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User Reviews for Bitwarden

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1 year ago, TomA2
Love it for the Price Needs a few SIMPLE fixes
I pay for the annual sub, and it's completely worth it. BUT: You really should let us sort the autofill list though. Credit cards are the top. I have a lot of them that I only use for specific purposes. My personal autofill "identities" comes after the credit cards and, even though I use this a lot more often, I have to scroll a lot to get to it. I've been hoping to see a fix for this for years, but so far nothing. (Put it this way, I use my identity a lot without a credit card, but almost never use a credit card withough my identity. So why is this at the bottom of the list?) The other thing: The sync command is in a menu by itself and I need to do this often when i add a new password on my phone. Why not just unnest it? Nesting a single item is against every user interface guideline in the world.
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2 years ago, eanbadean
Servicable for simple things UPDATED-still needs work
Was looking for a 1Password bloatware replacement, but this is too simplistic. The organization of items is limited, there are no real date fields, only a single "tag" per record, no builtin item templates. if you're only using it for web logins it will probably work. Storing and seaching for other items you might want to keep handy but encrypted is frustrating. The desktop app and website do not have the same feature set and I found myself having to switch from one to the other. Could not get the CLI working at all. BitWarden seems a bit more useful than iCloud Keychain as it does allow some degree of categorization. UPDATE: Five months later and it is getting better. Credit card storage is better than I remember, but BW could really use some additonal, structured data types such as software licenses. Set up an organization this time and put some records in it, only to find that there is simply no apparent way to move records back to a standard vault! Crazy. Help files are mum on this. Also, am able to reliably crash the Safari extension by clicking on Settings -> Premium membership. Have to quit Safari to get it back. DO NOT edit passwords in the web vault using Sarfari if you also use iCloud keychain! Safari will wipe out the password in the database with its suggestion! Oops. Edit in the app of your choice instead.
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3 years ago, i6ix
Love it- when it works (UPDATED)
Currently, it does not show as an extension option to enable in Safari. Something happened after this (or safari) updated and it dissappeared. Yes, I have it installed from here- the app store. And yes, I've checked in the extension list to enable it- where it used to be, it is missing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, no luck. So for now, it is extremely inconvenient, as I have to either open the app and copy from it or use another browser (works in Vivaldi, etc.) EDIT: I was able to get it working in Safari. I had previously had it installed outside the app store at one point, so some residual files were messing it up after Safari required it from the app store. I had to use a 3rd party app (appcleaner) to delete all the extra files related to this, and now it works in Safari after reinstalling from the app store. I'm on an M1 MBP if that helps.
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2 years ago, SCKintoki
Bug, probably
Recently, I been having problems with Bitwarden. The hotkey to auto-fill webpages no longer works, I check to see what other apps or extensions use that hotkey, and none do. Currently on a mac. Also, if you autofill one website, and if you go to a new tab to fill out another one. If you right click on the field to autofill, it will show autofill but for the previous tab. For example, say I autofill my PayPal account on the first tab, and I go to my Mint account on another tab, if I right click on the autofill option on the password box for my mint account, it will show autofill but for PayPal. This is solved by clicking on the bitwarden Icon on the extension bar. And it will autofill correctly. But this is a bummer. I loved using the hotkey to autofill and if that didn't work, I would right click and autofill, but these are no longer viable. Maybe it was the update for Mac, or maybe it was an update by Bitwarden. Please Fix.
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3 years ago, Progfumi
Great when it does not updated
I read review about browser extension issue. Same thing happened to me when Safari or Bitwarden got updated - broser extension dissappeared. I followed the other reviewser's suggestion to uninstalled by third party uninstaller to purge all junk files, and re-installed from App Store. Still no luck for browser extension. What you need to do is "start your Mac in safe mode by pressing and holding the Shift key as your Mac starts up. Turn on any Safari extensions that you want to use, then restart your Mac normally." I've got it back. I am not sure the reason for this issue is on Safari update or Bitwarden update or could be both. When it works, this is great passwords manager.
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3 years ago, tunepong
This is a painful review because Bitwarden is the password manager I want to love, but (after three years using it) can no longer tolerate. Not withstanding the Safari extension was broken for months loosing authentication then crashing Safari, which is disappointing for a free app, and unacceptable for a paid app, daily use has become a drag specially doing password maintenance. Bitwarden app for macOS * The Safari extension is slow (two seconds to open) even on the latest Mac hardware. * Cannot empty trash. You must delete items in the trash one at a time. * Cannot drag-and-drop items into folders. You must open the item, click edit, choose the folder, then click save. Same issue on the website. * Save resets your position on the list forcing to scroll to the next item after saving. Save item also deselects checked items forcing to start over. * Cannot export individual items or folders. You must export the entire vault. iOS In Safari you cannot change passwords requiring to launch the standalone app. The same goes with missing or outdated credentials as it goes out-of-sync with macOS. That said, as a Lastpass expat you are better off using Bitwarden if a cross-platform password store is a must. I have moved my passwords back to Keychain and only use Bitwarden for secret notes.
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1 year ago, s2322222
This is my favorite password manager
- The free version is quality. - The paid version has stayed the same price for years. That's important to me because it keeps important features available to lower income people, and i dont' think a password manager should cost more than that. It supports all they key features i need. i've compared it against many others. It uses end to end encryption making most attacks impossible. It's open source and heavily audited, and the services are in azure. most services don't suport that. it's has the password generation features and integrations that are important to me. Check out the new email generator (w/ routing serviecs). The only thing i'd like is is more fido2 options. 5 is limited for me. I've got a lot of computers in my home, and each (say macbook, linux or windows computer has a fido finger print key. i get this isn't the most common thing in the world but i'm a software engineer. I really only trust hardware keys these days. especially Yubikey and things. The features they add are the ones you really need. I hear the auto complete also isn't the best, but i don't use that a lot.
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1 year ago, M0tis
One of the best password managers
I've been using Bitwarden for over 6 years now. I moved from 1password when they changed their pricing model and started to feel more bloated. It has all the features of the other more popular pw tools, plus more. One of the only that offers multiple URL fields per entry, so you can initiate auto-fill on websites that redirect to different URLs as part of their login flow. Excellent TOTP/MFA support, overall great UI with low system resources, fully cross platform, and great privacy/security. All this for free/open source tool. Although all of the essential features on available in the free plan, I do pay for the very reasonable $10/yr premium plan just to support this amazing tool and the developers!
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2 years ago, JetJockey.Les
Excellent PW Manager
I used 1Password for many years but started looking around for a new app when 1PW switched to a subscription model. I came across Bitwarden and never looked back. It has served me faithfully for the past 18 months and has given me very little trouble. I pay the $10 fee that adds just about every feature that 1PW provides and for way less money. My one question to BW tech support was answered in short order. I like that I can install a subset of my main vault on my wife's Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone and keep it synced automatically when I make a change to the main vault. It also resides on my iMac, iPad and iPhone. You can't beat the functionality especially for the price.
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2 years ago, Byfield97
Awesome app, but could use some work!
I've been using Bitwarden for a few months now. I still swap between it and the default Keychain but overall Bitwarden works pretty darn good! Only thing I can think of that really needs to be updated is while the app is running in the menu bar and I have stage manager tunred on, the app doesn't hide istself into the menu bar but instead stage manager seems to highjack it. Not sure if that's something that can be fixed, more of a nit-pick issue though. Keep up the great work devs!
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2 years ago, Gio Macías
I enjoy using it as my main secure storage
I've used Bitwarden for about two years now without issues. I feel secure using the service to sync across platforms. The extensions have improved over the years as has performance. As far as usability, I have no issues. Thank you! Suggestions: visual design of Safari extension icon to match the other Safari buttons. Visual design and use conventions of the Bitwarden apps accross the Apple OS's to match native applications. Think Apple Human Interface Design. This might involve heavy lifting and a re-write of the app, but it would ultimatetly make it an amazing user experience. I'm thinking about the Enpass apps.
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3 years ago, LukeEGilbert
I want to this be 5 Stars
Lifelong Apple devotee here who also uses Chrome browser and some of the Google business products (all on macOS/iOS devices) for work purposes... BitWarden is my go-to password manager and I'll likely never ever go back to the other market competitors that I tried previously (LastPass, Keeper, & 1Password). That being said, there are times BitWarden is not perfect like I so desperately, and, if I'm being honest, unreasonably, want it to be which occasionally leads me to reconsider switching everything over to Keychain/iCloud. But overall, I recommend BitWarden to most users and I am eager to see how the product evolves over time. Thanks!
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3 years ago, David O in Tacoma
Great security - terrible UX
I really wanted this to be the tool that moved me away from more expensive competitors. However, put simply - it's about 10 years behind it's competitors with respect to its User Experience. No drag and drop between vaults. All updates are done real time (rather than as background changes with eventual consistency) and typically you're waiting 4-5 seconds between changes for the vault to acknowledge the update. No support for Software licenses, memberships or other meta types. I love the fact it's open source and you can self host, and the support for FIDO, Yubikey etc. and for that alone I was happy to pay for a year of premium membership.. but I won't be going back unless some *major* enhancements are made to the UI and UX.
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2 years ago, Banjo Bobby
Better than LastPass
This is by far the best password managment application. Works across all platforms, Mac, PC, Linux, iPhone, etc. You can even use it to encrypt and store information that’s not necessarily website login related, such as ID cards, credit cards, and secure notes. This is an awesome application. Don’t listen to the people who say it forgets your master password and then you lose your information. As an engineer, I’ve worked in both software and hardware development as well as IT infrastructure and guarantee that these complaints are from people who lose and forget their passwords regularly anyway.
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2 years ago, Tyrsius
As an ex-LastPass and ex-1Password user I love Bitwarden. Bitwarden does almost everything right. The fact that its open source and has published the full results of its independent security audit speak volumes for me. I can trust that they are following all the best practices around password management, unlike the famously bad issues Last Pass had. Things I love * Import from other sources works flawlessly. * Export works * Password generator saves recent, even if they arent saved to a login * TOTP is placed into your clipboard so you can simply 'paste' after the password login step * Additional form fields can be added to login autofills, e.g. aws account id * Login matching is flexible, so if multiple accounts can be differentiated by various aspects of the URL you can always get it to pick the right one. Very useful for utilities that share SaaS providers. * unlock with TouchId means every time the browser updates or has to be force restarted I dont have to type in my vault password
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2 years ago, zizimusic
The Password Manager of Password Managers
Both UI & UX run circles arounf every other password manager I've tried (Dropbox Password, Last Pass, 1Password, NordLocker, iOS Keychain, with Chrome Passwords being the absolute worst of the bunch). Very cut & dry/to the point parameters and field entry prompts that can be swiftly added to the OS clipboard in a single key stroke, or mouse click. Kudos for having a favorites setting, folders for organization, and multiple types of item entry types (login, card, identity, and secure note). And the best part....*drumroll sounds* it's FREE, ACTUALLY free. Nothing bad to say about this fine piece of work.
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2 years ago, D/Money$
Love it!
As somebody who mistakenly wasted his time with other password managers, I can safely recommend this to everyone. Ever since I migrated to Bitwarden couple years back, it's been nothing but pleaeure and ease. The browser extension integrates and talks back with the app allowing touchID and many other convenient features. The only downfall is when migtrating from numerous other pass. managers you are likely to end up with duplicates. I have yet to figure out a way to clean up my database(duplicates) in a quick manner. Thank you Bitwarden team! Keep it up!
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7 months ago, markbyrn
Best value password manager but needs sorting options
In terms of value, Bitwarden is the recommended password manager, esp. for those who haven’t used a password manager. For me though, I’m disappointed by the inability to sort the logins beyond alphabetical order. Can’t sort by date of modification, last use, newest, oldest, etc. like other major password managers. These options greatly assist in determining such things as when I last changed a password. The sorting option has been a suggestion on the Bitwarden community forum for many years with many votes. Until there’s a sorting option, I can’t use Bitwarden as my primary password manager.
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3 months ago, Yuff
It does the job
I wanted an alternative to iCloud Keychain. Bitwarden does everything I needed from Keychain, with the OTP generator as a nice bonus. Despite it doing everything I need, it doesn't do those things very well. Admittedly, I've been spoiled by Safari with iCloud Keychain. With that setup, I almost never had to navigate a "vault" of passwords or "create" new "items"... I could seamlessly generate and autofill from web pages. Painless. With Bitwarden, the flow is more convoluted. Sometimes I have to begin a new item multiple times for the same signup because I'm copy-pasting in the wrong order, clicking the wrong buttons in the overdesigned extension UI, etc. I pay for Bitwarden because I've been trying to disentangle myself from the Apple ecosystem, and I respect that their product is open-source. As they say, good bones! I love that they have a Fastmail integration. But plenty of room to improve the basic experience. I like using software that I don't have to use much at all. "As a user, I don't want to..." macOS: 14.4 Safari: 17.4
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3 years ago, SumOfOneInteger
Great replacement for LastPass
I'm one of the first of many formerly loyal LastPass users. I wasn't happy when they killed of LP Pocket, but what they're doing with the free tier pushed me off their platform forever without looking back. I searched "open source password manager" and this was one of the most polished and robust options. I didn't play around with it for more than 10 minutes before I paid the $10 for a year, even though I don't know that I'll ever use the paid features, I want to support the devs. Thanks for making it such an incredibly easy transfer from LastPass!!
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3 years ago, Sbravo8
Amazing Password Manager
I’ve been using Bitwarden as my password manager for a few months now and I can totally say they’re great! I have the bitwarden app on my phone, the chrome extension and the program installed in my computer, one of the advantages is that’s Free and opensource. I no longer have to worry about using the same password for everything leaving me vulnerable for attacks but if I ever need a new account for something I go straight to the app and add a new account and choose a password on the spot. I want to thank the developing team for putting this out there for free.
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4 years ago, haya1299
Fingerprint ID Support Please
I was a long time 1Password user. I got tired of having to keep paying for new versions everytime there was a major update. I found Bitwarden and find it every bit as good as 1Password, with the added bonus of being free. The one thing I'd like to see however, is fingerprint ID support on Mac to unlock the browser extension. Another great feature of Bitwarden is the multi platform support. I have it on my Macs, my iPhone, my Dell Windows 10 PC and on my Dell Ubuntu PC. They all sync seemlessly. Additionally, transfering my 1Password vault data was relatively easy. Excellent app!
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1 year ago, Jxr1822
Great option
I used to use lastpass until their pay structure was put in place. I'm not against paying for an app like this but their prices were too high. This app does the same basic task in more or less the same fashion. It works for me. Any problems i've had in the two years i've used it have been since fixed with updates so I'm a happy customer at this point. To the developers, your app is worth paying for but keep it reasonable, maybe 0.99 a month or 1.49... don't go overboard.
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1 year ago, end-of-times
Missing a lot of basics and buggy
I love the integrated OTP, but that doesn't make up for missing a lot of basics. Won't check the emails in your vault for breaches (only the master vault email.) Won't add accounts you use; chrome does; but you need to manually insert these accounts. Won't save password changes on a site, again chrome does, but you need to manually update your vault. General UI is mostly ok, but a bit flakey in places. Be sure your computer time is refreshed periodically, as nothing syncs without an exact time match. No way to fine and prune duplicate logins. Etc. etc. Good for Open Source fans who are developers, but the average joe wants an product that just works.
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3 years ago, Glubstermeister
Bitwarden Works
Now that it has encrypted export, I feel like its far more complete with a secure way to backup your database. Sharing via organization works great once you get the hang of it. Browser extensions all work. Overall a very simple and sensible approach from the user's end of things, I'm sure under-the-hood there's far more at work, but being open source lets us know its very likely to be secure. Highly recommend this as an option (this from a former mSecure, 1Password, Enpass user, all of them good but I settled on Bitwarden).
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2 years ago, Tyreke85
Loved it till it dissappeared
I love this password manager over my previous one but as of last night it just completely vanished from safari as an exstention and I've doubled and triple checked safari settings and I have no way of reenabling it as it doesn't even show up. I've deleted the app twice and have restarted my mac several times as well as comepletely closing out safari and re-opening it several times. Works great everywhere else tho!
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2 months ago, PrincessPurpleAdelheit
Update: Bug must have been found, so now I can give it 5 stars. My issue has been fixed. For what I use this app for I could give it 5 stars, but starting in March of 2024 I have to Force Quit the application before I can turn off my computer. This app prevents my laptop from shutting down. I did not have this issue before until this year. It doesn't bother me, but whatever bug caused this to happen, I hope they find it soon.
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3 years ago, Tofuslasher
Had Some Issues, But It's Back!
Seemed like nothing was working with the extension when I tried to install/use a month or so ago; was extremely disappointed because I want to jump across Chromium browsers I have to use for work and Safari for everything else. Whatever they updated with the last patch seems to have fixed my issue and it's working as smoothly as it does on Chromium browsers, thanks dev team!
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2 years ago, lewellyn
Below average Bitwarden experience
The desktop app is about average for the clunky overhuge Electron mess that is their desktop app. Resending verification codes doesn't work, but that's almost par for the course with the app, sadly. But what's galling is that they link to this app store listing for Safari and on a new-out-of-box Mac, Safari doesn't see a Bitwarden extension (even after quitting Safari and rebooting). I pay to be able to get my passwords and OTP in all the standard browsers. Safari is the default *and* standard Mac browser. It should work in Safari too.
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4 years ago, javisan23
One big flaw
I tried moving from LastPass to Bitwarden, but one big flaw/bug had be go back to LastPass: the automatic saving of newly created passwords. In LastPass, everytime I create a new password or change a password at a site, it will pop-up a promt to save the new or updated login. This is advertised as a feature in Bit-warden, but after trying it in 7 ocassions, it only worked once. The unreliability of this feature had me stop using Bitwarden. If it fixed in order to work 100% of the time, I will come back and even pay premium. This was tested on Safari.
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2 years ago, mrenecoat
Works well 95% of the Time
I have been using the product for awhile and it has been good to me up until I had to switch to older IOS products and perhaps it is a good thing, but I made my master password strong. Now even I have to try it at least 4 - 6 times to get in now?? I think BW should have a recovery for the MPW. However I still don't use it on older iPhone. It locks me out too much and doesn't work properly. At this point in my life, I'll take it! TY
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3 years ago, waclark57
LastPass Refugee
Like others I moved from LP. Bitwarden gets the job done, though I think LP is a little bit better, but not for the monthly fees they want to charge. I will pay for Premium for BW because it's inexpensive and worth it, to me. Bitwarden is a good pword manager if you're in the market for one. I highly recommend you get something as these days it is becoming harder and harder to secure your accounts and having a randomly generated password will help keep you safe.
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8 months ago, Der Golem
Really, Really 5 stars
Used Keepass for ages, something or other caused me to look for a new manager. Bitwarden is just superb. Imported my database like a dream. Apps for any device, done. Browser extensions, check. Features like password generation, password check, database export, solid. I cannot thank the developers enough for this vital pert of my digital life. Now, if someone could only explain how I ended up with so many logins???🤔
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2 years ago, CiberTigress
Best Password Manager For me!
*update as of August 2022: Thank you Apple for fixing integration with Safari 15.6! Works great now! This is free and fabulous PW! Some of the others here were very, difficult to migrate my data and confusing to set up! Bitwarden is extremely user friendly to set up and use and not intrusive with all kinds of popups when you don't want them. Great job Bitwarden! I highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Cat for the Tillerman
Highly recommend
After I left the lastpass brand, I transferred over to Myki, which eventually went out of business. I then came over here to Bitwarden and the service has worked even better than Myki or lastpass ever did. Bitwarden works consistently on all the devices and browsers I use it on (iOS, Firefox and Brave browsers), but note, I do not use it directly on Safari, since the Mac app is right there.
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5 years ago, itsdax
Simple, clean, great!
Have tried four other managers. And although they all tend to do it quite ok. Bitwardens mix of simplicity, easy to use and price make it the best option out there. There is not another manager out there than can offer more for what Bitwarden charges for their premium plan. Yes, there are others with more recognazible names and more marketing money behind them, but this has got to be at least top three.
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10 months ago, RT9000
Installation is painful
First time Bitwarden user after years of using RoboForm. The sum of my experience is one morning trying to get the desktop and browser extensions installed. Much harder to do than with RoboForm, which can be done on multiple browsers automatically with a few clicks. I set up one account (gmail) and Bitwarden seems to work ok from the form filling point of view. More about importing from RoboForm and automatically collecting data and adding logins from a website later.
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1 year ago, Steve953
Great password manager, but needs timer
I installed Bitwarden several months ago and have loved using it. However, if I don't remember to close it before I leave my desk, the app remains open like an unlocked door on a vault. Please consider putting an adjustable timer on it so that closes automatically after the set time: 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, etc. Thank you.
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3 years ago, scottrey
Long time User
I was a Dashlane user yeas ago before they decieded they needed to get rich. But Bitwarden is so much better than Dashlane regardless of price. while it is great it is free I would still use it over the others if they were free. It is intgrated into my Mac obviously but also my iPhone, iPad, and my Andriod phone when I used one. Now that biometrics has been added it makes it easy to use but still very secure.
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2 years ago, Jakeindc
Will not save user id and passwords
After installing and setting it, I found I liked the nice clean layout. Then I find out tht to save a user id and password, you must manually create an entry and then save user id and password sperately. To me, this makes it toally worthless. I want a cross platform password manger and with the breat reviews I thought this was just what I wanted. This appears to be the issue on both Saafari and Chrome. I had been using one of the big names, but they just "updated" to a new vrsion that I think is terrible and want to drop them. Not sure how anyone else thinks it is any good.
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2 years ago, Travisschau
Great app!
BitWarden has helped me get serious about password security. It took a little bit for me to figure out how to use the app in certain circumstances (e.g. generating passwords while creating new accounts online), but now that I've gotten the hang of it, I love it and use it constantly. I also love not having the same low-security password for every website :)
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3 years ago, nixermac
Love it where it works
I love BitWarden. I moved from 1Password to Lastpass but their solution for TOTP included one more app. Bitwarden is a single integrated app. I love how it works across platforms and behaves the same. My only gripe is, it does not launch on Mac OS X El Capitan. Yes, I still have Mac that runs El Cap. Apple Hardware can do things that many don’t imagine. :) As a workaround, I use the Bitwarden Web application. Wish I had the native application not crashing on launch.
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2 years ago, mattolive24
Mobile app is much better.
I have been using bitwarden for years now becasuse it is the safest password manager and is cost effective. The mobile app is great, but the MacOS app leaves room for improvement. When using Safari the app repeadedly asks for my computers master password to access TouchID. Ideally this would be a one-time request and never have to worry about it agin.
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3 years ago, adibhag
Very Good Integration in iOS and Mac and...
I came from LastPass, thinking this would be a nightmare to deal with. SOLID app on all devices. Always works. Also as an added bonus, for the annual plan (wow it is affordable!!!) I get 6 digit rolling codes automatically copied into memory, waiting for me to enter the OTP as soon as the spot to fill it shows up. Thanks for making a great app.
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2 weeks ago, Tcabeen
Unintuitive, poorly supported, nightmarish uninstall
If you search the web for ways to install Bitwarden, you'll find that it's very easy if you follow the common steps. They say. If you follow the common steps, you may find otherwise. The app cannot be deleted through the app store (it does nothing, silently, without error), and it cannot be deleted from applications (where at least you get the error that it cannot be deleted because extensions are in use. I've searched my mac for extensions, but found no mention of Bitwarden. I've searched the web for a solution, but found nothing except more mentions of how easy it is to uninstall. This honestly mirrors my experience in using the password manager. Sharing passwords and collections is nightmarishly unintuitive. Support is super friendly and wildly unhelpful. And the product is just cumbersome and obnoxious.
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3 years ago, C31d5
The safari extension icon looks like a notification.
The safari extension icon has a red circle with a number in the middle telling you how many logins you have saved for a given website you visit. It looks like a missed call/new message notification and it's extremely annoying because it cannot be turned off. It needs to be more subtle or have a way of turning it off, because besides being annoying it's also a privacy violation.
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3 years ago, jgoodnough
Very good overall - one annoyance
This is excellent software overall. It works as I expect it to and feels very solid and reliable. My only pet peeve is that adjusting the time period before the App locks itself in the browser doesn't seem to work. No matter what I do it always locks after a short time requiring a master password to reopen. In the grand scheme of things it's minor.
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3 years ago, If only it was on andoid
Best Password manager
I used to use Lastpass and 1Password and looked into many others this is by far the best I found. The free option is more than enough for everyone if you want more advanced options they are cheaper then anything else while still being the best.
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3 years ago, Jsanchezzz
Latest update broke the safari extension
Please fix the safari extension, if I roll back with timemachine the extension show up right away on safari but every time the app updates it breaks and the icon goes away from safari. Nothing to do with the rating of the app, I love this app!
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3 months ago, ogdred weary
The best pw manager I can imagine
I just use it for myself. But it is about as simple to use as I would expect a password manager to be. I have tried others but left them for various reasons. It is very reasonably priced too. I consider it an essential tool for any computer that I use.
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