Black Diamond Casino Slots

4.6 (32.1K)
325.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Black Diamond Casino Slots

4.64 out of 5
32.1K Ratings
12 months ago, Eb 1931
Not happy
This game used to be fun but now every time you turn around something is gone missing off of your app. Things are starting to end early and it’s just no fun to play anymore is no fun buying coins because half the time you don’t get them and then when you try to get your money back they don’t they don’t see where you purchased them and so you lose your money. This game really used to be fine but I don’t know I’m just not happy with it anymore and if it doesn’t get any better, I’ll be deleting it.
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7 years ago, Sawyerooney16
Mostly fun but....
I like the variety of games available. The movie and TV themed are my favorites. What I don’t really care for are the so called “magic spins”. Yes they are free spins - unless you choose to pay for them - but honestly, WHY BOTHER to offer them at all? I usually bet an amount high enough to receive a key to all 3 chests, which is never less than 3 million tokens per spin. But, these “magic spins” don’t compare to my usual spins at all. They bet maybe 25,000 tokens per spin so my “winnings” end up being less than 2 million tokens for up to 15 spins! That’s not even worth 1 spin. Yet I have to sit and wait for these spins to run through so I can collect practically NOTHING!! They’re a WASTE OF TIME! And what idiot would actually pay $4.99 for 2 million tokens? Seems to me the only thing “magic” about them is their name. It wouldn’t bother me one bit if the “magic spins” did some real magic and just Disappeared
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3 years ago, My destiny!
Lost all levels
I’ve been playing a lot of the zynga slots for a few years and gave it up for awhile and recently loaded them all back. All my other zynga slots retrieved my information when I connected to Facebook except black diamond. I’ve sent so many messages to them and I keep getting the same response. I’m constantly repeating myself in the messages. I can’t tell them enough I don’t have a different email or Facebook but yet they keep asking me to give them another email if I have one. I’ve been messaging and dealing with three different people and none of them can comprehend what I’m saying. I was in the 300s and it made me start over at level 1. This is the only zynga slot I ever had problems with. The game would always crash or not load and I’m always on WiFi and it’s the only game that does that. This game use to be fun to play but I think they have a bunch of idiots that work there that can’t fix a problem and don’t understand anything being told to them.
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5 years ago, coolgraham
After update lost 300 million, over 200 loses 100 to the house
Who in there ever right mind would ever spend a single nickel on this program? You would have to be foolish save yourself the aggravation and just mail them a check cause you’re not going to win anyway. Love the game prior but a lot of the games were deleted. I would have better luck in a real casino because at least it’s regulated and they can’t really cheat the algorithm of the slot machine because there are restrictions. Here it seems that the pay back after the update is 100% to the house. Just mail them a check the three card Monty is always going to win. I am a professional gambler and understand about the algorithm of slot machines. I’ve had this game for a very long time and I understand about the ups and downs and slap machines but it seems The algorithm has been fixed for 100% wins in a very short time without even giving yourself the customer enjoyment of the money. Very disappointing
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4 years ago, BleedsDodgerBlue
Decent Games But Annoying Glitches
I have been playing for years. I like games like Grease but recently they took away the lyrics and just have background music. Not as good. Right after their latest update for bug fixes I experienced frequent crashes. I couldn’t even get the casino to load without it crashing. Finally I deleted it but saved my settings according to my iPad. When I reloaded it, I lost plenty, but at least it stopped crashing. I sent a message about progress to next level I had lost and they said they could not restore it because I did not have a Facebook account! As someone else posted, I have never won anything other than the Mini prize in the frenzy games. Frustrating.
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7 years ago, Bloopybloppy12345
I used to really enjoy playing this game. There are different themed slots & great graphics. Winning was frequent as were free spins & other bonuses during play. I was always able to keep my coins between 300M-100M while placing 1M-2M bets. At one point I caught a big winning streak & accumulated 2B coins. However, since that streak about 2 months ago, I haven’t been able to win at all & lost the 2B coins in less than 30 min while continuing to bet the same. Certain slots will claim more frequent free spins but even after 20 min of play, no free spins are awarded. Coins that are won are far less than the bet that was made & therefore impossible to accumulate. This was once one of my favorite games & now I find myself asking why I even bother to keep playing. I completely expect to lose sometimes but to play for weeks & never win only makes me not want to play at all.
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4 years ago, amscribner
Mostly Fun (as others have said)
What I really don’t like about this casino app is when the “Race to Riches” is controlling the way you play. I decided to join in and played for one month. I felt like I played long enough and wanted to leave the “race”. It doesn’t allow you to leave the race to play the casino machines in normal mode. Not to mention your placement drops when you don’t play! It would be great if the makers would change this so that you can leave the race to do what you like without loosing placement. After all, I spent countless chips to earn the placement I originally had. On a positive note- this game has plenty of choices for different casino “machines” to play. With those numerous choices, I have a handful of favorite machines!
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6 years ago, KyleBuschandFrozenFan18
BD Casino
Have been playing for a pretty long time and always enjoyed the variety of games, the payout’s can be really great at times BUT since they started this tournament thing I try to enter, get 2-4 spins in and the constant spinning starts then get that “Check your internet connection” BS message..Has been happening for about 3 days now and now this morning when I try to collect 2 hr coins it starts to open, freezes and no coins? I power off and on my phone, come back and nope no coins...So listen BD Casino if you’re doing maintenance on the site take the app down OR if you’re not able to accommodate the amount of people playing and crashing the app FIX IT!! I’ve lost so much money over the past few days..Not cool
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1 month ago, Nancy F. B.
UPDATE: I had a bizarre payout for a stupendous spin and have been trying to contact Support since it occurred THREE DAYS AGO. This site is quickly becoming the worse casino I have ever played. I have never gone so long for a Support response in all my years playing lots of casino games. My fear is that Support is ignoring me until it will have been to long since the problem occurred that their records no longer go back that far and that there is nothing they can do. OLD REVIEWGreat, classy casino. Fun games with added features to win additional coins. Only 2 problems: I submitted 3 questions over past 2 weeks - no response other than their automated 'we have received your question", other is the constant lock ups, which I know frustrates their analysts.
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3 years ago, DLBX2
Bad Update
I have played this game for years, and it WAS my favorite, but the last update has just about destroyed it for me. It takes so many more points to be able to get the extra bonuses now, I can’t bet that high. If you happen to win points, don’t expect to win anything else until you have lost them all. It went from my favorite game to one I will probably just delete. The update was terrible. Don’t agree to it if you have a choice.
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4 years ago, g-crew
Serious issues
I would like for any recent game I played to be right there in front of me as soon as I open the game up, instead of scrolling through several games to get to the games I play. While playing a game and I start the bingo round, it makes no since to go back to the main screen after the bingo round is finished, like I wasn’t finished playing the game, I’m just in the bingo round. Is this a bug or something? Please fix these inconvenient issues. Why does these games have a count down and lets you know when the last spin is. This is super irritating 😠.
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7 years ago, Starbuck63
Game is growing on me
It's not a bad game but it takes forever to load on my laptop and after about 30 minutes of playing, it freezes. It also has been crashing on my iPad. Update: Haven’t had any problems in a long time, now. I love all the games and the graphics are awesome. Have no problem with winning money. The only thing I wish was better is if you earned more experience points.
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5 years ago, Arym58
Awesome...highly recommended
After playing big fish for many diamond casino is the best I have played them all...they are very generous with their chips....and you can the bottom line is...if you don’t have money to buy chips every now and then you always get plenty of chips to get your fix..they are always having Something going on where you will win chips...I don’t mean like 10,000 that you can’t do anything with....
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2 years ago, Roughcut48
I don’t appreciate that the minimum that you can bet is 200 million, when I first started the game it was whatever I chose to bet, now you burn through 26 billion credits in less than 30 minutes. Go back to allowing the better to choose what he wants to bet, not what you think he should. It’s just a money grab on your part and nothing more. Too rich for me.
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5 years ago, WDia
Black Diamond
I really like playing this game, they give you a good chance to win, which makes you come back. I do play some of the Zynga games and this is the most fun. I was wining pretty good, and now it is telling me to update and then I go to update and it saids open, HAVE I lasted all my winnings ? where did they go to ? Please answer me, it you don’t fix this I will never play one of your games again. PLEASE!! HELP me get back my game I have been playing a long time and have build up a BIG amount of coins, give them back or tell me who do I report you to.?? I went all day without getting my bonus that not right. HELP Again can’t get on the game to play, it wont download. Someone told me to take it off then download it again but I am afraid I will lose my coins, what do I do?
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7 years ago, mallets4
Great to level 50
I was really enjoying this, and spending some cash on it which pleases the developers I’m sure. I’m playing slots, so I expect eventually I will come out the loser, but once I hit level 50, the fun stopped. I drained all my cash with rarely even a minimal win. To test my theory I have another account on my other device. As a beginner, I’m winning like mad on it. Come on, let’s l3vel it out please, or I’ll switch to a different game.
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7 years ago, PrincessSissy8139
Used to be a lot better
I have never had as many technical problems on a game than I have with this. Half the time it won’t load so you are forced to hit reset five times and even then you aren’t always going to get it to open. Also highly disappointed in the amounts of wins. After level 50, I noticed a very big difference in the frequency of wins. And I don’t mean big wins, I mean any payout in general. As someone who purchases coin packages, you would think you’d get more. Played a game the other day and spun over twenty times before a win. And it was not even half my bet. Very disappointed in the changes I’ve noticed the past month.
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6 years ago, Remodelman 911
I had almost 1.95 BILLION credits built up on my account. Recently while playing, the app malfunctioned during a spin, and would not stop spinning. I had to close the app and re-open it to stop the spinning. After re-opening the app, I gazed down at the balance, and noticed that over 1.5 billion credits had vanished! I contacted "customer support" who conveniently denied any wrong-doing, and WOULD NOT replace or re-instate any missing credits. This is the second time that I have lost a great number of credits through no fault of my own without replacement by "customer service". I will NEVER load or play this app any longer. I suggest you don't either.
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6 years ago, Twobits23
Watch this one people. I made purchases to up my vip level. After the purchase it showed that my meter went up to 80% next time I logged in it was back down to 69%. Made another purchase and the same thing happened! Tried to contact support about this. No response. Well I'll never purchase from this app again. Too bad, I love the games although the wins and bonuses are rare.
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7 years ago, Cleetus 95
Black Diamond
Luv this app lot of different games n u don't lose ur credits fast so u get to play for awhile. Nonetheless I luv it. So many different games. The rewards are pretty awesome lots of credits too but hooked then all gone. Lol omg. I give this games five starship more stars. 5 STARS. I have recently updated this app. That's how much fun it is six stars and more. This game fits in my category named STAR SHIP. I've written my review before but this app is amazing.
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4 years ago, Trisrfun
Ap time warp backwards
I have this game loaded on both new iPad n older mini. Older mini has 60+ games, VIP n race to riches. But the new iPad has 8 games n no vip even tho I’m platinum tier and 107 level. Have ,chatted with cust support 10+ times in the past month with no ap fixes. Bummed - have 21 billion points n 8 monotonous games to play. Get rid of stories. Lame. Will watch ads for free coins.
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12 months ago, aprilg444
The app keeps giving me error messages. The game is fun, but this glitch is irritating. Also when I first started playing, there were much better slot games, they take them away as soon as I start enjoying it. 2023 Update: game doesn’t glitch as much anymore! But the available games are boring. They’ve taken away pretty much every game I used to love playing. A couple of years ago the game selection began going downhill fast.
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5 years ago, sh0ck0r
Stories are lame
So long story short I was quite high level even verified with fb my restore account was correct yet they force me through this bs stories stuff and best they did was upped my level yet I’m still stuck with 10 boring machines I have all my same friends same vip ruby almost diamond and yet they can’t tell me or fix my account so I have access to all I used to I’m highly frustrated I’ve done the dumb stories like 6x each still no new unlocks so what gives this game was amazing my favorite slots game but locked lit of all my games but 10 starters no thanks so bored fix it
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2 years ago, Xj6man
You can’t win
Free spins pay less than a normal single play. Each time a free spin shows you are a loser. Also, you will never see a triple 7's almost impossible. They have algorithms that as soon as you are losing will trigger a “get back your coins (by buying this offer” and will never let you win…crazy rigged, no random gambling here.
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6 years ago, samsonspike
Very disappointing
I’ve enjoyed playing however recently I’ve noticed that frequently I’ve accumulated large wins only to not have them populate into my winnings. It’s taken me weeks to surpass 100,000,000 which has been frustrating. I’ve since downloaded new slots that have fun games and time worthy payouts.
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5 months ago, Evvvvery name taken
Very unhappy!
Have played this game for a few years. Got my bank up to a respectable 9+ billion. Enjoyed a few of the games and suddenly overnight I received a message of welcome that I was a new player. All of my games were locked. All of my coins were gone. All of the levels I earned were gone. I tried to contact them and the automated system didn’t cover what I was having issues with. Was prompted to connect through Facebook to get any answers. I don’t do that. There are other games for me to play. Bye and good luck.
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3 years ago, sassymar
So sick of this game
What is going on. You get less coins on race to riches even though you are in the promotion zone. This pearls game is a joke. You only collect less than 2000 from 10 players. These extra games are A joke. I wish they would just take them away forever.
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2 years ago, luck ran out
Used to be one of my favorite games. Spent tons and things have changed a lot on winnings. Kind of disappointed in all the zinga games. Used to have great hits even on high bets. That’s why I didn’t mind buying coins. I guess fun things don’t last forever. Too bad. Maybe some day it will start paying again. Dislike all the extra games bc bet requirements are too high.
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6 years ago, Pink Ribbon 2008
BDC just doesn’t work anymore.
What a waste of time and frustration. Today it tells me I have an old version please update in App Store, there is no update...hmm. Last few days when trying to collect my 2hour bonus it says it not ready yet. Unbelieveable, don’t bother with this app it doesn’t even open. ☹️
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3 years ago, Trudy523
Black Diamond
Graphics are beautiful. Keeps me interested a lot longer than other games! Payouts are terrific; you don't have to purchase coins all the time. Good work...keep it up!! I love these games! Give it a try soon!! There are so many games to play. You never get bored!! Great game!!
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5 years ago, josie353467
Best casino game I have played
Not only does it have the best graphics, bonuses and play time, but the customer support is just terrific. They respond really quickly. I have played all the top rated slots but zynga games win hands down. Been my go-to game for a long time. Really enjoyable. I highly recommend.
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1 week ago, Cldegaugh
Fun games
I like all the game choices, my only complaint is when exiting a game you have to start at the beginning of the carousel and scroll through all the games again to go to the last game you played. Please fix it so when you exit the game you are playing you stay in the same spot.
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5 years ago, kidslot
Work on loading
The games are fun but the programmers need to work on the loading time. Sometimes the game will not load and I have no stop the app and reload other times the app will not load at all because of a weak cell signal when other games work. It is the game’s that keep me coming back
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5 months ago, Woody and woodys wife
Stability issues
I used to really like this game but over the last few months I have had a lot of issues. Attempting to play a bonus game often crashes especially the safari game. Also lately I get an error ever time I try to gift my friends. Switching from vip to main lobby causes the game to reload. Overall it’s still fun but frustrating
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1 year ago, Tom Michalski Sr.
I love playing this game but the past week everytime I try to get enough money to play them games like bingo I lose everyting before I start I don’t want to delete this game because it took forever to reach the level I’m no
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7 years ago, Nana Lundy
Great graphics however bonuses/free spins are rare
We've played many other sites however zynga's are the best. Payouts are more than generous. We have never encountered any technical problems. Moreover the graphics are amazing. I've deleted almost all other sites since they fail to award bonuses or free spins. Thank you Zynga for providing hours of awesome entertainment 2nd review. We continue to rate this zynga site 5-stars. Payouts are fair and graphics top any other site. Thanks again
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4 years ago, Hylton123
Reels are always stuck
I use to love these games! Now the reels stick all of the time. Hopefully these little flukes get fixed soon! The games are so much fun when they work. I have 10 spins coming, and can’t get the game to come on... again! The gold line won’t go all the way across. Please fix this soon!!! The games are always stuck! The gold bar will never go completely across. I like playing, but it’s getting frustrating! Once again I could not get this app to work! It has cool games when it does work, but it’s getting tiring. Please fix this stuff soon!
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7 years ago, AZGirl1688
I have given this app so many tries only to be disappointed again. I can play for about 3 minutes before the whole things freezes and then has to restart. Not even fun. Please forward this to your developers!
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7 years ago, StuPitt
Game never loads
Only one of my games where it never loads. I see some others have the same issue. Otherwise I like it although my favorite slots like Monkees are at impossibly high levels. Why even have levels that high?
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5 years ago, Ninermyk
Almost Unplayable
While I do enjoy this game, it’s becoming unplayable. Constant run on spins. Have to constantly force close and start again.. play their other slot games and have zero problem with them
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3 years ago, eliebean
Black Diamond Casino
For over 3 weeks now while playing Powers of Olympus when I win between 1billion - 2billion thwins are not registering. Above these amounts or below it registers. This is a complete bummer when you are trying to play for “Race to Riches.” Please fix this. I have been hosed out of billions, at least 30 billion.
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3 years ago, Wonka2107
I use to love this app/game
Few months ago I was enjoying playing the game, but recently it change and I hate the fact that it never give you free spin anymore, and the game keep crashing when it almost got the free spin and you lost your chips, even it’s a server problem, they don’t give you the chips back. I wish they fix the bug and let’s the machine roll, it looks like they are trying to make you not win. So sad.
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3 years ago, LogicalLawyer
Terrible upgrade. Don’t do it!
Whoever thought changing this app was a good idea was not a regular on this app. It’s okay the app owners want to make money. Now it’s just greed. Ugh. Added a bunch of pop ups. And they are not good pop ups. The regular daily “free play” has been reduced to about 1/5 the previous amount. I’m not going to buy coins. For years this has been the only good slot. And I didn’t mind the mandatory promo videos. If I could undo the upgrade, I would.
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7 months ago, iPhone newbie too
As of Nov 2, 2023, will not launch on iOS 12.5.7 on iPad mini 2
Can’t launch Black Diamond Casino to collect hourly bonus since the introduction of that ‘Genie lamp’. I cannot get the app to stay active long enough on this iPad mini 2 to even contact support from inside the app. I guess this device and iOS is no longer supported. What a shame.
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6 years ago, Sandy1722
Black Diamond Rating
Great game if you NEVER want to win!!!! Made purchases and would never do so again! Nor would I recommend a game that you never win at. There is no fun here unless you want to keep paying. I do not recommend this to anyone!!!!
Show more
6 months ago, JacAuthor
The Jungle Flips is not Paying out Correctly!
I reported this last week and have not gotten a resolve nor my correct payout of coins. I was 1st place winner and was to receive 14T in coins and only got 14M. That is false advertisement at best! I see that you are running the same game of Jungle Flips again this week promising the same rewards: 1st place 14T; 2nd place 8T and 3rd place 4T. How can you run this game again and have not corrected the first issue I reported last week?
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5 years ago, He Covers Me
Great game
Had a rough start with purchasing but customer care is pretty good. Love the Munsters slot...'Herman goes wild". Brings back vivid memories of growing up watching the Munsters. It’s now October ‘19 and black diamond took away the free spins by adding a stupid story game. What a huge mistake...I wish there was a way to turn off the’s so dumb I don’t even want to see it!! My stars are now dropping from 5 to 3
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4 years ago, pammoe
Black diamond is the worst!
I have played on this site for years, and I have watched them become the greediest website out there. I am going to permanently delete them, and play other sites that actually play fair. GOOD BYE black diamond, you have received my last cent!lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Nonni05
Great Games
I love the variety of games however I just do not believe the payouts are good enough. I understand the concept to have us by points however if I get to a point where I'm spending too much on the coins then I will delete the app
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4 years ago, Oregon3588
Worst zynga slot game
Their used to be free spins... hourly bonus coin select and vip and high roller world ever since they put the story stuff in game has gone to crap constantly stuck in their stupid story mode no way to get out of it to collect hourly bonus or magic spins for free coins only way to get coins now is to buy them or friend gifts... also hate the story mode hate having to click a million times to just get to a slot machine worst addition ever.
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