Blackout Bingo - Win Real Cash

4.5 (91.9K)
323.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Big Run Studios Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blackout Bingo - Win Real Cash

4.49 out of 5
91.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Sms591234
Fun, addictive, challenging
I do enjoy playing this challenging bingo game. I like that the help center is responsive. They don’t really post all the rules so you need to either play to learn, or check-out the modest amount of you tube videos people make, or go to their blog in the help center. Pluses are it’s fun, I win real money, and the system is pretty reliable. Negatives are the only real money won is against competitors (bonus money from league and opportunities to win ranked games with multiple entries is fake money and only gives you more playing time to make real money on head-to-head or bracket games). There seem to be a lot of people playing but you can still wait awhile for brackets to complete and even some head-to-heads. Right now (unless they change things) you can enter a bracket for a fee, and if the bracket doesn’t capture enough players within 24 hours, you may not get the top prize if your a semi-finalist and just waiting on one more player to come in. They don’t return your fee in this case. The fee to get in is significantly higher than the semi-finalist winning amount, so be aware. When you want to withdrawal your real money, you have to forfeit all your current bonus money, so timing is difficult. Also, if you are in the process of withdrawing money and win bonus money, it won’t let you do both. You have to pick. But despite all this I still play everyday ‘cause heck it’s fun.
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11 months ago, Alvie6088
Game is fun, just don’t use chat feature
The game is fun, you win a few bucks here and there, but lately there’s been issues with making deposits. Be careful if you make a deposit, because it may not work at first, then you do it again and it works, but then you get double charged. Also DO NOT USE THE CHAT TO ASK FOR HELP! Don’t use it for anything! But many do use the chat feature to can talk about other stuff, but it’s SUPER strict and very hypocritical. For instance, a player was venting how they lost a bunch of games and they asked “is it a coincidence that once I make a deposit, I end up losing every game afterwards? Or is the universe against me?”Then the Mod steps in and says “any talk about the game being rigged or an unfair advantage is not allowed.” Then the person got kicked out of the chat. But someone else commented on how the game glitched, and they didn’t get their money back, and then made a comment on how the app is “ran by a bunch of ‘crooks’ and the game must be rigged” That person did NOT get kicked out! Also, no cursing and you can’t even use an asterisk to censor the word…that’s still “profanity” in their eyes. The Mods of the chat are also players, so it’s not even the app employees moderating stuff, it’s average people with different opinions on what THEY feel is okay and not okay. I wish they actually did help people with issues with the game, instead of rattling off a script and kicking people out for no reason. Thats one way to lose people!
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2 years ago, rainking76
Be ready
Yes I’ve had this game app for over a year and at first I lost money. It’s not the apps fault it’s my own because I wasn’t good enough to be playing for serious money. Once I regrouped and played a ton of practice rounds I started seeing the W’s. This is a skill game that requires you to move fast and use everything to get the max out of it. You wanna cash out 1,000 bucks a month it’s very doable but it’s not just gonna happen magically. You just aren’t that good to instantly start competing with the vets on this game. So don’t get on here belly aching about how you lost your deposit when you really weren’t ready to be putting money on here. Now you want to blame everyone but yourself because you underestimated the competition and got beat. That’s no one’s fault but yours. Practice for free,get your game tight,& then you will see the results you want. This app pays and makes plenty to go around. They don’t need to cheat you out or the ten bucks you think was magically gonna turn into rent or a car payment. You are the scam not them. Getting in here crying when it’s your own fault you got beaten. All they did was tell you they’d match your first deposit or offer some other FREE incentives. Be ready for competition when you step up to play because the app isn’t responsible for the person who beat you that takes it more seriously and is better then you. # getgoodnoobs
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7 months ago, coolboyss
Hi. If yоu want to play at the bеst online casino, instаll thе "Pаnther Furу" app, very mаny slots аnd everyonе a first depоsit bоnus, withdrew already 776$. As for blackout Couple of issues the rewards fоr tickets isn’t fair if you have a heavy loss and you convert tickets you get virtually no money back but if you are doing ok then when you convert same amount of tickets you get loads it’s not equal and it should be. Also at the bottom left of screen you have the green head that lets you know if friends are online so why do you need the stupid notifications covering the whole top quarter of screen telling you someone you know is playing ?? I already know I don’t need the distraction of notification banners whilst in middle of playing a hand. Also some more realistic comments would be helpful like why did you do that or come on speed it up a little or what’s with the silly betting or talk about being lucky or that was so unlucky. But I think the rewards for converting tickets should be more equal regards of what your balance is I know it’s probably to generate more income for yourselves so people buy more chips to continue competing in higher stakes and there should be a rule that you can’t go all in preflop coz aren’t we playing poker not lets just hope card cards come in. It needs to be more skill that wins hands not just pure chance. Thankyou for letting me offload. Paul
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3 years ago, Jrbbn
I enjoy the game play but it’s untrue that you play against your own skill level and I check each match and have proof. Sometimes I play against others who are 5 times my skill level and sometimes I play against others who are so much lower on the skillz level than I am, I feel bad when I win. At first I thought it was just the practice games but it’s the same when you play money games. I know that you take a gamble whenever you’re playing for money but I think they should stand by their word of playing against your own skill level and that’s not the case. But it’s a gambling platform, I just don’t appreciate the false advertising, call it like it is! And their so called algorithm platform is not realistic and I have my best friend who is a Statistician and Mathematician and she just laughs at their algorithm and refuses to join the app. You asked and offered and I tell it like it is but customer service is awesome as they follow up on requests immediately and are friendly and polite and that’s a nice change but unless you’re playing with money don’t expect to win many tickets, it’s 2 per practice game.
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1 year ago, Mischievous Angel
SCAM!! Don’t waste your time OR money.
I have paid to play the games which crash before the game starts. The screen turns black and it submits a zero score, so you automatically lose and didn’t get to play a game which they still took your money for!! I didn’t start having this problem till after whatever update they did. Customer (Player Support) service responds to messages sent via the app about the game failures but after a “certain point” the refuse to assist further and blame the customer. I am playing on a new iPhone, and have excellent WiFi connectivity, so the failure is no fault of my own. Something is WRONG ON THEIR END AND THEY REFUSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. The first time it happened they issued a refund, but subsequent times it happened they claimed “you have too many game crashes to allowed a refund “. I also had an unauthorized charge to my PayPal account which they stated “customers are responsible for the charges made on their account”. I didn’t authorize nor make a payment from my PayPal. So basically if anything goes wrong in your account, they claim ‘it’s your fault and we have no proof otherwise. How is that fair?? The people running this app are unhelpful and and unfair about resolving issues, and still take your money even if they don’t provide the service. THEY ARE A SCAM!!! I suggest you try another game and don’t let these scammers take your money. I paid $19 for a game that didn’t even play!! I’m so upset about that.
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2 years ago, LadyBethSpices
Lost practically everything I’ve earned on here due to an app issue!
Money I deposited into my Blackout Bingo account disappeared after app stopped working forcing me to uninstall and re-install the app!!! I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and last night while in the middle of a tournament (which I deposited money into to play - the $4.50 brackets game to win a pool of $95 -) and the app stopped working and I couldn’t get it to open past the the company logo. I had just won the 3rd round and was waiting for a winner from another 3rd round to continue on to the last two rounds when app stopped working. I can’t finish the last two rounds if the app won’t work, screwing me out of the chance to win anything. The bracket ends in a few hours meaning I was screwed out of the $4.50 I paid to play this game. After uninstalling and re-installing, also discovered not only did money disappear that was still in my account (about $5.50-$6.00), but also thousands of tickets I’ve earned as well as level ups, and trophies I’ve earned. So ticked off!!! Could I please be refunded for the $4.50 for the game since your app wouldn’t work to let me play the entire game, yet to took the money for it? Starting to NOT trust this app anymore! Nice way to treat your users who deposit money to play. Take their money then not let them play due to an app issue! 🤬
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7 months ago, kasisthebest
Good game
It's not a bad game.. but it could use some updating and stuff.... like for example whenever u lock ur phone screen when ur in the middle of a match or when the game freezes when u just stared a new match and u have to exit out of it... it kicks u out of that match and say u abandon it and then u lose whatever u spent to play it.. rather it's cash or z coins.. when in reality u didn't abandon it... with that being said can u have an option where if that happens instead of saying u abandon it and ur forced to loose without even playing. U can continue that match. I'm not talking about a rematch I'm talking about finishing that round and seeing if u win it or lose it. That would be better then losing without even actually trying... Also can u ad more trophies can can be completed by doing things like getting free prizes every hour, or completing more practice challenges.. whatever u can come up with that people can complete if they don't have cash to do the other challenges and move forward on the League board thingy.. and if u can ad more options to get more cash on the game and more z coins that be good to.. cuz not a lot of people have cash irl to spend on the game to get game cash and complete other challenges. Hopefully this helps and u consider it.. that be wonderful.. thx! 😊
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3 years ago, Browndog7829
Fraud!!! DO NOT USE THIS APP! Disgusting, unethical and illegal!!!
I made a couple deposits a month ago with my card, BIG MISTAKE! This company not only illegally and without my approval charged the same card over 48 more times but for an amount totaling almost $3,000. I contacted their “support team” and the responses I’ve received are comical at this point….I couldn’t have been more clear with them and they all respond with the same copied responses that have absolutely nothing to do with the 48 unauthorized charges. I’ve went back and forth over 100 times in emails with an extremely thorough and basically dumbed down explanation because obviously they are not comprehending that somehow my card was used another 48 freaking times after I made 5 small deposits last month. To date I’ve contacted their CEO, Founder, several others with higher titles at the company Skillz and yet no one will respond or address. I’ve filled a complaint with the BBB, FTC and my local gaming commission. The amount of these charges are so high and just wrong to do to someone next step is my attorney. DO NOT USE THIS APP OR THIS UNETHICAL, ILLEGAL, THIEVING and downright disgusting company SKILLZ. Unless you want your information taken and used for unauthorized fraudulent transactions. No matter what it takes or what I have to do I am not stopping until they are brought to justice and refund the money that was stolen from me and probably several others.
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2 years ago, Boss Crusher
great games and lots of fun, easy to play
understand that you are gambling. this is the easiest and safest way to play games for money during the pandemic. this allows disabled people to have fun too. i enjoy the prizes and the competition. with bingo its all about paying attention and remembering where your numbers are so you can get the maximum benefit during boosts. i highly encourage anyone who likes to gamble to try skillz because it allows you to donit whereever you are, not even on the go. play at your own risk but it surely is alot of fun. also, their support team is the greatest and very responsive. ive hqd countless times my game aborted, froze or my phone died and i was unable to compete due to either a malfunction of their software, my phone messing up or whatever the case may be. they are honest and can help you if you are also honest about your issues. i got every refund and i enjoyed 5 giftcards and prizes now. enjoy! use promocode MISTERPEANUT88 to enjoy $30 of bonus cash on 2 deposits to play! when you make your first deposit its only $20 added as bonus but the next time you add funds we will both get $10 bonus cash! Good luck!
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7 months ago, Angel abreu
Not worth it
So, that you can understand the reason for my review, I have to explain a little history. Skillz was one of the best companies to make money back in 2016, in fact, I managed to make A LOT of money, I always managed to finish in position #20-#24 playing against the top 10. Nowadays it's just not worth it , for several reasons: 1. there are always the same 20 players playing all day, and when I say all day I mean from 6 AM to 12 AM. In the matches $20,$50(Mayen is the worst)and $100 2. The redemptions in the store increased, for example, if a $100 gift card cost you 2M tickets (in 2 days you could get it) now that gift card is 6M tickets (1 week playing 4-5 hours a day) 3. and the More importantly, because it is a company that is in decline, in 2019 they made the largest league I have seen, which was $500,000, currently the league does not exceed $30,000 and those 20 players that I mentioned in point 1 regularly take 50 % of the league. With the league you don't have to be a genius to know that the company is going badly. The more money the company makes, the bigger the league, as I said, its best moment was in 2019 $500,000 for a 7-day league, today for Halloween they made a mega league 50,000 for a 7-day league. do your maths... If they pay? Yes they do. If you are bored and want to make $10, $20 or even $50 extra weekly, Skillz is a good option. but under your responsibility.
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2 years ago, EmilyRose517
If you have a gambling issue, just don’t do it.
I used to love this game. Played it all the time. Spent hundreds and hours on this game. If you won a couple times in a row with high scores, they will match you up with people high on the leaderboard. This is very hard to beat people with higher skills than you. I know they said it’s even, but I highly doubt it. I used to be good at this game, but even when I get almost perfect scores I still lose. Also another thing, there is a switch accounts button. This lead me to believe I could have more than one account. Why is the button there if you can’t actually have more than one? Maybe to make players lose even more of their money. I tried to withdraw $405 from the new account I made, but they won’t let me because they think it was fraud. I wasn’t making the accounts with bad intentions. I read the Terms and Services, but they shouldn’t have had the button there to begin with if they don’t want you to have more than one account. I’ve spent way more than the $405 I was trying to withdraw, and I will not be spending any anytime soon. Also, you can’t have the check mailed to your house if someone else in your household plays a Skillz game. Which, I think is ridiculous because the checks would be written out to different people. I would just really like my withdrawals I tried to make.
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3 years ago, creed85641
I just really enjoy being stale at this game at best. They can control outcomes no doubt. Hear me on this. You may win 50% of the time. At best. If someone is good at something they would excel. You will not move up on this game. They slowly siphon the 5 or 10 bucks you have every couple days and that’s why they have a ton of money. Good luck! I’m cheering for you! One more thing. I felt bad for such a terrible review and I thought I had sent this yesterday but here it is. Waiting for me to write something else: I just got ALL my last card full. First time. And I received around 39,000 some odd points. High score for me. Answer me this. I have never seen such a high score. On that same game, my opponent beat me somehow. They ALSO got ALL OF THEIR NUMBERS. I lost that game! Question is, how the heck is that even possible. All the games I’ve played here. Finally a blackout. Same with my opponent. Can someone hire a forensics expert in numbers and tell me the odds of that happening. This is such a joke. Enlighten me. If you would be so kind. This is an outrage. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Disregard everything I said. I’m starting to see some payoff. Perfectly legit.
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4 years ago, pangea916
Entertaining To and For events to complete take that longthe
Playing with real money keeps it interesting and the fact that you can play with no money as well makes it easier on beginners like myself. I have started playing for real money though and at first I felt like I was just barely breaking even but I started spending a little more money to play in events and to play in the brackets and I’ve won a few hundred already and have a check coming in the mail for my winnings I cashed out. I like that you can keep some of your winnings in the app and only have to cash out what you want to that way you still have money to play with. So far I have quite a few of the other SKillz games on my phone and I absolutely love playing all of them but this game in particular is my favorite. It has lots of other people playing at all times so it doesn’t long for events and matches to finalize so that your account can be credited for your winnings. Give it a try but practice before you play any cash games because you’d be surprised at how good some people are and might lose your money if your not prepared for a challenge. All in all I highly recommend this app
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1 year ago, Tatabug13
Do not spend a penny here
This app had me fooled and I should honestly feel ashamed for investing so much money into this app without checking for scams but they are clever, though it’s quite obvious. You’ll win enough round to make you think it is a fair game until you start betting bigger money, and that is when they start tricking you. For one the app will overheat your phone and begin to lag during matches, costing you time and bingo balls that customer service refuses to refund you for. Secondly you can spend all your time mastering the game and play a perfect game, use multiple double boosters and blackout with a minute to get scores as high as 89k and someone else will somehow, magically beat you, and when you go to watch the screen recording of how they managed to do that, the video won’t load but yours will. They’ve taken $275 from me this way and I’ve gotten nothing back. You’ll win enough to get the confidence to bet that kind of money and play the best way you possibly can, reach scores as high as the game allows, but trust me, you will lose it all. I started losing so much money that it through me into a panic to try and get at least some of it back but they get every last bit of my money and I feel so naive and dumb for allowing this to happen without checking earlier on but this game is just as rigged as the rest of them.
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3 years ago, Eleanor1224
Fun but SLOW
First of all, yeah, this is gambling, and there’s no transparency involved, which is sketchy. You have to trust that you’re playing against other real people and that the game is matching you up fairly. If that’s a problem, avoid. I toss in a few bucks here and there and manage to play for quite some time on it. Haven’t won big enough to bother cashing out yet; I consider the small amount I’ve deposited to be along the lines of paying for a game I enjoy. Fair enough. However, the tiered tournaments often move excruciatingly slowly. You have 24 hours to come back and play your next match each time you move up a tier, so one slow player can stretch out the game for DAYS, and no one can get their prizes until the whole thing’s over. I get that people have to be given a fair amount of time to come back and play, but there has to be a better way. Maybe cut the return time from 24 hours to 12? Today is March 8 and I’ve been stuck on round 4 of a $3 Blackout Battle waiting for an opponent since the 6th, and of course I can’t start another $3 tournament until I place in the current one. It’s too much waiting and dawdling for a $3 game. Seems counterintuitive to make players sit around and wait when they might otherwise throw in a little more money.
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1 year ago, 1sttimehome
Great game
Usually I would give this app a 5 star review but lately there have been a lot of issues with the game. There have been multiple crashes which have caused me to lose games or kick me out of a game that has me losing money or waiting for a refund for over 24 hours. Most recently I won a $50 tournament which comes in handy when you need a little chump change. However, I only received $10 of that win and have been contacting support for weeks (can only contact them through messaging in the app) and every time they give me the same generic message or say that my withdrawal has been escalated and I would receive a response in 2 days. Well 2 days go by with no response or reply. I’ve sent multiple messages about this and still no resolution or response besides the same generic message. It’s been 6 weeks maybe more since I won the tournament and was supposed to receive it. I’ve even asked if the money can be added back to my account so I can play more or just added to my debit card like the $10 but nope! No reply! At this point I’m starting to just play for fun and don’t even know if I should add some more money to keep playing. Overall it’s a good game to pass by time and win extra cash (as long as there’s no problem with the payment)
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2 years ago, Pandora the Profound Witch
Great fun! Misinformation
I’ve been playing this game for a month or two now. I see their ads and laugh. The 3 women under a tree and one wins $200 spent $120 to win that! I can’t afford that kind of money on a game, but have won a little here and there. I love the game. I made a deposit to my skillz account and it was lost. Customer service was super kind and helpful. They found it and all is perfect now. My issue is if you want to win big bucks, you have to spend big bucks. If you just want to play bingo for fun, then this game is for you. You won’t get rich in cash, but you will keep your mind sharp! Try 3 cards! Suggestion? Please add money games that win a smidge more like pay $.50 and win $.50, etc. I’d play more money games if that was the case. I’d give 5 stars but can’t until the winnings are better. Thanks for a great game! Update: I've won $50 on a $4.50 cost. That was great. Hey developers! Can you add more winning bingos like postage stamp or corners? Just asking. I know this is Blackout Bingo but I've had those bingos but they don't count. Thank you for listening!
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7 months ago, abs2220
I love it
While I do absolutely love this game, and I’ve spent far more than I care to admit on it… they’ve made a lot of changes recently and I can’t say I love everything they’ve changed. This game also does drain your battery FAST and causes my phone to overheat quite often but I don’t think anything would make me stop playing this game other than it making me completely broke, lol! I will say that it used to be far more lucrative to play and I feel like they’ve made it harder to earn money and sometimes it completely glitches and I lose games due to this, but every time it’s happened, support takes care of me almost immediately when I reach out or report a crash which I extremely appreciate!! This sounds like a negative review but it’s absolutely the opposite. I recommend this game to everyone I know, but I also just like to warn people ahead of time what’s going on with it!! It’s an AMAZING game and truly the only app I feel comfortable playing with real money on! I just love this game and everyone I know, knows just how much!!!!!
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3 years ago, carolinagal61
You gotta check this out
I could go on for an hour about this company and the games. It is unlike anything I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. PLEASE, check it out. You have nothing to loose. It s fair, because your matched with another player with the same skill level. There are many games to choose from so you kind find what interests you personally. You can play for money, but you don’t have too. But it sure is fun when you win !!!!! 😃. Trust me when I say this game site is not like any other. I have won multiple times. But I also don’t always play for money. There are GREAT prizes you can obtain by redeeming your tickets. Through these tough times we are all going through, check it out. It has brought joy to me, and it will to you as well. You will not be disappointed. Great player support staff and always willing to help the player with any questions or concerns. THANK YOU to ALL of the SKILLZ staff for your creation and having a game site that cares about their players. I’m in for life. Keep up the great work your doing!!!!! Sincerely, Pamela Trammell
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4 years ago, Bludva
Love It but...
So this game can be addictive. You can win several games in a row then suddenly have a looong losing streak so be mindful any money you deposit can go really fast. I’ve learned to take a break after several wins to prevent me from losing money too quickly. My only real complaint is that you can add a banking card or paypal to deposit money but when it comes time to withdraw any money you have won you can’t withdraw it to the same card or your paypal that you used to deposit money in the first place. they send you a check instead?? In an age where everything is electronic and online cause its faster you lose customers because of this minor flaw. its a pain to wait for a check then go to a bank to deposit it especially when you need the money quickly. its almost as if they want to keep the money you deposit and the money you win cause they know you dont want to go through alot of trouble to take the money back out of the app.
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2 years ago, sunshinegarden 143
So I have been playing this game for a while. I have won money but never actually cashed out. Just continued to play. Recently I realized there was a “switch account” feature- which would lead anyone to believe the could have multiple accounts. I am a person who loves to play games on my phone. I am also an impatient person. I noticed that other players were taking a full 24 hours to complete games. So where there was a switch account feature, I was thought no biggie, I can create other accounts so I can still play the same game without having to increase the anti. For some of you that don’t know- they have games that are a certain price. But if your playing that game and have to wait HOURS for another player. You can’t enter another game for the same price until that game is over. I was winning money and decided to cash out. Last night, I received an email that my account was suspended. I asked them why. I also explained to them that I was unaware that I couldn’t have multiple account and about the switch account feature. They told me they weren’t giving me the money i won and they were not refunding the money I spent on the app to win money. For me, that’s a red flag. buyer beware.
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4 years ago, Gracie_924
Just for fun only! Don’t expect anything
This apps is just a game for fun! If you are thinking you can win big amount of money, NO! this app is not the right one for you. I’ve tried many times to win at least $5 but it didn’t happen. If you are going to deposit the minimum amount which is $2 you can win atleast once in which is less than $1. Usually you win 60 cents because if you will play for $1 they will not give you the $1 dollar but 60 cents only because the 40 cents it will split into two for Blitz and Developer. I tried to deposit again $2 then $10 it sooo imposible to win evem just $5. I notice when I review the video of me and the opponent, we have the same card but they gave us different bingo number. Most of the time my opponent can fill the card bingo faster than I! Why? because they gave bingo numbers to them which is they have in their card. Most of the time i just got lower points even i tried to click faster 😔😢😢😢. I notice also some of my opponents always pending, it took how many hours before they finish the game. This is scam!!! but if you are looking an apps just to play and have fun Blitz is for you I’m sure you will enjoy every game without spending any penny.
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2 years ago, Uah uah
They STEAL your money!!!
I really liked this app at first. The bill go games are fun and you can win a bit of money…. Or so I thought. I somehow had two accounts created, one with my gmail and one with my yahoo. I deposited money and actually won about $20. I contacted support to merge the accounts before I cashed out, just to make sure everything would go easily. All of the sudden, they email me and tell me they decided to completely close the account that had MY MONEY, money I literally deposited. They said they can just close an account if they want. I emailed several times and they stopped responding and never resolved it. They lied and said I had no money in the closed account, this is a complete lie. The whole reason I contacted support was because I wanted to make sure I had the accounts merged before I cashed out, to avoid any problems. The “funny” thing is, they still email me offers but can’t seem to refund me the $10 and my winnings of about $10. All of this has been horrible. Do NOT trust these scammers. It’s a big company but that means nothing. Buyer beware. I have lost most of my assets after the pandemic, so $20 is a lot to me. It’s so sad companies like this just take from people and truly do not care.
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2 years ago, tired of all the scams
This game has annoyed me enough to write a review
Normall I don't write reviews but this game rubbed me just the wrong way I'm didn't get scammed I won't put money into a game until I play it enough to convince me it won't if you like pre decided games this is for you it doesn't matter if you are the best game player in the world there is literally no way for you to "get good" at this game it's a computer deciding before the match has even begun if you going to win or lose literally all money games are like this and you cannot convince me otherwise just another scam in a world of scams This game will scam you It literally doesn't matter if you're good at the game you could be good at the game and still sit there and lose you can end up just sitting there for the whole two minute match while it lists of every single number you don't have for the whole 2 minutes and there is the bare minimum you have to be a little quick to tap the number on time that's not skill that's paying attention skill does not come into play at all, this is not a skill game don't let anyone lie to you this is a roulette get that the computer decides if you're going to win or not from the beginning of the match
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3 years ago, -Angri@u
This game is definitely rigged, no transparency at all. I have been playing this game for quite sometime now and have noticed that things don’t quite add up. One time I played in a $24 game and was in the last round when suddenly they said it tied with my opponent and I had to replay that level. I ended up losing and went back to rewatch the match, most of the time I was e least 3000 points ahead but literally in the last 3 seconds they added just a little bit more points to my opponent’s game to make them win. Another time, I was playing a game with 4 players, after winning round one and went on to round two, I noticed that the same person I played and won in round 1, played twice in the same game and won that round. I have played in multiplayer game a lot and sometimes I press play again, that never happens when I get to play twice in the same game. This is so obviously rigged and obvious that it pisses me off. It is obvious that they use machines to play against people and end up winning. I hope people read this and just stay away from this game, that never give you a chance to win big. It’s like pouring money into a bottomless pit with no chance of getting it back.
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4 years ago, D_mon!3
Play with caution
Many reviews state that this game is addicting. And, they’re right! It is. But be careful, this game is very good at screwing you over without you noticing... I’m still very skeptical of how truthful they are in stating that you’re playing other members, as you only seem to win when you go extensive periods of time without playing; and even then, you never seem “allowed” to win more than three or four times in a row before hitting a convenient losing streak shortly after. And even then the losses are almost always by crazy-small margins (I really lost by 10 points- several times in a row- once) And when you do win, they aren’t consistent in distributing the correct amount of money you are supposed to win. For example: if I play a match for $1 in winnings, and win that match, sometimes I win the whole pot ($1) sometimes I only win the amount I put towards the game (60¢), sometimes it’s just the amount my opponent put towards the game (40¢). In the end, sometimes they cheat you out of your honesty-won money. So definitely play at your own risk and pay attention to your pot every time you play, especially if you win a match. Remember how much you had before you played the match so you can do the math afterwards if you win.
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2 years ago, nottasimplemind
Rigged and fake
So hard to enjoy a nice bingo game when yet here again all the hype and it’s not what it seems. I enjoy a challenge like anyone out there, but it becomes a bore when you go to play the game on a card given to you automatically and only 5 of the numbers you have are called. I get it’s a game and I understand it’s a challenge but it’s an unfair challenge to newbies when they play not someone of their skill level but grand masters of theirs. It’s a disadvantage like I’ve never seen. Give newbies a chance to actually win faster than those who do. I get it’s an optional game and I’m not losing anything. I’m sure you’re real not fake like most. But even real has the ability to make games so unbelievably unfair. Almost as though it’s rigged from the start. This is like the 10th bingo game I’ve played and only 3 bingo apps are the ones I’m willing to invest real money into because even when I’m playing with just gems it’s an even playing field. Even with gems I win real money. I don’t see that type of option here. I’m no bot im as real as the blood that runs through your veins. It’s unfair, beyond incomprehensible to think anyone actually wins but the house themselves!
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3 weeks ago, Irritable.
Catered Towards Pay to Play
The game is fine. It works for the most part. But if you actually gamble (because that’s what this is) then you’re rewarded better. They used to put the special modes (currently it’s the Brazil pride mode) in the free to play (“practice”) section. You just used your tokens that they give you every so many hours to play. This year that’s changed. Now you get to play that mode twice. Everything after that is paid. So you’re gambling real money just to play a different mode. The leagues are also disproportionately favoring people who are gambling. Paid matches award astronomically more league points. I think 300 minimum. So you start seeing people at the bottom of the promotion zone with over 1000k points. The most you can win on a free card is 10 at a time. That’s 100 games you’d have to win in less than 3 days. And that’s if the bottom of the promotion zone doesn’t continue to increase their numbers. You can’t even call it pay to play because it’s literally just gambling and they are trying to entice you to gamble just to interact with basic features of the game. Skillz used to be better than this.
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2 years ago, webbs39
Blackout Bingo
I love playing Blackout Bingo the only thing that I don’t like about the game, is the numbers that have been called already aren’t showing any where as a avid bingo player a couple of times a week in the town I live in especially for me I like to play a lot of cards and it really helps to be able to check your numbers I’m good at this game, but I will say not being able to see the numbers that were called already and how the cards are when playing multiple cards at a time that aren’t all facing you at once. I really think if you guys are able to show the called numbers it would be really helpful to the players especially the players that are playing for REAL cash you know, I know I would be upset if I had a bingo and missed a chance to win cash because I can’t double check my cards. I’m curious to know if anyone else has said this as well. But again love playing Blackout Bingo I wish it was available in my state to be able to play for money I live in Connecticut and apparently it’s not available here ☹️☹️
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1 year ago, D0minii93
Love and hate
Love that I play the bingo and I win but I do not like the fact that they start off with a deposit of $10 I like five dollars 😂 y’all don’t have promo bonus’s for non new members like y’all use to it’s not fair Update when being a 🖤Tier Member you would think there are perks etc but it’s really not umm y’all need more Bonus Promo Codes at least one sent out weekly to 🖤Tier Players I put more money in than bonuses that I get && I also don’t like that y’all dnt have separations Tabs like Aborted Games/Matches/ Winnings /Lost Matches Tabs. For the Bonus rounds if you deposit Etc this amount and play these amount of matches random picked players will get 100$ Bonus hmm I’m still waiting to be picked at least select maybe I’m complaining too much && Nahh The Bonus Tickets tht you can grab for bonus cash yall need to lower them amount like frfr we put a lot of money in this Game just to get to 5 dollars 💸 80 k in tickets 🎟️ 👎🏾
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3 years ago, Tbraider
Not a scam, but not innocent either!
Everything was going good, and I wasn’t going to write a review either, up until I noticed something really annoying... so you can definitely play for cash and withdraw, however; I noticed after playing for real cash, you have the option to watch the replay of both you and your opponent’s games. This is actually a key feature of the app and it helps especially if you want to see how the other person got a higher score than you. However, after winning the cash rounds after a few times... you get paired with someone who blows you out of the score board and it doesn’t makes sense especially when you both have the same bingo card! What makes it weird is that after the game, the “watch replay” feature is gone!?? Something is real fishy about that. I’m not sure if this app is 100% legit which is why I’m giving it a 3 star. Please, if you want to make it fair for everyone... then keep the “watch replay” button after all games so we know it’s real! That is all
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4 years ago, BryBry102682
Extreme Cheating!!!
Do NOT download this game unless you just want to play for fun. I would win most of my games with ease while I played for fun. Decided to try for money and that’s when it starts. Sometimes you can win, but since the game keeps a huge chunk of the “buy in” between the players, you have to win much more than you lose just to gain anything at all. When I first started for money I could win about 50% of the time. I’d get my balance up a little bit and then lose 5 or 6 games in a town. Put more money in and they take it extremely fast now. I can black out a card and my opponent will beat me by 2 or 3 points every single time! You’re playing against a computer first of all, so that explains that part. Now it won’t even match me up with anyone, just says finding an opponent, and by the time I finish, my opponent is already done somehow and I always lose. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS GAME! Update: tried playing again.....same results!! Somehow I lose by just a couple of points every single time! Weird thing is, every speed daub is 150, every bingo and time bonus is by the 100’s so how do I keep getting these odd numbers and lose by a couple points??? RIGGED!!
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3 years ago, Icantthinkofanickname321
Don’t use $$: Fun but very shady/rigged results
3 stars because the game is fun and can be addicting, but is also frustrating and is definitely scamming people. As soon as you start playing for money, the games and results get very shady. I watched a replay of one of my lost games. Same boards, same numbers, all the same bingos but I had faster plays, more pieces placed, and more bingos, and the individual that won had nearly 1.5-2x the score that I got. Doesn’t seem to be any correlation, and it’s very inconsistent regarding when the game decides to give you “blackout” points. It will let you run on a win streak for quite some time, then after a certain point (or you start putting in real money), the losses start pouring in at an unreasonable (and statistically, improbably high) amount. The only evident pattern seems to be: Often, the less you play the more you win. The more you play, the less you win. That seems to be the pattern with others as well, after looking through reviews. Good for free play, but NOT good for paid play.
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4 years ago, 617899
Do not download this game
This game is a scam you should not download it it’s the most you can do for us if you spend a penny on this it won’t even give you a dollar I will give you aboutFive dollars it’s almost impossible I recommend not even to download this game if you do you’re going to suffer the consequences this is a game for fun and activity but if you were thinking this game would be oh I’m going to win so much money well to fake this game or not give you so much money if you even spend a penny you basically rip you off so I recommend not even spending a dime or a penny on this because this is just a waste of money so if you already have this game I recommend deleting it because it’s not a fun game if you wanted to win tons of money but if you are a fun activity person this be the right game for you just saying if you are the person that wants to win and win everything and win money win money with money this is not the game free I recommend not getting this one if you are not the person who does not want to win money like I said again this is a great app it’s just not the person app who wants to win money thank you for reading my report please take my advice🤞👍
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3 years ago, Odiebugg
Starts out a lot of fun but...
I’ve been playing for several months now and have gotten pretty good at it. My winnings were up to over $80 at one time. I’ve spent around $300* dollars of my own money on this game because it seemed fair. Lately, I’ve noticed several things, like most of the time when you play a perfect game and score an incredible high score and then you are beat by even an impossibly higher score and of course, those are always the games you are unable to watch the replay on! Also, there is NO REASON why this game cannot pay out your winnings to you through PayPal instead of sending a check? How would they like it if the only way we could fund our account was to send them a check? That needs to change. If they can prove to me that they don’t have programmed bots playing against you and start paying your winnings back to you the same way you fund your account, I might consider playing again. The last few times I’ve put any money into my account was taken from me so fast it was ridiculous. I’ve played thousands of games and won my fair share and now all of a sudden nothing?
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7 months ago, melman5642397
Game went downhill
This game has gotten so stingy recently. Leaderboard rewards are way worse for the “average” player who isn’t Scooter. Bonus cash costs DOUBLE the amount of tickets, yet every challenge besides one on one game play now rewards you with less tickets. The game is extremely buggy lately. You can’t even play a tie-breaker without having to hard close the app and re-open. I had days of games where the bingo club points weren’t counting and had to have support fix it. Once it was finally fixed I asked if I could get some points for my 50+ games and guess what? No reply at all. Luckily I don’t care that much about that stuff, but how unprofessional. Fix your constant bugs…currently waiting to see if I get credited for the two games I completed, but the score didn’t register and aborted me. It’s just never ending. Probably going to cash out when my bonus cash runs out. Which reminds me, you can’t cash out even a portion of your real cash without forfeiting all of your bonus cash. How does that even make sense? If you’re leaving real cash in the game, your bonus cash should be yours unless you quit.
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3 years ago, Nomad1Lion
Bonus cash is the worst
I played this game and got to black tier. It was addicting and I lost more money than when I gambled in Vegas. I played many games during Christmas to get $100 bonus cash. Well, you forfeit bonus cash when you withdraw and any winnings you make don’t deduct from the bonus cash. I don’t understand the point of having a ticket and bonus cash system. Obviously it’s for skillz to make more money off us but I just felt a certain way about it. Also, I would check my challenger when I had a blackout bingo with a super high score, I’d always lose to someone that was level 100 and rank in the top 100. It just didn’t seem like they were real (it will not always show you the recording of the game to see how the other player beat you) and they were not within the realm of my league. The top players have been the top players since I started playing in November. I cracked the top 500 I think but that got me bonus tickets only. I really wanted to make just a little extra cash but I’ve lost a couple hundred. Oh well.
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4 years ago, mel& rell
Addictive but feels rigged
If you want to play just for fun it’s great but money wise it’s kinda messed up that at times you don’t win your full price not even the 60 cents. I have taken a pics of my balance and when I win it’s not the 60 cent you’re supposed to get. Also I noticed if you won like 2 or 3 times next thing you know when you play you hardly get any number on your card or you feel one or 2 line colors it won’t give you different numbers. It will keep giving you numbers from that color line which you already bingoed it so there is no number to use any more. For example I did a bingo on my purple line and green line it it will keep giving me purple color numbers or green which you can’t use because you finished it all. I have played a whole 50 seconds without a different color number but the same one which makes me kinda annoyed. I have money in here but once I lose it all I’m not depositing again. It is fun so just play without money and if you want the challenge I suggest only do it once in a while
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4 years ago, ItsKianaYo
Pretty Darn Fun
I’ve seen several poor reviews for this app. I think it’s because the advertisements for this game are really misleading. Are you going to make $700 from this game? No, probably not. Possible! But the two days I’ve been playing this I’ve earned about $20! This is based on luck and your accuracy and speed. You have the option to gamble real money. You don’t have to though. It’s a pretty charming game. You don’t need to worry about crazy ads popping up every 2 minutes. The matches are super quick too. There are also chances for higher rewards depending on your ranking. There’s all kinds of fun matches. The only con I would probably say is that once in a while the app suddenly kicks you out, but you get your money back if you report a bug to the team. They’ll help you out. Remember though- this game isn’t going to make you wealthy. Good pocket money though! Also it’s addicting. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.
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4 years ago, Softpawcreations
Fun, challenging, can’t put it down!
When I first started playing I figured it’s the same as all the other Bingo games out there; boring, impossible to win and all based on luck. It’s not boring—at all. I love the boosts and special game boards (Chelsea’s bday, Thanksgiving, Christmas in Munich.) I love you can play for money or tokens and your level of risk and investment is totally up to you. With the boosts and special daubs your level of play is always changing and surprisingly there is quite a bit of strategy in what I always believed was only a game of chance. I really love playing and always say “just one more round and I’m done” and I’m still playing hours later lol! On a related topic, I LOVE the fact that you can link with other Skillz game apps and connect your money pot so your cash balance, ticketz and profile are the same across the different games. I play different versions of Solitaire, Minesweeper, Block puzzles (Tetris) and a version of Yatzy. Love it!
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2 years ago, BratzBabylove
Rip off
When I say rip off I’m not talking about not being able to win money my mom referred me because I was playing on her iPad which was linked to her iPhone and I used her credit card because mine was at my dorm to deposit my first deposit they canceled my account and said that they would not transfer or refund the money because we broke policy by having multiple accounts now we didn’t know such thing as far as I believe I am a college student my mom referred me I downloaded the game on her iPad because I was home for the weekend realized that I didn’t have my credit card so she told me to use hers it was already on the iPad and Apple Pay in the wallet so that’s what I used I think it’s pretty sad that they had to keep $10 from a college student when I’m quite sure they make millions a year the game is great just make sure you read all the small writing because everyone reads those privacy and policy pages that are little bitty writing and 30 pages long was looking forward to playing the game and enjoying playing bingo with my mom guess we’ll find a different game to play
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4 years ago, KassiezRage
It’s a rip OFF
I’ve been plying for 7 months about; within that time I have deposited over $100 but have never made it to a high payout game....I win one small game and lose the rest of my deposit. It’s absurd too, I can completely blackout a card and hold a 2x till the very end and hit all my bingos on times two, getting between 38,000 & 70,000 for a score, WHENEVER that happens in a decent payout game (and many small) the person I’m playing against wins by like ten more points. It seems rigged to take your money and only let you win small bits back. I went thru and compared deposits to winnings today; I’m going back to the actual bingo halls; there’s a million times better chance of winning there; because skillz is basically scamming you out of money unless you unload HUNDREDS into your account; which is also the only way to make any kind of pro rank, dumping hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars into a VIRTUAL bingo hall. Also the pro league ranks are out of like 100,000 and without upwards of 100,000 badges, you don’t stand a chance at winning part of the pot. It’s definitely a scam.
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3 years ago, simulatedbass
Fun game but....
I will say this. The game is fun. It’s addicting and unique. Things get super sketchy when you start playing for money. First of all, the game takes a chunk of your winnings. I understand it’s a business, but 40% of a dollar is pretty excessive in my opinion. The game will let you win at first, but after that it becomes nearly impossible. I just had three consecutive blackouts and lost all three games. You’re not actually playing an opponent in real time, you’re actually playing someone’s “replay”, so they are able to decide your oppositions score and determine the outcome of the game. Personally, if I am playing an “opponent” for money, then I’d prefer to see the actual player. This game gives you very little information aside whether you won or lost. My recommendation is to not deposit your money, due to the game taking 40% right out of the gate and taking it amongst themselves to decide if you win or lose. My suggestion is to play for “z”, the in game free currency. Like I said, the game itself is fun, but I would refrain from putting your hard earned money into it.
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4 years ago, Bmarie3832
Game Reset Itself
I just opened the app to play after not playing for a few days and everything was set back to 0. All my cash earnings, all my points, all my tickets, and all of my levels. Even all my past games had been reset. It said I haven’t played any games and it was telling me to play my first match. I will say, it’s a very fun and addicting game but, don’t put any actual money into it. I’m pretty sure it’s also rigged to make it so they can just take your money. When you play a match, depending on what you choose, say it says the prize is $1, you pay $.60 to play, so you only profit $.40. It makes sense but it makes it really easy to lose money fast and then you have to try and gain it back very slowly. Part of the problem I was having though was that I’d have streaks of winning like 10 games in a row, but as soon as I decided to play something with a higher profit, I’d start to lose. I’d move back down to matches that cost less and I’d only lose games after that. I think it’s set up to make you think you’re doing really great and then after a little bit they’ll make it so you start to lose every game.
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3 years ago, The Farm Reaper
Good fun
I have fun when I play. My country doesn’t allow the money games, but there are a lot of people that play the practice matches. I have yet to play the same person twice. I’m surprised I still have the game downloaded. I don’t like to play games on my phone and all I’ve tried, i delete after a month or two when cleaning up space. This one has maintained the fun and incredibly easy match making vs. real players. That has been a big part due to my competitive nature. Would have definitely lost interest playing practice matches against Computer or just myself. **update** the same day I left this review; I finished a match, played another right after, and rematched who I had just played. Sure enough, it happens more regularly now. Usually if I speed through the end and back to play immediately. It is surprisingly a lot of fun getting a rematch; win, lose, or push.
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3 years ago, EveLovesGames
So fun, but read reviews before you purchase.
I love this game and is worth downloading if you plan to play for fun and not money. Of course you know you are not going to win every time, so I do not believe the deposit is worth it. I’m so glad there is a daily “prize” which is usually z or tickets! If you want to play for money but don’t want to risk you losing it, I would wait because once in the daily prize I got $2 bonus cash to play with. This is a good prize considering the $0.60 entry fee for the smaller cash tournament. I recommend waiting until you get this so you can try out the cash tournament to see if it is worth it to you to deposit. I love this game, love the way it matches you with people your skill level, love the bonuses like the free daub or golden ball, and overall LOVE this game! I just would not download it for serious money making, but maybe for a few dollars here and there after practicing in the a tournaments.
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4 years ago, memyselfmatt
Don’t give away your money
Make sure you watch the videos carefully and screenshot. They call an extra bingo ball to the person in 1st place. One tournament I watched and 3 different individuals were in 1st and each of those players received an extra ball that helped them win by a lot more than the other players. I’m pretty sure that was intentionally so it wasn’t weird that the same person stayed in 1st the entire time. However, you can win small amounts if you play the $0.60 matches (if you just want to kill some time, not to gamble or win big), but I’m telling you do not waste your money with the tournaments. Also, I could be overthinking it, but something seems iffy about the rematches as well. I’ve never won a rematch. I played the rematches thinking I’d win easy twice, but never ever won the rematch. So imagine if a million people do the rematch and all lose, they just made $200K. Something to think it. I will say it is an addictive game, but it’s set up so the developers are the big winners. While you’re trying to win $20 in a tournament imagine how much they’re winning every hour of everyday.
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2 years ago, Princess Ragin
So frustrated!!
I’m in the middle of a tournament and the hours are winding down before I forfeit! I keep trying to play and it says there is a new version please update the app. I press update it directs me to the App Store where it says open nothing about an update being available! This is such crap I can’t even get help because I can’t get into the game! I’m going to lose the tournament and that’s a 5 dollar entry fee wasted! I’ve turned my phone off and back on I’ve offloaded the app and Re download it which since it was downloading again should be the updated version but it’s still saying the same crap. Also about 4 of every 10 tournament I enter I go to play my turn well within the 24 hour period but it says I’ve aborted my turn because I didn’t play in time which makes absolutely no sense when I click on the tournament it says 3 hrs left 5 hrs left ect so how can I have however many hours left yet abort due to not playing before deadline at the same time!!!
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2 years ago, nikki00.
Seriously a fraud game idk if they’ll still charge my card or not but I connected my PayPal to the app and once I caught on that I was PYAING THEM to play games and not earning anything back I wanted to withdraw this “$15” I somewhat had “won” no baaaaaabbbyyyy I payd THEM THE $15 this is a joke game and I hope I don’t get changed for future transactions I deleted all of my banking info on the PayPal app and most definitely didn’t attach my card info to this app cuz honestly knew it was to good to be true for winning easy money like this seriously don’t download or play this app it’s all a scam and will take YOUR MONEY I’m glad I just caught on in time I will put in another review to keep updated to anyone reading this in a few weeks to see if anything else was transferred out of my bank lol also did “delete” my account but needless to say the owner does have the basic personal info on me meaning address PayPal info yea just don’t be dumb like me and play this game it’s not worth it ….. thank you for your time if you read up to here ……🙃
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