Bloons TD

3.4 (128)
8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ninja Kiwi
Last update
12 years ago
Version OS
3.1.3 or later
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User Reviews for Bloons TD

3.42 out of 5
128 Ratings
11 years ago, Cool star
One issue
The game crashes sometimes and twice the game reset its self in the process so I lost all my progress on two occasions. I am hesitant to make progress a third time. Bloons TD is a good game, however the risk of losing all progress while playing may not be worth it.
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2 months ago, DestroyerArcher
No filler, all goated
Bloons TD (which is really BTD3) is great. Now first off, you obviously can't install this on most modern devices, you will need an old iOS device below iOS 11. So find an old iOS device for sale somewhere if you don't have one, since you cannot emulate this whatsoever. Bloons TD 3 is overall the best of the three classic Bloons TD games before BTD4, building upon the fundamentals of the previous two. This iOS port is overall a faithful recreation of BTD3 on Web/flash, but with some new additions. Most namely, you get new map packs not found in the original flash game, although as a trade off two of the maps in the original are not included. These map packs are an intetesting idea I wish were used more in later BTDs, where themed maps would have similar themes, but could be used differently in different maps. Gameplay is what you would expect, build towers, pop the bloons, and you can even do freeplay and see how long your device lasts. Why do I not consider this a 5 star experience? Simply put, unlike later BTDs, you have no sandbox mode, or any gamemode outside of the classic gamemode. So it can get old, but not before you finish all the maps. That being said if you have an old iOS device, this is worth the purchase.
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8 years ago, Kmlyle
I absolutely love the Bloons TD games, which is why I bought this one in spite of reviews complaining that it's broken. Unfortunately the other reviews are correct in that the current version of the game is severely flawed. Regularly while playing the game crashes and upon relaunch it only displays a black screen. Even after closing all open processes and even restarting my phone completely, the game remains a black screen unless uninstalled and reinstalled, which causes me to lose all progress I've made in the game. Please keep in mind that my phone is brand new and entirely up to date so it can't be an error on my end. I would avoid buying this game. They clearly have no interest in updating beyond this bugged version (it was last updated in 2012) so save your money and just play the free flash version on their website from a computer.
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11 years ago, Nnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhyyyyu
My Review
IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO READS REVIEWS BEFORE THEY BUY A GAME, READ THIS REVIEW! Bloons Tower Defense is a great, great game, but needs a few tweaks. If You have played BTD4, and BTD5 you are sure to know that there is a fast forward button. BTD doesn't have that. That in my opinion is the biggest tweak nesscesary. They should also add ranks like in BTD4, and BTD5. Ranks are where you level up by popping certain amounts of bloons, and unlocking new towers. Also, there is NOT a large selection of towers to choose from. In my opinion this is a 5 star game, but people are entitled to their own opinion. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS!
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11 years ago, omihek
Still a great game... but still one bug
I still play this even though most of my time is now spent on BTD5. I just noticed though that there is a bug where on the Drop & Lock option even the road spikes have to be confirmed. I know this was a problem in BTD5 and it was fixed pretty quick so I'm hoping you guys will fix this one as well. Even if you don't fix, it's still a great game, totally worth the price.
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8 years ago, Maxiesty
Unique and fun
Hello world, and welcome to my review. I love the Bloons franchise, and this might be my favorite game from it (Behind BTD5) I highly recommend this game to anyone because of it's unlimited fun. There are maps to unlock, metals to recover, and lots of fun in store. There are eight unique towers in the game, and each of them is unique in a way. I don't want to spoil too much, so I hope, if you've read this far, to play the game.
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8 years ago, Bord272882288282828
Read before you buy
This game is great, here are some reasons why you should buy this over btd 4 or btd 5. .1 this is not the first game, it is the third game with more stuff. .2 this game has a challenge. 4 and 5 were to easy. 3. Btd 5 and 4 had way to many bloons making it hard to develop strategy. 4. All the towers here are already unlocked and you do not have to earn it unlike btd 5 and 4. 5. I have played them all and I like this better. You have no ideas on what's going on in 4 and 5. Buy this game
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8 years ago, racer000034
Great, but has glitches
Well the first round was way cool and easy to play. After I made it to level 50, went on to free play and such (all on my first round of downloading the game), I finally lost. No worries, let's play a different map. Now the balloons are moving at 1000mph, and it's impossible to get past round 10, let alone win any level now. Don't buy it. Cust support didn't offer any help either. Just blamed it on my phone instead.
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10 years ago, Gamergirl/tomboy1424
Too easy
I have literally 60 super monkeys, I'm on wave 90 and I can't even place anything else cuz it's filled up with fully upgraded super monkeys so all I'm doing is setting here pushing the start button over and over, but other than that it's great, yes u should buy it
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9 years ago, Viper01234
Great game but few questions
This is a cool game but what is the point Of the racing pack? When I tried to play It the balloons were going to fast and was too hard. Also how do you unlock the other packs? I can't figure it out
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11 years ago, Nick Donley
Earased data TWICE
I've been playing for several hours, trying to beat some of the snow maps. Then everything starts lagging and next thing I know the app closes and restarts EVERYTHING. No medals, nothing unlocked, all rounds at 0. This happened twice and really made me mad because the second time I had just gotten to level 100 on hard on one of the river maps. 1/5 don't waste your time.
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3 years ago, VGCole
Why isnt this download able, it was great
Why cant we download this anymore, its not playable on computer because flash is gone
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6 years ago, BigBaron
YO Ninja Kiwi!
Can a brother get an update? It’s been too long. The game only crashes when I get to an insane lvl anyway so restarting is better or it would just go forever. I don’t lose. UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!🤓
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7 years ago, caschafer
I would like a refund I will I accidentally bought this one instead of the new one
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11 years ago, Sophie234893897
really now???
At first I was really into this game all until it started to close down on me randomly. So I would just have to reopen the game and resume where I was at. Unfortunately it kicked me off so much that it decieded to delete all my previous game winnings. Nothing was saved. So I say what a waste that I spent money on a faulty game. Don't buy this game.
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10 years ago, PomeraniansRULE99
When can u fix
Please fix it kicks me out when the game starts
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4 years ago, Mac99545678987665543423
Great game
I had to download it on an old iPod 4th Generation since it isn’t compatible with my new iPad but it’s super fun and challenging!
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10 years ago, Tyrone McTrump
Game controls for iphone are horrible. Buttons are right next to the navigation screen pulldown, causing it to constantly interfere. After playing for a long time, the game crashed and all my progress was erased. Do not waste your time. You've been warned. I'm getting a refund for this garbage.
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4 years ago, 0pt0ut
Good but. Needs update
Please update because I have to use my old IPhone to play this game and it says if u guys update it will let me download this game on my IPad
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11 years ago, LOUDmouthBRITT
Love it! ❤❤❤
Addictive game and so fun! But when I place down too many needle traps game closes but still a 5 star game!
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4 years ago, Help me recover my account
When is there going to be an UPDATE???
I bought this game a couple years ago and I wanna play on my iPhone 8 Plus when will there be an update to atleast play the game again because it was very fun on my iPod touch 3rd gen.
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5 years ago, BurnnoticeBA
Please update so it works with new iOS versions.
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4 years ago, ScreamCheesePlease
I got this a long time ago.
This was such a big game for my childhood, and it’s really disappointing that I can’t anymore. I hope y’all decide to update it so I can play it again. I believe I had to purchase it in order to play, so there’s that, too.
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9 years ago, @n£w$*
Would be great but...
For the little while that I get to play BTD it's really fun! But then the screen goes black. And it stays that way. No matter what I do, unless I uninstall and reinstall the app, there is no way to interact with the game. Pretty much worthless unless that is fixed.
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6 years ago, pianoman598
Great but not compatible with iOS 11
Please make this game compatible with iOS 11!
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9 years ago, Imabeast125
Isaiah Williams
It's a fun game I really like playing, but right now I'm on wave 124 and it refuses to finish the round without closing. It's really frustrating since I spent a penny on this game, it should be free unless this problem gets fixed!
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7 years ago, Nathan.Carey
I WOULD LIKE MY 99cents Back!!!
I bought this game for 99cents and then you guts failed to update I cannot play! I would like my 99cents refunded to my account or sent to me in the form of a check. This is theft, I paid for a service and it is not being delivered.
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5 years ago, Ryan..19
Can’t play anymore
Since they haven’t updated this to run on the newest iOS, it can’t even be downloaded. Wish i could get a refund on it since I paid for the full version
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6 years ago, appletsauce
Please update for iOS 12. Thanks!
Looks like a good start for the series, even if the graphics are bad.
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9 years ago, pkrol1218
Update the game for iOS 8!!!!
Love the game but it hasn't been updated since 2012 come on! It gets to some silver balloons and they won't pop on iOS 8.3 so you loose every time :(
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6 years ago, iamtrashpanda
Update it so I can play again
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10 years ago, AKE3781
Pretty good
It keeps kicking me out in the middle of the game. So you guys should fix that.
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7 years ago, KG69420
Fixes please
Can you make more compatible for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7
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11 years ago, Blakers1111!
Blake rule btd
It's a fun game but it would be even funner if there were some updates please get some soon thank you!
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11 years ago, MadBiker10
Pretty fun game but there's so many bloons td games out there not this one is just so old now
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11 years ago, Boooooooosssssss person
I can't get to free play but other than that awesome game! :)
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11 years ago, Wtfiwwu
Best game ever
This is 1of the best games try free play mode it's the best in my opinion
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4 years ago, Littlewaynex
Please update
Please update
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11 years ago, Bvbbbcsahk
It's a fun game but is annoying how there is two black bars of the side of my phone. Upgrade for iPhone 5
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6 years ago, J_brady
Doesn’t work with iOS 11
I paid money for this game and now I find out it has no updates and doesn’t work with iOS 11. I want my money back
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11 years ago, Ball smacker 1
Soooo fun
This is one of the best btd games ever im on it for like 2 hours.
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7 years ago, Kitty19!!!!
Doesn’t work on iOS 11
I paid for the full version of this. It was my favorite game and now I can’t even play what I paid for.
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9 years ago, Chasein u
How come I can only get to wave 50 then it makes me quit
Show more
4 years ago, A7x_193
Needs update
Show more
11 years ago, Sonicgamestr
Time consumer
Very addicting very fun
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11 years ago, Of cool
I love balloons TD it is great for all ages of girl and boy! I think u will love this great and entertains game
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3 years ago, Hermosillomar
Now that flash is gone how else do we play it except flashpoint.
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11 years ago, Christian Olan
Good game, when it works.
Keeps crashing and erasing my stats.
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5 years ago, Bills Mafia 69420
Won’t work with new iOS
I paid for this app and now it doesn’t work. I want my money back
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11 years ago, rabidbob2000
Amazing game
Really amazing game. Addictive.
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