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7 months ago
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User Reviews for ⋅Blackjack

4.59 out of 5
42.2K Ratings
6 years ago, BizzieWest
Awesome fun and great practice!
Love the latest upgrades and this ap is the best I've used to practice for the casino - and so much fun! Knew nothing about the game, but my fiancé is the best of the best when it comes to BJ, so I decided to learn... He couldn't believe how much I had learned; so much that I actually win $600 in my first live game! January 12, 2018 Still loving this app! I continue to win every time we go play at the casino! successful at the casino after practicing with this app! I have two grandchildren that recently started working security at our local casino, but both complained about low wages. I told them a dealer will make much more money, though neither knew a thing about playing any table games. I convinced them to install your app and practice playing, which would also teach them how to deal. Well, my Grandaughter has already secured a BJ dealers position and reports she’s making more than twice that of a security officer! Her twin brother is sure to become a BJ dealer as soon as a position opens! So proud of them, but they couldn’t have done it without your app! Thanks for publishing such a great app and thanks to you for making it both fun and the best learning tool ever! AND this old grandma still loves to play every time I have a spare moment!!
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4 years ago, DJSimmy365
So much potential, still just average :/
I agree with others who have reviewed on here about the “impossible losing streaks”. I have used this blackjack app on and off for many years now and as far as the actual playing, this one is my preferred version and honestly is great to learn on. However, I had to have the app downloaded like 2 weeks in advance collecting my bonuses before I could even play because of only getting 200 chips per 4 hours, and the minimum to play a SINGLE hand being 50 chips. This isn’t bad. I guess.. BUT, I have never played a blackjack app ever with such seemingly rigged losing streaks. Dude, I play with basic strategy and in the first couple days of playing again on this app in a year the game was glad to give me a losing streak of 10 hands in a row! Like, what? I get it if this is like out of the ordinary, but it is very common more times than not that I will lose like 6 or 7 hands in a row. When you are going through hands fast and have to pay a minimum of 50 chips per single hand, only getting 200 per 4 hours, losing like this until you can’t even play is extremely discouraging and which is why I have sadly switched to better blackjack apps. :( Perfect interface for the game in my opinion and I would prefer to play this app mainly because I enjoy the layout, but man these losing streaks and lack of chips are just keeping me away. Until next time.
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5 years ago, Denniejoe
Great way to practice.
I have been playing this game/app for a few years now. I play a couple dozen hands daily and have won and lost millions. I’ve had a bank roll as high as a few million and currently have a pot of $200,000 or so - all without buying extra coinage. It’s pretty much the only game I play consistently. I leave the “advice” on to hone my understanding of the odds. I am a bit suspicious about the odds. I think the developers occasionally adjust the randomness to meet their prerogatives. When the odds seem against me, I play less or for smaller amounts and wait till the next day to try again. When I actually go to the casino now, I have a full understanding of how to play and can play confidently for hours without losing my shirt - the house always win but you can play a long time without giving them too much.
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6 years ago, Justbymistake
Poor game programming
I have played over 100 games now and although I like the game design, the card shuffle programming is terrible. The idea of there being different tables with different minimums and maximums is great but as I see it I’ll never make it pass table 3 unless I get REALLY lucky or pay to play. I don’t particularly enjoy the 200 credits every 4 hours or watch videos for credits but I can’t be too upset cause that’s the unfortunate standard with these kind of games nowadays. After my hundred games I always was frustrated cause I easily noticed I lost more than I won, but after looking at the reviews of people complaining of the same thing and the moderators assuring that the deck shuffling was in fact “random” I decided to keep going attributing my loses to bad luck. However, the bad luck never went away. The deck shuffling might be random but i lose 65% of the time(pushes included). I have played other black jack games and yes the dealer usually wins more than the player, but it should be closer to 47% dealer 45% player 8% pushes and not 55% dealer 35% player and 12% pushes. With more than 100 games played, I don’t see the statistics changing much moving forward. I have to delete this game, although everything else is very enticing, the deck programming is just horrible. Perhaps try using a different card deck randomizing program.
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12 months ago, FFKins
No internet
A few days ago (I believe Friday, May 26, not sure), I also got a “No Internet Connection” message. It was intermittent once or twice, the has been permanent since Friday or so. Hasn’t connected since. I have closed the app, rebooted my iPhone, went to airplane mode and back with no luck. All my other apps and functions have had full internet connectivity the whole time. I have tried different Wi-Fi networks, and have turned off Wi-Fi to just use my carrier’s cell phone signal. Again no luck. I don’t have any antivirus or spam blockers installed. The app worked fine before that. I didn’t make any changes, upgrades, or install any new apps during the time it went out. It does appear there is a problem with the app not connecting with your servers. The only thing I haven’t tried is deleting the app and reinstalling. I am afraid of losing my chips. Hope this helps, and you are able to find a solution soon! Update June 28, 2023. It looks like Internet access has finally been restored! Thanks!
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4 years ago, Gzumba
Impossible high/low counts (+60 in a 1-deck game)
The Hi/Lo count on my single deck play actually reached +60!!!! This is mathematically impossible on single deck play with a 52 card game. I often get a near impossible +30 count in the 1-deck game. But a +60? This conclusively shows at least a programming error if not outright cheating!! If you play a multi deck game they can fool you into believing that high a count. But not a single deck!!! Sometimes the algorithm shifts to one highly in your favor and you can win a lot of chips. But, sooner or later, you will go into the most impossible of all losing streaks despite these impossibly high positive counts and you will continue to lose bet after bet. I admit that I get seduced in the winning streaks and enraged at the impossibility of the losing streaks. I keep yelling out "this is unfair and impossible!" Ironically, because of the intermittent positive reinforcement, I find myself playing this repeatedly and remain determined to figure out a betting strategy that will wait out the losing streaks and pay out in the winning ones. Unfortunately, there is one winning strategy: wait long enough betting low and eventually the impossible odds go away.
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7 years ago, Early Cuyler
I’ve tried them all and this is the best Black Jack game for iOS
Great, fast paced game with realistic odds and solid, stable game play. Yes, chips are purchased in game but they’re cheap. Like $1.99 gets 5,000. I purchased $2 worth last September and have played for over a year on them. Now you can play for free too. The game will give you 200 chips free every 4 hours too so it’s not solely pay to play. If you stay on the beginner table those chips would be more than enough bank to play an hour or more each day. Summary: top shelf Black Jack game. It’s well written, well maintained with regular updates. It’s cheap and/or free to play depending on your style of play. (beginner vs high roller).
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3 years ago, Dennis888888888888
Great UI but serious flaws
I really enjoyed this game. The UI is very polished and runs well. However, after about the first hundred or so hands, your odds of winning go down hill very quickly. My experience is similar to other one star reviews about how the “dealer” starts getting many statistically impossible 21 hands in a row. Another observation is how when you double in first hundred or so hands, you typically get a face card but afterward begin getting low cards (mostly Aces) consistently. Another tell is I set it to play with one deck. As others have mentioned, I have seen it dispense more than 4 aces on several occasions before reshuffling. This happens when the “dealer” needs it to win. It may be dispensing more of other types but I wasn’t looking for them. Also I observed after a split that I was winning, that the dealer kept giving itself cards until the sum was 36. In conclusion, I would have gladly paid for this game because of UI and smooth play. It’s a shame it is flawed intentionally or not to predictably cheat.
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5 years ago, RedFranklin2
Third Review: I don’t like the new update. As others have said, it closes after opening. Have to reload. The graphics are choppy. And the cards and number indicating what you got are too small! There used to be in settings the ability to enlarge cards & number that’s below cards. Why did you get rid of that? Not all of us use gigantic phones. Thank you. Nice fast pace, no glitches. Four stars only because the dealer winning can get very very very predictable. Update: Beware! It's Rigged! Had it for couple yrs now. Only reason I still play is because it's a beautiful app. But by god the only way I can win some is I changed to 1 deck. (Yes 1 deck) Got all the way up to around $180,000. But "of course" out of the freakin blue I can't win a hand. And the dealing gets 21 after 21. Or 20-18 every time. It can get so bad it's predictable. Then it's it's not fun anymore. PLEASE FIX this issue and make it fair. You can tell when this "algorithm" kicks in and it's such a downer. I'm back down to $20,000. Update again: Unbelievable. Can only win maybe 1 out of 5 hands. About to delete this app. The game is like this. It seems fair at times. Then house gets 21, 20, 19 over and over. This pattern lasts for couple weeks. Then teases you with fair play for short time. Doesn’t matter how many decks. Sigh. Such a pretty app too.
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6 years ago, Nicks416
Fun (Not Fair)
So I’ve played blackjack in casinos for several years and have never sat at a table where the dealer wins as much as this one does. If I have a run of four (4) hands in a row the dealer will win the next six (6). I’ve had the displeasure of seeing an actual dealer at a table I played at for a while hit two blackjacks in a row, however I’ve never, until playing this game, had a dealer hit six (6) in a row. I’ve had the same issues with this game that others have, the dealer always one ups you or builds 21 unlike any actual game. If you double down you will not get a ten or face card or at least I never do. Never had that happen on a real table. This game was the first time I’ve ever seen that. The dealer will build a 21 out of a six card draw more times than are statistically possible. This game has lost all fun for me since you’re not supposed to win but buy chips. I’ll unfortunately be looking for a different game.
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5 years ago, dances with sheets
App. Changes
This blackjack game is very realistic and has really helped me improve my game. One thing I don’t understand is the need to constantly change a good thing. Since the last changes I can’t play the game using the portrait orientation which I prefer. When I double now my card comes from the bottom of the screen instead of the top. It happens so fast it’s hard to see unless I stop and pause to realize what just happened. The game used to track my current losing and winning streaks, now I only see current winning streak, longest winning streak, and longest losing streak. Why did you drop the current losing streak? I would have given this game a five star rating if you would stop making so many needless and annoying changes. When you have a good thing going don’t mess with it! Tom
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1 year ago, Igbag ickday
Best Blackjack App
I’ve tried many different blackjack apps and this one is by far the best. Many people give it a bad review. Saying you won’t win, that the dealer wins over 60% of the time. These same people also say they’ve only played 100 hands. I’ve played 50,000 hands on this app and I can tell you that my stats say the dealer has won 48%, I’ve won 43% and we’ve split 8%. Which is on par for blackjack odds. Some days I can go from 1000 chips to 20,000 chips in one day. Sometimes I go from 20,000 to 1000 in a day. That’s just blackjack. Not only do I win on a consistent basis, but I use the worst odds possible. I always play with 8 deck shoes and dealer hits on soft 17. I win plenty and I lose plenty. I also love how quickly you can play hands. All other apps I’ve tried are so so so so slow. it’s painful! This app is quick on it’s own, but if that’s too slow there is also a turbo mode to play even faster. I’ve played this app for years and I promise you it is the best IMO.
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7 years ago, Crush bug
Addicting, but fun, if you can get past the ads. Also I seem to get beat by one point quite often. Seems that the "house" has pretty good luck. Only other thing I noticed it seems to have a glitch, I made it to the highest round quickly, but it offered me to make cookies?!?... In return I was offered 700 tokens. Well it got stuck in that mode and from 3,000 tokens I kept loading until I had 150,000+ tokens. I got bored with the free tokens, but had to shut down the app to make it stop giving me 700 tokens at a time. But it's done it several times since then. Needs a tweek or something.
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7 years ago, Drocksalsa
Great quality and great tool
This app is phenomenal for those like myself that enjoy the game of blackjack aka twenty-one. It's a great learning tool as well. So for beginners to experienced players this is a good tool, or app to learn from or just pass the time. It's settings include card-counting, the option to have advise, the option to have more than one deck (up to eight), and more. All of these allow for self learning and entertainment with a positive twist. I've had this app since this past spring break (2014) and it has done me nothing but good. The ads aren't a problem if you enjoy the game as much as I do.
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4 years ago, klt007
It’s pretty great! But a few strategy things wrong
Let me say this is a pretty great app. It shows you the percentages of every hand. And playing basic strategy for the most part seems to be on point. Dealer gets 21 way too often. Chances a dealer gets 21 with ace showing is only 31% making insurance a bad move. But seems like everytime a dealer gets an ace it’s 21. Still a pretty great app though. Wish they had tournaments like they did when it was in Facebook messenger. Still my favorite blackjack app.
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5 years ago, iChipfilms
Mobilityware is NOT honoring purchase agreements! And the app is now painfully slow.
Several years ago I purchased an advertisement free version of the app. In 2017 Apple updated their iOS and the version of the app was no longer compatible. I reached out to Mobilityware and was told there would be an update for my *paid* advertisement free version of the application. 2 years later I’m still waiting for that update. I still have the support emails from Mobilityware where they told me they’d update the adds free version of the app. Now, with this most recent iteration of the app, Mobilityware is marketing the update as bug fixes and better gameplay, but the performance is now painfully slow. And worse, Mobilityware has rendered my in-app purchases, which included the benefit of free chips every 2 hours, useless. Mobilityware is NOT honoring in-app purchase agreements either. I’ve recently reached out to Mobilityware support. In response they’ve comped me additional chips, but they’re still not honoring the purchase agreements. I still have ads pop up every time I open the app and my chips are now coming every 4 hours. I hope Mobilityware will make this right across the board.
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5 years ago, caubcd
Great Game but.....
This is by far the best blackjack game out there. It goes fast so you don’t have to sit there while the dealer slowly deals cards and wait for the next hand. You can get to it right away. As far as rating this, I’d give it 5 stars BUT, the ads were incessantly obnoxious and completely annoying by constantly interrupting the game and then I’d forget where I was and lose my concentration. One of them even requires me to power off my phone to get rid of the music!! They said if you make a purchase, it will eliminate the adds. So I made a purchase but the ads keep coming and coming. PLEASE STOP! Now I’m having to sit here on the phone with ITunes for hours waiting to get a refund. If you’re considering making a purchase through this app, DONT DO IT! Not if you value your time that is.
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5 years ago, bruce90049
Chips Sometimes Taken When Exiting Table; Ads Extremely Disruptive
Often when I exit a table, my chips will be reduced upon exit by my most recent, highest bet. I therefore never buy chips. The ads are extremely annoying and disruptive. They pop up after right after you press “Deal”, before seeing the new hand being dealt, so that you are completely disoriented and have lost concentration when you return to the table after the ad finishes and have to figure out that a new hand was already dealt and is waiting for your action. Also, at least one ad (for Blackjackist) is extremely loud and cannot be muted, making it the worst annoyance. I’d be willing to buy the minimum chips to get rid of these annoying ads, but a Facebook account is required for purchase and I don’t have nor ever want one. These significant annoyances aren’t enough for me to stop using the game, however. The 2 counts and basic strategy advice are extremely useful for learning and practicing.
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3 years ago, Kboy2345
This program hit 21 five times in a row on me & consistently drains my account. I’ve played in Vegas & can have some pretty bad luck, but nothing like this! The dealer wins 75%-80% of the time. Just incredible “odds”. SMH Even after switching to just 1 deck, the amount of consecutive times the dealer gets to 21 whether it’s a blackjack or multiple card draw is just crazy. I like the game, but this dealer seldom gets a bad draw. So I had a 14 hand losing streak....6 of those times the dealer hit 21. Although blackjack statistics are kept, there is no statistic showing how often the dealer gets 21 on a multiple card hand. That number would be astronomical! I’ve never seen that “randomness” in Vegas.
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6 years ago, NaturalHatty
The Odds Are Against You- Don’t Bother
I’ve had this game on multiple phones for almost 3 years now for plane trips solely because this game works in airplane mode and is a good 10-15 minutes time waster. First, let’s get this out of the way: A blackjack game is only as good as the logic that goes into randomizing the cards for the House and players, and with that said, that logic in this game appears to be set on a predictable pattern and completely stacked against the player. The House will beat you 10-15 times before allowing a 4-5 game winning streak for the player. This seems to be consistent at all tables. The House has a 50% chance of getting a hand of 19-20 against the player when the player receives low cards and has to Hit. Moreover, the House gets Blackjacks at a 2:1 rate against the player, across all tables. Bottom line: either don’t listen to me and see this pattern unfold for yourself (it will), or avoid this game like the plague- there are better options out there that have had better card logic implemented by their developers that don’t tilt the table overwhelmingly in the House’s favor.
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6 years ago, frustrated player big b
Where are my free chips every 4 hours?
If I click ok before the 200 free chips go into my bank, they add to the total, but then those 200 do not stay in my bank. Why would it matter if I click ok while those chips are loading to my bank? Why would it let me click ok if they will be be added but then immediately removed from my bank? Frustrating especially since I let my bank build before playing as it seems the player rarely ever wins at any level you play at Thanks for the prompt response! 26 days later and still nothing Deleting this garbage app. There’s gotta be something better out there! Don’t waste your time people. Developer says it’s not rigged but the dealer wins 97.5% of the time!! GARBAGE!!
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5 years ago, Mighty Oregon
The dealer wins in ridiculous fashion constantly
I have played this game for years and always had fun, but have always been frustrated. The dealer wins in stupid ways a lot. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve lost with a 19 or 20 to a five or six card 20 or 21. It’s a joke. The dealer always seems to get low cards. He’ll have a 6 up then draw a 4 and a 10 and I lose. I agree with others that this is rigged. When the player bets low you win more often. When you have a 10K or 20K bet you get smoked all the time. Just ended a 16 hand losing streak. Hands the dealer gets are not realistic. Find another blackjack app even though the fast pace here is outstanding.
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7 years ago, Pepsidime
This is the best Blackjack
Easily my favorite Blackjack app. I’ve been playing for years. However, settings need to be updated. Very little has been done here since 2009. Please add the ability to re-split cards (not Aces). Most Vegas casinos allow you to split as many times as you want on non-Ace pairs. Please make the rules more customizable so I can properly simulate a Vegas table. (Which is what I use this app for.) Thank you for the great app!
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8 months ago, Terry12965
Hasn’t worked in over 2 Weeks
I can play of course but I Haven’t Been Able to Collect the FREE 200 Chips in Over 2 Weeks. Not getting Any Updates as it’s Very Difficult to Contact Them. Then the Only 1 Response to date for Everyone (Under KNOWN ISSUES) Says: “We have a segment of players affected by not being able to access the Blackjack Store. Our gameteam is aware of and working towards a resolution. We don't have a timeframe currently for this fix. Do not reinstall the app as this will not fix this issue and can reset your game which cannot be restored. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we're working on getting this fixed.” Unacceptable IMO
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5 years ago, dr.w's itunes
Latest update: walking in quicksand!! beyond SLOW!
Been playing this app for years & it’s always been my #1. Unfortunately this recent update makes the game frustrating, rather than enjoyable. Slowed down considerably on IOS...it’s like I’m playing in slow-motion, delayed responses & wait times on all aspects of the game. Very disappointed....if not corrected, will have to search out a new blackjack app:-(. Before the update, I’d have rated 5 stars. Please resolve.....?...... Now latest Update: less than ZERO. kept checking back, really hoping for improvements on above issues. No such luck....now unplayable: graphics are so small, can’t read cards....not worth attempting this any longer. Unfortunate.
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4 years ago, Sin the Impaler
Cheaters: bad algorithms
Zero stars. This games cheats. Bet high and you will lose. I’ve literally counted cards and when 4 of one card has come out, if they need that card to beat you it will be dealt. I must have caused an algorithm fault in the game; I split my cards got 18 in one hand and 26 in the other; they had 15, were dealt a king and then dealt themselves another card; a 9; to total 34. This proves the game cheats. I took a screen shot. These people and their game are a rip-off, especially if you spend real money for chips. If it can screw up so bad to over deal a dealer hand, it’s programmed to steal from you. Deleting this app and never downloading anything from this company; they are cheats and thieves.
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5 years ago, Zildjiancat
Major problem in latest update
Latest update has caused the game to no longer work. The app turns black before even opening, then once it finally does, I will get dealt cards, but can’t play, as an in-progress game causes a pop-up about getting twice the chips for watching an ad cuts in and causes the game to lock up and the app stops working. Then I have to close out the app to start all over. When I reopen the app, it’s taken chips away, and the same process begins again. Please fix or please allow us to revert to the previous version. At least with that version, only watching an ad was broken. At least I could still play blackjack.
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5 years ago, Tommod105
Way Rigged
So clearly rigged in favor of the dealer. During one 3-4 minute stretch, the dealer hit a Blackjack 9 times! Me? Zero. How can you win in that kind of game? Recently there was a stretch where the dealer hit a natural 21 six times in 10 hands! Me? Zero. And I love how regularly when I need to be dealt a face card I instead get a 2 or 3. THEN I get the face card and I'm busted! So obviously rigged. If the dealer has a 10 or face card showing he will be dealt another 10 or face card 7 times out of 10. This is the only internet card game that will just not let you win! You can't be confident even with a 20 or 21. As if on cue the dealer will have 21! I play it for the amusement of playing an embarrassingly obvious rigged game. Anyone who actually spends their money on this is crazy. WORST game I've ever played. 100% predictably RIGGED!!!!!! Haven't played this game in a year. Thought that they might have improved it such that it is not so impossibly rigged in favor of the dealer. If anything it is WORSE!!! I will continue to play the 200 free just for laughs.
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7 years ago, Hungry_Tom
••Want to be a Player ••
I play Solitaire everyday if for no other reason than to play the Daily Challenge. I later play other Solitaire games with less stress associated with the games. My problem is trying to complete the Daily Challenge in record time. I'm usually not successful in completing the Solitaire in any successful timeframe. I enjoy playing this Solitaire game more than others. The card movement is impressive along with synchronized sounds which makes the whole experience impressive. Tom
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6 years ago, Tiny.bird
Advertising crosses the line, questionable number gen
The frequent full screen adverts with a timer before you can close them are terrible. Normal advertising would be fine. And I play a lot of blackjack at the casino, real cards and electronic. This game doesn’t seem to be very random at all as far as what cards the dealer gets. Seriously, out of 20 games or so, 4 blackjacks for the dealer. I lose most of the rare times I get a solid 18-19. For gods sake, all the BJ games on here are rigged so they can make money off buying chips or making you watch ads. Can’t someone please just make a good real RNG blackjack app??? I’ll pay for it!!
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5 years ago, MrDrProfessorSr
Meh Update
This had to be my favorite Blackjack game in the AppStore, from graphics to actual gameplay. Now with the new update, it’s different, and not in the way that makes it better. The graphics aren’t as great and switching between controls after the cards are dealt have become glitchy, the cards dealt are also slow and the animations themselves are no longer smooth and crisp. You also can no longer change the card faces as well. I hope another update comes out soon to fix the issues and hopefully make the game how it was, if not better.
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6 years ago, Paul2349
Great at first, and then....
Love the clean graphics and ease of play. However, after playing more than 1,000 hands following basic strategy, the odds seemed realistic in the first few hundred hands and then the odds begin to HEAVILY favor the dealer. If you follow basic strategy, these odds are much worse than the casino once you’ve played more than a couple hundred hands. I also realize that ads are necessary if you’re playing for free, but I don’t appreciate the intrusive pitching to buy more chips and the intrusive placing of the ads.
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7 years ago, Al=72
Game is interesting but hard to win. I had 130,000 and when I opened to play yesterday I only had 33,000. Can I get them back please try Still a good game More perks it helps seeing we can't count on the. Amount we have I just had a problem that was fixed without waiting months good job great game good people they keep it fun Game is getting better Bonus games add to interest
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6 years ago, ENS81984
I do enjoy playing BlackJack; however, as you move up in rank and are able to play bigger money tables, the more the dealer wins. It’s rigged. The way the cards are dealt shouldn’t change based on the money/chips that are bet. Sometimes when you are promised extra chips at certain tables, it doesn’t happen. I’ve been jipped out of thousands of chips based on “bonus tables” & it doesn’t happen. Be careful! I’ve won more in Vegas than on this app!
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6 years ago, HooDisGuy
There’s some problems
It’s rigged more towards the dealer. In an actual casino, the dealer would not get a 21 with 5 cards or more in a row OR consecutive 21’s. This will occasionally happen if you win so many times in a row. It’s as if the game is trying to catch up to you to get your chips back (It’s basically a balancing system). I will say, the game is smooth and has good game mechanics, but these flaws can definitely bring the game down and make it unplayable and not fun. Also, the 200 chips for 4 hours is a little bit too low because of how much chips this game takes from you
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5 years ago, JKNoble
The new update is making me ready to delete!
I’ve had this app for years but this new update is truly unplayable. The look and updated design is refreshing but the user experience is dreadful. After your cards are dealt there is a glitch that now makes you pause before selecting your option (hit, stand, double) because the buttons have to refresh. So you are double clicking and the flow of the game is off. Also, my name and standings have been removed with the update. Was the only app I would consistently play over all the others. Now I want it off my phone. UPDATE: thank you for the recent update!! The card numbers may be smaller but the game speed and button glitch seem to be figured out.... thank you again for fixing my favorite app!!!
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3 years ago, mathprofrockstar
Buggy programming
“Is the game rigged?” as asked in the FAQs. They say no, they use the phone’s random number generator. Well, either that has a bug, or their programming does, and I figure Apple is more reliable. Too many times the dealer gets back to back blackjacks. This should happen around 1 in 400 times, but it is much more frequent. I’m a math professor; trust me. And even if you don’t, here’s a bug that should be obvious to anyone who knows blackjack: if you split and bust on one of the hands, but stay on the other, the dealer will keep drawing to a bust, even on 19 or 20. So that’s an obvious bug that you don’t need statistics to show. Fix your programming!
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5 years ago, Save Me From Myself
Ads EVERYwhere. So Annoying.
There are SOO many ads in this. About every 30 seconds an ad (that you CANNOT skip) comes up and you have to sit there for ten seconds and watch/ wait for a stupid advertisement to finish so you can get back to your game. Happens about three or four times per game, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m done with this app, this is stupid. Might as well call this App “Plague of Advertisements”. Why developers do this to their market base is beyond me. Such a dumb business platform if you’re trying to keep or grow your margins—yeah, FLOOD your customers with ads every 30 seconds, that’ll make em stick around.
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6 years ago, Wildwestfred
Rigged results.
Nice game. Action is quick, no delay. Nice layout, although could use more options. BUT, after playing for a while it became painfully obvious that if you are relying on free coins to play this free game you are goons lose and lose fast. Only when when I made a purchase did the odds swing in my favor. It took some time (cuz I’m old) to see the patterns emerge. It was then very predictable and I could win when I went against the norms. Like hitting when dealer showing a 5 or 6, etc. Now it is time to find another.
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6 years ago, Whitney Guerrero
Faker than Pamela Anderson
If feeling inadequate is your thing, download this game! I thought me and my online blackjack dealer were cool with each other. He must now be in cahoots with my ex husband to win all “his” money back. Listen buddy, whatever he’s paying you, I’ll double it. No, but for real... this game is a lose lose for you. Dealer wins at astronomical percentages that aren’t realistic. I’ve lost less money at real casino tables. If you have 20, the dealer has 21, if you have 18, deal has 21, if you have 19, dealer has 19 and push. You lose your insurance 99% if the time. Don’t bother with this game. Turn around.. right now.. walk away... go on.. get!
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6 years ago, Flammable Rabbit
The mysterious vanishing chips
Overall the gameplay is excellent. I find the design more intuitive and visually appealing than other Blackjack apps. I’ve noticed an unfortunate flaw, though, which is that chips tend to disappear into the abyss while the app is closed. I haven’t spent any actual money on them, but it is still a bit frustrating to see several thousand chips simply disappear between closing the app and reopening a few hours later. Possible bug?
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6 years ago, Kegearhart
Good Practice but Earnings Occasionally Disappear
This is great practice for those who like to play blackjack at a casino. The only negative for this game is that occasionally all of my earnings disappear. Yes that’s a big negative! This has happened twice. Once $13k I was playing with disappeared and last week all the earnings from my play while flying home disappeared once I landed. I play all the time while flying so this was weird. I would strongly recommend not buying chips for this very reason. If it weren’t for the occasional disappearing earnings I’d give it a much higher rating.
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6 years ago, Clint1911
Chips disappear
I have downloaded this game on to my iPad and iPhone, and on both I have noticed that if I build up a sizable bank of chips and then don’t play for a day or so. All of my chips will disappear the next time I open it. I have deleted it from my phone due to always losing, as others have mentioned the dealer wins the majority of the time and with out paying to play your out of luck. I am not deleting it from my iPad due to my chips being stolen. This last time I had 1345 and when I opened it this morning I had zero.
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6 years ago, Top 2!
Not possible
The program needs work ! I was up to almost 2 million and I bet bit all the time but this program needs to just deal cards and not have set amounts for the program to win. If I have 16 it has 17 if I have 17 it has 18 if I have 20 it has 21. The dealer cannot win 8 to 10 times straight. I have also never seen a game that pushes more than it deals. You have got a great game but it needs some tweaks to make it really believable.
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6 years ago, HERSHEE45
Stress Free except for one problem
This game is very soothing. The only major problem I have with the game is getting and keeping my points. I have saved a few points in the past and they would entirely disappear for no reason at all. I’m thinking of getting rid of the game because of that reason. It also helps me to relax after a stressful day. It is also addictive. It does pay much nor give you enough tokens when purchasing so I don't get to play it much as I would like. Other than that I like it.
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5 years ago, M&MT
Latest Update a Nightmare
Slow, slow, slow play, erratic behavior, landscape only on iPad Pro, no auto login, login only thru Facebook or play as guest. Lost all credit for past purchases. Erratically Initiates chip purchases on its own. Contacted support and they claim the game is not slow (I guess they haven’t played the game). Game went from lots of fun to terrible and they apparently aren’t concerned. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook so I guess we don’t matter. This release is certainly a game changer. Be careful how much money you spend on chips as the once benefits will probably change again!
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4 years ago, Cdub271
House Edge Vegas could only dream of
This game has a House edge that casinos in Vegas could only dream of. The odds of 3 Blackjacks in a row is roughly 10,000 to 1....... I just witnessed it playing that app. It makes sense as casinos make roughly 0.5% from Blackjack games but the app only makes money if you watch ads or spend money. If someone is winning using basic strategy they can increase their chances of winning and never spend a dime on the game. Basically having better house odds than a standard game is necessary for the app to make money. Do not expect this game to be comparable to an actual table game.
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5 years ago, MrBillv
Used to be good, now frustrated - BAD UPDATE
Like many have written here, the last update causes this game to slow down to a frustrating update speed. And yes, the odds also seemed to have changed to favor the house. They say the shuffles are random but it does not seem the same after the last update. If this doesn’t get fixed soon I’m going to give up waiting. Don’t download this game until the reviews reflect a change back to the old fun, fast game this used to be. BAD UPDATE!!
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6 years ago, Driverdad1
Glad it was free
Just got the app-not impressed. Starts out OK as far as winning hands and having a fair chance, but lately it seems like the only way I can win is with a blackjack. Try doubling down-lately all you get is low cards. You win three or four times in a row but then lose ten or more. Advice is useless. Think I’ll be looking for another blackjack app soon. Either the game is rigged or the dealer is the luckiest SOB on earth-almost never busts with 12 to 15. Seems like every other hand I get is 12 or 13-naturally a face card follows
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5 years ago, Mtdew4243
Crashes Often
Mobilityware please fix your game. I'm willing to use your game with ad support but your game shouldn't crash 9 out of 10 times when closing the most recent ad you make me watch! At least I hope it's crashing because of the ads. If it crashes this much once someone pays your for your ad free version you should have a class action lawsuit against you. Love Blackjack. I've tried opening up the game 5 times in a row but after trying to close your 4th of July sale it closes the entire game.
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