Blue by ADT

4.3 (31.7K)
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Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blue by ADT

4.34 out of 5
31.7K Ratings
4 years ago, iurjdhdhdh
ADT blue app
My system gets disconnected from internet often,it takes between 40 minutes to 1.5 hour to reconnect!the system shows off line but in the same time my cameras are working and connected to my internet,I think there is something wrong with the base!!! Another thing which is not cool about this app is if you have more than 1 account or more than 1 house,every time you must log out of one and log in to the other account,I was hoping if they could fix this problem! To get notifications for both accounts in d same tome by account name for example! And on the app by sweeping page move to the other account instead of logging off !! In general I’m happy with it however it’s not perfect as I wanted it,but I still recommend it. Hope you find it helpful
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3 years ago, whithot
Not as good as Pulse
We recently upgraded our equipment from an old pulse system to blue by ATT. I liked that we could set it up ourselves. The installation part was pretty easy. I have had problems with the functionality of the app in the system since the first day. I don’t like that you have to remove the battery from the camera for five hours while they charge. The camera quality is decent but the motion sensor is very inconsistent. When I attempt to watch live video it oftenDoes not work or takes an extremely long time to load. We have excellent Wi-Fi and never had any issues with our old system. I am so frustrated and dissatisfied that I attempted to cancel the service. I was told thatI had agreed to a three-year service contract and even if I returned all of this new equipment I would still have to Pay a cancellation fee for all of the equipment and all of the months of service on a prorated basis. It came out to over $1500. Now I am stuck with spotty equipment that doesn’t function as it should. We have been ADT customers for over 10 years. This app is garbage and is unable to consistently arm or disarm my system. Overall we hate it
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2 years ago, Lynn Sosa
After countless calls to customer service and totaling many hours on the phone trying to get their product to work. I have called to try and disconnect my services countless times. We have done many speed tests, unplugged my router many times. Deleted the app and reinstalled it, had new outside cameras sent, an internet booster sent, checked the internet ports. My system was showing offline 90% of the time and the other 10% of the time IF I got notifications, they were extremely delayed. Or buffered so long I gave up. I’m a single mother with a very violent ex husband. I need a system that works!! I called so many times to disconnect my services and they told me unless I pay the remaining months left in my contract they will not disconnect my services. I’ve asked for an address to ship their equipment back to them and they will not give me one. I have everything boxed up, IT DOES NOT WORK. I’ve done everything they’ve asked me to do, EVERYTHING. And still doesn’t work!! How can they refuse to disconnect my services and try to make me pay for something that doesn’t work!!!
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4 years ago, heolek
Not a Fan
I am not a fan of this app at all. The idea behind having an app to control your devices and system is great, allows you to monitor, control, and change your settings from anywhere. I have nothing but connectivity issues with this app, issues where it will open but not load my data, not successfully update my systems status, disconnects from the internet randomly, and will log me out and require login more times than I’d like to say. Super frustrating to have a potentially great way to manage my system without accessing the main pad which makes noise and doesn’t always respond either, but not be able to use it consistently or rely on it. I have been inside my own house and unable to load the app on 5G network to update settings. Just frustrating.
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2 years ago, Cassie Noel
Needs some improvement
I like the idea of the blue by ADT system. I think they have a great product but the app could use some work. The app is slow to refresh, right when you open it the cameras don’t always refresh. Even when you click on the cameras they take awhile to show you what you want. They will take a picture when you click on a camera to view but it would be convenient to use the cameras for their intended purpose. I also which there was a way to reset the cameras or home base from the app. Our outdoor cameras will go offline sometimes and we have to grab a ladder to reset them. We’ve also been out of town and they go down and it would be way more useful to reset them from the app. I also which you would get alerts when something in your system fails, like a camera, sensor, or locks, it makes me feel like I’m not actually being monitored even though I’m paying for monitoring.
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1 month ago, yvvffffbjj
App is garbage, needs rework
Honestly I’m sick of this app. And blue and ADT haven’t done anything to fix the bugs that are o going for years. The bug fixes they talk about are just for show. I’ve been using the service since 2020 and I can say this is easily the worst experience. Between bad cameras, bad app connection, bad configurations, bad loading times, at this point I basically have the system for looks and decoration. Seriously, I pay X amount of money a month for poor accessibility ? No thanks. Cameras don’t pick up everything , low range, low quality, poor motion sensors, cannot differentiate between a person and a car, poor battery life, and they don’t sell the batteries unless you request a whole camera. At the end of the day, if they took notice of reviews and worked on them there would be better reviews but I’ll be switching to another company. Please remember, most 4-5 star reviews are fake , they’re paid for unless there’s a legit review in detail.
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9 months ago, Rebb42
Dark mode needed
Please give us a dark mode for nighttime. When using your app to deactivate the alarm in early morning, the bright white screen is blinding in a dark room. Dark mode setting on phones isn’t the best option for many users. Also, when pressing numerical buttons, a small asterisk appears above it that’s hard to see. Suggest making the buttons go to a gray color when depressed. Much easier for older folks to see. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Pray!!!
Charged but not monitored
Set up service for disabled person in a different state. Received DIY in mail. Went to location to setup. Took days to do. DIY not proper for seniors and should have been explained prior. I was charged 2 months, but system had not been setup. After setup it was in practice mode for 2 weeks. I called to remove practice mode to be told that a permit was required and that the disabled person at the location would need to obtain it. I signed the contract and have been charged 3 times as of yesterday. Not one day of monitoring. I have ADT pulse at my home and didn’t know that blue ADT was a different entity. Had I known I would not have gotten it. Tried to cancel but was told all she (disabled Senior) needed was to get the permit. This should have been established prior to setup. I am considering canceling my services with ADT pulse after all of the years for allowing Blue ADT to carry their name. I would never recommend Blue ADT to anyone. Dissatisfied!!!
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2 years ago, uytrrwqujdbbxosbrbbf
I wish I could return this
This is by far the worst app and system I’ve ever used for literally anything. Firstly the app just doesn’t work. My cameras go offline daily and I have to manually reset them, if they will even reset at all. What’s the point of paying for these cameras to use while you’re away if they shut down all the time? When setting up all devices literally not one thing worked straight of if the box. EVERY device had to be reset manually multiple times before it would work. I’ve changed WiFi and now my hub can no longer find my internet. I’ve restarted everything, logged out and logged back in multiple times, talked to customer care for hours, no help. I desperately wish I could get rid of ADT but the 30day window has passed. It’s like everything is a prototype, not ready for actual customer use. It’s a scam and you should talk to any other security system but this one.
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2 years ago, Jennll70
AVOID the headache. AVOID IT!!!
I’ve have the system a yr now. I’ve called so many times because the cameras don’t hardly record activity especially when you need them too. It frustrating having the same conversation every time you call. Something is wrong with my wi-fi, the camera is too far from the router you need to switch the settings, you need to call your WiFi provider and split it have a network just for the system. (And you do not have to BTW) Your locked In the contract 3 yrs. Let me send you a Extender a+chime free and 2 months free. Chime comes and won’t connect Here we go again With same conversation So now they replacing all cameras and if that doesn’t work they will see what can happen with the contract. SO AVOID OH yes I forgot you will never own the equipment it’s always rented so there will always be a payment due. Go buy your own and set your own up. I’m sure you will get better service.
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3 years ago, Seabeecando
False advertisement
Called them, expedited shipping, box arrived for DIY. Plugged in the hub, registered it, and thus began the worst DIY experience. Every window and door sensor had to be manually linked, it never synced up the way it was supposed to, let alone having to charge the batteries in the cameras for a whole day, not the 5-6 hours they claim. Technical support is the biggest joke. They are only allowed to be on the phone for 15 minutes. IDK WTH you can tell me about a system in 15 minutes, but they were no help at all. I wish I could give this company no stars, because when you ask if someone can come and install it from the company, you’re told no. Now I get the US is in a pandemic, but we are both vaccinated, and we still wear masks. We spent over $130 and have nothing to show for it. I thought ADT would have been better than this. But they aren’t. Don’t buy this crap.
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3 years ago, boonerjr
Worse experience ever
We recently moved from another state back to Texas. Was told by ADT that as long as we continued using them at the new residence that there would be no cancellation charges. The rep advised that we should go with “The Blue” services and to leave all equipment at our old address. Once we moved we ordered the New service. Was advised to get a monitoring permit from the Sheriffs office. Once we got the permit we called and provided the info. They never updated our account thus it remained on “practice mode”. We had to call multiple times to finally get a competent rep to upload our permit. Meanwhile ADT bills my CC $1100 for the equipment I was told to leave and now has billed my CC again for $2300 early contract termination charges. All the while still billing us monthly for the service!! I suppose this is how you treat an 18 year loyal customer! We have disputed these bogus charges.
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2 years ago, twoooosmoth
Reason for this rating
When I first purchased ADT/blue. I was told how it would be easily installed. That as long as I have internet my home will b security monitored but the door bell only work the first 3 days after we installed it but I didn’t know that the doorbell would have to be charged up every three days which means my house will not the monitor during this time I called I asked Kathy RV a technician to come out to help me with the doorbell but yeah they told me there’s no technician I will have to install it myself and the Internet will help me monitor my home. The doorbell stays on the charger more than on the door itself. When it’s charging it video everyone in the house that is not my purpose for the system it’s to monitor my front and backyard and I would be able to answer the door by phone if away. Need help mayb someone can tell me what the problem may be.
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1 year ago, Marlo21982
Product has continuous issues with battery etc
Hello is the support team available in the review section? Was everybody furloughed or something? I literally have been trying to get in contact with support since June 2022 about a multitude of reasons and its impossible. Even the ADT AI system is a joke. I need a new battery, status of camera says cellular sim is pending activation out of the blue and to contact support of it persists. What a joke! I have an email drafted to the attorney general and will pursue a class-action suit if I do not get a resolution to my multiple open tickets with ADT. Will update this review with email for all that feel they have grounds to be apart of the process. I am looking for a direct contact call from a senior decision maker with ADT and not a generic response to this review with a scripted apology and contact email saying to reach out to ADT.
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1 year ago, BLSBYGD
Worse system ever
I’ve been locked into a 3 yr contract after having 5 yrs of service with ADT the regular system. They switched me to Blue by ADT . THE WORSE EVER… MY system hasn’t worked properly since I have had it. Customer service is also awful, manager are always busy and never return your call…. I travel a lot and I can’t sit at home and babysit no alarm system. They always tell to reset the button. My system will work for a couple of weeks and then it goes out again. How can I reset something and I am out of town. I am glad my contract is up in August…. I am out ,DON’T waste your money…. I have just been donating…I have had the regular ADT for over 30 years, no problem in my primary residence. They said I had to switch to Blue by ADT with my rental when I always had regular ADT …DO not let them fool you they are not the same…..
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2 years ago, ADT BLUE HATER
The WORST service I’ve ever paid for in my life. PERIOD. GARBAGE. The only plus is that their customer service personnel are VERY polite and speak English naturally. (Think of all the basically intelligent people you have known that never wanted to work for a living EVER and COVID was their godsend). That being said they are minimally informed to the systems operations/functions, and will continually put you on hold for a supervisor who is just about equally ignorant. There has been one exception in my MANY exchanges with ADT BLUES tech dept. and that shockingly was with a man that obviously was an ex STREET GUY to be polite. By far the most knowledge able non-idiot I’ve interacted with at ADT BLUE. I have had 5. 5 situations where I was PROMISED a supervisor would later contact me. You guessed it. NEVER HAPPENED. The ONLY benefit to this VERY OVER PRICED AND PROBLEMATIC service is the FREE ADT window stickers. You’ve been warned!
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1 year ago, Consultant RX
Waste of Time and Money
Horrible! Out of the box it would not connect to my network. Called customer service and troubleshooting for 2 hours. So they sent me a replacement. Same thing happened! Still will not work. No one knows why. We tried everything. I even upgraded my wireless network. Waste of $500. Not only that but the ADT billing keeps calling me for my monthly service monitoring! I noticed they were billing my card every month even though I had a support ticket open and I told them it never worked from day 1 now over 4 months ago! I blocked the charge on my card and now they call every day. I will gladly pay monitoring fee if the system would function! Still waiting! Later this month I am going to write to the CEO and let him explain.
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3 years ago, Whit Whit&Den Den
The cameras die quickly and they only record when they want too when something moves we’ve had people come to our home and it never show them once not coming in my yard or leaving my yard and we have it on the drive way it’s happened more then once called blue adt only for them to tell me there sorry and they will fix it and it’s not yet been fixed . I’m so frustrated with these devices it’s unreal and it’s almost every time when it’s something important we wanna go back and look at it either didn’t record it or the camera lost connection we get that about 10 times a day camera not in service and their no way that’s possible everything else will be connected !!!!
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4 years ago, Mendozachris
Buggy and inconsistent (long load times) CRASHES
I’ve had this system for about 2 months. It crashes daily. I can’t see saved media or delete old videos without it bugging out and crashing. The other day they had a system wide shutdown and I couldn’t even access the app to control alarms. I called in and they stated that it was a system failure which they had been experiencing for about 5/6 hours. One of the reps even told me that ever since ADT took over the whole system has been bugging and crashing. ADT is trying to transfer and route all data and Information through their system and it’s causing MANY issues. I would NOT recommend anyone buy this system.
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4 years ago, simple sandra
It took me a week to get myself psyched up to go through the tedious items and have the patience to sink myself into installation mode. I am a 40 year old woman and installed everything myself. I made sure to read everything. And I am glad to say once I got past one tiny hiccup in the beginning about a password the system has made me happy and sleep with a peace of mind. I however do not like the loud 60 seconds of beeping for every second to arm as I have a four old I don’t like to wake once asleep. But easy and very happy. Love the price!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Any Dey
New update broke the app
Login doesn’t work anymore after the update, reset password doesn’t work either. It still works on a different device that has an older version of the app. I wish that was the only issue, but even when the app is “working” it’s extremely slow and laggy. I have the same complaints as all the other reviewers. The app is logging me out all the time, and is super slow and buggy so it takes forever to log back in and try to set or disarm the system. Even if it is logged in I have to restart the app every time I want to set or disarm, otherwise the app just freezes. The app seems to be getting worse over time. These issues didn’t happen back when it was LifeShield. Quality has taken a huge nosedive.
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2 years ago, Sam_XR
Needs lot of improvement
App isn’t very responsive in some situations. It delays to show the system mode whether it is armed in stay or away or off…sometime it keeps showing “Initializing”. I can’t toggle on the push notification in app settings, it toggles that off itself and can’t see this app listed in iOS’s notification settings panel either - don’t know why! I tried to turn off the test mode after installing the sensors but the app couldn’t do it. Even after few days it is still showing “Turning on monitoring…” ! I asked this question to the support and they were clueless. Please fix these annoying issues.
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2 years ago, Cyndilu181
3 year contract buyer beware cameras stink
Took forever to get cameras set up even though we were standing next to our modem. Door sensors don’t work half the time or stopped working. We own a business and husband is extremely handy so it’s not like we are nitwits regarding install. Half the time the cameras don’t catch the footage needed when we need it. So we have had to purchase additional cameras from another company. The one time they called when system went off before I could shut it off in time they didn’t even ask for my security word. It’s a long time to pay for junk. We only bought it for a medical issue but the another camera system we installed with two way communication has been far better and is solar powered!
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5 years ago, chunny knowles
Been a customer for 1 months and yet to get the items missing and promised. I feel it’s pretty bad when the company tell you that you must make your first payment before I can receive what I had already paid for; further, after making the payment I have yet to receive my seniors and monitor. My question as before, if my home is broken into because the company wants 1st payment before sending what was promised, will the company be responsible? I paid for the equipment, why must I wait??
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4 years ago, huckleberry97
Save ur money and get a service worth having. They have the worst customer service in the planet every single agent you talk to be will be ghetto and rude as heck. I promise I wouldn’t be waiting my time on this review if it wasn’t so bad. When u first got the service they charge my account double and said it was a technical thing and it would fall off in -0 business days.. LIES it never did and now whenever I call get it taken off my account they hang up on me I swear to god it’s mind blowing 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 I feel like an idiot for not canceling the service but it’s only been a month so maybe it will fall off soon but I doubt it. They’ve already charge my cars for the second month and it’s still hasn’t been a whole month since I’ve had the service. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
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2 years ago, jason5728384585839281
Very Unsatisfied
I don’t want to take the time to write a long review, Im really dissatisfied with Blu by ADT. Im singing the “BLUES” My device doesn’t connect to internet, tech support couldn’t help and have given instructions on resetting my hub but it still won’t connect. I held the reset button down for 30 seconds. They won’t come out and fix it. I’m stuck in a contract. $1,200 to cancel. The window sensor leave a very strong glue on the window and no WD40 or Goo Gone can get it off. I’m moving and have like 12 sensors that are going to be a real chore taking off. There’s nobody to help and no tech support on the weekends when I’m at home. My job is in transportation and I come home every three weeks and have this to deal with and I’m stuck with a mess.
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3 years ago, Philliywilly
Saved my house
This system may have just saved my animals, and my entire house, from burning down. Had chicken in the oven baking so it would be ready when we got home. Oven overheated and locked itself shut. Got an alert that our fire safety sensor tripped. Six minutes later I walked into a house full of smoke from a stuck-on oven. If you don’t have something like this, highly suggest getting at least a fire safety sensor. Can’t imagine what could have happened with out it.
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4 years ago, worst Customer Svc!!!
I have had my camera for 12 days since 12/1. I have made more than 15 phone calls to CS. Not one rep has been able to help. I’ve had nothing but problems starting with installation. When it rains & snows the camera is useless! Why am I paying for something that doesn’t work? I have told them hundreds of times someone installed it for me because I am disabled. It was next to Impossible to install. He said once this camera is up it’s up for life cannot be removed. Yet every single one of your reps has said if you’re not happy return it. How many times do I have to tell them it can’t be removed? They just don’t listen! So many other issues with it after installation. Worst customer service I have ever experienced in any company.
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4 years ago, Joann8114
Maybe it’s me
I recently downsized from my home to an apartment. When I called to cancel my service, I found out about ADTBlue. It’s a nice, modern system, but it’s much too much for my needs. I needed this in my home, when my windows were actually accessible. I hooked the system up, but because my apartment is so small and we’re home all day now, the sensor and the camera were constantly activated. I received an email and a photo every time we walked into the kitchen. Later, I started getting text messages too. I got tired of it and politely unplugged it, removed the batteries and put the entire system back in the box. I’m over it! Unfortunately, I still have a monthly bill to pay.
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2 years ago, bill1818
Hello after one night someone tried to kick my neighbors door in and the next day he told me about it so that day I called ATT. Told them what happen and I would like to get a system for my home. The salesman was awesome I told him to type a house I had we counted how many window door sensors I also ordered a fire system also ordered a doorbell for my home video. The stuff came in three days I installed it within 2025 minutes I love my a DT blue system easy to use it’s just an awesome system
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4 years ago, Montez Coleman
This needs so much work
I am truly sorry I have this system!!!! It locks me out all the time disconnect from my WiFi when it feels like it. I am a truck driver and keep tabs on my home but I’ll be in another state open the app up and looking at another person home inside this is scary AF. I’ve got a couple screenshots or other folks home so if I am seeing there’s then I know someone is seeing mine and if it’s that easy then it’s easy to hack. I have serious concern about this system and whenever I call to talk to someone it’s them telling me hold on and never getting back on the line or not answering the phone at all!! You guys have no partaking my automatic payment every month but taking my phone call or tge security of my home and family you do!!
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2 months ago, tracemeek
Several UX issues
The security system basically works, but the app has not been improved in years. One of my authorized users has gotten married and changed their name (come on, developers, this is a common occurrence in the world). Why can’t I edit the last name? Even if I delete and re-add them, the old name returns (probably because their email address is the same, and the developer did not have the foresight or creativity to choose a unique database key). This is so shortsighted. And why continue to present the 2FA nag screen, when the sign-up process does not work? Please hire a world-class UX team, and do some work on this app that many of us pay for and have to use every day.
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8 months ago, star non existent
Terrible experience/Terrible service stay away!
I have had nothing but issues with my doorbell camera. The first year of the contract was great, it’s when I got half way into my 2nd year issues started occurring. I have had 3 replacement doorbell cameras sent and a new hub to only now be told I need to purchase a WiFi extender through adt. I have been paying monthly for a service that is leaving my home unprotected and still remain with the same issue I cannot cancel because of the contract. I have spent hours on hold and even calling multiple times to still have no resolution! Do not recommend and cannot wait for the contact to be over in 10 months.
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4 years ago, T-bone Mckensley
Not off to a great start.
This app is a little buggy. The interface keeps cornering me into creating a new account and then says my email is already associated with another account. There no back button. If I close and restart the app, it won’t let me log into my account and wants me to create a new account again. The fields and buttons in the app keep getting covered, I can’t access them and then the app freezes. I sure hope this is not telling of my experience with ADT products. If I have to call them to do everything for me that’ll be a no-go.
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3 years ago, joenatoli
Buggy and unresponsive.
It’s difficult for me to believe that a company tasked with protecting people would release something so completely buggy. Every time I open it to set the alarm, the displayed status is incorrect. It eventually changes. At the times when the alarm has gone off, the app is unresponsive to touch, and then when the “Off” option does surface it too, is unresponsive for several seconds. But wait, there’s more! Once the keypad finally does come up, that TOO is unresponsive for 10 seconds or so. Have installed and reinstalled several times. Updated the newest version promising “performance fixes.” Absolutely shoddy workmanship.
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5 years ago, jkdba
3 for now!
I attempted to wait before doing a review! It’s been two weeks and my system is still in practice mode. I have made two calls to customer service and was told the first time it was due to my permit and monitoring would began in 24 hours! 3 days later another call was told a request would be sent to the monitoring department and that they were super busy! But of course they have already debt my account the monitoring fee . Appears I have a system that’s self monitoring but me! And paying someone else to do nothing! The system itself seems great easy setup!
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5 years ago, Jalabray
New app won’t stay logged in.
The new Blue app makes me log in every time I open it. The LifeShield app stayed logged in making arming and disarming from my phone easy. But the new update is frustrating. Please fix this. There is no option to “keep me logged in” or enable Face ID. Or save my information at all. It’s rather frustrating especially if I’m away from the house and somethings going on I have to log in before I can see. This review is on the app only, I love the system and the customer service of LifeShield/Blue/ADT. Hoping we can get this fixed soon so I can continue to enjoy my security system.
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4 years ago, MicheleSTL
Cheap system
I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. First off, the app didn’t work right. Then I was on the phone with ADT for three hours trying to set up the alarm. I only purchased two door sensors. The fact it took three hours to set up two door sensors is ridiculous. Also I asked REPEATEDLY if I would get a text notification when the doors were opened and closed. This was the primary reason I bought this alarm. Everyone assured me I would. Well guess what? I do not get notifications. Lastly, my “hub” makes the noise notification that the doors have been opened for no reason at all. No one is opening or closing the doors yet the “hub” is chiming. The alarm system is nothing more than overpriced junk.
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2 years ago, Dpksh
Room to grow
We recently switched providers and in comparison blue has some catching up to do. I miss the community other companies provide. Also dealing with delayed notification and app glitches like banners covering areas that I need access to. Hope they update soon. If your considering blue for security I would advise against it. After numerous calls to customer service and many resets of the camera the doorbell still has an unsatisfactory delay in notifying me of motion alerts, if it notifies at all! Not what I want in a security system. The app continues to be glitchy as well. I do not recommend.
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5 months ago, 6ely9
Worst app ever
Instead of improving, you are getting worse. Everything was fine when it was lifeshield but everything changed for the worse when they changed to blue by adt. You cannot see the images or videos in lanscape mode (horizontal mode), live events take forever, i don’t get all notifications even though I have three cameras in the same area (I put three cameras to have more security and only one captures the movement, it is useless having 3 cameras) does do not detect animals even when they are close and large. Very upset worse and worse. PROGRAMMERS PLEASE FIX ALL THESE PROBLEMS. We pay for good service not this useless app IT IS NOT FREE.
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3 years ago, NicholeLB
Saved my sister-in-law
We just got the system and have only had everything set up for like a week. I was at my mother-in-laws house and got a notification from the app. I opened it to see my sister-in-law on the ground having a seizure. She was staying at my house and the only ones with her was her 3 and 4 yr old daughters. We were able to call the paramedics and help her when she had stopped breathing. Though there are some issues with the system I don’t like I am so glad we have it.
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12 months ago, RR&K
Equipment Failure
Run well but with bad signal it doesn’t work. Take out the bad require have enough speed for contingencies and a backup cables. But at this times those equipment are not available. By the other hand the regular equipment ADT could be an upgrade in the case you decide to change by BLUE . Not recommended if the service don’t specify to charge the two equipment at the same time and pay for both.
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1 year ago, supergoku123l
System don’t work properly from the cameras to the sensors, my notifications are on right but for some reason I receive notifications 5-10min later, using the app to control alarm moves very slow and gets stuck sometimes… trying to see who’s at your door or a video it loads very slow takes 3-5min to load or some times don’t load at all. The time stamps are all wrong someone can be at my door at 5pm and it will state they was there at 9:45am when that would be the time I left the house, still have yet to be able to get into my masters account, and the câmara don’t even record half of the time.
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3 years ago, katina 88
Needs to be updated
I don’t like how the app signs you out then when you try to sign back in you have problems because for some reason the app doesn’t like the password you choose because it keep telling you wrong password then when you go to forgot password in put in your email address it doesn’t recognize it. I hate how the app always tells you your cameras are offline. I don’t like when I’m trying to delete the save videos that was captured by the motions sensors it takes so long to delete this app could use some updated software
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2 years ago, Saharn27
Lots of room for improvement
Interface is not quick and simple. I have to search through the app to find things. The first page is confusing. I don’t even bother. I got stuck on the adding device process a couple times. My only way back was by restarting the application. The movement of the app is slow and not graceful. Not good when you need to see your feed asap. It’s definitely not what I’d expect for a repubtable company long-standing. The cameras have the worst wifi connectivity, too, and one’s lights turn on even though it’s unplugged! Wish I didn’t miss the return window. They have a ways to go.
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2 years ago, sbvannxo
For the amount of money we spend a month and the amount of issues we have with the system, we get no support through customer care. One of our cameras is always not working. If the alarm ever goes off, no one ever calls us to make sure everything is ok. And because of us having the problems constantly we thought about dropping the system but we were told we would have to pay 2600 *insert laughing emoji* Once our contract is up, we will be taking our business elsewhere where we can feel appreciated.
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2 years ago, WhiteWidow223
The system is great for if I forget to lock up before I leave the house. The only problem I have found is that it has a hard time connecting or pairing with the security camera and it has a lot of “outages” . I am only allowed to solve this if I am in the same room as the box as well. If I am at work and I want it to protect my home I am screwed.
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4 years ago, Renascimiento
Unreliable app and service
We just switched from ADT Pulse to BlueADT and would not recommend it. The system crashes on a weekly basis, technical support is not available in the evenings/nights (when these crashes usually happen), and have app issues (re)connecting the base to the WiFi. No WiFi network’s show and only get the endless “processing” circle with no results no matter how long I wait. I’m enraged with ADT. I had to sign up for an ADT service when we moved to avoid the expensive early termination fee. What a trap and waste of energy and money! You would think they would take security more seriously and live up to their rhetoric. Wish I could switch companies.
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8 months ago, Lauren.mcfarlane.g
ADT Blue System
I have had this system for two years mainly because I didn’t read all the fine print in the contract. While speaking to a costomer service representitive they assured me the contract offered free cancelation. It is “free cancelation” but you have to pay for however many months are left on the contract. The app glitches constantly, my alarm did not go off when a door was opened and the system was armed, and the videos either do not load or take a considerable amount of time. I would not recommend this system to anyone. I will never be doing business with ADT again once my contract expires.
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3 years ago, Youngsta28
Me and my girlfriend purchased adt blue because it was affordable and the agent we spoke with over the phone made it sound so good it’s one of those house alarms you get what you pay for it’s always updating the app constantly getting stuck so we can’t set the alarm or turn the alarm off from our phone it’s always Initializing it takes at least 2/3 minutes to come out that mode so we can set the alarm or disarm it my notifications haven’t been coming to my phone for the past 8 months call did every step I still don’t receive notifications on a 1-10 I’d say a leaning 2
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