Black Hills FCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (5.8K)
77.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Black Hills Federal Credit Union
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Black Hills FCU Mobile Banking

4.81 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
12 months ago, Nono o o o o
update debit card
Only issue I have is the debt card plastic cover keeps coming off it would be wonderful if you can update your debit card to a new brand and be able to add a picture and have tap pay on it since every other bank as already updated there debit cards.
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3 years ago, SD_Whytenoise
Good but needs individual transaction notification
I’ve used the app for years and it is solid. I’ve had very few issues. It needs to have an option or a companion app that pushes alerts for individual transactions. We have an Ally account that does have this ability. Because we have this, we were automatically aware of a couple of small interviews transactions we didn’t make. We shut the debit card down. A day later 62 transactions were declined on the card. With this app, we would have likely missed it (Labor Day Weekend) because we don’t check transactions every day. I have no doubt BHFCU would’ve resolved the dispute and we would get our money back but how long would it take? Even if it was on Tuesday when they opened up again, you’ve lost the money for a holiday weekend. BHFCU is a SOLID institution. I’ve done business with them going on 30 years and I will always have an account there. However, I will likely stop using debit card (and get a new number to be safe) until this feature becomes available.
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3 years ago, South Dakotan
Mobile deposits hit or miss
About 10-15% of the mobile deposits I make fail even though the app tells me they were successful. This seems to happen after business hours. I’ve had success re-depositing the next day, so I don’t know why they were rejected the first time. I’m very careful to follow the instructions on the app, including the “mobile deposit only” notation under my endorsement. Usually, I just resort to my Wells Fargo (boo!) app because I don’t have time to check if the prior day’s BHFCU mobile deposits were successful.
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2 years ago, star freckles
Check deposit won’t work
I have tried numerous times to deposit a check on here. When it tells me to rotate my device to take a picture that message is still there and won’t let me take a picture. I went to my dad because we have the same bank. And he went through the same steps I did to deposit a check and the camera pulled up in his phone (Samsung) but I couldn’t even get the camera to pull up on mine (iPhone). It worked just a few months ago and it really pisses me off that it doesn’t work anymore. Y’all really need to keep up to date on this app so that it works for everyone
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3 years ago, Just Old Stu
Poor user interface
When making a deposit to will ask you to make sure your photo shows all edges of the check, but the screen image does not let you see the bottom of the check. The dialog box covers it. IPhone 12 Pro
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5 years ago, imlilmissinnocent
Works great when it wants to...
This app is always hit and miss. It works great when it wants to, but 70% of the time it always gives me an error saying it cannot process my information once I am logged into the app to view my accounts. It is extremely frustrating. I have been a member since I was a young kid. Their banking has gone down hill at most location branches and I feel like closing my accounts sometime in the future will be a good choice.
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7 years ago, Sarah Pemberton
Super convenient
This app has been super great to check the balances and keep track of the charges to my accounts. It's also been great to have my credit card account all under the same umbrella as my checking and savings accounts so I can easily make payments! This app is a life saver.
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6 years ago, JkLHoopz
Banking Perfection
They care about their clients by offering an amazing banking experience by the touch of the fingers to a screen. They care about their company, so the wheels keep turning. They care about doing a good job, making the wait lines disappear and never treating individuals like a number.
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1 year ago, LiveChrist
Worthless Zelle
Bottom mine, 5 stars for the app. 1 star for Zelle. The cap rate on Zelle makes it essentially worthless, so 3 stars. Please either use another safer option or raise the rate to something reasonable. Thanks!!!
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5 years ago, MandoeCloud
This application makes things so much easier for balance checking and transferring money. Checking my balance without signing into my account is so awesome.
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1 year ago, mrpmp
Best ever
This credit Union Rocks!!! I’ve banked here for nearly 20 years and shave always been treated extremely well, fast at resolving any problems I have.
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6 years ago, Daddy farmer
Time saver and control taker
Allows me to take care of banking in minutes saving me time and gas. Extremely efficient and effective. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Floors for You
Excellent online service
This app from BHFCU amazingly user friendly. Thank you for this service.
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8 months ago, spitek60
App is pointless
Although i can check my balance, i cannot transfer money to any other institution, and bill pay is via snail mail. What kind of credit union is this? Get with the times, update your app and allow members the financial freedom to transfer money to and from whoever they need instantly.
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1 year ago, NoobMaster_557
Always very helpful when I have to call in. Accepts my online banking checks.
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7 years ago, bhfcu member/fan
Great app for all banking needs
Great app for all aspects of our banking - checking balances, paying bills, making deposits, etc. etc.
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7 years ago,
Wow. Fantastic.
Everything I could ask for from a banking app. Thank you for making it painless and convenient
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5 years ago, Lucywho26
Easy to use
Very easy to use. Don’t have problems with it.
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4 years ago, Lukef12345
Mobile check deposit
Check deposit through the app has never worked for me. I made sure I followed the instructions multiple times and it never works. Otherwise the app is great. But I expect the whole app to work.
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2 years ago, SRL5
Mobile deposit won’t work
Mobile deposit is blurry when I bring it up. I have tried to rotate phone continually as a tech at BHFCU recommended. I have been trying since early November. This has been my primary reason for using this app.
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2 years ago, noooope1337
Failed app
I write yet again, this app does not work consistently. It would not set up properly and it keeps having performace issues and crashes
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3 years ago, RB Good
The app is awesome!
I love the BHFCU app. It’s even easier to navigate than the web site.
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5 years ago, Gavmar57
The app is easy to use and a great way to keep track of all of your accounts
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4 years ago, Regnumunger
Constantly crashing
Constantly crashing and cannot move around funds. My girlfriends does it the most, always says “under maintenance” but my app will work just fine when hers quits. If it wasn’t for that I’d give it 5 stars. Always at the worst time too.
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5 years ago, mmmstudiosart
Best way to bank, mobile!
Love the BHFCU mobile app. So easy and convenient!!!!!
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5 years ago, EMSGuy2019
Need to add maturity date for CDs
App is easy to use and has a clean look. One addition I would make is showing maturity date for CDs.
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6 years ago, Vggcjvyfbfdjdt
Pops up cannot display information of account after I try and transfer
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1 year ago, DayDay123!
New update is horrid
The new update makes the app hard to use and is very cluttered. 0/10 this is the most disorganized and disappointing update I’ve ever had in an app. I typically never write reviews this is just awful.
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6 years ago, karenmdotson
No Money Management???
Latest update took away the Money Management feature? Loved being able to categorize from the mobile app. Now have to go to main site to do so...not happy
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2 years ago, BH Baseball
Mobile Deposit no longer works
Mobile deposit no longer works on iPhones running ios16. The camera will not rotate to take the picture.
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4 years ago, Abshdixbzjs
Limited availability
Only being able to make a limited number of transfers from savings every month is extremely frustrating for a busy business such as ours.
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2 years ago, IchabodC543
Check deposit not working
Check deposit feature doesn’t work on iPhone and it’s incredibly frustrating! Get it together, BHFCU
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6 years ago, Tyknapp113
Use daily!
I love my BHFCU app, makes transfers and checking balances effortless.
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5 years ago, rattler space one
I like that I can check my accounts on the go with ease
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6 years ago, Eszy
Great App.
It's a simple & easy to use, yet very secure.
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5 years ago, Cdchurch
Good app but needs updated
Easy to use app but please update for iPhone X, XR, etc. the font sizing is hideous.
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2 months ago, Mr Mike Elmore
I like it.
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2 years ago, abcdefghijoke
Bad software
Half the time works right
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7 years ago, Rip 'em up, tear 'em up
I use it to transfer money all the time! Also to pay my credit card each month. It's super fast and reliable! GREAT!
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7 years ago, Daisy_76416
Love the new app!!
Love the new app!! More features and services available and the Touch ID is so quick and easy to login!
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7 years ago, levi_dubs
Best Banking App I've ever used
I love the simplicity and the easy to navigate dashboard. Everything in one place along with staying current with Touch ID and high res. Job well done BHFCU
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7 years ago, <3~Abby~<3
Love the new app!
Has great features and I'm happy you can add a memo or note to why you transferred into wherever. Helpful and great to be able to use Touch ID with it.
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7 years ago, justabusymom
Great App!
This app works well. I have not had any issues with it. I love having my banking information at the touch of my thumb!
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7 years ago, <3SiouxAnne<3
It's Great
Love the new app!! It's always up to date with my balance the Touch ID is great and the new notifications settings as well👏
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7 years ago, wermy G
Great App!
I check my bank account fairly regular and it's quick and simple to get right into my assets! I ❤️ BHFCU
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7 years ago, BenitaDavenport
I love that BHFCU is finally parallel with all the big banks in this app vs. the last one. So easy to use.
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7 years ago, Vughisdto23ke12
Great App!
I love this app. My favorite part is the touch access. Great job BHFCU!
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7 years ago, jennlove2
Fantastic app!
So easy and helpful!
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7 years ago, My T Mouse
Excellent app. Great features.
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