Block Puzzle - Brain Games

4.7 (385.8K)
231 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oakever Games
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Block Puzzle - Brain Games

4.71 out of 5
385.8K Ratings
11 months ago, GunnoudFamily Music
Lost progress, lately very glitchy!
I love this game, but I have lost my progress TWICE in the last month. The first time I was at like 54K, when I came back later I was at zero! Yesterday it happened again- I was up to 26K, and came back, was at zero again. The other issue is lately it’s been very glitchy & freezes up. No blocks will move, nothing works! I close the app and reopen, and it happens again. This has gotten much worse in past couple of days! I even checked for updates on the App Store and restarted my phone but nothing helps. I’m more upset about losing my progress! Help! Annette
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2 years ago, shutterfx
Sort of an Attention Keeper
Been playing this game awhile now. Way too many Ads! Ads after every game, Ads to get bonus points! Clear out the Ad when started and go back to the game app and start again. Still an interruption but less of game time taken. Never ceases to make me want to quit playing as it forces choices with the blocks not needed and it has to be placed somewhere and eventually the game ends due to no more space. As the game progresses, pieces are given that is not needed: lots and lots of angle pieces that eventually cannot fit, then the long pieces arrive and then the large square. This is not a game of random pieces given to play with. Its programmed for you to lose. Its like a game of Chess playing against a computer - try as you can, you will lose eventually. The best way to get points is to play the game without using points to rotate and try to clear three or four rows to get bonus points. Takes awhile to get points. There are other ways available to get points. Now they have provided another game set that you can play but no points are given. If you need to rotate then it comes off your supply - nothing is given in return so its fun trying to clear the board without using your points. It is on a time schedule for only a few days. Use it as a break for something different but don’t use your points to rotate! Have fun trying to go as long as you can.
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1 year ago, 80srckr
This version of this game can be pretty fun. And you can spend a lot of time playing it. The problem is the ads. They’re incessant. They’re constant. They’re ridiculously long and anything you want to do to advance in the game requires you select something that’s gonna present you with another set of ads that lasts anywhere from one to up to (in some cases) three minutes of multiple ads. It’s ridiculous. These app companies that are building these games need to find another revenue source or other ways to engage consumers in commerce that they benefit from. It’s either incessant advertising that’s completely disruptive to the experience of actually playing the game or they want you to agree to their privacy policy where they’re going to have access to all your information on your device and sell it to third parties, insisting that you consented it in order to play their game. I’m sure most people don’t mind some level of advertising but this is crazy. Its invasive. It’s just absolutely ridiculous and stupid. It’s a shame that companies can’t realize that they are inconveniencing the very customers they are seeking to participate in applications they build.
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4 years ago, weezie95
No explanation to use keys - changed my eval
While I like the game, i have looked and looked and asked for an explanation, but nothing! I keep earning keys, but all I can determine is that I can store ONE shape in the box and ONLY one, even tho I have over seven hundred keys! Also when I try to get the 3 “free” rotations, i have to watch sometimes 3 ads! I will probably soon delete this game. Came back again to see if there had been added any explanation for use of the keys. Nope! Nothing! One review says he gets rotation coins when his meter run across the line at the top. I still get these useless keys! Going to have to downgrade to one star until they explain or fix! Received a response finally. They say the key will be usable with next update. I hope so! If it is, I’ll have to raise my evaluation. Ok! Keys now can be turned into rotate coins! Yay! It cost 100 keys to receive 8~12 coins, which seems high to me, but I’ll take it. Now I’m enjoying the game much more and my score is getting higher! Thanks, developers!
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2 years ago, PepaPPPP
Great game, terrible ads!
The game is mildly challenging and fun. and basic operations are easy to discern, but explanations for the bells and whistles are missing or buried where I can’t find them. But my biggest criticism is the ads—too many, too frequent and frustratingly designed. In fact, I spend at least equal amounts of time playing the game and wrestling with the frustrating ads. Icons like mute and cancel are often very small, placed in extreme corners so that you can’t actually use them, or must press the icon multiple times, often without success. In addition, most ads require player to loop between several screens with various gimmicks designed to get the player to download an app they don’t want. Often the different screens take you in a repetitive loop to the point of extreme frustration. I can’t find an “ad free” version for which I would be happy to pay a reasonable price. The frustrating ads turn a great game (and satisfaction from playing it) into an exercise in stress creation and endurance. For this reason I am going to uninstall what should have been an absorbing, stress-relieving, and fun game app. So sad.
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5 months ago, Jordan Frisby
Good game until bugs, freezing, crashing
The game is good. Very intriguing and thought-provoking. On the other hand, it can get mildly infuriating when you have to kill the app's processes just to reboot because the game froze due to an ad that never fully loaded or simply crashed at an unfortunate part of the game. This gets extremely frustrating when you're in a challenge stage and the progress doesn't save. So now you have to force stop the app just to reboot and start all over. Please out out a hotfix that eludes to the game not crashing. I've played this game on multiple devices on all of the newest iOS versions yet the crashing seems most persistent on iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. These are far from potato devices so for the game’s optimization to be lacking so heavily is very frustrating. Update the app and fix the bugs.
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2 years ago, blocked blockhead5791
Freezing, no instructions
I would have given more stars but for two things 1 -freezes constantly, action often ‘sticky’, so blocks often drop in unintended spaces 2 -biggest problem-NO INSTRUCTIONS!! Pretty easy to figure main goal of clearing blocks, but there is NO KEY for the icons, or notes how to use them. For instance, how do you get more magnets?? It seems that when the video symbol is present, you can opt to watch an ad and be rewarded with a magnet. But (a)this only works sometimes, (b) the ads are up to 30+ seconds long and (c) often freeze. Same for rotators. What is the 2x symbol up by the crown? Sometimes I seem to set double rotators; often nothing seems to happen after I watch (another) ad. So how do I work this. I like the game, but I am spending more time trying to ‘unfreeze’ it than I am playing. And I don’t know how to collect rewards.
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1 year ago, Anonymously diff12221
New updated version
I literally saw that the game switched before my eyes. I saw it’s old version one part of the day and a few minutes later I saw the game had a old and different look/feel. I was very skeptical that I was playing the same game I was all this time. I do not like this new version of the game. I think I hate it. Everything looks old and I can’t see the blocks/pieces as easily as the last version. With this version, you can’t earn back rotations when you make a 3-4-5 combo on your board. You have to earn it and go to your chest at the home screen or watch a video. This is literally so lame. Please, developer, if you see this, please change it back. I don’t feel as confident when I hit my high score as I used to. I hope Im not the only one who feels this way. Also, another problem is that my phone would stay on when I’m on the app and it uses up my battery.
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3 years ago, Jerre_9000
Great fun - but lacking in instructions
This version is head and shoulders about the other block game we used to play simply due to the rotate feature and holding area. Impossible to count the number of times a really good (and relaxing) game ended because a random pattern of blocks came in that “just could not be done” (note the finger quotes). Nobody in the software world likes documentation, but please start a FAQ. What is feature X called? More importantly, how do you start hard mode?!?! My wife only started playing a week or so ago and it is not available to her, so we have spent the last few days scouring the internet to no avail. Needless to say, discord in the house when one of us has hard mode and the other does not.
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2 years ago, Annie6381
The ads are out of control!
I love this game but it is ruined with all the ads. 1st-ad pops up for Candy Crush Saga, it lasted 20 seconds and then when you click the ✖️,2nd- the next ad starts for candy crush saga again and this time it is 30 seconds long. 3rd- Then when you click the ✖️again after that, you get another 20 seconds ad for candy crush saga! UNBELIEVABLE! I even have Candy Crush Saga. This over indulgence of commercialization makes me play your game less and less. It’s very frustrating and makes me do the opposite of what your ads want me to do. I will purposely not buy or look at the ads when you assault my time. Is greed what is motivating you to allow all of these massive ads to borage your customers? You definitely are not customer friendly and just full of greed. Shame!
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10 months ago, Rebrum89
Needs some updates
I bought the add free version so my review is with the game itself. -When you fail a game, there should be a way to pause this if you have the option to turn a piece. I’ve lost many times because I didn’t have it turned on. I don’t like the distraction of it being constantly on and spinning. -Can we earn “undo last move” tokens or something? In haste I have mistakenly put a piece in the wrong spot, leaving an awkward gap. -Can the pieces given to us actually be random? There’s no way this is the case and I think it’s a tactic to make us use up all our piece turns. I get that money is to be made but this really spoils the fun when I’m constantly getting the worst possible pieces and forced to use up everything. It feels as if the game doesn’t want me to progress or get a high score. -Some challenges have different shapes, can you add those to the regular game? They make it more fun :) Overall this game is quite fun and compared to the other versions, this one is my favorite. My biggest complaint is the pieces don’t feel randomly generated and if this doesn’t change I can no longer play.
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2 months ago, catcute223
Small complaints
So at first I LOVED this app because this was the only block game like this I could play with the restrictions my mom put on my phone (more on that later) it was relaxing I have autism and high anxiety so this game really helped with that and ya it had a lot of ads but I didn’t really care that much because I genuinely enjoyed the game. But the age limit got changed to 12+ for some reason and now I can’t play it because my mom is strict and anything 12+ and above is restricted and now I can’t play my favorite game so thanks a lot. Would give it 5 stars but whatever. Edit: I checked the reasons why it’s 12+ and it said mild/infrequent fantasy violence HOW? It also said mild/infrequent gambling or something like that again HOW?!
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2 years ago, Youalreadyknow134568
Still don’t know how to get the magnet….
My wife got a magnet that she can watch a video and the magnet brings down all of the blocks to the bottom. I would like to get this myself but there is no explanation on how she got it. She don’t even know how she got it. Anyone know how this is done? I’ve emailed the game developers with no answer been a week since I sent an email to them. Any help on this situation will be appreciated. Love the game other then this one issue. Thanks to anyone who can help….including y’all developers.. :)
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4 years ago, LetsBeHonest!
Not impressed
I downloaded the app after seeing an ad on FB. I’m not generally a person that plays games on my phone. But for some reason this game caught my attention. As soon as it was downloaded I started playing, not really knowing what I was doing. I quickly figured it out but was kinda confused with the bonus rounds and treasure chests. I tried to go back and find the guide and/or rules in settings but they don’t have any information anywhere. I even googled it with no results. Even after that I continued to play but quickly realized it was super repetitive and less challenging the more I played. I already upgraded to the paid subscription but will be canceling ASAP. How can you have a game with no rules and fake bonus rounds? The developers of this game must have just thrown it together to make a quick buck. Not impressed!
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1 year ago, Tjander
ADS are frequent!!!
Fun game but the ads are at the level that you realize for a couple minutes of playing you’ve watched ads for just as long. You can’t thoroughly enjoy the game at all. There are two or three other games just like it with no ads or at least it waits until you fail with a particular puzzle. This interrupts gameplay before the game, when you put a piece in the save box and if you simply play longer than a set amount of time without screwing up it goes to ads . Ads are fine I understand money is essential for creation etc…you guys should download the competitions apps and take note of their timing for advertising and scale it back bit.
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1 year ago, SKJ_seattle
Ads ads and more ads
A one minute ad plays after every game. Annoying ads. The same ads over and over. Loud ads. Ads with videos of teenage girls in preposterous conversations. Some are impossible to close, so you have to exit the game and restart. The game itself is fine but this amount of paid content is beyond frustrating. I get that a business needs to make money to pay the bills but you’re pushing customers to the brink. Hope you eventually get a enough patient users to up your ad slot prices and do the right thing. Good luck. Update: after reading more reviews, it sounds like the ads issue gets worse, not better as you progress. Life’s too short for this and there’s other apps that do the same. Deleting.
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2 years ago, Beantown K
Another “I love your game but...”
I’ve purchased it twice and each time it had reached a point where it does not load. Just spinning white circles! I lost my high score once son I guess I’ll have to lose it again if I’m forced to re-purchase. Any way to avoid that?I Once again Block Puzzle, my favorite game will not load. I just get a black screen. I had a high score over 12,000 and now will I lose it? I’ve tried going to the App Store, then “Purchased”, then Open, but nothing works! Please fix! And now I can’t open Block Puzzle because an ad for another game will not disappear. I’ve tried for a couple of hours and several times to get rid of a Zynga game in which I have NO interest!
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3 years ago, Pystew
Frozen Screen problem
I love this game. I subscribed for a year because I didn’t want to deal with ads. I then realized that I could get “bonus” points to rotate the pieces around by watching ads at certain times…not too often to affect the game. I accepted it, and in looked forward to earning the bonus points. But, today one of the ads froze on my iPad screen. When this has happened on other games, I just delete the game, go back to the App Store and upload the game. My data is uploaded with it. That did not happen on Cube Block. I got a new game without my data. Hopefully I’ll figure out a way to fix it.
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1 year ago, SydneyP79
These ads are out of control
Okay I love this game and play it daily however I’ve been on the verge of deleting it because of these ads! I get it that ads have to be there and perhaps there’s a way to purchase ad free play but on the version I have the ads are horrible. If it was a simple click once it ends that would be great but it’s one click…oooh nope we gotta hit that teeny arrow now that pulls up the App Store so we can immediately exit out of it..ohh now we gotta hit the X again to cancel the add off. It’s literally mind numbing! Not to mention the icon for cutting the volume rarely works! Great game but if the ads don’t chill out I’ll be deleting it soon. I can’t take much more lol
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1 year ago, MrMIT1955
Addicting fun but…
This is fun and hard to put down. The reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the special event challenges aren’t refreshed enough. For example, I finished the Easter event in 3 days and the event play clock indicates 4 days left to play the event, but after waiting there isn’t a new event to play yet. The basic game gets kind of boring without also having more frequent and difficult events to challenge your skills. If a new challenge event was to occur at the time of completing the current event OR say your given fewer days (3-5) to complete it after which a new event is introduced, definitely 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Mickey1442
The game is rated for ages 4+. My grandson (9 years old) and I take turns playing while unwinding at the end of the day. He always has a hard time sleeping because of all his “bad thoughts” as he calls them. He saw an advertisement on Cube Block for Biden showing real dead children who died because they ate drugs that looked like candy. It is a horrible tragedy in this world, I know. And it is one that I would talk with him about but I would leave out the visuals!!!!!! I would love to purchase the game for him but it is outrageous that I would have to continue paying as a subscription! We don’t want anything from the game other than the advertisements being appropriate for children ages below 4!!!!! Please make your advertisements appropriate for your rating of ages 4+! Shame on you!
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3 years ago, hello_i_love_this!!
I love it but ……… maybe ?
So I don’t know why people keep getting annoyed with the adds ‘cause I barely get them. Anyway, I love this game so much it’s so fun and I love how they challenge you to try to beat your high score!! I guess it just like a little hard like at least it should give you a little chance to try to have a higher score or something but I guess that’s why this review I wrote was 4 stars cause I just wish you could have a second chance to have a higher score, so that’s why there is that 1 star missing. Maybe you could try to have it for like keys or something I don’t know but yeah.
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2 years ago, Elphba
A Bit of a Time Scam?
I’ve never made in game purchases and have played for close to four years. Beyond first playing the game when you advance often, I seldom if ever advance at all any more and I think it’s because I don’t make in game purchases. I get perhaps within a couple hundred points of advancing and then suddenly get the option only impossible blocks. It never fails. What’s the deal? You only get to advance if you make in game purchases? If that’s the way you run the game, you need to disclose that and allow people to choose between wasting their money on a game, or wasting their time on a game some of us use for relaxation.
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3 years ago, BLONDIE91868
Users Beware
In-game App Purchases BEWARE!!! Attention Apple: This is a China based game company. They designed the game to be deceptive to users to have you easily subscribe through the app without knowing. The dangerous part is the cancelling process. There is ZERO way of cancelling through the app even though the terms and conditions say so. They created the subscriptions to start with a weekly subscription and you don’t realize until months later when your bank is negative. Whether you think this is user negligence or not. Just beware of apps designed this way and apple should be ashamed not to have a stricter review process. You’d think apples first priority would be to safeguard users from have apps like this, but instead have apps siphon off money and collect the check. Rant is over. New users, Good luck.
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1 year ago, fyrgirl1
Almost perfect
The ads are definitely a drag, and that’s after paying the fee months ago for “no ads”. They keep finding ways to increase your need to sit through more ads, and they’re such stupid ads too. Additionally, the “rewards” for solving the daily puzzles are not really great, and don’t increase at higher levels like they should, and you STILL have to watch more ads to get them. Really disappointed in the way the ads are shoved down our throats, and keep adding 5 or more seconds after they play for 40 seconds. You keep hitting the exit button only to be told you’ll forfeit your reward if you stop watching….enough already!
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4 years ago, Tonya Mai
Silence Sounds
Like the game itself. Even when it’s hard to get very high on the score. Always seems to give you the worst possible pieces when you get very far. I don’t mind the ads to bad as there’s not a reasonable option to purchase the game outright. The frustration usually comes in with the sound tracks accompanying the ads. I’m usually listening to audio books if I’m playing the game which I’ve also turned off the sounds to. Looks like if you have the sounds off for the game itself that would carry over to the ads as well. Also when on the phone the sounds from the ads play as well. Extremely annoying!
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1 year ago, OctaviaLicious
Game stuck on loading
Edit: I thank you for fixing the bugs. I kept my position in the leaderboards! Still too many ads though New update maybe? I can’t play my game. It won’t start. Is stuck on pre play screen. I finally made first place too and still holding…. Hopefully. If I lose my first place, I will delete the game because just like everyone else says, there are waaaay too many ads and I’ve spent too much time with the ads alone. This is my favorite game too.
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3 years ago, find pandora
Stuck on the ads
I’m writing this for the other woodoku game but they don’t have a place to write a review. I’m not happy with the glitches surrounding the ads, sometimes I have to wait a long time for the game to resume after the ads. It gets stuck and won’t respond. Sometimes I have to shut my phone off just to get past the ad. Then there is the issue of dragging the pieces on to the board and on occasion it puts the piece where I didn’t want it to go. It seems to give me pieces I really can’t use as the game progresses making me loose the game. There are a lot of glitches in this game like freezing up or the piece doesn’t want to move and the trouble with the ads.
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3 years ago, russvw
Cheats you out of earned rotations
The game is good and challenging. However, after completing a challenge to earn free rotations, it won’t let me open all 3 chests sometimes. I don’t mind the ads, we all should be used to them by now. But having it show me that I lost connection, or just won’t open 1, sometimes 2 chests to collect my rotations is frustrating. One more for the developer. The blocks used in the challenges should be allowed in the game itself. They add a whole new level to the play and would keep me more interested in it overall.
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4 years ago, Jonah rock
The root awakening in common sense
Blocks relieve stress I have so much comfort when are you just lay on my bed and put the blocks together this game is such an awesome game even give you chances in a box where you could put away the ones you’re not using and then later on in the game is so exciting you get to use it blood game is one of the best game that you can have a play it is mind body and soul keeps away the evil it helps you think mostly on God and get to know yourself and know your powers powers
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3 years ago, Need a New MessagingApp
Adult ads! Really?
I really like the game and usually okay while I’m watching TV. I don’t mind the ads because it allow me to keep up with the plot of the show I’m watching. This week I started getting an ad for some kind of adult game. It shows a woman’s hand rubbing over a woman’s almost bare chest making the clothes come off and then inviting me as the player to do the same. What on earth is this? I don’t want to see this and I would never download such a game. I turn the tablet over because I don’t want to see this. This is no way to get me to buy the ad-free version. It is the way to drive me off to another game entirely. Make it stop or I’ll just delete the whole thing. I would otherwise give this game 5 stars.
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6 months ago, Kristy Elizabeth
Excessive Ads and No Longer Saves Games
Games are no longer saving. I open up the app expecting to pick up where I left off and it’s a new game. As if the ads and rotator changes weren’t annoying enough. Anyone got another game similar in style the like? Mention it in your review. The ads have gotten out of control. Every little thing on here requires an add, some of which you will have to power off your phone and restart to get out of. Want to stop game and go to Home screen? There is an option to pay to have ads removed but if you delete and reinstall app the purchase must be made again as it does not carry over. For such a simple game this is pure greed on the developers end.
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4 years ago, 6R1FF5O7
Killer Update
The game was just recently updated. Initially I did not like the update, as it made the game more difficult. Before the update my highest score was 3500*, now U have barely reached 1700 points. What I love about the update is that now when you reach gifts on the meter up top, it gives rotation coins, which Inthibk are the most needed. Before, the game would give a large amount of keys in order to store an extra shape, to where you never ran out. All this to say, the update has improved my experience.
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2 years ago, To busy for this
Can’t stand the ads!
I paid to have no ads and it didn’t even last a week. If you think I am going to pay on a regular basis to be ad free you guys are crazy. A one time ad free purchase on any other app is fine. What is it with you all. I have been playing candy crush for years with no ads!!(And did not have to pay anything by the way.) Hopefully you all learn you’ll have more people play and possibly buy in app purchases over paying you not to see ads and getting a few days for your money. Dumping this app. Although I love playing it. Can’t take the ads anymore even after paying for no ads. 😡
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2 years ago, PerepGirl
Ads ads ads
I re-downloaded the game because it’s very relaxing and satisfying when everything clears. But in the middle you get interrupted for a bonus level, then it’s an ad. To open the treasure it’s an ad then before starting your game again it’s an ad. I get revenue needs to be made somehow, and it’s the world we live in. But at what point is it too much? I spend more time watching ads for the game than actually playing it. It’s sad because it’s a really enjoyable game and I love playing. But I am on the verge of deleting again because of the ads. Anyway if I say ad one more time it might give you an idea of the game. Ad…. Challenge.. Ad. Have fun!
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1 year ago, Adamgb65
Love the game. Hate the lag.
This is my fidget spinner. I haven’t timed it but I play at least an hour a day. It would seem that when I play a lot the lag is terrible. This causes moves I didn’t intend to make. Causes me to inadvertently hit the block drop thing. I do like that the warning light on that is more prominent if it seems like I’m getting in trouble. I always thought that if I cleared the board completely, it would be nice to be rewarded for that. I definitely play less because of the lag. I’d be playing right now, but…the lag.
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2 months ago, Reviews_for_views
Ok so great app almost zero problems. ALMOST. Ok so in gonna jump right into it PROBLEM 1, after almost every game there’s an ad they don’t bother me That much but there still there. 2 Some times not all the times there will be glitches and lag but otherwise not a prob. 3 There are monthly challenges and they always pop up and when you try to exit they put you in a game and give you another ad! Overall probably one of the better games. Would download again. Good luck 🍀
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2 years ago, dwsqtug
Block puzzle
I have racked up several thousand USD playing this game . I used several different amounts to cash in Pay Pal, for instance $200, $300 and $500. Met all the requirements for watching ads then I had to have a certain number of gold logs. That’s fine if l knew how I earned the gold bars that I already have so I can earn some more so I can access my cash. Love the game but to be so close and then have to jump through another hoop and not know how if frustrating.
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2 years ago, Tarzan Mangili
My Ancient Mind
I love this game because I because inside my mind I can put objects together and that with this app I can visualize the secret corners and middle sections that get the most points and part of it is the game itself is it’s own cracking the secrets of each block. And the good thing about it is I understand blocks the way life is itself that we need to learn to connect the bricks if we want establishments to a success and to have that success be our dream thank you.
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2 years ago, J85100
Too many ads/freezes up my phone
The game itself is fun but there are a ton of ads that are kinda long that freeze up my phone. If I’m playing a podcast or music while I play, everything freezes and I can’t even seem to mute the adds. I would say it might be that my phone is at fault or something but I have several games I play that do not have this issue at all. I often have to exit out of everything I have open on my phone including the game to get it back to working order, which is super irritating. I’m deleting the game as a result.
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1 year ago, Kylea501
Too many ads
I like the game, but every time I start a new game I have to watch an ad. Fine, it’s free, I get it, but I’d rather pay a few bucks for the app and not have to deal with them. Today, I waited through one ad, clicked to skip, got a second ad that I waited through, and then was rewarded with… a third ad! Apparently there’s an event going on, but as near as I can tell that event is that you get to watch a bunch of ads. So, I’m deleting the app and am annoyed enough to come write a review. Fun game, but not worth spending time waiting for all of the ads to end.
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4 years ago, KNAKB
Love the game
I love this game it’s very addicting but there are some things I don't understand. I did the update and someone here (Killer)had mentioned collecting coins for rotation. I do not get that with my app. Also I wish all the keys I’m collecting could be used for rotation as well instead of having to look at ads all the time for one rotation. When I click on the keys it’s says you are logged out. What’s that all about? Don’t see anywhere to log in?
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1 year ago, Ronshagnasty
I have 3287 keys but no way to redeem them. Looked all over but no "master" menu with a key on it. Sure would be nine if I knew what I have earned. Now the key scroll bar has stopped giving me credit and my count does not advance no matter how many lines I complete. Also 2 weeks and now answer to the first teview so I dropped 2 stars Game is locked up. I canndo pizzles but get no credit because the scroll bar will not advance ti give me keys. Nothing works. You have 2 days to respond. I will delete and flood social websites with the fact that ghis is a scam. Stuck again st 85 keys after overnight pause. Do not see any of these reviews in history so you must be only posting the good ones. Tried support link but no help only ads for more games. I have no deleted all games by this developer and posted my facebook and twitter with screen shots on FB. Game starting limiting available blocks by what was needed. If I neede cubes it gave me long sows or columns. Will not miss it
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2 years ago, Human Rights
Do Not Rate (on the AppStore)
We might be pleased with the game, and everything is going along just fine. But they give you a pop up request to rate the app, and then once you’ve done that they dump a huge amount of ads on the user. So they are selling a game and also playing a game. What you would give four or five stars for IS NOT THE REAL THING! The real thing is overflowing with ads, but they have you rate it with ZERO ADS, which is quite different. Do not rate! And know that when you do rate it, their automated system begins the ads the very next time you open the app. And the advertisements are never ending. I have never seen such a copious abundance of ads on any game or other app.
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4 years ago, DaCroatian
Hate your 40 second AD
If I was given a $1 for every time I’ve seen this ad, I would be a very wealthy person. Their 40 second ad is ridiculous. After 30 seconds they add an additional 10 seconds until you can X it off. I’ve already figured out how to play this game within 5 seconds. Because of this AD being shown so frequently and wasting my time I will not download this game. I want to give you 0, yes if I could 0 star, but it won’t let me. But I’ll give you 2 stars, because your ad shows the correct way to solve the puzzle. Other ADs show how they always fail a simple puzzle.
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3 years ago, 2021 Player
Seizure triggers via in game ads
Love this game. It’s relaxing and fun however, there is a Facebook messenger ad that flashes a harsh red icon at the bottom of the screen every other minute or so for a solid period of time. The flashing is at such an interval that it triggers dizziness and irritability/ brain fog the same way strobe lights and florescent lighting does for folks with light sensitivity. I’ve had to quit playing the game and only check in occasionally to see if they’ve removed that particular ad. No dice so far. Please eliminate strobe sequences from the ads you run. It really is a nice game for relaxing, otherwise.
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2 years ago, gnfkfmfgkfbkgfdjkdrjogjkgjfu
Best one ive found so far
This is definitely one of the best versions of this type game ive found so far. The only issue i found is the game will periodically reset itself. I play for hours sometimes and get my score over 20,000 or more and have to close the game to go to work for example. Then i try to continue but it only come as a new game. This has happened to me alot lately. Why is it not letting me continue and starting a new game even though i havent lost. I would love to know.
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4 years ago, Nanny JoJo 24
a bloc
Most games give you an intro but not this one. It’s an addicting game, but a few more rules would be helpful. For instance, what do the star blocks mean? If you eliminate multiple rows at a time, do you get more points? It’s also sometimes difficult to get the rotations, and what do you do during the game to get additional rotations? Points accrue and rotations drop in, but I have no idea why. Please explain. Fix these points and it’s a five star game!
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4 years ago, Banana17658
Good game but not much variety
Love the game. It is a good time waster. However, I will note that the L shaped blocks are extremely difficult to maneuver, and I’ve been getting an increasing amount of them. My last game got five in a row, which took the perfectly aligned blocks I had an made me lose within two more “rounds.” I ask that there be more variety in the shape of blocks so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen. I loved this game when I first installed it, and now I can’t get myself to play more that three rounds because I always lose due to an excess amount of the L blocks.
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3 months ago, WatAJok
Too many ads
1. I understand applying the ads to make revenue but… Over abundance of ads and using multi-click removal/screen take-over ads….these type ads are getting ridiculously out of hand!! 2. I have noticed my block rotate coins are being removed and/or reset to 0! Is this another ploy to get players to spend or watch more ads?? Other than these 2 issues, the game is great for keeping someone like me studying and thinking!
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