Blo Blow Dry Bar

4.2 (18)
25.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blo Blow Dry Bar
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blo Blow Dry Bar

4.17 out of 5
18 Ratings
8 years ago, Suzieqzieee
UPDATE--better but still a snag
Thank you for making it possible to log in and use the app again. The problem now is that the app provides an option to cancel an appointment but that does NOT get communicated to the store. I received an email about a cancellation fee for an appointment I cancelled on the app and rescheduled for a later time the same day. I showed up for the appointment yet still received an email from the store that they had tried to charge a cancellation fee. I value the store and they were very professional but the app either needs to communicate the changes or not offer the option to cancel. ----- I got a new phone and the app logged me out. There is no way to log in as existing customer. It just keeps stating my info is a duplicate and won't let me sign in. Very frustrating! Please fix it.
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5 years ago, Jerri-B
Love the updated app - a big step forward
Love the new Blo app - so easy to use and much better than the old version. Makes booking my blow out super quick and easy. Thanks Blo !
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2 years ago, Williams007
No Description of Services
I like the app with the exception of no details on the services you choose or products used. You only get this on the full website. You get “blowout and dream coat” but on app - no description of “dream coat” or products used.
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4 years ago, hmstankard
New App is AMAZING!! Blo Blow Dry Bar
Love how the new Blo app looks! I give it 5 stars! It’s super user friendly plus I absolutely love how easy it is to book for any of the 140+ Blo locations! I travel a lot so it is super handy & efficient to use! A+++++!
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2 years ago, kfederer
Love this app
Great app that is extremely easy to use and navigate. Makes booking a blow out & makeup services a breeze!
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5 years ago, ShoeGirl40
New App Update
I can no longer book appointments online because your app won’t move from a location to pick a service. The store doesn’t know how to fix. I’ve deleted the app three times and added again and it won’t work.
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5 years ago, JNRagan
Easy to get my Blo on!
Wife loves using the app to coordinate her weekly Blo routine!
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4 months ago, FulltimeMommy09
Rarely works
I can’t see my appointments or membership info. It’s hit or miss that this app works.
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5 years ago, der125
Error registering
Can’t register. Error.
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7 years ago, this nickname is taken right?
app crashes
Hi I am having trouble with my iPhone 7S Blo app. All my data is in there but it will not let me make an appt saying my phone number is required. I can make the appt thru Face Book or the website on my mac computer but not thru the app. My phone number is there. When I try to go into my profile setting on the app, it crashes every time. I’ve tried to use the app at home wi-fi and starbucks wi-fi and blo wi-fi. The app crashes. Please help! Thanks Cass
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5 years ago, Lander00
The problem is that when I try and book a Blo from the app, it always says “error customer phone is required” at the very end and will not allow me to book. I try and add my phone number (even though it’s already there) in my personal acct info, but the app shuts down every time I attempt this. I have even gone to my blo bar several times and had them delete and re-add my phone number from their computer and it still doesn’t work. I have also deleted the app and reinstalled it. Nothing works. It is not convenient to have an appt that ultimately won’t allow you to book your blow out.
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7 years ago, jenjo2u
Unable to make appointment with app!
App works well until ready to book my appointment. It requires a phone number...but will not let me view my personal information to edit it! Help! The app could be so much better than the the website!
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6 years ago, Love2cater
Doesn’t work! And no updates at all
Are used to use the app couple years ago and it worked fine. But now for months it will not let me make an appointment without requiring a phone number and whenever I try to go to edit my info the app just shuts down. I have contacted the customer support online a couple of times and never get a response on the app just continues to not work. I end up going to a another blow dry bar where I have the ease of doing this on my phone.
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6 years ago, PollyWollyWally
A super looking app, easy to set up, until you try actually using it to book an appt. I get the “phone number” error message and crash when I try to edit, both mentioned in several other reviews. I’ve also reloaded it 3x, with the same, dismal results of other users. I can’t understand why the company has apparently been totally unresponsive. Just take it off the app store until you can make it functional. Disappointing. Dry Bar, here I come.
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6 years ago, JATBrew
Booking problem
The app does not allow me to make an appointment because I receive an error message that a phone number is required to complete the booking; there is a phone number in my profile. There is no place to enter a phone number on the booking screens, so I assume it is looking for the phone number in the profile, and not finding it. I believe I was able to make appointments through the app up until a few months ago.
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5 years ago, paulainaustin
Mobile app has been broken for one year I can only book using a laptop
I login, go through the entire process of selecting location, appointment type, date, time, accept cancellation policy. Then when I select Book, it says “phone number required”. Then, if I go to Edit My Profile, the app shuts down. I’ve tried it multiple times. I am ready to ban Blo and switch to dry bar, much easier to book.
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7 years ago, LalaShines
App Crashes & Can't Book Appts
App won't push through appointment because "phone number is required". My online account has a phone number, but it still denies the booking. Also when you go to "Edit Info" the app closes out completely. Love Blo. Hope they update/fix the app soon. Hope they add an option to choose between stylists.
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7 years ago, lisauws
Easy to use!
Able to download and schedule a Blo-out in under two min. Lifesaver and must have for my beauty routine.
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7 years ago, Juddbee
I have yet to be able to do something as simple as book an appt. I have deleted and reloaded the app several times but it’s still not working. It keeps asking for my phone # info but EVERY time I go to my profile to load my info I get kicked out of app. I’ll delete it permanently at this point , it’s just taking up space on my phone.
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8 years ago, KKounsel
Can only use once
It's amazing that the developers of this app didn't think to allow someone to log in a second time. I can't register because my email address is already associated with an account. However, if I click forgot password or try to log in I am told that email address is not found. Useless.
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8 years ago, emilyfrommaine
Doesn't Quite Work
This app is a bit cumbersome, there's no direct way to make changes to appointments or information. Every time I try to update my personal information info from the main screen, the app crashes. Useful only for double checking the time of the appointment you made online.
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9 years ago, panda1082
Stopped working
App was wonderful until one day it stopped working. It won't let me sign in again as an existing user.
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9 years ago, ellezorbas
Won't let me log in as existing user
Somehow I got locked out and now I can't sign in. It wants me to register as a new user, but when I put my info in it says it already has a user with that info (yea I know; it's me). I have deleted and reinstalled 3x but doesn't work. Now I can't use the app which is lame. Pls fix this glitch!
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6 years ago, Chevy05220209
App won't let me book an appointment
When I try to book an appointment the app says it needs my phone number so when I try to go back to my account info to update the app crashes and closes. This app really needs to be worked on and fixed!
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5 years ago, KateMclaughlin
App crash
Every time I try to book an appointment the app says “customer phone number required” and then the app crashes when you try to edit your profile info. This has been happening for months!!!
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10 years ago, Wish this were better...
Needs serious work
Doesn't allow current blo customers to log-into account. Opens appointment options in Safari, which is what I thought an app was supposed to avoid? Overall this does nothing for the regular blo customer and serves no benefit. Unfortunate for the blo bar frequenter.
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6 years ago, Laurenatlhair
App keeps crashing!
I love my blo dry bar. The girls are awesome my hair is healthy. PLEASE LET ME HELP YOU DESIGN YOUR APP!! This is so crucial to business. #blackgirlscode #lovemyatlantablo Love your stores, hate the app! Would love to collaborate. You used To also be able to pick stylists. I need my normal girl where is this feature!!!!
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8 years ago, ABreaker Player
It won't let me log in as existing user. I'm not going sign up every time. And it will give you an error if you already signed up before. If you're new it will work if not it won't. Needs to be fixed.
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9 years ago, amandabarrett
Can't sign in
I can't sign in as an existing user. This has been going on for months. Can't believe it hasn't been fixed yet. Website is also sub-par. It should remember where I live and what I usually get.
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9 years ago, Grey lover
App worked for a while
App worked great until I got a new phone and had to download the app again. Won't let me sign in as an existing user and keeps saying "duplicate customer". Super frustrating
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7 years ago, TennisAndy
Never worked for me
I can never get this app to work. Although I've been a loyal client for 3+ yrs, it has never recognized my login. Indicates 'failed' every time. Frustrating to say the least!
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5 years ago, Emmm3333
App won’t work
I love Blow Dry Bar! But this app won’t work. Says it needs my phone number but there isn’t a place for phone numbers. Wish they would fix this app
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5 years ago, party list
So disappointed
I would schedule regular appointments if this app worked. But because it doesn’t it just isn’t that convenient.
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10 years ago, Rebasan
Need More
This app could be great. But I called in and set up an appointment and then found that there's an app. But I can't add my already appointment. If it had that it would be complete I would think.
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8 years ago, amileofme
Really!? Waste of an app
Huge fail to invest in an app users can only log into 1 time. Cannot log in as an existing user. Pointless to pay to build an app with such a massive defect.
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8 years ago, BLESSED FLOW
No login for existing users
Almost a year later and app is still not working...poor business practice
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8 years ago, princess thal
huge glitch
got a new phone and won't let me log in as existing user. will not go to Blo till this is fixed. looks like drybar will get my biz.
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10 years ago, Jackj5
App keeps crashing
Can't get past the login page before the app crashes...VERY frustrating!
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9 years ago, ateeya
Would give it a 0 zero star if possible
Won't let me log in as an existing user. Fail.
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5 years ago, LeslieVic
Great Blo outs but the app is garbage
Get error message that phone is required. Phone is part of my profile. This prevents booking.
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10 years ago, Cheleberi
App Keeps Crashing
Can't get past the registration page before the app crashes.
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8 years ago, Bloaustin
Bad app
App won't let me log in as an existing customer. Says I have a duplicate profile. Ugh!
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9 years ago, momacat
Cant log in as an existing user
Please read your reviews.
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9 years ago, Ninangba
Login problems
Won't let me login as an existing user, please fix, thanks!
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9 years ago, Hennyhernandez
Can't sign on
App won't let me sign on as an existing user. Basically useless
Show more
11 years ago, AndreaF1
Keeps crashing
Won't let me go beyond the homepage
Show more
11 years ago, Truebloodgal01
Keeps crashing
I can't get past the homepage.
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9 years ago, Needanewdoor15
No login
Won't let me login as an existing user
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