4.7 (224K)
247.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tripledot Studios
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blackjack

4.66 out of 5
224K Ratings
3 years ago, Jiving Jerry
Casino Ready
This fun game presents every situation a player will encounter at a casino. I’ve played enough to confidently play smart there now. This amounts to recreational play, which means I’ll last long enough to have a great time in a fun place and have a few drinks in the process. Would really love to see the hints include simple card count strategy. E.g. the deck is hot, medium, or cold. Bet strategy would show this in the hint. Users could ask for hint before betting. Also the count could inform when to adjust the decisions associated with double, split, and simple hit or not. “Count” would just be a simple track of face cards and aces. Otherwise it is too much work and takes the fun away.
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1 year ago, chad skinner jr
Is this game legit?
In a 4 deck game the dealer shuffled with 59 cards left. Here was the count of each card. Note that on average there will be 12 cards of each across the 3 decks played. A: 11 2: 13 3: 10 4: 12 5: 14 6: 12 7: 13 8: 12 9: 10 10: 11 J: 11 Q: 12 K: 8 Of course, it’s possible for the numbers to vary greatly based on random chance but as they all are near 12, it doesn’t appear that there are increased abundance of As, 10s or face cards, an abundance that would favor the dealer. I’d be suspicious if any of the counts were over 16 as that would not be possible in a 4 deck game, but all are below. I was playing basic strategy this game with low bets, sitting at a 19k bankroll. It’s possible that the cards that end up in the dealers hands vs the player hands are rigged, I haven’t checked that yet. There is nothing sketchy about this particular shoe. The count ended at a +8 with a true count of 8. If anything , I’ve noticed this app tends to run a positive count. In theory positive counts should happen as often as negative counts, but I’ve notice the app tends to favor positive counts which favors the player. We’d have to run a ton of simulations to know if the app is legit for sure, but I haven’t yet seen evidence that it’s rigged in the favor of either the player or the dealer.
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2 years ago, Ahdidndhisbd
Odds tilted based on your bet
I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and I’ve started to notice a very repetitive, and frustrating pattern. It seems whenever I’m in a tight position with money and I do half or more then half bet, I’m dealt a hand where if I’d hit I will bust, and the dealer always seems to get a black Jack, a 20 or gets a hand of 5 or 6 cars to win. It’s the most aggravating experience to play. The graphics are decent. the options to choose a different Casino is a fun little bonus. But please change the odd of the dealer. Once again I’ve played this for a while now so I can almost 100% see a pattern. It makes me win a couple of times to get a good amount of money then tanks me down hoping I’ll buy more money or watch an add. Please look into fixing this because I really enjoy this app but this is now starting to get unplayable. Other then that I really enjoy the game.
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1 year ago, Lance 02
I've had a lot of fun with this app but the cards have become predictable. It does not make sense for the dealer to (consistently) get 3 black jacks in a row or every 4 out of 5 times it starts with a face card it draws another of the same face card in a different suit. I can literally tell whenever it's about to give a 10 or face card. It also repeats too often as well, like what are the odds of getting 4 aces in a row more than once while playing for 10 mins? Or the dealer getting 2 twos and the same for me, then the next round it's the same but with different cards, like both of us having 2 kings over and over. I'd give this game 5 stars if the algorithm were more realistic and not defying the odds of probability on nearly every turn. Great interface though
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3 weeks ago, Brodbruh my xbox
My life is coming back together!
Hello, I recently started playing blackjack again. Let me tell you, I am addicted! I recently sold my left kidney so I could play at the casino, and as soon as I sold it, I won! So I could buy 2 left kidneys. I also bought some money in this game and I lost it immediately to a dealer blackjack. I had to buy a new phone after I chucked it out my window. Overall this game is amazing cause if upgraded my phone, although an addition I would add is adding a bank where you can take out loans and pay them back when you win big. Thanks for making an awesome game!💰💸💸💸💸💸💸🤑🤑💰💴💵
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2 years ago, Hanndragon
Great App Design! Few things to add.
I enjoy this app! However, there are a few thing that I want to know about and I think should be added. I think that when there’s a dealer ace up, insurance should be offered. Also, a section in the menu explaining the specific table rules would also be nice. Also, does the deck have any memory? Like do the odds change after every hand based on what was played previously? I’m just wondering so I know if I can actually count cards.
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8 months ago, Jim Jim23
It’s fun. But seems rigged
Let’s you win. Then when you bet big you will lose 80% of your hands. Got up to 2 million twice started betting 25,000 and lost almost every hand, let’s you go down to almost nothing then you start winning again and build up again on smaller bets .. dealer gets way too many blackjacks and doubling down you will get a face card 1 out of 8 times…dealer will go on a very long, seems like programmed winning streaks .. majority of the time when dealer needs face card he will get it….also when dealers shows an Ace ,90% of the time your hand will be 12,13,14,15,16…I just had double down hands needed a face card and 20 in a row didn’t get one!! I’ve been playing for awhile now. I’m on level 400
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4 years ago, Buster Asthma
Fun but unrealistic
It’s fun for a little while, but highly unrealistic. You start out with $2000, within half an hour I was up over $100,000 without purchasing any additional chips, it was all pure winnings plus the little rewards they give you for “leveling up”. In a real life game, this would be highly unlikely. They probably tweak the odds like this to get you hooked on constantly winning so you’ll keep watching ads or buying more chips. I wish there was an app out there that simulated as close to real table game odds as possible, and also without spamming you with flashy ads and microtransaction offers every 3 or 4 hands. I’d pay actual money for a simple, straightforward app like that. This was good for a free half hour of mindless fun but that’s it. Will be deleting now.
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1 year ago, RobbieOneKenobi
Cheats Bad
The Good: Amazing graphics, sound, and interface for betting and playing. The Bad: Doesn’t allow splitting more than once or doubling down after you split. The Ugly: This game, like so many Blackjack games out there, are anything but pulling a card off the top of a randomly shuffled deck. It uses a random number generator, but weighs heavily on getting what it needs (low cards after initial deal) and making you think you need to hit (show card is almost always high), not to mention the dealer gets Blackjack at least 3-4 times as often as the player, which only proves my point. The more you bet, the more consecutive losses. Double down, and more often than not, you lose. Conclusion: If you are playing for fun, give it a try, but it will eventually get frustrating.
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2 years ago, ofhdsfbvguz;
Visually appealing, but unrealistic
I love the way this game looks but I would recommend to the devs to show the card shoe and a shuffle now and then. Of course that would involve actually having a digital deck of cards and not an algorithm that favors the dealer more than any real game of black Jack I’ve ever seen. I’ve been playing this for the last few days and began taking a tally when I became suspicious. I’m just one day the dealer hit a blackjack 56 times, pair of 10s 63 times, and busted 23 times. I checked my in game stats, I had only been dealt 5 blackjacks— which is not to say that is the unrealistic part, but playing with perfect strategy and the dealer happens to beat me with just the right amount 68% of the time is a little strange.
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2 years ago, YOSHI 😂
Odds are most definitely skewed!!!!
I played this game maybe a year ago and I remember gaining a lot in the beginning and then hitting around 2 million. As soon as I start betting 100k+ on some hands, I always get dealt 12,13,14,15 against a 8,9 or 10. Every single time, I hit because the math shows that will loose if I stand. So I do so and proceed to draw a 10 and bust EVERY HAND. I lost all my money and deleted the game knowing that they want people to buy chips through their app. Then, I redownload the game with that in mind and made my way up to 1.5mil in about a month and then SUDDENLY, the odds were off again and they proceeded to take every last chip. Kinda sad, but respect the hustle for money since it is a business.
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3 years ago, Ozlmtd
Computer Aided Garbage
3/4 of your time on this app will be spent on adds. Dumb adds for those knock off candy crush type games and some sort of makeover crap. The 1/4 you do get to play is just short of useless. First day you’ll win 5 out of 8 times. Then it slows. Then miracles happen. Only to the house hand. 8 cards drawn to beat a 20. Every good hand you have will be a push. Current long streak was 8 push hands in 9. Only way to make the app useful. Turn off WiFi and network (kills the adds). Play small value bets and just practice playing against a system that will only let you win 1/3 or less of the time. Is possible to practice and get 60-70 hands in quickly with the adds off. Then download a decent app and you’ll be primed.
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6 months ago, Strayonions
Rigged to make you watch ads
Honestly, the game itself is fun. Probably one of the best blackjack interfaces, it even has a daily wwyd scenario where you choose to hit/split/stay. However its biggest fault is not only are you gonna get an ad after every 5 hands, but it’s practically impossible to increase your bank. Any large bets will guarantee the dealer getting an automatic blackjack or push. The game knows you’re betting large and tilts the odds because it wants you to watch ads or God forbid you spend actual money to recoup your losses. Although if you just want to play on airplane mode and bet like 5-10 dollar chips at a time and slowly build it up from there, then more power to you, but for others, save your time.
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4 years ago, The Brotagonist
Good game but please add an ad free update
This game is pretty fun and it’s the best blackjack game that I’ve seen on the AppStore. I do think the hands can occasionally be tilted in the dealers favor but it’s not like this is real money. The biggest issue is the ad frequency. I understand the developers need the ads to keep the game free and I have the utmost respect for them not allowing players to purchase chips with money, however I would be more than happy to pay a small fee to remove the ads and it would make the app much more enjoyable. If the devs read this please at least consider adding an option to remove the ads for a fee.
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5 months ago, Loganater777
This game is 8/10 realistic. Keeps you wanting to play more in a good way. However, there are too many instances where the house is getting 18+ where you as the player either go from 12 to 22 or 11and double it to 13. You lose too often in dumb situations. Went from 40,000 to 4,000 in 8 minutes losing multiple hands by 1. Each hand I either had 18, 19, or 20 and the computer beat me by 1 when they had a 3-6 showing. Then comes the 10 showing. 9 times out of 10, there’s a face card face down. It frustrating
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1 year ago, jjjjjdaaaawwwg
Toggle level up bonuses
This game is not reaching its potential. I would pay money for this app if it was better. It’s very frustrating when i’m trying to track my performance and i get all these free chips adding to my balance. Please make it an option to reject the chip gift. alternatively, make an account balance + an ability to sit down with a fixed amount and stand when your run is over. Chip gifts could go to the account balance. you could also then keep stats like average win/loss per run, record your best and worst runs, while also tracking your all time win/loss.
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2 years ago, memaw2four
Too Many Ads
I understand the need for ads in order to play free but there are way too many and they kind of get into a loop and I can’t exit out without just closing the app and playing another game. I enjoy the game and would even consider paying a minimal fee to skip all the ads. I do enjoy Blackjack and play at the casinos a bit but I may look for another game with an ad-free option. I do like the hints provided in the game on how to lay your hand even though I don’t always play that way. Example- I don’t usually hit a soft 17 or double down with a nine or ten unless the dealer has a bust card showing.
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4 years ago, Madden is Done
Needs to be more realistic
Make the game real by having a normal amount of shuffled decks that the player can see so they know when the cards will be reshuffled. I’m a card counter and I can’t use this app to practice card counting because of how unreasonably random and unfair it is. The odds of winning are beyond low. I get a black jack/20 every 8-10 turns whereas the dealer gets them every 3-4. I lose about 90% of the games because no matter how good I do, the dealer always gets better cards. About 5% of the time the dealer won’t have a 10/ace which is absolutely ridiculous. I get low number cards almost every turn and if I get a 20 the dealer somehow manages to get 5-6 different cards that add up to 21. The RNG of this game is horrible
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12 months ago, btoot23
Used to be my favorite blackjack app
I loved this app - have been using it for over a year now. The hands seem fair and accurate, it was easy to use and never forced you to spend money. I used this app to practice bankroll management and played it often. As of the last month or so the ads have gotten absolutely out of control. I can play about 5-7 hand in a row before I get an ad. It never used to be this way - it’s a shame to see this app sell out to the garbage advertising companies. This negative outweighs all the positives that this app had going for it. I’m giving it a few more weeks in hope they correct this before I delete the app and move on to a competitor. Disappointing to say the least.
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3 years ago, BJSavant
Dishonest Representation of BlackJack
It’s kind of fun until you realize how absolutely rigged their card system is. As an avid casino goer, out of 10 hands , 7 Blackjacks between the player and the dealer should NEVER happen. You will hit and be hit by more blackjacks then you’ve probably seen in your life. This app is an insult to the online casino game industry . Fix your broken algorithms please. Oh and god forbid space the adds out more then every 60 seconds , it’s ridiculous , I could give you 10 different other ways to monetize .
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2 years ago, neisisjjsuejskxks
This game is great and I tested it it’s not rigged
For all the people who voted this game 1 star your bad at blackjack I installed this game and I’m a professional blackjack player and it doesn't cheat I wrote down every card as I played and it always didn’t cheat just get better at blackjack i have never had to but more chips and I’m currently at 150k chips and I’ve unlocked everything if your bad at blackjack then learn basic strategy and get good
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2 years ago, Agent Ultra
Weird/Sketchy Dealer Odds
I love this app. It’s fun to play blackjack whenever I have free time. I also love having different casinos where you can bet more or less. I think the app is very good and fun to play. I have noticed though that when you get to the higher casinos and begin to get lots of chips, the dealer suddenly starts winning an unusual amount of times. It seems that if you get too many chips, the dealer will drain you back down. I really didn’t think nothing of this because sometimes you’re just unlucky but I checked the other reviews and saw similar situations from other players.
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10 months ago, Winston 🐶🐕‍🦺🦮🐩🐾🦴
Needs work
Ok, I know most of you probably love this game, and I would really want to love it too but when I got to level 8 the game let me go to las Vegas I was so excited because I really like Vegas in real life, I did a couple rounds not even a whole deck but then when it said "place your bet" I pressed on the lowest one and it said that im not advanced enough. Then I pressed on all the other ones one at a time and it still wasn't working, this made me so made because I was really having a good time playing. I recommend this game if you are willing to pay them 3 dang dollars! Which I am most sertenly NOT!
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3 years ago, StrongMomOfBoys
So Many Adds!
I love blackjack and this app is pretty good compared to others, but all of the adds are really annoying. I’ll get on a steady pace for a few hands and then an add will pop up, sometimes only after two hands or even just one. It really disrupts the game and the learning aspect of it. I can’t even get in a fluid pace of making decisions like you usually need to be in at an actual blackjack table. It’s frustrating sometimes. I don’t play many games on my phone and I’m not interested in any of the ones that the adds show. I do like the daily challenges on the game, but I wish there was more to them.
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7 months ago, bedbfejd
I spent HOURS of my time playing this game and BOUGHT tokens with my own money, this is my review.
This game is completely and utterly RIGGED. It CHOOSES when you lose and CHOOSES when you win. You are only playing yourself and AI that the developers programmed themselves. The more you lose the more ads you are forced to watch and the more tempted you are to buy chips making THEM money. They bait you in allowing you to win and then throw a clearly rigged losing streak in your face. Statistically speaking the dealer can’t win by 1, 5 TIMES in a row. The dealer got blackjack 2 times in a row maybe 10 different times as well. INSANE how rigged this game is. Play with the chips they give you NEVER spend money on this game. I made a HUGE mistake.
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3 months ago, Poopoogggfxggzseeegv
Game is rigged, no reason for it to be that way.
Honestly I’m disappointed that a virtual gambling game with no real risk is rigged to the roof. It is so easy to predict the rigging pattern. Once you start betting higher than normal the dealer will win 60% of the time, a majority of the time if you double on a good hand they will give you a low card, 90% of the time when the dealer draws an ace he wins and you lose. 100% of the time if the dealers draws a blackjack it’s because his first card was a face card and the second card was an ace, when he starts with a face card his next card will be another face card 70% of the time. It’s annoying and repetitive to lose when you know you shouldn’t be losing.
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6 months ago, Anoynomous122334422
Good for what it was but…
I enjoy playing this and it seems mostly realistic. Only interesting things I’ve noticed is it seems whenever I bet a significant amount of money ill push 2 or 3 hands in a row which I find highly unlikely. Especially as it happens everytime I do something crazy like bet 100k. Also the game is almost intolerable due to the amount of ADs. I get an AD almost every 4 hands it feels like. So you get to play for 60 seconds then get a 20 second ad, and theres no option to pay to remove them which seems strange.
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1 year ago, @CodyWagner4
Unrealistic and Not Fair
I’ve been playing this game for a while now using basic strategy and the game does not play fairly or realistically. The amount of times I’ve been beaten by 1-2 when being dealt a 17 or 18 is outrageous. Not to mention when I’m dealt a 19 or 20 the dealer miraculously is also dealt a 19 or 20 but more often flips to get 21. If you split, the dealer wins more times than if you would have just hit without splitting. This game does not follow real world statistics and probability and unfairly takes your money. If you expect this game to follow legitimate probability and play based on basic strategy you will find yourself very frustrated.
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1 year ago, Ramrodding12233
Lower odds at higher prices
The higher percentage your bet is compared to how much you have in your bank, the lower the winning percentage is. Been doing a lot of game and constantly doing max bet (watching videos for 2,000 chips) and the chances of winning when I bet 100% of my bank is significantly lower than when I have a smaller bet. It’s all fake money and at the end of the day it is what it is but I can’t play 35 hands and win 6-7 games and only have two times when I have consecutive wins and y’all say those are equal to the times I play with less money and win/push 65% of the time
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3 years ago, zhalfface01z
Ads, Constant Notification Requests
Like others said about this game, is that it is very forgiving to the player. Money is easy to make. But the most annoying part of this app is the constant “would you like to turn on notifications for 2,000 chips a day?” “Would you like to look at an ad for 2,000 chips?” And the ads between games was getting more annoying with each notification. And the only way to get rid of the ads is by paying $10 bucks for chips that are really easy to get by playing the game. Just an average ad riddled blackjack game.
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9 months ago, Linksysisdown
Let us pay for add free
Love the app, but wish we could pay for add free like so many other apps. The adds come so frequently, and I play this game so often, that I would happily pay 5 bucks or so to get rid of them. Everything else about the app is great. I wonder if the odds tilt towards the player when using the Martingale strategy but hope the odds are true to the game.
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1 year ago, Spasz93
As a card counter I can tell you this app is rigged. I’ve had running counts of over 13, less than two decks left, with another 6 small cards to come out. Running count now over 18, true count is 7+ and I keep getting low cards. All the suddenly the dealer is sinking 20’s and blackjacks. I’ve never experienced this in a 4 deck game. However, one way to tilt the edge in your favor, especially on a 8 deck shoe, is play two hands or more, but you can’t play more than one. (Oh, did I mention it’s a 4 deck game?) You can’t surrender as well. Top it off with a commercial break every 5 hands and you can say this is one of the worst BJ game apps.
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4 years ago, Grrrowler
Not Realstic
This can be fun to play but it could be a lot more realistic. The dealer is the luckiest player in the history of the game. I’ve never seen a live player or dealer get blackjack as often as this, or see a live player or dealer consistently draw to 21 over and over. There also seems to be a trend that the more I bet, the more hands I lose. I get the need for a free game to have ads but do they all need to be 30 seconds long? I might want to play a few quick hands when i have a couple of spare minutes but, with such long ads, that idea gets ruined.
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8 months ago, Army artillery
Love this great game but two issues.
Absolutely love this game, great way to waste time (I’m in sales with a lot of down time) yet still fun and great way to learn the game. Only issue I have is not able to download the Sydney map/ table to play nor can I access the help menu/ screen, while being connected to WiFi at work or home or via cell service. Other than that would give 5 stars. Again, still love this game and app!!! Will download or have forever!!!
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11 months ago, Apg235
Needs Added Features
First off, your app is solid. It need just a few tweaks: first you need to add a RESTORE PURCHASES options. It’s not fair that we spend money in app and then never see it again if we switch devices. Second, you need to stop asking if users want daily notifications about chip rewards. If we say we don’t want them, stop asking every day. Third, it would be amazing if you added side bet options for PP and 21+3. It would make the app much more entertaining. If you do, I’ll come back and add 5 stars.
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1 year ago, WAMFG
Could be better
I love the graphics of the game and all the animations, but this app needs some SERIOUS works I shouldn’t be getting terrible hands and the dealer gets 20s 90 percent of the time very unrealistic. Make the game better listen to the people read the comments and maybe people will enjoy your game and buy chips. Instead of rigging the game to where you lose all your chips on crap hands and the dealer gets 20s and blackjacks every other hand and then have to watch ads to get chips back because if a person was smart they wouldn’t spend money because they know they’re going to lose it off crap hands.
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2 years ago, RoborRuss
Fun game
I like the limited amount of chips and the upgrade progression. A lot of times when you’re just playing with fake money you want to max bet all the time but this game makes you wanna conserve. Only annoying thing is the ads, I like that you can watch them to get more chips or do previous challenges but I hate seeing them after a couple of hands. Sadly I don’t think this game has enough for me to pay to remove them.
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11 months ago, Swingbattaswing
Don’t get “sucked in”
- Too many ADs (every 5-10 hands). Although I get it, wish they could tone it down. I just want to play. - you’ll win a lot upfront and then start to lose in efforts to use your money to buy more so you can bet big (don’t do that) - it’s free, have fun with it. - if you’re going to spend money into this to buy more credits, go to the casino instead. For real. - very easy to use, I also think it’s pretty realistic.
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1 year ago, HuntC17
This game most certainly isn’t fair towards the player. Whatever algorithm they use is programmed to be in the houses favor more so then odds in an actual casino. I’ll be on a winning streak and as soon has I decide to up my bet, I start losing… every time. As well as I’ll start busting on hands I shouldn’t bust on 3,4 even 5 times In A row while the dealer gets 3 blackjacks in a row and I’m lucky to get one the entire day of me playing. Granted you aren’t utilizing real money but when the odds are clearly rigged it makes the game less fun and which in my mind isn’t how you keep people playing your game lol. Just stop rigging it. Make it realistic odds.
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2 years ago, wehaterh
I feel like the odds are too good and the user wins too much?
I obviously cannot back this up with data because it’s just probability in the end. But I wrote a program that recorded the outcome of every round and then calculate the win %. While adhering strictly to Basic Strategy, my win percentage was at ~58% with a 2800 dollar profit. I know this sounds stupid, but I really don’t think this is an accurate representation of blackjack and dependent probability when using a deck (or multiple decks) of cards. Good for gathering data though preciate it g
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1 year ago, Malachi4440
Heavily favors the dealer
I’m not gonna pretend to be a black jack expert but this game heavily favors the dealer. It will let you go on a big run and get lots of money built up then you’ll loose almost all of it. I got up to almost 3 million dollars and now I’m down to 100K. It’s so frustrating. The amount of times I get beat with an 18 or 19 or 20 in my hand is ridiculous. Not to mention the amount of 12 and 13,s I get dealt is ridiculous and 90 percent of the time in this scenario if you hit you draw a 10 and bust. It’s a fun game but very rigged.
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11 months ago, MartyMcsupahfly
Too many annoying ads!
This blackjack app is fantastic and I have been using it for awhile but the ads have gotten insane. Almost after every hand it feels like. Funny thing is if there was an option to purchase something to make the ads go away I would get it, but they don’t offer that. You can’t get rid of the ads and it’s a shame. I will be looking for a new app without ads. This almost makes it difficult to impossible to try and practice card counting, as the ads are so distracting and intrusive.
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4 months ago, PL45M4V1P3R
This game has changed my life
Everyday when I wake up, the first thing I think about is playing blackjack. I love blackjack so much. This game has me counting days until I’m 21 when I can play for real. My only complaint is that I can’t bet real money. Instead of socializing, I can hide away from everyone and play blackjack. Thank you Tripledot.
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1 year ago, jungle bunny420
Fun but sus
The dealer always has a 10 and if you have 12,13, or 15 you will never win you will always land on 22 or 23 specifically those numbers, never do I ever land on another number than those two. You will mostly win low bets consecutively but as soon as the game reads your high bets you will lose everything until you low ball them again, there’s something wrong if I can already predict what cards they have. The game is fun but it feels sus sometimes. Sometimes the dealer will wreck you consecutively with 21 like 2 or 3 times in a row.
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3 years ago, Purplesunshine1
Too frustrating to play
I love playing blackjack, but this app is ridiculous. It is heavily rigged in favor of the dealer. If they show a 10, they have another 10 in their hand. If they have to hit, they magically get the small numbers to get to 20-21, whereas, if you hit, you almost always go over. If you get 19, they have 20. If you have 20, they get to 21. It is so frustrating that it’s not even fun to play. That’s not even to mention the annoying sound ads you get every 60 seconds. They don’t even give you an option to buy an ad-free version. Avoid this game and avoid the headache.
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2 months ago, Entraxon
Ad Overload
Good, maybe excellent Blackjack app but so overloaded with ads that it gets ridiculous. The odds are very realistic and similar to what you see in Vegas casinos, otherwise I’d be tempted to give this one star. Without the ads it’s five stars. But bear in mind that there is no way to eliminate or even reduce the ads, and you get at least 30 seconds of “idiot ads” every three hands. And some of them are full trickshots that try to trick you into installing games that are so dumb the only way they can get anyone to install them is through trickery.
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1 year ago, johnson 93789
Okay I guess
The game is fun in the beginning and its very smooth to play and easy. But too many ads and the dealer cheats a lot. Great for learning how to play but its not realistic at all. Soon as you start getting up ahead thats when the dealer starts winning back to back with the best hands possible and multiple blackjacks. Only to bring you back down and then milk you with some more ads while you try to get up again. totally unfair but great for learning basics i guess.
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3 years ago, NonchalantJ
One moment I’m up winning off of strategy and then I loose to the dealer hitting blackjack or having one card higher than me for the next 5 hands, lol it gets frustrating but its fun to come back to and win the money right back from nothing. I feel like there should be more ways to earn money although what they currently have is great. Not a bad game though give it a try if you wanna work on skills though.
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4 months ago, GoBlue7308
Almost perfect but…
They gotta make a paid (ad free) version. I’d pay money to play an ad free version but it doesn’t exist. Separately, I don’t like the unrealism of getting chips with leveling up, it screws up my track of if I’ve been winning or losing. This should be able to be turned on or off or be given to you after you leave the table. Please, just make an ad free version. There are way too many ads. You can take my money if you do.
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4 months ago, >JD
Odds Change To Make You Spend Money
This app is rigged. The first few tables give you roughly the right odds. Then you level up to tables with minimums that basically force you to spend money. And if you stay at the lower level tables, the odds completely change against you. Playing basic strategy, the odds of losing ten hands in a row is 1 in 5555. That's happened three times since I refused to play the higher minimum tables. They want you to spend and then if you do buy, they still force you to higher minimum tables to make you spend more. Horrible!
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