Blemish Remover Photo Tool

Photo & Video
4.6 (5.7K)
63 MB
Age rating
Current version
Revosoft Technologies PTY LTD
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blemish Remover Photo Tool

4.59 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
4 years ago, CamiliaOndago
Great! One thing tho
This is a great app dont get me wrong. I think its a smart idea to blur the image so people buy premium. However, I am a collage student, I am broke, And all I want is a pretty picture of myself. This might sound like I was trying to sneak my way out of paying, ( Which I kinda was) So I took a screen-shot! But then thrre was a box with a sad face that said “I see what you did there...Please buy premium to help us support the game“ Stuff like that, On my third screen-shot, A line appeared in the middle of the screen to I could not take anymore pictures, This is when I deleted the app. This is a good app though, I might buy it if the price was lowered! Once again, I totally would have bought premium to help support games and see what you come out with next, but I am poor. I hope you understand! P.S For all the girls who try to take pretty pictures of themselves, I feel you. Even though I gave up for a while on trying to be pretty, I figured out recently that you dont have to put loads of makeup on to be pretty, dont wake up at 4:00am just to do your hair for school. You want guys to like you? If they like you with all that makeup on, they don’t know the real you. Don’t take this personally just a small tip :) ~ London Brock ♥︎
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3 years ago, Cool Person that u can trust
I was definitely able to remove my blemishes (which I have a lot of HAHA) but I would have been able to make the picture look a lot better if I was able to use more clicks. This app makes you update if you press the remove button too many times so you just have to use it wisely. I hate how I look with acne so this definitely made me look very pretty and good so I recommend. I understand that they need to make money so they have the upgrade but its overall good.
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2 years ago, Sijdidjuudgiubdijondu
First of all…
I may not understand the difficulties an app developer must go through to make money from creating apps, but the fact is when you make an app it kind of has to deliver in some way. Once you edit your picture it ask that you either pay premium or you download a low quality version of the photo. If the low quality photo wasn’t so distorted I would have been fine- but it made the photo entirely less visible. If they want people to purchase the app- don’t have a free version. There’s no sense in marketing a free app that is in no way free. To fix this, you should rename the app, “low quality picture effect” and I’ll change my review to 5 stars. Other than that I wish your family luck.
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10 months ago, Ndoavaiasbsnsb
This app is a joke. It’s advertised as free & a free download but they do everything possible for you to have to pay premium. Why not just charge instead of advertising as FREE??? They give you limited clicks to remove a blemish which takes about 4-5 to remove one anyways. Which would make sense for the free part of the app & then have to upgrade for more usage. That would’ve been fine if that was it except they BLUR your photo after you use those 4 taps to remove ONE blemish so if you want to save it you either have to save a useless blurry photo or pay for premium. Literally scamming you into paying for trash. I’ve used much better blemish removers than this one for free (they’ve just now all gone to premium)
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5 years ago, earthingBC
Gently....keep it real
HINT FOR NATURAL LOOKING SELFIES: Immediately choosing “smooth skin” option (which quickly soft-focuses everything) however makes a selfie look self-indulgent. But taking a minute to manually remove or soften only the spots and areas of discoloration that are distracting, keeps a selfie looking more natural and less pretentious. Keep your face’s character lines....soften them if you like, don’t obliterate them, just ”gentle them down a bit”....they will look much more comfortable and natural.
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4 years ago, Rayology
This app is effective in that it actually does offer what it states. I’ve used this app twice now, and both times, it’s helped me removed any splotches, blemishes, made several fixes in general to images that needed ... well, fixing! Definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, Akdnfn274738
Not worth it
I am surprised the good ratings it does have. It has potential to be good and works fairly decently. But, it takes numerous taps to edit one blemis while limiting how many taps you can do. So in the end, you really only get one to two spots removed max. Then, you try to save it and not only do they put a water marker, but they blur the image completely to force you to purchase the premium. So it’s useless to even use the app unless you want to purchase premium. Not worth it when I can do it truly free through other apps or through my computer.
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2 years ago, lmnop1991
Horrible app unless you want to pay for it
Literally only lets you barely take care of one or two blemishes before you’ve reached your “max number of free edits“ and then if you want to be able to do anything else you have to pay for it. On top of that, if you do get to edit the photo enough to your liking to save it, well guess what, you have to pay to save it at its original quality otherwise you have to choose a “free“ low resolution photo which is completely blurry. I don’t think I have ever deleted an app faster.
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3 years ago, eSamantha
I took a few different screenshots mid process to ask my friend whether or not the editing looked like “too much” or “too little” so I could achieve a good finished product. After I took a couple screenshots of the process, the app issued an alert and accused me of stealing??? It then put a GIANT watermark over the image DURING the blemish removing process (while editing) therefore I could hardly see my photo. The notification then told me in order to remove the image blocker, I had to buy a subscription. What a scam. I just wanted to remove a freckle for one photo.
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1 year ago, Serra.Rose
1 star
What is the point of having a free trial or free version if you can’t even save your photo with the normal resolution.. it saves as a low quality image and is extremely blurry. This app is pointless unless you upgrade to the paid version. The fact that the app does that actually makes me angry & I would never upgrade if. I’d rather delete the app from my phone & find a different better app elsewhere. At least let people save the photo with a limited amount of edits rather than have the photo completely blurry
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2 years ago, dontdownloadifyourbroke
I never make reviews but…
You can edit the photo all you want but if you try to save your photo it only lets you save a blurry low quality version unless you have premium. I understand why apps have a premium for certain features but there no point in even trying to use it if you don’t buy premium bc you can’t save the actual photo, even if you screenshot it stops you:(
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2 years ago, Nova%
Have to pay
I’d like the option to smooth skin on a scale, not just intense smoothing. Also, without paying, you can reach max edits after a while (not too bad) and then they only offer you a super low quality blurred picture to save unless you pay premium. Not ok. I worked hard on that photo and I’m not paying for one photo.
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1 month ago, jennniii3399
The audacity
This app is as simple as it gets. But wants to charge like it’s life changing. First of all, If I wanted to pay premium pricing, I would not be using this anyways please humble yourselves… because it’s just… The AUDACITY to charge ***PER TAP*** on a photo!!! I know I have more than 10 acne spots… thanks for the reminder :( I’m already paying a pretty high price in terms of life quality having horrendous skin in this world 😭💀 so it’s like bro why you gotta come at me and my horrendous skin, I’m already broke and sad 😔
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3 years ago, wkwieiss
I was really excited to edit some pregnancy belly photos and I have a rash that looked like pimples because my belly gets super hairy when I’m pregnant LOL. So I shave it. And that’s the outcome. But anyways. I wanted to remove the blemishes so I could post a nice photo of my daughter holding my belly and it is absolutely ridiculous that they give you the crappiest quality photo ever. Can’t even say quality when you do the free version. Not ever gonna subscribe to this app because of that. I wasted my time. Wish I could give this zero stars.
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5 years ago, jb & ac
As long as you know how to use it this app works amazing and that’s coming from someone who’s struggled for years to post a photo of themselves because of little blemishes that are now fixed so I feel much more comfortable posting pictures on Instagram!
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3 years ago, Daniel1384
I recommend this
So I’m a person who suffers from a lot of skin problems and this app does what it says it supposed to I ended up buying it and it’s honestly not even that expensive
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5 years ago, mmill15
They make you pay to upgrade right away and if you don’t then they make the picture super blurry when you try to save the picture, so it’s not even worth it if your not willing to spend money on it. However while I was playing around with the app, it did show some impressive results of what I wanted.
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3 years ago, bridgetownbdos
Love it
I love the app, but why do I have to pay to remove pimples/blemishes from a photo. If I have to pay for it then honestly I rather not take any pictures until my face completely clears up. Really a waste of money!
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5 years ago, Dralley
Nice app but $$$$
This app works nicely and is user friendly. The free version has so so many ads and only produces a low resolution photos which is basically a blur. So everyone would be forced to upgrade. However the cost of this app is more than any others I have used. I will be deleting the app and looking for another.
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1 year ago, Divahair84
The quality
I don’t like the fact that it does help with the blemishing but same is though it purposely distorted my pictures so that I can upgrade and get high-quality resolution, but the picture was already in high-quality. About you remove the app and hopefully I didn’t charge me anything because ill dispute it.
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4 years ago, Wert123456789 10
Very Intuitive
App took me less than five minutes to get a hang of, great for those bruises and bumps that don’t make for interesting enough stories to tell random people on social media about👍
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2 years ago, bshjcf
Quickest best app ever
Finally a app that does some quick perfect editing and doesn’t make your photos look so fake!
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2 years ago, illywirl31
This app is not free. You can’t remove more then a couple blemishes before they say you have to pay, if you want to save the photo you can only save a blurry horrible quality version with a watermark unless you pay. Oh and if you try and screenshot they’ll just put a huge watermark on the screen if you do it too many times.
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1 year ago, AriaJ356
Please read before downloading
It charged me for a 7 day free trial (that I canceled the same day I signed up for it. Now I can’t download apps i once had before or update apps that are currently installed to my phone or make payments through Apple Pay. Please fix this issue @ app makers as I am currently frustrated and have run out of options.
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3 years ago, ky-lee-85
This app is trash
I had 2 scabs on my face and I wanted to get rid of them. But I got to remove the one and by the time it was just barely faded it said you have maxed out on your photo. You cannot edit anymore unless you pay premium. Well, I screenshoted to see if that would work and it kicked me out of the game and I didn’t see my picture!!!
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4 years ago, darincaring
User friendly
This app has a simple but fun interface that is clean and easy to use. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Bieberwever
Definitely doesn’t deserve close to 5 stars. It’s one of those apps that pretends it’s free and then when you open it, tries to charge you. You are limited to about 10 edits per photo (meaning 10 blemishes) which is nothing. If you have more blemishes is than that, you gotta pay! Not worth it and so many other apps that are so much better :) check out photoshop fix!
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1 year ago, ayahauamjaz zjsisks
Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate app
I hate this app. TOTALLY GARBAGE 🗑️. I can only get a certain amount of smaller of edits and the low resolution is to blurry but I have to upgrade to do both. To-to-to-to-to-totally going into the garbage can then going onto the garbage truck and then carried into the pile of recycling. This is trash. Totally garbage trash 🚮. I want to give this -5 stars.
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5 years ago, Kamjzm
Love the app
Many different options to edit your photos a lot of auto features to if your new
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4 years ago, D_Hizzle
Good stuff
Actually works and is an intuitive interface to use. Recommend.
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3 years ago, Walter226489
I really love this app... it works so well and removes all of my acne/blemishes perfectly! 10/10 would definitely recommend! And it's free!?! Crazy!!
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4 months ago, Nesha1000
Excellent job
This app works great. I deleted a stain from my photo in front and side and triple vary easy and awesome. It’s really wonderful for everyone.🙏👏👏💫
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4 years ago, Digggerrrrrr
I’m writing this because they’ve given you a max number of fixes and you can only get more by writing one
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2 years ago, Adrian Boy
Takes away unwanted facial blemishes!
Very easy to use! Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, 7*up
Works, but makes you upgrade to save high res images
The only reason this app has such high ratings is because they ask you to leave a 5 star review for more features, but then you can’t save even a normal resolution photo on the free version. You have to pay to upgrade. I don’t like being deceived into good reviews!! Not worth it.
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5 years ago, karii💗😊
What I needed
This is perfect it helps my pictures look better I love it thank u for this app I’ll be using it more often
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4 years ago, Stamp Man 00
Nice tool
This app is like a stamp clone tool, very easy to use. Ive looked for a tool like this and never found one that specifically allows me to edit this way.
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4 years ago, jtmwhat22
You have to pay to even get decent quality?!
So the blemish remover works fine. Great. Until they make you keep a blurry, low quality version of the photo, with a big ugly watermark at the bottom of it. But don’t worry, $24 a mo will fix that right up. Not even worth it. Is everything pay to use now? Sigh.
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5 years ago, dannieGCR
Love it
Great App really easy to use would be even better if there wasn’t a limit per photo
Show more
4 years ago, Jayjo678
Cant save pictures without upgrading
It works amazing but you can only save the low quality picture to your phone for free which makes the picture look very crappy.
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4 years ago, ValBirdy
You WILL have to buy
Only REALLY low resolution photos are able to be saved after editing. The low resolution the app offers is actually worse than the original photo. Great little app, but if you want to really use it, you’ll have to pay right off.
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1 year ago, Iamme1123
If you want to pay…
Easy to use and produces a fine result, if you want to pay for the end result. Otherwise, once you’ve done the work it offers you a free “low quality” version to save with is just a super blurry version of your photo…pointless.
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4 years ago, JessiraeB
Easy to use
I like to use this when I’m too lazy to turn on my laptop to edit
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3 years ago, B.2234
Great app!
I love this app. It really does an amazing job with removing blemishes. Makes me feel like that picture is me, and I love it!
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3 years ago, Ecbaker20
You only get so many blemish fixes with free app. Then if you want to save the photo, good luck! It’s so blurry in the “free save low res” that you can’t even tell what the photo is of! The only thing clear is their logo stamped across the bottom of the photo. Bad app, not worth it- waste of time.
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1 year ago, Tessa_macneil
Honestly super easy to use and works really great
Show more
1 year ago, Mk20182022
Waste of time
It came out blurry after I was done editing my photo. There was no point of even doing it…
Show more
4 years ago, Paris127&304
With a click of a button it looks great
Show more
4 years ago, Weechimal
Works well!
Not very professional, but serves it purpose with efficiency and I love the feature that takes another patch of skin and you choose it. That’s so bomb
Show more
5 years ago, jroy7816
Good for more than blemishes!
I use this to edit out lil unwanted things in my landscape and food photos, it’s fantastic!
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