Blockudoku - Block Puzzle

4.6 (581.1K)
165.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blockudoku - Block Puzzle

4.65 out of 5
581.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Brethraeus
Great but one issue
Look I highly enjoy this game. As a disabled combat veteran it helps me to focus on something other than the pain and the PTSD from combat. I even paid to remove the ads it was so good. However, recently they added this one feature that has started to make me not want to come back as often, and I’m assuming it’s a bandwagon thing but it’s one of those “let me show you a percentage of people who only made it passed this puzzle cause they are better than you are” sort of thing at the beginning of each puzzle, even when you have to restart the puzzle. This function…. And this function alone…. drives my anger scale up and over the boiling point beyond reason and I hate being compared to others. Especially when it comes to my intelligence. So as a paid customer and a long time fan of the game, I’m not asking you get rid of the feature, I’m sure there is some Masochist out there who enjoys the challenge but could you add in a setting under the cog wheel for the rest of us who don’t want to see that garbage? Even if it’s just for paid customers like myself? It’s just a small feature. A small on/off switch. Nothing more. Please and thank you!
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1 month ago, ncem2013
I miss the old game
I've been playing Blockudoku (amongst other games by the same developer, but this one has been my favorite) for a few years now. I love puzzle games and I love that this one is so simple, I have ADHD and it helps keep me focused when need to listen to something. In a somewhat recent update (within the last few months) they started adding stuff to the daily puzzles. Now instead of reaching the target score, you have to do stuff like clear all the bubbles, or the flowers, or collect x amount of colored shapes. I don't like it as much now. I expected it to just be part of a spring holiday event, but it's still here. I played all of the daily puzzles for the last 2+ years until they started adding this. I haven't played in over 2 months now. I understand why some users would like the change, but I do not. I just want to get to a simple target score. Some of those were difficult enough as is, without the use of extra objectives, and I loved it. I miss it very much. I find the endless mode too boring for my ADHD, but the bubbles and stuff are too much. To the devs: Maybe you could keep these as part of the seasonal sets of challenges (like right now there's one up for Mother's day). You could swap the bubbles and bushes out with stuff depending on what season or holiday it is. Change it to snowballs for winter or something. That way players still get new stuff added regularly, and simple players like me can still enjoy a new daily challenge.
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3 months ago, Neurodivergent
No longer accessible
I used to love the daily challenges. It was visually accessible. Then they changed over to bushes and gems. There’s is no way to keep track of progress, so you have no idea if you are going to be playing for 5 minutes or 50 minutes trying to beat this thing. When you clear a bush, suddenly more bushes appear because it’s never made clear to you how many there were. The best part about the old version was that it was accessible to neurodivergent people and the way we think. It laid things out so logically. Now, there is no logic. I have no idea what score I am trying to beat. I have no idea what my progress is. The images are dizzying on such a small screen. It’s sensory overload. They took a perfectly good ACCESSIBLE app and made it less accessible to Disabled people. And there only response to other people who have apparently left reviews, is change is hard. I am appalled such a callous and frankly ableist response. You’re right. It is hard being Disabled when the tiny things in life that do work for you, now no longer work for you. The world isn’t built for us. But this app was originally built with unknowingly with a neurodivergent mind, in mind. And for whatever reason, y’all decided… Gems and Bushes! Who needs accessibility, right? It’s like playing Minesweeper ala big box screen MS Dos starting mid-90s computer. Way to regress I stress of progress. It’s looks like 90% of the puzzle apps out there. Nothing about it is any different now. Good job.
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3 months ago, temsi
Developer lost the plot
This used to be my daily go to game because it was structured and helped my ADHD brain relax. This and Number Match from the same developer. Now after years of playing these games, one has already been deleted from my phone and now this one is going down the same path. I understand tweaking and updating the apps. But you have to be completely bananas to think abandoning the gameplay that made the game what it was, is an improvement. It’s stupid and insulting. If you want to add a new way to play the game, go for it. But don’t remove the part that made the game successful in the first place. You’ve now ruined two of your products and you’ve alienated users like me - users who pay to remove ads. Whoever is making decisions for this company needs to be fired and replaced with someone who doesn’t have contempt for their customers. As of now, I have contempt for you and will go out of my way NOT to get any of your products because you are not trustworthy, and that’s 100% because of your actions and your complete disregard for the complaints and concerns of your clients. Edit: the developer response is yet another copypasta that’s virtually identical to all the other responses. With no care for the users. Don’t insult my intelligence by giving a non-apology apology where you admit no wrongdoing and give a “sorry you’re dissatisfied” response - which is a common and sociopathic way to deflect criticism. I honestly and truly hope you go out of business.
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4 months ago, Another comment from me
Feels like cheating. (The programming)
Let me start by saying that I have loved this game for years. I have gotten every since daily challenge since 2019. But these past few months if has felt like the programming has changed. It feels like there is a set amount of times you need to try and beat a level before it will let you beat it. (I’m guessing to try and make people stay in the app longer) Doing this has changed the rewarding feeling of solving a puzzle. To now, which feels like I am fighting the game programming in hopes that the system doesn’t cheat me again. Example: Depending on the puzzle (even high score challenges) when you start everything feels regular, like it has always been. You get pieces and you figure out how to place them. But now it seems that once you get to a point, the games can see you are getting close to the goal and it will send you only bad, large pieces until you die. Which normally takes about 2 or 3 turns. I’ve been playing it enough that I can almost predict when it will happen. Please just go back to giving random pieces so it actually feels like a puzzle game again, instead of playing Russian roulette, hoping that this time the game will not make it impossible to win. I love the game. But these past couple of months it feels like a battle, instead of relaxing.
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4 months ago, Lyssadehart
I used to love this game
I have played this game for years. I loved the daily challenge, I enjoyed working on the self determined game, but then something changed. It started on my phone. I opened the app one day and all of the sudden I was forced to play a new version with flowers and bushes. I wasn’t given an option, and I really don’t like the experience. I can’t even tell you exactly why, but I detest the flower version. So, I deleted it off my phone. I still had the game on my iPad and it was the same old version, so I at least had that. Yesterday, I opened my app, ready for my relaxing daily challenge, and what has corrupted my iPad you ask? The new non-negotiable flower version. I finally reached out to help, saying I detest the flower version and how do I go back to the plain version? “Oh, there’s no way to do that, we understand change is hard, but this is what you have now…” Really? My husband is still playing the old version on both his phone and iPad. And I’m sort of curious who thought the flower version was better and why game players couldn’t have an option, given both games still exist. I don’t mind change, but the new version isn’t better to me. Visually it’s annoying to my eyes. I can’t say if the annoyance is due to the stupid flowers, or to the complete lack of choice. What I can say is that I’ve now deleted it off my iPad and will go find a new game. One that doesn’t make me angry to play.
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4 years ago, Mr. Jon young the gun
Good App but a few suggestions
I like almost all the features yet from a potential standpoint I think a few additional features are necessary to make it a truly A1 app. One change is to allow you to disable in settings the ability for it to glow before you place the block down so you don’t know how your decision will affect the turn. Another more important feature would be to save states. For example, if you added a third game mode for practice you should allow the ability to move backwards in plays and the only way to do so would be to keep track of the states whether that is through an array or otherwise(stack) this could even be implemented as a setting features on any game mode or in a premium version as it would be a crucial tool for learning from your mistakes! Edit: In addition look at A* search or Greedy algorithm to create a system of which blocks you generate for the turn. This should allow to integrate a difficulty setting into the game because you will know which blocks produce the most points and you can if let’s say they choose hard difficulty make sure it’s only giving them the blocks that only fit into one particular spot on the board.
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4 months ago, KGZ12345
HUGE increase in ads making this unplayable
I don’t know what happened in the last week or so, but you’ve made what was my favorite app nearly unplayable. I play games like this both for fun AND as therapy for recovering from a brain injury and related side effects. I’ve been so thankful for this game, and honestly I was glad there were some ads so the developers could make some money but I wouldn’t have to pay. Then the other day I opened the app and I was fed an ad NOT only before a round and after the round, but the game was interrupted to feed me one in the middle of playing! I never write reviews, but I was just playing the event and it happened again, before it opened the round, ONE move before I finished it, and then again after I hit the desired point total. It’s so completely jarring to the thought process to stop you in the middle. I should say that in addition to more than three times the number of ads I’m suddenly seeing, the ads are almost all three times as long! They used to be :05 second ads but now are :15 or more. I’m getting so distracted by them all that the benefits I used to get by playing are now essentially all lost. I don’t know why you’d do this, but please be aware that it’s absolutely being noticed and if you’re not already, you’ll be losing people if you don’t do something about it soon.
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2 years ago, Neesie913
Ads in free version are disturbing
I’ve had this game on my phone for almost a year and I love it. I have the free version because I’m a graduate student scraping by on student loans. The ads for other games that pop up are so disturbing that it makes me want to delete the game. Just a few minutes ago, an ad popped up for a game where a mom and infant come home to find the husband in bed with another woman. She packs her bags and leaves. Her new home is in terrible shape so the game is you fixing up the place, but you have the option to let them freeze to death. In fact, that’s how the game is advertised: you get to watch the mom and infant shiver as the designer puts snow around them and leaves a gaping hole in place of a broken window. This is just one of about 3 or so other games like this advertised on the free version of Blockudoku. It’s repulsive. Is the marketing strategy to upset players with these ads so much that they buy the game? I sincerely hope not. 3 star rating because the game itself is great but the ads bring the rating way down.
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7 months ago, Baseballexpert
Rare review
The last time a reviewed an app was over ten years ago. But this game is so frustrating that I had to write a review in the hopes that the developers are listening. Let me start off by saying that the game is good. I even spent the money to remove the ads. But after playing it far too many times, I have concluded that it is not a great game because of one large problem. It’s fun for the first half of a game: you build your strategy, getting blocks to fit “just right” and then after about ten minutes, it becomes impossible. It’s as if the algorithm knows which blocks you need and instead gives you blocks you cannot use, thereby causing a rapid end to an otherwise enjoyable experience. It seems as if the 4,000 point mark (which takes about 10 minutes to achieve on average) is when the “evil algorithm” kicks in and does you in. Lest the developers think I am just complaining, I am offering up a suggestion: make the game more like Tetris in two ways. First, allow the player to rotate blocks. Second, show the player a preview of the next three blocks. Without these changes, this remains one of the most frustrating games I have ever played.
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4 months ago, William H. Burnsides III
RIGGED! This WAS a great game until a few weeks ago
I’ve loved playing this game, until it was recently updated. Prior to the update, I was able to score over 17,000 points at my highest, and multiple times over 10,000. Now it’s almost impossible to score over 4,000. I say almost because I’ve been able to get a little over 5,000 since the update. Basically what happens now is you reach around 3,500 points and the game stops giving random pieces and just gives you a bunch of garbage pieces until you lose, typically between 3,700 and 3,800. It is so frustrating, and it feels like having a video game where you are stuck on an infinite loop of level one. I don’t think I’ve ever wrote a review for an app, but after reaching out to support (crazy, I know), and hearing back that they are sorry that I don’t like the update but that they did it for the enjoyment of all players, I’m just frustrated enough to be writing this. I can only imagine the idea is to close the performance gap between players as it relates to tournaments or something, which I never do. As long as you are new to the game and can’t break 3,000, you might still like the game, but once you cross that threshold, get ready because the game wants you to lose.
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7 months ago, Ilikethisappverymuch
The new update has issues
I love this game. I’ve beaten every daily challenge since April of 2021, and in small doses I’ll likely never get tired of it. The new update was pretty cool to see, since the gameplay can become pretty 1 note after a bit of playing. However, it’s clear that the mechanics were not tuned or given enough attention before being released. As it stands, some levels are basically impossible to beat because of how the new systems work. I’m currently stuck on a level that requires you to collect 4 different type of gems, the only issue is that the level does not provide you enough gems to actually beat it. Once you clear the screen of all pre-existing gems the game is incredibly stingy with providing more gems in order to actually complete the levels. I strongly urge the developers to make some tweaks to this new gameplay so that it can be fully enjoyed and not bogged down by these striking issues These changes are a welcome addition to the game all things considered, but ideally they should be regulated to a seperate game mode and keep the existing challenges relatively unchanged.
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4 years ago, SayNoToCashHungryDevs
Random or pre-determined?
I downloaded this game because it looked like an interesting and challenging puzzle game. While those things did seem to be true at first, it seems as if the tiles you receive are not random as the developers state. When I first started playing, I was able to achieve multiple games with scores over 1000. Now, I can not even come close to achieving that. It would be blasphemous to assume that my strategy/skill at the game has decreased, so what exactly is the reason for this? While it could be purely coincidence, I would bet that the developers purposefully created the game in such a manner that makes it essentially impossible to top a player’s high score. I have come to this conclusion through not only my experience, but the experience of other reviewers. By intentionally making the game more, players will play the game increasingly more in order to beat their high score. The more people play, the more ad revenue the creators collect. While I cannot be certain in my assumption, I am confident that this is the case. It seems unethical and, quite frankly, pathetic. The concept of this game is awesome, and I commend the developers for that. However, I refuse to overlook this stain on what is an otherwise very-well created game. I would love to hear back from the developers about the perceived randomness of this game.
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3 years ago, omg🔕🔳🃏🕑◽️🕐♠️♣️
Love it!
Hello there! I absolutely LOVE this game!!! I’ll sometimes be getting in trouble for playing it so much 😂! Not much ads like other games, it also challenges your mind! It’s really fun!!! And everyone else, I’m not a bot lol don’t think I’m giving this good reviews cuz I’m a bot 😂. I have a suggestion though! (I don’t know if you have this or not if you do I apologize) There should be a worldwide challenge “Ring” and see who can get the highest score in let’s say.. 3 minutes! And 5 people per round? I don’t know why this came in mind, but I thought it could put more challenge into the game..... There is only one very small issue I have. Sometimes when I go to place a block, and I’m not done finishing where I’m going to put it; it places on its own. It mainly gets me a little frustrated, but then I usually just put it behind me. But then it happens again. And I’m getting a little more frustrated.... that’s all I have for now! Thank you for taking your time to read this review! ^^
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2 years ago, annoyingly annoying.
Good except for two things.
This game is fun, and I like to play it in the mean time. But, I’ve been paying more attention to my scores more and I’ve realized that the “Days best score” notifications are random. For example, last month I was playing and my score was around 300. then, I lost. When I started a new game, I had gotten to around 250 before I saw a notification that said “Month’s best score”. I’m not sure if I’m just going blind or these best score things are random. If so, it is not a big deal, but it strange and slightly irritating. The only other problem I have is the ads. Some of them are extremely inappropriate. There was one where an “unattractive” girl was giving her boyfriend a massage, and then looked at her boyfriend to see he was drooling over some other girl that was obviously: blonde with a tiny waist and a big chest. I’m not sure how it works with this type of stuff, but if you can do anything to get rid of these weird ads it’d be great, cause kids play these games sometimes, and they don’t need to be seeing that. Other than those two things this game is fun to play and I recommend it to people who like a challenge.
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2 years ago, emoji4747
I hate this update! Why fix something that wasn’t broken?? Why did you all change the way the lines erase? It’s terrible! Makes the game slower, more cumbersome, more drain on battery. ******** ********************************************* I PAID for Blockudoku, so I don’t see the ads. I do see that is irking a lot of people. ********* *********************************************** My issue is different! You changed the actual game graphics! ************************************************* I’m very tempted to delete the game . Will there be an update to restore the game play as before? Or give it as an option in the settings? ************************************************* ISSUE: Each time a line eliminated…NOW with the update, its a wave?? the line slowly disappears. Having to watch that wave over and over is very annoying! I really liked the lines just disappearing. Straightforward, no frills. No fancy graphics. ***** ************************************************* I enjoyed that it felt sort of like Tetris, because lines just disappeared! *************************** *********************************************** Please remember, this game is for calming mindfulness, relaxation, I like that nothing is timed…I love this game for helping me during anxious times…please restore or give option to have lines disappear as before.
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4 years ago, Azlo9
Game has changed
This had been my favorite game for a long while. Recently it was changed to higher goals and much harder games. In the past, it was a fun wake-up challenge for the day and exercised the brain to start the day off in a positive way. Recently it has become more difficult and is now an exercise of frustration. I understand there might be players that want an extra challenge but could you not have kept your game as is and developed challenging sidebars instead??? You are losing me as an avid player. As for your days-long tournaments, they are much too long to hold interest - perhaps a one day tournament would be more fun???? It is almost as though someone entirely different is running this app, or a new philosophy has arisen. Please, scale it back to old times. Your fun app has suddenly taken a dive and I no longer look forward to it with my first cup of coffee. JUST CHECKED - I won a daily award trophy for 11 months in a row and just this week have had 2 days of puzzles that I cannot finish. That is not a coincidence - this is not a change in my mental aptitude - it is a way that the developers have changed the game, and I just reduced your review stars to one. I am not pleased with this change. Will someone at easy brain please give me an honest evaluation of what happened?
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4 months ago, YarnBuddy347682
new update to gameplay and too many ads
There's been a new update to the gameplay that includes things like popping bubbles, destroying bushes, etc., which I can understand how some people might like, but I really hate. It has made it into an entirely new kind of game, I played blockudoku for the simplicity of the game because my brain really liked how it worked. Now I find it completely unplayable. It's clear not enough thought went in to how this new game mode would work, and there's absolutely no way to play the older version of the game. I would be okay if gems/bubbles/bushes were a part of a different game mode that still allowed you to play the old game but right now I find it unplayable. Not to mention there's been a HUGE uptick in ads over the past few months, I understand needing ads to keep an app free, but at the same time, ads that used to be 5 seconds when you opened the game/after finishing a level, but now are 15+ seconds long and will interrupt you mid-level and on every screen you click to, it's ridiculous. I put up with the uptick in ads because it was my favorite game, but they've practically erased the game I've loved and have been playing for over three years, I see no reason to stick around.
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6 months ago, Em4411
Not a fan of recent design changes
Have been using this app for several years, I’ve loved playing the daily challenges and seeing my progress (checking off each day, earning a trophy), but – I HATE the new cheesy graphics that have recently been added. The reason I liked using the app was because the game board was very simplistic and visually unstimulating, making it a great way to relax during the day or wind down before bed. It now looks and plays more like a child’s game and the random cheesy graphics ruin the meditative aspect of the game. It also seems like the goals are becoming much more simplified and less challenging, which is also a big disappointment, as they feel less intellectually stimulating and there’s no payoff/feeling of accomplishment like when you finally beat a game after a few tries. I really hope the developers figure out a way to maintain the original minimalist design aesthetic, and keep an option with more challenging gameplay, or else I will be uninstalling the game after I catch up on my remaining daily challenges with the original design/challenging gameplay. :/
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2 years ago, Ahma Nerd
Enjoying it
I thought this game was more like Tetris. I love the fact that i can place the objects wherever I want on the block, but wish I could rotate the pieces also to fit in. I had previously thought the ads were too long, but the developer very helpfully explained to me that the right arrows and the plus signs were a way to eliminate the ads after 5 secs. I am very appreciative for their help, and did thoroughly enjoy playing the game this morning. Update: I am getting very frustrated with the amount of ads in this game. It wasn’t this bad before. I can understand that I have to go through an ad when I lose a game quickly, even though a just had to go through ads a couple of minutes before, but when I am close to the targeted score, and my game is being paused for ads, it is frustrating. ESPECIALLY when the ad freezes the game and when I come back in, it restarts the game! Which just happened again this morning, a week after the update that supposed to have stabilized the game. How can I enjoy the game when at any minute, it can be paused for an intrusive ad?!!!
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7 months ago, stop developing games 🤡🤡🤡
There’s a need for ad revenue, and then there’s…
Quite frankly, beating a dead horse isn’t putting it right. An ad before every first game (of daily puzzles, of story puzzles, and of general blockudoku) AND after most levels unless you break the all time high score I’ve found. The game is just a front for ad revenue, and if you go into airplane mode, you can’t do the daily puzzles or the story mode because oops! You need to download those for whatever reason. I’m not spending money on a phone app either so I don’t want a shallow developer response that says “Hi! Apologies for interrupting your game with ads. We'll work towards making your experience more enjoyable. Also, we cannot remove all ads as we need to support the app, and ads give us a chance to make the game available to everyone for free. If you wish to stop all ads, you can do that for a small one-time fee in Settings.” Because you definitely can decrease the frequency and also make the game airplane mode compatible, unless you plan on adding a multiplayer online mode. While I’m at it, why DO I need to download the daily and story puzzles? Aren’t they pretty pre-determined?? I feel like it’s a cash grab that’s hiding behind the ruse of a game.
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4 months ago, karictr
Love this game! Can I make a request?
I love playing this game when I need to just unwind my brain for a bit. One of my favorite things to do is play while I’m watching a show (on Netflix or other streaming service). My only small complaint, is that I have to make the show as small as possible in the corner of my phone, because the game screen is too spread out and the show blocks the top part of the game board. If the game could be scooted down a little on the screen, I could increase the picture-in-picture size of my show and still play without the game being blocked! Any chance the game could be formatted just a little towards the bottom of the screen instead of perfectly centered? Or, at least have an option for it in the settings? I would love to see my show better while I play! (And I know, this is such a dumb problem in my life. 🤪 But I think of it every time I’m playing, how nice it would be to get the best of both)
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11 months ago, Wefarm
Enjoying the challenge!
Most games I see available are games of chance. If you are dealt just the right combo of cards or given great letters to spell out words worth plenty of points you are able to score enough points to beat the competition. That is how this game is so different! You have a grid placed before you and you are then dealt random shapes made from cubes. The object of the game is for you to calculate how to place them onto the grid so you have space to continue playing when the next set of shapes are given to you. If you just randomly drop the shapes in you are likely to end up losing. As you fill in one section completely most of those blocks will disappear giving you more options to “play” future shapes . I find this game to be one of the more stimulating games out there and it is currently my go to for entertainment. There are similar competitions available. Some have cubes of varying colors.
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3 years ago, Acorn Falls
Not as advertised
The ad for this game that drew me in is misleading, as it shows block configurations dropping into grids with different outlines, as though there would be a variety of puzzles to solve, but as it turns out there’s just the same puzzle ad nauseum with the only variety being how long before your luck runs out, more or less, and it could be a source of frustration if you fixate on the score, as you can gather from reading other reviews. For me the challenge of beating my highest score is so much greater than the reward that it’s not a meaningful motivator, and I often don’t finish the game. It’s a great diversion when I have unproductive time to fill (waiting rooms, etc) but I play less and less frequently, because I get bored by it very quickly now that I feel I have reached an insurmountable plateau. I think it would be interesting if the game tracked my average score, so I could see if it improved, seems like an easy feature to include. The ads are pretty annoying as well, but the game isn’t interesting enough to pay to remove them, in my calculus.
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4 years ago, Pinched Penny
August 2020: Been playing consistently now for awhile and have decided to change my rating from a 5 to a 2. There have been no significant updates for a long time. Nothing that adds to the game play or makes things more enjoyable. The bug mentioned previously had been fixed back in April but I held out hope for a sort of endless version. Now that it is August and the version history has been mostly performance updates, I’ve given up hope for any additions for game play. A real shame as I think there is potential to make this game better and more fun. Old review: Been playing for a few months now. It’s my go to zen game. Feb 14 though I was surprised to be hit with a “bug” that has made my enjoyment of the game increase over 9000. Instead of the game ending at 500 points, it allowed me to keep going. And going. And going. I got up to 9000 points and felt really satisfied with that. My normal highest is only 2900 something. Which I know isn’t very high, so this made me feel great! Please make this a mode or something. I go back to this day just so I can keep playing this “mode”. I think I’ll cry if it’s fixed or something. Please, please, please keep it!!!
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4 months ago, swarlz17
Please change back the graphics
I play this game everyday and have been playing it for 4 years. I took an exam this morning and to calm myself down after, I decided to play my daily challenge. Words cannot describe the horrid I felt when I opened the app to see my beloved graphics changed to some corny looking (excuse my language) bull****. This app is something I have used to destress for years and now I can’t even look at it. Please change it back. 6/5 stars before this update now it’s a 2/5. You should be glad I’m giving it a 2/5 because it deserves a 0/5 but I love the game so much that you get 2 extra stars. Change it back or every week it goes by without getting changed, I will decrease a star. I am so upset that I have lost control of myself and do not know what to do. Does this mean I need to find a new game? Do I need to change my career path? Do I need to fix my car windshield? Am I even a person or are we living in a simulation? I am spiraling and need help, help that can be given with a change back to the old graphics. Please, help me become a good person again. Thanks for the great 4 years.
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4 years ago, KingMilz
Highly addictive , Highly frustrating
While I love this game for the simplicity and challenges, I’ve also grown a deep hatred for it. For starters, 5 long tiles? C’mon now... I have had certain games where I’m on fire till my next set of moves require a 2x 5 long tile, 4 long diagonal tile and completely just slaps my ego to the ground and constantly stomps it to the ground with its size 24 boot. I wish we were given the option to rotate or maybe just re-roll a new set of tiles (Please don’t add this as an in game purchase-able refill type option). I love this game and think its awesome through & through, but it’s just so frustrating when i know my move sets are perfect but get hit with such obscurely difficult tiles. Anyways, hope to see some updates soon cause this game is great. Hate to see another phone shaped hole in my wall because of the inability to change the outcome of such a great round ruined by that obnoxious 5 long, 4 diagonal, C/U (Backward/upsidedown) shaped tiles.
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2 months ago, CYM in NM
Changes are not improvement
I have been playing this game since 2019. I have loved the challenges of fitting pieces into the board. Some puzzles have taken me a long time to finish but getting the daily puzzles completed is something I love to do. I have earned the trophy for every month beginning November 2019 through January 2024. The new change with bubbles and gardens to clear are a complete change in what the game has been, and not for the better. I want to think about the shapes and the puzzle and clearing the 9x9 grids not having to worry about additional things. If I wanted those challenges I would go play something like Township or Gardenscapes. If these extra items like bubbles and gardens are now going to be part of Blockudoku I see my days of playing this game to be ending. It is interesting to note that the only positive reviews are one line and appear to be paid or bots. I checked today to see if the developers came to their senses. I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t keep the game that people loved and launch something new if they want the changes that it appears most people hate. Oh well. At this point I am walking away.
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5 months ago, Kendybear96
Ad update
I have been playing this game for years. I absolutely loved it. This game was the only game that i could find to start each morning and get my brain feeling stretched and ready for the day. I have ADHD and this game was really helping me zone in and reset myself from all the overwhelming cluttered thoughts during the day. My favorite thing is the daily challenge and getting my gold stars to get another trophy for another month. The recent update that now has added Advertisements in the middle of the game has ruined this for me. The ads at the end of each game were fine, even when i couldn’t skip them. I had completed a level and felt accomplished. I actually watched the ads because i had a spike of dopamine after completing each level. The ads that cut in the middle of the game completely derails my focus and disrupts my decompression. This honestly causes major anxiety spike and even though you can skip them after a few seconds, i find myself angrily tapping the button too early. Its upsetting for me that i don’t think i can play it anymore. I will have to find some other game.
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2 years ago, IMFSystems
Great Game, but too too many ad interruptions during the game.
Use to be a great game that I g free, that I rated at 5 Stars. But, the number of ads has gotten absolutely ridiculous. Now instead of a few add w between games, there are interruptions during a game with ads./ and they are so numerous that they are absolutely annoying…. And, I have decided to stop playing what was a wonderful, challenging, and fun game. I will also be deleting it from my iPhone…… Sorry, but the ads have become very annoying! Is this business of interruptions of the game play with ads, instead of having the ads between games . Strategy to get more people to buy your game? Not very honest ….. You initially sold the game as being free with ads between games …. Now annoying the players with ads in hope that they will but the game. It would have be much more honest to have simply offered the game at a much lower price with no ads at all. The buy numbers would likely have been much higher. I don’t appreciate the trickery …. So I’m deleting the game, and using the $4.99 (no ad price) you are now offering, to buy this or another game From someone else. Integrity counts in selling games !!!!
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4 years ago, CallMeBanker
It was fun, average game now
So, my fiancée and I have been playing this game since December 2019. In January her app updated to the new pieces and it turned a pretty cool game into something I’ll say is average. Now three months later my app updated to the new pieces (I bought the app to avoid the terrible commercials). Now I’m out the money, the relaxing game, and bragging to my fiancée about how the new game wasn’t a ploy by the developers to make more money... this is the first time I’ve had to eat my words to her. She had me write this to tell you all I was wrong, the game was better before. Today will be my last day with this app. Take care developer folks. I reduced down to two stars after receiving a canned developer response about their feel they need more and more of your money - I paid once and got good - then it was changed to presumably to get more from me. I get that your goal is to maximize your reach in to the pockets of players, but can you look to just make it reasonable and not so greedy - no one likes a greedy game. Just strike a balance at the start and let’s all just get along and have fun!
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3 years ago, Jille123
Ads are false, but real game is good
Good game but the ad / commercial for the game is completely inaccurate. I’ve had this game for over a year, the ads show you trying to match shapes into a variety of different larger shapes. In the actual game it’s always a big square you are filling. Nothing is ever being fit into a triangle or other shape like the ads. It’s basically a simple game, you get shapes like Tetris and play and clear rows or columns or group of 9 squares. Some challenges start off with prefilled areas you have to clear. Some prefilled areas have numbers so you have to clear that many times before the blocks are cleared. Your game is over when you have no place to put one of the three blocks in your available tray. But to reiterate…the ads are completely not what the game is about. I find many game ads are false advertisements. If you think people want to play the advertised game why not just make that game??? Silly marketing if you ask me.
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2 years ago, new orleans sonya
Different scoring???
A few of my friends and I play this awesome game. My high score is 2600 after a few weeks of playing. Most my friends scores are similar. I told coworkers to get it too and one of them got 3100 under 5 minutes on the first game. We thought he was a genius….but then I watched him play the second game and right away noticed the scoring is not the same as mine. He placed 3 first blocks and had a core of over 150 without getting a combo. Then he hit a combo and had 380 - all in a span of under 1 minute. I played a game and got a few points for placing blocks and a few dozen for getting a combo- the scoring is off. Another person downloaded it and was also getting those high scores. Another downloaded it and got my scoring system. What’s happening? It seems like it’s adding a zero to their totals! We played a came next to each other and it was evident the scoring system is off.
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2 years ago, Navitach
I'm done. Goodbye, see ya, adios!
What happened to this game? The Daily Challenge used to be fun and a bit challenging, but the difficulty has been changed so much that now it's a chore. I find myself spending far too long each day (more than I used to) just to try to complete it. As many, MANY reviewers have said, the "features" added recently are intrusive. The percentage pop-up every time just gets in the way, and the fact that it can't be disabled (which the developers have noted in response to many negative reviews) just makes it worse. A good developer would take players' suggestions into account and do something to improve their app or game, but that doesn't seem to be a priority here. Why has an Undo option not been included? As I noted in a previous review, having to be connected in order to start the Daily Challenges on the first of every month is ridiculous. After all the changes and so-called "improvements", I am deleting this game from my device and not looking back. I'll have more time each day to do better things, and the developers won't be getting any money from me from the incessant ads.
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4 years ago, ShadowJackal35
Favorite game
This is literally my favorite game and I play it for hours on a daily basis because it's really relaxing and just kind of mindless enough that I can play and watch TV at the same time or just relax in bed. That being said, while I do enjoy the new updates I also hope that they decide to make separate modes because recently a ton of new puzzle pieces were added and while it's nice because it adds another challenge it's also a problem /because/ it adds challenge. I preferred it when the blocks were simpler and I didn't have to watch out for like a million combinations. Now there's so many shapes that my board fills up too quickly and the game ends too soon. I'm not saying that the new pieces should be removed completely, but I think they should add modes based on difficulty so people like me can play more casually. Over all it's a great game though and I'm glad it updates frequently. :)
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2 weeks ago, SWhimsies
Very enjoyable
I could play this game all day! It’s very addicting. The best part is that I don’t have to race the clock to get to the goal. There are other games that I enjoy just as much but without paying they make you do it within a certain amount of time and the time they set is too quick for me. They give you an option to watch a video for more time but it’s still not enough. I prefer a game that gives me as much time as I want to finish it. For me this game is the best one. I can actually relax because I’m not being timed. I HOPE THAT NEVER CHANGES. My only problem is that the longer I play the game the hotter my phone becomes. As I said, I could play this game all day but after 45 mins or so I have to stop and put it in the freezer for a few minutes to cool it off. If anyone can tell me what the problem is I would appreciate it. And if it’s not something on my end then I would appreciate it if the problem could be fixed.
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2 years ago, Ragdoll418
So much potential
I really enjoy this game for the most part. The main complaint is for games that come with some blocks already filled in. While I agree it should be challenging, some seem impossible to complete. Using the seasonal ones as an example: I’m through two tiles / complete pictures, and I’ve been stuck on one square of the 3rd tile / picture for 3 days now. I would love to be able to finish it. Buy this one is ridiculous. I’ve probably played this one square at least 150 times and cannot beat it. To those working behind the scenes…here’s a tip: It’s satisfying to be able to complete these. Maybe have 10 people test them out and make sure they are solvable by all of them with a good amount of attempts. Right now I feel like I won’t try future ones if there are roadblocks like this. It’s a lesson in futility. (I frequently get ones where one of the three shapes is grayed out from the VERY BEGINNING! And there are no moves to open it back up. That’s messed up.)
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3 years ago, lIlI lIlIlIlI-lIlIl
It’s a game that’s relaxing but wait...
So I’ve been playing this game for awhile now. Especially through high school and now I actually like it. It’s relaxing, keeps me entertained and I haven’t had any issues with it bug wise. After the new update with achievements it just added onto the game. You don’t have to do the achievements but it also gives you something to do at the same time while playing. I’ve played this game in my high school classes and it’s been good. Although I give five stars I would say ads are kinda annoying. But then again for my personal case just turn on airplane mode and ads are gone. I can still listen to my instrumental music and play with no problem. For an average game that makes you stack and put certain blocks in certain places this game is one I highly recommend to anyone who wants a free but good game.
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2 years ago, jumpygrouch
Too buggy
I’m giving up on this game because it gets hung up too often. Also, it never turns off so it drains my battery if I get distracted while playing, from an email or maybe I fall asleep or something (if I’m playing it at night) I come back and the battery of my iPad is drained and that’s a real drag. Also, it gets hung up in the middle of a game, where it freezes and I can’t move the pieces, so I have to close it and reopen it and then it’s still hung up so that it places a piece where I didn’t intend it to go because of it freezing and unfreezing, and my game board is ruined! Maybe they should have the ads in between games instead of during games? Anyway I’m getting fed up so I’m gonna just gonna stop. I’m adding to the review because I gave it another chance because the developers said they are always listening to comments but now the game is interrupting games to play ads. So much for improving a game, you give us a buggy game and then make your ads take over the game. I don’t think these developers care about people and they definitely don’t know how to work with ads.
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6 months ago, I don't want any nickname
Good game, some events not so much
I still think this game is good enough that I continue to feel justified for purchasing no ads option. Just one issue... the near impossible levels in some of the events are making it so that I will no longer play them. Do what you want, but endless retries and endless bad piece offerings are not hard but an insult. Seems like a ploy to make ads run more when played with ad included version... I get it, you need to make money, but not like that... screwing with paying customers is like cutting your own throats. Hope you think better of it going forward, but doubt I will ever know as I am done with playing events. Still well done game, smooth game play, well designed and seems performant. Must be well programmed. I wouldn't mind paying for this again, so long as the price is affordable for me.
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2 months ago, Anon reviewer 1234
Algorithm changed 👎
I used to love this game and enjoyed trying to play to beat my all time high score of 11k. But then I noticed it is near impossible to score over 4k. Starting around 3.5k, the algorithm is biased against the player and starts giving you tiles that make it impossible to get much over 4k. At first, I thought this was just me… I probably played over 100 games, and the highest score was 4.1k. This is very different from how it used to be, where I could maybe get 6 or 7k before losing. So, I searched online to see if other players were also having this problem and read that other players are having this EXACT same issue. Honestly, the app creators need to fix this issue for me to enjoy this game again. I hate leaving negative reviews on stuff, but in this case, I’m hoping the creators will listen to my request to change the algorithm back to how it used to be, because I used to really love this game. As it stands, this game is not entertaining for me anymore since it is impossible to succeed.
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4 years ago, Free At Last 1
Love the game...
....but hate all the ads. Would pay for it to get get it add free. Okay, heard from the developer. You can remove the ads for a payment of $4.99. Well worth it to me. Can play forever with no ads! Life is good! Looks like I got excited too fast. I paid for the cancellation of the ads on my iPad and expected them to come off my iPhone as well. After all, when you get the app, it shows up on both platforms regardless of which one you ordered it on. Imagine my surprise when I opened the app on my phone and the ads were back. Have written to the developer but if I have to play two times to play without ads, I will cancel the charge with the credit card company and remove the app from my iPad and iPhone. Buyer beware Okay, I was contacted by someone who explained how to get it ad free on my iPhone and iPad. Very easy to do. So as I said originally, I just love this game!
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5 months ago, huggykay
Great but a few suggestions
I’ve played awhile and have completed the daily challenges for a year straight. I also play many of the events, but not the tournaments. Suggestions 1) add a difficultly slider. Lately the daily challenges have been way too easy and it bums me out that I beat it on my first try. Harder difficulty could mean that all of the block shapes are included— like in free play where there are U shape blocks and diagonal single blocks that aren’t included in daily or event challenge. 2) add an indicator to the daily challenge calendar for which type of challenge it is. Either numbers, bubbles, bushes, or gems. Then it’s easy to find the type of game you want to try if you go back to play old challenges. Also, please bring back the number challenge! Those were really difficult sometimes and haven’t been back since the new game types released. 3) allow replay of old challenge postcards. 4) allow playing the various challenge types in free play. (Bushes, bubbles, gems) 5) one of the screenshots in this app description has a triangle shaped board. I’ve been playing over a year and never had anything but the 9x9 square. Would love to see more unique and challenging maps! Thanks for considering this feedback. This is the only game I’ve kept on my phone for this long and that I enjoy playing daily.
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2 years ago, Dznr27
More Tournaments!
I have the paid version of this game and those complaining about ads have a free version and should just upgrade instead of leaving a bad review because they are cheap… I’ve played this game almost daily for at least a year, if not two and the only thing I’ve noticed is the tournaments appear to be less frequent. Also the events last way too long. After 5 days of the Spring event finally coming to a close I was looking forward to an tournament to pop, but instead an Easter event for the next 9 days… Ugh! While events are great practice for tournaments, I don’t really care about earning all this digital artwork that only stays in the game. I also think there needs to be a countdown banner on the main page to notify you of upcoming tournaments. The last few times I have been hours behind on a tourney and it’s difficult to make the leaderboard when you have sucky players seemingly clocking 4 hours straight (or boting) of 500 point games already at #1 with 50k points who can’t even make the Top 10 Best Score board. It might also help to set a threshold for best game score in order for someone to rank for medals on the tournaments. Otherwise, I love this game! It really helps with challenging your mind and part of my daily brain health.
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11 months ago, 5678 CHEER_CHAMPION
Not like the ads
I’m a 11 year old girl who wants your company to make a difference but before that please read my passage I got this game because a friend suggested it but I was playing another game and an ad popped up for this app, saying that there was a feature that could test ur IQ but there’s not. I know other game companies do the same thing but I thought you guys were better than that. People buy a game for two main reasons 1. They see it on the App Store page or social media and 2. They see a ad. But when the company is lying about what the game is about people like me will just want to delete it. So please just be honest with you ads people might even want to get it more if you just tell the truth about what it is. Be the app that changes the whole ball game about telling the truth on ADS. Thx for reading this and please change your ads and be the different app. ❤️
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4 years ago, Xwovie
Was fun until the tournament.
I enjoy playing this game a lot and was surprised by the tournament. So, I joined it. I was completing well being the #2-4 player in the tournament up in till there was about 3 day 6 hours left. Then it all went to hell!! The game crashes so much my phone started to have issues. Like my battery that would last me playing the game almost alday would last maybe 2-3 hours. Game crashed so much that it would take 10-15 minutes to make a move then the game would crash and reset the move, which might that 15-20 restarts of the app to replay the move again. The for some reason my screen name was changed from Xwoive to Concerned Weasel, and my ranking was removed on my iPhone back to just entering the tournament from 2 place. When I had to switch to my iPad Pro which was working even worse than my iPhone, I saw that my ranking and name where still at 3rd place. I also found that in settings is a prank mode In the game. I just want to play and not deal with crashes, pranks, this is app ticking me off!
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4 years ago, Rastathena
Data Backup Issue
I opened my app to notice my game name was not what it was supposed to be and there was no way to change it or get it back to what it was. So, I uninstalled my app and reinstalled hoping it would help my problem so that when i reopened the app again my name would be correct. Instead, I open it to find that everything I’ve done back to January is just gone, all the data, all my scores, all of the daily challenges I did, everything, like the game hasn’t existed until August. I can’t scroll back to January to redo it all, it won’t go any further than the 1st of August. I’m not sure what happened here, my phone saves my data every time I play, so I’m pretty disappointed that I’ve lost all my progress. I usually like this game, but I’m not sure I even want to play anymore after everything I did just to lose it all, I’ll have to start all over and from August vs. January. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Of everything, it saved my highest score, but that was all. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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6 months ago, mynickmane
Played this game for years
I used to love this game, it was always a favorite to be playing and mindlessly do the puzzles. I paid for this app a while ago to be ad free and never regretted it. But recently they added in these gem and bubble levels that I am not a fan of. Thats mostly personal and I get trying to keep the game fresh (although I do miss the normal game play). I had battery issues on my phone lately and most of my screen time used to to be mindlessly playing this game, but since the gem and bubble update the app takes up twice the amount of battery that it did in the past. I can’t play the game anymore because it’s draining my battery more than heavier games I played in the past or even watching videos. Very sad cause it was my most used app (I have every trophy from every day available even) but now I can’t keep that going with how much battery this seemingly simple game now takes
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3 months ago, Fame97
New App Design :(
I want to preface this review with that I really enjoy this game, I find it quite relaxing and appreciate the little ads during gameplay. This game is unplayable for me right now. Prior to a couple of weeks ago the app was fairly basic design-wise. There was an option between the classic blue and white or a more wood color tone and that was perfectly fine. I’m aware that apps change and things look different but the previous 2D design added to calming nature in its simplicity. Now the app has this truly putrid 3D design, every block has a highlight on it now and they got rid of the clear lines separating the sections and opting for just different shades of grey. This makes me feel claustrophobic and really tense throughout gameplay. I wish there was simply an option to switch between the 2D and 3D designs because I’m sure this is exactly the look some people are wishing for. It just isn’t what I’m looking for and for the foreseeable future will not be playing.
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4 months ago, JonnyZ50
Long time Player - Heavy on the ads for the free version
I agree with the veteran about the % who pass, this is luck of the draw game for the most part. I have been playing this game for a few years, never saw a reason to upgrade to the paid version as the ads were short, however now the ads come before starting the daily challenge, during the game and after the completion, not to mention the ad ribbon at the bottom of the play field, and I have noticed that the every day challenge has had an increase in the completion score by 200 points, seems like the developer has thought of a new way to inject more ads. Due to the game mechanics becoming more complex and difficult to solve. I really enjoy the gameplay and the game. Over the last few months I have been playing, more and more ads, making me think “time to delete the game” sadly because I really enjoy playing. My time has a value, and it’s getting to expensive for my tastes.
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