Block Craft 3D: Building Games

4.7 (578.3K)
130.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wildlife Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Block Craft 3D: Building Games

4.69 out of 5
578.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Technolaten
Fantastic, but music doesn’t work
Great game, I’ve spent a lot of time playing, and the only thing that bothers me is that you cannot play music while playing in the game. If you enter the game while music is playing, your music stops, and if you start music while you’re in the game then the game freezes. This does have some interesting effects, for example you can use a sort of pseudo-sonar and see your city from the bottom if you’re in the map and turn on music, but you still can’t move around. If you have headphones that turn on and off, if you move forward in the app and turn on your music while moving, it will play and you will function normally. Very (very very) rarely if you turn on music extremely quickly while the game is in the middle of loading it will work, but I have not yet found a way to consistently be able to listen to music and play the game on the same device with normal headphones. Maybe this doesn’t affect anyone else, but I hope this will be fixed in the future. Here’s another tip: if you don’t want to spend money or wait hours to make huge structures, stay on level two. If levels, multiplayer, sharing your city, or being able to build the ones they give to you or use the other blocks matters to you (you have to buy the blocks with gems) ignore this. It’s just that you have unlimited blocks at level 2.
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3 years ago, happyelly2013
I love this game so much and I just want to say thank you for building this game and I love it my favorite part was the cat I got and it’s so amazing so thank you for building it and I really love it I like the flying part I unlocked it and build I have one right now and I just want to say thank you I also got a Whoopie cushion just to tell you and I love it so much I love the game I love the cows I love the cats in this game is awesome thanks for making it I really love it this is my review and the title is called husky and I gave it a five star rating so thank you I better get going now this is all I get to say thank you so much for building it and I really like it so much by now I’ll see you I’ll write some more reviews from your game and I really love it so much🙀 And my sheep he just loves watching me play it like so much💋 I really like it so much I will then review just to say how much I love it so much and I really really really want it the game I House is almost like a robot And I know I made a mistake I still love this so much typing in words is my favorite and I really just wanna tell you thanks for making us write a review to me when I make my game is going to be called robot life and I will be at a little different but I think I love to do things for making this game I really like it so much thank you thank you thank you so much 😽😺😻😹😸
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3 years ago, Susanna Saroyan
I love it!
I love this game. It feels a lot like Minecraft. But I have a few things that I think others would love you to add. 1: I think it will be so cool to add for whenever you start the game you will have 150 of every item..even if they cost Gems. 2: It will be so cool for our pets to follow us and it will be so amazing if we can feed our pets. 3: I don’t know if some people can relate but I think it will be fun if we can carry chickens because I always want to bring the chicken to my farm but I can’t. 4: I think this is a bug but when ever I put horses in a farm then cover the it with fences, the horses glitch through the fences. 5: I think it will be so cool if you added more pets but 10 of those pets costed 1 gem each. 6: Whenever we wanna buy a pet it asks if we wanna buy 1 or 5. It will be fun if we can choose the amount we wanna maybe a counter or something like that..idk what’s it called. It will be good if each pet or animal costed 1 gem each. 7: Lastly it would be fun if we can kill animals like in Minecraft or craft things. Or maybe we can mine diamonds, gold, emeralds and stuff like that!Anyways that was all I think would be so cool if you guys added. This game is soooo good and you can be sooo creative! Thank you for reading this and also thank you if you add one of these thing!
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6 years ago, 🍩🎀💝🌸🐼🦄
Make some furniture free otherwise great
You cant get furniture without paying 1$ per 5 objects please. Just sell them in an block pack, Animals, Special blocks and clothes Cost wayyy Too much. If you really want to make money ,I would suggest. Buying packs with money for like 2$ Including the animals, Furniture, And special blocks refilling forever like the free ones. And I asked for an refund because the app never gave me the features but they never responded. If you want money treat your customers nice! And once i opened up the app and it just crashed. I deleted the app, With all my progress. I did not appreciate starting over. And there is water in the mountains? You cannot get rid of them even if you have nature pack it takes too long. And i think you should be able to move animals like chickens to where you want. And more free packs, make some furniture and animals free add more blocks and make it so you can actually buy things with money without it crashing. Then it would be even better than most games like this. Oh and add multiplayer mode and places that you can build with an large amount of people. Otherwise great game you can play for free It is so fun! Spend half an hour watching ads and there you’ve got new blocks so you can earn them for free please just made some furniture and animals free and it is non-violent and you can just build 😃
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4 weeks ago, Hxxffxxtdtxd
This is the most fun game ever
This game is so fun I get to boil stuff and I built a tennis court one time I am building a hotel. I have a horse there’s girls around me there I got a TV and it’s stove. This game is just so fun. It’s just like Minecraft and it doesn’t cost money even better it doesn’t need Internet. A little bit of that but this game is just super super super super super fun so you download this game I agree you should too this community if you read this sentence great job making games. I love your games. Please keep making more that are like Minecraft you guys are just, a fun community. I love you. You build anything you want, but the thing is the crystals you buy those. so yeah and let’s say do you level up to level three just use the emerald to buy stuff the TV up an oven and stove that I got is I got emerald on it but they give you 🆓 you can watch them so the game just I love it so much you too I’m saying it I mean it, you should too is the best game ever I love you community. If you read this note, you’re the best community ever. I mean it. Please write a letter back to me and I’d love to see what you said back and that’s pretty much it so you have a great day and download this game, you’re the best whoever made this game❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💕😍🩵🩵🩵🩵🩵🩵❤️‍🔥😎😄
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5 years ago, baby koala6547
Could use some improvements
So let me say this game is amazing but please let me make some very respectful suggestions. #1. Please make some furniture free. I really enjoy decorating homes. But I prefer to use free materials, but I can’t do that when all the furniture items cost money. So please make some furniture free. #2. Add some new building materials. For example carpet, more lighting, different types of wood and maybe some more building blocks(like you would use to build a house). #3. More animals. If you could add more animals that would be great. And if you do add more pets then please could you make them free. Example: More dogs, birds, bunnies, more cats, and maybe some exotic animals. And add some more pet related materials. Example: More pet houses( that they could crawl into and sleep in), pet beds, pet food, pet toys(dog bones, ball of yarn, and treats), leashes, collars, bird perches if you add birds to the game. #4. More skins please. If you could please add more cloths and hair styles that would be great. Because some people would like a better style(no offense, I don’t mean to be rude or anything). #5. Transportation systems. Example: Cars, buses, trains, trucks, helicopters, airplanes, these would all be great. Thanks for reading this respectful review. Like I said the game is great but these are some suggestions to make the game more popular and fun. Thank you for you time.🙂🙂❤️❤️#thisgameisgreat
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2 years ago, Bakugan brawl! 👊🏻
Minecraft, But Free :)
Sorry about my old review, I was being very mean to you guys, im so sorry. So, this game is absolutely awesome. Turns out my old work WASNT deleted, I just teleported to a far area. I had found my old work after walking around the land trying to find a good spot to make buildings. And I have found many good spots for building, so thanks for making this wonderful game! Just a question though, why does beer exist in this game? You can literally place beer and wine bottles in your buildings! Please be aware of children! Btw, my village is called The Preserve, so please go take a look at it and give it a like! Thank you! (The Preserve already has 25 likes so im trying to make better buildings for more likes and exploration!) Also, one thing. Why is everything 400 gems? Its SO hard to get that many! Also the game just offers expensive deals that only last for like... 25 minutes! We dont have the time to get that much! We are already spending hundreds of gems on other things! So please, stop the deals, make them cheaper, or extend the time limit. Thanks! And what I mean by extend the time limit, I mean, make it 100 times longer. Gems are hard to get, you should know that!
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4 years ago, gurly_gamer840
It’s alright...
I personally love Minecraft and all that it stands for but because I’m to lazy to pay 5.99 i said screw it and got this. This game is focused on building and there is no way you can die, so younger childs can enjoy this more and parents can feel safe. Another thing for parents is that there is a way to turn off ads so their younger ones dont have to watch anything scary (yay!). I just wish that there wasn’t a block limit because its very annoying. Its like you’re building something, then having to wait for all the blocks to come back. Then, if you are unaware of your blocks running out, a screen will come out of no where and tell you that your blocks are out and you can either watch a video (which that option will go away with the no ads) or spend 15 gems (which are very hard to get) and i cant tell you how many times i tried saving my gems, then accidentally clicked the spend gems button thinking i was still building. I mean, thats like putting a limit on creativity. I’m currently making a castle...which would take me maybe 2 hours but instead two week because i have to wait until my inventory refills. I wish that the block limit would go away. Otherwise, this game is great. Thanks for reading and i hope the block limit goes away!!!
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3 years ago, maverick 212
Best of all building games
This is the best game I ever Played I’ve played many building games before this is the best one I ever played I know a couple things that can make this game even better 1. It would be super cool if you had snow blocks 2 would be cool if you could build on the map 3 it would be fun if they had a multiplayer button and you could send iMessage to your friends and they can come to your village and you could see them 4 always wanted a disco ball in my house I’m pretty sure a lot of people would like a disco ball Block 5 I would love it if you could make pets 6 all I want to do in this game is talk to people I wish you could type something in it will just say it to someone 7 it would be cool if your face could have emotions on it like you can type in a emoji in your face or torn into it 8 it would be so fun if it could rain or have hail or just have any type of weather in it and what if your houses get flooded and you have to fix something that would be pretty fun this is my last idea 9 it would be fun if you could pick up objects or animals or you could even pick up a pizza strawberry or something like that and feed it to the animal bye 😄
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5 years ago, VioletFlower82
Best game!!
This game is the best. When I was searching for MINECRAFT, I saw this app and was surprised. I thought it would be lame. (This was the time I couldn’t afford MINECRAFT) And I was only showed this game by my younger brother which he loves this game. I was confused of what to do. Then I asked what the game was and that’s when I searched it up. (Top sentences) I downloaded it and it looked really fun to play! But good thing that there is some instructions to help people build and more. This game is probably I would say kinda better than MINECRAFT because it actually has good-looking pets AND a little home with the pets. I’ve created farms and had SO many pets!!! I love how the chickens make cute noises and how we can also ride on the horses (MINECRAFT can let you ride horses too) and it is just amazing to me. This game let’s you even join people’s worlds!! I am amazed by this game. I just let you know this is the coolest game. In the AppStore. I’d rate it ♾ stars. (Infinity). I’ve been playing this for at least 2-3 years. I don’t care if you have to watch ads to get blocks. It’s amazing. Thanks for listening if you are reading this. Thanks and goodbye
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4 years ago, JbirdJJJJJ
Fun until you can’t do anything.
My son mentioned this game from school - so we download it on my phone and iPad to play at home. At first it is fun because you can build already designed things like houses, churches, castles, boats, and look at user buildings. You can visit other user villages and get more ideas! You can also free build with bricks on your own. The animals run around and you can even ride the horses. It stopped being so fun when just 5-6 days ago both devices can not connect to the server anymore. We cannot use gems, cannot see other user buildings or villages, we cannot purchase anything with gems. I’ve attempted to use the in game help and while it had answered any previous questions it does not help with this. It is not a network problem as I have used different WiFi’s and tried on my wireless service with no change. We just get messages constantly that the server is under maintenance or that our connection is bad. We even recently upgraded our WiFi to a faster speed than before with no changes. Lastly I rate it so low because I cannot get in touch with anyone to help resolve the concerns with this app. I have used all attempts possible except with social media so that is my next step. It was a fun game to play with my son, but without half the features anymore it is not as enjoyable.
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11 months ago, ITzRubyplayzYT
It’s great but…
Hi! I love this game only…. I want taming in this game. Cuzzz it’s cute to tame and where are the Huskys? I love all animals but where are all of them? There is only like A little soooo can you fix that where they are ducks birds and taming? Oh and turtles. Can you please fix that. please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺? Please please PLEASE. fix that! I love all animals Like LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them so can you add all animals? Five star review. But one other thing it lags. So I was just playing on parkour another village and I just glitched to the top of the building and I hat to start all over and that was before I got the fly ability. And I love it but can you also fix that? And I was Almost on the last level! So can you fix that? Please?!? I love it so much and the animals. And how you can ride horses and it’s fun but can there be more clothes too? Like a star gown. Or a star wand and can there be wind? I know this is a lot but I need this to happen, so can you fix it? Oh and also have you visited The Preserve? IT IS SOOOO AWESOME!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 and my village name is parkour world check it out!
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4 years ago, Kibby kat
Developers, please read.
Okay, so first of all, the clothing options are really dumb, no offense. I advise adding black pants and suit with a tie for boys, and a detailed sleeveless dress for girls. Second, you should check and ban user builds if they seem inappropriate, or you should change the age limit to 11+ or 13+ because little kids don’t need to see the inappropriate user builds. Third of all, I really like your game otherwise, but a couple more things. Like maybe when players level up past the “150” block stack limit, it doesn’t get changed to the “60” block limit. Also, I think the game is hungry for money, which isn’t good. I was browsing, and I saw this review that you developers took 1000$ from them. People reading, do not do in game purchases. Also, with the gems, I’m disappointed that you developers put the prices too high to get people to buy gems, so you can steal money from their bank account. Finally, I am really sad you removed the “placing blocks on clouds” glitch. Now I have to do it the hard way that risks falling because you removed that glitch. (P.S., sorry if my review is too long)
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4 years ago, 🐳🦈🐠
Fairly good
Block craft is a really great game. Although, some might say it is a “knockoff Minecraft”, which overall is true, but is still very fun. I have fun playing this game and enjoy getting likes on my village and earning gems, tickets, etc. But one thing I would say is that so many things cost a lot of gems, and gems can be hard to collect unless you purchase them. I can’t even get a simple bottle without paying 50 gems, and if you want water, you must unlock the entire nature pack which is 400 gems. Another thing is that I can’t seem to figure out how to place a bed. This is frustrating because I finally got one and now i can’t figure out how to make it look like an actual bed. Every time I place it down, it only shows 1 cube of a pillow which makes no sense. Then again I may be doing something wrong. Aside from anything negative, block craft is very entertaining. I love the fact that you can also visit other people’s villages and like them. And i do appreciate the fact that no one can mess with your creations except for you, when on Minecraft someone could easily destroy my work. Overall, I definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, joy to wwwwwwwwwwww
It’s a good game but there are not to good things
😊hi, I used to have this game when I was lil but as a lil kid I was like “how they do dat? “ bec u can visit other ppls place and I Remember that when other ppl came to my place I felt sad bec my place was 1. Not cool 2. My other friends on a different game then me I was on this kid mind craft so it really a jr. mind craft 3. I mean I FELT LEFT OUT but I got it my mom and dad still don’t let me go on ppl also play but the only game that she still lets me play on that have other ppl is animal jam and it 100% safe so yeah but even tho having this app as a kid I still felt like I was a baby not a kid kid not like 6 yrs old I was 6 yrs old but as the kid I am still ( yes I grew up ) I was always on this app cuz at the time that ( this ) this app was the only fun app I had bec my mom and dad are still saying “ not other ppl games “ but even tho this game is fun and even tho other ppl play and come visit its vary rare for ppl to come and look at ur place not u can’t chat 💭 but even tho this game has a few things is a really good game for ur kids :) Ty thank u for reading thi bye!
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5 months ago, lana lani nani
Best game EVER
I am so excited to share this great game with you. It is a must have if you are bored. I am literally addicted to this game. I downloaded it yesterday and I have 12 hours already. There is just one problem though. But it’s tiny!!!! Don’t let it get in the way!!! It’s just that when you are too far away from your village it won’t show how to get home. I don’t have a good sense of direction (lol) so I always have to get off and get back on. But overall, it might not be better than Minecraft, Fortnight, or Roblox, but if your parents or caregivers don’t let you have those apps, they’ll let you have this one. It is totally appropriate. Like I stopped playing other games, especially my favorite Roblox games because I got this app. If I said this already sorry but I’m totally addicted. They are always coming out with new versions too. Download the best game ever and see for yourself. See you in my next review!!! Thank you for reading!!! (It might be short but it tell about the game a lot you must get it!!)
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3 years ago, 🐕🐎🐕
Best Game Ever!!!
Block Craft is a great game. I’ve only had it a couple months but I think it’s safe to say that this game is amazing. I have two problems though. First of all I get stuck on levels sometimes. I know there isn’t really anything I can do it’s just really annoying when I complete a level and build the latest house, and then I only get half the xp (I think that’s what it’s called) I need to get to the next level. My second problem is more of a problem than the first. I have a friend who doesn’t really have a lot of likes and it took months for us to find each others villages, thankfully we did, but now we have another problem. We want to be able to build in each others villages(manly me in his, I don’t need any help but he wants me to build in his) but we can’t figure out how. I’ve been looking everywhere for way that we can do that but I can’t figure it out. If you could do something about that then that would be great. Thank you for reading!
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7 months ago, kails unicorn fox
It has a lot of potential!😉PlzRead!
Okay, so don’t get me wrong, this game is amazing! Its fun and unique in its own way. But it has flaws that make it really annoying and hard to play. Block Craft has a LOT of potential to be a masterpiece app! First of all, it gives you block limits. This is very frustrating cuz if your building something and you run out of blocks, you have to wait about TWO hours to get more. However they do let you watch an add for more, but that’s not very fair. As well as you can pay gems, but nobody is gonna do that because gems are incredibly hard to collect. Its like a limit to creativity, so PLEASE take the block limits away. On top of that, clothes, other block packs, animals, furniture, and certain buildings all cost TONS of gems. Its already hard to get small amounts of gems in the first place! There are either two change options for this. Either make Gems MUCH easier to get, or make it all free! Which obviously we all prefer the second option lol. If these changes were made, Block Craft would be AMAZING! 🩷 It has a lot of potential. So please make these changes! Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, ESansMegalovania
Block Craft 3D: My Experience
So, block craft is really fun. Build a house, build a statue, build anything! It is possible! The best thing is: It’s Free! Minecraft would cost 6.99 (7$) While block craft is free! Also, you can’t die, unlike Minecraft! Also, in Minecraft, someone could be like: [Player Name] joined the game, and then mine everything and destroy your work! But in this game, nobody can do anything to your work (Of course you can). The bad side is: ADS. The bad thing about ads are that there’s a glitch that the reviews control your ads and make the ads you’re watching 18+. But, for parents, disable ads, but also these 18+ ads are super rare, so if you get them? Just don’t look and don’t listen, or follow these instructions: 1. Double press the home screen. 2. Swipe block craft UP ⬆️. Then, open the app again. (Don’t Delete The Game). Also, there is Settings. If you need help, click Yes, please on help! If you have any other problems that’s not on the list, click Contact Us! Then, talk with block craft! (2021 Experience)
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4 years ago, Kiansj
Amazing! But one problem.
I love this game! It’s incredible! When you first reach level 1 or 2, you get unlimited blocks and it’s really cool! But if you reach level 3 or higher, the game limits each set of blocks to 150. When you run out, you either have to use gems and if you don’t have enough, obviously, you have to pay money or watch an ad if you have enough gems or not. Fun Games For Free, please change it to where you always have unlimited blocks even if you’ve passed the 1 or 2 level mark. I’ve wanted unlimited blocks so bad, that I’ve deleted the game, and now I’m building my own stuff. For those of you out there that want the garden like me and you can’t unlock it because of your level rate, I highly suggest that you build whatever you want to build that’s your own stuff, then you can upgrade your level and build stuff with instructions and get your garden and antiques! Getting stuff from other people building with instructions won’t upgrade your level, so that’s fine. Thanks for reading this! Bye!
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3 months ago, Melync1981
Good luck to everyone involved on this journey today with a new challenge for the new school district to tackle in our district this week at our new district building at West Side Park Elementary in West Park in West Park at West Side Elementary in the next two days and we are excited for you to be able get involved and help you get started on this project mwith your team to get the right direction for the yyyy and your community in this area to be ready to join us for this exciting journey in our community project at West Park in West Side High School District this week at the beginning and the beginning and the beginning and we will continue our work on our school building at the beginning and the beginning to get started on our school year to help us to make the best way forward we are excited for the future we will see the best way we are excited for the next phase in our new district and I hope to be there are some great work keep us updated as we have been thinking about it "..
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6 years ago, Bored Noob
Cool game! Please read!
So this is one of those copies of Minecraft like roblox, realmcraft, worldcraft, and so on. But this one is unique because you can use their designs for your houses and you can also use your own imagination. The alliances are pretty cool because you can play with other people and help each other build. They were basically my favorite part of block craft. This is really good game because the mobs are really cute and there’s no like zombies or skeletons or monsters. I have never experienced any trolling and I don’t think I ever will because these people that play this game are really nice and they help you build. I definitely don’t think they should have you spend this much money playing, but watching ads gets you a lot and I mean a lot of gems. You could just be watching TV or something and watching ads at the same time and every time at it ends just exit out get your gems and start a new one so you can be getting gems and doing something else at the same time multitasking.
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3 years ago, Kariswears
Hate to say it...
Ok, if it was your idea to make it, I would say amazing! But you kinda copied Minecraft...... I wanted to try the game, and the one thing I like about this more than Minecraft is that you can join anybody’s game, and though the blocks are limited, they are very nice. I was a bit disappointed when I figured out that there was some stuff you could pay. I mean, it’s ok that you have to pay for stuff, by why did you make it flight? Couldn’t you have made a special where you could buy a unicorn or something? To be honest, the game is pretty good,but I really think you shouldn’t make so many limited block and you have to open gift for blocks. I also kinda find it annoying that my sister had a board, and I looked up her board game, and her board wasn’t there! I tried the next month, and it still didn’t work! Please try to fix this! Even though Minecraft is a bit better, I say you did pretty good. Though I do recommend that you make it so if you get a certain amount of likes you get the flight. Thanks for reading! - Kkawsome
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5 years ago, RGF127
This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
This game is awesome! block craft is my favorite apart from Minecraft, But I would love some very cool new updates like maybe transportation like bikes, cars , boats , and even planes so you don't have to buy to fly for free you could just use like 700 or 800 gems to buy planes and what about weather, like rain, snow and storms (don't worry storms won't destroy your builds) and you could control what weather would you like! And make it so you could search in liked buildings or villages so I don't have to scroll forever to just find 1 liked build or village, but other than all that explaining (sorry it took forever to read) this game is sooooooooo cool that I have been playingnn this game for years! and I have 6 villages please visit! They are ✨DREAMLAND✨, block city ( might change in Japanese) ✨GRAND SPRINGS✨David's airplane village✈️🛩🛫 ,David's town and joyful town (Sorry but I might change some of these names but you could find a way to recognize them) But this game is⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️cool
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4 years ago, MikeOxmaul69
How a game saved MY marriage!!!
This game was the best game ever. I cant stop thinking about it. The way the characters were made and the content of it. My children love it. These past couple years have been rough for us. I’ve had trouble facing my gambling addiction. Everything I had I sold for money to bring to the casino. One day when I was looking through games in the App Store, i found block craft. In that moment life got a little bit brighter. I came home with a sudden realization I’ve been bad and I needed to make things right with my family. So that night I came home and I said to my 17 children “ I think I have something that could make things better”. This made all of my 17 little angels happy. Not only did this help my children but it strengthened the relationship I had wi Th my wife. We were going to marriage counseling for quite a few months. We were thinking about splitting up at one point. That day I came home changed everything...
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2 years ago, CMA9102011
I Know What You’d Thinking
“It’s just another one of those Minecraft rip offs.” Believe me when I say it’s not. Basically you spawn into a world and you get to select different types of buildings. Houses, Inns, Banks, stuff like that. There’s a LOT of buildings. There are many different types of houses. Also you can build your own kinds of buildings. Another great thing about this game is all the famous buildings you can create. For example there’s an Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and Leaning Tower of Piza. It sounds pretty perfect. But nothing is. All the famous landmarks you can build cost gems to make. Gems are something you don’t get often. You can get them in the gift machine, presents or watching an add. But adds and presents almost always give you less then 10. And you rarely get to open the gift machine. Also buying them never works for me. This was more feedback to the creators then it was the readers of this review, so nonetheless DEFINITELY GET THIS GAME. Or at least try it, because who knows you may like it as much as me. And there were plenty of great things that I didn’t go in depth about. Like visiting other people villages. So in conclusion, this game is definitely worth a try for everyone. Definitely recommend! Part II Recommendations Have larger oceans Less items that are expensive Some sort of farming(not a working system just blocks like soil and wheat) Get gems from making buildings Free furniture Great game 9.5/10
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3 years ago, Oli Hoffers Grace
Hello, Fun Games For Free
I’ll call you FGFF. So, FGFF, what I don’t like is that when I started playing this game for the very first time in my life, after the tutorial, I level up to level 3 and then I get a limited number of blocks. 150. You can only place 150 blocks in your village, then when you run out you can choose to watch an ad to get 76 blocks or use 15 gems to get 150 more blocks. I just wish we could place as many blocks as we want. Like in level 1. Secondly I don’t like this game because I can only play it at home it’s the WIFI. The WIFI needs to work. Thirdly, I can spot a villager in my village and trap them. I keep them in there overnight. The next morning, I wake up, go to let the villager free, but then they’re not there! Lastly can we be able to build in other people’s villages? Build blocks and destroy blocks. I’m sure they won’t mind. FGFF, you need to fix all this right away. Thank you for noticing. Bye!
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6 years ago, rashell10
Good luck passing level 20
Unless you have tons of coins and Gems skip over this review. The great cathedral costs a lot of coins plus gems. Gems you probably don't have by now because the game is set up ( not saying on purpose) in a way that you accidentally. As you play and run out of blocks ( between level 1-20) your finger WILL hit on use gem link to fill up on blocks instead of link to watch same commercials for the thousandth time to fill up on half supplies free. To rub salt in the wound ( you will feel the burn especially if you have spent money on "specials" water, flowers flying whatever) level 20's Cathedral needs "special" blocks to complete". The blocks (if you haven't bought them by now) is another 400 gems. Again gems you probably don't have anymore ... pay up or quit! I choose to quit because who knows what surprise are waiting for me at level 21! If you still want to play use " show advertising in exchange of gems" option in settings. I figured it out too late plus of course no one told me to use it even by message after I wrote just to ask about it on FB.
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2 months ago, Dgchvjnk
NO OFFENSE but this game is bad once there way a player named place I thought it was normal but it wasn’t every single time time I played the dumb player would join i got so mad i deleted this app i was only 5 Now i feel watched by “PLACE” and it’s a rip off of Minecraft. I wish I could give it a 0 star but i can’t. first ban the player and make it better i am A really nice girl and positive but in this case i am not I am nice anyways Now i am 9 this review is from 4 years ago and why do you Need levels it’s stupid you can’t even craft stuff and tutorials for how to build something you think we are beginners well you are even worst Make more blocks then just SQUARES they make buildings look bad Some animals freak me out so bad fix that and make a version that you can play not online it makes me uncomfortable i was only 5 i could had been kidnapped and the textures are bad ask mojang to help you fix this Game cause if you did this by yourself you would make it worse And sorry for being mean and sorry for making this review long Don’t download this game and delete teleportation and money and gems How bad like did you make this so it could be a ripoff dumb and
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1 year ago, hoopyho-/3
Best game I the whole wide world
I love this game I think it really think it helps me creative I have created so many things and thanks to this game I have a skill of drawing because all I have to do is copy what I have created I made a skyscraper with windows and everything it is the best for real I think that I have a better future thanks to this game I was really hoping one day I would find a game I like and love and this is the game I swear unless there is a better game out there but I doubt it I also love where they let you build stuff and guide you through it instead of just letting you figure it out on your own like most games I really hope the creators of this game are blessed and at a house with there creative minds maybe creating a new game better then this one thank you creators thanks to I found out what I want to do with my life so whenever those makers of the game are I just wanted you to know thanks
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5 years ago, 0000099999333333
This is great
Have you ever herd of World Craft? What about Minecraft? Well let’s talk about Block Craft 3D you can make thousands of houses. You can also go to people’s villages and explore! But there are some things that I can complain about. First gems well you can get gems every now and the but If you want to create some of the houses or other things you have to use gems. And if you want more you can watch adds but if you want a lot you have to pay. I think everything should be free. World Craft everything is free! Now with building well you only have a certain amount of blocks until you run out you have 150 blocks which seems like a lot until you’ve made a room with all four walls and a roof and you only have like 3 blocks left in each column. But I love the game. You can get pets and build. So if I were you I’d get the game and if you do like the village lunsna. That’s mine and I have a massive mansion.
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4 years ago, Sorry developer!
This game is certainly good, but it gets old fast. After a month, I didn’t really have much to do. There is no reason to build any of these things, which is a problem because that’s the whole purpose of the game. Imagine if you could use the farm and ranch to raise animals and upgrade your horse. And imagine if you could build an armory to make weapons and armor to defend your village from monsters! Instead, it’s a game with an empty world that is always generated the same, no seeds, useless game mechanics and repetitive gameplay. So, why isn’t this a one star rating? Simple. I find the game boring now, but when I first got it, I thought this world I was in was incredible. Along with that, you can also visit other people’s worlds! And there’s no complicated level codes like Super Mario Maker, no. Instead, they have a much simpler search bar. Those 2 things are what keeps this game from being a really bad Minecraft rip off. If you really want the best experience out of this game, delete it before your first month of playing is over.
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5 years ago, entity 98
Enjoyable game with cool concepts
I really do enjoy the game and building a village. I do find building your own village as a part of the gameplay quite entertaining and having The ability to walk through your town in first person is something that I really enjoy. I have played this game for a while and I’ve experienced several of its updates. The thing that brings down the fun of the whole app is that you now have A block limit that limits the amount of blocks you can use. You would then have to either buy blocks by using your gems 15 or you have to watch an ad to a teen more. Usually I don’t mind watching an ad or two if I run out of blocks. Although I kind a mess when I had infinite amount of blocks to build with. I have also seen that the water textures seem to be glitching out. I would appreciate it if there was an update where that bug was fixed but I’m a patient person so if it needs a little bit of time to work out everything i’ll be fine with that.
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5 years ago, Cuticatdog
Medium thoughts
Ok so I’ve been playing this game for a while and I really like it. The only thing I didn’t like was that you could only use the same stupid blocks, none of the cool stuff. Well after a while I got bored of the app and deleted it. Then I re-downloaded it again and it told me I had to get to level 3 to unlock all the cool blocks. And I was like sweet! Cause level three doesn’t take that long to get to so I thought I’d have myself some cool stuff in no time. After I get to level three I went into the inventory and went to go build something cool. But there is a block limit. You have something like 160 blocks of each kind you can use (which is fine cause if you run out you can just watch a video to get more) but when I scrolled down to the cool stuff, instead of 160 it said I had 0 blocks to use, and I had to pay 50 gems if I wanted one block. ONE BLOCK!!! Might as well still be locked. But I still love the building aspect of this game. Gives me a chance to be creative.
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5 years ago, eckerg
I’ve seen a lot of free "Minecraft copies" and usually they’re bad. Don’t get me wrong, this one is pretty good, but I just still would prefer the actual Minecraft over this. This game is only good if you can’t get Minecraft for whatever reason since it’s a paid game. Now moving on from the Minecraft stuff and to the actual game. Honestly I think the jump feature is very clunky. I can’t even jump while running. I understand that you want the screen to be filled with less buttons, as this is a mobile game, but it won’t hurt to add a jump button will it? I also would like it if there were biomes instead of just two. And to have bodies of water to not just be a one block high pool of water. I have Minecraft myself (that actually seems like a small flex to those of you who don’t have minecraft sorry lol) but on another device. So if you want Minecraft on your other device and you don’t want to spend money on another copy of the game, maybe get this.
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3 years ago, Cat Zing
Please please please please please please please look at the original style color
Do you know how to win game first came out I know what color it was or I need the color blocks and the style color blocks and I want them to be the original color I don’t like the new style color because I think you other color which is the original color looks better I know people have been complaining how it doesn’t but I like it so please update the game how the original style color was please😿 I will keep begging you until you update The game where the style colors are back to the original style of the blocks I will keep begging and begging until you change the box to the original style(Plus the original style of the water looks more realistic and I liked how it looked)So please change it backPlease Answer PLEASSEE I love this game please change it and my grandma passed away with cancer stage 4 Please can you change it
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1 year ago, proplaysroblox 1 1 7
I hate it/ mind changes
It’s bad because it’s a copy of Minecraft and you don’t do what you want and You can break bedrock and that’s not possible in Minecraft unless you’re in creative mode and you don’t create your own world you just spawn in its better than the other Minecraft copy’s but like at least make it like Minecraft they even copied Steve like Minecraft doesn’t cost that much just buy Minecraft you can do way more in mine craft in the 5 minutes of playing it was bad BREAKING BEDROCK THATS NOT POSSIBLE IN MINECRAFT JUST BUY MINECRAFT ITS JUST A CHEAP RIPOFF most of the things in the game don’t exist and don’t buy random games like this either there is a chance you could virus or worse even know I wrote a whole paragraph DOnT BUY ThIs it’s worst then having to watch cocomelon for the rest of your life. I’d rather get a paper cut then play this/ I take that back the game is great I’m not going to play it again but yeah the game is great I kinda recommend this app but so far most of the other reviews are good
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4 years ago, carmen denova
How much I love block craft 3D🥳
When I told my sister I want a fun game she just toke my phone and found the game block craft and I love it if people want to delete this game I’ll just take my phone away from them I get to see people and I get to see new places and if I like it I just tap on the like button when I saw it I said this is going to be soo lame but I was wrong it is soo much fun without this game everyone would just be bored all the time every day I wake up get my phone and play block craft I got this game because I do not like being bored it is SOO lame being is just SOO lame right I just love love this game who wouldn’t whoever made this game thank you we all love love it right especially because of this covid thing we all get bored because well you know why we can’t leave the house when people get bored get your phone and play block craft if you want to see my village it is called welcome to mecdonolds. Bye👋🏻
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5 years ago, Littlemissreporter#
Reviews for you readers
I REALLY love this game!!!!! I have this game a lot!!!! I play it all the time!!! But I wish you could friend people and visit. Also can y’all make it to where you can join up with a friend or a group and build in one world??? That would be AWESOME!!!! Also I love how easy it is to build. But could y’all like I don’t know... like make food like the decorations they just sit there???? I mean there is SOOOO much I would say this game is awesome I would give 5 stars but I wish y’all would add more stuff like I said. But still I have a challenge for you players...... and that is to build a 10 story house!!!!!! I did!!! In 3 or 4 days!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧 Another thing there are inappropriate villages that have created images unfit to be seen by a young child and you cannot report them!!!! I havent has this game since last year and I got it today and had to come change my review because of it!!!! So if y’all could please make to where you can report them!!!! Thanks xoxo
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4 years ago, Arizona 🇺🇸
Few Problems, but it is AMAZING!!!💜
I love this game so much! It is really fun and nothing is to expansive. You have to use real money for flying. When I first got this game I absolutely hated it and did not want to play it at all. I thought that it was a waste of storage on my iPad ( which was absolutely terrible on space ). Then I played it again and loved it! You can have a guide to building and you can create your own houses. You can watch one add to get a free ticket and one add to get about 3 gems 💎. I really do suggest this game. I think it is with it. You can also visit other people’s worlds and give them likes! One problem is that after watching a few ads one after another, it ends up showing the same one and that can get really annoying. That is the only problem I have, other then that, it is amazing and you should really get it!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❣️
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3 years ago, Sophia Sedlock
Could do a LOT better
This game is fun to play when you’re bored, but I would really like if you could add something like accounts. Everytime I delete the app or get a new phone, I lose ALL my progress. So, if we get accounts, I could just log into my old account and have my old village back. Another thing accounts could do is add multiplayer. The game is fun and all, but I want to play with my friends and talk to people. You guys have a good app, but NEVER make any updates at all, or at least never updates people want. Also, to the people asking to make it more like minecraft: just stop. Just get minecraft, I understand some people can’t get minecraft, but making them copy the whole entire game is just wrong. This game could be so good if there was actual effort in updates, and also letting people actually use good blocks without having to pay like 5$ for a 20ish package of blocks. Please, just listen to the people who spend money and play your game and actually give them the updates they want.
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3 years ago, 😁🪦😟🤛👁😣
Pros and cons in this game
Pros: 1: They made an original idea for this game and not just fully copy Minecraft like the other rip offs do 2: The community makes great builds that are cool 3: The tutorial buildings are cool and I like how everyone cheers for you when you complete the build 4: There is barely any ads at all 5: It is free so if you can’t afford to buy Minecraft then you can play this game instead 6: I like how you bump into people and they say Oh hello 7: There are more animals I; this game than Minecraft Cons: 1: You can’t jump at all 2: it is hard to navigate through people’s worlds because the render distance is very low 3: If you run out of blocks and you don’t have internet connection, you have to wait 24 hours for the blocks to restock 4: Most of the blocks you want to get for free are only in 2 sections out of i think 5 or 6 and you have to pay for each of the extra sections 5: You have to pay just to be in creative mode 6: There is no music which makes the game boring sometimes Over all I think this game is a great game to play when you bored. I definitely think this game should add more blocks to the game. There should also be some modes you can put in. This is the only good Minecraft rip off I know of in the App Store. You should all download this.
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1 year ago, Giada Ginger
Good game that needs changes
I love this game don’t get me wrong but it does need some changes. I would say that I don’t think you should have to use gems to get certain items. Or have to watch Videos to get gems. I also don’t think there should be so many ads 😒. Also you should not have the “village” thing I don’t like it and you should not have to have a certain amount levels to be able to get things. That is all that I think they should Change oh also that they should add music or something it gets a little quiet. One last thing I don’t like how there are random people running around they were breaking the things I made. Those are only some minor things that should change I can live with them especially because it is basically a free Minecraft which is nice. You should definitely get this game but I am just pointing out some things that should change.👍😌💁
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6 years ago, Niki@#12
Amazing, but in need of an update
This game is amazing but it would be nice if you can a get a pack for a cheaper gem price. It is way to expensive. I don’t want to have to pay using real money to get more gems and even if you watch a bunch of videos, it takes way to long and you end up losing all of the gems that you earned. Some of the packs should be free. I like playing this game because I can build and design my own houses but it’s annoying that the furniture isn’t free. This game does need an update. You should add an option to collect a large sum of gems that unlocks over a period of time. But this is a really good game. I’ve always wanted to make my own buildings and design them the way I want to without having to pay money for the app like Minecraft PE. Great jobs guys. But please consider everything I just said. It would make this game even better. PLEASE UPDATE Thank you!
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4 years ago, AnnieQueen15
Real Cool, but I have a preposition
Ok, first things first, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! It’s sooooooo fun and I love how the setting changes from day to night! Ok, yes, this game is fun and all but I think it would be even better if you could customize your own character from scratch like to choose what hair style and stuff like that. I would love this game even more if that’s what would happen :). Another thing that would be helpful to eliminate is places where villagers can go, like here I am building my mansion literally blocking all the ways in and out, then suddenly a villager pops up out of nowhere. Seriously? It’s not like someone would come into your house with no permission. Anyway I still like this game but once more, things to think about making this game better are; 1. Customizing characters from scratch (choosing hair, eyes, accessories, types of clothing, etc.) 2. Limiting where villagers can go (like being able to make an “off limits” zone where villagers can’t go— MY HOUSE!) Thanks for reading this review and yes before you can write back anything— I already shared this app with all most all the people I know! Don’t even think about saying that cuz I already shared the app so yeah. Good talk! ;) Sorry this is long, but it has some recommendations that would make the app better in my opinion!
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2 years ago, drake/dragon
Ripoff of regular Minecraft and more…
You see, the regular Minecraft is the funnest game I have ever played, but it seems like the updates on the original Minecraft just don’t make sense… well, this type of Minecraft is worse than the original because we have options on what to build and we just build it just like that, and the quality is quite bad. Also, they barely add updates to this type of Minecraft unlike the original. If this is just a different version of the original Minecraft, what is the point in making it if they aren’t gonna update it? You see in the wild update, most of the new stuff are literally make beliefs. We need some real things that make sense to have along with the simularity of the item. For example, if we have bowls, and pots, how come we don’t have cups? And if we have stairs, why don’t we have chairs? If we have fences and slabs, why don’t we have tables? If we have chicken, why don’t we have turkey? If we have polar bears, why don’t we have regular bears? If we have barrels, why don’t we have cabinets? And we need real mobs, like birds, deer, bears, more insects, Including cups, chairs, and less make beliefs And as we need all of that in the original Minecraft, and as this is practically another version, why don’t they make that stuff in “this” app? It may seem more realistic, as though there are almost NO updates in this game… change that…
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3 years ago, famboy 2.0
Good but…
This is a great game, just there needs some updates. All the packs such as the nature pack are 400 gems, that’s far too much gems. Also the furniture shouldn’t have to cost gems. Also when I search one of my friends villages it just gives me all the villages with a certain word in it, some times it takes over 5 minutes to find a village. The flying ability should be free cause it annoying when you fall and have to stack blocks to get back up. I hate when you get past level 3 you only get 150 blocks. Someone shouldn’t have to keep refilling their blocks. And also all the packs shouldn’t cost any gems AT ALL. It’s stupid that someone has to watch several adds to build with cool blocks. Same with the animals. The villagers are also stupid cause all they do is walk on your buildings and glitch. This game is still good but it needs these updates. If I had to use an emoji to show how I feel about this game this is my emoji…🙁
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6 years ago, Mandala221
Love it! Just a few requests..
*Please make tools to clear more blocks at a time? Like to clear 5x5 & 10x10 areas, and even a big area like a 50x50 for clearing mountains and such.. It would be especially awesome if they were free tools, or at least the smaller tools!* I love this game! I'm on it every day, several times a day! I rated it 4 stars bc it's great, though I would rate it 5+ if 1) there were more things, like doors, water and ladders, etc without having to pay for them.. 2) we had the option to 'turn off' the villagers, & 3) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put a 'confirm' option for refilling blocks with gems!! I've spent SOOO many gems on refilling blocks when I didn't actually want to bc the refill button pops up so fast and it's exactly where I'm tapping to lay blocks down quickly! I spent all my gems, twice! I want to save them so could you please ask to confirm the purchase?! Besides these 3 things, I think it's the best game I play!
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4 years ago, snowbird68
BlockCraft devs please read
The game is amazing and really unleashes creativity, but it’s lacking several things. You guys update the game regularly but those are just some small bug fixes, it would be nice to know what the bugs are that are fixed; rather then saying you improved performance, you should say what exactly you fixed. Now a major update has not been done in a long long time, it would be nice of another could be made, some of the features are getting old and some new content would be amazing, it would me want to play more and by making a major update it would drive more players to the game. It also would be nice if we could save our world’s progress so that if the app accidentally got deleted we could access it again (I have lost a year old world by accident). Please consider some of these ideas
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1 year ago, The Great Goat Government
This game is the definition of garbage.
It’s been years since I’ve played this game. I liked it. Until what do you know? I level up and my next build was a gigantic mansion. It took me months to finish it. I watched ad after ad after ad for gems and blocks so I can actually finish it. That’s not the only reason it’s garbage though. It’s pay to win. You have to pay for gems to get blocks. And it gets expensive. Instead of paying for that pay for Minecraft. Which is so much better. I mean they could have done so much better than this piece of garbage. I mean come on? This is just embarrassing. I could’ve done better. I feel like this developer is just lazy and don’t care about it. But developers like Minecraft actually put work into their game. I get it. You might now have the budget to make a game like Minecraft but at least put some more work into this game so you can actually make money to improve the game to make it popular? Downloading this game was a absolute mistake. Do not get this game. I’m sure you already know why.
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