Block Story Free

4.2 (682)
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Mind Blocks
Last update
7 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Block Story Free

4.2 out of 5
682 Ratings
4 years ago, For music and stuff
More updates plz 🤗🤗🤗🤗
So many people were bored without updates🙁🙁😞😞😔😔 But Don’t wory we need meat cooked🥩🥩🥩 and poultry and more meat🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩(still need to be cooked like fish)🐟🐠🐟🐠. We need more bosses like Werewolf boss(Wereven), And a underwater boss battle Like Loch Ness monster(let’s just have Loch Ness monster). Well some people Want to do creative for free forever so let’s have that. Alchemist has to attack with bows and arrows. Alchemist and ted has to use boats. We need a camper vehicle to live in here and the Viking ship too. We need more pets like... Barlog pet! Wolf pet! And... Pig pet! We need a fishing rod to go fishing. That’s all for the Fun and wacky Update. 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀
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2 years ago, To the admin
Block Story Boss Ideas
I would rate this game a five star because is a free story line game along with a free cross item system meaning items get into other worlds without problem. I also did like to add that it has an epic boss at the end of each npc story quest which adds more adventure to the player. I did agree with most players that the game needs more updates along with more bosses. I could say from some of the review video I saw into the premium game, I did say it was a great idea that a phoenix was added and then a space environment was created to make it even more unique. But I would like for the buildings with no npc or bosses to create a Litch or even a npc boss where it can cast from a far making it even more amazing to the player’s liking.
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2 years ago, ndjaignxkakrnf
Great game but needs bug fixes
This game is really amazing. There are lots of unique quests and it’s not just a Minecraft copy. There are tons of bosses and pets which is good. The only problems with the free version are the amount of bugs. Items sometimes randomly fall out of your inventory. I had a level 50 dragon and it asked me if I wanted to drop the item. I clicked cancel but then my dragon just disappeared and all my hard work is lost. It took me like 20 hours to get it to level 50 and now it’s just gone. Also, once you complete the game there’s nothing to do really. The Dragon Lord is also way to easy to beat. I killed him in like 2 minutes with just my dragon. I recommend getting the premium version because there are way more quests and bosses, along with a new dimension.
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6 years ago, Poelwe
Great game. But please bring back spawners!!
I’ve played this game about 3 years ago and it is really good back then, about last two days ago i downloaded this game back because of the fun time I’ve had playing it, honestly this game WAS really fun. Great things have been added in this game really amazing!! But my disappointment is that the spawners are gone.. :( it’s really difficult and hard now to get around and level up. Dying so fast and there are so many monsters. I miss the spawners. Please in anyway could y’all ever bring it back <3 it would be spawntastic!! I WOULD PAY to get those spawners back. I’m rating five stars because of those great memories I’ve had with this game.
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12 months ago, guy who hates the bleeding
Good game. Atmosphericly creepy.
I’ve been playing this game for a good while, and I remember a lot of the different versions of it, but I redownloaded it on a whim a few weeks ago and I have to say i didn’t remember just how creepy it was. There’s characters now sure, but they’re few and far between. All the structures and towns are just empty, not a single sign of life, it’s really unnerving finding a town that looks like it should be bustling but everything is still. Regardless it’s a great world, really fun to explore and just screw around and do quests from the scattered npcs. Ive paid money for this game 2 times and it was worth it both times.
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4 years ago, Singster97
Great game but the Creative mode cost money
I love this game I use to play it every day one day I went to play it and I realized I deleted it I did not mean to when I was playing this game there was no creative mode I finally found it after years I love this game it has so many cool things there’s even dinosaurs it’s so cool I love this game it’s definitely a five star review there were glitches where when you were in a cave and the walls would not work 😅 so ya but great 👍 I suggest you play on tablet or iPad or even phone because I think it’s easier to play on them but ya great game love it 😍 but I do think creative should be free pls
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2 years ago, guavadog
Miss the old version but still amazing
This game could definitely be polished but with that being said, it’s an amazing game that’s got great storylines, bosses and things to explore. I used to play this all the time when I was a kid, I do miss the spawners and how much easier it was to level up and such but it’s still fantastic years later. Yk how minecraft has mc launcher that allows you to play older versions? Maybe experiment with that so we can play the old version, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I miss the spawners and the old land generations :,)
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5 years ago, the ine who lost it all
Love this but it could use some tweaks
So I’ve played this game for years and finally found t again after a long drop off. Sadly I can’t access my saves in my drop box from a long time ago. Maybe cause it was on a tablet? Idk but I’m more than willing to start over; another thing is that this game would be even better if it had multiplayer functionality. It has a great story and soooo much to do, it would be even better if you could host or join friends in co-op survival ( with friendly fire on of course >:) ) other than that I may get premium idk but this game is defiantly worth a look if your skeptical!
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6 years ago, raydawg64
Seriously? No creative
I had this game a while ago and I would play it all the time. I would only play creative and I would have SO much fun. When I got a new phone I forgot about this game and I recently remembered. I downloaded it, so excite to play creative with all the creatures again, but no, you have to pay $2 just so you can’t freaking die and so you can actually have fun. I’ll give the other modes another shot but if I don’t like them, goodbye Block Story. The fact that you have to PAY 2 whole dollars for creative makes absolutely no sense. At the most it should be 50 cents or whatever but it should be free anyways. I’m so mad because I had so much fun with this game and now it’s ruined
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7 years ago, Rudybow
Great game but some glitches
Love the game, looks great, endless fun, but some of the glitches drive me crazy. I spend all this time crafting great items or buy this with gems and most of the time they just vanish, my precious, gone after several hours, goblin armor, gone even quicker, got a ring from a black werewolf, gone in less than 10 minutes. Sometimes if I'm moving items from one box to another and don't line it up just right, poof, it's gone. Please fix these glitches because it makes me not even want to waste time crafting nice items.
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4 years ago, deelaan
Good game but why do you have to pay for creative
I live this game it’s really good but paying for creative is stupid in my opinion any other good Minecraft like game (even tho this one is really different) creative isn’t paid for Even if it’s 1 dollar I think it’s kinda silly other then that this game is amazing with good story but if you could make creative free then that would just make it a better game making people who expect creative to be free pay for it makes you look money hungry
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7 years ago, Oneonlygirl61882
Some things People need to know about before deciding whether or not to play this game
One thing I have to say about this game is if you consider getting this game don't go out at night stay inside no matter what because you will be creeped out there are these pair of red eyes that will sometimes appear out of nowhere and will stare at you but they eventually disappear. A couple of things I don't like is it takes to long for your pets to be revived and takes to look for things to smelt in the furnace. But other than that a great game but should be online and take out the creepy eyes otherwise known as Mati I've seen them twice about now and I refuse to play the ga,e anymore I love the game just creeps me out. Take out the eyes and I'll rate the game 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Lefe_girl11
What happened to creative?😭 But AMAZING game!😍
A while ago I would play this game till 2 in the morning cause I would be making my houses, caves, and exploring in creative. I deleted it due to low storage. I re-downloaded it a while ago and attempted to play on creative again... but it's now an in-app purchase. It wasn't whenever I had it months maybe a year ago...I don't understand😞 plzzz fix... That's my only issue but otherwise this is a game to experience!
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3 years ago, some dude that writes reviews
Nostalgia hits hard.
I remember playing this on the first rendition of the iPad back in 2014 chilling out at my dads house after getting home from school. I would play this all the time and I absolutely adored it. This is not a minecraft ripoff, just because it had blocks doesn’t mean it’s that way. This is it’s own work of art and it’s beautiful. I just redownloaded it and I remember everything as how it was. If you have time to play this, please do.
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5 years ago, one random person
A Minecraft knock off
That’s better than Minecraft itself. The game has great graphics for a free game, better yet no forced ads! Minecraft has no story and less useful pets while block story has a ton, All MC has to offer for good weapons is a blue sword while Block story has A FRICKEN BATTLE AXE WITH DARK MAGIC WAT!? Overall an amazing, free game that (in my opinion) beats MC in every category. P.S. Only thing holding block story back is Ted. His quests are time wasting garbage. P.P.S. For people freaked out by the floating red eyes, they are a secret boss called Mati
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4 years ago, eternallifee
Please fix this game!
I love playing this game, I started years ago and unfortunately could never login to my old account so I had to start over. I really want to buy the premium but it seems to be dead. This game has a lot of potential, so it’s kind of sad to see you let go of it like this. This game is in severe need of an update, and I’m willing to advertise the hell out of it. I love this game. I love riding my dragon and fighting off monsters, grinding and crafting. It’s literally Minecraft with rideable animals and a storyline, but just WAY outdated. It’s sad to see it be let go... Please consider fixing it!
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6 years ago, Guinevere s
You have to pay TWO DOLLARS for CREATIVE!?
I used to have this game, I don't remember if creative needed to be bought or not. But I remember having fun, good happy fun. I'd make an enclosure for dragons and look at them. Today I remembered all this, and I thought, "hey, that game was fun. Why don't I redownload it?". I saw that there was an update with riding pets and thought: "hey cool! I can ride animals!" Wrong. I need creative since i'm a chicken, unless i'm playing Minecraft that is. I get it, everyone needs/wants money, but paying for creative?! That's quite stupid. You could have charged for certain animals or something...but you had to make creative two dollars. Just so you can't die. Deleted.
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5 years ago, SuperPugGamer
What Happened?
I always used to play this game when I was younger, even though I really didn’t understand the whole point of it, it was still my favorite game. Especially the creative when I got to spawn and fight all of the monsters and creatures and use all of the cool staffs and weapons. About a year later the iPad I used to play this crapped out and I forgot about this game. When I was sifting through the AppStore on my new iPad I decided to get it, but now you have to buy creative?!? That’s the part I enjoyed so much about this game. I definitely don’t think I’ll be keeping this app
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3 years ago, Lizzy Strata
This is one of my childhood games
Iv been playing it for years even back when I had a tablet, I had so much stuff And progress on my game and a bunch of worlds. A few weeks ago I decided to delete some of them because I wasn’t using them anymore and to save space. Once I joined back in my recent worlds my progress was all gone, There was nothing left. I think the Creators should of had a warning first,
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4 months ago, vexio90onbadlaners
Good game but 7 years old in updates
Been a fan of this game for 8 years but no updates for iOS and I can’t even seem to buy premium anymore on iOS just update the game add more biomes and bosses and more and advertise on tiktok and IG reel and add multiplayer and it will take over Needs updates and new content and stuff to explore please before I get depressed And add to consoles for like 5bucks
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2 years ago, cfjfgh judicial
The game has potential
The game is great I played it a long time ago and I got to say the game back then was better. However this is we’re the game flops you have to pay for creative mod the game crashes a lot and when you load back in it’s extremely laggy. The gems system and waiting 12+ days for resources to smelt or whatever you have to do is ridicules. Durability is also dumb Durability should have a chance of being use instead of being use when breaking blocks. It’s a great game lots of potential however what I said above make this a 1 star game
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6 years ago, Samryoo1231010
It’s good...but better before
Ok so the first time I got this was about 3 years ago, back then you didn’t need a “premium” version of the block story. You could get on creative and things all for free! But the developers just had to make a version which you had to pay for. I don’t really mind that a lot but still it annoys me from time to time. But overall the game is good but was better before.
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7 years ago, Belthainel
Great game
I love this game a lot, one of my favorites I have, and have played it so much. My one and only complaint I can think of, is that there's no multiplayer. Please add multiplayer, please please please please. And also make it so that, when you're riding your dragon, you can make it do a special breath fire attack that takes more of its mana, but sets things on fire, like a fire breathing dragon.
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11 months ago, obama senpai
Great Game (V 13.0?)
Hello, Block Story is such an interesting and unique fun game and I enjoy it so much but I saw that the IOS version is outdated and theres version 13.0 which has the outerworlds and my version does not have that. When will we get an update for IOS? Thank you! 💙 Been playing since 2012 and its just so amazing I would love to see an update.
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4 years ago, Kk's crazy
Love the game but it needs multiplayer!!!
This game is awesome and really fun. I love how there are pets that you can ride and level up and I like the wide variety of materials and quests. The one complaint I have is to add multiplayer! All games get much better when multiplayer is added. I would love to be able to join my friends and play together! I hope Mind Blocks sees my review and tries to add multiplayer. Thanks!
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4 years ago, MrrOmega
My Opinion Of Your Game
Dear Creator, To be honest with you, your game is THE game that shaped my gaming life. I used to play this games for hours and hours. I was very fascinating to play in such an open world game. To be honest, I like this game better than Minecraft. So, pls make creative free. It’s fine if you disagree but me and the other people who are veterans of your game would really appreciate it. Thank You
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4 years ago, blobfishkingdom
Um npc where you go
Idk if many peps are having a prob with this but npc are just not really spawning idk why this is happening but it is it took me a hour to find one npc that wasn’t a spider in a cave and the wizard he gone as well so I guess I’m stuck here without the ability to even continue the game ps I have play the game before and it was full npc so for something like this to happen astonished me is there any suggestions on what I should do? I haven’t even got my baby dragon yet
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7 years ago, Dhixixjs
Amazing game
Amazing game! Everyone should try it! A few drawbacks like waiting for ingots and since we already bought the game I feel that should be significantly reduced. Could also work on some small bugs. I had a my precious at 50% durability and it was destroyed for no reason. I was very tilted but other then some small fixes amazing game
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3 years ago, suthrnbellru
So fun, but could use some changes
This app is so fun. But I think some changes would help. One of the ones I have in mind is in the settings tab there should be an option to choose from all your saved locations. I have had several houses that I have built and went exploring, died, and lost my masterpieces.
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6 years ago, alaython
Greatest mobile game but can be better XD
I love this game too bits! Although there has been times it was less than adequate, I was playing one day and I lost my dragon (let’s just jump into the problem) the dragons in my opinion have been very slow in the aging process and they have glitches out and disappeared I just want this to be fixed (if possible) but overall BEST GAME!
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4 years ago, ⚜️JustineTheOne⚜️
No creative
I used to play this game as a child and sometimes it just randomly pops in my head again. I recently downloaded it again because I was feeling nostalgic to find out that creative mode is now $2. I always only used to play in creative mode because I loved roaming around the mystical world but now that I can’t play it like that, the game is so boring now. If they brought back creative mode for free, this would be an automatic 5 stars. But for those who like survival games, this is for you.
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5 years ago, IncLab1
It’s on and al
It’s fine and all I love the game but my only problem is traveling I can’t go anywhere out my house unless I wanna lose it I just built me a huge base and I lost it I don’t know how to find it again. I wish they will add a travel to bed option to make it easier so that we don’t have to have to teleport. Because what if we don’t have one or can’t build one so pls take into consideration of adding a button to travel to bed
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6 years ago, Sir chuffington
Plz update the game
I’ve first played this game back in 2012 and it was fun is still remember how colorful it used to be I’m sure everyone remembers as well but still add more to the quests because it’s boring without any new quests play update the game p.s. when will this game get updated when I finished the entire quest I got bored plz read this review and update the game.
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5 years ago, savethebees23
used to be fun
when i was younger, i played this game often. it might have even been my favourite game since all i had was a tablet. i would let my imagination run free, because it seemed to have more creatures and possibilities than minecraft did. i would build giant houses, underwater bases, enclosures for animals, etc. after a while, i grew up and forgot about the game. today i thought about it again and decided to download it if it was still on the app store. bingo, it was! to my disappointment, creative mode has to be paid for. the story you spawn in seems dull and scripted. what was wrong with having both creative and survival mode before? there is already a paid version of the game, i do not understand having to pay in the lite version as well? oh well. two stars for you.
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2 years ago, hejjaiakka
Good but why?
So every single time I make a world or join a world no like no s animals bosses no mobs that fight and also when I have two chest I put something inside it’s like they both have the same thing when I take it out it still is in the other chest then it duplicates!
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1 year ago, hbdjngc
One of my favorite survival games
Hello creator just wanna say I loved this game every since I were in elementary really wish you could make new updates 2023 man😔 but that’s ok because I’m still playing it and I’m 21 now😁 I purposely started over just to play it again
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7 months ago, ReddRell
As good as old
I used to play this game so much when I was a kid and it’s just as fun as I remember it. I miss my old save I had all the pets and that’s all I miss the most. There’s no way for me to buy gems either or I would just make it easy on myself. Still great tho
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5 years ago, gffggjj
This Game is My Childhood
I have played this game since it first came out and I loved it. I wish more people knew about is though. Even though premium has more updates, This version is the one I grew up with and I want to thank the creators for making a game like this.
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2 weeks ago, Gojo Satire
Please update to latest version.
Dear Paul Pacheo, I would highly request for you to release the latest version of Block Story from steam to every mobile device that is current and new gen. By consumers.
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5 years ago, KiwiSunflower
When I was a child, about 6 or 7, I would play this game on my dads phone. Just now, I was watching jacksepticeye reddit 50/50 and he mentioned below the underworld, and the memories of this case flooding back. This game was so much of my childhood, and I can’t wait to play it again.
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4 years ago, aormsbvowmshgm
Great game, wish there were updates
This game is amazing, lots of things to do, but also a lot of bugs, or more things to do. I wish this game got updated to fix some bugs or add new things
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4 years ago, Anderlegend9623
I love this game but the npcs are not spawning
I remembered playing this game back then and it was so much fun but when I start playing it for some reason the npcs are not spawning even other creatures too please fix this glitch and make good as it was back then thank you
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7 years ago, Xxsnipertuv
This app is really cool but can you guys please please please add creative mode to the free version because when I had. This game awhile ago I had creative but now you guys changed it so I would really love if you could put creative mode back in the free version please guys 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
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5 years ago, TenshivsAkuma
Hello, Block Story’s Developers, I have a suggestion, you guys should add Multiplayer so it would make the game more fun to play, if you play with your friends, siblings, anyone, it would be really fun and it would make us players experience more fun in the game, Thank you.
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7 years ago, emerald tools
Awesome but what kind portals do you make with blocks😅😅😅😅😅😜😜😋🤗😏😝🙁🙃🤣😂
I don't know what kind of portals you make with flux because it doesn't tell you How to make the portals and how do you go to the heavens thing but if you want to go to hell or the nether put armor on and dig straight down
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7 months ago, KingPhilip!!
Great Game
This game is awesome it has lots to do and lots of lore I’ve played since I was little and still enjoy it, I have the premium version but I don’t see it on the App Store right now, it’s on computer too
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4 years ago, dfjfiieosjxbsjrgosjhwcfudid
Can’t find the wizard
Please help I left to kill soldiers for the wizard and the wizard is gone like he’s permanently gone I couldn’t find him enywher even at my spawn point please I beg of you help me I used to play this game 5 years ago and loved it I still love it but please help
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4 years ago, XxNotMexX
I want old block story
I really miss the great graphics where the health and mana switch places with the inventory slots and I miss the spawners because I never know when or where everyone will spawn in and lastly the cobble stone decorated on the inventory slot that I really miss
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3 years ago, ilovecandy4evr
My childhood 😭😭
This game is nostalgic. I played this YEARS AGO when I was waiting to get picked up from school and when I was at home because I had no friends. Please update this. We all Miss IT 😭😭😭
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6 years ago, Hbgnbgg
Great game but one glitch.
I have had this game for many years and I love it. I like now how you can finally use souls and elevators and so on. There's just one thing, since they introduced furnaces the item that I had smelted disappears every time.
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