy beat up properties to rent it out and maybe turn it into luxury properties while still in this professional field then that’ll be even more amazing. And maybe add some more ways to be bad/evil. I can possibly be a drug lord and own some much product and take over a specific part of the city you live in. And be able to move within a specific country and not necessarily out the country.
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4 years ago, cantbeliveitsnotelbowgrease
Thank you bit Gods🙏🏾
The bit gods are truly real I prayed for more customizations and hairstyles changing the clolrs I’ve gotten what I asked for I love this game I have soooo much I asked for more things to buy my billionaire save is now sadly a millionaire ❤️great work I will forever recommend this game. Still I’m waiting on the clothes different types of designer maybe fake cars I see u already have lous Vuitton handbags why not belts backpacks like I start to make money young in most of my play styles so itll be cool to get a chance to blow it all and honestly I love how the game is set up to where the money can stay in the family let’s see uhh oh more random events off of your actions like Because I gave a bum 20 bucks when I was 16 he gave me 10 grand because he bought lottery tickets and won or like I said before random events like maybe because I bought everything in the Gucci store a random event of a gold digger tryna get my number maybe I can buy a farm (again with a business update u can live off the land u know buying a farm is just one of the ways that the business could work maybe u make enough money to buy the corporate office u slaved at for so long and get to be a jerk to all the employees who pranked u and laughed at u)and aliens abduct my cows or as a child I’m kidnapped and have a choice to escape my nappers while there napping maybe😭 that one was a joke but seriously guys I really do appreciate this app #Bitgodsarereal🙏🏾
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4 years ago, I love my pet, Daisy
10/10% fun! But I have suggestions, so please read!
Look, I like this game, but I wish sometimes it would be and option to runaway, like when your parents don’t treat you right! And the BITIZEN thing is kinda unfair, just my opinion! I also wish that you would add a future where yours parents can put you up for adoption. I understand needing to make money, so I think that some things should be paying for. For example, say you wanted to but an exotic pet, I think Bitizen would be good. But the pet shop, I think we should be allowed to use free. And with the teachers and supervisors, the flirting and all that stuff should be Bitizen. I also hope that we will start being able to be in a gang in and out of jail, in jail would be money(Bitizen), but out would be free. I also want to be able to choose my parent’s age, name, and how I was born if I could, just a suggestion. This game is super fun, but my mom probably won’t let me buy the Bitizen and I really want to be able to do cool things. One other thing; I think that if you go to business school you should have an option to start a business. I also think that there should be an option to turn on a thing where you get asked the questions and can grades shown on your screen, I think it would make this game slightly better bc it educates people while they have fun! I hope these dreams will becomes reality, or even just a few, but please think about it!🥺
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5 years ago, @sierra6422
Love the game…some suggestions
Yo! Love BitLife so much, remember when I first started playing it and was like “nah I don’t need to be a bitizen” but a few weeks into it I took the plunge and I love the extra access that come with it! Also, the time travel option is 10/10! Was reading a review that suggested the ability to change physical traits to our characters, new jobs and positions like royalty and staring your own business, and then making fame easier and honestly I fully and 100% agree with those. I think that would be totally awesome to add to the game. Another thing I was thinking about was maybe adding more sexual preferences and even letting us choose our gender pronouns? And also even marriage/couples counseling, I know that’s a career but I feel it would be a great addition for an activity with our spouses/significant other. (Maybe even having the ability to choose your own religion but idk if that’s a stretch) Also the limit of how many kids and animals you can adopt maybe should depend on where you’re living rather than just a set amount for everyone?? OH ALSO a possible banking system, like with a checking and savings account and even credit cards, and maybe even the ability to build a dream house?? Idk these are just some ideas I’ve been having over the week. But keep up the good work!! The game is great and I love playing it and checking for the new features with each update!
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5 years ago, Gacha_Kitty Playz
Update Ideas
Can you update Bitlife to where you can breed your pets please? Also I would like it if you could make an online button to be able to connect with you friends, for example, let's say your friend wants to play as your mom but all you can do is have the same name, so you can't actually interact with your friend but if you were to make an online button you could actually interact with them and they would be able to respond to what you did instead of an NPC reacting to what you did, I would REALLY like this, A LOT, so plz, plz do this. Also can you add more options to the pets? It would be really cool! I would really like there to be more options and I would REALLY like it if you made it to where you could put a school button that when you press it, it shows the students in you're grade so you can make friends, enemies, crushes, etc. Also if you do make the school option, you should add the enemies, friends, etc. In your relationships and be able to have options to fight or bully people so you can choose what kind of person you would like to be in school, also relationships with teachers as in, love if you want lol or having a favorite teacher or a teacher you hate. You should also add the option to buy drugs yourself. It would also be really cool if you could customize you character and your characters parents or other family members and pets. Otherwise, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!❤️
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4 years ago, danyellshante
Playing from the beginning
I’ve been playing Bit Life since you guys first released it on the App Store & Google Play I love every update you guys release, because it’s just more & more versatility! This is the one mobile game I will spend money on! I do have some ideas maybe you guys could consider in adding to the game in the future. When it comes to family relations it would be nice to still be in contact with your family even though the parent recently passed & now you’re playing as the child. When we become our children the only relations still in tact is our siblings, other parent depending the game play circumstances, & step-parents. It would be nice to still be in contact with aunts, uncles, grandparents. Another idea I have spawned from this is, if we become orphans, can our relatives take custody of us. That & can we have more options as an orphan. For example, make friends at the orphanage, have possible adopters decline or accept after a mini game or wacky question. Another idea I would like to present, is when we choose to emigrate, the option to choose our country & also have 3-5 options within that country. For Example, I decide to emigrate to the USA, now I can choose to live in NY, FL, TX etc. These are just a few of the ideas I’ve thought from playing this game for so long. Hopefully I clearly presented that to you guys. Keep up the work!
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4 years ago, Swims1961
jobs, and school.
bitlife is one of my favorite games ever, it has so many realistic aspects but i would love to see more jobs but of all kind, like professional sports where you might have to have someone reach out to you to play sports professionally. Another thing you might add is starting your own business? i know you can become a CEO of a business by climbing up the ladder at your job but how about creating your own family business or something along those lines? I also would enjoy to participate more in those jobs because right now jobs are more like something to just get you money, you don’t pay them much attention so how about little mini games to go with each job? i know it would be a lot of work but it would be so fun. like if you are a librarian you could organize books in a library, or if you are a surgeon you could perform a surgery, basically do your job. Its like how you can click the pages of a book to read it in the game. Also while in school is it possible you can control the grades by like studying and it tell you something’s to remember and then answer a question from like a test or something. i know everyone may not want this but it would be so amazing, (i’m a huge fan of trivia) it could even raise your smarts without the book reading. and to the people who make this amazing game, thank you :)
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5 years ago, weep333
I don't usually write reviews but....
I truly think this is one of the best games in the AppStore. There's not many other games that aren't poorly designed and made for taking your money. The devs of this game listen to feedback and it's obvious that they actually care and like their own game. Most people with critical reviews complain about the amount of ads. This game is free to download which means they have to make money some way. This game isn't completely riddled with ads but ads on things like purchasing gifts can take away from the experience. I paid to have ads removed because I support these devs and what they're doing. It's very hard to find devs like this so these guys seem awesome. It's a very small price to remove ads I don't at all think this game only wants your money. The only real problem I have with BitLife is the things that don't add up. For example I've played as a character who owns a house and is well into their adult years and also has siblings. I got into a fight with my sibling over "leaving the toilet seat up" and having situations where "tell mother" is an option even tho my character doesn't live at home and is an adult. I think fixing that can only improve the game. I often like to adopt but when my character dies and I play on as my child my characters partner is not in the relationships tab. I think there should be a way of making your partner the mother/father of your adopted kid. Regardless this game is dope and I love these devs 💗💗
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4 years ago, favgame loving it
It’s great
Make a drug dealer career path and streets and create opps and gangs. Another thing make it month by month and create child support. Also playing sports professionally should really be added if you need help on the street tab I’ll help you that’ll really get the black community to start playing cause I stay in Miami and I got everybody playing this game right now at FIU but what I told you to add is just a mix of what everybody from where I’m from is saying like do scenarios like the opps did a drive by and somebody in your gang dies, do you retaliate and possibly go to jail or do nothing and your rank in gang goes down and make less money as a drug dealer and are asked more scenarios the lower the rank you are (to do drive bys because your a foot soldier) but like it’ll be really cool to just get a mix of what’s really going in every community in America and everywhere and you guys are doing a great job of it I love it. Great game though man I can’t stop playing when the new updates come out. Sorry I just keep coming up with ideas but you should make it imperative to have a house by the time you move out or if your mom kicks you out for going to juvie and stuff but it’s just like I could never have any properties and my mom is dead but I don’t have anybody to stay with or I can ask to stay with family members and depending on relationships it can get denied or approved.
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4 years ago, Cozypillow
Our bit people can commit crimes but it would be cool if someone could break into our houses or steal our cars or like crazy exes might try to murder us or our new spouses just to add a little spice (also opens the door for witness protection which could be cool you can change your name and are randomly generated new hair and get moved to a random country). I also think it would be cooler if cars and houses were more important. Like at the moment sometimes you can’t get a job cause you don’t have a car or your spouse will bug you about buying one but I feel like it should be more necessary like if you don’t have a car you have to buy a bus pass or if you don’t have a house you can ask to stay with a family member or live in a homeless shelter or something. I also think there should be three different car shops one that is all new nice cars, one is average income family kind of some new some used just cars, and one that’s like all used all cheap cars because the two car shops are like all used cars and like 4 new Subaru’s that are yellow. So I think if you did that and also added a feature where you can change the color of the car which I know cars are not that deep but like I hate when the only new cars I have to pick between are yellow or purple and then I just have that car we should be able to change the color at like a body shop for like 5,000 or something.
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5 years ago, Lexi 🤑🤑
I love this game so much it helps know what could happen in my life if I choose these decisions. I did it on myself and the choices I made in my life and what I want to do in my life later on and it turns out I will be a very successful person ............ ............I hope.(lol) I would recommend this to everyone because it was very fun and very addicting and I think you would enjoy it can you get to make important decisions and see how your life would be if you chose this decision. I think that there is only a couple things I would like to change and those things are being able to pick exotic pets or different kind of pets rather than just adopting them, I mean it is cool that you can adopt but I would also like if we could pick other animals that you can buy like at the age of zero. Another thing that I would like to change is that you could see your options of the kids you want to adopt like if you want to adopt twins or triplets you might be able to find them if you were able to see your choices. I hope that you look at this developer and change those things or at least try to change them. Other than that I love your game and I think everyone should try this so if you read this tell your friends and hope that they get this to because I really think that you and your friends and family will enjoy this game. #LoveThisGame. #MakeMyLifeBetter #GetIt
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5 years ago, Toca Lover Olivia
Game suggestion
I think that there should be an option where you can start your own business. You can select the business type and name it however you’d like and when you have enough money to start it you should be able to select advertising (I.e. say I just start my business and I only have $300, I can select magazine advertising instead of television because it’s within my budget). If you fail to run your business well and you aren’t making much, you can either shut your business down or you will get shut down. Also, another job suggestion, it’s would be great if you were able to have a small job like barista or something like that while in college, just to get some type of small income. Because it’s hard to get your parents to give you enough money to get by at that stage, especially when you’re family is poor and you get $2 when you ask. All I’m saying is we should be able to have a side job while in college, you could even limit us to small jobs with low income to make it realistic and then change it when we get out of college like, part-time jobs only. Also, I think that you should add more crimes to the game, like rob the bank or even have a crime skill meter, you start out stealing things, then robbing stores, then eventually working your way up to robbing banks and crazy heists and stuff like that. I hope to see this implemented in the future! Love this game btw, I got all my friends playing it.
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