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User Reviews for Crypto Wallet

4.72 out of 5
164.5K Ratings
2 days ago, Elma Perez
Most extremely effective well experienced crypto recovery service expertises!
Please read carefully, I was scammed by bitcoin trading pro FX, I got a message from a trader on my Instagram and told me about how high their profit after investing was, I decided to invest in the online trade but they kept asking for more money including withdrawal fee and it was until then I realized I was being scammed. I couldn't let go because I invested my savings as at that time. I had to make a research on how I could recover my funds from them and I came across the easyytech after so many research. I read several good reviews about this app from various scam victims they have helped and I decided to contact the admin for help. I was opportune to get my money back from the scam brokers through the help of the recovery professional, they recovered my investments for me with all the profits I was entitled within two hours of contacting them. So affordable, You can write EASYYTECH51 via gmail for help too if you a victim of any kind of scam They are experts at dealing with online scam and assisting victims in receiving reimbursement, tracking down digital fingerprints, cyber analysis and thorough investigation. They offer other services such as Phone cloning ( catching, monitoring and tracking a suspected cheating spouse ) Website hack Boost of credit scores Clearing of criminal records Fixes bad debts etc Contact them now!! easyytech51 (at) gMail
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3 years ago, BuhariMua
Bitcoin stolen
Hello. After you scammed me by stolen all the bitcoin in my wallet and you decided not to show all the history which it will give you better way for me not to have any proof which is a lie. I need my bitcoin that you stole in my wallet back because I just don’t understand how you’re scamming people and you’re here telling people that you’re trustworthy and honest. Your company is a big scammer because is the second times this will happen to me whenever I log out of the app. When I login back all my bitcoins would have gone without remain 1 bitcoin even those I saved in some others wallet you also stole it and am telling you right now that I will tell the whole worlds about your scamming ways and that your company is a scammer. I will sue your company if my bitcoin is not return and all the history because I have everything in my email and I will make sure I do everything to shut down your stupid scammer company. Blockchain is a scammer app and scammer company.
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2 years ago, 97druid
Very poor support service
Blockchain asked for 3 Document as compulsory, which I don’t have all three, Passport, ID card and Driving license, I am too old to drive and I don’t have passport, I only have an ID card. I think Blockchain just scammed me, and are playing a Charlie Charlie game to fool me. Blockchain is currently declining the ID card which they accepted at first and got me verified, so why ?Blockchain’s service is very poor when it comes to gold verification. They will seize your crypto in the name of holding your funds safe because of their so called custodial wallet (trading wallet). Do not use their custodial wallet(trading wallet), but you can use their (private key wallet). ...after I had my gold level verification successful, I bought crypto and as a new user i forget my password and had to login with 12 word phrase, they deactivated my gold level verification and asked I should reverify, I had to reverify. It is 3 weeks now and I have not got verified for gold level again, I thought it was approximately 5 days for verification ...blockchain’s verification team is really slow and poor in response, I lost my profit and some percentage of my initial crypto, because they have restricted me from withdrawing, swapping or selling to my account. I won’t advice anyone to use the gold verified blockchain.
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8 months ago, Wayne 96679
In review
I can’t believe this blockchain, because I think are scamming people because I had account with them for almost 4 years now and I have being trading and sending and receiving bitcoin But since March , they have hold my money and keep saying it under review for almost a year now and they ask for all the details which I provided , the screenshot of the transactions, Amount , date and time , the Transaction ID , the Location, IP , Country and state and they still hold my money and I have a gold level which I verified with my ID. So I don’t know what else they want me to do I believe they wanna take the money from me , please I need my money back , I even contacted the customer support agent and they keep sending me different ticket number, So I won’t be able to get a hold of my money , this is stealing because I still have the account and not that it blocked or suspended, So what are you still reviewing since March and we are in November, Try to look into it , give me my money back because I provided every information, Thank you 🙏🏽
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3 years ago, TSLA PAPI
Clearing the air
I’m writing this review to clear the air because there are a lot of negative reviews. I was in a similar situation with a lot of these reviewers where my balance was showing $0.00 on the app, when I did have a few coins. However, I found out that my account was under review due to the large amount I deposited. After a week of providing documents that they requested and needed, my account was lifted and I was able to have my funds transfer out successfully to my other wallet. If you’re having issues, be sure to open a ticket and use their website and not the app (only open 1 ticket and be patient, I’m sure they’re short staffed and overwhelmed with tickets they have to follow up on) and provide documents as needed and the blockchain team will assist you. Even if it takes a week or two to gain access to your funds (please know that I almost thought this app was a scam but they are not a scam) my funds transferred successfully.
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2 years ago, Itua Destiny
I just want to use this medium to say block chains looks like scam , not even look like but are scammers. I put coins on my chains on the 4th of October 2022 , and on the same day I tried selling my coins then I didn’t see any coins on my wallet again. I tried contacting you and you all are giving me different kind of stories, am not new to selling coins or receiving coins to other crypto currency, so you cannot take my hard earned money and keep it to yourselves telling me rubbish each day that passes by . Am a law abiding citizen of Nigeria and I know my right, I didn’t want to call you out on every social network but you have pushed me to do so , so I will call you out block chain on every social network , Instagram, twitter and TikTok that am verified on , I have a lot of fans and fanbase on TikTok because am verified and I promise I will also pay bloggers on Instagram to tell everybody that you blockchain are scammers and help a lot of people not to be a victim also .
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3 years ago, freedom8544
Please do something
Actually I don’t like written reviews but I had to right now for a very long time have been using blockchain or I say bitcoin in general I haven’t witness something like what am going thru right now and I don’t want it to seems like since they have been serving me right I never left a feedback not until now am having issues but it due to no where to contact you guys from have made a withdrawal of $318 from my blockchain wallet have been using frequently quite some time now and am yet to receive my btc to the wallet I sent it to for 6days and still counting it a pending transactions which is not telling well bitcoin is use for investment and business if this could be happening how am I going to be convincing my partner of what going on or if am still gonna get my btc back cause ones a btc transaction is initiated there is no refunding back this really giving me worst and dark days
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3 years ago, Thanatos_Original
Don’t bother, I just wanted $60 on these fake ppl. I scoured the website looking limits and good times and nothing listed, zero warnings etc. You buy BTC and once you buy they tell you sorry haha we will hold your funds for 3 days!!!!! What’s worse it says pending deposit and zero instructions on what’s next! Save your nerves and money I think these guys are fake! To make matters worse zero help, no one to call, NO ONE!!!! Completely zero customer service! And it wount even allow you to send the money you have in the account. $50 but I can only send .80 cents. I decided to file a report against this app and website with Apple and the authorities! This is a joke Update: it just got worse and worse. Support answered 2 hours after email (great) unfortunately all they do is copy and paste some generic information and refuse to fix my issue and are giving me the run around. No one knows why I can’t take out my money or send a payment and last night they broke off all contact and now are totally refusing to answer! I have decided to report to the authorities where I am and where they are located! Do not do any business with them they will steal your money!
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3 years ago, atsallgood
This app needs work
For 5 days I’ve tried to transfer from my trading wallet to btc wallet, error every time. Contacted customer service and a guy named Shawn said oh I’m so sorry for your troubles bla bla bla. I replied and nothing. Open and tickle and yet another ticket no response. Customer service is useless at best. How disappointing this is. The other problem is that this company still uses the absolute slowest network. If your btc address starts with a 1 not only are you going to get slow transactions but slow everyone else down too. Why hasn’t this been upgraded yet. The new technology has been around for years now. With this alone I’m looking for a new place to go. But the kicker is the horrible customer service. I still haven’t got a solution or a reply offering to help. There is also times that if you want to sell say $50 or whatever the fees are insane. I went to trade 50 and the fee was $9 are you kidding me? You guys need to fix the issue with sending from the trading wallet to your btc wallet immediately. It’s not working at all. I shouldn’t feel frustrated every time I use this app.
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2 years ago, ojelion56
Fraud alert
I got my 12 recovery password and I get in to the app I haven’t seen any history for the past few hours blockChain refund my bitcoins as I’ll let the whole world this is a scam app what and why are you doing this ? I got all my info including my password and my passcode I got everything now I can’t find any bitcoins in my wallet till go to every social platform and let the whole world know refund my BTC now blockchains I finally got back using your old blockchains app I have $4000 worth of BTC before now I got $246 BTC omg and you don’t even show me history for this year whereas I have transact so many times this year return my BTC blockchains I’ll tell the whole world about your scam now your new app is just rolling and doesn’t show up fraud company return my BTC I’ll go to twitter and all social media platforms let everyone know about this !! Blockchains return my BTC from $4000 to $246 cmon you don’t fear God
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4 months ago, Chibuzorcrane
I cannot move my dogecoin from my wallet.. I sent my Dogecoin from my exodus wallet to blockchain in 2021, I have evidence of this, I still have my exodus wallet. Blockchain doesn’t support verification from my country, I tried to only sell my dogecoin two weeks ago, they are requesting for me to send identity verification. I did that, and now they are investigating my wallet. I sent $500 worth of dogecoin from exodus wallet to my blockchain since 2021. I was waiting for Dogecoin to hit $1 it never did. Now it’s 2024, I want to withdraw $160 which by the way I lost money, cos my value of $500 dropped to $160. They are telling me they are investigating my dogecoin. If I provided verifiable evidence that I own an exodus wallet and I sent Dogecoin from my exodus to my blockchain doesn’t that fix the issue?? I guess not. I would advise anyone to think hard and twice before using blockchain.. I actually didn’t trust exodus thst was why I decided to send my dogecoin to it, hoping it was save. I wanted to also send my Shiba Inu, but 2021 blockchain didn’t support Shiba Inu. I am so glad I didn’t move my Shiba Inu to blockchain
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9 months ago, Luckinoaz
Respond to me
I changed my blockchain email and changed my password , I was asked the verify again then I took some photos of my id which wasn’t too clear in the middle of the night then I sent it anyways even if it was blurred .. I waited for days and was asked to verify with address then I put in my address and account was verified .. all through this time I couldn’t send bitcoin out .. days after I got an email that my profile couldn’t be verified that I can now only use defi wallet and I was told to contact your customer support support to assist me in transferring my bitcoin from my trading wallet to defi wallet .. I have written to your customer support but not getting any response and I am getting sick of this
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1 year ago, Rhyzz2023
They lie
I checked with Blockchain (BC) to ensure my account was clear to accept a 5-digit wire transfer deposit. I was assured my account was clean and ready for wire transfer. As soon as BC received the wire transfer they put a hold on account withdrawals. They require me to answer a question on a transaction that happened a year ago because they had (unspecified) information that the receiver of the transaction was a scammer. Now until I answer their questions about who what and why, they will keep my money from me. They will also not allow me to close my account. First, I did nothing wrong. I am accused of nothing. All they want to do is invade my privacy over a old transaction. Meanwhile i have lost control over a considerable amount of money that I had plans to use for legitimate business purposes. I hate that they lied to me. I hate that they extort my private information for purposes they do not disclose. I hate the prospect that I might have to let them approve every transaction I make based on asking for private information / or they will deny me access to my money. It is deplorable.
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3 years ago, Greathood4005
Multiple issues
Ever since i upgraded my blockchain sometime in July I Hilton this new trading account option, whenever I use this trading account I don’t get transaction history which I kind of learnt to manage but then on Wednesday I made a mistake to receive about $7000 Bitcoin in my trading account of which I got a message from blockchain saying I passed my annual silver level swap limit of $1999 and at first I didn’t know I got a mail so I went ahead and sent $500 to my private key wallet, And both $6800 and $80 to a different Bitcoin address which never arrived at their destination so I wrote your support and I was told to upgrade to gold level and my pending withdrawals will be approved which I did yesterday and still I haven’t seen neither of the btc sent. I’ve then wrote your support again and I either get a similar programmed response or am ignored I need this money for my mum’s medical bills!!! Do you want my mum’s death to be your hands??? Blockchain either you sent my btc to the address I sent them to or refund it back to my wallet! It’s 4 days already! As soon as possible 😭😭😭
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11 months ago, lilpurse
My account is locked to a defi wallet funds are locked support not responding
My exchange account was locked to a defi wallet only account for literally no reason at all and my funds were locked in the process and I have to contact support to get my funds sent to the defi wallet which is pathetic because I’ve never done anything but send my friends coin with the app. Funny thing is, I’ve been trying to reach support over the past 4 days with ZERO RESPONSE. if this is not fixed in the next week I’ll be contacting a lawyer, this is a disgusting business practice that was done to me for absolutely no reason and I’m extremely disappointed because I’ve been using this exchange for years. contacting support literally will not even get you a response, save your money and the headache and use a different exchange. The funniest part is the notification of my account being locked to a defi wallet and my funds being locked is that it says “your funds are safe” what a joke. this app and the people behind it do not care about you and will take your money and act like you don’t exist.
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3 years ago, Than[Q]
One…. And Done?
I bought Bitcoin on here one time, everything was fine. After a few months I decided to buy more, last night. You’d think I’d be able to get right on the app and just buy some. I have my card linked to my account. I entered how much I wanted to buy, I got an error message. I tried it again thinking it was a glitch, still nothing. I got on my computer and tried that, same thing. I contacted support and tried to get some help. Someone by the name of Ming was zero help, in fact they said this all happened because of something I did. I was informed, after ten failed attempts their system blocks your card from use. I only tried a total of four. Ming tried to send me links to wire money, the two links I got didn’t even help with my issue. I spent over an hour on this chat to get answers and none was given. Sadly I left chat more upset then when I actually got on, after chat I sent an email to Blockchain to get more answers. They replied in a timely manner. The information looked good, it felt like more help then what I got from Ming on their chat help. After doing what the email said, it still won’t take my card. I’m stuck in limbo right now, and unless Blockchain can actually help me figure out what happened I won’t be using them anymore. I didn’t appreciate Ming implying I did something wrong, there was nothing professional about the help I got from this person. When I get a reply from Blockchain and hopefully get this figured out, I may update this review.
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2 years ago, h3roic46
Transaction Flagged
I just wanna say I’ve had a lot of downside with this app then upsides. Not only at first when I downloaded I had suspicious activity so I couldn’t make a purchase then had to re confirm my identity but now my transaction was “Flagged” For a reason I can’t be told. I tried reaching out to support but it’s been almost a week and no response. I was told a response but yet still haven’t received anything. In the past I haven’t had any trouble sending or receiving any form of crypto currency’s so at first I thought it was just taking longer than usual. Yet it’s been a week and so yet again i’ve asked multiple people from their support team and i still have yet to hear a response or get the reason why i was “Flagged”. Any time I ask they say it’s from a team above them and that I have to wait for the support ticket. I’m just tired of waiting for my cryto to ever arrive. At this point i’m sure they stole it or something else.
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2 years ago, Panzer_Punisher
Stole my money and customer service won’t do anything about it
I downloaded this app in march of 2021 and put in approx. $70 into BTC. After a while I went to withdraw my funds and the real problem of this scam app began. For a while, my bank was supported and I theoretically could’ve withdrawn, but the loading process always took too long and never went through. Then the app updated itself to require a new level of verification to buy/sell, which upon sending in my info I was told something was incorrect and it wasn’t verified for nearly 6 MONTHS. I had emailed CS about it roughly 1 month into no word back and I didn’t get a response until AFTER the problem was solved 5 months later. Even after my ID has been verified and such I still cannot withdraw my funds because my (once supported) bank is no longer supported! What’s even more crazy is that CS takes so long to respond that it’s almost just not worth reaching out anymore. Don’t get this app, they’re literally just trying to steal your money.
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12 months ago, josh beckett gmail
Pure scam…Apple should remove this fraudulent app
I’ve been holding some crypto in a wallet using this app for about 1 1/2 years. I’ve finally decided to cash out. So I sold my position and then tried to transfer my cash out to my bank. They offer ACH transfer or wire transfer. Unfortunately, they won’t let you do either if you want to transfer out of your crypto account to your bank, only transfer in from your bank to your crypto account. Since I just sold my crypto and was charged a fee, their help system recommended that I solve the dilemma by purchasing crypto (for another transaction fee, of course) and transfer the crypto out, presumably to another exchange, since most banks don’t transact in crypto. Well, that doesn’t solve my problem, it just transfers the problem to another exchange and out of their hair. A ‘financial’ company that only lets you transfer money in and invest in something but never lets you withdraw is classically called a ponzi scheme. That is what this this app is. You’ve been warned.
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5 years ago, ScrawnyShawnee
Customer support
Blockchain needs to work on their customer service big time! If they respond to you it is just a cut and paste answer from what you can read on their “frequently asked questions” page, it is like they only read part of your issue and find the best answer to match it from their list of “frequently asked questions”. If you have a more technical issue that is not covered in their “frequently asked questions “ then they don’t answer or look into your question further they just send you the same “frequently asked questions”. The problem is their “frequently asked questions” don’t cover every issue and so then their customer support doesn’t seem to know what to do so they just quit answering your requests. There is no phone number to speak to a real person which is even more frustrating and shows they really don’t care. I would recommend people move to Coinbase, their support is unbelievable and if you call them they will spend whatever time you need til your questions are answered.
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7 years ago, Chiwaawaaa
There were a few times i had some login issues from using this application. First time, It said login fail and then it keeping spinning for a long time, then I finally got in and my balance was 0, i was totally freaked out, then i try to click on dashboard back and forth, and finally my account balance was back to normal. And today, it just happened again. I tried to login and it failed, i kept trying for 10 minutes and it said the said thing. So I decided to login thru the website and I finally got in and my account balance was 0 but the icon is showing that it trying to download the information, but it was keeping doing that for long times so i decided to click on the menu i found a refresh button, so click it, and finally my actual account balance appeared as normal. When this happened to me twice now i consider to get a hardware wallet instead so I won’t get a heart attack next time. I wish this app work flawlessly but it is not.
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3 years ago, jib36303brooks
100% you will be Scammed
I was completely scammed out of over $13,000. There was no support to even reach to. I have 4 passwords and took every single security measure none of my passwords were shared with anyone and somehow some random party was able to log into my account and send out a transaction to an undisclosed wallet. How is the even possible. The security has to either be very low or inside jobs are going on never the less non of your information is safe. You have to think If they can go in and submit a transaction with my login information then the have access to pull from my bank accounts on file as well all while it would look like I did the transaction. Absolutely no security to any of your personal information. Do not trust this site or app there are several loopholes in the security that can surely lead to you becoming a victim of a cyber scam. As we all know crypto can’t be reversed protect yourself and do not use this. You’ll be sorry you did.
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3 years ago, Psalmy
I decided to invest a little in this wallet. I’d had the app for a few years but have been using Coinbase, Celsius and BlockFi so far. Great interest rates at BlockFi and Celsius by the way. Check out rates on USDC in BlockFi-presently 8%! Anyway, I saw an offer for interest in Blockchain. I put in some money. Never got a penny of interest. Tried to swap to another coin. Kept “expiring” before the swap. Also, it was charging me $5 to switch from one stable coin to another. Tried sending to a different wallet. It wouldn’t let me. Finally decided to cash out. I discovered they put a 14 day hold on your money before you can cash out. I had 2 transactions so I got my first one. Waiting more days to get the rest. Impossible to find acceptable information online. Definitely appreciate Coinbase much more now. That’s my main app I purchase through. The Blockchain wallet is like a dinosaur. Either needs reworking or to be discontinued.
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2 years ago, Xoxo1234!
Worst app ever no warnings
Worst staff ever they don’t warn you that you have to have a three day hold when you first purchase any type of bitcoin or online currency. You get to sit there and watch the next three days as your money fluctuates without you being able to control single time. And then you keep on eating fees because they don’t have your bank on their list of certified banks. So then you have to eat even more fees just transfer it out to a personal wallet to transfer it to cash app the most easiest method of buying and selling best coin I have ever come across. This is the most complicated app is not user-friendly is not for beginners it is not for anyone that is trying to break into the cryptocurrency world. I rate this thieving app two our give an will never be back. There easier and more secure apps out there than this one I do not recommend. Unless you’re looking to lose your money
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1 month ago, HutchDown86
Do not waste your time or money
I had about a solid year of fairly decent usage of this application. Then all of a sudden the app began relaying me the message that my identity could not be verified. This is also after I had had several dozen complete transactions, both selling bitcoin moving it in and out of my bank accounts and also buying it. however, once my purchases of bitcoin exceeded $500 it became problematic. This is been going on for over six months and I have still been unable to verify my identity and or get access to either cell send or buy more crypto the Blockchain wallet. Contacting Support render nothing except a new ticket email and words of hope and fiction. my current wallet holds about $700 USD worth of bitcoin of which I can’t access to do anything with and there have been several times. I have needed that money absolutely Star if I could give you zero stars I would’ve given zero but you cannot pick zero stars.
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5 years ago, BÜRDŠ
Great Update
The new update for the improved login speed with Touch ID is amazing. It is extremely fast now, while there used to be quite a delay before that was a tad bit annoying. The new UI in the dashboard is awesome. I have a better understanding of each crypto and how it is shifting in the markets. The total at the top is very useful and gives you a percentage of how much your entire wallet has increased/decreased. The $50 of free XLM was awesome too. I look forward to other airdrops in the future. This is my go to wallet app, and I plan to order a Blockchain secure ledger USB stick soon to keep my wallet with my offline as well. I have many other apps for storing crypto: Evercoin, Coinami, Coinbase, but this one takes the cake.
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2 months ago, SeanzieJ
Refuses to let me cash out
I was migrated to Blockchain from SoFi after their crypto offerings were disbanded. To say that this has been a disaster has been an understatement. It has been over four months now of my crypto locked up in Blockchains so called “wallet”. I cannot trade, I cannot send to another wallet. Nothing! So my only option was to sell my crypto. So I did, sold it all and went to cash out to bring it to another platform or wallet, and for over a month now I still cannot even cash that out! “Support” is anything but. I have thousands stuck in limbo with this sham of a company in their custodial wallet I cannot trade, withdrawal or send anywhere. Supposedly my account has been escalated, but I have not heard a single peep from the “team” that is supposed to help for over a month. I just want my money back at this point and leave this in the dust. Take your crypto elsewhere, they will not give it back to you once they have it.
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3 years ago, iris_x
Beware of fees
If you top up $500 and buy USDC, which is valued at $1, you will only get $485. Yes, you will see at before you hit confirmation that there is no fee, but, the USDC will become something like $1.03 on the buy screen, which is easy to miss, and it is very possible that you will just hit confirm and end up losing $15 in a second. Another thing is that the transactions are never instant. So after you buy coins, they are usually not there even after a minute. Watch out because if your hand moves too fast, you will end up creating multiple repetitious transactions like me. I was trading on Dec 3, but on Dec 10, a transaction showed up saying "failed", which was just an failed attempt I made seven days ago due to transactions being not instant. Do yourselves a favor. Use BlockFi, Celcius, Hodlnaut, and DimeFi. Do not use blockchain as your main place of trading.
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3 months ago, Johnnycontractor
Using since 2020
I have three exchanges, binance, coinbase, and blockchain. Recently, I have read many, many reviews of people claiming that blockchain has "stolen their money" or will "not verify them for months". I just had to pull my crypto out for my wedding and it took them about one week to verify my identity. I sent a nice email to their contact email to open a ticket and viola, a week later my cryto is off blockchain and helping pay for the wedding (which is a much better investment...?) my coinbase was hacked and $33k was stolen (im quite sure they have rogue employees or contractors associated with that exchange who were able to liquidate that account. Blockchain and Binance were not touched. I recommmend. USA user.
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4 months ago, Swill7319
You can’t send ach transfers anymore !
When I signed up I linked my bank and purchased over 500$ of crypto, when I tried to withdraw anything I was told that they are not allowing ach withdrawals, only wire transfers or you can send your crypto to another wallet, they never mentioned this as I was spending money, but now they have my money hostage. I decided to transfer all my crypto out, but they charged me a 20$ fine each time I sent like 100$ worth of crypto, yes that’s right, a20% fee. They charged me when I bought it, when I swapped it and then raped me when I moved everything out. What good is an exchange if it doesn’t have ach transfers, and who can trust an exchange or anyone holding your money if they tell you that you can withdraw your money easily by ach, but once you try they tell you it’s disabled. I believe it’s a 25$ flat fee for wire transfers, and a lot of banks only allow them if you set your bank up that way.
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3 months ago, SingleDad5
Best Crypto Recovery Service
Learning to recognise how many people had lost their Crypto currencies due to their own personal errors for not well getting their wallet address. People complain to us how they lost their funds through sending them to wrong wallet address. We've recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars from all these scam tricks and money lost. Cryptoforensics1 via gmail, we've able to recover all your stolen Crypto currencies from whatsoever means it was taken from you. With our blockchain network and saver system identification, we're able to Trace and automatically reversed your transaction back to your wallet in no time.
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6 months ago, TerribleAppGrain
App/Company is a scam.
It's been almost a year since I deposited cash, bought some bitcoin, and attempted to move it to an external wallet. The transaction just shows as "pending" and they asked me to send in documents verifying my identity - which I did, I have sent them over 20 times now and all I am ever told is someone will get back to me(which they never, ever do) and that it's been escalated to a "higher department they can't talk to, but rest assured they'll contact you regardless"....Well here it is almost a year later and absolutely nothing. There are tens of thousands of people posting what I am experiencing also, just go to the apps twitter page and read replies to its ads, or reddit, the BBB and so on...Do not use this service. I am filing a lawsuit against them and having them served plus I've been working with getting their license to do business in my state revoked as well. Heed the warning, don't fall for this scam.
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3 years ago, ShellBellDuplex
Holding my crypto hostage!!
This is the worst app ever!!! I have been reached out for help so many times that I am beyond upset. My wallet had no problem withdrawing my money from my bank, then putting my money on a 3 day hold, then having me verify myself for the second time, put my money back on a 11 day hold (pretty much in that order) and I still can’t access my funds. Apparently, I have a withdraw pending and I need to wait for it to complete, but I don’t! If that’s not the fun error I get then I get the error that I am not authorized to withdraw fiat! Re-read what I just wrote….. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! CS tells me they are aware of the issue yet nothing has been done about it. I would never recommend this app to anyone not even the devil himself deserves you guys hold his money hostage. The only thing I have seen change is my balance. It just keeps getting lower and lower every time I take CS advice. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
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4 years ago, Xanadu Hunter
Worst customer service ever
If I could give their customer service a zero I would. I have had my funds stuck in my trading account for 2 days. I keep getting an error when trying to move it to my wallet. The site status is saying green so it has to be my account. I wrote customer service 3 times and no resolution. Very unprofessional. ***UPDATE*** I would give them a negative review. After a useless response to my review and ignoring 10 messages that I sent to their customer service team I updated dated the app and it been more than 7 days and my BITCOIN wallet is still locked. Calling my credit card company tomorrow to dispute this issues as I lost a lot of money on the BITCOIN drop I was trying to avoid. ***UPDATE*** it’s been 18 days and my funds are still on hold I’m calling my credit card company to dispute the transaction as I tried to be patient with company. I have wrote customer service 15s with Only one response.
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3 years ago, JamminJayJay
Doesn’t allow debit or credit card purchases, slow/no support
I wanted to like this app. It’s clean, it’s well-organized, but it doesn’t *do* what it’s supposed to do. After going through the entire verification process, it does not allow debit card purchases to go through. I called my bank, who authorized the transaction, but only ever saw a $0 authentication come through after multiple attempts. The blockchain error was generic, just saying to try again. I eventually transferred Bitcoin to my wallet here to send to a third party, but again, it refused the transfer, citing an “invalid wallet.” After digging and digging, it looks like Blockchain doesn’t support Bech32 addresses, but it would’ve been nice for the app to provide this error message specifically. Support doesn’t respond to questions when tickets are opened. Save time and hassle and go with Coinomi, which worked flawlessly from the start.
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2 years ago, Mr V101
Trading account issues
I feel so sad rite now, have been using this app for several years now, did all verification process. I bought Bitcoin some months ago and kept it in my trading account for investment purpose, only for me to realize some months later that each time I try to send out Bitcoin the transaction keeps getting unconfirmed, I tried several times but keeps getting unconfirmed, I contacted the support I was told to submit some documents which I already did but still no response yet, the support is quite slow, despite reaching out to them due to emergency and distress
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1 year ago, imtheshizzniyee
There was an option to “cash out to bank” so I linked my account for instant transfers, sold bitcoin so I could cash out. Went through the process with plaid to add my checking account and got it connected easily unfortunately that was the only easy part. When I tried to cash out it said “ACH withdrawal not supported”. I tried adding my other bank account and had the same problem so now I sold all of my bitcoin and am stuck with an account balance I can’t do anything with except re buy the bitcoin I just paid a fee to sell. If they aren’t going to honor ACH withdrawal they should NOT list the option in the app and on their FAQs page on their website. I depended on this information when deciding to use blockchain. If I would have known it wasn’t actually supported I would’ve never sent bitcoin to this scam app.
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1 year ago, berylhan
I have being trying to send money and it ain’t working
What’s going on?? I have being trying to send btc and it will change the amount I will write it being almost two weeks now since I started this and more over I have being loosing a lot of money since then I send an amount and wouldn’t receive the same amount you guys are taking over 40$ charges for just 120$ transaction. This is annoying so do something about it you ain’t giving anyone free money and I work hard to gain those funds so you guys should stop messing around and get the problem fixed
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3 years ago, kelvinoboh
Why are all my transaction since last week still under review, the money is important form mom’s health. Hello again to who it may concern, I don’t know what is wrong or going on but please I want my money, since I did my transaction last week, it has been on review, by who ever. And uptill now I have not be credited or refunded, please I need urgent assistance, because this is money is for my sick mom and your delayed transaction is delaying her treatment, I tried again but samething, in the process of transferring from my trading account to my main wallet, my money just get lost or stuck in the memory pool, please you all should do something about it, as soon as possible.. because I promise if anything happens to my mom I will file for a lawsuit for your company.. if anyone is reading all my complaints, then please do something about it. Thank you.
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3 years ago, quieroshine
This App is a tool to mine Crypto and is not an investment tool.
Do not put your money in here, this app is an encryption tool to get USD fiat in the circulation of the crypto chain. It does not allow you to sell and put money back into your bank account. It only allows you to circulate funds within the app. I’ve had many issues transferring funds to the private wallet as well as issues of payments being taken out without my verification. Support is impossible to get ahold of without the need of social media apps. Please read the reviews of apps before linking your bank account.
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3 months ago, Hondopk
Not for me
I was forced to switch from Sofi to blockchain recently and I was skeptical about it but I decided to go ahead and try. Well I have learned there is nothing you can do to control your money and if you decide to cash out well hang it up. Every time I try to cash out it says failed. But it will take money in a flash. Very frustrating when on Sofi I could manage it my way but here it’s there way and maybe there is a app issue but I’m not satisfied. Luckily I don’t have what I use to have. I held on to this review for a couple months hoping that the information I was given by Blockchain support to withdraw my money from here would work but it will not let you take your money back. So please I mean please do not use this app. Crooked way to do business. Don’t use this!! You’ve been warned by all the reviews
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2 years ago, kjskjs84
Non responsive thieves
I frequently used this app for bitcoin purchases and there were always issues with transaction sending timing but now they suddenly emailed me and blocked withdrawals until I answered some security questions. I answered everything and have had no response or updates. They don’t respond to emails with any useful information and chat just says they will escalate. I have $100 worth of btc that I can’t send out and they refuse to refund me UPDATE: since I put this review they have emailed me once to give me an update on something I never asked about and then another email asked me the same set of security questions I asked THEN I got an email said all my security answers were correct and I could use my account but not yet! (???) in another words I still don’t have access to my withdraws
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3 years ago, Panchitecto88
Worst wallet and exchange service
Terrible customer support, I contacted them several times over their exchange system glitching and not letting me set a stop loss, every time it was a new person that would give me a different work around and none of them worked. I ended up losing half my portfolio because their glitches and would not reimburse me after I submitted pictures as evidence, the servise representative even tried to play it off as there was nothing out of the ordinary until I crop zoomed the section showing the glitch and they said they would let management know but wouldn’t reimburse me my money then ended the conversation. I switched the remaining of my portfolio to another exchange right then and there. I was not given a ticket number, it was the live chat agents that I spoke with.
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3 years ago, Tristan2448
I have been fighting for 2 months on getting refunded my $1,000 wire because they couldn’t accept it. They will not give permission to their bank to release the funds back to me. I have on record several times they have processed the refund already and still nothing. I have spoken with their support team an insane amount of times which takes hours (at most 6 and 7 hours) to get to talk to someone just for them to say “oh the refund has been processed, but let me escalate this. Is there anything else I can help you with?” I would never use this brokerage firm in a million years after this. They just take your money and say they are “working on it”. I know the money is in their bank account so I don’t see why it’s so hard to refund or just show in my account I have it there.
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3 years ago, luckyfreedom
REWARDS ACCOUNT - I don’t see it as an option
The documentation on how to set up a rewards account and the requirements that go along with it are not clear at all. They have no one you can talk to as customer service and their request form through their website to access a support team is a one size fits all format so if you just need clarification then you have to add information that shouldn’t be required to get the clarification. On top of that, the response time is junk. Not practical at all. Need better service.
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4 months ago, Izkingdc
For the past 3 years they have set my account on limit
Your company is really bad and customer service are the most dumb people I have meet in this world for the past 3 years I have had my coin stuck simply because I have reach my limit okay fine send me the private link where I can forward my information to they never did that they all keep saying they will fix it they will fix it my limit was supposed to be for that year right why was the limit ban not lifted the following year Your company is a big fraud and you scamming people of there assets and you have no customer support that we can communicate with in real time as big as you are this is a scam I just want my assets released and I will let the whole world knows not to use you people again scammers
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4 years ago, ranxdinero
Has potential but GOLD level takes 100 years
Was enjoying the app because of how many features you can use, but up until now I have been waiting forever for my identity to be verified and I have seen no results. It pains me the most because I already have some btc bought but I can’t do anything with it because of the restrictions they put on your account if you’re not at gold level. It’s been a very slow process for me and I still don’t know why. Blockchain please improve your customer service and be mindful to the community of other people who want to use your app to its full potential. We are in a time where the market is always changing and it would be nice if your team put extra effort to get identities verified faster. Thank you
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3 months ago, Angry 123ufn CNN du
Worst app ever
Trying to get documents the help center refers me to the website. The website says it’s only available on mobile in my country there is no tax center on the app where they say my tax documents are located. Then when I went to get help from the help center a bot told me the same thing the help article said then ended the conversation and I’m unable to talk to a human or even reply to stupid bot. I would give this app a zero star rating if I was able to. I just found out when you sell your crypto they pay for your crypto based on a spread instead of the going exchange rate so they can pay you less then what you are selling is worth. I guarantee you they are getting paid the exchange rate. Bunch of thrives I woul like to thank SoFi for sending my crypto to a bunch thrives
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7 months ago, Taiyerichard
Blockchain scam
I really don’t know what else to do. Blockchain has hold my funds since January and I was told that my trading account is disabled, which I have some funds there. I’ve messaged the support service several times. The only time I got a good response was when I was told to send another wallet and my fund would be refunded which I did immediately but I’m yet to get another response from them and my money has not been refunded. I tried reaching them so many times but were all ignored. Blockchain support system is very bad and slow. Somehow I regret using this app. I have all necessary documents needed, none of this was asked for and they still refuse to refund my money after giving them my wallet. Please kindly look into to this. This doesn’t speak good of the platform.
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5 months ago, Heniiss
Hello , am getting very frustrated about my Bitcoin being on pending ever since ,., you guys tell me my transaction is flagged which these are Bitcoin I stored for a year and more in my walllet ... I have provide my bank details , my occupation and also recipt of transaction confirmation of who I bought the btc from months ago ... after providing all a member of your team chuck said feather i should get invoice of the transaction so I told him it's been months back so should my friend Create his own invoice for me dating back to those times.. since transaction recipt from the wallet it was sent from doesn't count and till now I haven't gotten a reply back and they went feather to block my trading account to defi with my my money locked,., I haven't done anything wrong but store up btc for a good day
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