Blackjack Royale - Win Money

4.7 (26.6K)
1092.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blackjack Royale - Win Money

4.69 out of 5
26.6K Ratings
1 year ago, wsopro
I really enjoy this game but have a few issues with it. Sometimes it freezes in a tournament but the time will still be running and you dont get a refund for your buyin. I also don’t understand how they figure your tournament placing because if I score 800 ill end up in 2nd place somehow and be ranked with a ton of players who scored super high. But if i score 200 i could win 1st and be ranked with a bunch of players who scored super low. I feel like the game chooses when you win and lose instead of being randomized. I wish there were some different game modes and always a 1v1 option. I also wish there was live tournaments with all the players at the same table so you have a fair chance all playing against the same dealer. Overall it is fun but i feel like it finds all the ways to keep you losing a bit. Iv been able to cash $56 one time. I usually sit around $46. Definitely not a game you will get rich on. If I actually get money on this game and feel like its legit I will update my review. But I still give it 5 stars because I do enjoy it.
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2 years ago, Bturn3839
Fun game UNTIL….
I played this game almost everyday, until the new update. I don’t care for it all. I enjoyed playing lucktophia and ranking for prizes/money. Not to mention the daily scratchers, gold cards, gift cards for winning puzzle pieces. For 50 hands, I was able to compete for a little cash. Over time, I won enough to cash out. Now you need 900 hands to complete for cash! Do you know how ridiculous that is. I don’t even have the Will power to attempt to play enough hand games to build up 900 hands. Also, I haven’t been able to even deposit money. It tells me I’ve made too many attempts I can have and to try again tomorrow. I see the scratchers and cards in the reward center say “coming soon”, but I think it would have been better to release the new version when you had everything up and running, instead of making your loyal customers wait. Personally, I like the old version so much better. I also liked the option of choosing between playing 1 on 1 in lucktophia or entering a tournament. I gave the app 5 stars because I didn’t submit a review prior to the update and well deserved that rating. This new version, not so much. 2 stars at best.
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4 years ago, ExarchM
Fun and surprisingly legit
This is a game, not a job, so if you go in expecting to win enormous amounts of cash you’re going to be disappointed. However, what you do win is legit! Just cashed out my first $21, and I’ve played non-religiously for a few weeks. I thought the Rush Card jackpots were nothing more than bot wins, but lo and behold I actually got a jackpot $10 win tonight that put me over the payout threshold. The PayPal was very quick too, got it in a matter of minutes rather than the few days it forecasted it could take. It’s a time waster game for lunch breaks, and as long as you keep that in mind it’s great! Decent mechanics, though it does hitch a bit using ads for bonuses at times. Seems far more reliable on home WiFi as compared to playing it out & about on data, that’s for sure. All in all I’d say it’s a very fun and quite realistic game, you get lucky streaks & then can’t win a hand to save your soul, but that’s just like it is in real life :)
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3 years ago, 4346754466
Fun game and honest
I have been playing this game for awhile and they keep adding things which is great. Most people will not get rich on this game but I have been able to cash out over 50 dollars and have earned enough to do it again. I think the people winning the big bucks on the leader boards are addicts and I question if they are spending more buying extra hands then they are actually winning. The Math does not add up. So if you don’t mind watching ads and you like to play black jack this game does not have to cost you a dime and you can win money. Thank the addicts for making it so the creators make money and we can play for free. Update. Since the new update with the tournaments the cheating by the game seems to be rampant. I believe at this point workers for the games are the people that are winning. I have won some money so the game is not lying I just believe they have gotten greedy. I mean I have played and analyzed enough hands that there is now way the odds are in the dealers favor that much normally. I mean I had 15 hands in a row that if I hit I would have lost but the card gave them the win. I enjoy playing the game but if you want to look dishonest at least don’t make it so obvious.
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8 months ago, Bobdolehail
Game is junk
I’ve never seen a blackjack table with such bad odds. You play against the dealer to win hands and at the end you see how many points you scored vs how many other players scored. I’ve seen three kings, two queens and two jacks all in one hand. I had to queens and split them (yeah don’t split 10’s but the odds are not your typical odds) then had a king so split it and the queen. My hands at this point are two queens and one king all single cards, I get my second card and it’s another king so I hold with one queen and one king. Next hand I hit and it’s a jack so I hold with a queen and a jack. Next hand I hit on my king and it’s a 9 so I hold. As of now I’m sitting with the following hands QK, QJ, Q9. The dealer flips their hand and its a king and jack….. Forget this game, no real odds and no matter what you chose the dealers hand is predetermined. I know this because it glitched on me and I played the exact same game twice in a row. Somehow the first game didn’t count so I played again. A couple hands in I realized it was the same game so I changed strategy where I busted after I hit on a 12 with the dealer showing 7, I received a face card of some kind, when I held the second time on this hand the dealer had something like 13 showing and hit to get a 20.
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12 months ago, gamogotswag
I mean like any game that claims you can make money there is always a catch. Its not the actual blackjack that’s rigged, in all honesty it’s just like blackjack in real life (except for the fact that you’re playing on different decks so it’s completely random). It’s the matchmaking system they have. Like you could have an all time score and with some crazy hands and still lose to someone double your score. What’s weird is that when you score low they match you with people that also score low, but there always like a couple points ahead of you (just enough to lose). If you play it you’ll see, I promise on god I’m not lying. They might throw you a bone sometimes, but it’s just trying to make you spend money and lose it. I will not put money into these shameless games feeding off of the unemployed. I recommend you don’t either. Also the ads are ridiculous. Once you log in get ready for at least 7 pop ups asking for you to spend money. It’s just shameless. Just let me play blackjack and get rewards slowly. IF I WANTED TO PUT MONEY IN I WOULD, I DO NOT NEED A CONSTANT REMINDER. Games like this should put an option to disable it or at least drop it to 1 or 2. I hope I saved y’all some time, hope y’all have a good day ✌🏻
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3 years ago, blazerboats99
Blackjack Royale
Very thought out and functional game, only had it a few days but I’m really enjoying playing it so far! Doesn’t glitch like 90% of most games, and what I like probably the most is that there isn’t a bunch of ads like most others. Still a few for doing certain stuff in the game like rewards and stuff but that’s understandable, other games seem to just make you watch ad after ad and so on until I eventually delete the app whether I enjoy it or not. Some just overload the whole experience with ads for everything you do in the game. Great game so far very pleased with it as of right now. Haven’t gotten to cash out anything yet but I’ll update this when I do. My opinion very well might change if It doesn’t allow me to or keeps changing everytime you get to the point they say you can cash out and it all the sudden keeps changing like LOTS of others ive had in the past. Fingers crossed about this one.🤞🏼
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3 years ago, IamtheOriginalDebster
HELP!!!!! SOS!!!!! HELP!!!!!
My game is FROZEN!!!!! In the middle of my hand in the middle of a big match. And I’m new at this game but I’m learning and I love it! Your tutorial comments on the website here are very helpful and I appreciate your time that you’ve spent helping us! But back to my poor FROZEN GAME. I HOPE THAT YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ON YOUR END TO FIX IT. If not PLEASE let me know. I’ll probably have to turn my phone off and on to fix it. BUT THEN I’LL LOSE EVERYTHING!!! I WAS UP TO “CLUBS” LEVEL ON THE CHARTS! I’ve tried closing the game several times but it always comes back to the same frozen screen. I even typed a whole message and thought I’d go back and see if it was still frozen before I sent the message. But of course when I came back here my message was gone. What a dummy I am. Well thank you again for reading this and hopefully giving me an answer! Sincerely, Deborah Sarno
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2 years ago, true75
New reviews?
Why aren’t there any new reviews since this game has switched its own priorities and gain up like all the rest of the games? There’s a new “update” constantly and sadly they aren’t updating anything. You have to pay them to play the game and YOU can and will not win back what you put into it. I played this game for the last 4 years and loved it but they they got the big head and decided to go all in and make you pay them to play their game. Come on now folks. Many of us long haul players know exactly how bad this game has gotten. Sorry, blackjack …. Just facts.
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9 months ago, Banchan808
Rigged for sure
My first 100 games, I placed top 3 at least 70% of the time. It was a fun game and enjoyed it at that time, so much so that I made in game purchases. But suddenly, they turned on a switch because my last 100 games i am literally 0 for 100 in placing top 3. I can’t place top 3 for the life of me. Literally, I am on a 100 game losing streak. And a lot of those games I played almost perfectly and I can’t see how other players would get a higher score. But each time, I placed 4th through 6th. Seriously, I’ve written to them about this a few times but no reply. How can I not place top 3 one time in the last 100 games when I used to be able to before? This game is seriously rigged and I think they can somehow manipulate outcomes when they want. Are fake A/I players playing? Possibly. One thing that would help is if we are able to see instant replay of every player that was in the tournament with us. To see how they played and how they got better scores then we did. If the developers can’t do that then I seriously think this game is rigged.
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3 years ago, Lyro Lungcay
If you want a fair award and making people trust you, Please Devs read this:
I know some or most people said it’s a scam, but in my opinion it’s Fairly good, but needs improvement like pay to take off ads (not Entirely), but for those that annoyed the player who clicked “Deal” button, plus Bonus Hand Cards. Use that Ad money for more Faired Balance rewards and gameplay, you app has good potential, but you missed the point (like depositing legitimately) but need to get revamped in the following: 🔘Allowed us to Cash out in any amount like $2-5 or $10 and so on instead of just $21, it’s unfair to people 😡. 🔘 Partially Removed Ads that make the Player Clicked “Deal” before the ad plays. And give us bonus cards that we pay for removing a partial ad. (If you want us to pay) (e.g $4.99 Removed Deal ads, plus 70 Bonus Cards) 🔘Most Importantly DON’T RIGGED THE GAME WITH AN UNFAIR DEALER. Try to balance it like a real casino. Make it a bit better for players to win. 🔘like the second Thing that I told you, use that half of Removed partial ad revenue for a Reward to satisfy to player. That way. You make a fair advantage on liking the game 👉IMPORTANT: Whatever you do.... Please Accept my advice, if you ignore it, I will give you a lower score, if you treat me unfairly or people kept calling you a scammer. I’m just trying to make you better to give you great scores.
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4 years ago, Savannah&Rosiesmomma
Better but...
Please explain how the top leaders have over 7000 points while all the others have 2000 or less??? Furthermore please explain how they even have 2000! The days always start phenomenal. Lots of gold card chances, extra hands and wins galore but as the hours tick away so does the luck. At least for me. I watch my rank go from high on the leader board right down the toilet! I’m just curious how many other people experience this or if it’s just me?? I do love the game and the fact that it is legit! It takes me forever since I’m never allowed to actually stay at the top but I have been able to cash out. The new gold card feature is an added bonus too. Except for the rush cards. At least, once again, for me. Unless I trade them. I’ve never won more than fifty cents on them!! However I still enjoy the game!!! I just wish it were more fair. Thanks though, Lucky Day 😬
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1 year ago, Jeorf
Skill based matchmaking is dumb
This is a game loosely based on blackjack. You think you’re playing real blackjack on a fair playing field with other players but in reality the game is matching you with “similarly skilled” players that you are competing against in a tournament. There is obviously some skill involved but it is primarily luck so what ends up happening is that regardless of how well you play or how high your score is, they will find others who scored better and match them in the same tournament as you. There are bonus points awarded for blackjack and other luck based things instead of just grading you for how many chips you gain/lose. Besides all that I feel that the game engine is not truly random but there’s no way to prove that one way or the other. I’d keep any money you’re considering spending here and just go to a real casino. Even if you’re playing for free there are more authentic blackjack games out there. Ymmv
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3 years ago, Sandra4PINK
Freezes often
I truly love the game and have been playing it for months. The only issue I seem to have is when you get a yellow card and it gives you the option to watch a video to trade them in to two cards. 75% of the time, the game will not allow me to watch the ad and I have toSwipe out and go back in and only 50% of that time I get the one card that I was attempting to trade in for two. I do however wonder how long it’s going to take to get to $21 and be able to cash out. I do trust the two games I played by lucky day, but can just never seem to get anything decent. I am a very good blackjack player in the real casinos. I am using an iPhone XR and it is always fully charged. No reason in the game should be freezing up when trying to watch an ad.
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3 years ago, chris gilreath
Don’t believe everything the add shows about this game...
So it’s a really fun game and might be real money not sure haven’t been able to win enough to cash out yet cause I’m outta hands and the time has been stuck on one minute and ten seconds for the past 4 hours so it’s not giving me anymore hands unless I’m forced to watch videos... Also every time I win a MEGA or SUPER card I watch a video for the extra one and it tells me after I collect the first one incorrect data and takes it back from me😤 (three different occasions with the mega and twice with the super) not cool. So don’t waste you time on the videos it’s for no reason they take the reward back from you. It seems kinda spiteful so I guess it’s possible but they make it so hard especially if you start winning a lot. I noticed the more hands you win the worse your rewards get which should be the opposite like most games.
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2 years ago, Melissa Meow
Refusing to pay money that I won
The new update ruined the game. Not really sure why the developers are claiming that the app pays out significantly more after the update, it 100% does NOT. 1st place on the clubs leaderboard used to pay out thousands of dollars everyday. Now the combined total that they pay out across all leaderboards is under $500…and you’re not even able to cash that out. 1st place went from $4000, down to $125 and now all the money paid out from the leaderboard is bonus cash, which is money that you can’t withdraw. In the FAQ it stated that money won from leaderboard rankings was actual cash, or money you could withdraw. There was a clear differentiation between bonus cash and actual cash. After winning hundreds of dollars they’re now telling me that I can’t withdraw that and it was an oversight that they didn’t update the FAQ. Clearly misleading and false advertising.
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3 years ago, Extraordnary
Ad factory
This isn’t a blackjack app it’s an ad factory. Sure there are ads to get bonuses and you choose to watch this but it seems every 3-5 hands when you go to click deal it pops up an ad. And not just any ad a 30+ sec unskippable ad. I paid the 2.99 to get 70 hands to play and legit haven’t gotten through half of them and have watched over 20 ads!!!! PLEASE REFUND MY 2.99 because all this app is is ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad oh I got a blackjack oh another ad with another ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad. Jesus Christ.
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3 years ago, Magic todo
False advertising
Edit: so I was told my review was unfair because I liked Lucky Day better. Hmm well let’s see, maybe the 1 star was because of the false advertising I kept getting on other games. Every ad was for lucky day but when I went to download from the ad, I ended up with blackjack which I don’t like. So I don’t see how my review is unfair. Maybe if the ad actually showed what the app was I wouldn’t have downloaded it in the first place. The ad came up during a game I was playing as a lotto scratch card game. I used to have this app when it was that scratch card game abs loved it. Decided to get the app back when suddenly it downloaded as a blackjack game instead. I’m not a fan of blackjack so I deleted the app. The app was better when it was scratch cards. And the ads that are showing keep saying it’s s scratch card game app. I wish it still was.
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3 years ago, glynis1569
Scams with Hands!
I just started playing this two days ago. Today I made my first purchase of 70 hands for $2.99. Well, I did not get 70 hands. I did not get even close to that. I got maybe 15 hands and then I was told I was out of hands! Also there is nothing in my order history at all BUT there is a receipt from Apple in my email so it definitely went through! I sent a ticket to customer support and am waiting on that now. In the meantime, thinking maybe this was a glitch, I attempted to spend $5.99 on 100 hands plus no ads. Well, I got the no ads but AGAIN I only got about 15 hands and then it said I was out again! And AGAIN it is not in my order history but DID go through!! This is beyond messed up!!! Hopefully customer service gets back to me with a refund and a valid explanation because I am NOT happy and am NOT going to play until or unless I am fully refunded for my purchases.
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10 months ago, OGMikeD209
Do not be unfairly stolen from
I felt it was important to explain how this scam works and wish I could post screenshots. I am not cheap and don’t mind losing money playing blackjack so long as when I win I am paid. Simply put I won multiple high dollar tournaments where all players scores were posted and complete only to have the results change when the payout is happening. I paid 12, 35, and 55 dollar tournaments that I won and was paid 5 bucks total today. I wrote the staff each time with screenshots and they did return the first one about a week ago for 41 bucks but didn’t answer the next 10 with clear proof I was cheated and stolen from. Again I am not a whiner or cheap sore loser but for those like me who spend money avoid this it is a scam. Shame on you thieves I may take you to court and report you to BBB.
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10 months ago, MetalheadKev1970
Second Review
This is my second review of this game app. For some reason, the company felt the requirement to prevent my first review from being posted. Thanks! Lol. On to the review. You do win a micro amount of money that you can use to enter the tournaments. Most of time, though, you will lose hands. Busting cards frequently. The game is “Nerf City” now. The difficulty of winning hands, not tournaments has been increased. I consider myself a good Black Jack player, not a novice player. Been playing cards for several years. Most users will end up losing seven of twelve hands. Especially, while competing in a “money” tournament. This game used to be fun, now it is a chore. Not a good thing, in my opinion. Great way to pass the time.
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4 years ago, TheresaMT
Fix Your Game
It is 2020 there is no reason why your game should just keep freezing every time we have watching an ad or when we try to collect a prize and then we lose it. I have read so many reviews for the past several months that this is happening and your responses for people to contact support. Your response should be to just fix it !!! you know that this is happening !!! you’re doing this on purpose so that people cannot collect their winnings !!!! this is such a scam!!!!Have your IT company fix this or you’re going to lose a lot of people because it seems like this is just done on purpose so that people cannot collect their winnings!! there is no reason that an app should keep freezing every time you try to watch an ad or collect a winning but it doesn’t freeze when you’re actually playing the game that’s pretty suspicious
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3 years ago, Jackies Perkins
I have tried everything killed the game rebooted my iPad nothing has worked. I like the game however I’d like it a whole lot more if it worked. Please can the tech support get in touch with me. I’d like to get help. I don’t get credited for winning a hand. I feel like I’m playing the same hand over and over again. I think I could be except the cards are different. Still no credit, can’t get the golden cards. This game is seriously mess-up UPDATE Blackjack Royale is the only game that has sent me a confirmation email when I contacted them. It doesn’t mean they have fixed my problem but Developer responded said they updated the game & PROBLEMS WERE FIXED.” NO THEYAREN’T” I just lost 2 golden cards because the game froze again after crashing a few minutes ago. How can I play if I’m always rebooting the dang game?
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2 years ago, Brian BMW
$65 won and going strong!
I didn’t spend a single penny on deposits, but now I have enough in my PayPal to buy Sonic Frontiers! The trick is to use the “Watch Ad” tournaments as MUCH as possible when you begin. That way you can stock up tons of bonus cash! Then, when you start playing with cash, concentrate your entire balance into your first 3 games of the day. Even if you lose there’s a good chance you will get a good amount of Bonus Cash! And finally, play tournaments where you get net gain from both 1st and 2nd place (E.G. Rookie and Master) and a very small net loss for 3rd place. Good luck!
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4 years ago, ela12340987
It’s legit
First of all, you have to be aware that it’s a game. And on top of it you can actually win some real money. Getting into leaderboard is close to science fiction but again, it’s a game. I’m playing it for fun and every buck extra is just a plus to a fun game. Add loading issue I noticed is caused by fluctuation of a wifi or lack of new adds but for me sometimes works to exit the app (not close it but leave it in the background) and then return or just wait for 30 seconds and game continues. It’ll probably not change your budget but can get you occasional free coffee or monthly fee for some streaming service.
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3 years ago, fetisha_beauty
Fun to pass the time
It’s a really fun game and easy. Fun to pass the time and if you play enough and take advantage of the free stuff with ads, you can get some change here and there. So far so good. Not looking to get rich, (please stop believing in those ads! It’s not possible. Only played a few days and have a little over $7. Which is fine by me. Keeps me coming back. You can spend money for more hands if you really want to get higher(You wil NEVER MAKE $100’s of dollars for free on a game) hopefully cash out will be easy when the time comes. Please continue to update so we don’t lose interest:)
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4 years ago, WhistlersSon
Too legit to quit!
I’ve been playing this game for about 3 months and I’ve cashed out TWICE after I hit $21+. It is the ONLY game EVER to actually allow me to get to the payout amount, not once but twice...and I’ve tried dozens. I’m also thrilled that the developers are actively still updating it to incorporate additional incentive options and it just keeps getting better and better really. I have noticed & question some of the same or very similar names that just so happen to have exorbitant scores daily, that I can’t even calculate as possible...but that’s life I guess.
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3 years ago, triva games are fun
Was legit
Was legit yet in six weeks since I previously posted a negative review when my cash disappeared ( and most of it was returned) . Well since than and I play many hands a day I have not even won a nickel. Now I am very skeptical. Plus the odds of winning at quite low. Also how many decks are being used as the math doesn’t seem right to me . Of course I know like any game of chance nothing is 100 % certainty but remember the odds are way lower and then you even expect. I won close to $30 bucks after several months of playing. Also I constantly get the same gift cards and I even try clicking on trade but nothing happens. We should be able to trade in extra gift card credits for more rolls .
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3 years ago, @Samuel066
Blackjack Royale
So far it’s good just minor tweaks to the game that needs to be adjusted but other then that, I love playing this game. The dealer is very hard to beat because he always wins most of the time. I was at the #1 mark as $5,000 in cash but I noticed you have to play hands times 5 to multiply your win and permanent victory if not you will find yourself at the bottom of the page only winning coins and hands. Basically you have purchased 200 to 500 hands to win the big cash but the catch is you have to be the players to the punch and it ain’t easy because you have to beat the house in which the house always wins.
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3 years ago, reindroppzz
Love this game
Been playing for a while now. I’m addicted. Can you explain how to unlock the rooms? I am at level 9 game days next room unlocks at level 9? So I’m assuming I have to finish level 9 for it unlock. I have cashed out 3 times at $21 or over. Love this game but would like to move to different rooms just to make it more interesting. Also I have cashed in a few gift cards as well would like to see more gift cards from other retailers.
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2 years ago, Ketty hare
No longer fun
I had been playing this game for a little and I loved just going head to head with a dealer for points. It was fun. Ended up making a little money after putting in a little more than what I won but I was still okay. Hadn’t played in a little because I had gotten busy. But then I got on today and saw that it changed up. Now it’s become like all the other apps with these tournaments where you will just end up losing your money. I liked how it was before. At least you had a chance to make it through all the tournaments without having to deposit money. Probably going to delete after today. Sad to see another app ripping off people except for the ones that spend hundreds of dollars to stay ahead.
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3 years ago, KiCad
Decent, but has some issues
It’s fun and addictive, and you can definitely win but will have to drop some money. I’m not sure if there’s just the one leaderboard per tier, but it seems like the same few people win everyday, not giving anyone else a chance. There’s also been a pretty glaring problem with the daily deal that comes with 300 hands and is supposed to block ads for 24 hours. It never blocks ads. I’ve reported the issue with tech and with Apple, multiple times. And there are features that are advertised that are not available, like daily challenges and booster cards.
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4 years ago, magivB
Unhappy player!!
TOO MANY GLITCHES! Yesterday I had ZERO lucky cards. Today I have lucky cards with 4 glitches resulting in lost hands upon restarting my up to date iPhone. I am seriously considering stopping playing Jackpot Royale. Recently started playing Pocket7Games and Skillz games/NO GLITCHES SO FAR. I have felt secure in making deposits at these websites. I certainly do NOT feel that way about JR. I have spent many hours studying this game. With that knowledge and having played over 3000 games at JR, I cannot figure out how a few players have such unbelievably high scores repeatedly. I know this is a game not a job. All I ask is a fair game, not a game using simulators or other methods that I am not aware of. Very frustrating. I have submitted this review to Jackpot Royale directly.
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4 years ago, akidfromqueens
Good game but is it legit?
IF YOU PLAY THIS GAME Take notice to the leaderboards every day!**** I’ve noticed every day the same people are at the top of all four leaderboards. Meaning every new day there will be around 2-3 people at #1,2 & 3 spot on all 4 leaderboards .. I been playing every day and you only get 7 hands every 2 hours , maybe you will get lucky with a few hands and get some extra hands as a bonus but it’s literally impossible to get on all 4 leaderboards in a single day especially with the significant amounts these “people” are winning by.. one guy managed to make over 100$ doing this .. I have the it’s either these people are hacking the game or they are inside players.
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3 years ago, Speak-Up01
Umm how many hands do I have to buy? To win?
It’s a blast to play and it would be a great game if the leaderboard’s weren’t dominated by big spenders. It’s impossible to move up the ranks without spending $$$ in hands. I purchased multiple bundles of hands to see how far they would get me and realized rather quickly you have to spend more than the prize amount your going after. Not worth it! What are the odds? It’s not listed anywhere in the FAQs. How likely am I to win cash, hands, tokens or trophies on a scratcher is it 1 in 100,000,000 for cash and 1 in 2 for tokens? Because I only win hands and tokens on these things. The notifications are terrible litterly every two hours and every time someone passes you on the leaderboard. Ugh! Its too much! I would definitely give the app a better rating if the leaderboards weren’t auctioned off to the highest bidder. There also needs to be a place in the FAQ regarding the odds for the scratchers and rush cards. There’s nothing about it. What are the odds is it 1 in 25,000 win cash? Or more like 1 in 500,000?
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2 years ago, Chaddyshack1976
Good Game
This is a good game and I like the speed of the game and has little to no lag time or glitches. I do have a question about game play itself. How many decks is the dealer supposed to be playing with? Is it a double deck game, 5 deck game? Just curious as the dealer seems to come up with more 21’s than I have ever seen, especially drawing 3 and 4 cards to get there. The amount of decks makes a huge difference in the real game so was just curious if I am playing against a legit dealer hand with a couple decks or an unlimited amount of cards. Thank you. I do enjoy the game.
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1 year ago, everyonechosenynickname
Connect your account first: GMAL, FB, ICLOUD before using!
I enjoyed the app, but I didn’t connect an account to save my progress. Overnight i was Able to accumulate $15 and when I tried to withdraw, I thought I needed to connect to an account they only gave me two options: connect or deposit. And I wasn’t trying to deposit. I connected it to my gmail and it gave me tutorial on how to play! And my progress of $15 and being level 17 disappear! ☹️ I’m so upset. Apple support isn’t helping and I don’t know how to reach out to the developers for help. I’m a night owl so I spent all night playing and wokeup to collect $ and it all disappear 🥹
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3 years ago, oh crypto
I’m disappointed but it usually is a fun game
It’s a great game but recently there are problems with getting my money into my PayPal account after sending it ($212). Another issue, the last payment ($124) “failed” and there’s apparently no way to resend it. PayPal has told me my account is fine so this issue is on Blackjack Royale. The AppStore says I have the most updated version. If this is fixed soon and I can get my money I’ll change this to a 5 star rating because I really do love this app. Otherwise it’s a shame that the developers allow these shenanigans.
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8 months ago, Moatzie77
Only play for Fun! Do Not Deposit!
This is a good game if you’re looking to play just for the fun of it. I made two twenty dollar deposits and I could never withdraw any money. I tried to withdraw 22 dollars and it said that I had to have at least $25 to withdraw. Not only that they said only $8 dollars of my $22 dollars could count as withdrawable because $14 of it was pretty much their money from bonus cash but that wasn’t true. So it’s a game just DO NOT MAKE ANY DEPOSITS. I play a lot of online games bingo, solitaire, blackjack and this app is the worst one out of the 30 or so that I have played as far as getting any money back. Good day
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1 year ago, dkshbw
SCAM: stay away
1st complaint is that they will let you pay with Apple Cash and some other ways but only allow for you to cash out with PayPal which I cannot even get into since it was hacked years ago. 2nd complaint is that bonus cash can’t be cashed out and they will put your real money into tournaments 1st then you’re stuck with bonus cash you can’t cash out near the end. 3rd complaint is that it “randomly” pairs you up with other players for the tournament however it doesn’t until after your rounds are finished so it would be super easy for a game developer to cheat you out of your money which definitely seems like they do.
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2 years ago, arheysh
Competitive game
I had installed this game on my phone before and for a while I tried but did not get any results at all and deleted it angrily, but some time ago I did not know why I re-installed this app, but this time I learned the game techniques and finally it worked. Almost every day when you request payment, he pays by the end of the day, I just have to say that there is a lot of competition.
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3 years ago, akalkemy
I was truly skeptical at first. This was totally click-bait to get me to download this little gem of an app. I am truly happy that I did though. This game totally makes me happy. Extremely fun and quite addictive. Not as many ads as you would think either. And as in any gambling arena, please be weary of this. I have already won about $10 in this first hour or two of playing. And I’m not even trying hard. Cheers mate, and Lass!
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3 years ago, 67 gold cards..
Unclear mechanics
I have played for about a week, eagerly awaiting the chance to use my gold cards that I have been saving up and specifically watching ads to generate. Lo and behold.. the time comes for them to be able to be redeemed (after waiting multiple days) and instead of actually being able to redeem them the timers reset. Now it says I have to wait another 13 days to redeem something I’ve already had?? Completely bogus app, no chance of winning money - in fact they honey pot.. it’s bogus, uninstall while you still can! Either spell out how things work or don’t advertise them.. ridiculous advertising to actual game play..
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2 years ago, heresanickname2
so far so good
Let me start by saying customer service is absolutely awesome! second the games keep me busy when i’m bored and i wanted to wait until i cashed out or finished puzzle pieces for a gift card to see if i got it without problems. haven’t cashed out yet but about $2.15 away from it and i will. you cash out at $21 how fun is that? the gift card i got as soon as i put in my email. legit, fun and worth it
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1 year ago, MikeKo1225
Do not get if you’re trying to win money. Rip off
This app isn’t what you think it is. If you’re getting this game to try to win money let me stop you before you download this app. It’s not worth putting your money into. The dealer gets way too many black jacks and the insurance doesn’t make any sense. You also can’t double up. They are clearly just trying to snatch your money up, you’re better off downloading a casino app and playing for real. If you are playing for free however it could be a silly way to pass the time but there are way better games out there. These ratings have to be fake.
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2 years ago, ThisAlbumIsAmazing
Update Ruined the Game
This was a different black jack game from the others. You could compete and always win something even if you had to pay. Now they made it like all the others and it’s all rigged to make you pay to play and lose. I’ve done this before and it’s all based on the computer program so if it doesn’t want you to win you won’t. You now have to pay to play and most won’t win or if you do you’ll get bonus cash which you can’t withdraw. I’m done. Too bad. Every update made it worse. Now it’s not worth my time or yours.
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4 years ago, Gameplay Rd
Ever single time I am directed to a Force Card, Lucky Card, Gold Card to collect or trade it freezes up, have to constantly restart phone and lose what I could earn by playing these cards. My IOS is up to date the game is up to date. I have uninstalled and reinstalled game several times already.I like playing this game but these issues are aggravating. I don’t have this problem with any other games I play with freezes.
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3 years ago, Jrm1971
Impossible scores
How is it the hearts tier, where you only get 7 hands can someone have 2000 or more points, same with the other tiers, I cannot calculate the massive scores without thinking someone has broke the system, normal blackjack play, the scores are ridiculously out of proportion. As well as it seems the upper scores accumulate during the week, but mine do not. I do love the game but feel as though when I have gotten to a point where I can get at least a 10 dollar win things turn and the wins are harder to get.
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4 years ago, Lovelyt26
More ways to win cash
This game is ok so far. There needs to be more ways of winning real cash. I’ve had lucky day games before so I know there is definitely a way. When I first started I received cash for my winnings, then after that I would get up to $1 and have my position snatched right from under me. Which I totally get but if I’m right under the one that won a dollar I should at least get .50 or something. If that part doesn’t change i in think folks will start DELETING.
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4 years ago, Susan78130
I had the Lucky Day scratch off app with $9.75 in winnings (had to have $10 to cash out through PayPal) and 24,000,000 points which was worth a $25 iTunes card. This company totally bailed on paying out their credits for that game saying that iTunes no longer supported the scratch off game. I’ve contacted support numerous times as I was promised all of my money and credits would be transferred to this game after a couple of months of beta testing. Customer support lied to me and refuses to resolve the situation. Apparently honest citizens who take issue with broken promises from companies have to prove something the company is already aware of. Shameful practices.
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