Blossom Blast Saga

4.6 (32.8K)
233.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blossom Blast Saga

4.64 out of 5
32.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Pai mia
Blossom Blast Saga
I'm a fan of this game and I have been playing for awhile, 2 years at most. It's a wonderful game but I can't find any friends. No one plays on my FB page. So, I'm left with no one to talk to or share moves with. I have a suggestion that may help to change the game to a friendlier and inspirational game with wonderful friends eager for sharing issues and idea to jAdd a few interactive games so players can enjoy meeting one another. It's not good playing without friends and the game has a reputation for being unfriendly. I don't have a friend or one that plays on my FB so I feel left out. Consider my suggestion to help others and myself....I know that this game will double with the players as I've watched Fishdom game and play with it also, they have insightful, interesting and occasionally difficult levels but I was a loner on Fishdom also until I left a message for them to consider the interaction between people and now I have to many wonderful friends. I appreciate your listening and would love if an administrator check-into a few issues that will help us interact with others. Have a wonderful and blessed day/ afternoon/ or evening! Please respond to my comment! 😃👍🏻💯👀🌈😂🤣🙏🏻🕊🍀❤️🍀🌴🐾🌹🌼💐🌸🍄👣
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5 years ago, Jazzk24
Love it
I’m on level 829, and have only spent at most $20 of real money on the game. You honestly can get through each level without spending real money. Sometimes you’ll get annoyed and like me just spend money to get by faster. But majority of the time I’m patient and you hop on the game and you’ll get the level you were stuck on. It’s just about being persistent and patient. You really don’t need the extra moves unless you want them. I’ve gotten this far without depending much on the little shovels or watering cans that can be used to give you a little help. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and not too hard. And honestly this game is one of the only games where I know I can win each level eventually without getting stressed out, and that I’ve actually kept playing without deleting it. Sometimes I’ll stop for awhile but I’ll get back on it, and keep going.
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5 years ago, MAGNYRican
Unrealistic updates
I am a fan of the game. I come and go with it often when I am maxed out on levels to play. In a recent update where “wild cards” were added to the challenge. I find that some of the wild cards are either difficult to achieve or unrealistic. Using an example from in game play. Given the allotted time in which you have to use them (12 hours), I am tasked to collect 350 red flowers. But I lose the same round 5 times. I no longer have any lives to play anymore rounds until my life bar is recharged (once every 30 minutes......2 1/2 hours to be fully recharged). Unless I either pay to fully recharge myself or request lives from friends that don’t respond to my requests. So I tend to my day and come back to the game several hours later. I’m stuck on the same level 5 more times and have only acquired 50-75 flowers of the 350. Even if I was to acquire all of the flowers necessary to complete the challenge, all for 1 small prize. Some of these wild cards are unrealistic and cannot be accomplished in real world living conditions. At least not without paying for additional capabilities (I see your schemes King). Unless there is another update that I am not aware of yet or it’s not in my region yet, I do not like the game play style of this game currently.
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2 years ago, seeker11177
Something’s wrong with it
This is a beautiful game and I have been playing for years. I don’t know how many but I’m up to level 4941. They give bonus items daily so if you reach a super difficult level you can eventually beat it if you have enough bonus items. Basically, it’s fun and pretty. However, something is wrong with it lately, I’d say the last 4 or 5 teirs or so. Some of the levels with “boom the big buds” have no big buds to boom and when you open them they just beat themselves, if that makes any sense. And now there is something weird going on with the other levels as well. I don’t know how to explain it but there are definitely some weird glitches. I’m afraid it’s going to crash at some point. I don’t know if the game as a whole is effected as well. I would delete the app and reinstall it but I’m afraid I’ll lose my progress. It’d be super nice if an update would fix this problem. It would also be nice if a tower was added so that you could go back to previous tiers more easily.
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6 years ago, Awesomepayer9926
Best game ever!!!
I love this game. It is so much fun and addicts you to it. This game is so fun, my parents even play it! I love how the flowers bloom instead of just disappearing, and it’s not just like the boring way candy or soda bottles pop. It blows up! This is one of the reasons why I like this game. 😊😜🤗😋😝🙃😉😊😊😊 I like this game, but I deleted it and when I redownloaded it again, all my data was gone! Also, u cannot change your face picture unless u login to Facebook, and some people aren’t allowed, so can we just change our picture? Nobody wants to be stuck with an ugly frog or something. This game is very addictive and a stress-free game. It relaxes your mind. I love it!!! -Awesomeplayer9926😊
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5 years ago, YellowRulez
Love the game, but keeps crashing
This is my favorite of all the King games. I find it so relaxing and satisfying, and really enjoy playing it. However, every time I do a software update the game seems to stop working. I was almost at level 900, and did the update last week, and it kept crashing and wouldn’t start up. Since I was connected with my email, I decided to delete it and re-install it, singed back in, and was very disappointed that all my boosters (over 100 of them) had reset to 0, despite my progress being saved. After a couple days, it started crashing again, and I decided to delete it and just go back to level 1, where again I played it for a few days and now it is crashing again and I can’t access it... it’s very disappointing because I love this game. I hope the glitches can be fixed soon, or I’ll have to stop playing.
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2 years ago, NOLAMommaLoki
Deleted App
I’ve played this game for years and have obviously loved it. However, I’ve about reached my max frustration level. I tolerate the snails, but the Pick the Flowers levels are so frustrating. Right now I’m stuck on one of those levels. Even when I use a booster or two, I can’t win after playing MANY times. It is no longer enjoyable. There is no option to skip a level - for one gold bar, I would gladly pay to skip it. I will probably delete this game soon. When you play a level ten or twenty times and still don’t pass it, the game is no longer relaxing and fun. UPDATE: Okay, Level 745, you broke me. I have no desire to play a level twenty or thirty times to pass it. Even if I used boosters, and I mean a LOT of them, I would have to wait for the game to decide to let me pass it. I enjoyed this game for quite a few years. But it is no longer fun. I deleted this app.
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5 years ago, Cadunc
Auto hints are annoying
Long time player, love the game. Your most recent update, though, has made the auto-hints very annoying. Before the update, the auto-hint would trigger after several seconds of inactivity. Then it would wait patiently for another several seconds before showing its suggestion again. Now it goes off immediately and constantly. It’s very distracting to someone who enjoys searching the whole board for possible moves and future moves. It dumbs the game down and does not leave much room for individual thought. Let’s not go in that direction please. Children and young adults who play the game need to have their sense of individual thought strengthened, not muted. Thank you for listening.
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2 years ago, king_Brie Brie
Love this game
I’ve been playing this game since 2016, it’s really fun, takes your mind off things, and who doesn’t love a puzzle game? The only issue that I’ve been having lately is that the game music will just turn off for no reason, in settings it says it’s on, but I don’t hear anything. Part of the fun for me is hearing the flowers bloom and the background music. If I leave the game and come back the music goes away, and I can’t seem to get it back until I delete the app and re install it. Is there an issue here on the kINGS end? Is it my iphone11? I need my game music!!! 😩☺️ Half of the satisfaction of playing my favorite KING games is the music. The only games on my phone are by KING 👑!!!
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6 years ago, Kattelinee
I definitely suggest playing this game. Ive been playing it for about a week or two, and its definitely addicting when youre on a streak lol. I'm on lvl 52 and I gotta say, Ive had some "easy" lvls that were hard and some "hard" lvls that were quickly solved. Its satisfying watching the whole screen get cleared of flowers, or for you to make one match and watch half the screen bloom, or to make a super blossom that blows up all the flowers around it Its easy to play and its fun too, even hard levels you have a fighting chance & usually are solved within a handful of tries. I dont have anything bad to say about this app🤷🏻‍♀️
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6 years ago, AJSMW
A fun game, but prepare to be stuck.
Don’t want to pay money for upgrades? Too bad. This game is very fun but the challenging levels are so challenging, you can’t beat them without a bonus move or watering can. Otherwise, you spend your five free lives in vain as you angrily lose again and again, only to come back three days later when you want to try the level again, and repeat. Update: somehow, for the last few months, I had unlimited lives. That was awesome and it made the glitches much more tolerable. Sometimes, the screen freezes mid-move, and when it comes back, it doesn’t register the rest of the trail you were making or didn’t want to make at all, and you lose a move. Again, this was tolerable when I had unlimited lives. Now we’re back to 5 lives. #lame
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6 years ago, Bea Windy
I’d Like to Give it a Five, But....
This game is a lot of fun, and masterfully designed. The most beautiful electronic game I’ve yet to see. I’ve played it for years now,and almost reached up into the four-hundreds! It is addicting, for sure. It’s fun, and cute, colourful, and appears to be very friendly. However, there are gremlins lurking, and one thing they are not at all is friendly. Almost to the point of making you want to throw in the towel! Who wants to be suddenly forced to lose, when you were just about to WIN?! But in the end, you’ll stay... It’s a great, and beautiful ride for a good long time...after which it’s an agonising exercise in futility. Yet, I think you’ll stay! 🤗🌸🐝🐌🌼🍄
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6 years ago, Tiger Trees
Great game but it’s missing something
Blossom Blast is one of my favorite games, hands down! It’s made by King Games who make some of my other favorite games. However, in those other games bonuses are easy to obtain or earn. And in those other games the bonuses are very helpful and the players depend on them a lot. In Blossom Blast, there are bonuses that help you clear each level, but they’re next to impossible to get. In fact, I’m not even sure how to get one of the bonuses or boosts. I think you have to buy them with gold bars, but there’s no way to get any gold bars except with real money. In spite of that, I still gave the game 4 out of 5 stars. That should say something.
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7 years ago, Cjvigg
Love It Buuuuut.....
I LOVE this game! For the first time ever, I’ve found a game that is challenging but not so hard that I delete it because I can’t move on. It’s very fun and relaxing to play and I find myself playing when I’m waiting in line or have a free minute. I definitely play before bed each night and find it’s a great way to unwind and de stress. The only thing is, I wish there was a way to earn gold bars instead of having to purchase them. How about rewarding players for earning 3 stars on a level? Or one of those earn X amount over time playing each day in a row? I have not made any in- app purchases and find that you are still able to advance through the levels quickly. This game is definitely a keeper!
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2 years ago, SheDrivesZ
I can’t even put into words how this game makes me feel:) Its so beautiful and breathtaking! When the blossoms explode, it’s like an explosion of massive, vibrant and juicy colors! It’s absolutely beautiful! I especially love the sound effects that accompany the explosions! It’s very challenging but very fair at the same time. I am highly addicted to this game and it is my all-time favorite. I’ve been playing it for years and I would be devastated if they ever took it off of the market. Way to go developers!!!!!!!! Thank you for creating my most favorite game in the entire universe!
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6 years ago, Jingles133
Keeps me playing every day
I love this game, so much fun to play and to try and beat the levels. I play this every day several times a day. I enjoy the graphics and when the blooms are bursting all over. It is challenging but not too hard that you can’t move on to next level. I do think that you should be rewarded for advancing so far with a extra life or a certain amount of gold bars. Some levels get pretty frustrating, when you get so close to completing it and can’t. Or should have a wheel to spin everyday to win something. Keep making the beautiful flowers!
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2 years ago, ktpanda2
Terrific Game!
Blossom blast is a terrific game! It’s relaxing, fun, and challenging. I could play it all day. It’s quite satisfying when buds blow up, for example, or you draw a long line of flowers to get fantastic results. It would be nice to be able to earn some of the boosters rather than just pay money. Perhaps a daily spinner like a lot of the other games they’ve created. Please consider giving this a makeover to make this game even better. Don’t neglect this hidden gem of a game! However, lately there’s NO SOUND! I love the effects and they’re gone! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, to no avail. I hope it comes back soon!
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6 years ago, Xenas country
Accepting lives doesn’t work
I have played this game for ever I would give it 5 stars but lately I have been having trouble with accepting and sending lives. When I get lives from a friend or they request a life, the accept all or just the send button will not work. The window pops up to send but when I hit send nothing happens. When I close it the pop up window it just pops up again and won’t let me by pass to game. I have deleted it and re installed it multiple times. Does anyone else have this problem??? I almost at the point of quitting it permanently
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7 years ago, Cyndelee
You need LOTS of real cash!
I understand that people need to make money but it would be so nice to buy a game and be able to "earn" gold and power ups! This is another one of those games that you have to wait 2-4 days to get to another section or pay with gold and of course the only way to get that is real money. Of course you can "ask" Facebook friends but that's a good way to get unfriended quickly! Why can someone just make games you buy one time and then earn the gold and power ups? Because of greed. Not enough money in one time purchase! Yes the game is fun but only for a short time until you have to wait to pass or they make it impossible to win without gold/powerups that cost real money! Don't download this one. I'm deleting it.
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7 years ago, Mindmelt66
Exactly what I am thinking...
Everything these other reviews say, at least those I read, are so true! In other King games, you can at least earn a little help. I cannot count the times I have felt like deleting the app because I had to wait a day to have enough lives to play again, without paying tons for more lives. I might consider buying gold if at some point there was a little incentive. Really great fun though and I guess the lack of lives being offered helps me put down the game and actually get real adult stuff done! 😳
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5 years ago, Antique Teacher
Was a great game until the most recent upgrade
I enjoy the game, but agree with the people who suggest winning gold bars, instead of always having to buy them. I also have never played a game where you have to wait months for them to add new levels. I find this especially surprising from a company as large as King. Update: Still wait months for more levels. Ready to give up on this one. As you get to higher levels, you almost always have to spend money to complete a level. In fact, it appears to deliberately slow down toward the end of a level. I’m still waiting for more levels. Extremely annoying! This new wildcard baloney is for the birds! You can’t decide which level you want to replay. THEY CHOSE IT! That’s the last straw. They’ve totally ruined the game. Good bye. I’ve had it
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5 years ago, paulzabeth
Don’t like “Tap to skip” on screen
I really enjoy this game, and in particular have always found the animation and Blossom Blasts very relaxing. But now that is all interrupted when “tap to skip“ appears on my screen after almost every move, and doesn’t go away unless I actually do it. It defeats the main purpose of why I play the game; I get that that’s an option, and would love it if you all would only show that for the first few times to introduce the feature, and then have the game go back to the way it looked before. I play this game to relax and slow down, and really don’t want to speed it up. Thanks!
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2 years ago, censorthis
Too obvious $ Grabbing
This is a beautiful game with beautiful sounds, but a bit too obvious in trying to grab $ from its players. All too often there is no way to win a level unless you pay to buy more moves. This is especially obvious and annoying in the “flower gathering” levels, where many times it is impossible to gather a certain kind of flower because that kind isn’t even available on the playing field. You can persist (sometimes for days) until finally you get thrown a field that practically plays itself, but that destroys any illusion that strategy or skill has anything to do with winning. Meh.
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6 years ago, HipHempMama
LOVE this game, FREE LIVES?
I have loved this game since it came out. It helps me relax when I feel anxious and helps me calm down before bedtime. It’s quite challenging at time, and only having 5 lives can be frustrating. I was surprised to have free lives for the past month, and it made the game so much more enjoyable!! However last night when I went to play, I had 5 lives again. Please go back to not having a lives limit! This is my favorite game and I will play and promote it much more for relaxation without the lives limit! ❤️
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6 years ago, ConnieCaron
King wake up and reward your players.
I have been playing Blossom Blast for over one year and half on Level 719, just not liking that King gives incentives to keep people playing all the other games ( Candy Crush Games) but they've forgot to do the same for Blossom Blast. It's a shame it's really fun to play. I see on other Reviews written here that a lot of people like to play Blossom Blast also but frustrated that there's nothing to gain or to keep you coming back everyday consistently. Wake Up King looks like you are not rewarding your players and have them frustrated, friends don't give lives either. I give everyone lives every time I play.
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6 years ago, AnnaEmmet
Suddenly unstable
This is a fun game. It gets really difficult pretty quickly so can be very frustrating. All of a sudden, though, it’s become extremely unstable. It won’t open! It gets stuck on the opening credits screen or finally opens but shows the screen where I have no lives left (even when I do) and then freezes there. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall it several times. Luckily, I had given them my email so I didn’t have to start at the beginning again. Still, it shouldn’t take 15 minutes to open the darn app whenever I want to play. I have way too many other choices for my time and money.
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4 years ago, Cheesie1004
Update to previous review
Got stuck on a level that was not fun and seemed impossible. So switched to other games. Came back after a few weeks to play— the graphics are completely different! It looks more like a cartoon-very juvenile and no longer beautiful. Additionally, no more boosters like they used to. This game used to be fun, then they got some un-fun levels and require you to use boosters in order to win. The update really seems like a downgrade. Clearly catering to a new demographic while disappointing existing fans. Lots of other game choices out there so this will go back to being my back up of a back up game. Will be moving the app to my last screen on my iPad.
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6 years ago, Art Tartery
Amazing game! Genius’ creation.
Fun to play, beautiful graphics, cute characters, so joyful AND SO UNDERESTIMATED. I see that advertising of Blossom never was done the right way because NO ONE FROM MY FRIENDS EVEN KNOWS THAT IT EXCIST! Make, at least, “an attack” on sentimental seniors where they play Nintendo (Mario, for example) . Add the game to their popular places to get together - on a bigger screen - ? Or ADVERTISE like you do for really flat creations... After King was bought by that ugly company, they demand MONEY and IMMEDIATELY when this diamond may exist for centuries and MAKE $$$... when others will go aside... Olga Isaacson (olliekey thomasmas:)
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4 years ago, Jamila Rivera
The game is awesome! The graphics are so real, I often replay certain levels just to see the explosions of flowers. It’s the longest game I have ever played I have stated over several times, however, in other games you get rewards like unlimited lives, trunks of gold bars, little helping things like the collection of daisies to get an instant watering can or getting a package of goodies for linking big buds into an explosive cascade of blooms the bigger the cascade the better the package. PS. How about making another garden friend like hummingbirds and butterflies.
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4 years ago, kalawac
Beautiful, Peaceful and Satisfying
Gorgeous graphics, chill gameplay and the fun effect when you get a blossom blast make this game a winner in my book. I appreciate this game’s unique take on the “match 3” concept. There are no special combinations to be made (just more flowers = bigger effect, with two threshold levels), which makes gameplay feel less hectic to me. Even so, there is still a strong logical and lateral thinking component to the levels and I definitely get a thrill from solving and passing them. Well done to the team.
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5 years ago, J. Frances
Challenging but fair
This is such an enjoyable game that I have it on 3 devices. At first I bought bars, but as I have developed skills I prefer to play until I win without boosters. I’m not an obsessed or competitive gamer and prefer taking the time to enjoy the music and the colorful flowers and their chain reactions without worrying about performance. The games require different strategies that must be followed in order to win which makes the harder games really challenging. Still, winning is possible and the game seems fair. I dislike games that feel rigged for failure unless you pay up.
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6 years ago, Jacki Marie
Open your billfold!
For a while I was happy. Then winning got so long between time, I just wouldn’t play for long periods. It actually lost rhyme or reason, meaning it doesn’t seem to matter how many buds you chain together, big or little. It’s like it’s set to do whatever it wants no matter how strategic you play. And then of course, there’s no possible way anyone can move forward with the amount of moves you are given. Unless of course you want to pay! But...why would I want to pay for more moves when the moves I’m making are so can’t get a handle it. One time big buds blow buds don't....After a few times I just start feeling what’s the use & I get bored!!
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6 years ago, Charmed598
Very fun to play
I love playing Blossom Blast but this is one game that you can't win boosters or gold bars. You need to purchase them but personally I don't think it's worth it. Also, don't expect to receive extra lives from other players. I've been playing for several moths now and have only received ONE extra life but I've been send lives to players. I just don't know if they have received them but I'm thinking they haven't if I haven't received any but one. Oh well, this is nice to play when waiting or just want to waste time. Maybe one day the developers will push an update that will allow to collect something.
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5 years ago, txpapillon
New iPad update ruined game!
Update: changed my 1 star rating because they brought back the map and got rid of the wild cards. But that skip thing was nice that fast forwarded past the blast...bring that back too! I have played this game for at least 2 years. I don’t log in to FB on my iPad because I wanted to replay the game as I am at level 1027 on my iPhone. The recent update for the ipad version has wild cards. I don’t care about getting the wild cards, I just want to play the game. This version forces you to play for the wild cards and doesn’t allow you to go back and replay other levels. If there was a particular level I enjoyed, I would go back and play it multiple times trying to beat my highest score. The new wildcards I can live with, but not being able to go back and replay earlier levels has made me stop playing the game for the past couple of weeks. Please fix this!
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5 years ago, linds3
I love King games- especially Shuffle Cats and Blossom Blast-however, after years of playing, and PAYING for upgrades, I consistently see the developers changing time upgrade options for the worse. For example, if it wasn’t bad enough you had to wait 4 HOURS in Shuffle Cats to receive free gems to play, they decreased the gem amount significantly. Then I just saw blossom blast just increased the wait time from 20 minutes to an hour before you can re-up. Do they really think this will increase upgrade earnings? Maybe for newcomers, but for current loyal customers, this seems too greedy to ignore. Side note: thank you King for making me realize how idiotic I was to pay on average $4.99 a week for a game I loved. It’s like I received a raise!
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3 years ago, Tesseagles
Potentially another candy crush
This game could be as popular as candy crush but first the developers need to THINK!!! 1) the levels are too alike. I know some boards are exactly like prior boards. It’s obvious. So developers are being lazy!! Get creative. 2) every level is so much like the last level rather it’s blooming flowers or killing weeds. Y’all are KING GAMES, come on!! 3) No one ever sends lives!! If you made this game a little more appealing more people would play. The flowers are great. The birds are cute. BUT ONE THING YOU DO NOT DO IS GIVE GOOD DIRECTIONS!! Some levels were hard to figure out. Be creative yall!! When the level is picking flowers of each color and you are in roses for instance and you have a row of daisies it should count towards the daisies. That’s a no brainer. I am hoping someone listens and works on the design of this game. Also like candy crush and soda, make some challenges!! Like bubblegum hill in CCS. I do enjoy playing but am getting bored
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7 years ago, Opinionated128
I play this game almost daily. I love that it is incredibly challenging but not so much so that you eventually give up on the whole thing. Despite what others have said, it is definitely strategy based. You can figure out what explodes & how the other buds filter in. I love that you can ask others for lives if need be. I have never had to buy coins and lives replenish at a nice pace for this type of game. I have many match style games & this is absolutely top 3, 2!!
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1 year ago, De1111ggggggg
I like this game but….
This is a fun game. I had deleted it in the past, and decided to try it again. It is different from those other match 3 games. My biggest complaint is the game cheats. I am at a level where you need to break big blooms on the top and bottom of the page. You either can clear the top or bottom, but if you clear one, you will never get 3 in a row to clear the other. Also magically the blossoms are the tiny stage 1 blooms. I have had the same things with other games from this company. If I can’t pass the levels, I will delete it, and maybe come back after a few years.
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6 years ago, $J.Y.K$
Blossom Blast
I enjoy this game, it’s quite challenging and sometimes takes me a few days to pass a level. When it gets too hard a tend to leave it for a few months then come back again and try again. I wonder why though, the developers, King, don’t give rewards or have a wheel spin so that one could get some type of bonus to help pass a level like in their other games? It feels so good to finally get past a hard level, then you don’t even get a reward, something for them to think about maybe?
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6 years ago, Wo_OtsieWoo
Good potential.. missed the mark
I feel like you guys tried to plug in the winning formula you discovered with Bubble Witch without considering the unique aspects of THIS game and the demographic that it would appeal to. I loved the flower animation, I thought it was really beautiful and could make for a really nice relaxing/centering experience if it wasn’t for the abrasive casino game sound effects and background music. I wonder what type of features stressed out “yoga moms” would pay to upgrade? I’m sure you geniuses of the app world could think outside of the box, even if only to use the same tools in a new way. That’s my opinion.
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5 years ago, Crg70
No load fixed for me
I have enjoyed this game for about a year. For the past month it would not load (after last update). Could not find any help on kings support page. On iPhone I figured out how to fix loading issue at least for me. Under iPhone storage there is an option for each program to “offload app”. I did this for this game and then the next time I launched the game it redownloaded and has worked from then on without losing level. I have now liked to my Facebook to further protect my progress.
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5 years ago, cathyjbeck
I like this game but...
There just are not enough moves to reach the goal. For example, I’m on level 287 and must go through 5 crows, in 16 moves to get 2 flowers of 60 to bloom. Pert’ near impossible! Almost every level takes at least 10 tries to win and since very few people play this game and you only get 5 tries before having to wait 25 minutes before getting another free game, it can take a long time to get to the next level. It doesn’t take long to go through 16 moves. So, I enjoy this game, but its just not designed to let you win. That’s probably why not many people play it.
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5 years ago, Skielynn
Fix things
I love this game it fun with great graphics and colorful. But I just recently had to delete the game because it was taking over five minutes to load, and in the process I lost everything that I had earned except for the gold bars once a week. If some could help me get them back please. I lost 22 shovels, 5 watering cans, and 3 of the palate with the colors on it for changing the color of a flower if you would so need during the game. Please and Tank You. Angela Plante
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6 years ago, AlviCalvi
Game Needs Some Revisions
It’s a fun game but there are some automatic features about the game that’s a little annoying. For example, automatic hinting that won’t go away, unless the gamer follows that hint, that’s suggested by the game. There should be an option for the gamers to select, if they chose to receive hints. And I think it’s better to have another option for gamers who would like a little demo on how to play the game, if they chose. Also, if a gamer would like to repeat a stage or level (like maybe to get a better score) that level should be shuffled and not getting a repeat of the same lay out.
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6 years ago, Sheepiegirlie
Great game. But King is cheap...
Amazingly fun and satisfying. But can King please stop being so cheap about boosters and gold bars? Every other game like this has tournaments and other events to earn free gold bars, and they have a wheel to spin for daily boosters. I know you think I’ll be more likely to buy bars if you don’t provide opportunities for free ones, but the opposite is true. I enjoy the game less due to this cheapness, and am less likely to recommend it. The game is so great that it’s a shame I can’t give it 5 stars due to this issue across all King puzzle games.
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3 weeks ago, eurochick80
Can’t listen to music from other apps while playing.
I’ve been playing this game for years and it’s one of my favorites. However in the last few weeks every time I try to play the game while listening to Apple Music, Apple Music stops. Not sure if this is just an iPhone thing, but it’s super frustrating. I hope the Blossom Blaster developers send an update that doesn’t force other music apps to stop while playing the game. Otherwise would be five Stars!
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2 years ago, Violet Reign
Great game bug has bug issues at times
I love this game, been playing for several years. Lately though there have been a lot bugs. The app freezes in the middle of a level and the only fix is to delete and reinstall the app. The issue with that is you loose all if the tools and everything you earned and have to start from scratch. It’s really annoying. This had happened three times in as many months.
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3 years ago, Harmony&Bear
Deleted due to security hacks
This game was the most fun I've had in a long time. Then, around level 145, I started getting odd security messages. I don't give games permission to access anything...not even notifications. I don't have FB. Messages were related to new phone signing into my account, FB, facetime, icloud, imessage...I said "no" to all inquiries to sign in or change r access. I used another device to change my password. The hacks continued. I would expect the App Store to vet games for security...disappointing. Also, I searched for places to disable these functions, as most games give those options; not this one. I don't trust King games.
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5 years ago, Deeayaich
Used to be me favorite game!
This used to be my favorite game! The colors are pretty and bright, the music is soothing, and I just really enjoyed playing. This new update, however, is awful. I really would like the option to choose my level after I reach the end. There are certain levels I like to replay, and there are certain “friends” I like to make sure I have a higher score than! Ha! I also can’t stand these “wild cards”, but perhaps they’ll grow on me. Until I can choose my own level, though, I don’t have a whole lot of interest in playing.
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6 years ago, Jan4jc
Blossom Blast
I enjoy this game very much. I love flowers and the bright colors. I even like the sounds. The unfortunate part for me is a reflection of all the King games. I am interested but then I get to a certain level and I can get to completing it within one move. Then this goes on for multiple rounds. I know King is trying to get me to succumb for paying for cheats or more lives. I just want to have fun, and for free. Eventually, I succumb and then am mad at myself. Or more likely, I just stop playing and move on to other games.
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