Blackjack ∙

4.7 (39.7K)
200.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Solitaire Games Studio
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blackjack ∙

4.74 out of 5
39.7K Ratings
3 years ago, bull kicker
I enjoy playing blackjack and poker I recently had a stroke and my wife found this blackjack game fir me and downloaded it on my phone. We haven’t been able to go to the casino in over a year now since the beginning of the whole Covid 19 virus so with this game I am able to spend time doing something I enjoy without leaving home it might not be quite the same as being at the casino. But it has been a nice escape from the tv and it was a very nice escape from my hospital room while I was in the hospital it also helps to keep my mind working and thinking so in that way it has been part of my stroke therapy. I enjoy and recommend this game to anyone that likes to play blackjack or even someone that might be learning or want to learn the game the only way to learn is to play therefore I recommend this blackjack game it is a very enjoyable way to pass the time while keeping your mind involved and stay busy as long as you wish. Good luck and enjoy the game.I Highly recommend this blackjack game. If you can’t get to the casino just download this blackjack app it’s worth the time
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6 years ago, Titnips
Great practice!
Perfect app for honing your Blackjack chops and and really getting that "basic strategy" down pat. particularly while using the chart and or card in conjunction with basic strat. All the neat little features like the achievements and the different options that enhance the gameplay as you see fit makes for a rewarding experience that offers an addicting incentive to play as often as possible. The single solitary disagreeable attribute is of course being interrupted by the ads. No one enjoys being yanked out of the zone and bombarded with an epilepsy inducing waist of time. However, That being said, you have to acknowledge the fact that it's anything but uncommon and as far as ads go, it could be much worse. In the end I say the pros far outweigh the cons to the point at which the latter seems negligible so I still give this app 5 stars. Nice work GreenPanda! 👍🏻🤓
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4 years ago, T-TownChamp
I’m sorry but the algorithm is not realistic
The app has awesome presentation, the achievements are a really great feature, and honestly this app is the best looking and best feeling blackjack games on the app store. However, I can’t help but to feel cheated every time I play blackjack on this app. The dealer is constantly making 5 or 6 card 21’s, while as the player it’s almost impossible to not bust even if it’s just a 12. Want to hit a 16 and make a 21? Download a different app, wont even happen 1 out of 100 times. And I know Blackjack is not a game that has any advantage towards the player but even the app’s own statistics show that I’m getting beat by the dealer 70% of the time and I have sank 10 hours into this game. I play perfect basic strategy and losing 70% of the time is not even close to what the odds actually are. I know the developers of this app want people to pay for it’s absurdly priced chips but who would pay for that when the algorithm is so heavily skewed in the dealers favor? Fix the cards and we’re talking a 9.5/10 must have app but currently I’d say it’s about a 5.5/10.
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2 years ago, Farvalito
Nice visuals, odds are not at all realistic
Visuals are great, play is simple and intuitive, odds are nowhere near realistic. Playing basic strategy, doubling bets on losses, and then resetting to minimum should keep you at a table for hours like it does in real life. In this app, minimum bets will get you realistic hands, while larger bets seem to favor the dealer nine out of ten times, regardless of the hands on the table. The larger the bet, the more likely it is that the dealer will push or win on a 4, 5, or 6, even if the player is on a 17 or better. And the losses keep coming as the bets increase. So trying to recoup losses to break even by doubling leads to a dozen losses in a row and either bumping up against the max bet or just going bankrupt. This algorithm is likely in place to force microtransactions, but it just becomes frustrating; so I end up playing to break even and then not playing again for a few days. Probably going to delete it soon, which is a shame because everything else about it is great.
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7 years ago, kboone
I take back my great review
This is my 3rd review of this game. I sang its praise the first time, then slammed it the second for the intrusive commercials and how they take over the screen. So is the 3rd time a charm. A resounding yes❗. With the time and energy put into the gameplay, graphics and options, I felt this game deserved one more chance. Things seem to level out with things like how many times I'm dealt a 13 or 12, with the dealer always seeming to have a face card ending up with a 20. However with the daily incentives and finding the personality of the game (almost like the feeling you get from a dealer) things seem to level out. I have dumped all other blackjack games and now have this loaded on my two iPads and my iPhone. Game play is the same, beautiful and smooth. My few small gripes and why I didn't give a fifth star. 1) I wish the game would sync in Game Center, so when I switch devices, I can pickup where I left off. After reaching a very high lever on the iPad I only use at home. My travel iPad mini 4, game level starts from scratch. I would gladly pay for this feature. 2) I would like the option to turn off the announcer saying "BlackJack". The cash register ring is okay. So 4 stars for now. I can't put this game down.
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2 years ago, ffjgjnfjfjdjcbn222321
Great FREE game
I’ve seen a lot of reviews complaining but I’m convinced their just sore losers if u count the cards the decks are legit and the w/l rate seems accurate to any other blackjack I’ve played. fun way to practice with daily rewards so you never have to spend real money and upgraded casinos so there’s a feeling of progression through the game. Just understand this is like a simulation it’s not real gambling I saw reviews of people saying they got ripped off u don’t have to spend money to play u start with 2k and there’s daily rewards so you’ll never have to spend real money to play and if u thought u could cash out this much free money ur just a fool that prolly should be playing slots if gambling at all.
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1 year ago, Spasz93
They try to shake you down
It’s a cool looking app and concept with the different casinos. As a card counter tho I can tell you 100% this app has a weird algorithm once it gets to six decks. Dealer makes 19+ very often. It happens in real casinos, but when the running count is over 11+ the dealer is still getting the high cards. That doesn’t happen in casinos as much as it does in this app. They always try to get you to buy chips too. In other words- I think this app try’s to shake you down. It is fun and challenging, but it can be misleading to newbies. It’ll stay on my phone tho to play on airplanes! UPDATE: The running count on this app seems to get more in the negative as you get more chips. Now that I’m over 200k chips I can’t get a positive running count. The app doesn’t have a reshuffle option- very sus as the kids say. I would say stick to other blackjack apps- this one is designed to take your chips and hopefully your real money.
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6 years ago, DjCyndicate
Algorithm doesn’t seem right
I didn’t want to sound like a sore loser, but read a few reviews and saw others are saying the same thing: I’ve noticed that you can bet small amounts and win all the time, but the second you start betting large bets you lose 15 times in a row to where you lose all your chips and have to “buy” to keep playing. I’ve tested it out and whenever you start betting large bets, the dealer always gets blackjack or to 21, 20 or anything higher than you numerous times in a row. Never seen that on a real table. Also, you seem to always lose when you have 20. I split a split and lost to 21 3 times in a row. That just can’t happen. Sorry, not a sore loser but that’s just not possible. Also, there’s just no way a dealer can get blackjack as often as the dealer does. I’d say 70% or more of the time the dealer gets it. It’s a fun game when you bet small, just don’t think you’ll ever get to win big cause they need you to buy chips to keep their game going.
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4 years ago, silver_lace
Great clean graphics, fun to play
I liked how it’s both colorful and straight forward. Since I’ll be staring at the same table, it’s nice that it’s straightforward and easy on the eyes. I use this app mainly for practice so I like that you can change game options and also for to different places once your chip count is high enough. I honestly enjoy challenging my card counting and basic strategy skills without the pressure of losing actual money. This ones a keeper!
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1 year ago, bears999
Totally rigged.
In first 8000 hands, I lost at .77%. When getting to 43,000,000 and betting max I lost at a rate greater than 7%. I studied blackjack while in college and play exactly what’s necessary to stay within the 1.5% threshold as statistically true. Once you bet at a greater amount and refrain from buying chips, you lose quickly. I’m now greater than a 4% loss after only 2000 more hands. I went from a -37 to -411 in 2000 hands. That’s -374 in 2000 hands when betting max. That’s nearly a 7.5% clip which statistically should be between .5% and 1.5%. Just showing how rigged the algorithm is. I bet max and lost 43,000,000 in just 2000 hands. Most was lost immediately. I saw 1-12 loss streak and 2-11 loss streaks. Also, it seemed as though the dealer got blackjack about 3 to 1, but I don’t have stats to prove that. Please don’t buy chips. This game is deceptive and misleading, at best. Spend time with your family, instead of this rigged game.
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3 years ago, trublu44
Regular guy...
Downloaded for fun and pass the time. Monitored dealt cards... mine vs dealer through 150 plus hands, and all our hits vs standing etc. (winning bout 40% of the hands) I understand that original odds say dealer wins a majority of the times when one on one, but with 4 decks, I should have seen more favorable hands which I didn’t... meaning, 80% of my hands started with 12, 13, 14, or 15 dealt to me... no mans land... standing resulted in losing 75% of those no matter what the dealer did. And with 4 decks I counted ONCE OUT OF 150 plus hands when I was able to take hits of 5 cards, and approx. 30 hands I took a 4 card hit resulting in busting on 25 of those... BTW, I was playing very conservative... I have written these random programs before including roulette etc, and this is written way too much in the favor of the dealer for it to be fun for me. Thanks for the opportunity though, I will try other apps.
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7 years ago, Dirk McThermot
Good overall
This is one of the better blackjack apps I've tried. It doesn't have an "all-in" option that is easily accidentally pressed, the full-screen ads only show up every once in a while, and this app (seemingly) uses actual decks that get shuffled when the cut card is reached as opposed to certain other apps which randomize each hand. (This paragraph is not valid.) There is a bug which happens whenever I split on a pair of Aces - for each of my new subsequent hands, the game automatically "stands" on both, no matter what each of their totals are. Minor bug, though. CORRECTION: What I thought was a bug is actually just standard blackjack rules, so no bugs after all.
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2 years ago, ajc8318
Bust cards that don’t bust
After getting incredibly frustrated at the play of this (and why I only play in casinos with human dealers) I deleted the app and redownloaded it to give myself a fresh set of chips. I didn’t care if I won or lost because at this point I was recording the hands. I started with my $2000 finished with $1140 after 100 hands. In my 100 hands, a bust card (4,5,6) appeared 29 times. The dealer busted only 7 times, 4 of which was due to multiple cards drawn, so no EZ bust for those of you who have been to Caesar’s to play. The lowest percent bust card is 4 at 40% bust rate. Somehow this app averages a 24% bust rate across all 3 bust cards and managed to get a 19, 20, or 21 16 times out of the remaining 22 hands. The probabilities are not adding up. Add in the video ads every 15 hands and this game is trash.
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7 years ago, Bigfoot569
Game cheats?
I hate to be one of “those people” who claims a game cheats. But there is no way in the world that the player can draw a 10 card 99% Of The time when hitting on a soft anything. I can understand it happening sometimes. I would even buy that it happens half the time. But for me to be able to predict like clockwork every time I have an ace showing that if I hit, I will get a 10 card means something is VERY fishy. Also it seems strange that if the dealer is showing a ten card and I am showing 15, the dealers second card flips to be another 10 card a disproportionately high percentage of the time (about 90%). They may claim that it is fair and random, but mathematically, for these combinations to happen this often is extremely suspect. Say it ain’t so, but the game cheats.
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6 years ago, Rjbt1983
Needs improvements
The layout is very good. Not cluttered. But it needs three improvements 1) When the dealer has a card value of 10 showing and an Ace facing down (blackjack) and after asking if you want insurance, the game should automatically end at that point. The best a player can do is a ‘push’ otherwise the player automatically loses. Instead the game lets you keep making draws leading you to think you might win. 2) Whenever you draw a pair of Aces and split them, you only get one more card for each Ace. Any other split allows for more than one card to draw. 3). When you get a two cards to have a value of 10 each, you are asked if you want to split. E.g., a King and a Jack, or a 10 and a Queen, etc. Your’e only supposed to split a matched pair. If these three things could be fixed, I would rate the game 4 maybe 5 stars. It is still tilted toward the developer so that you will buy chips. That I understand, because that is how the developer makes money for his/her development efforts.
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11 months ago, heil99
I “hate-play” this game
Game looks great and is easy to play. However, 9 times out of 10, if the dealer has a face card facing up, they’ve got another face card facing down. 9 times out of 10, if they have an ace facing up, they’ve got blackjack. 9 times out of 10, if I’ve got a 12, 13 or 14, my next dealt card is a face card. I know the maxim “the house always wins,” but this is ridiculous! Also, there are too many ads, too frequently, that go on too long. In short, a frustrating experience. I often find myself “hate- playing” it, getting more worked up every time I correctly predict any of the above outcomes, which happen ALL THE TIME.
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7 years ago, Mishter Mudkip
This is an awesome game, but...
This is a great and fun game, but there are a few things that are pretty annoying. For instance, if you are a beginner and you run out of chips, there is pretty much no way for you to get more unless you buy them. You can watch a video to earn chips, but it only lets you watch a video once and a while. Also, the game is pretty much rigged. Most of the time, you lose because the other player always has the best card order. If you are lucky, you might win a good couple times, but there is no skill involved in this game.😐
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7 years ago, Anon178942
Very very unrealistic to say the least
It's an ok game if you're not serious about gambling, but if you are, DON'T get this game. It's very unrealistic. I've played at casinos a countless number of times and this game is not even close to being accurate. The dealer shows a busy card maybe 15% of the time, but never busts when he shows it. He shows 10 about 85% of the time. The dealer RARELY gets under 20. He gets black jack probably 60% of the time. Gets 20 the rest. Just unrealistic and the dealer is very hard to beat. I've had 11 a countless number of times and doubled down, and have yet to get a 10 to hit 21. This game is mediocre at best if you are bored, but don't download it if you're serious about black jack even a little. Very disappointing game.
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7 years ago, JVK1313
Fun But Suspicious Algorithm
I didn't want to seem to come across as just being a novice sore loser by saying that the algorithm in this game seemed rigged, but after reading other reviews by veteran players, that seems to be the case. What others say is true. Like constantly losing to 21 when you have a 20. Being pushed in the same scenario or constantly going over 21 when you hit when you have 2 cards that equal 14. The positives are that the cities you unlock have a nice subtle aesthetic, and unlocking achievements are fun. Just be prepared to lose a lot to ridiculous odds. Because the cards are literally stacked against you.
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4 years ago, VictoriaCsophiap
So many glitches
This app is fun but sometimes it's a complete joke. You may have finished a hand, go back to the main menu, exit the app, but when you come back you're missing chips. Sometimes there's a decrease in chip count which doesn't make sense. The dealer gets a lot of blackjacks, Aces, and face cards which doesn't make sense and is not real. When I'm out of chips, or I come back and find I no longer have any, I just delete the app and redownload it. I even contemplate never getting it again but I always come back.
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4 years ago, Night King's Burner Account
Broken algorithm
Once again...out of the last 30 hands I have lost 25 times. Weird how I always lose when I max bet but when I minimum bet I’ll win every once in a while. I was at $350,000 chips and I’m down to $124,000 in a span of about 20 minutes. I know how to play so I’m not mad for no reason. Blackjack machines are normally rigged and this app proves it. Developer probably wants users to get their chips through microtransactions. I won’t be fooled. Real blackjack at a real table has way better odds then this BS algorithm y’all have come up with. When the computer busts maybe 3-4x out of 30 hands, while drawing the perfect cards to get consistent 18s, 19s, and 20s, then there’s no shot at winning any chips. Uninstalled.
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7 years ago, BooRadley74
What the hell? Do all these #%*$ blackjack apps use the same lousy algorithm? I'm a veteran blackjack player and this game is ridiculously unrealistic. Here's how 80% of hands go: you are dealt a hand between 12 and 16. If you hit, you get a face card and bust. Like, every time. If you hold, the dealer beats you. Over and over again. Also, blackjacks are rare -- unless you're the dealer; he gets five to every one you get. And don't bother doubling down; you will lose. In this game you will lose regardless. Bottom line: don't waste your time here. Anyone who gives this app five stars or claims that it is good practice for the casino blackjack has never played casino blackjack.
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7 years ago, Racking it up!
Great practice.
I like that this is one app that doesn't just add random amounts of chips to your stack, which makes it easier to use as a practice app. I also like that they tell you how many decks you're playing with. What I dislike is that I play at real casinos where the minimum is $15, but the max is $2500...this one has a really low max bid on the first table and a relatively high minimum bid on the next table, no in between. Also, I'd like to see being able to split aces a second time. So if I split As and get another A, I want to split again.
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3 years ago, your very sad friend
LOVE IT but...
Ya know when you check the reviews to see if the app is good, well you don’t have to read mine cause ima say one thing it’s goooood!!! I love this app I just downloaded it and I’m already hooked! It’s a wonderful app which is really simple. I downloaded this app cause I have been into gambling ever since I have watched this anime Kakegurui on Netflix and I decided to download this application. Yet again I would love to go against other players if that were a choice.😞 That’s all I have to say about this app byee!
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2 years ago, Vaderjeremy
Absolutely love this blackjack all to all others
This game doesn’t bombard ads, is very simple, looks nice and smooth, and even has statistics to see how you’ve played. Absolutely amazing. However I do wish I could be answered my question on if this game is able to be beat by counting cards? I’ve been learning KO and would like a casual app to practice, but I’m unsure if counting works in this app.
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1 year ago, SThompsonRAMM
Change the algorithm please!
This game has the best graphics, betting options, rewards (in the beginning) but that’s where it ends. If you are looking to play basic strategy, where the casino still has a .5 percentage advantage, if you play perfect, this is not your game. One of the rewards is if you win 10 hands in a row. I’ve never won more than 4 while the Casino has won more than 10 many times. The more you bet the worse your odds. How many 20’s does the casino get to “push” your 20? Apparently every time. How many draws of 5-6 cards is the casino going to get to make 21 to beat your 20? Apparently 3 out of 4. How many times to you get 11 and double against the dealer and win? 2 out of 10! C’mon! I know, and so does everyone else that you are banking on people buying chips. I am not your market and if I’m not then tell me. What a waste of a good product that looked so promising.
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7 years ago, Hank from CT
Fun but rigged
This game has everything I want in a blackjack app and I feel it's perfect in that respect, HOWEVER (Stephen A voice), after playing every day for a month I've found that you will win and continue to build up until it's time to move to another table or you bet more than 50% of your total chip stack. I continually build up massive stacks just to lose them all in 7 straight hands. My advice is don't ever raise your bet massively bc all of a sudden you'll start losing every game.
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5 years ago, Kemppss
Bad Reviews are truth
If I wanted to spend real money I would go to the casino and play blackjack NOT ON A STUPID IOS GAME!!!!!!! Not a sore loser by any means because it’s not real money, having said that, you can play all you want at the small tables, but as soon as you start betting big, all of your chips seem to disappear... then they continuously spam you to purchase chips with real money... how about it’s just a game with no competitive mode what so ever so why aren’t chips more easily obtainable? Why do I have to purchase them? I’ll find myself without chips on this game for days at a time.. and simply just playing other blackjack games that aren’t about the money, game is a hoax.
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7 years ago, FlushDraw7213
Realistic and fair imo
Game seems fair and legit to me so far. Hopefully they don't decide to steal my chips now that I've given it a favorable rating, like other popular casino games. The only improvements I would like is slightly faster game play, the ability to play two hands, and to be able to customize settings like shoe size and a what the dealer does on soft 17. Really happy with app so far. Most realistic gameplay I've come across.
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7 years ago, LL Loser
Really like this game
This game is great practice for casino play. The only thing I found that happened occasionally was that insurance wasn't offered every time the dealer had an Ace up. It's not a big deal but in Las Vegas the dealer would offer insurance every time he/she turned up an Ace. Everything else is spot on and the insurance thing doesn't bother me, I just thought I'd mention it in case you'd like to fix it, if it's fixable.
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6 years ago, Ccsonly
The game is fair. Sometimes when you play at a table with large amounts you lose everything but then you can play a large amount and win everything. It's all about you, your vibe, your feel, your believe & JUST HOW LUCKY OR UNLUCKY YOU ARE. Lol so be realistic guys nobody goes to the casino and win more times collectively than they would if they lost. You're going take a few loses, quite a few. Be blessed.
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3 years ago, tito121020303
Much harder to win than regular blackjack
A pretty fun game and simulates blackjack pretty well, my only complaint is something which many other people have also commented on. It seems like the dealer starts with a 10, Ace or face card every single round while I feel like i almost never have one. The amount of times that I lose at 19 and 20 also seems very unbelievable. There are not that many face cards in the deck and the dealer gets 1-2 every single round.
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7 years ago, Uwebres
Great time waster...
It's legit blackjack. Need to kill some time, this is your game. I first played a week before going to casino to refresh my "rules" of when to hit/split/double etc... since it's not real money I tend to be aggressive which taught me to not be aggressive at the table since I'm always out of chips. But daily bonus keeps me coming back
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3 years ago, SLKSDRLK
This Game Cheats (serious)
As I was playing I seemed to constantly hit streaks of terrible luck where the dealer would always edge my hand by a point or two or hit blackjack at the worst time, so I decided to write down all the cards that were dealt until the deck was reshuffled. 107 cards were played, which makes zero sense since two decks = 104 cards, and three is 156. Also, fives and kings were the highest dealt cards and sevens/threes the lowest. This game clearly has an algorithm in place to skew each hand in the dealers favor so you'll run out of chips and buy more. Pathetic, don't waste your time.
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7 years ago, Fbxsunnyslope
Enjoyable but suspect
Overall I like this blackjack game, but the algorithm is suspect because when playing by the book, the dealer has won 10 hands in a row, which is very unrealistic. I have played blackjack tournaments and won in real life, but the odds in this game are not the same as a real 4 deck of cards. I dinged it one star for unrealistically beating me 10 hands in a row, and another star for one of the dealer hands having 4 aces in it, which is highly improbable in a 4 deck shoe. This could also mean the algorithm is terrible at "shuffling," lol!
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5 years ago, Mels-man
Algorithm seems to be flawed
I initially rated this higher because statistically it seemed to follow the odds correctly, but after reading many of the other reviewers, I decided to keep some better statistics of the play. After many more hours of play, I found a few interesting points: - The dealer gets 2-3 21’s for every single 21 I get. It’s pretty consistent. This isn’t statistically accurate, even for a 4-deck, one player game. - There is a very high percentage of pushes. - As others mentioned, when the dealer shows a face card, there’s a ~70% chance that the second card is a 10 value. Again, statistically, that shouldn’t happen. Even though this is a fun game with decent graphics, I have to grudgingly come to the conclusion that the game is designed to have you lose faster than actual blackjack odds allow, which, of course, leads to more chip sales.
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1 year ago, Salty Pete mckowski
High battery usage
Played the game for about 10 minutes when I noticed my phone becoming pretty hot to the touch, checked the battery usage statistics in my phone settings; despite having only been installed for 10 minutes, it ranked highest for battery usage over all my other apps over the past 24 hours. The game was enjoyable experience though, it’s too bad a battery usage, guess I’ll be looking for a similar app that is easier on my phones hardware
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4 years ago, Ronboy 21
Black jack
I have never played BJ and never have such bad cards. Just about guaranteed if player receives 12 or 13 you lost the hand automatic. If you draw you bust if you stand you loose. A no win situation. Kind of fun yet frustrating. Computers can control your mind. Good luck everyone. This is a total screw as once again controlled by a computer that will not allow you to enter a password !
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3 years ago, Trumpsupporter123579
Good game mechanics, but the algorithm...
Everything about this game is great, except when it comes to the dealer’s hands. I play perfect blackjack and somehow whenever I bet high amounts, the dealer pulls cards out of nowhere. I know sometimes it happens, but I feel like I’m getting screwed 80% of the time. This wouldn’t be that big of a problem if chips were easy to obtain... but no, they cost an absurd amount. Please fix the algorithm, so this can turn into a great game!
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5 years ago, Predator The Musical
Crooked house
+games are quick, one on one affairs. Just you and the dealer. +achievements and fancier casinos to unlock +good, no nonsense training -it always sounds like gamblers sour grapes when you say this, but this is a crooked house. Dealer starts with a 10 probably 90% of the time, and by the same percentage will have the exact card needed to beat you waiting beneath. Don’t even bother hitting on 12 because the game will always bust you -no music at all and the sound effects are sparse and boring Overall I’d say this is a good mobile blackjack for the purposes of training, and for understanding the harsh reality of what can happen to you at the blackjack table in a real casino. Whatever you do though, don’t spend any money on this app. Play for free and the game will continually feed you chips anyway.
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6 years ago, MrChristopherHood
It’s funny but there’s a programming glitch embedded- there times where there is not way computer should win but 10/10 times draw the required card that draws a win- or where it require you to stand and computer automatically busts but sometimes doesn’t. There are moments where you have a high number and the computer will draw seven card and magically end up at one over the number you have. Sometime doubling bets will make you win unless specific card are drawn for computer. Ultimately it’s crap but unfortunately there aren’t that many good card games.
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4 years ago, Bordeaux42
Best App I Have Ever Used
I would recommend this game to anyone and anyone, I would recommend it the most to anybody who has a gambling problem. The fake chips would really help to stop actually gambling by creating a sense of, “I lost all my money, oh god I need to stop” without actually having people lose money. Play this game, I’m serious!
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5 years ago, Munge64
Best blackjack I’ve found so far
Most of the other games seem to have wrong random numbers. For example the dealers showing a 6 almost never busts. This is the only game I found where it feels like it’s actual true random cards. I only wish the developer could make the cards a little bigger.
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7 years ago, Schaler
I feel like I'm really playing
I started playing blackjack in real life just a couple weeks ago on a cruise. I wasn't too sure of all the rules so when I got home, I downloaded this game. Only a couple of things are missing for it to be exactly the same, but at least I have a good idea of the rules now.
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2 years ago, GiataMilan
I agree with the third review
The algorithm is off. It’s rare that you win and dealer gets blackjack or 21 in every way when I have 18, 19, or 20. I’ve only had a blackjack once in about 50 deals. That’s unheard of. I’ve had better results in Vegas! The game itself is set up nicely, the ease of play is good but the odds are twisted toward the dealer so it gets old really fast. I’m moving on. No one likes to lose on a consistent basis.
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5 years ago, Cant Find an Honest Game
Statistics Change When You Bet More
I played over 3000 hands and after each 30 minutes, an hour to a few hours to 14 hours I measured all the Win loss percentages. Consistently betting $200 $300 $500 all the statistics change it’s funny how that happens? Even a free game they don’t want you to accumulate too many chips so you will spend your own “three dollars” to buy more chips. Please prove that I’m wrong but it’s pathetic. If I’m doing everything the same to get from 3000 chips to 14,000 chips why is it when I increase my bets everything changes?
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3 years ago, crtrk
It’s great practice
This is a great fun free blackjack app for your phone it’s fast true you don’t win money but you don’t lose money either so it’s great practice for the real thing I’ve been looking for this kind of app because I love to play I don’t like to lose money! Thank you for this fun game.
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6 years ago, tom91281
Fun but highly flawed
Great graphics and setup but don’t bet large because you’ll just be stripped of your chips in ridiculous fashion. Was up over 5 mil and lost it all betting large. Bet small amounts can win. Got on like a win streak of 6 or 7 with small bets but bet large and you’ll never get ahead. That said it’s fun but you can lose pretty creatively when betting large.
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5 years ago, writing reviews are annoying
It’s alright
I like playing it and keeps me occupied, very little ads which is what I like. The only downside is depending on how much you bet is the chance of winning. Let’s say you bet 100$ you lose all the time compared to putting in 1$ coin or 5$ one. Putting less money means more wins which is really irritating but I do like how whenever you win you get bonuses tho. Too broke to be buying more chips.
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3 years ago, dhaze.htx
Bu115hit game
Pretty solid game if you’re trying too learn. I’ve noticed that this game is based off a system. Not probability or real odds but you are more likely too loose if you bet high. I believe the system detects a high bet and from then it chooses the dealers cards as winning cards and the players cards as losing cards. For an example if you place a max bid and you get 2 kings the dealer will some how come up with 21 in his hands very annoying I lost 5 hands in a row by one point lol
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