Bitstamp Pro: Trade Crypto BTC

4.8 (5.7K)
144.6 MB
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Current version
Bitstamp Ltd.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bitstamp Pro: Trade Crypto BTC

4.75 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
12 months ago, Agittelm
Great place to but Crypto
Bitstamp is extremely responsive to the client! You can get step by step support by phone and email and their phone support is truly a pleasure! Customer service and support is the key to this site! The app is easy to use and the online application is also easy and customer friendly!
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4 years ago, Lucky Gnome
Caveat Emptor
Quite simply these people can decide to keep your money whenever they please- they have no conscience no compassion and I had used the service without trouble for many years. No explanation except to try to violate every privacy law there is and hold thousands of my dollars hostage- the crisis has hit my family particular hard, as such I have not had time to address this issue until now but if they don’t release funds penalties and interest soon I intend to file criminally and a civil case to follow- in essence they have stolen thousands from my family- it’s time for them to seriously pay- do not use this app- you’ve been warned!!! As you can see there is no ongoing ticket or any explanation here as to a very templates answer on their part- I think that things as they are today might help in our suits which I think now are forthcoming- but I’m after the license- want to stop this from happening to anyone else- using KYC on a customer as an excuse, one who had been that customer for over 2 years without a hitch then absconding his family’s money without a word as to why is if little comfort - apathy folks, pure and simple. They just want to make excuses and care only for themselves while they lie and steal from their own public... sound familiar?
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2 years ago, Carbonbreath
Do NOT Open Account
Do not open account until after you done your due diligence on this exchange. Please research high amount of withdrawal complaints prior to performing KYC. I made the mistake and didn’t research anything about this exchange and I regret it. Luckily my loss was minimum but it’s still my money I cannot withdraw. These reviews are to assist people in the good and bad experiences dealing with companies. It’s just not an app but a company behind the app. Bitstamp do offer phone support but resolution is none existent. Yeah I can call but it doesn’t do any good a lot of other people stated this fact. Email support is like a lot of other exchanges very slow and they get it wrong or just stop responding. Personally I think these reviews should alert Apple and they need to investigate Bitstamp for accountability. Again, make sure people that you slow down and take your time to research.
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3 years ago, fargo family
Lack of Leadership
Positive things first: Their charts for the mobile app are easier to read than most of the bigger players out there like Coinbase and Uphold. Their fiat ramp is quick and the KYC process is expedient. Up until now I’ve enjoyed their trading experience overall. Negative aspects: They have a poor selection of alt coins from which to choose. BUT they exchange 2 stable coins and BTC and... up until now XRP. Sadly, they lack the fortitude to continue carrying the 3rd/4th largest alt coin due to the recent lawsuit alleged by the SEC. While it carries no legal ramifications to exchange XRP during this time period, and the outcome of the SEC-XRP struggle will effect all cryptocurrency, not just XRP, it shows Bitstamp has no backbone to stand behind it’s customers. So for now, I will be taking my business to Uphold, Bianance and Coinbase Pro.
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3 months ago, Lunaracer
Extremely Difficult to Get Your Money Out
Horrible customer service. Froze my account and continually gave me no reason why I could not pull my money out citing, “ongoing internal procedures”. I provided all documentation and asked everyday if anything else was needed, but was just given no specific reason. Even if they gave me some sort of reason or specific type of internal process they were running, I would have been understanding. I think they were just holding my money for 30 days because on the 30th day exactly, my money was released. Month is a long time in my opinion. Closed my account and moved my money over to eToro. BitStamp interface is cleaner, but moved for customer service and execution is same.
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3 years ago, B-Rock90
Love the app, some suggestions
Hi, Plain and simple if you want an app for crypto trading with indicators this is the best I’ve seen so far. That being said since I don’t see a feedback option in app I’ll leave it here. Using both the app and the website often I will say it’s frustrating that so much functionality is lost between the two. Some customization for your indicators on app would be great because dark mode is your enemy since you can’t change indie colors and dark blue for keltner channels makes them impossible to see. Also when trying to look at specific bar volume with your finger on the chart not being able to just move your finger to check certain price levels and such is frustrating, the entire chart moves rendering the feature useless. This is my main crypto exchange, it is far superior to coinbase pro even with the lack of customization but I would still love to see these improvements over time. Thank you for reading, use this app, that is all.
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4 years ago, Spaz841
What a load of CROC!
This app is straight CRAP! If you’re looking to invest, I wouldn’t trust your money here! I promise these people don’t care about YOUR money. Went to make my FIRST withdrawal (using the instant option) ITS NOT INSTANT! So, I called and they said none of their options are instant (even though it CLEARLY says instant) The guy told me it would take 2-5 business days to deposit into your account. Ok, so what’s the other option? Oh, that’s a wire transfer that also charges a $25 fee to transfer., how long does that take? 2-7 days. This app and their policies are SO misleading! Don’t waste your time or money on this app! If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency and need something that’s ACTUALLY easy to use and ACTUALLY does what they say, shoot over to Robinhood instead. Because Bitstamp is a JOKE!
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2 years ago, Fun1699
Unbelievable services
Even though you only have a couple of thousand dollars, they could lock your account without giving you any reasons. They could disabled buy and sell and not allowed you to close your account. Even though they have a so-called complaint email, the result is the same. If you called supports, the front end wouldn't find any reasons why the account is like that and they always said they would report another department to resolve issues as soon as possible, but a couple of weeks passed and nothing would be resolved. If you lost money because you couldn't sell your crypto, they would not be responsible for it. It's very terrible and unbelievable services
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2 years ago, cc512k
The worst crypto exchange ever
These people are the absolute worst in the industry. I used many different exchanges including Coinbase and Binance without any issues. After using Bitstamp, there is no doubt in my mind why they are losing business to their competitors. I have already wasted ten hours of my life trying to go through their KYC procedure over and over again. It is as if they intentionally make it difficult for you so you cannot ever move your money out. We now have a family emergency where a surgery is needed and I cannot even sell my crypto. I hope your business goes bankrupt soon so you do not do this to someone else.
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1 year ago, Ghdhfvfg
Worst crypto app
Seriously I can’t recommend this app to anyone anymore and if you’re seeing this you have to run away from it. I can’t believe I deposited my money into the app and traded for crypto, unfortunately, I can’t take them out had to contact the support gave them the necessary info, and had a zoom call which I think it’s nice just to protect my account. After the procedure I was told to hold on some minutes then I will be able to withdraw from my wallet I didn’t get any response to date and my money is there no one is fixing that yet and it’s annoying. Kindly stay away from bjtstamp
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4 years ago, Christopher N. Giannetto
Stay with it
As a beginner in crypto I chose Bitstamp and it took getting used to. I’m still learning how to interpret what I see. But their Help feature takes the time to explain a lot. The company is out of Britain, which is cool bec it’s not being scrutinized by our gov. They are friendly and helpful. Offers two-step authentication.
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3 years ago, andy_cashinator
Don’t use unless you’re rich
I originally downloaded this app to trade a crypto they said I could trade when I looked it up online. I deposited $100 to then find out they don’t trade the crypto I was wanting to. I tried to pull my money out but I had to wait 10 days and then I also have to do a 1-5 day wire transfer to get my money. Last they charged me a $25 transfer fee for a $100 transfer. I’m never using this app again or recommending it, there is plenty of other apps like Coinbase, Robinhood, or Kraken that are a million times better.
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1 year ago, always letdown
Worst app ever
This is the worst app for buying and sending btc. I have deposited twice and both times my funds were held over 7 days when it tells you the funds will be deposited instantly. The second time I deposited my funds were held and I am still unable to do anything with them and it has been 3 weeks. I have reached out to support and have yet to hear from anyone. They keep telling me they are working on my issue and it’s been 2 weeks of them not giving me any answers. If I could rate them 0 I would.
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2 years ago, __Jjjj_
These guys are thieves
First of all if you can’t speak English. Do not download this application The email support is crap. They are very limited and barely respond no matter the urgency of your complaint. They just refer you to their call center. And if you don’t speak English fluently they ask you to get a family or friend to use as translator. They can choose not to credit your account after you have made your bank deposit. This is the most useless crypto based app in the world. I lost $2600 to these people do not download
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2 years ago, MarkmyWordsG
Blocked out of my account and claims that I can’t log in because Password and 2fa is incorrect. Yet I changed my password multiple times even though it’s correct to see if it will let me log in and it won’t. I told them to reset my 2fa and they claim that they disabled it yet when I go on the app 2fa is still enabled and I can’t log in. I also made an ACH transfer of 500 before and it never got deposited so they stole that as well. I don’t trust this company because they let me down so many times and support don’t help at all.
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3 years ago, eblman3
Tracks and sells info
This app is mediocre at best. If you are looking for an app that can place a buy or sell order 1x and be done, this one can do it. Otherwise every other app is better easier to use, allows you to track the value of different coins/and place orders. Also this is why the only app that I’ve found that try’s to track and sell your info to others. I’m going to delete it from my phone.
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3 years ago, DavidDepape
Blast furnace as well if drops off chayote
App itself is decent enough. However it took nearly a week for support to get back to me with a scripted reply. You have to wait for your ach to clear before withdrawing crypto to your own wallet, which I’m fine with. However for the 2nd time now my ach did clear my bank and yet I’m still waiting to withdraw. First time it took 3 days after clearing, currently on day 4 after my 2nd purchased cleared. Not happy at all abd won’t use Bitstamp again. Guess I have time to write a review since I can’t do anything with my crypto.
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4 months ago, Bo_victim
Worst crypto exchange
Do not use them. Worst customer services. They contradicted themselves and tell you lies and they conducted a transaction without a transaction hash and didn’t return your hard earned money back to account until 8 days later but they won’t let you withdraw your funds back to your own bank account. Don’t use them. You can trust them with your money when they disable your withdrawal functions and won’t let to transfer funds back to your own banking account.
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5 years ago, aRe_Cee
Could be better but not bad
The app is nice but I wish you could deposit funds directly on the app. Also with the new update for xrp you have to click view all to see the exact ask price for the buy and sell. All you see is the rounded number on the main screen.
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5 years ago, Swapnil1988
Changed the game with new app
Kudos to bitstamp for this new awesome mobile app. It has completely changed how I monitor and trade. I started making profits because I can’t instantly buy or sell when I see market is moving. UI is great and very easy to navigate with added security. Great job done guys
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5 years ago, Akrex
Great app
Great app but need some function for better experience: 1. Widget for tracking current market prices 2. Order book in chart presentation (like web bottom chart, where we can see where and how much orders placed by people) I hope you’ll make it in future
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3 years ago, mrsdmae89
Don’t use
This app is worthless. I’ve attempted to use it twice and both times my small deposits have gotten locked up unable to do anything with for 7 days. The first time I get it the second time it’s just ridiculous. Who puts money into a wallet or anything for that matter and expects to not be Able to use it. And the reply from. Customer service was to wire to ach, well there’s no option for that either sooooo thanks.
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5 years ago, Stunter929
A Star is missing
The app is definitely much nicer than the old one... but I could only give it 4 stars because your app is missing one important tool... it’s missing an alert/alarm tool that will notify us based on price changes that we set.
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2 years ago, jjacks24
This platform is dumb. I deposited money into it and bought coin only to find out that they hold your coin hostage for 7 days. Cannot withdraw coin or in fiat. I wish I’d never attempted to use this platform because I needed those funds and now have to wait a absurd amount of time to withdraw my funds. You can use them if you want however once I withdraw I’m going to delete my account because I will not be using them again. Highly dissatisfied.
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3 years ago, tringttin
Easy to use app
I have been using this app about a year now and experienced many market corrections, this app is the only app that seem to work when other fail. I love it!!!!
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4 years ago, -/:;()$&@asdfg
Better than Coinbase
Customer service is much better than Coinbase. Two days to unlock versus two weeks. I’ll be moving everything to Bitstamp since they have a US office now
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2 weeks ago, Meatgundam
Terrible Customer Service
I have issues with both this application and the website. I have been locked out of my account for days. I’ve tried emailing and calling and yet still having the same issues. I just want to liquidate this account and move to a platform where I’m not constantly changing my MFA and can actually access my funds without jumping through a million hoops.
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3 years ago, OurStoryBegins
Great app, draconian business model
Great app, structured security that is not intuitive and holds the account hostage until you figure out their non-communicated and non-explainable draconian business model. All good with you depositing funds, but getting something out like a crypto transfer to another account/wallet is blocked, with a misleading message that the 2FA meeds to be re-established. Customer support is friendly and clearly following a script. Avoid avoid avoid - negative experience.
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5 months ago, unhappy .!
Concerning this Cryptocurrency app and Bitstamp
I’m completely comfortable wiring money into your account and have faith that everything is being performed compliance with IRS requirements, you also have a very dedicated phone that assist questions👍
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5 years ago, not A Complainr
Not useful to USA users
Great app with really no complaints but I had to switch to Robinhood. They offer the same coins and USD ACH bank transfers. It makes it easy and less expensive. In fact, there’s no fees for doing so. I’d used Bitstamp again if I didn’t have to do an international wire transfer to transfer funds. Customer service is great though! wasn’t an attack..but other exchanges allow you to transfer via ACH transfers for USA users.
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2 years ago, Skyunwritten
Id verification ongoing for 2 years support defers to “coworkers” and 404’d webpages
I would say avoid this “exchange” my id verification has been ongoing for TWO YEARS… does that seem normal or reasonable to anyone?! Then when emailing support about that the agent defers to their coworkers and send links to a 404’d page so even if I wanted to connect with the coworker the agent deferred to instead of actually assiting I couldn’t your “customer service” agent Jelena R. is lazy, unhelpful, and bad at their job.
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3 years ago, Daddydlayedndj
Actually horrible
I’ve been trading crypto for over 6 years and have made very good profits off it but this is the absolute worst app for crypto you could possibly have. The fees for any crypto are actually insane and you have to spend 50 dollars or more you can’t throw any less than that and sending crypto also has a huge fee save time and use any other app that isn’t this one it’s absolutely terrible.
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3 years ago, SUHDUDE#&$*
Alerts would be nice
Would love for Bitstamp to incorporate price alerts for times when crypto moves! Other than that love the app! Keep up the good work. Moved from Coinbase after times got tight and they halted trading during crucial times.
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3 years ago, Gurangula
They force you to install the app for no reason
The website now only allows withdrawals after "confirming" within the app. They used to ask for email based confirmation, that went away. Anyone initiating a transfer from the website already has all the credentials needed to set up the app so this provides no extra safety. It actually makes things worse as you now have one more device with authentication info on.
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3 years ago, CristinaS77
It works great
After one of the updates my app was crashing but now it’s working great. It was fixed quick and I developer addressed my concerns
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3 years ago, prime driver 620844
Was not able to create an account period
Got stuck trying to create an account no link on my email the only option reset password or contact Bitstamp for support emailed Bitstamp twice no answer yet i am not sure if we can use this app in United States?
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4 years ago, Radarthis
Fast, Easy, Clean User Interface!
Great platform - provides access to crypto in a safe and trusted manner. Clean user experience, easy to navigate l, and love watching prices on the application. Very happy with the overall platform.
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5 years ago, Willis Myrick
I want to give it 5 stars but...
...unfortunately there is no dark mode/theme which makes this all current theme very hard on my eyes, but aside from that minor grievance, Bitstamp is one of the best companies around so far. I hope they remain consistent as time continues.
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2 years ago, helping orhers be aware
Bitstamp has disabled the withdraw feature and $ is stuck in Bitstamp
It’s been 2 weeks with funds in this account and a support ticket open where the customer service will not know any deal updates of what’s going on and no indication of when the money will be able to be withdraw back to my bank account. TERRIBLE ! Worst and most unreliable application
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4 years ago, Thorn1069
Best Crypto Exchange App
Bitstamp has the lowest fees with the best charts of any Crypto exchange app! Feature request: I wish Bitstamp had detailed push notifications I could set up for when BTC changed by some percent over some time interval
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5 years ago, BHODLN
Crypto 4 Dummies
By far the easiest if you ever thought about investing in cryptocurrency. Whether you heard the hype of Bitcoin or are amazed by individuals with Ripple wanting to create the IOV, Bitstamp will get you started! Easy to use and support is top notch ! What are you waiting for Buy (XRP) hint...HODL !
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3 years ago, RateTheGreat
Slow withdrawals, appalling support
I withdrew £20k and hours later it still hadn’t arrived to my Faster Payments UK account. I have asked support 4 times and the girl refuses to let me know how long withdrawals are meant to take. She won’t even specify if it’s hours or days or months. She has now given me an email address for complaints! Well here’s my complaint. Do better.
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5 years ago, Salem Seleiman
This app is easy to use and very fast and efficient to get around I love using it instead of logging on to safari and then bitstamp and the rest of the Jazz lol this is print thumb and I’m in I love it 🔥
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2 years ago, laavavavavava
Nothing special
Look at the most recent reviews and don’t be fooled. Took 10 days for a deposit to hit and then about 12 hours to withdraw. Not sure why that isn’t fairly instant. Then a 100 dollar withdraw I only received 90. Certainly not because they used fast gas. Better options out there for sure to use.
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4 years ago, HonestReviewsFromMyViews
I had Coinbase for a while and became dissatisfied after the exchange would shut down or freeze if the price up bitcoin went up 5%.... Bitstamp is my new favorite crypto app because it’s secure clean and simplistic and no withdraw limits 👏🏼
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4 years ago, Wetgrind
Please add a graph for Total Balance.
I really like the app. Great work! I was able to transfer money and buy without any issues. My only suggestion is to add a graph (trend) for Total Balance. I think it would be very useful instead of tracking each individual coin’s price fluctuation.
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4 years ago, Mikebomber
Weary of services
Had an issue with transferring money into my account and submitted a help ticket, ended up having to call customer service who are basically just there to listen because they don’t have the ability to do anything besides open another ticket. Great app if you’re not a serious investor.
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3 years ago, Musffgjl
Nice app
I hope that there an option that i can see my buying price so when the current price increased i can know
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2 years ago, ShyamKW
Exchange is greedy and not improving services
They called themselves old exchange but service and interface wise still very bad compared to all other exchanges. They have not given SGB tokens still and scammed it’s all old users who trusted them. Not sure if they will give other airdrops came with XRP also now. Very bad and they lost all trust.
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3 years ago, Kongman23
With the new set up, it is so much easier for a user like me to be able to breakdown my finances instead of trying to keep my own excel.
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