Bitwarden Password Manager

4.5 (4.3K)
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Bitwarden Inc
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1 month ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bitwarden Password Manager

4.52 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Glubstermeister
Solid Password App
Does nearly everything one would need. 3rd party certification puts it next to 1Password and others. Open source. Features & improvements added occasionally. Free if you need basic password management & sync. For most people, it’s about $10-22 annually if you need more features such as premium support or secure sharing for family / team. Working with “Organizations” & “Collections” is key to sharing encrypted records. It’s available on basically any platform, all of which sync, and if all else fails you can login via web browser. Good interaction with OS and browsers, FaceID & TouchID. Clears clipboard after 30 sec (or whatever threshold you set). Still hoping for a “local backup” option, so an encrypted backup file can be kept, just in case the main cloud database becomes corrupt. Biggest bug I’ve seen (as of April 2019) is some of the search functions are intermittently buggy in Safari (both the extension and even logged into web vault). It’s a minor issue as search works fine in iOS and MacOS X apps. Also works great in Brave Browser (Chrome). May also be related to the fact that Safari extensions library is very slow to approve updates (an Apple delay), so Safari extension is always a couple months behind. Aug 2019 also saw a bug regarding auto-syncing new items. Some users reported auto-sync to cloud was not initiating as it had before, and you had to manually sync each time you made a change. I’m hoping this gets resolved.
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3 years ago, Lawrence XXXX
Wow I finally secured all my passwords
First of all. I’ve always wanted to have a password manager due to the fact that having the same password for everything was never a good idea, well after a few fraudulent purchases on my debit card, enough was enough. I went searching online for a password manager and I really didn’t want to pay for one. Then boom Bitwarden came into play, what once was a free alternative to a password manager soon became THE BEST password manager. It’s pretty secure from what I’ve seen so far and since it’s open source there’s a lot of avenues you can do to secure your passwords. You can use almost any 2FA system ( I’ve been really enjoying OTP Auth because you can export your authentications just in case something happens to your phone) and a multitude of many other things, Bitwarden also lets you secure credit and debit cards, IDs, and secure notes, and it also auto generates passwords and you can control how you want to go about that. You can also export your all your passwords to a .Json or excel file if you want a local backup. They also offer a premium which is $10/yr that gives you a few more goodies but honestly to the average person who wants to keep your stuff secure you don’t need it, though honestly if you can afford it I suggest you do so you can support these amazing devs. Thank you Bitwarden, you made password security free, easy, clean.
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2 years ago, lissaunique
Greatest app ever, so far!
I test apps and I work from my phone, so I have so many logins that it’s unreal… plus I have one million passphrase for cryptocurrency wallets. This app literally holds it all. That is such a huge help for me, you have no idea. I CANNOT lose a wallet passphrase or I’ll lose ALL of my invested currency in that wallet. And I’ve had to reset my password in random apps so many times, it’s become beyond frustrating . Plus a really cool feature of this app is that you can press the check mark next to your saved password for whatever login and it’ll instantly tell you if your password is secure or if it’s been breached and needs to be changed. A couple of my passwords had been breached 42 times!!!! So I changed them ASAP. It blew my mind. The app is legit and free for the most part. I recommend and give it 5 stars. If anything changes, this review section will be the first to know! Edit: I forgot to add that even tho this is a great secure app, please please please set up 2-factor authentication. This kind of info is more than necessary for it, more like mandatory (in my humble opinion). Don’t be lazy like I used to be. Set it up.
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4 years ago, al12?
Needs much more basic information on how to use
Likely my interrupted rating attempt a few min ago was posted. So I will finish the prior discussion. I inadvertently copied my pwd , i.e. “Password copied”. No information was provided as to what the icon meant, nor could I locate any info as to “where” my pwd was copied. After reading topics in the discussion groups, I determined it likely was copied to the “clipboard”. I could find no information as how to locate clipboard, nor how data retained it would be used. I inadvertently found that I could give the clipboard a timed delete setting...that I did immediately. I still do not know how to view what is in the clipboard, nor how it is used...other than such items are apparently copiable in an unencrypted format to other apps, such as Word, email, etc. All basic operations, such as installing login info for tablet/phone apps is done without any supporting info as how this activity is done. I also could not locate any info as to how to link the Bitwarden info to the other app on IPad...fortunately another person was able to show me how the app works. This app seems geared towards ppl familiar with this type of app and greatly lacks the basic info on how to begin setting up the app to work successfully. If you look at the various Help topics, it is clear the Bitwarden authors assume very tech-savvy users...not the novice user.
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2 years ago, Malcolm59
simply works
The only reason I can see for people giving this app a pad if you is lack of knowledge of how these apps worked begin with. I was a Truekey user for years and they have not updated their app and over a year and the app is constantly glitching or you can’t log into it and they want to charge you $35 a year for that functionality. NOT!!! So, I decided I would start looking for a new password manager and I downloaded LastPass and Bitwarden and several other apps and have found a Bit Warden to be the one for me. Even though it’s not the most elaborate of apps it works for what you ask you to do and for those that say that you can’t set it to auto fill you’ve just haven’t bothered to dig down into the options to set it to do so. For a free app or if you choose to do so a $10 subscription fee this app by far meets any demands that I would have for this type of product. And for God sakes people set up 2FA authentication when you set up a app like this using an a authentication app to help safeguard your data.
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4 months ago, Afthunder
I have used Bitwarden for years and have paid for the service since month 2 because of the product’s amazing capabilities and the open-source nature of its design. I have never had a major issue until recently. I have an older iPad 5th gen and using any type of auto fill plus Bitwarden is entirely broken. I have successfully logged into Bitwarden and enabled Touch-ID. I have gone into settings and selected Bitwarden as the password auto fill option. Every single time I try to log into an app, I get the message “ bit warden auto fill biometric unlock for this account is disabled pending verification of master password”. I have verified the master password dozens of times and it fixes nothing. When I go to unlock with the master password I get the message “unlocking May fail due to insufficient memory decrease your KDF memory settings or set up biometric unlock to resolve”. I would love to reduce my KDF memory settings but those settings are inaccessible via the iPad app(at least this gen of iOS )I have already set up biometric unlock so I have no way around this issue on the iPad. I can probably access the settings on the computer but this is a huge issue when I can’t use the app on the device that the app is made for. Please help.
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6 months ago, MUGGLI1
Extremely Stable & $10/YR for Premium= The Best for Less
I really like this App , I switched from 1password , BC they started to ask for money every month, even though I supposedly paid a 1 time fee for the MAC OS, IOS & iPad OS . They stopped honoring their own 1 Time Fee for EACH DEVICE- After this, Things stopped working, and it was always trying to get me to pay a monthly fee . I got sick of it , switching to BITWARDEN, was simple & has been a wise choice for me.$10/YR=Premium, how can you beat it? Plus it integrates Yubikey W premium plan for easy access & higher security. I’m also happy that BITWARDEN has clearly stated that they are Zero Knowledge with End to End Encryption. They can’t give/loose what they don’t possess. Other password manager’s do not State this. So in an age of invasive surveillance, it’s becoming a necessity to use companies who clearly state they’re not able to give access to sensitive customer information, to anyone at any time. Privacy is a given human right.
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1 month ago, abey238
Fantastic password manager with great potential and one small flaw
Giving this password manager 4 stars until we get the feature that i would mention below. But firstly love this password manager particularly since we have the option to self host. Majority of the features are free. If you need 2 factor authentication inbuilt then we have to pay a marginal amount of $10 a year. Love the encryption level options that the software provides and the recent additions of passkey puts this as highly recommended. Now to the feature that is lacking that kinda puts a dent on the iOS side. As there is no iOS safari extension for Bitwarden, there is no option to automatically add new login details when saving credentials on a website or the option to suggest an update to an existing login when changing a password on a website. I will mark this as 5 stars the moment this feature is available. Looking into 1Password, they do have this feature and many in the community think its an essential feature.
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2 years ago, Valtarien
Excellent, open-source, secure and privacy-respecting password management
BitWarden completely blows away all competing products (with the possible exception of KeePass, which is better suited for local, non-synchronized storage (yes, I am aware you can use it through cloud syncing, but you have to set it up properly for that). As stated in my review title, it offers excellent open-source, secure and privacy-respecting password management. You can even self-host the app on your own server if you don’t want to trust your database to the BitWarden staff. I wish all software products had all of these features. Far too many apps want to collect data on you (basically spyware) and sell/give/trade it to the highest bidder for more money, or store it on insecure servers for hackers to grab it and sell/give/trade it on the Dark Web. Thank you BitWarden, for respecting your customers and providing such a great essential tool for people to remain secure in this increasingly hazardous online world.
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2 years ago, NuZooRevue
Best password solution ever!!!
The very first password keeper I found was, sadly, discontinued about 5 years ago. I started searching for a suitable replacement. After trying and extensively testing several apps, I settled on Avast Password Keeper, because it had free cloud sharing and all my passwords were accessible via Avast Anti-virus, on the desktop. Unfortunately, Avast decided to make the desktop password keeper a premium option. Back to searching… Back to the tiring process of installing, testing and grading different password storage solutions. I tried every password vault out there. Either they had limited functionality, were inflexible, had no sharing capability, or outrageous subscriptions (or they seemed a little shady…). Recently, I found BitWarden. At first, it seemed too good to be true. It had everything I needed! I can share passwords between my iPhone and desktop. It has sensibly-designed entry fields; I don’t have to work around limited, mis-designed, or missing fields. It’s flexible; I can create and sort entries into subfolders instead of one long list of logins. Best of all, for individual, non-commercial use, it’s completely free, “forever”! Finally! Somebody is thinking about the rest of us! Those of us who don’t have a corporate budget, but still need a reliable way to store our logins. Thank you, BitWarden; you’ve earned 2 more stars! A 5-year search is over!
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4 years ago, M0tis
Best Password Tool Available
I’ve been extremely happy with BW. I was a long time 1password user. I eventually became unhappy with their pricing model. A year ago I evaluated almost every PW tool available, the most well known tools were just as expensive as 1password, but not as good. Some also have questionable privacy and security policies. I decided to try Bitwarden, because it was free and open source. I have been so impressed with the features and reliability. It works seamlessly across my Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. About 3 months in I decided to upgrade to their premium membership (only 10/yr)— which was not necessary to get all the features I needed, but I just wanted to reward their efforts. It may not have the full UI polish of 1password, but comes pretty close. It is fully functional and reliable with all the features you’d expect, such as sync across all devices, end-to-end encryption, collection sharing, 2FA, auto fill, full data import/export, etc.
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2 years ago, QuarterSwede
Capable replacement for other popular apps
I’ve been using BitWarden as an alternate backup to Passwords (Keychain) for a few years now and it’s only gotten better. One thing I was surprised to find is that it’s faster to open vs 1Password. Also, it has yet to lose any of my data when syncing, unlike 1P which consistently failed to save secure note data. I like that BitWarden is open source, cross platform, including the web access, and has a good roadmap. The free version is great for single users and I think the family sharing options are fairly priced. Also, it’s nice to see a macOS version that isn’t stupidly high priced or requires an equally high priced subscription. Yes, developers need to pay the bills too but sometimes it feels like they’re taking advantage of a market because of their growth. Hopefully the BitWarden devs don’t fall into the same trap while still being able to run a successful business model.
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9 months ago, surfman49
App needs some improvement
I want to like Bitwarden and I've been a paying customer for several years. Overall, I think it's the best secure password option. However, there are some real hassles with this app and I hope that they will be improved. First, the app crashes a lot. This is annoying at happens 1/4 times. Second, the app asks for the Master password much more often than needed. If I setup FaceID/TouchID, then please let me use it. I do not need a babysitter to help me remember my password at random intervals. Touch ID seems to be permanently enabled on Mac but not on iPhone/iPad. Why? At least, add a setting for advanced control how often the system will timeout for the master password. Third, some fields have a copy button and others do not. Please add the copy button consistently throughout the app. Fourth, it would be be better to actually be able to view some attached file types (eg. Photos) directly in the app without downloading them into another app. Downloading sensitive files to other apps creates a security leak.
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10 months ago, SCarp25
Big fan.
I've been using BW for a few years now and can't imagine how I ever survived before (I actually do - with a pen and paper and terribly simple passwords). BW has made it so easy to lock what I can control down and revisit passwords/usernames that need updating. It has all the features I need and generally works very smoothly across both iOS app and web browser extension. One thing that has now annoyed me enough to mention: I've been moving away from Apple notes and have been trying to use BW notes as an alternative. It's not quite as easy to use, which is fine, but the thing that gets me is when clicking into the note field after selecting 'Edit' to start writing, the screen racks all the way to the bottom of the note field and back up again to where ever I've clicked to start editing. This happens every time I reaccess the note to edit.
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4 years ago, ZethiaZ
Decent app, but not perfect.
Bitwarden is as a service, much better than any other password manager. Its Open Source, and they host it for you so its not a pain to manage. That means its the most secure password manager, and since the entire point is to be secure, I think it is very important. The App itself has a lot of bugs, nothing so bad that I cant use it. It crashes randomly sometimes, it closes out windows when im creating accounts, it sometimes doesnt fill passwords for no reason, etc. Its never so broken I cant get my password, but its because annoying and cumbersome to deal with all of the bugs constantly. The worst thing is it barely gets better, the app is rarely updated and I havent noticed any improvements with all of the bugs since I started using Bitwarden over a year ago. Its still by far my top choice for a password manager, but if you know that you will be highly frustrated by bugs, and are ok with using something less secure, maybe look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Cmstskrt
Dumped LastPass for Bitwarden
A problem lead me to believe that my Lastpass account was breached, and i was significantly worried to say the least. I was a paid premium user and I could not get a response for almost 3 days. To top it off, it was what i interpret as a “whatever” type response. I was stunned. If you are currently using this type of service, you know there is way too much personal info stored for that kind of ****** service. Researched more apps than i care to mention and went with BW. From account creation, to explaining the steps to move all my data, to its first couple days of hard use... its been virtually flawless. I went with the paid, because frankly the dev deserves it, but its not something you are forced to do by any means. I have tested the Web Vault, MacOS Desktop, and iOS so far - simplistic, fast, accurate.....very pleased with all. Feel confident if you are looking for alternatives, Bitwarden rocks ;).
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3 years ago, topuhit
Great Alternative to LastPass
Now that LastPass has moved to weird thing called Active Device Mode after acquired by LogmeIn company this is your way to go Password Manager if you do not want to use Google password manager and you dont want to pay for this kind of service. Only feature I wish it had is auto fill in of password on desktop browser. Currently you have to right click on the mouse and select a pair. Also if you are importing from LastPass via CSV file you will get error if you have longer that 1000 character Secure Note. I am really great full that LastPass provided amazing password sync store generate service for so many years. Wish them all the best. I hope Bitwarden will give their service for few years until Bitwarden does something like LassPass did and everybody is forced to use Google password manager.
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3 months ago, Utah Pow
Good app
Good for basic storage of the hundreds of various passwords from life in the age of internet. To be clear, basic is great, it’s really what I want - a safe list of info protected by Face ID and quick to access. I don’t need an app to fill in everything or generate something new, just safely store my passwords and other data that needs safekeeping (locker combos, door codes, etc) UI is decent, but a little lumpy at times. Would suggest to developer that an option to see the password as default by user choice would be nice. The default is hidden (cannot be changed) and I have to click to see what I need every time. I’m not living Jason Bourne’s life with constant security threats over my shoulder at every minute, and if I’m in a crowded situation I can probably turn my phone 45 degrees to avert (italics) DANGER. Letting things like that be a user choice would improve work flow with the app. Thanks!
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1 year ago, michael676767
More reliable than all the free and paid solutions
You get practically all the features without a premium plan. Premium is just $10 a year. Dirt cheap. For most people, you can get away with this for free without any advanced configuration or anything. Nevermind that the app even supports your self-hosted server in case you feel at risk that Bitwarden could shut down some day and there goes all your stuff. Some people I know self host just to get that security benefit while also saving the $10 premium too. End to end encryption is the best deal here though. Nobody ought to explain to you why it is - if several bodies of government need to openly ask the public to help crack it down then you’re definitely too secure for a nerdy kid hanging out looking to get a couple of passwords to your personal or financial accounts.
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9 months ago, -Xenomorph-
Fantastic Password Manager!
Love this product! Nothing short of an amazing password manager, thanks for giving some much features in the free version. I’m only a premium member to support the company. They iOS app it self needs a few QoL updates, but as a product as a whole I love it. So far none of the minor crashes here and there have cause me annoyance, and it’s not repetitive, especially after updates. So I’m gonna get them 5 stars for the product as whole, and 4 for the iOS app. Please continue doing what you’re doing! Please listen to your user base! I moved from 1Password after almost a decade of using due to their negligence to user concerns and new direction they took with 1Password 8. I’m very glad the Bitwarden made it very easy for me to switch and also a lot reasonably priced for home premium users !
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2 years ago, That Whimsical Rabbit
Fantastic app
Recently decided I should start getting vigilant about my security online. I did a lot of research online as well as listened to what my mom’s boyfriend had to say (he does tech work & has a computer science degree) & I decided to try Bitwarden to store all my passwords to get started on upping my security. I have nothing but good things to say about this app. It’s extremely easy for me to navigate the app & I adore the password generator! I’ve slowly been taking everything off my browser’s password manager & moving it all to Bitwarden. I’ve been making sure to update my passwords after I’ve put all the other information I need into the program. I also have Bitwarden’s desktop app & browser extension. Whenever I’m able to afford it I’d love to go premium to support the developers! <3
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3 years ago, the unkown...
Best password manager ever
Bitwarden has quite literally changed my life and I believe it is the best password manager because of its ease of use and security. Not only does it eliminate the fact that you need to remember a ton of different passwords to be secure, it has a really clean and simple User interface which makes signing into webpages and apps a breeze. It has strong encryption that I can trust so I don’t have to worry about my vault being compromised/hacked into. Bitwarden has unlimited passwords even in the free plan which is just great. I have had absolutely no problems or errors with the browser extension, mobile app, or PC app. You have literally nothing to lose with Bitwarden and I highly suggest downloading and using it if you haven’t already.
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1 year ago, NutterD
New user
Like many (I assume) I left LastPass and recently came here after diving into forums (been using BitW about a month). So far I like it. It’s simple, but functions well. It has the feel of older tech which I actually like aka it’s not constantly trying to sell me something (please don’t change this). I appreciate the open source transparency and plenty of user options. I do have 2 gripes, that aren’t deal breakers, but annoying enough that they should be addressed: 1.) no ability to add attachments to records (passwords or notes). LastPass had this and I did keep a couple images in my secure notes. Would love the ability to do this. 2.) some fields are glitchy (specifically the URI and Notes fields) when pasting. No matter the type of tap or hold it’s hard to get the “paste” to popup because it’s getting confused about displaying the keyboard.
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2 years ago, Gordo275
Generally good, but could have some quality of life improvements
I like the ease of the app to use and the safari extension. A chrome extension for desktop would be great if it could also sync across platforms. Would be nice if there was a way to alter the sort and list passwords by date added. Sometimes I go to a website and register and then open the app for that site. Bitwarden doesn’t connect the two and then I can’t find the password I just created (the company names aren’t always in the url) and I can’t search for it. The app auto fills your password when I sometimes just want to copy it. So for instance I’m on a site resetting my password and I have to enter it in twice. Bitwarden puts in the first password, but when I want to type it in again I can’t just click ‘password’ and have it auto fill. Even if Bitwarden is open it doesn’t give me the option to copy the password. So then I have to open the Bitwarden app, search for the password and then go to copy it. Just very clunky process with more steps than needed. Overall I do like the app and the idea of improving my security. I would just love it if some more improvements could be made to make life just a little bit easier. Thanks for listening!
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6 years ago, _maxrom
Runs with the big dogs
For a one man show, this app and system overall has had near parity with at least LastPass (the good parts of LastPass) since the beginning. In a rare feat these days, updates make the app better, not worse. This had iOS 12 password filling within 3 days, after a discussion with users on the feature request forum on how it should look and work. The premium subscription is a no-brainer but you can absolutely get by without it and not miss any basic functionality you’d expect from a password manager. My bug reports are always responded to almost immediately, if only to tell me it’s a duplicate of another bug he’s already working on or that I’m doing it wrong. Try getting that out of LastPass (you won’t, which is why I moved here).
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2 years ago, noah_r
Pretty good but too many longstanding bugs
I switched from 1Password 6 (paid) to a paid BitWarden family account about four months ago since 1Password moved to subscription pricing model. I figured I might as well pay lower subscription cost of BitWarden since it is highly rated and similar features. The feature I miss the most from 1Password is the in-app iOS web browser. For websites that don’t match up to fields well or need OTP, I may switch between safari and Bitwarden 3 times to get all of the form data populated. Not very productive. A couple of bugs have persisted for months in iOS app. 1)Search results get obscured by the on screen keyboard and there’s no apparent way to hide the keyboard. 2) sometimes the app crashes on open and the second attempt always works.
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1 year ago, chaos and mayhem
Super happy with Bitwarden
After 9 years of using LastPass, I made the switch to Bitwarden a few months ago after the security breach. Importing my passwords to Bitwarden was a breeze, and I’ve just finished changing all 600+ of my passwords. Took a while but the password generator & email alias feature came in handy. The UI does feel a bit outdated compared to LastPass, but that’s the only complaint I have. It’s easy to use and works great across all of my devices. The premium version is only $10/yr for some extra features like file attachments, TOTP codes, vault reports, and emergency access. I personally don’t use all the extra features, but I don’t mind paying $10 once a year to support the development of this amazing app <3
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5 years ago, The L$T
Insanely Good Nearly Perfect
All I can say is WOW! Wish I had found this before I subscribed to another app. I have used several different password managers and tested just about them all. I had been using Dashlane for a few years but decided the yearly cost was just too high. So I tried RememBear which is good for a basic one but left me wanting more. I read a ton of reviews and decided to try Bitwarden. Boy was I shocked at the quality of the apps and how well they work for a small company and a free offering. Even the paid version for $10 is way cheap for what it gives you. So far everything works very slick just as good as Dashlane for a fraction of cost if any. Definitely worth giving a try if you want a great manager for free or reasonable price. Oh and importing my passwords from RememBear was super easy and quick with no mistakes in process!!
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5 months ago, Liberal_Police
Must have
This app is a must have in todays world of complex passwords that require 8+ characters in length, numbers, letters, and symbols. The longer and more complex the password, the less likely it can be broken by using standard libraries. It also removes the need for reusing passwords since it stores them securely and you can generate a different password for every site. It works on every single form, from phones, to tablets, to PCs (and probably more). As long as you use a secure master password (which, btw is what BitWarden uses to encrypt your vault) there's really no way someone can break into your vault. Not even BitWarden support can access your vault without the master password, so don't forget it! With biometric locks (on Phones/tablets using Facial recognition or fingerprint recognition) it is simple and seamless to quickly login to services. It also can create time-based one time use passcodes, a must have for two-factor authentication. Best part, it is dirt cheap compared to other services. It has a free tier with some restrictions but the personal use premium plan is a paltry $10 a year as of the writing of this review.
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4 years ago, BrokeYaBones
Exactly what it says it does
This is a good app I’ll say it right off the bat. For the most part it auto fills on both pc and phone as you expect the normal digital keychain too (you can have both Bitwarden and the default keychain activated at same time if you please) Password generation is solid just as you need(just remember to hit save after you select the password!) ive had multiple instances of not saving the new random password and needing to use the password history tab(also a life safer) to fix the error. It has everything you need like credit cards and all that, definitely a top notch app and program. Get the trio, phone, computer app and browser extension for the best possible experience. Only real cons is that you sometimes have to manually set a new login on pc as some sites just aren’t detectors
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2 years ago, LGLB
This app is an indispensable tool in the modern world where there is far too much important and private information to keep track of. Yes, usernames and passwords, but also account numbers, combinations, gate codes, vehicle specs and VIN numbers, recipes, policy numbers, … literally anything and everything can be custom databased and organized as you see fit and keep sync’ed and encrypted across multiple devices, computers, and networks. They do a great job at allowing blank pages for you to make your own fields, as well as duplicating previous items as your own custom templates, or even advanced mass-importing and exporting through spreadsheet formats. Can’t say enough, other than I hope they never change.
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1 year ago, Richard in Austin, TX
Cheap, Secure, Easy-to-Use
I’ve used Bitwarden for a few years, now. Summary: Use it and don’t look back. Casual iOS user? It’s easy to use. Demanding requirements? Bitwarden can probably do what you need. It took time to get away from my old substitution complexity trick (eg: pA55w0rD instead of password), which password cracking tools completely laugh at anyway. As a test, I allowed Bitwarden to generate a god-awful password which was impossible to memorize: long and really random. Then I tried to see how much of a problem is really was to live with it. I designated Bitwarden as my password source on my iOS devices: Settings -> Passwords -> ALLOW FILLING FROM I learned that Bitwarden took care of entering my passwords almost everywhere that they were needed. I use copy and paste for the rare instances that the passwords weren’t automatically available. Long, complex, and secure passwords are easier to use than abc123. The free-version of Bitwarden does everything that non-business users need. Pay a tiny yearly fee and it goes full-beast mode, supporting 2-factor hardware-based authentication, group-sharing, and user-management, et cetera.
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3 years ago, Michael McShane
BitWarden is the best password manager
Long time password manager user and migrated from Lastpass after the company was acquired by LogMeIn. I had long felt that a total Open source GitHub hosted codebase was the best option to ensure open development with peer review. I changed after LogMeIn wanted to raise the premium price again so looked for alternatives and have never looked back. BitWarden provides a solid migration tool that imports your existing lastlass passwords directly into BitWarden. In the two years I’ve been using the product, it has performed admirably and also bought the $10/year premium version so my wife could also use for her passwords. Highly recommended. It just works on all of my devices from iOS to windows to linux.
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1 year ago, Mergyqqq
Edit creds when searching for item
Love the product. However I’d love to see a particular use case addressed on iphone that I encounter so often that would make the product so much better. However you end up here doesn’t matter, there are multiple reasons - but when Bitwarden runs it’s query to find the creds for the app or site you’re on, and displays it on a page in the app called ITEMS. give us ability to UPDATE THE ENTRY from that query item page rather than make us leave the app or site, go into the app, authenticate AGAIN, look up the entry, edit it, save and then go back to where we were and do another query item and hope we got it all right. It’s a painful user experience on iPhone that doesn’t seem warranted!
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6 years ago, jSanchez!
All-in-One Password App
Bottom Line: Great app/add-on for your passwords I needed a way to easily store/access the multiple passwords I have for the dozens of websites/apps I use constantly. My first attempt was to use a spreadsheet stored locally on my computer and it worked fine as an interim solution but eventually became cumbersome. After searching online and reading lots of reviews, I decided on two options: Dashlane and Bitwarden. Both apps provide similar functionality but after using both for a short period of time, I decided Bitwarden was for me and have not looked back. It's been almost a year now and I couldn't be happier with all this app provided. It works on every platform with little effort from the user. My only concern/con for the app is my willingness to trust a company with all of my information so currently I don't store anything tied to my bank account or credit card but that will change. I also keep a spreadsheet as a backup because you never know when a company will decide to close shop and take all your data. Cons: - unsure how I can verify security measures - unsure how long they'll be around Pros: - easy to use - open source - donation based - not platform specific
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6 years ago, Bozzie jones
Need passwords
Started off using passwords I could remember. Every site or app needs a password and shortly you can’t remember them all. Tried several different password managers but each had their own short comings or flaws. Found one that worked better than most, but then it was no longer supported. Each time I changed password managers, I had to spend hours inputting all my data. Found a manager that worked but didn’t sync across devices. Each time you made changes you had to go through the “Dropbox” routine. Finally came across “Bitwarden”. It seems to fit my needs and it is free. So nice that a change on one device is quickly updated to my other devices.
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2 years ago, DominoDiva333
Best password keeper…and
It’s free!!! Call me cheap - I care not! I looked high and low for a simple password keeper - no bells, no whistles, just something to keep track of them all in more than one place. Bitwarden beats a lot of them - paid and free! I love how I can access my passwords from my phone, PC and Mac. The ONLY cons: 1). I wish it was compatible with the Apple Watch. Definitely not a deal breaker. 2). When opening Bitwarden through another app requesting a password, Bitwarden sends an error message “there are no matching items in your vault for this website/app”. This is an easy fix by hitting the search icon and typing in the name of the website/app and then Bitwarden will bring up the vault item. It’s annoying but again, not a deal breaker. I recommend this app to everyone I know, especially when they are trying to get into an account and they say “I can’t remember my password” 😂 Stubborn friends are still losing their passwords. My smart friends are keeping their passwords safe and thanking me all the way through the login process!! EXCELLENT APP!
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4 years ago, bvignesh
Can’t live without
The first thing to install on any device I get is this app followed by my favorite browser. It’s that important. Sometimes it might give sync issues if I change my phone’s passcode. Simply sign out and sign in again on the app and things will be fine. It was annoying at first not having the ability to change passwords in bulk, or having to deal with autocomplete not working sometimes. Also generating new passwords can be a pain. If you’re editing a login key in the browser extension and you navigate away you will lose the changes if you forgot to hit save. All things considered I doesn’t bother me as much now, but I do hope they fix those issues.
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3 years ago, logitwood12
Very good and secure
Came from LastPass like most of these users and will switch to this one because LastPass is no longer syncing your passwords and data on all and any devices for free anymore after they made an announcement to their terms of services that it will take effect after on March 16. Most of these users got the same reason for this too. Just using one device at a time isn’t enough for me. I hope this feature for syncing in this app will be free forever unlike LastPass making you buy it for premium as a subscription. I will see how this service goes since I heard many people like your products and services, making them satisfied for what they need.
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4 years ago, BluegrassYakFishin
Now Crashes
After the last update, the app has begun crashing fatally. It will suddenly log me out and then will crash on the Log In option but it will let me create a new account (which is useless). This continues even after hard restarts. The app cannot be uninstalled as iOS thinks it’s still there and gives the “open” option in the App Store rather than the download option even after the app is deleted. I had to wipe my phone last Saturday and start over. Of course my passwords were there when I was able to sign back in after the restart, but I lost the rest of my phone (restoring brought back the glitch). Now I have to do it all again 5 days later. I loved Bitwarden and have been a paid user for a year, but this is just too buggy to rely on. A password manager today is critical to personal security. Since Bitwarden can no longer be trusted so I’m off to find another solution.
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7 months ago, Macorin
Works but unimpressive UI
You can’t beat the price (free for single users) and it seems to work fairly well for logins, but the UI is poor and clearly lacks an attention to detail. For instance, URL is listed as URl, but that’s only a precursor. The app only gives you four categories, logins, credit cards, identities, and secure notes. You can’t create folders in the app, only in the website. It doesn’t upload icons for every login, and you can’t upload your own if it doesn’t find one naturally. The UI is neither pretty nor intuitive. It just feels limited. There’s no tagging or other helpful organizational tools. I was hoping for better as I’ve heard many good things about this app, but I just can’t use this unless it improves.
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1 year ago, fjyjiiyt
works great, easy to get started
BitWarden works great for me on iOS, web browser (primarily Chrome on Windows), and using the browser extension for Chrome on Windows. I could easily import my entire vault from another well-known password manager and I tested export to be sure my vault wasn't going to be held hostage if I ever needed to change password managers again. Setup was easy and straight-forward. I like the face unlock on iOS phone! MFA was easy to set up and change too (multifactor, using something like Google Authenticator). I like the product so much I'm going to look into licensing it for a nonprofit where I volunteer and do I.T. work.
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1 year ago, dcol2000
Incredible Password Manager!
I have been using Bitwarden for maybe 3 or 4 years now and it’s the best password manager I have ever used. The app functions perfectly and I’ve never had a problem with it. Never any downtime. Their Premium subscription is a must. Not only does it provide great features like advanced 2FA, TOTP storage and security reports, but it’s a great way to give back to the developers of such a great and necessary service. My only suggestions are that the developers should add tags to easily sort through and organize vault items, as well as the ability to add clickable hyperlinks in the notes and custom fields sections.
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2 years ago, jondabomb
Very easy to use. Better than the rest
I have always used 1Password. Something happened with the software and it stopped working for me and the experience trying to troubleshoot it with the support from 1Password was abysmal. During that process I exported my data into Bitwarden and found the software to be incredibly intuitive, easy to use and much more powerful. Any password manager you use is going to require some setting up and configuring but I found the process of getting Bitwarden up and running to be the most intuitive and I was fully set up and using it in less than 15 minutes
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3 years ago, gm105
Highly Satisfied New User
Came over from Lastpass which was somewhat glitchy, getting more expensive (has free & paid options), and has mediocre- leave you in the lurch-customer service (cs only offered in the paid mode), especially during an emergency. Bitwarden’s Interface is clean, clear, easy to use, free with very affordable voluntary donation option. (Go ahead, give a little. Show some gratitude and support for this open source programmer sponsored utility!) A lot of safety check options with back-ups for emergencies. Amazing offering kept affordable to insure everybody has access to a security enhancing password manager.
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2 years ago, Eugef66
Best password manager
I found this to be best password manager and I tried lots of them. I was LastPass user for a long time, but when they limited free version to one type of device only I started to look for another cross-platform alternative and came across Bitwarden. It’s exactly what I needed and more. I even purchased premium membership at very reasonable $10/year to have MFA functionality embedded into an app which helps a lot, so it don’t have to switch between password manager and Authenticator app. I switched my wife to Bitwarden and sharing some passwords with here. Definitely 5 star platform and app.
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2 years ago, rwpbiz
Very useful and works well
A great app with useful features! A little awkward to use at first, but worth the effort to learn. Really like the clone and custom fields features, which allows setting up customized templates for storing hardware device info and passwords. Would be nice if folders could be viewed in a more hierarchical manner (the ability to expand and collapse folders). Some key usage tips are to turn off browser website credential management so BW and browser aren’t trying to auto-add or fill credentials at the same time, use the open in separate widow feature when manually creating entries in the PC version, and use biometric credentials for BW in the phone app. Overall one of my most used and recommended apps! A note on my rating system: 3 stars is a good rating, indicating an app that performs as advertised, has no high impact bugs, and has a good user interface. 1 is horrible to use, and or malware. 5 indicates the app far exceeds expectations, with extra useful functionality and a superb and elegant UI. Very few apps get a 5 from me.
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10 months ago, Kent927
Still the best, but…
Bitwarden is still the best password manager available so long as you have a slightly above average technical knowledge or better. It provides the most for free and gives the most bang for your buck in the paid tier. Only downsides are that it’s not really for people who don’t have technical skills and knowledge unless, maybe, they only use it on one device. Also, the latest upgrade of the iOS app is prone to crashing on accounts where master password prompting is required. This would seem to have been a problem introduced in last week's app update as I had not encountered it before. That is a serious downgrade for me. Previous versions were 4 to 4.5 star apps.
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7 months ago, Lord kas
The best password protector
What can I say, it’s simple easy, all other password managers feel like a rip off and over priced. No more using Google or Apple to remember you stuff. It might be a bit annoying sometimes to use a 3rd party password manager rather than the integrated one but you can’t really beat it. The Free option isn’t some watered down version like it would be on 90% of the other apps, maybe a few features but at they end of the day it’s not enough to make or break it. If you need a password manager, than Bitwarden is you new best friend.
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6 years ago, Gsjbdifibdjdq479999432
Easy to use and has all the features I need.
I’ve struggled to find a password manager I liked. I want something I can trust, is easy to use, has useful features, and is affordable. There are other decent options but no great ones. I stumbled upon Bitwarden and have been happy with it since day one. It is especially good since iOS 12 was released with the more powerful auto fill for password apps. The dev releases new features like that very quickly which is nice. There was one small issue I encountered and Kyle responded very quickly and worked with me to get it resolved. More people need to be using this app!
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