Block Puzzle: Puzzle Games

4.7 (9.3K)
10.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jinbing Wang
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Block Puzzle: Puzzle Games

4.74 out of 5
9.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Ryleighsmom12
Simple and fun
I love this app. I can’t speak to the survival mode as I haven’t used it (I prefer classic) but after several days of play I can safely say it’s user friendly, the play area is a nice size so you’re not constantly running out of space, and best of all, the ads are very minimal. I have played similar games like this that are more flashy and have more modes, but they constantly interrupt your gameplay with loud repetitive ads and take away from the experience. With this game, there are non intrusive banner ads at the bottom of the screen (not in a place where you risk clicking them by mistake) and the only ads you have to watch are in between board resets when you have run out of space. Because the play area is so large this does not happen too often for me. I can play for a good long while with no ads at all. I really appreciate the designer being minimal with the ad placement but I would also pay to remove the ads if this is possible!!
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5 years ago, Jaylynn2711
LOVE IT!!! 😊
I have downloaded and played many many block puzzles and really liked a few, hated a few and Loved only one...THIS ONE!!! This one doesn't make you feel like the game is programed against you to make you fail. It truly makes the possibility of a long game play and high score up to strategy and gives you the opportunity to play one long game over multiple sessions to achieve the highest score possible. I absolutely think this is the best one of its kind on the app store and its Free🥰🥰🥰 Of course there are ads... The creators of the game have to make a living somehow, but the ads are only 5 seconds long then you simply X out if your not interested. I personally don't mind in-game ads, its how I have found most of my favorite games. Anyway Love this game...great job guys!!!
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5 years ago, BellaCieliVox
Good first thing in the morning or in a waiting room
THIS IS A FREE GAME. This is a really fun and addictive game. Ignore the nay sayers. I like to play this first thing in the morning to get my synapses firing. You have to plan ahead to ensure pieces fit to attain a high score. You have to analyze where new pieces fit. You use strategy and spatial assessment skills; my synapses get a workout! I can't believe the top player has over 4,000,000 points. FOUR. MILLION. I wonder how long it took. Anyway, your mileage may vary. Getting real: when ads pop up at the end of the game, just touch the screen to start a new game or exit. The same with the ads at the bottom of the screen during gameplay. Press the X or whatever to get rid of the distraction. I hope my insights were helpful. Blessings always and ENJOY!
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10 months ago, big bootyy latina
This is my first time EVER actually rating a game and omg. i literally love it so much!! i’ve played it for so long, i love that it saves your progress whenever you close the game and let’s you just pick up from where you left off. i also love how easy and fun the game is!! i would totally recommend this game to anyone that ever has those odd periods where you have nothing to do but just want to be on your phone. it’s a mindless game!! it’s also good for when i’m anxious or upset because i’m able to just shut my brian off and mindless place blocks and see the lines disappear.
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1 year ago, VA901
Fun, challenging and no annoying ads
Finally, a block puzzle app that doesn’t force me to watch 60 or 90-second ads every few minutes. I would give this app 5 stars if it had a “flipper” switch to flip the direction of certain blocks so they perfectly fit an empty space. Maybe make people earn one switch every 1500 points scored. It would also be nice to have a suggestion light for difficult placements, for example - a five-block vertical row where the space suggested has a transparent light to show you where it can go. Last suggestion- let the player earn single “bonus” blocks, perhaps every 2000 points, or create a holder box to save a few single blocks for use later.
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1 year ago, Casccii
Favourite block game I ever played
Been playing this game for years, it’s my favourite block puzzle game! My favourite parts are the ability to pause it and come back to it later and the movability of the pieces- it makes it the perfect relaxing game for me. Not to mention the aesthetic of the blocks are gorgeous. The only “eh” thing about it is that sometimes the ads at the bottom of the page are accidentally clicked, but that’s easy enough to avoid. Overall I’ve downloaded this game on multiple platforms and will continue to play it in my free time!
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1 year ago, Angelvoice1
I love block puzzles and have downloaded and played several. What makes this one special to me? Well, the functionality of gameplay is flawless, for starters. But I am visually impaired, so the size of the puzzle pieces is especially nice, and the glowing bright colors are so pleasant to look at. Also, you can completely close the app and it will preserve your current puzzle, score, and high score for next time. There is a small, unobtrusive banner ad across the bottom that keeps the game free. Five stars! Well done!!! :))))
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2 months ago, FlaSoonerFan
Fun but needs a modification
The game has power ups you can use, either to clear the board of empty spaces or to change a puzzle piece orientation so that it will fit in an empty space. However, you have to use these power ups BEFORE you are out of moves. If you don’t, the game will suddenly end. I think the game would be improved if you still had the ability to use the power ups when you were out of moves so that gameplay could hopefully continue, instead of the game just ending before you had a chance to use them.
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2 months ago, juni🥴💕
Ok so first of all, i wasn’t planning to download this game, i was looking for “Tetris”, and as you may know, while playing tetris you can change the shape of the figure and the figure moves against time, so i was looking for that and i found this lovely game <3!!!, ITS SO MUCH COOLER, it’s like a puzzle, yet it doesn’t get boring??? I enjoy it a lot. I never write reviews but if you’re the type of person that gets distracted with something “”vintage””, then this game is definitely for you!!. ONE THING THAT I DONT REALLY LIKE IS THE ADS BUT THEYRE NOT TOO LONG SO ITS OKAY!!! <333
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4 years ago, StracCat
The best block puzzle I’ve played
Compared to 10/10 and other extremely frustrating block puzzles I’ve tried, this one is challenging, fun—and fair. For comparison, 10/10 will often throw the same shape at you repeatedly or pile up big blocks. In this game, however, the distribution of shapes is more varied, and it actually signals you when you’re running out of room for a particular shape. As you progress and the game gets harder, new types of shapes appear. It’s not as frustrating and just more fun to play.
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4 years ago, call me anything not taken
Fun game
When I first started playing I scored low, game after game. Then I realized there are some different methods to increase my score and playing time. Now I am having more fun with much longer games. When I began, I thought the game was constantly trying to make me fail. Now I know that if the pieces they give you aren’t completely random, they would rather see you play on and achieve high scores. It is so much fun, I’ve lost myself over and over while playing.
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3 years ago, Jim Cheydleur
Good game – horrible ads
On the whole I like this game very much. I find it intriguing, generally a play in classic mode. HOWEVER, I run the game in silent mode and I am absolutely annoyed when the ads between games come on with the sound on VERY LOUD!!!! Some of the games are also deceptively difficult to cancel and go back to actually playing blockPuzzle. I would consider paying something to not be interrupted by the ads. But, ultimately I feel like if I do not have the sound turned on for the game, then the ads should default to NO sound.
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8 months ago, Yturriondobeitia
Just slide the shapes to matching spaces and let your mind settle in to the rhythm! The score rolls up as the seconds, minutes, (hours?) slip past and the easy breathing and relaxation becomes your reality of the moment. Try this game for relief from competition, confusion and the endless struggle every day can bring. Allow Block Puzzle to become your mental masseuse, psychologist, and stop gap during long and short waiting periods every lifestyle endures.
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2 months ago, Caukho48
Caukho 49
I have been playing block puzzles and I liked some but to me this the best! I can’t say anything else about this block puzzle …soft colorful blocks are planning to set up the way for us to think, to plan …before to move, to place these beautifuly soft colorful blocks… To make it short: TO THINK before TO DECIDE! I like this game very much! Thank you YAHOO for introducing this game to me! One of the very good games l love to play!
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11 months ago, Turtlecatpurrz
Simple pleasant game
Great block game. It’s colorful, easy to learn and hard to master. Even more pleasant, it’s use of adverts is pretty unobtrusive. Just a banner at bottom, and a full screen after you lose. One tiny bug, often if you are listening to something opening this app causes it to stop. If you close the app from app switcher this is fixed for a while.
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5 months ago, Heaven12356
It really fun.
I really love this game and it helps me relax. But when I play my games I like to listen to my music on my play list. So I just think we should have an option if we want to listen to our music. But that’s the only problem I have. The colors are very unique and I think we need more colors and shapes to make it harder. But every thing aside I love this game and it helps me calm down when I really need it. Thank you for your time.
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5 years ago, Ramplo
Free, but at what cost
I have never accidentally clicked ads more in any game. Ever. It is so incredibly frustrating and I can’t believe that I actually want to pay to get rid of them. This is a good game, I’ve spent many MANY hours playing but I am creeped out by the amount of information advertisers get and would rather pay. Instead I try turn my internet off or turn on guided access because it isn’t an option. And that isn’t a solution, it’s an annoying workaround.
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3 years ago, northcedar
Good Game!
Was playing Tetris on my kids’ Gameboy for years until I found this for my Iphone. Excellent game! Not quite the same as Tetris but very fun to play and the best of the bunch I tried. I got in the zone one evening and racked up 114,000 points don’t know how I did it because I haven’t been able to do it again... sometimes you just get on a roll. Thanks for a great app.
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1 year ago, vrnndndn
This was a better game than any other block game. There are only adds when u die and no adds when ur in the game. My mom was so frustrated with the other block games so she decided to download this one and I showed her all the features and she absolutely feel in love with it. Amazing job this is one of the best games I have ever seen and congrats.
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12 months ago, Ccjbutterfly
So far so good
Just found this game a couple of days and love it so far. The ads are short and easy to bypass quickly. Love the graphics. The only suggestion I could make would be the ability to sync the game progress between my iPhone and my iPad so that I can continue on the same game from either device. Is this feature available and I’m just missing it?
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1 year ago, Melrod1983
This game is so entertaining and keeps the mind active. I tried a similar app but it had way too many ads. The ads on this app are short but I don’t mind seeing them because they actually advertise other interesting games. This game also gives you a better chance at winning with the sequence. Love it so far!!!
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1 year ago, Bee Becca 13
Block puzzle
A bug I would love to see fixed is the closing of the game before the player has actually run out of all options. Meaning… the game decides for you when you are done in many cases. That glitch is annoying. I would love to give it a 5 rating yet that distinct glitch/bug is super inaccurate as it does NOT adequately display one’s ability, it shows the maker’s flaw in the game however, It’s still fun and I like the background music!!
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4 years ago, Full circle72
The best version of block puzzle
This version is the only game I play! It doesn’t have pop up ads every ten moves like others I have used. I can play very long games and it’s easy to exit and come right back to without loosing my progress or having to watch a bunch of ads. Thanks for adding new pieces ! Keep them coming! My high score is 368,000!
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4 years ago, Elaine0400
Block Puzzle is great, BUT.....
I was working on getting the highest score I could for awhile everyday. I looked forward to playing because it is by far the best block puzzle EVER! I was getting close to 400,000 points when it suddenly went back to 0! I definitely had more moves to make. Now I don’t think I’ll ever play again. It took lots of my time & concentration to get to my highest score. So I’ll probably not play again. Good luck, and hope that doesn’t happen to you.
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2 years ago, HerDarkWhimsy
Great for being ad-supported
I would buy if it were an option, but, as it’s not, at least the ads aren’t as obtrusive as most ad-supportive games and the designer didn’t make the ad-exit nearly impossible to exit. Also some extra shapes that make it more challenging that other versions.
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12 months ago, calling attorney general
I really like this game because it’s fast paced or slower, whichever my preference. i’m also able to play for a while without being directed by a setup formula. some make you fall 3 times in a row because you get impossible combinations of blocks, verses a random lottery. this is not like that. i’m enjoying it very much.
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3 months ago, Snowldy
Tried others, loved this one!
I had to try a few stinkers before getting this one. It has zero annoying features of most game apps. Huge plus in my book! The ads aren’t too awful but you do have to sit thru a few if you play several games
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5 months ago, Chuckycheese6789
The best free game ever!
I’ve tried so many games like this and they all had super annoying unstable game ads and I absolutely hated them but the apps on this game are completely skippable and also kind of relaxing also they don’t pop up too much when you die which I think is really great
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4 years ago, illreviewthat
Not only is this game super addicting it’s also very relaxing. The music is great, the game play is fair and feels like they actually want you to play their game rather than making you fail after 30 seconds so they can make you watch an ad or buy something. The ads are unobtrusive and short. Overall, highly recommended.
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4 years ago, Pearceyourheart
Love it!
I played Tetris Blitz daily and they recently retired it from all platforms! I miss it until I found this game! I love it!! It doesn’t cost me anything to play but I would pay to get rid of ads and a premium version. That would be great! Thank you for making this game. Now I can challenge myself to get higher than the score I have. 😊
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4 years ago, Uh huh.
Please offer an ad-free option
I would gladly pay $2-3 for an ad-free version of this game. Between EVERY turn is an ad. Sometimes they’re easily closed. Sometimes you have the kill the app because there is no visible means to close the pop up. My young kids love Tetris as much as I do, and I let them play this game. But ONLY when I’m sitting with them. Otherwise, crazy ads pop up when their turn has ended and they don’t know how to close them.
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2 years ago, SArkon108
My Favorite
This has become my favorite game to play. I play it in my mind even when I’m not playing the game. When I’m watching TV I see how the puzzle pieces can fit around someone’s head or around a landscape seances. This game gets in your head an you see the world in a whole different prospective.
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5 years ago, Wasted time here...
My favorite
I've downloaded and played a lot of block puzzle games and there's always an issue with them like freezing and crashing, but not this one. It relaxes me and I've never had an issue with it loading or crashing or my games being lost. It's my favorite relaxation method to use between clients or when I'm stressed. Love it
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2 years ago, spacey@1313
Great game
I really love the game. It is colorful, relaxing and the music is wonderful. The only thing missing is the special Bloc piece that is found on many other puzzle games where there are three across and one in the middle. That piece does not exist in this game for some reason and it’s really a fun one. But otherwise I love this game.
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3 years ago, Ann_Plays_amongus🥺
Read before playing
This game is good and 5 star but here is some thing people complain about •muting music •ads To mute the mouse press the music note and sound button to mute without turning off the sound and ads well there’s like none Back to my opinion it’s simple but fun so good luck playing
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2 years ago, 2001viperrt10
I refuse to buy any product that has ads in my games… Wanted to love this game…
As a lifelong Tetris fan I loved the game in the beginning but unfortunately it will be getting deleted. I hate when you have an ad popping up constantly. As a matter of fact I purposely do not buy products or games that have ads in my games. It has become so bad that The pleasure I used to get by playing turns me off to anything that developer puts out… too bad really.
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4 years ago, Hannah Marlow
Review on block puzzle
I gave this game a 5 star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️the reason why was because I think this is a game that calms you down and helps you control your feelings and anger. Another thing I like about this game is it is a time when you can just be alone and you can choose what you do and not what others want you to do
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1 year ago, ulroc
Block puzzle
Terrific and enjoying game that is hard to beat. But when I start, it is hard for me to stop playing. Block puzzle is an exciting, makes one think before moving . That is great for me and anyone wanting a chance to concentrate. I going to play my next game.
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6 years ago, J abdul
My child is a secondary maths teacher!😱
My child got the score for 4230 I love it this game is the best because my child have better education and she turned to be a secondary maths teacher . Wen she been young she been terrible at maths and know she’s a genius in maths ,thanks all the help for my child thanks for the education for my child thought that my child will never be a maths teacher and she did!Im so surprised thanks for all the education.
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7 months ago, Anonymously meohmy
Love this game
My kids love this game bc I play it. It reminds me of Tetris, a game I played as a kid. It’s nice that my kids like this now and even better bc it teaches them strategy to help them fit the blocks. Way better for kids to play a game that entices them to use their brains verses all the other junk out there.
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3 years ago, thegaydood
SO FUN!!!!!
Ok, so when I first downloaded this game, I thought it was some version of Tetris, and I was a little disappointed when it wasn’t. But know I’m totally addicted to the game. I absolutely love it, it’s so relaxing and entertaining to play, and it satisfies that little itch that I have in the back of my brain. Truly, I love this game
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4 years ago, jhnnnbgyfsed
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!😍🤩 but i have a suggestion
I love this game! When I go on road trips, it’s a great game to keep my brain busy! I love how it’s just a simple strategy block puzzle! Now, I suggest that there could be different backgrounds and modes, so it wouldn’t just be survival or normal also, I wish there were not any ads whenever you do the restart button.
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5 years ago, spudeater4
Fun and smart. Don’t have data, but playing this game a little bit each day makes me feel like it’s working my least a little bit! It’s addictive enough to keep me happily occupied when I need a time-filler, but I can break off if I must, which makes me feel like I’m still in charge of my own life. It’s fun!
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1 year ago, Peprchli22
Great , fun game!
This game is great. Fun and not a lot of commercials. Other games make you watch long ads for their games and it is frustrating when every game has a n ad after each level. This games has short little commercials and back to the game. Love it!.
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2 years ago, stephs2cents
Beware the Binge
This game quickly became my go to fun place. I finish one game and want to start another. It’s not full of time wasting ads like a few I’ve tried and quickly deleted. A word of caution, you might have to limit play time to avoid binging; it’s just that good! Lol, have fun.
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4 months ago, finding jou
Finding joy.
Please make the game more skill based and less random. I want to win on merit, and not just luck. If I wanted to feel defeated, I’d watch the news. . . Please give me the blocks I need to win and let me use my skills to place them in the correct positions. Thanks
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4 months ago, Egotistical Nutcase
yeah, yeah its good.
ive played this game with my family for about a year ive outclassed them in survival and classic by thousands, yes it gives me a huge ego. if the devs want ideas to add anything id say the pieces are perfect and dont need to be changed or added onto, i like the simplicity of the game two modes 20 or so pieces with distinct enough colors, i like playing with my famliy so something where you would have your own solo team and everyone would gave the same blocks and you could see how everyone else plays the game get the game its good trust me
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2 years ago, betzzzzy
Fast fun
Great block puzzle and short ads, compared to all the other block puzzles that have more ads than play time. This is the best one. I’ve tried so many, but they waste my time with ads. However, I wish you had the option to rotate the blocks before using them.
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3 years ago, Jun3bug 5
Block puzzle
I have played many games, this block puzzle is great! I only wish that as I’m building in classic mode, when I leave that it would save my progress. But other than that it’s a good download! If it did that then the game would get 5 stars. And Thank You for not having intrusive ads!
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1 year ago, Bryan Phelps
Fun, but some loses feel cheated
I’ve had this game for a while and it’s a lot of fun but something that’s stupid is that sometimes they just give you 3 of the same blocks in a row which is just the dumbest way to fail. If that was changed it would immediately make this game 10x better
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