BlockSite: Block Apps & Focus

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BlockSite LP
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2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for BlockSite: Block Apps & Focus

4.11 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
2 years ago, ceyoungest
Good but can be frustrating
The app works well, but the little pop-up notifications that show up every time a blacklisted site name appears (or is typed, or partially typed) can make it frustrating to the point of unusable. Sometimes so many of them pop up on a site I *don’t* want blocked (due to ads, or links to blacklisted sites) that the page becomes unreadable. I don’t want my whole browser to be flagged, just certain sites. App would be better if you could turn these off like other notifications.
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2 months ago, jaspersh24
I cried
I am so fortunate for this app. I am a teenager who struggles with porn addiction. The free version lets you block 5 sites. One of the sites I chose was the entire adult content section. It works extremely well. The only downside is that you can still save images. To the developers: please always keep a free plan. So many children and adults struggle with addiction to pornography. And it will always be at the forefront. So continue ig to have an easy way for people to access free technology support for this issue is a miracle in this profit driven world. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I cried when I tried to search and it was blocked. To those who struggle: you can do it. Make a plan and take action! There is no better day to create positive change in your life than today! I believe in you, and I believe that there is still hope for good in this community. Thank you BlockSite.
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4 years ago, bails 2019
blocks requested sites & slows down all web use
Does this app do what it is supposed to? Yes. It blocks my requested sites, and it’s easy to add customized lists. Does this app do a little more than I’d like it to? Yes. It slows down all of my web browsing & often blocks websites that shouldn’t be blocked. It takes me multiple (~5) refreshes to load a single webpage when I have this app installed. Don’t even bother trying to complete an order of any kind because loading that many pages in sequence is impossible. I ended up deleting it the first time I downloaded it because of this issue. But I downloaded it bc my goal is to use my phone less, and if it’s a nightmare to click on any webpage, I tend to get frustrated and put my phone down —> goal accomplished. TLDR; yes it blocks your chosen websites, but it occasionally blocks & always slows down all other websites as well.
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2 months ago, EvenStephen1977
Blocks the sites but easy to circumvent
If you’re someone like me and you need something to help you focus this app won’t be it. The app does block websites and keywords and even allows a password function that claims to disallow any changes to be made to the websites you’ve added to the list. However as the title suggest, the way to get around it is to toggle off the block website and you are back to square one. This app would be stellar if the password feature also prevented you from turning off the toggle without typing in the aforementioned password. If this change cannot be implemented, then the strength of app is as strong as your willpower and seeing you’re in the market for an app that will exert the willpower for you, then I would move on and find another app.
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4 years ago, skekdkskslesk
Good, but some issues.
So like another person, I use this on my laptop. Specifically on Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge to prevent from impulse buying and going on SNS and it helps out a lot. When I saw this for iOS I was crazy happy because I really love this service...but there’s an issue I have that’s similar to what was reported. 1. The app’s VPN constantly turns off on its own & also turns off my connection, whether I use data & have data roaming on or use Wi-fi. I still surf the web, but I also play a lot of app games that require internet connection, and use my phone for school & work related stuff as well so this is a huge problem for me and it makes it harder to do things. 2. It...somewhat blocks the sites I use. It’ll give me a notification saying it was blocked but I can still see the site on other apps (like when someone sends me a link via Instagram to one of the blocked sites, I can still completely see it). But it likes to disconnect and block sites that aren’t on my block list. I REALLY do hope this app gets updated and these issues get fixed at some point because while I’m glad this exists and its very helpful for my mental health, its also a pain to deal with sometimes. 😣
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11 months ago, afurr1653
Battery drain
It’s a great idea and it actually worked. However, it drains my accumulator in no time. It’s not nice, especially in summer when it’s hot, you go to a new location with apple navigation, and find out yourself in the middle of a highway having no idea where to go. And your phone turned off due to empty battery. And you cannot charge it back, because it’s too hot, and system protection stops charging. Of course you can hold your phone next to ac output, let it cool down and continue your trip (though I doubt one could like it). As I removed this app, my phone stopped overheating and losing battery power. So I had to choose: either being able to use apple navigation, or block certain sites. Screw me, I’ll continue be distracted.
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4 years ago, PreTtyclear
I want to monitor the app already installed from a different device....
I installed and created an account on my school’s laptop computer and I want to monitor the account on my iPhone. Is there a website address besides an app that I can monitor the blocked sites and passwords that I can log into? I do NOT want to create a new account every time I download the app on different devices. Does anybody know how to reach the account that is already created from another device without installing another app on other devices that will make you create another account but does not sync your current account? If not, Not syncing accounts into one ☝️ defeats the purpose of keeping sites blocked if you cannot monitor the app for any device. It already shows how easily blocked sites become unblocked by another person by a simple change of password to make it their own.
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3 weeks ago, hitlersboyfriend
Very crucial mistake in the apps development!
I’m going tot she the time to write a well thought review from the perspective of someone who just got the app. This app seems great at first but then I found out that I can easily delete it if my will power isn’t strong enough to stay off any sites. Upon deleting the app I forgot to unblock instagram and for some odd reason after deleting the app my instagram stays blocked. I have tried reinstalling the app, uninstalling instagram and reinstalling it, swiping up my apps, restarting my phone. None of that worked and my instagram stays blocked. This app is great and does its purpose but little bugs like these are responsible for me not being able to use certain apps ever again. Please contact me back if you fix this because I would not like my instagram to stay blocked forever.
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2 years ago, Mandella88
Kinda wish I tried it before I paid for premium
Turns out if the app (Twitter for instance) already has posts loaded, you can still USE it, it just blocks new usage (loading new tweets in your timeline or interacting with posts). It’s helpful but like.. buddy, I practically want something to reach out of my screen and slap my hand when I press the button to get on some apps. I guess there’s no way to keep it from allowing me to open the app all together? A little aggravating to find out AFTER paying for premium. I wanted to like this so much. It allows you to block based on the WEBSITE not the app specifically. Also if you already have something loaded on your browser from a suspended website it still works too. So. 🤷‍♀️ I’m disappointed.
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3 years ago, josh_k_t
Too easy to delete
I was wondering if it’s possible for me to add your VPN manually to my Apple Configurator 2 Management Tool so that I can push the profile to multiple iOS devices in my household. The reason I ask is because when we download your iOS app directly, it’s too easy to just go into settings and delete the VPN while the app is still installed. My solution would be to apply your VPN on a device management profile that I can push to my devices. Please let me know if this is possible and I will be happy to subscribe. I essentially would be managing devices linked to the same Apple ID so that a purchase for your services should transferable to all my devices.
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4 months ago, Stadii boyi
Even free features are …
Awesome. I can’t be thankful enough with this app. When it’s my time to study block everything off. Break? Turn on as simple as that. But… If there could be some features regarding the unblock like you need to complete a puzzle or put a password to unblock or maybe put your charging cable to unblock it would have been easier to resist. Anyways, new features will come sooner or later. Till then lemme focus and rely on the app(free version : good for brokey students like me). Thanks for reading.
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2 months ago, xcuppycakesx
Doesn’t work
I used this for quite some time before I upgraded to the paid version, a mistake. I upgraded almost solely for the password feature and it doesn’t work. I can still access the sites without a prompt for the password. So I requested a refund and it was denied with the only way to get my money back would be to file a chargeback with my bank which would cause me to lose access to my Apple ID. I found another similar app that works better and their free version suffices so I basically paid for something that doesn’t work. Additionally, this app causes some unblocked websites to crash and certain unblocked apps to not work properly. Those issues went away when I deleted the app.
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3 months ago, Jth8812
Works for my needs but could be better
I use this app on iPhone to block certain apps when I can’t watch sports live and don’t want spoilers from accidentally opening social media, etc. The free version works for what I need but it’s kind of a pain to open the app and click on my block routine and then enable or disable it each time. It would be so much better with a Home Screen widget to click on and off like most other apps offer. Overall it does the job but just isn’t very user friendly.
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3 years ago, andrewsapp5
Great app but needs a few improvements
I just stumbled across this app cause well, I’m like most men who need something to keep me focused. I bought the premium version. I do love this app cause it has over 100+sites banned. The thing about it is that I need a lock system on it cause you can easy access the app and turn which site you want on. But I hear there is a lock system coming out and I’m really excited for it. I’ll just make a long or hard password and just get rid of it from my mind or something. So I can’t wait
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1 year ago, Karen Breilant
Easy to use and Function!
Glad, I stumbled on this app reading a website that was user friendly on google. It is an awesome product , but it should not of had to get to this point. At least it works and I am no longer getting harassed and finally the app worked on my cell phone. Now l, the mess has finally mellowed. I think and I know I will be more productive if hackers do not get into my things. I will let you know and paying for a site like this should not of had to be necessary. But it is what it is .
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2 years ago, lanep79
No schedule feature like on desktop
I use BlockSite on my desktop so that I can block social media sites at night so I can go to bed earlier. I realized I just ended up looking at these sites on my phone and was excited to find BlockSite had an app. I got the app and there is no schedule feature, rendering the app basically useless for me. I asked about this on customer support and they got back to me saying this is being worked on and when I asked for a ballpark ETA like… a month? a year? They just said “soon.” That means basically nothing to me so I’m disappointed I can’t use this app yet and suppose I will just be waiting indefinitely for this feature.
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3 years ago, Mixus-Laxus
Does its job but is breaking websites I do use
I downloaded this app to block adult sites on my phone. But now normal websites in Safari that I do not have blocked load broken as basic, unusable versions. If I try refreshing a couple times, it’ll either go back to normal or say that I lost connection, which is the screen you get when you try to go to a site you do want to block. Turning off my site blocker is not a habit I want to get into. I’m going to need to find an app that doesn’t break Safari. I’m giving this more than one star because it does block the sites I want blocked. But it is also breaking Safari for me. I’m on an iPhone 11
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3 years ago, BrokenV2
One thing
I love that app and it does its job super well but of there was one super big thing I would add is a lock on the app. Right now if you try and set a screen time timer you can’t take of anything less that a minute which is more than enough time to turn off the blocker. I’m the type of person that who needs more brute force to stop me because a simple reminder doesn’t really do it. All in suggesting is maybe a combination lock that a friend would set so there’s no way to turn off the blocker without completely deleting the app.
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3 years ago, itiswhatitisglory
Doesn’t work in iOS / Horrible customer support
I paid for the unlimited version of this app on my desktop and then downloaded the mobile version for my iPad and iPhone. This app doesn’t work on ANY of my mobile devices. Frustrated, I reached out to their “Support” and they asked me what version I had, I told them, and never heard back. I tried emailing their “Support” team again and still got no response… For the life of me, I don’t know why these companies charge when they don’t even provide what they claim they do. I would happily spend money to be able to block certain sites, but the lack of customer support / help is inexcusable. This “mobile version” doesn’t work on iOS at all!
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1 year ago, sebastian😩
my addiction
I have had a porn addiction for the past few years. This app has really helped me stop. I just wish I didn’t have to pay for the password protection part because I’m a teenager and don’t want to talk to my mom about it. Also the part where you can change when it’s on needs to be hidden better because I can easily just turn it off. Otherwise great app. It actually blocks what it says it will block even if you have a private browser
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4 years ago, i shot my grandma
It’s good
I love this app it’s free to use and works good. I would give it a five star but there is one problem. When I go to safari I test if it works it and it does, it blocks the websites but I can still get to the website that I blocked on private mode. I understand there might be some thing they can’t block because private is personal and they could probably get sued or something I don’t know about that. But I feel like they should be able to block the website you said to block on private. I would love if it worked for private.
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3 years ago, Junkymonkey123
Great. But one problem
So I got this to block adult sites, and it does the job well and doesn’t block random sites that don’t fall into the adult category My only problem is that password protection doesn’t work. I had a friend enable it with his passcode, so that I can’t change any settings. But if I try to change anything, or turn things on and off, it totally lets me If must be a small bug or glitch, but if it gets fixed I’d give this 5 stars
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3 years ago, Meebles5000
Needs to be more inclusive
“Productivity” has definitions beyond fighting addictions to adult content, social media, gambling, etc. I was hoping to find an app which would block my use of work apps while I’m on vacation, because during this time “productivity” for me will simply be experiencing joy away from corporate America. Was bummed to see that’s not included! Or at least you’re missing some big ones - teams, outlook, zoom, etc. I’d love if I could select apps from a list of my active downloads rather than have a list of 100 apps I’ve never heard of.
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3 years ago, Patrick Amar
Caution: Slows down internet
Took me a while to figure out what was wrong with my phone. Even after I’d turned off all website blocks in this app, it still kept blocking random sites and slowing down my internet to the point where it was difficult to even do the simplest tasks in safari. I think it even affected FaceTime calls. To be clear, it does block the websites you tell it to, if you’re desperate for a solution. But I wonder how many people who have this app installed are frustrated with their phones trying to understand why random websites and simple internet tasks are no longer working. Way more damage than help for most people!
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4 years ago, mlamar2020
Lots of kinks and overpriced.
Echoing others here that the VPN on my phone is very janky, cuts in and out when I’m trying to load sites that are not blocked. And I get a flurry of badges telling me what social media sites are blocked when I go to any non-blocked site that has links and badges of blocked sites. Very annoying. And yes I am using all recommended cellular data settings and have all notifications turned off. As is it seems to work best by making the browser so clunky that I can’t really use the phone for web browsing. Too expensive when there are not even scheduling features.
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3 years ago, djchadster
I’m so happy
Thank you guys so much for creating this app. I cannot see what I am typing, I’m not sure why, saw a I am using voice recording to type for me. When I found this app today, I was happy, because I need to get off of these bad sites. It drains me. Then I watch videos on how to stop sometimes, and then when I want to go back to the bad websites I’ll forget about why I shouldn’t do it. It takes over your life sometimes. Thank you guys so much.
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4 years ago, JDaily87
I downloaded the app a few days ago. The app does what it’s supposed to do, which is wonderful! I’ve been far more productive without the distractions of the sites I’ve blocked. However there are a few issues I’m having that I’m considering trying a different site blocking app because of. - The VPN frequently interrupts my internet browsing in google chrome. - I’ve been having issues with FaceTime ever since I started using this app. When I FaceTime someone and they answer, their screen shows up black and muted. This began once I started using this app. - I manually added twitter to blocked websites. Ever since I did this, I get notifications that Twitter was blocked when I’m not even on websites related to twitter. It’s not that big of a deal but it is odd. Hopefully these things can be fixed because I do enjoy the app’s benefits. It just gets in the way of things I use frequently.
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2 years ago, deathblood360
Could be more effective
I’m 14 years old and I struggle with a p addiction and I can’t pay for premium. Every time I can just go and turn the blocker off. I need some password for my buddy to put in that will stop me from doing this. I can’t beat this addiction without an effective blocker. A good suggestion would be to make an eligibility program. If someone is below 18 they can submit an application for free premium. This is what fortify does and it’s very effective. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, would be a great app. Thanks and God bless.
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3 years ago, Pasta Dog
Functional, almost
I mean, fine, you want people to pay for various website lists to block. I can build my own block lists, although that certainly won’t win you any brownie points from me, devs. The larger issue is, at least on iPhone 8, the VPN permissions this requires cause constant website loading errors. That became enough of an impediment that I had to disable the full thing anyway just to browse normally, and then change its VPN permissions to allow for an easy off switch. In short, I wind up having to restrict the thing that’s supposed to be controlling my impulse browsing. Not a great design.
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2 years ago, Zypher510
Doesn’t seem to work
I upgraded to premium and put password protection on, however it didn’t help and i was able to change my settings even without the password ever stopping me. Edit it worked so im actually satisfied with this app. The only thing that would make it better is if there was a password to delete the app. So it wouldn’t be easy to do.
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3 years ago, killbill677
Makes normal browsing more difficult
This app would be better if it didn’t make regular browsing irritating. Every time I search anything the app freaks out and I have to refresh the page a ton of times for it to finally work. Also if it could restrict key words from searches that would be great! Other than that it does a lot better than some other apps who ask to be paid before they can help you with your problem.
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2 years ago, AshleyShell
Works, kind of….
When I first tried the website I thought it was only blocking websites and not apps because I was still able to open my Facebook app. Finally I realized that my Facebook app was not refreshing or loading new information, only showing me the posts that had already been loaded in my feed. So it’s technically preventing me from using my Facebook app, but in a very annoying way haha. I ended up using the Ochi app instead and it does everything I need.
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2 years ago, Basti Winter 09
Great, but FaceTime doesn’t work when active
Hi, I love the app itself as it’s very straight forward. However, whenever the block site VPN is active, FaceTime won’t deliver any audio anymore. I, therefore, have to turn the vpn off every time I want to make a FaceTime call, which kind of defeats the purpose of the app, since I will more often than not forget to turn it on again. The app itself works great though. Thanks!
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1 year ago, YourAverageAppleReviewer
Block message is infuriating and I don’t see an option to turn it off
Good aspects; -clean UI, I really like the idea of adding a passcode to keep you out, I like the groups control, branding is not explicitly targeting p*rn Bad: - explicit images still show up on Google even after block - there’s no way to block specific domain paths, so I’ve had to block Google as a result - blocking Google makes my phone unusable as almost every app requests info from Google at some point. This means I get an alert every time I do something. My hope for the future: - Give users the option to remove the popup for blocking - make it so that you can block Google images - give users the option to lock themselves out of the app for a set amount of time(1 week for example). I can’t have someone else set the password for me since it’s too embarrassing.
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3 years ago, nicname54321
Slows down Internet connection for all sites
Not sure why this slows down my internet connection for all sites and I constantly need to refresh pages that aren’t even on my list of blocked sites because I lose connection. It does end up making me stay off my phone though but it’s weird that the “VPN” turns back on by itself after I turn it off. I cancelled my subscription but don’t see any option to delete/uninstall this from my phone which is sketchy. Please how can I uninstall this?
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2 years ago, adi-27
App works, but drains battery
The site blocker has worked so far, but the VPN used seemed to drain my phone battery since it is constantly on. Even if I try to turn it off in settings, it automatically turns it back on( which is likely to keep the suu it te blocker). Since I have the free version, I can’t set times to turn ur off, so it drains my battery the whole day.
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4 years ago, Diana Grigoryan 98
Needs a lot of improvement
I’ve used this app on my computer and it works amazingly. I was so excited to find out they have the IOS version. However, it really needs a lot of improvement. 1. Password protection so that you can’t go back and unblock the websites. 2. Schedule for (preferably) each blocked site. 3. Block apps because right now only the websites from google are being blocked. I have yet to find a reliable website and app blocker for my iPhone. So far I’ve got none that work well. So keep up the good work! This app is much needed!
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5 years ago, narotosensei
Great Concept, Annoying Execution
I like the idea of being able to block websites to prevent me from browsing. The issue I have with it, is anytime something is blocked you get a popup confirm window that tells you so. If there was a way to prevent this popup window from distracting me from what I do want to do I’d be all for this. Yahoo runs a bunch of ads and so does ESPN on other websites sites. For every ad I get a popup telling me the web site has been blocked. Hopefully, this gets addressed for now I’ve removed the plugin and am looking for another solution.
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3 years ago, Leah4359282$3"
Like the app but want to be able to turn it off
Love this app and have found it very helpful for blocking social media sites. I do wish there was an easy way to blanket turn off the entire program without having to delete the app, like there is in the desktop version. The only reason I say this is because the VPN is on at all times and messes with other sites, even ones you’re not trying to block.
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4 years ago, ipvaldes
It takes a while to kick in
I got this app for the specific purpose of blocking adult content and websites. I tested it out and at first, it will probably let you enter the restricted websites, but after a minute or two of browsing there, it will cut the internet connection to that website on your phone, until you leave that site. The only complaint/suggestion is that I wish it would block it on site instead of letting you get comfortable browsing then cutting you of.
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1 year ago, Aquagil
Awesome, only one loophole
This app is awesome. Exactly what I need to prevent impulse issues. Has tons of functionality and secondary and tertiary blocks for persistent people. I believe the only way to beat it is to delete the app. Question for developer - Is there a way that you can limit even what this does? Asking for a very persistent person who will just do that to try to beat the app. Thank you,
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2 years ago, XenaTheWanderer
Requires VPN ON iPad but not iPhone??
I tried this on my iPhone, and I was really enthusiastic about it and was ready to sign up for a subscription. Then I put it on my iPad and it tells me I can’t use the app unless I connect to a VPN. The VPN was painfully slow, not worth the effort. Also – – I don’t understand why it doesn’t require the VPN on the iPhone, but requires it on the iPad. The fact that they use the VPN is buried in the fine print at the bottom of the app’s description. It’s too bad – – I like a lot of things about the app but the VPN is terrible and weirdly inconsistent between devices.
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2 years ago, alexhilton1993
Life Changing
Dear Users, This app is mandatory. It is an essential part of anyone’s phone or computer. The simplest reason you keep using sites you don’t like may be because you still allow yourself to access them. What is so cool about this app is that even if you try to get on a page that you banned, they’ll remind you that you can’t anymore. If you are serious about habit change and wanting to be in better shape then this is the app for you. Actually, the Internet has become a much better, more productive experience thanks to these smart guys. Thanks so much! Utterly life saving. Self improvement, baby!
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4 years ago, Bootu
I like the desktop version better
Honestly, I think Apple’s downtime is better at keeping me off of social media on my phone than this app. There’s too many bugs. One of them being is that the VPN messes with your internet connection. It also will block the site if there’s a widget of say Twitter or Facebook on the webpage. I look recipes up online, so it’s been more of nuisance. I love the desktop version of this though. It has a pomodoro timer that I often use when I’m working.
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3 years ago, WHOA_ITS_JEFF
Great, but it prevents my Facetime from working.
It blocks sites just like it says. I love that I’m more mindful while using the internet on my phone now, and since the last update browsing is much smoother in Safari. However, the app prevents my Facetime calls from going through, instead showing a muted black screen. If this was fixed it would be perfect 5 stars for me!
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2 years ago, tommyrossiueduh
This is legit
This BlockSite is the best one on the market for sure! Gets the job done and then some. You would think that most block sites would just block your normal desktop, which is right, but this one also blocks your incognito pages which is incredible. I fully recommend. 5 stars!
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3 years ago, elvis;)
I just got it because I last without watching porn like 2 months or 3 I just checked if it works and it block the page it would be better if you send a notification saying are you trying to relapse again??? Or that kind of stuff you know but it’s really great it works
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4 years ago, Ghrotto
Blocks the main porn sites and gives you more time to change your activities. You not going to want to look for porn if you have to “really look” for it and avoid the main sites makes it harder. I also believe that when you try to PMO the “blocking site” notification as a “built-in” trigger. This trigger will remind you why you don’t PMO - NoPMO member
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3 years ago, stxrri
Would be perfect without one big fatal flaw
It fks up my whole web browser I can’t get on any website that’s not even blocked without refreshing a like 10 times. And my phone is pretty fast and it goes so slow with this thing on. When I’m on a site that it’s not even blocked on a notification keeps popping up Block:[site I blocked]. If it didn’t mess with my browsers other sites it would be perfect you guys need to work on fixing it or it is really unusable.
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9 months ago, Joshua117.7
Password Protection Doesn’t Work
One star. I use this app to block certain sites that feed my addiction and to combat this, I recently bought the premium package. It literally says, “use password protection to prevent you changing your settings or removing sites from your blocklist. I can still change my settings AND remove sites AND turn off the blocks without typing in a password. This is ridiculous and I’m going to uninstall the app and keep leaving one star reviews until it’s fixed. Why am I even paying you guys?
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