Bitly: Connections Platform

3.4 (152)
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Bitly, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bitly: Connections Platform

3.39 out of 5
152 Ratings
6 years ago, ColoradoBirdGal
Buggy lately
This app used to work like a charm. For the past month when I create a new short link the app states “cannot retrieve link information” every time.
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12 months ago, Mainely Watchdog
App shows deleted links
Signed into Bitly website, deleted a link I previously created via website. However when I open the app the link still appears even though it no longer exists on Bitly website. Furthermore if I open the app, go to my list of links and look at any link “above” the deleted link that won’t go away in the app (but remember it’s deleted from the Bitly website), then if I try to copy any of those links above the “ghost” link, the link that erroneously gets copied is from one position below the link I actually chose to copy. No way to report this directly to Bitly unfortunately.
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4 years ago, GrimDivine
Wish I could Give 0 Stars
The site itself is great. The app doesn’t work at all. You can’t customize the back end of your URL’s. You can’t see the the bitlink that you created on the app at all. Then the site also won’t let you edit the back end when you sign on on the web. It’s horrible. But the link it auto copies will work. But you can’t see any analytics or anything for it because it simply doesn’t show up on the app. To access it on the website you have to click on it yourself a few times and then go to top links. That’s down right ridiculous. I just deleted it. I’ll just do my links online.
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10 months ago, VicCube
Incomprehensible UI design
The goal of this app is simple: 1. Create new shortened URL. 2. View and manage previously created shortened URL. In the past, creating a new URL required ONE click. Literally just one. You click one button, and the link in the clipboard gets shortened and and copied, all in one click. However, as of August 7th, 2023, it now requires EIGHT clicks to achieve the same thing. EIGHT. it went from a smooth workflow to the most frustrating UX ever. I simply don’t understand how an app could be downgraded so much with no reason whatsoever. Please change the workflow and give us back what we had.
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2 months ago, raierra
It was nice when it worked
I’m running IOS v 17.4.1 and have been using the free version of bitly for the last several years. When attempting to open a link in the bitly IOS app, the message is “Failed to retrieve link information!”. I suspect this is bitly phasing our their “free” app. The fees to upgrade to a paid account are too high for the occasional user like me. Be aware also to copy links created in bitly to an external program or pay $300+ to have the ability to export your links.
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5 years ago, MMAL8859
Great product and easy to use!
I’ve always used Bitly to shorten my links, and now with the App, I can easily shorten links and see the metrics behind them. Product works just like the desktop version but way more convenient!
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4 years ago, SWCA MnA
Very happy
Very happy to have this app. Fast intuitive and much more professional not to have a mile long link for insta and various other things. Appreciate that it lists them out and gives some stats! Well done!
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7 years ago, thegirlkyle
Does The Trick
I was honestly surprised to see such a low rating as I've never had an issue before. Shortening links and tracking analytics has always worked perfectly for me!
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6 years ago, Emily75431
On the go links
Love the app! It makes it so much easier for me to share links and get live data while I’m not by my computer. Definitely recommend it for all Bitly users.
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4 years ago, AHSLU
Suddenly and for no reason, all my Bitly stopped working.
1 year everything worked great. 140+ just stopped working. I can’t use any that I’ve created and this is the ONLY way your support team can be reached. The website chat only responds to business emails. So what do I do now??? Start all over from scratch with a competitor??? Wish I didn’t have to. But there’s no one to answer my questions.
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2 years ago, Billbert12
Won’t even let me log in
It’s too bad that this free service that I paid nothing for is really going down the tubes. I try to log in on the app and it says “Failed to connect to server, please try again.” Yet, I get the text message for 2-factor authentication, so SOMETHING is working but disconnected. Tried customer service on Twitter. It gave me garbage.
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5 years ago, matt7456
Super convenient
Helps me keep links handy, I can copy and paste them into other apps with a few taps. Nice to know how many clicks they have, too.
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5 years ago, Phicks732
I love Bitly!
This platform is fantastic! I can easily shorten my links for any marketing campaign I am looking to run. I am going to start using Bitly links for SMS too!
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2 months ago, kelsey and jake
It’s ok
The only thing that is not ok is you can’t delete links
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2 years ago, Marc from Johnson City, NY
Too many wrong links!
I am looking for a more reliable link shortener. Bitly has the amazing ability of copying the wrong link. I’ve carefully worked at making sure I copied the correct link, only to take the tweet down because it directed to a different one.
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10 months ago, KraziStuff
Unable to log in
I have downloaded and deleted the app several times in an attempt to access it. Whenever I try to log in, I receive an error message stating it wasn’t able to connect to the server.
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2 years ago, Lazonya
Horrible Redesign
What have you done to your app?! It’s not user friendly and is buggy. What a horrible redesign. Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to copy the shortened url. I shouldn’t need to go to multiple screens to copy a url. Time to find a new url shortening app.
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5 years ago, markjosephson
Love Bitly and better links. This app and plugin makes it easy to create links from any App.
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7 months ago, CColotti
Cannot connect to server
Same error as others it’s got no other information and makes no sense. Login works on website but app gets the “cannot connect to sever” so the app seems useless.
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3 years ago, GatorBait66
I realy dont know why but all of sudden my links are blocked i cant link anything with this app it tells me im block and thats it no reason no nothing i believe its censoring my content and if it is you can keep your app
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5 years ago, antoneyjohn678
Good app
Good application for use to shorten link used to easy and simple way.
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5 years ago, RussG11
No facebook authentication allowed
I tried downloading on 2 devices now. Cannot log in with facebook, which is where I have all my links connected to. Spits back “Facebook Authentication Failed” without even opening up the app. It’s immediate. Fix this.
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6 years ago, NickLaparra
Links won’t shorten on app
I’ve tried so many times t shorten links in the mobile app and it never works anymore. It used to buy hasn’t for the past 6 months or so. Shortening links is literally the only purpose of this app. 👎🏽
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1 year ago, pixiediesel
iOS app dead?
Is the iOS app dead? I haven’t been able to sign on in months in the app only - web fine. Recurring error message is that the app cannot connect with the server.
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6 years ago, MDWDesigns
For a little while it worked just fine, but then suddenly all future links I attempted to shorten, we not acknowledged as working links and were not “valid” None worked. I tried to delete and reinstall, and yes, I’m up to date.
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4 months ago, Wtc demo
Want your reputation harmed? Use bitly.
I have a paid account and they blocked a link of mine with a disturbing “blocked content” page, without explaining what the unacceptable content was. Not worth paying for.
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2 months ago, Coastaldeb
Doesn’t work any more
I loved it for years. It was a great place to shorten links and store them. But it doesn’t work for me any more. 😢
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5 years ago, Bitly Fan
I love Bitly!
Amazing product that all should use!
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7 years ago, TheSalesScientist
Can’t Pass Go
I used to love this app years ago. Now that I have to creat an account I’m not able to get in. I keep getting a message that the usernames I’ve attempted to use are already being used.
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5 years ago, Shawn Bishop
You can’t edit previous URLs?
Hmmmm .... Isn’t that a common need of literally the core feature?
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3 years ago, Lady925
Not saving new links or updating clicks since yesterday.
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4 years ago, Cannot sign on
Cannot sign on
I am unable to Sign up for this app. No matter what combination my wife or I use, it always gives the error or “ user name must be between 4 am 16 letters and numbers”
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5 years ago, Jay Nisbett
Can’t sign in with Facebook
My account is linked to Facebook and the app won’t let you sign in with Facebook.... very frustrating
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3 years ago, Sjm240
App no longer works.
I have to use the webpage instead. The app was great for all the time that it worked.
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2 years ago, The Art of Flow
What happened to Bitly?
It worked for years, and now it doesn’t.
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4 years ago, moza mini mi
Limited to 25 links?
I have the free version, is there a 25 link limit?
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7 years ago, yyy888
Failed to Connect to Server
Just downloaded the app and now I'm forced to sign up although I don't know why. Yet another login I have to keep track of or not. So I try to sign up. Now I get "Failed to Connect to Server" error. So I can't even sign up. What a waste of time. Deleted.
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6 years ago, AJBOheneba
Former Go -To ... Now Failed
Used to be great for creating & tracking my shortlinks on the fly .. now “cant connect to server???” ... delete
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4 years ago, hillbilly whitetrash
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6 years ago, OldStPete
I have a special folder for apps like this...
It’s called INACTIVES. All I needed was an app to shrink long URLs with one copy & paste. Yours seems to do everything but that. Adios!
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3 months ago, man3ster
Paste clipboard! Lost trust.
Bitly want’s to paste from clipboard on open. Bad practice, glad Apple is exposing companies like Bitly.
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4 years ago, ZachAndo
Ever notice how whenever you open BITLY, they immediately grab the content from your clipboard. Yep it’s happening. What are you doing with that data BITLY?
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7 years ago, Rockyrocks6
Requires an account?!?!
Why do I need an account to shorten links???
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1 year ago, dlp123334487474
Worse app ever
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6 years ago, thehayn1
Account seriously?
Brett Snodgrass obviously works for Bitly bahahahaha
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9 years ago, PathMax
This is an excellent app; checkout my links
Greetings, Brett Snodgrass here to tell you that this bitly app is excellent. I wish there was a bookmark app so when I am using safari I can just click it and it's bookmarked along with predetermined tags or tags selected from the page. I have several "rate my healthcare provider" websites as well as medical references. Today I rated my doctor, specifically I rated my psychiatrist Dr. Stamati at the website DrSocial dot org. Checkout my bit links; its great that this is free; I wish Diigo would be free also; they could fund the website with investors and ads like facebook. Paying for social media resources and bookmarking apps doesn't often make sense.
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11 years ago, ClutterDesk
Incredibly Convenient Bitly
I'm an Internet marketing director and tend to read a large amount of articles throughout each and every day. I find it beneficial to share many of those articles with my team. With one tap on the URL from my iPhone or iPad and then one tap on the Bitly icon the article and URL are conveniently saved in my Bitly acct and I can then later go back and share the tidy/shortened URL or just read it at a later and more convenient time. I wouldn't be able to function quite the same without it, moving forward. Thanks Bitly!
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10 years ago, tsd707
Seriously Flawed App - Crashes & Can't Login
While I very much enjoy using the bitly service for shortening web links, this is essentially impossible now with the mobile app that is now completely unstable & unusable. If you can manage to log in (now nearly impossible except on the webpage), the app won't pick up your current bitlinks as it used to and if you try to add or remove a link to a bundle, chances are pretty high that the app will completely crash. Up until today, I had no problems logging into my bitly account via the app, but now that it immediately logs you out as soon as you attempt to do so, the app is just a waste of time & memory space. My advice: if you use bitly, stick to the webpage & don't waste your time being frustrated trying to use this broken app.
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7 years ago, @AZMike25
What a great tool!
I use this many times a day to send shortened URL's to Twitter, Facebook, emails, and texts. All you do is open bitly after you copy a long URL push the + button and add your URL and bitly auto copies it, just go about your business of what you were doing and paste it wherever you like. If you want to retrieve any of the URL's you shortened, just go back to the bitly app and copy it again. This is brilliant! Really great for Twitter where every digit counts. Highly recommended!
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11 years ago, Reviewr100
Mobile app frustrating & makes it hard to use for work
I work at a company where bit-ly use is heavy. The most frustrating thing when I am trying ti get a bitly to post to Twitter is when it tells me "Oops...looks like you already saved that link" and then it becomes impossible to find the link it told you was already saved thru a search and I am hardly going to page thru screen after screen on an iPhone hoping I find it. (Given how frustrating that us, the Bitly people might consider a less flippant message than "Oops"). When I've tried to go to the full site, I can get an URL but it won't copy. It makes me grind my teeth. Maybe it's time to switch.
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