Photo & Video
2.9 (34)
25.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brutality Arts
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blackie

2.91 out of 5
34 Ratings
6 years ago, nikonredneck
Not optimized for screen size
App still isn’t optimized for the X, Xs or Xs Max even those it was just updated for the new hardware love the app but its to difficult to use since the icons are so small
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3 years ago, 23JenniferB
Not user friendly
I actually really like the photos that you can take with this app. However maybe it is just that I have an older iphone but editing in this app is real stupid. For instance I choose a preset just to see what it will look like but then you cannot reset it. You have to choose another preset but can’t choose to not have a preset. You are stuck forever with a preset. It also shows all the photos in your camera in black n white but if you click one to see it by itself you cannot scroll to the next image or even go back to where you were in the camera roll. You have to go all the way back to the home screen, re-choose images, album, and scroll back through however many thousand images you have. This is real stupid annoying. Finally if I choose an image while in the app to edit there does not seem to be a easy clear way to upload this to my computer or camera role. I can upload to instagram. I am sure there is a way, it is just completely unclear. Nice black and whites but like I said not user friendly. Annoyed very quickly with the editing and navigation end of things.
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7 years ago, lilygk
HELP! Blackie has the cropping bug!
Thank you for fixing a prior bug! Now I can import the images and save them without any problems. But I have one new problem that keeps me from using your app. Importing the image from my saved images to Blackie is fine, but Blackie crops my images. I don’t want Blackie to crop my photos. Can you fix this bug? I miss using your app! I love using Blackie to process my images. But I can’t use it with this bug. Please fix it!
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10 months ago, 4N20
Perfect for my needs
Been an iPhone photographer for almost a decade now and this app quickly became one of my favorites. I love that you can either upload photos to edit, or take them within the app. My preference is the former because I can mess with color filter after the fact. I’m not stuck on the one image.
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7 years ago, skinz4ever
Update now works on iOS 11
Thanks to the developers for listening and getting the app updated to run nicely on iOS 11. Great bw photo app. I use this a lot for a variety of b+w photo effects. The only thing I wish you could do is zoom while shooting. Otherwise, awesome b+w app for making photos look amazing.
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7 years ago, Maurecia9
Hard to work
I like the black and white contrast and presets on this app, however, the app itself has some glitches. Process photos doesn't load in Instagram: difficulty in choosing saved photos from iPhone to process and overall doesn't really work properly. Otherwise the filters are great. The app just needs to be easily functioning features.
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1 month ago, benihil9
BW The Great
I've tried many black and white photo apps, but this one is the best. The image quality is good and the preset control is very convenient. Long live the app!
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6 years ago, Pawpower
Nothing works
I just purchased the app after seeing that the new version added support for iPhoneXsMax. Not sure what kind of support was added but almost nothing works like advertised on my iPhoneXsMax. What few controls work, you have to touch up and to the left of the control to activate. This app could be good but needs some serious work. Totally not usable in its present state.
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1 year ago, Sherap6
Please keep working on this application
1. I am trying to do B&W photography at Night time. (For Ex. B&W photo of a gas station at night). Please add some features for this type of Night Photography. 2. Optimization needed for the new iPhone (My device: iPhone 14 Pro Max, latest iOS) Note: I regularly update my review/rating for this application. And Thank You For Sharing Your Talent With Us!
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5 years ago, happyrobot
Perfect B&W Camera on my iPhone 8
It’s 2019 and I’m still rocking an iPhone 8. Blackie s about the only camera app I use. Love the old-school color filters for cranking up the blue sky. Easy controls. Outputs to a high-res file. Good stuff.
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1 month ago, Annelittlebird
App no longer works
I loved the photos from this app. But now it doesn’t actually take pictures. When I press the shutter circle nothing happens. This is really disappointing as this is the only app I have ever used for B&W
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6 years ago, workingclassshero
New iPhone
The app still doesn’t work on new iPhone. I am unable to take photos!!😓
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7 years ago, Leslie susan
Just got this app; won't access photos- just camera
This app needs some work, as another reviewer said. I think there was a small charge to try, but you need to pay more to access more features. It won't access my photo library, so it will not work for me.
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7 years ago, Dppict
Almost there...
Only 3 stars because there is no support for second lens iPhone 7 plus and there is no way to even pinch out to zoom in. So you are really limited to use only the widest wide angle lens. Also, no Raw and not even Tiff format. Come on! The interface is nice and easy to navigate although it takes a little doing to figure things out like how to save a preset. Would be nice to have the ability to edit names for the presets one make. Not just 1,2,3... The shuffle is cute but can it be saved as a preset? Needs some work. You are almost there. Would be incredible if the same app could have the ability to offer both b&w and color with a push of a button. Using the same interface. Wishful thinking, I know.
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7 years ago, sddahlia143
Very slow for a paid for app. Stays frozen in each section I have to close out the app. Probably just a bug to work out. Cool app otherwise . Nice tools and layout.
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6 years ago, Ruin123456
Very small icons/menu
Is it just me?? The icons/menu is so small it’s extremely hard to read. Makes using what would be a very good app extremely difficult.
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5 years ago, tumblrxuser
Too limited
The interface is overly hip and devoid of options. The app comes right up to usability - then shrinks away. Go back and finish the application.
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6 years ago, Eclecbeaute
Thanks for XR update
All functionality restored !!! Awesome
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7 years ago, squigworth
Not really working.
I'm trying to use it with my camera roll. Not working at all. Are you sure you are ready to promote this on Insta with JJ_BLackwhite.
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6 years ago, Bob_VA
Switched from iPhone 6S Plus to iPhone XR a few days ago. Blackie went from working to not working! What gives?
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6 years ago, Mtz222
Not working
After last update (iphone xs plus)
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7 years ago, Kisin22
Great app
Great app
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5 years ago, Frannie’s Macbook Air
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7 years ago, Flynfoto
Would it be possible to...
Would it be possible to use a smaller font in this app? Yes, I'm an old fart who wears readers but geez I had to go get a magnifying glass just to read what each button does. I get the concept of having a clean/minimalist appearance but I think you've taken it to the extreme.
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8 years ago, edisoncarter
I like it, but needs work
Tonality of the presets is very nice. After using it for a week, I totally love the UI. You can quickly make settings and move back to the top. Some of the settings, like for vignettes, I haven't seen anywhere else. The image quality is excellent. I'd like it better if my settings were more permanent; after a full app restart it returns to default & I have to set film size and preset all over. But I've learned to live with it. A preference for this would be nice.
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7 years ago, Msduvall
I always try to admit my mistakes and I made a big one with the original 1-star review. I don't know what changed--probably a glitch in my phone, despite repeated uninstall and reinstalls--but whatever was wrong straightened out, verdict: it's a pretty decent app. Took a gorgeous shot of white roses today--great shadows, contrast and the whites are very vivid. Well worth the money. Highly recommended.
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7 years ago, Macrophotographer
Fantastic B&W photo app!
I love this app for shooting in black-and-white, but it is missing just one thing – a way to save favorite combinations when you use the shuffle function! Otherwise it is perfect! Please add a Favorite combos button!!!
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8 years ago, Susetoo
Updated review
Updating my review - was able to contact developer and got my questions about the grid and Save button answered... The filters are still great! And I agree with others - app does need some work but it is now one of my go to B&W edit apps
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7 years ago, i g z
Great B&W photos
This app has pretty great black and white emulation, particularly T-Max. Lets you save the original file alongside the processed one as well. A few suggestions to the developer to make it a 5-star app: - reduce shutter lag; particularly in low-light situations - give ability to turn off shuffle!! I'd like to use both volume buttons for shutter release, and don't want to shuffle my settings! - enable raw capture
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7 years ago, Kurt52
Enjoying this app
I like using Blackie both as a camera app and to import from other apps. The shuffle feature is a plus. Great update ...
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8 years ago, mchutto
Love the TRI-X simulation
Intuitive app that gives great results. I shoot with Blackie as my camera using the TRI-X simulation frequently. Hoping more simulations get added in updates.
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7 years ago, Laurenqc
Can't get to my photos!
Why can't I import my photos? The app crashes every time. I need my blackie back.
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7 years ago, gold tunes
Constantly crashes
Initially I was able to load & edit from my library, no more. Every time I try the app completely crashes. Very frustrating & disappointing!
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7 years ago, Kiwi4design
Just down loaded the app but I can't access my photos and it freezes my phone. Really disappointing. Please provide a fix or update.
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8 years ago, J–DOGG7
Nice App
Really nice app. Great for a novice photographer like myself. High contrast black and white photos make anything look great. 😌
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7 years ago, niksy noo
Just what I needed
Simple yet powerful!
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8 years ago, Taletee
Battery killer
Frustrating to use. Freezes and hangs. Some shots are lost and not saved. It drains the battery, even when running in the background.
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7 years ago, davood maeili
Excellente app. I can't get enough of this 👍🏼
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7 years ago, Crissa.(:
Love the app. My favorite camera app
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7 years ago, Raulbar
It doesn't work
Some bug is crashing again! Please fix it!
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7 years ago, flight controller 101
Crashing app
Excellent app if you're looking for something that crashes frequently.
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7 years ago, Malloware
Won't open...?
App is not responding...?
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5 years ago, cbphotos
Not working for IPhone XR
I see they pushed a update for XR, but it isn’t working for me. *new update on 1/21/2019 still doesn’t work properly. Buttons are still way too small!
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