BitPay - Bitcoin Wallet & Card

4.3 (3K)
45.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
BitPay, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for BitPay - Bitcoin Wallet & Card

4.28 out of 5
3K Ratings
7 years ago, Grandioso1173
I am now willing to give this wallet 4 stars since it appears that the developers look at these reviews and make changes, fix bugs, etc... Before i can give 5 stars, I would like to see improvements in the Sendíng capabilities of the wallet. Currently, when sending funds, you can only input the amount either in bct or USD, or whatever your countries currency might be. It doesn't show you what your balance is, so you have go back to the home screen to check. Why not have this information on the send screen, and this wallet also lacks a 'send max amount minus fees' feature'. Would be nice. What about being able to find old addresses that have been already used or generated? When these features are added then I think it will be worth 5 stars.
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5 years ago, former loyal bitpay customer
Gone to crap
I have been using bitpay for over a year. Has been great until Feb 11 they had a technical issue and could not load my bitpay card. Once the issue was resolved they terminated my card and when calling customer service they could not give me a reason why. When asked to speak to a manager, she said that she could not give me a reason or anyone that I can speak to. When asked for a corporate number she said she is the only manager and began giving me an attitude telling me that she was “not gonna go back and forth with me”. My funds were supposed to be returned to me and when she began to get more “snooty” I asked her for her name and if this call was still being recorded and she hung up on me. When I logged on to some associated forums I learned that they had started doing this to everyone. At least one person was able to get an answer and it was that he had made too many transactions. These idiots have limits set forth and prevent you from exceeding these limits. This is not credit, these are funds that belong to us so who the hell are you to tell us what we cant spend within the limits you have set forth. Many people on the forums are saying that their refunds are lost and cannot get a resolution. This company has taken a turn and went to straight garbage. People be weary and do your “due diligences” Don’t get your funds locked up by these thieves. You won’t like the answers their “customer service” team in Atlanta will give you.
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4 years ago, your boy moonius prime
Bitpay is next-generation currency management — and they are phenomenal
Yo if you get your account terminated it’s VISA’s decision, not Bitpay’s — which is why legally they cannot disclose any details — because they are not the party responsible for or delegated to disclose anything about the other company’s reason, which also happens to be the payment processor that they use to make their product possible. It’s bitcoin and fiat being hybridized, that’s an innovation and “technical difficulties” are a part of maturing that technology and utilizing it for the immense global purchasing power and unrestricted flow of YOUR money wherever you happen to be.. and they even offer directly depositing your conversion from crypto into significantly generous atm wothdrawal and Cashback limits. Stop crying about the inevitable technological bugs and maintenance periods and report it to VISA not, the facilitator and decision maker of your relationship with them or any of their affiliates. Bitpay is incredible and I truly appreciate the important & necessary function that you bring to the table for those of us who gamble on crypto currency and support the values.
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7 years ago, Htoo Aung Win
Bad system
When compared to Coinbase, BitPay has very poor communication. I ordered BitPay debit card, and I didn’t receive it even I waited for 2 months. So, I called the customer service ,and they required me to provide proof of address because the card was returned to them. From my side, there is no reason to return because I received the cards from banks with same address and my mail box is directly operated by USPS. Anyway, I provided PGE bill with pdf format that I received from PGE every month, and BitPay said they cannot accept electronic version. Who the hell actually not do paperless options in these days in California. And I am sure most people who invest in bitcoin are tech people, and those people prefer electronic version. Also delay bitcoin payment for ordering card compared with Coinbase because it doesn’t even require sending bitcoin address, and the system just automatically take the payment out from the account, and it is done in 1s. Worse thing is that BitPay receive address are changing and I once made a payment and the payment is success on block chain but BitPay never received the payment. Lost money and time for me. In addition, the exchange rate difference for selling and buying are too much different when others companies don’t. I would not be a customer of such company.
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2 years ago, MoronicDevTeam
Encrypt Password Error + BitPay Handling
One of the most pathetic things I've experienced in an app. Not sure who you have working on this, but one: they should be fired. Two: the way that the BitPay team handled this incident, by creating a blog post / "help" article regarding the situation, claiming that encrypt passwords that are forgotten mean to forever lose your funds without actually addressing the fact that they introduced a bug into the app which enabled encrypt password by default and locked users out of their funds, possibly permanently if they didn't have their mnemonic phrase, is both horrifying and laughable. Thankfully I have my mnemonic, but purely based off of principal, enjoy the 1-star review. A real shame considering how much I've enjoyed the BitPay experience over the years but this was absolutely unacceptable and your development team as well as whoever vetted and pushed through this update, AS WELL as your PR team or whatever you've want to call the team is who posted that pathetic article regarding encrypt passwords should all be ashamed of yourselves. Losers.
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6 years ago, grantdalton12345678
Bad new update
I am switching wallets due to the new update on this app. It used to be perfect, but now a lot of that has been changed. First, I don’t seem to get notifications for all of my received payments. Sometimes it notifies me, other times it doesn’t. This leaves me sitting on my phone constantly refreshing, which is a complete waste of time. Next, sometimes the pages that I click on don’t even load. When I open up the “Activity” page, my transaction list doesn’t even show up. It’s just a blank screen with my balance on the top. I have closed/reopened the app, tried restarting my device, and I’ve even tried using my other devices. Whatever you do, find another free offline wallet. While this one used to be good, don’t be deceived. The update has absolutely ruined the functionality of the app, and for that reason I’ll be using a wallet service that has app developers that are actually competent. Completely ridiculous that they changed and ruined something that didn’t even need to be changed in the first place.
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1 year ago, PottingSoil
Glitchy App/Poor Customer Service
The approval process for the bitpay card was quick, but I kept getting various error codes after approval. It took 60 days for Bitpay to resolve this by closing my original account and having me open a new account under a different email. Then my card never came in the mail. It’s been 32 days so far, so i sent their support an email. They told me to call the cardholder support line but they were unable to help me, and they asked me to send another email. So i did. They always send auto responses with a presumed resolution to my problem—if they really read the email and used some discerning problem solving skills then they would have picked up on the fact that their auto-email does not address the real issue at hand. I’m guessing it will take them a long time to resolve this as well. 60 days? 90? Never? We’ll see. This is beyond frustrating though. Maybe i’ll have a bitpay card in a year or two.
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6 years ago, DelightHimSelf
A little problem over at the transaction history.
I always use BitPay for my payment and I would recommend it to anyone. Very fast easy and safe to use. But it needs a little fixing at the transaction history. Anytime I try to check my transaction history it says TRANSACTION NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. I normally send a screenshot of my transaction as prove of payment but now this isn’t working. It’s making it hard to get things settled with my customers after making payment. I hope you guys will fix this issue as soon as possible. Thank you. Continue the good work.
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5 years ago, trillionare next door
I recently had bought some bitcoin and had it sent to my wallet after waiting almost an hour or two nothing was in my wallet. I know it takes a few hours for bitcoin to reach your wallet but after speaking with the merchant from whom I purchased my bitcoin from I was told my bitcoin was sent to the wallet. I check to confirm my wallet key was sent to the correct key and it was but every time I would check nothing was there. After checking the block chain it was also verified that my bitcoin was sent to my bitpay wallet. What I do not like about bitpay is that they do not provide like customer service or any type of support in situation like this. I came to the conclusions that they have stolen my bitcoin and I do not recommend using this platform. receive any bitcoin. If customer services is reading this I would like for someone to reach out to me and explain why my funds are not showing in my wallet after confirmed on the blockchain.
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3 years ago, Greghawk03
Great cryptocurrency company for youth to seniors
As a 67 year old who is new to cryptocurrency with less than a year of experience, I was fortunately introduced to, BitPay, a company to both store my cryptocurrency in a wallet or to transfer all of part of those funds into a debit card. This nationally accepted and well recognized debit card has allowed me to easily and efficiently have access to easily move and use funds going from crypto based to fiat based funds. I strongly recommend anybody who deals with cryptocurrency to seriously look at this well run and easy to use format in any and all your cryptocurrency transactions when possible.
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3 years ago, Zeenbeen6969
Absolute trash app
This app is absolute garbage. I’ve been following this app for a while now, hoping they fix it. For the last year, I still have problems with it. Very buggy and unreliable. I have now tried to order the bitpay card (which is an awesome idea) 4 times through the app, and I still can’t. Every time I create a wallet to deposit funds into, it just brings me back to the home page where it tells me to make a wallet to deposit funds again. I now have 4 12-word recovery phrases for 4 different wallets and I still can’t order the card? I feel like I’m jumping thru to many hoops to make this simple thing work! The app won’t let me deposit funds, at all. I really hope they fix this issue, I’m sure with time they will.
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3 years ago, Countalonzo
Go Full Crypto Now!!
App is fire. I saw the potential but recently got my debit card in the mail and made my first purchase with the card today. The process was smooth, but I would ask if the miner’s fee be included in the total rather added on top of the amount I enter. This adds some playing around to figure how much I want to add. Second and more importantly, I would ask to support binance smart chain. App is is great though and the card is sleek. Not cheap at all
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7 years ago,
[Bitpay App is Great!] Crytpoanarchy, Politics, Fools
I see a lot of negative reviews that are based on politics and ignorance. This bitpay app works incredibly for viewing or transferring Bitcoin and funding to the bitpay debit card. Bitcoin is governed by people. Some people don't agree with the idea that Bitcoin should be ran by THE PEOPLE and want it ran by "some group" of people. The negative reviews I've seen here are all based on these ideologies and bitpay a choice to support the bitcoin that people voted for. If you are looking for an easy way to transact with Bitcoin... it doesn't get any easier.
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5 years ago, Zombumpkin655842
So far so good
I read the negative reviews, and was a little wary, not wanting to get poked out of money. So far, 4 transactions in and out of the wallet for gift cards have gone smooth. Longest wait time to receive funds from a different wallet has been about 3 minutes. Interface is pretty easy, self explanatory. It did take 4 tries to get a good receiving address on the last transfer, but it worked fine. No fee gift card purchase feature is nice, transfer fees into the wallet are minimal.
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4 years ago, SteveyATX
SCAM! Wallet already backed up
I ordered the bitpay card for $10, and once it arrived I downloaded the app, logged in and I saw $9.07 of bitcoin in my wallet. I then deposited $11,000 in geminiusd. Support told me I already backed up the wallet if I was able to deposit the funds. I told them obviously I did not deposit the $9.07, that was bitpay itself. I tracked the $10 I sent bitpay and $9.07 of those exact funds were sent to my wallet. App shows that not only is the wallet already backup, there is an encrypted passcode as well. I screenshot and saved all the wallet ids, transaction id also. Talked to a litigation lawyer and they will receive a lawsuit from me very shortly! Read online, there are many cases like me, don’t use BitPay!
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6 years ago,
Excellent Wallet
I’m new to bitcoin this year and I’ve tested out just about every wallet that there is and one of the things that I like about this wallet is that you can easily transfer your money from binance into your bitpay wallet and you can use your bitpay debit card to make purchases it’s an excellent wallet and I highly suggest that you get the card as well They do have some fees that are a little higher and you do have to pay a $10 fee for your card but it’s worth it
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5 years ago, Your last true fan
I have had this app for a little under 3 months. In that time, I added bitcoin to the wallet and ordered the bit pay card. The first card I received had 2 fraudulent chargers applied to it in the first month, without me ever having tried to use the card. I cancelled that card and ordered a new one. The second card I ordered had the same exact thing happen. Money was spent from my debit card, without me EVER having used it, entered the debit account information or authorizing a purchase ANYWHERE. I take this to be a seriously bad sign with 3 fraudulent chargers in less than 3 months without having given ANYONE my card/account info. Learn from my mistakes and AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
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5 years ago, Ogundiya3
BitPay needs to add support for the cryptocurrency Brave. Brave is a web browser based cryptocurrency. When users use a Brave web browser to search for items on the Internet, they receive Brave tokens for their reward. The tokens are the cryptocurrency Brave. Brave is used on Coinbase. The use of Brave as a cryptocurrency wallet on BitPay gives an incentive to mine for a cryptocurrency using a search engine based mining system, and the use of Brave as a cryptocurrency wallet on BitPay gives an incentive to users to store a Brave cryptocurrency wallet on BitPay.
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5 years ago, nayeblackz
Worst i've had bit pay for about two years now I used it one time just to prove it worked two years later I'm trying to use my card it was giving me a hard time connecting my card that was the first problem.... every single activity I need the one encrypted password I forgot I can't even start a new wallet without the Encrypted password I'm completely done I lost my money I'm just deleting the app and hoping another company comes out... The support doesn't get back to you until days later there is no live chat save your money and your time if you need a bitcoin just pay the fees and put the money back in your account from Coinbase
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6 years ago, TristanTTK
I love this service....however
The service is great. However the app has some problems. Every time I receive a payment it requires me to scan my wallet. Over and over again. This is slowing down the flow of business and is upsetting however the card and the customer service is better than ever. Please work on the app, it needs major improvement. Thank you for your great service anyway.
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3 years ago, Ztothepowerof2
Lost Bitcoin
I tried to load my MasterCard and it did not work. I’ve loaded it in the past, but not today when I really needed it for groceries. Deleted the app logged back in lost all my Bitcoin. Reinstalled using my phrase got some of my Bitcoin back, and now have to order a new card which took me 6 weeks to get my current one. Going to try Swipe Wallet, never going back to BitPay.
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5 years ago, Ballaintlife
Very good app and very convenient
I really like how easy it is to move money from wallet to card seamlessly vs moving it from card to bank account; my only gripe is that I wish I could move the full amount and they deduct the fee instead of me having to figure the fee then deduct it and move a smaller amount, simply adds an extra step I feel is unnecessary; all in all though, great app, great wallet, very convenient
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1 year ago,
I feel like I was stolen from
My first online transaction with Bitcoin was with Bitpay and yea, like the title says. I feel like my Bitcoin was stolen from me. I sent my bitcoin over to Bitpay for a transaction online and I never received an invoice, was never told that I was going to get an invoice. When I connected to support they just said I’d get refunded because I never paid an invoice. And the money never came (it’s been about a week and a half now… Bitcoin is much faster than that). They list a transaction id but don’t tell me where to look up the transaction id. I cannot trust this company.
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6 months ago, 1987Kevinwhammm
This app is a waste of time and hard earn money. I recently purchased bitcoin on this app upon request from another domain to make a purchase, and my experience has been horrible to say the least. I have well over the balance needed for my purchase(more than 20%), but I am still getting a message “insufficient funds for fees”. I deposited more and still got the same message. I would understand if there was some type of explanation to know what to do next or how much to deposit to fix this situation but there isn’t. 0 out of 5
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6 years ago, Lord Voldemort's stepbrother
I have been in the crypto space for 2 years now. I have a ledger blue to store my coins in a “savings account”. The bitpay app is really nice and designed to make BTC transactions easier between the user and businesses. Because of high transaction fees it would not be worth your money to buy a pack of gum and pay a $10 fee. But bigger purchases > $300 is what the debit card/bitpay wallet is most useful for.
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6 years ago, Flyingmd1
Great Concept. Expensive. Not secure
I signed up for the card and received it in the mail quicker than I expected. I loaded bitcoin and converted to cash rather easily. Had no problems with purchases or at the ATM. The BitPay platform is a little clumsy and I’ve been have trouble correlated the app with the website. The biggest negative is the extraordinarily high fees to transfer money into you bitpay wallet and then you have to pay again to convert to cash on the card. Seems like double dipping. This is clearly early in the life of this technology and currency. Hopefully they clean it up a little and make it cheaper and faster. It’s the only way they will ever get to truly compete with cash. Update: Used it at a couple of different site. Was working fine. Then all my money disappeared and my balance was 0. Not sure where it went. Got an email that the site was hacked and private keys were stolen. Just shredded the card. Useless.
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5 years ago, ggeemoneyy
Easy Peasy BTC to Fiat
The BitPay app coupled with the bitpay card make turning you coin into cash easier than making French toast. With the click of a button you bitpay debit Visa card is loaded and ready to use at anywhere visa is accepted. No more trying to find an atm that lets you cash out or having to deal with people on local bitcoins. It’s instant, it’s easy and it’s intuitive. Highly recommended
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3 months ago, TTamair
2 Years and Counting with BitPay
I prefer this over Coinbase. It comes with a card that you can convert your crypto to cash on or cash to crypto. It’s an amazing app and I haven’t found another like it yet. It’s simple on the needs and doesn’t over offer other opportunities for third party gains like coin base. It feels safe, not buggy, and efficient.
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6 years ago, DR3AM0FTHE3ND
Most convenient way to exchange BTC into USD
I love this app because for me it has been the fastest and most convenient way to exchange your bitcoins into USD . I keep my bitcoins in my BitPay Wallet and if I need the cash to spend it’s a click of a button to send the amount I choose to my BitPay Visa Card and it’s available immediately on the card to pull from the ATM, make purchases online, at the store
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2 years ago, Ryan0liver
Bitpay MasterCard HOLDS
Do-Not-Use the BitPay debit card for any Hotel authorizations. ‘Incidental holds’ will not come back to your MasterCard Debit card balance for 30 days!! Traditional merchant accounts are 5-7 business days. At the time of check-out from any hotel accommodations, Yes, you can use your BitPay card for the final bill when the Folio is presented. The merchant agreement relationship with BitPay will not release the Hold for 1 month. *Use traditional bank card options for Holds.*
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2 years ago, yogaaa1
Private key not same can’t access bitcoin
I now get the blank screen and cannot access my bitcoin tried entering key on multiple devices and only get blank screen now when I entered my key on other site it did not access my funds I think BitPay is holding my funds hostage Problem was resolved
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3 years ago, ThePortAuPrince
Adding funds to card
Currently there is a bug that when you add funds to the card it says “too many empty addresses, cannot create new ones” and it won’t allow for transfer out or add to the BitPay card. I’m using iOS 15.2 When adding funds the app handles wallet creations and it just create new empty ones and no way to delete those addresses to fix the issue please fix thank you. Fixing will get my 5star
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4 years ago, I_Against_I
Works great
I like this app a lot. I’m able to purchase Bitcoin Cash crypto with my debit card. I can purchase other crypto as well but I’m only interested in Bitcoin Cash so that’s all I’m familiar with using this app. I have always had an easy time purchasing, setting up wallets, etc. with the help of this app. I would recommend this to my family members. Cheers thanks.
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6 years ago, MannyDavis
It works and that’s what matters
New company located in Atlanta. They provide bitcoin wallets and a Visa card. I’ve done a numerous amount of trades and guess what? Every time I need to cash out on Crypto, i convert in to BTC, send to my BitPay wallet , and within 5-10mins my BTC clears and is READY to be used on my Visa. The Visa works like it should.. meaning it pays of thing with no issues what’s so ever. I’m happy and I’m thankful for them being so legit!
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6 years ago, BBCva
I use to love this app now they are trash
They are complete trash screwed me over outta hundred of dollars, there system used to be cool now there terrible. AND they don’t have a call service so you can’t speak to anyone over the phone and when using there email system they GIVE the consumer a verity of questions there allowed to ask. When really needing answers this bitpay company avoids there consumers I’m not the only person with this issues my entire crypto team of 20 plus is having the same issues and we all got robbed out of our money without answers.
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2 years ago, lindsey_lin
After updating my account “doesn’t exist”
After update I tried to log in account, I have one password since 2017 and it doesn’t work now . Well I choose, I chose the option “update my password”, and it said “we will send you a link if your account exist” but I didn’t receive anything, now I can’t log in. All this years everything was good, but after this update you guys do something wrong, and I absolutely sure what email I used, because I have a lot of confirmations from bitpay on it
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4 years ago, Skymax00
New update looks insane
I was waiting for a revamp and the new Bitpay UI is clean, beautiful and really good. I would like some features like cryptocurrency information (charts, news, etc) when clicking it on the home tab. And iOS widgets. (like price, charts, wallet balance, etc). Also fix the new scan animation which gets stuck in the middle.
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2 years ago, ditka
BitPay is the best of the best
I’ve been playing bitcoin for years and always used BitPay and Coinbase and love BitPay and coinbase is now useless but there other places everywhere to buy and sell. I will always use bitpay. They are the absolute best. Coinbase banned me because I bought millions in bitcoin and always sent it to the safer Bitpay and the bitpay card is amazing!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, EmmalysesDad
I loved it on my droid.
I absolutely loved being able to see the balance on my bitpay debit card as I have 65% of my paycheck go into it for crypto weekly. No matter what I do when I try to link the card in app it brings me to the point of connecting it asking for my pin and every single time the PIN numbers are responsive. 5 stars if I could somehow get it to link on my iPhone(xs) if that helps developers. Wish I didn’t have to carry my work pixel at all times just to see my card!!
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6 years ago, Jaymidd
Not even risking it
All these bad reviews, there's no way I'm trying this. There's gotta be better options. Crypto is the Wild West of currency. Make sure whoever you're dealing with has a live customer service dept and an established corporate address and identity as a corporation. Plus he fees are way too high. If it's easy to lose your money, don't do it!
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7 years ago, PRINT ON THIS
Poor communication
My coins of been sitting in this while it for over two months I’ve been trying to contact them but it seems like they all leading me on I put on Twitter I think that they’re stealing my money they responded but never gave me an answer seems like they just responded for Twitter anyway I did my iOS update and unfortunately it looks like they haven’t done their‘s and now I cannot get into my wallet with my 12 word phrase that I do have if I am wrong I will come back here and change this but as of today October 31, 2017 it’s rrrrrrrr blank show!!
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4 years ago, Mseivold
Great App
I have used the BitPay app since the beginning several years ago. They were one of the first crypto apps that let you use crypto in a way that worked with the non-crypto word. They have kept up development and made the process nearly seamless now. Works as you would expect and fast transactions.
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6 years ago, Abruhkadabruh
Great step towards crypto mass adoption
I've been using BitPay for a few months now and it's worked great for me. If I had to quibble I would say they could make the UI a bit more friendly. Example: when I go to add funds to the account somewhere on that screen should be a read out of my total funds available. Other than that it's been a smooth ride for me.
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5 years ago, Ppopyy
Do not use this app
Hello bitpay is holding is my funds hostage. I have a confirmed amount more than enough for transaction A and transaction b. My transaction A is pending status for the last 4 hours which is for whatever reason stopping the app from sending the amount I want for transaction B even though I have more than enough left over in my wallet. The app shows an available balance of zero but the sigma is more than enough for transaction B. I dont know if this is a glitch or what the situation is but This app is dumb. Dont trust your bitcoins in here.
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2 years ago, bencantwait
one of the best apps for buying and selling crypto
there’s not much privacy respecting crypto wallet apps for ios at least that don’t require all that KYC crap and email linking and all that, this app is nice and simple and works better than most other wallets out there. 100% recommend
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5 years ago, Stevenypd
I got a new iPhone downloaded BitPay put in my private key receive three of my funds I’m adding my BitPay card to the app for some reason there’s always a glitch and it won’t add the card Keep saying unexpected error over and over again anybody else have this problem
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6 years ago, skratechillin
Better than the coinbase/shift card
Exact opposite experience of the last comment. The card came as they said it would, very easy to transfer funds. Much faster than the same process with coinbase. The wallet works great especially linked accounts on multiple devices!
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1 year ago, 750dollarman
Love the app. Love the bitpay debit card. The only thing is I don’t get to spend the funds I like on BitPay. All the listed coins are good but I wish I can spend my OSMO tokens here. I can spend it on Bidali for gift cards but it’s less convenient than it could have been if BitPay add it to the list.
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6 years ago, soo000000. annoyed
Who has even actually received bitpay debit card? I doubt they even exist. This company asks for payment for the card and then tells you it can not verify your information? How convenient to take my money first. On top of that you have to jump through hoops to get a refund and this transaction takes 3 days to “process” as you wait for your refund. Oh and you have to pay the miners fee as well for their inability to check if they will even send you this make believe Card. Don’t waste your time. This app is WORTHLESS.
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4 years ago, Brian.Herren
Has been the Best Wallet Yet
I have been using BitPay for over a year now, and even though they have high transfer rates, it is worth it for me to have the peace of mind and security that BitPay offers. I will continue to use BitPay on a daily basis and suggest if you want a safe and secure wallet, that you give then a try as well.
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