4.8 (69)
17.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Opal Limited
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bloom

4.75 out of 5
69 Ratings
7 years ago, richardgrant
One of my all-time favorite apps
Bloom represents a brilliant fusion of Brian Eno's ideas about "generative music" with the computing power and mobility of an iOS device, courtesy of software designer Peter Chilvers, a fine composer in his own right. It was innovative when it was first released several years ago, and thankfully Chilvers has now updated it to be compatible with iOS 10. You could regard this as a sort of infinite album: a software engine that you can either customize or leave to its own devices, which will endlessly create a kind of music that Eno has, at different times, called ambient, generative, and "thinking music." The music never exactly repeats itself, though of course it's restricted in other ways by the specific design of the software and the limited number of sound-types available. If you've ever enjoyed the work of Eno and others in this vein, I highly recommend Bloom.
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9 months ago, SeanDykhouse
One of the first apps you ever downloaded is still strong
After watching games, music, entertainment, and social media come and go, it is encouraging and exciting to come back to this work again and again. Highly recommend this one.
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6 years ago, bluetoucan
Please give option to remove the self-advertisements??
I’ve been a fan of Bloom for 9 years. I wish SO much there were a way I could revert to a version where you don’t see the ad on the initial screen for the other apps by the same people. For me those ads, even though they’re small, are so distracting and against what I think the spirit and experience of Bloom should be. It’s frustrating. Please give an option not to see them - I would pay for it!
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6 years ago, Troyzzer
Essential app
I’ve had this app since it’s release and use it almost every night to help calm down before falling asleep. The generative music and it’s programmed forever changing order is both soothing, the almost repetition leading to a sort of gnosis.
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5 years ago, SpicyGuy13
The sounds are too limited.
I downloaded several generative music apps. Bloom was one of them. Unfortunately the loan was a paid app right off the bat where as the others gave trials. The app that I downloaded and like the most is and Endel. Endel is much more complex in the sounds that it generates in the textures that it creates. I find Endel much more enjoyable to listen to then Bloom. Bloom is very sublime, and generates an ambience rather than an engaging musical exploration or experience.
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2 years ago, Viviane V
Years later, still enjoyable
This is such an underrated app. Bloom is lovely, peaceful, contemplative. A hidden gem. Do yourself the favor of downloading it.
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3 years ago, harrison wintergreen
:) That moment ...
That moment when you realize Bloom can make chords :)
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5 years ago, Dr Owen99
greatest music app
Worth the $4! Wish more people would try it
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16 years ago, skiphunt
At first I thought this app was kinda cool, but more of a curiosity when I was bored and bought/installed it while laid over in the airport. I played around with it for a bit... and got this very strange feeling I was "playing" with something completely new. I've never interacted with anything quite like this before. Thus far, this has to be the most innovative... creative... relaxing... inspirational.... app I've downloaded to date. Would buy it again in an abstract heart beat. For the next version, I'd like to see a way to either select a different base sound, or a way to alter it's freqs. And, it'd be nice is the basic artwork created varied more than just circles. Still, the genius of this app in part is it's simplicity and intuitive use. Makes me wonder why I was always so enthralled with ambient, minimal music compositions when it's soooo easy to make your own. ;-) (warning: after awhile... I thought the app wasn't working right. I could no longer hear the lower tone sounds from the iphone. I tried everything to try and fix it, ie. reinstalling, rebooting, and even restoring. Then, I realized when I was first playing with it in the airport I was using my headphones. Some of the lower pitch tones aren't quite audible with the little iphone's speakers. But with headphones, or hooked up to a stereo.. the audio quality is very good at all pitches.)
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15 years ago, StanleyPain
Fantastic for both fans of Eno and just people who want an ambience generator.
I've been following Eno's work with ambient music and generative systems for a long time, and Bloom is the perfect, distilled essence of many of the projects he's been working on, most especially Koan, although this nowhere near as complex and configurable as Koan. Bloom basically generates ambient music based on nine differet chord patterns (or "moods" as the software calls them) and the work is comparable to Eno albums like Shutov Assembly and Thursday Afternoon (also some his older work like Apollo and Music For Airports). You can manipulate the sounds yourself by touching the screen and adding notes which will repeat for a certain amount of time which can be somewhat adjusted with a delay setting. What you get is a fantastic music app that can just sit in the background and provide you with an endless world of light ambient suspension. The only downside is that you cannot exit the program and leave the music on while you surf the web or whatever, you have to stay inside of Bloom to listen to it. But it is really is perfect for when you want some light, continuously evolving background noise, but want something musical and tonal as opposed to a white noise generator or whatnot. Best $4 I've ever spend on any piece of software ever.
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16 years ago, JoePeartree
This is what the iPhone is all about!
There are many apps for the iPhone, but few of them truly showcase what the device is all about. To me, Bloom is one of those apps. Bloom is a simple but very powerful and visually appealing musical song generator. The app meshes exactly with the iPhone brand the Apple brand of powerful elegance and excellent interactive design. Bloom is interesting enough for the adult music lover, but easy enough for my 5-year-old son to play and enjoy, and even to go to sleep listening to! As soon as I saw it was built by Brian Eno, I knew it would be a great app. If you like this app, you'll probably also enjoy Brian Eno's albums on iTunes. I'm hoping that a few enhancements are made to this application over time (ability to play a continuous tone run by dragging your finger, a way to add in more "instruments" other than the current tonal notes, and a way to freeze the generated song and then play other songs on top of it, amongst other things), but I still give it 5 stars. It opened my eyes to what the iPhone is truly capable of... and just wait 3-5 years from now when the device is 2-4 times faster and can handle tens or hundreds of simultaneous notes playing and displaying.
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16 years ago, NJenn
Pocket installation
I give this 5 because I am aware of what Eno is trying to provide and because I have not had the sound difficulties that other reviewers have reported. I can understand lower ratings if one is not familiar with or does not enjoy Eno's recent ambient work and installations. I can also understand deep frustration with audio issues. I have found that by turning the volume down a bit, both in the preferences within the application itself, and of the master volume of the iphone, that I have not encountered any audio difficulties. What I enjoy most about this is that it is like a portable and interactive ambient Eno installation. That is fun for someone like me who goes for those kinds of things. But, of course, I am writing this review to encourage those who have similar musical and artistic taste to purchase this application, and to warn those who do not have such inclinations not to buy it, so that they are not disappointed (and thereby they will avoid writing another unnecessarily negative review). Enjoy!
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16 years ago, Brimul
Love it - but some suggestions.
I love this app. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I still use it all the time. It’s simplicity and depth makes it enduring. But there are some little additions that would make the user experience even better: -A lock mode that would prevent interruption of a “frozen” cycle if the screen were mistakenly touched. - The ability to turn off the screen in order to save power or not light up a darkened room. When the sleep button on the top of the iPod Touch is pressed the screen does go dark, but it seems to clear the current programming. I know one can turn down the brightness on the screen before starting to use the app, but that takes more foresight than I have. - It would be fantastic if Bloom could play in the background as other apps on the iPod are used. This request seems pretty unlikely, but it doesn't hurt to check. - It seems that for some reason, even when the evolve mode is turned off, tones will begin to speed up and glom together, or slow way down over time. This doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to make it a bit irritating. I would hope it’s a simple bug to fix. Thanks for a great and involving app.
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15 years ago, trcres
Good to Great
I just recently downloaded this app, and it deserves much of the hype it is receiving. I look to rate apps on three levels: execution, creativity and practicality. This gets a 4, 5 and 4 using those criteria in my view. I dropped it to a 4 on execution as there are some improvements the developers can make - some have been expressed by other reviewers more knowledgeable than I on this kind of app. Creativity is a full 5 because I haven't seen anything like it - kids from 2 to 100 can enjoy this application on many levels. On practicality, my one beef is at the same time a veiled compliment. I find value in using this app to relax, but without a 'time to run' setting, I find I can fall asleep at night while playing Bloom and find my Touch drained in the morning. Being able to set this to run for a set time, either manually entered or for presets (15 minute intervals?) would be a big plus for this enthusiastic user. Get this added, and I nudge my overall rating to a 5. To those reading this review who haven't yet taken the plunge, I strongly encourage you to purchase this app.
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16 years ago, Inaudible Lance
Ambient music pioneer is now an iPhone/iPod Touch pioneer too!
As a fan of Brian Eno's ambient music for almost two decades I was thrilled with the idea that Brian Eno was undertaking a new medium for his atmospheres - and an interactive one at that! In the past Brian Eno has dabbled with alternate mediums with various sound installations and his 2006 computer interactive project/album 77 Million Paintings but none compare to the ease, simplicity, and effectiveness of Bloom. Endless original ambient textures both audible and visible are literally at your fingertips looping, layering, and floating continuously. If you don't like your creation no problem, just shake your iPhone/iPod Touch and start crafting your new ambient space. A few years ago there was a stand-alone ambient tone generator in a little transistor radio form factor called the Buddah Machine that, at the time, was a step forward in portable ambience. Bloom takes both portability and Brian Eno's musical brilliance to a new level. Think of it as your own 'Music For Airports' app. Highly recommended!
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16 years ago, mokfromclintonhill
Generative music you (or it) makes!
Not going to change your life, but one of the most ingenious apps out there for any medium. The built in tone sets are just about perfect for this kind of thing. The underlying chordal structures move independently of your prescribed 'melody' and generate new textures. Patterns you create will fade away, only to reappear in variations over new layers. I love that you can freeze a spot to repeat - it works great here as a compositional tool in the classic sense. But the real beauty is what it was designed for - to generate music and evolve. Another huge plus is that it does not put your host to sleep - the music keeps going until you quit. Sonic creation: active participation, partial participation, or non-participation. Your choice! Would love eventually to hear other 'lead' timbres, rhythms(?), etc. but right now it's just great as it is. You could compose a complete indie film score with this if you wanted! This app totally knocks it out if the park on first at bat. Great job Fellows!
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16 years ago, WidgetPhreak
Bloomin AWEsome... 5 Stars!
This app is great, especially is you like ambient music. I work in tech support (a stressful environment). I've been playing with bloom all day in between calls, and when I get a call I just turn down the volume a bit and let it go random. It's non distracting to me or my customers. I'm going to fall asleep to it tonight. Two features I'd like to request though is a way to dial in exact BMP/Tempo, and a separate volume control for the evolving background tones (because sometimes I would like to bring those tones to the front more). Have you guys ever thought about making a Generative Percussion App? One that has lots of break beats and it picks single hits from the breaks and chops them up randomly, occasionally flipping a sample around backwards, timestretching it, or pitch shifting (also with a bpm dial). That would just be the most awesome app I could come up with.
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15 years ago, kingkenrod
Great for chilling out, needs more options
I really like bloom. It is meant to be an ambient music generator, not a techno beatbox, so those wishing for beats are missing the point. Eno's philosopy of ambient is that ambient music can be ignored as background atmosphere, or it can be carefully listened too, and so it must be subtle. Bloom combines two different ambient sounds - a synthesized background drone playing a long, morphing chord chosen from 12 different scales called "Moods" (which have odd plant-like names like "Neroli" and "Tofu") and a feature insturment that sounds like a cross between a piano and a xylophone. The feature insturment has notes that are played by touching the screen, and then looped. What I would like to see from Bloom is more ways to manipulate the background drone - let me choose a specific chord and timbre, and a time period of change. Also, I'd like to see more timbres for the feature instrument - the piano sound gets old pretty fast, although it remains pleasant.
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13 years ago, Music for Films
classic Eno
This app reminds me of my favorite period of Brian Eno '77-'81. I think he did his best work in that time. This app has the feel of those long slow waves of sound that just seem to ebb and flow. I actually will just be walking listening to it and without looking at the screen just tap in a series of notes to add to the soundtrack. I didn't expect anything more that a simple sound pad and that's what this is. Great for driving in the car to zen out the stress of traffic and lame Muni drivers..Great that they have the multitasking feature now so you can do other things on the phone while this keeps on playing. The only thing that I'm curious about is why so many apps don't have any tutorials or instructions on how to use them...? There's nothing on the app itself and no notes on the page if you go to their website.
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15 years ago, Agitprop Inc.
A fantastic app from a wonderful pioneer in music. It isn't so much an "instrument" as it is a program which (with your help) generates "musical wallpaper". Anyone expecting an app with the level of control associated with a piano or synth should refrain from buying this app. Those interested in generative music and ambient sound textures should check it out. Bloom is simple and soft-spoken, a Zen koan embedded in color and sound. I use it in meditation, and I know I'll find a use for it in my live sets. Way to go, Opal. Bloom is everything it ought to be! Along the lines of improvements, perhaps the following would be nice- * A BPM marker of some kind * A simple, intuitive drum option, for those who wish to enable it. * More than one voice * Recordability These are mere suggestions to improve an already outstanding product. I can't wait to see what Bloom 2 looks like!
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16 years ago, AddiDaddi
A transformative app! The power of the iphone is that a single app can be what it becomes; its default; its raison d'être; its one and only; its dedicated purpose; the thing that makes it worth it. The iPhone is a vessel; what it carries, what it becomes, can be different for everybody; and even that can change like some kind of shapeshifter depending on the time, the place, the mood, or the mission. Bloom is just one of these kinds of apps; it is worth it just for this! It is at once an instrument and a meditation tool/device! It is like a trampoline for the spirit; when you go there you enter an orb and leave everything else behind. Eno makes things possible. He gives permission. He opens the door with Bloom and says anyone can come on in; anyone can play. Anyone can be a musician. Anyone can be creative. Anyone can make art! Just Bloom!!! It is a beautiful thing!
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15 years ago, evansb2
Relaxing and fun for all age groups
As a long-time Eno fan, I picked this little ditty up as soon as I found out about it. I've spent tons of time playing with it or just listening. Last night, our sick, cranky 14 month old wouldn't go to sleep. We'd tried everything to get her to relax. In desperation, I pulled out my iPhone and started Bloom. She giggled when she realized that her fingers were causing the sound. I think she even realized that her patterns were repeating, but I'm not sure. She played with Bloom for the better part of a half hour—a long time for a toddler. Then, as I noticed her start to relax, I put it on play, and we lay down on the couch together. She was asleep in minutes. Today, when she saw my iPhone, she started reaching for it and pointing towards the screen. Consider that a pre-verbal endorsement.
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13 years ago, Monicaaa1345676434
Strangest app I have, by far. Best app I have, by far. Every time I use bloom, I discover something new such as a different feature, or hear something new. I love to listen to all kinds of music and the music that you can create with this app falls into its own genre. The organic sounds created mesmerize me. The repetition almost forces you to pick out meaning and familiar music in the seemingly random notes. I was surprised the other day to hear the app begin to play a piece that I had composed and cleared long ago. I was pleasantly surprised to be brought back to something that had been forgotten. The music that I create with this app plays in my head even when I'm not listening. It is a very calming and worthwhile experience to purchase this. The sounds are like no other.
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16 years ago, wilcothedog
this app is really gorgeous.. you can easily get swept away while playing it. really relaxing, but also really moving and fun to play! i highly recommend it, money well spent! what brian eno said about this app being like a music box, made a lot more sense after playing with it.. it's gorgeous. really well done! i hope that future updates will bring a way to flip on and off the background drone whenever you wish, not that i don't love the drones, they're really gorgeous, it would just add some dynamic to be to create sections without it and bring it back in! and some sort of tempo light or measurement for the loops would be fun to be more precise with the looping.. BUT this app is beautiful and simple, which is exactly what makes it so charming.
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16 years ago, dreamsaremaps
Very unique. Worth the money.
Great app, I'm happy to see a usable instrument. I have some requests: Some sort of tempo indication so you can place notes more easily. Now it's a bit difficult to count the 'measure' until it's too late. Ability to move, change velocity, and delete specific notes. More tones and the ability to combine them. Ability to export as midi or aiff. I suppose line out would work. Ability to save and layer compositions. Ability to play nonrepeated notes over a frozen pattern. Please don't think these limitations are a reason not to purchase this app. I have over a hundred apps and this is a new favorite. Very relaxing, beautiful and easy to use. Highly recommended! 5 stars.
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15 years ago, Mysgydid
This is just stunning! A friend told me about this app, showed it to me at lunch time. I instantly loved it, so looked it up when I got home. No wonder... Brian Eno! Fantastic app, truly. I love just letting this play and soothe and just randomly add my own touch here and there. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, soothing app. To the users that want a "sleep" mode: your phone already has one. Just go into the timer functions, first one is "sleep iPhone". Set how long you want it to play for you (15 min, 30 min, 2 hours, whatever), start it, then go back to Bloom. Your phone will play soothing music for you, and turn itself off, conserving your battery. =)
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15 years ago, chordal
Ambience + Performance Art
I've downgraded my rating to 3 stars. My opinion of the app hasn't changed, but (a) there are now so many other quality music/sound generation applications of equal or better value (imo) and (b) the "room for updates" has been left entirely empty by the developers. Still a decent application, just not all that special anymore. (my original review) + easy to use right away + the "bell" tones you get are very pleasing and work well together with no effort + visually pleasing + although the parameters are narrow, within those parameters there is a lot of room for experimentation + room for expansion with updates However, if you are looking for a synth-type app. you will be disappointed that you can't do more with the application. This was designed to be used and enjoyed, not as a studio tool.
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15 years ago, BitNerdy
[Update] Game works flawlessly after the update
[Update] - 5 stars Initially this game was fun but had severe issues with crackle on the iPod Touch 2G. Now that those issues have been resolved, I highly recommend this music based app to anyone. It's fun and relaxing. [First thoughts] - 4 stars I love this app. I've been playing around with it for a day now and find it a great way to de-stress. There is one big problem with it though. The sound quality is awful. It constantly sounds like there is some static feedback while the app is on. It doesn't matter whether I use the app with or without headphones. Please fix this problem, otherwise this is a fantastic app.
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16 years ago, Omadhaun
It's like having the soundtrack to Spore in your pocket!
This application is a must-have for anyone who enjoys the work of Brian Eno. When I first started playing Spore I could not believe how amazingly beautiful the music in the game was. But when I found out that Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers, the creators of the music for Spore, decided to release a new program entitled Bloom, I immediately made the purchase and was not disappointed. This program is great for both creating your own soundscapes or to just listen to it generate it's own soundtrack. If you need to concentrate on something such as work, there is nothing better. If you're trying to relax/meditate, this program is for you.
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14 years ago, Warrenator
Relax everybody!
I am a licensed massage therapist and whenever the satellite radio channel goes on the fritz, I turn on Bloom and in between effleuraging some muscles, a few taps and it's ambient live music for the guest as well as a completely zen soundtrack. At less than a pack of cigarettes, it's paid for itself. If one wants to record, plug a mini stereo cable to a recorder input and play it live into a portastudio, GarageBand or other source. I just wish the app was compatible with my iPod composite cable so I could watch it on my TV while I play! This is the best original app available. Even if you are not musically inclined, pick this app up and start jamming! ... To sleep! Lol.
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15 years ago, Hoofhammer
Short-Lived Fun
This is quite a unique app for simple composition and it offers cheap musical entertainment for a short amount of time. The idea behind it is great: easily compose moody soundscapes on the go, even if you're not a musician. The game's design basically makes it impossible to fail. For the money, Bloom delivers a good number of different variables to work within, and it is fairly enjoyable. However, I quickly lost interest in it and moved on to other, non-musical applications, saving music creation for my desktop computer. Others might find it more interesting than myself, but I found the musical confines the app provides to be a bit too limiting to mess around with for long.
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16 years ago, reiglet
A musical zen garden
Instantly calming, mesmerizing chill, & a lovely app if you're in to ambient sounds. I asked my kids to each touch screen & we created a beautiful soundtrack for a lazy Sunday morning. Would like to see a sleeptimer added as this would be a great lullaby for grownups, I could definitely fall asleep to this. I'd also like to be able to have this run in background while doing other things on iPhone. All in all I'm enjoying very much. Adding a few other options for underlying tones and a choice of something other than a synth piano "ping" would be a plus, but without cluttering up the intended atmosphere.
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16 years ago, DonDraperFan
Great. Inpiring. Musically-intriguing. Interactive art.
This is sort of a musical instrument and sort of a piece of interactive art. It's inspiring and relaxing. Don't buy this if you don't like ambient music. But if you do like ambient music definitely get it. Basically the program generates two sounds at once. One is a piano sample. This is triggered by the user. You tap the screen and depending on where you hit it the note changes. Then, as with a delay pedal, it repeats after a while. The other noise is a distant pad that sort of surfaces and morphs depending on what notes and chords you play with the piano. Also if you leave the instrument alone it just sort of regurgitates old patterns they you played indefintely. Very cool.
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13 years ago, arieschick420
A bit pricey, but still enjoyable.
I really like this app. You can create pretty relaxing melodies that play on loop, while watching an artistic looking sort of bubble light show. They kind of remind me of ripples in a pond. There is even an option that you can set if you would like to use it as a sort of soundscape. You can set the timer on it to play for let's say... 30 minutes and it will shut off. It can get old after a while but it is nice for what it is and I would recommend it to someone who is into meditation or just likes sounds and pretty things to look at. The price is a little high, though. I would go down a dollar or two.
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15 years ago, Digitalfuzz
Music therapy anyone?
This is first rate, and complelled me to finally review an app. Bloom takes you back to Eno's "Neroli" recordings, but puts you in the drivers seat. I've had this for half a day and already see SO many ways to enjoy it: creating evolving backgrounds to improvise against (with a flute, clarinet, sax, voice, etc.), maybe even live! (can you hook the iPhone to an external monitor?). Young children (with clean hands!) can enjoy this and learn about hi-lo/fast-slow, etc. The drone makes it ideal for styles like Indian Classical. Then again, you can just sit back and enjoy the tranquility you will be creating all by yourself.
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16 years ago, Enoch Soames
Brilliant application!
I can think of a number of new features that would be fun and useful - the ability to control decay length as well as delay, for example - but I'd hate to see such a beautiful, elegantly simple application clogged up with needless doodads. It's wonderful as it is; if Eno and Chilvers do add features (and I assume they will) I hope they include the option to run Bloom in original mode. In just a few days this has become my absolute favorite iPhone app. It's not for everyone, but if you're a fan of drone or ambient music, and like to tinker with sound, you'll dig it.
Show more
16 years ago, ljmjag
Pretentious Nonsense
This is not a music application. It's not even interesting. It's the application equivalent of filling up a bunch of wine glasses with water and hitting them with a knife. Interesting for about 45 seconds - add another minute of interest if you make the water in the glasses different colors and you like pretty colors. Ooohhh it must be great because Brian Eno helped - guess what - his last interesting work since his Roxy Music days was with the Talking Heads and U2 almost 20 years ago. He phoned this one in, folks. For anyone who is on the fence about this application, let me give you an example of what you will get for your money - ready - touch iPhone - "ting"; touch it several more times - "ting, ting, tiiing, ting, tiing tiing tiiing - wait about 30 seconds and then the tinging will stop. Repeat ad nauseum = dull.
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16 years ago, dmax
Not quite generative, but wonderful
This is more like a touch-screen Frippertronics, with the gradually fading loop of input sounds, which is its own type of wonderful. However, if anyone from Opal (authors included) are reading this, I'd suggest this to make it more similar to Eno's installation sounds: The vertical axis of the screen controls pitch - but let the horizontal axis control the individual note's delay. Then, like the Bell Studies, there would be a series of differently timed repeating tones, re-connecting as they loop back in various ways. Even without this modification, this is a nice implementation of the idea of generative tones with its visual component. Many thanks for this!
Show more
15 years ago, tiatia826
Truly Amazing
This app is incredible! I've had it for awhile, but did not realize it had a sleep timer until last night. I am a terrible sleeper, and have trouble falling asleep and waking often. Last night I set the sleep timer to 30 minutes, created a melody, and was asleep within minutes. I did not wake until morning. I don't know why it works so well at soothing the soul, and I don't really care. Just happy that it does. The price for this app is unbelievably low, and I have never had a problem with it. Buy it now, and enjoy...
Show more
15 years ago, BotheredByTalkers
Tune Out EVERYONE At Work!
I work in an office that has all kinds of talkative women (not to be sexist, they just love to process out loud far more than men). Anyhow, I pair this app with Bose noise eliminating headphones and I've had the best concentration that I've had EVER! There's a meditative quality to this which makes the mind go into a trance state and makes focus outstanding. I used to listen to music at work, but I don't think music always matches the brain's natural waves...the way this generates sounds doesn't let you concentrate on the app, but it lets you concentrate on work. BIZ-NIZZ! Goodbye talkative chicks!
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14 years ago, theuninvitedguest
Sleep So Well
This is not a game. It does not say it's a game anywhere. So stop complaining that it's not a fun game. That being said, this is a nice, and nicely designed, app. The "music making" aspect of this app is fun, but I have to admit I almost never use it. It's fun the first few times, but you can only tap the screen to make a plinkly noise so many times. I do love to let the app just do its thing and play me to sleep. It's like a more modern and musical windchime. I've always been skeptical of those background noise things that are supposed to make you fall asleep, but every time I use this I fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.
Show more
15 years ago, LeovinusAdams
Beautiful app!
Incorporating Eno's minimalist ambient music into an application such as this was worth the 3.99. This was the first app I bought and it has been enjoyed on a daily basis. I've been a fan of Brian Eno since Ambient 1 and this app fits the music perfectly. My 2 year old loves it as well with the colors and gentle sounds. Waiting for what comes next! Just downloaded the update and it just made this app better than ever! More sounds and moods are an addition and not a replacement which is great. Going to try out the other apps from Opal in the near future.
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16 years ago, Minman61
MIND BENDING little app!
Most incredible ambient textural creation machine! Touch the different parts of the screen and become part of the creative process. Experiment and learn expand your knowledge of this amazing little app and then let it take you away into worlds unknown. Sit back let it evolove and relax....forget about all the things that have been bothering you and clear your head. The words CALGON TAKE ME AWAY come to mind when I listen to this cool little exploratory application. I think that even Steven Wilson might not smash his iPod if he saw this application! Now that's what I'm talkin bout!
Show more
16 years ago, Tarekith
Definitely my favorite music app so far.
Finally someone is starting to actually use a unique interface like the iPhone for something new, and not just rehashing older ideas again and again. Great sound and interface, really unique to be honest. I could easily see wasting too much time with this. My only wish is that there was some way to save what I've created when I close the app, would make it easier to make sounds on the go, and then record them when I get back to the studio.
Show more
16 years ago, chuckle.one
Excellent Music App!
I've been waiting for a generative music app to come to the iPhone and this one not only delivers, but it goes above and beyond by allowing you to perform with the application. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that it does not have enough tones built in so every time you use it, it has the same general feel to it. More sounds or the ability to change the sound it generates would take this app to the next level (which I'm hoping the developer will do in future updates). It's an over all great app and definitely worth checking out.
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15 years ago, M_makebelieve
Wonderful start.
I am enjoying this app on a nightly basis. It's one of my most-used applications and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but the addition of just a few things would really make it five-star (at least to me). If I could drag my finger to make longer sweeps of sound, if I could "take back" a misplaced tap, if I could set some notes to echo, and if I could add an underling rythem I would be happy to give it five stars (and pay for the update). I do hope someone reads these reviews/wish lists and decides to do an update. Until then I'll happily play with the options I have.
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16 years ago, zackarooey
AMAZING! One of the most unique iPhone music apps available.
The concept is simple. You're presented with a subtle drone. You tap on areas of the screen to create sounds and make loops. You can tap different areas to create layers. The end result is a beautiful and somewhat relaxing. The presentation is also amazing with all the unique colors and shapes. You can clearly tell Brian Eno had a part in this. If you're a fan of ambient music or just enjoy making fun making sounds on your iPhone, this app is for you. I can't recommend it highly enough!
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16 years ago, michael pinkston
Truly something new and amazing. Whole new twist on the Music for Airports and similar environmental music pieces. The best so far at making something from nothing. Don't have to learn anything to make beautiful listening experiences. I can save a lot of space on my iPhone since I won't be needing the majority of my playlists. This kind of music experience could be a real challenge to the music industry. Hopefully a peek at future trends. Love to be able to save compositions to recordings for exporting to my computer and others.
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16 years ago, Bombay M.D.
Gorgeous, but many reviewers don't get it.
this is, in short, the best app i have bought. it's my personal favorite right now. people who are saying "it's not truly generative" or are asking for more control or the ability to save just aren't seeing the forest for the trees: it's not supposed to be a replacement instrument for you - it's a piece of generative art that works in this instant, and then fades. you're not supposed to be able to save them, or have that much control. it's elegance is in its simplicity, and it is very, very elegant indeed.
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16 years ago, Remy Porter
Did good, do better
Simple, clean and addictive. It's very easy to lay down nice sounding patterns, and the generative mode does fine at making its own. The obvious missing feature is recording, as many others have pointed out. The different "moods" do a fine job of changing the tuning, but as others have said, there needs to be more variety in the available tones. Less obvious is the missed opportunity. The only gesture in the app is the "touch"- tap to make a sound. The app should leverage gestures to allow me to drag my fingers and alter the tone. Bend the note, or add sustain, for example. I hope to see something like that in a future upgrade.
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