Blue FCU Mobile Banking App

2.1 (78)
39 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blue Federal Credit Union
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blue FCU Mobile Banking App

2.13 out of 5
78 Ratings
5 years ago, TheA1pha0mega
Buggy, slow, limited use
Overall the app is just built lazily. It had Face ID for a hot second and then the feature was removed (every other financial app I have uses it). You’ve got about a 50/50 chance of getting a “page load error” message. I wouldn’t refer to this as an app - a poorly formatted mobile landing page is more accurate. The customer service I’ve received from Blue in their branches has been great - but their technology is lacking.
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1 year ago, Moviefanatical
Garbage App.
I haven’t seen an app this incoherent and useless since the very dawn of mobile apps. I would definitely expect more from a financial institution that’s handling my money and personal information. There is no direct way to pay the bill, in fact the tab “bill pay” doesn’t allow you to pay the bill. You have to manage and transfer funds from a completely different tab on the app and you can’t view statements to know what is owed so when you do finally get to the very vague page for “transfers” there is no prompt for the statement balance so you have to dig it up through your emails and type it in manually down to the penny so you don’t get hit with fees. I would say it would be easier to just call in and give a credit card but I tried that and the customer service rep on the phone said there was “nothing she could do” and they don’t accept credit cards because, AND I QUOTE, “that would be putting a loan payment on another form of loan. Which they don’t allow”… which is easily one of the most hilariously insane excuses I’ve ever heard. Every other company on the planet has this stuff figured out, why is this so hard for Blue Federal Credit Union? Feels a bit like a scammy business IMHO.
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2 years ago, sfawl1
Worst app ever
Hate this app. Impossible to get around. I’m a new member for a refinance. Payment not do till 12/3 but I always pay early. Won’t let me add my checking account. Call customer service after waiting 20 minutes he says oh let me reset your account I don’t know why it won’t let you. Wait till next day makeup a whole new account and nothing. Back on the stinking phone tomorrow. If this is of sign of things to come then it won’t be long for another refinance. Not worth the headache. I’m trying to sign in now and tells me session has expired. Ok it won’t take me to sign in page. After I restart my phone and get it is impossible to find anything I’m looking for. Get frustrated and sign out. Then I keep getting session ending soon messages. You people need to do something about this nightmare of a app and pay a professional to do the right job. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!
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2 years ago, trance.illusions
Won’t let you pay in advance, your account has to be paid on the day or late to take payment. Also takes days for payments to post online or over the phone. You have to go to a blue branch and make payments yourself if you want payments on time. The app had face recognition and then went away one day… couldn’t sign into my account after and magically the password that is saved is somehow wrong. When I call to reset everything the phone has me on hold for 30 mins and then asks for me to leave a message…. Why does blue have to be so frustrating to deal with!?! I just want to put things on auto pay and whenever they transfer me, the call hang up!!! Your clients want to pay and be good, but you’re making things harder on your clients by not being convenient
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5 years ago, 88gumby
Would be nice to be able to schedule payments :)
The app does not freeze for me. It’s always smooth. Something that Is inconvenient for me is that when I want to make a loan payment. I would have to make a payment the day of because it does not give you an option the schedule ahead of time. I’m a busy person and it would be nice to be able to schedule my payments on my down time. This is something I do with my Chase account and I absolutely love their app and options. I have a blue account because they don’t have chase in Wyoming 🙃 not bad just does not meet all expectations. It also does not give you options to deposit a check over the app either.
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6 years ago, Johnnys opinion
Another Good bank that sold out and now commercialized . It use to be that hometown friendly , family bank that knew its members . It is now the a bank that could careless for their people . App gets 1* because that's the lowest I can put , the app is horrible and freezes . Second I don't get alerts like before . I miss Warren this is not the same bank I've used for 12 years . You can't even speak to real people you have to listen to all the options once you get to where you need to be after 5-10 minutes you get a recording to leave a message . And if you're lucky you might get a call back . Why Warren you were great the way you were . 👎🏼Blue ! Time to take business elsewhere .
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3 months ago, XxDementiaxX
Absolute worst banking app
Do not bank with Blue if you like having a fast, convenient banking app. I’ve been with Blue for only 2 weeks and everything with the app and website have been terrible. I tried connecting an external account for a week, had to go to a local Blue and they’re unsure of why I can’t connect it. I want to send money to my Blue account but of course, what would you expect from this horribly made app? Zelle said that there is Zelle within this app, which of course, nope, there isn’t. So yeah, don’t waste your time with this. Get literally any other banking app
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3 years ago, Jllaping
Wonderful app
I’ve used this app since it’s inception in the states and overseas. It has always been outstanding, especially with the hometown support when I had questions. The reason I didn’t give it 5 is because it takes too long to post purchases and payments to the credit card. Thanks for all your outstanding work.
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3 years ago, pissrodz
App has been down more often than not
Why is the App down so much!? I go to deposit some checks this morning and, again, the app is not working “service unavailable.”
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1 year ago, Christiano22ss
If I could give it no starts i would. Not only is the app overly confusing in its design and poor word choice but it has an absolutely awful layout. It’s almost as if they don’t want you to find what you need so you could miss payments. Finding auto withdrawal was.….well I still haven’t. Whoever designed it should retire from app development, in addition the genius who signed off on the final product should resign as well.
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2 years ago, LauraJInman
The app alone makes me want to go to another bank
The app is absolutely infuriating. The keyboard closes every few seconds and if you’re writing a message it’s right below the cancel button and half the time you accidentally press it and you have to restart the message all over again still with the keyboard closing all the time. This has been an issue for years it’s time to fix it.
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3 years ago, Lamer996
Glorified Web View
This is just a glorified web view. I switched to Blue from USAA so that I could have a local bank. Blue as a bank seems great but highly disappointed in this app experience. USAA had a much better app tailored towards mobile users. These days, it’s mobile first and the experience should reflect that. If I had checked the app prior to opening a new account I might have thought twice about banking at Blue. Hopefully this will be addressed in the future
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2 years ago, Brian Matthews
Face ID randomly turns off
After I setup Face ID it appeared to work fine for awhile but then randomly it turns itself off and requires a password. If your password is something complicated that’s not used elsewhere then it may be impossible to sign in until you get home and look up your password. This isn’t normally a big deal unless your on vacation trying to pay an overdue bill.
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2 years ago, savanaphillips1
I made payments on my credit card on the 22,23, & 26 of March. It’s now the 30th and the app still shows I owe money. When I called the bank they said I paid but the app isn’t showing it. PLEASE fix this so I don’t accidentally pay you guys more than I owe. It’s hard to pay credit card bills if the app doesn’t show an accurate amount.
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3 years ago, Docoff3
Simple to use
I'm a "Boomer" and even I found this app quick and easy to set up and use.
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5 years ago, adrieona
Mobile app
Needs to be more updated. Needs to have an option to access the actual card number.
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2 years ago, dont get blue fcu
This app needs an update if it’s a good bank I don’t see how they haven’t fixed issues with complains over the years I keep getting logged out with the same login I’ve been using for years
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5 years ago, ColoradoAlaska
Fix mobile deposit
Just opened multiple accounts but may close them if mobile deposit doesn’t work. I’m just getting the spinning wheel right now...
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7 months ago, Drewski0832
Not a good app. I have to call most of the times for any changes and then I’m hold for over 30 minutes. Sometimes way more… 🙄🙄
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4 months ago, learn is fun
This app is pretty much useless. I can’t pay my car loan on it ever, I always have to end up calling. It seems like this bank just keeps adding convenience fees to pay the loan account with them.
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10 years ago, J5toes
Stopped working properly
I loved using this app, that is until it stopped showing me anything, I would get to the main menu then click on my transactions and it would show me nothing... Just a blank screen... And the password change? I had a way better password in before and now I feel that I can get hacked with no problems!! Don't get this app until it's updated and fixes the issues it has...
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2 years ago, Lesqie
I wish I could rate this 0 stars
Literally the most complicated and least user friendly app ever created. I’m going to need therapy after trying to use this godforsaken trash site.
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11 months ago, stll8
A little slow
Needs updates to fix bugs and add Zelle
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2 years ago, Mathias_Brever
Doesn’t Work
Please use a different or better server and UI because the page doesn’t load or their are errors half the time
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4 years ago, talonlikesboba
One of the Worst Banking Apps
Blue FCU had a chance to appeal to younger millennials like me, but the outdated card design and half functional banking app drives us to other online banks and big banks with functional apps and extra features. Blue’s failure to adapt to the online banking ecosystem is unacceptable and inexcusable.
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5 years ago, Xtinaharrell
Never works
It would be nice if the app would function more than 50% of the time, instead I get stuck on an eternally loading login and it’s constantly failing to load or freezing on me.
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2 weeks ago, DeborahCF
App doesn’t do much. I can’t pay my car loan in advance. Would have to actually drive to bank to pay it if I wanted to in advance. Beats the purpose of an app
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5 years ago, dudemcmcdudestermeister
App is so so. Needs to update with better password save options and better options to make loan payments. The bank itself is kind of pathetic but that’s a different story.
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5 years ago, SZam90
Every time I try to use this it’s broken. I live out of state and have such a hard time continuing to bank here. Horrible service too.
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4 years ago, kzxvggf
Down for bi-hourly maintenance
It’s hard to rate an app that in the years I’ve had it has been down as much as it is up working.
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3 years ago, laaaammmee9
Do better Blue.
Slow and won’t open 90% of the time. The bankers are great and very helpful. The app and website are 19th Century.
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2 years ago, Skrilla b
Ignorant bank overpaid app company
The banks leadership is idiotic and bought the app from an overpriced app developer who set us up for failure
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4 years ago, Boo schell
No good !
It doesn’t work ! I would love this to work because I travel so much ! Please Blu work on this .....
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2 years ago, acvtegb
Horrible app, slow, slimy,
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7 years ago, Rathgar31
Blue federal credit union app doesn't work at all!
This app is the worst I've seen out there, you have to keep restarting the IPad Air to get it to work. Oh and since the change from Warren where I've been banking for over 6 years just trying to get a loan is like pulling teeth, I got one and then they held paperwork up for two days then the vehicle I had picked out was sold because the dealership was tired of waiting, found another one and then filled out paperwork again and was told no, told then two days ago I was fine and now you want proof I'm working when everything I have goes in that bank, told them to look on the computer and was still told no told them since I'm a veteran and have been with them for over five years to shove it and I'll take my business elsewhere and then let everyone on base know how they treat us, man did they change there tone, but really when I get this loan payed off I'm out. Really bad service since the change!
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10 years ago, gcallantii
Doesn't work
I am growing increasingly disappointed by Warren, when I try to load this app, I get an OFX error. Figures within the laziness... Also, their upgrade to make everything "more secure" was actually a downgrade, as now they won't even allow you to use special characters! What kind of a bank only allows you to use 10 characters, and no specials? Armed forces had a 118 character limit with no restrictions on the type used. That to me is just laziness in their IT department. They want to upgrade their database to include usernames, but it would just be "way" too much work to upgrade the database to a PHP pear compatible with all ASCII characters, so only letters and numbers please.
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7 years ago, Dimmuborgir1
Love this app!
Way easier to use than the last version! Love love love that I can transfer to other members from the mobile site and pay all my bills in one push of a button! This app keeps my accounts organized and easy to manage !! Get this app if you want your life to be easier ! Awesome app!!
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7 years ago, neatpete64
Slow starting up
I gave this 2 stars because it freezes before the password screen, and then on the retrieving info screen. When it ever loads my account, it is very useful (that's why I didn't give it a 1 star). Please fix the loading issue on the next update.
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7 years ago, **Happy Member**
Updated app is great!!
I just got the updated app that they said would fix the dreaded "frozen screen" and it worked! I'm able to sign in now with no problems! Thanks for getting this fixed Blue!
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7 years ago, Squobiime
Bad app for a Bad Bank
Instead of using red font or a negative sign to alert users of a negative balance the account balance is only put in parentheses. There are also no alerts provided in the app or from the company letting the user know that an account has gone into the negative balance. This along with past problems of frozen screens not tracing account activity means I will be discontinuing my business with this company ASAP.
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10 years ago, Dpizzll
Great app!!
I am extremely impressed with this app. The best feature is the ability to take a picture of a check to make a deposit. It is very quick and easy to use.
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11 years ago, RedNewt
Not bad not great
Its a step in the right direction. Worth having for any member. Far better than the clunky web interface. The deposit check feature via picture is long awaited.
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7 years ago, pukapapaya
Not bad but miss bill pay feature
His app has everything but the 'bill pay' feature. Not able to get on iPhone or iPad is a downer for us. Now only can do it on laptop. Slightly inconvenient. Please bring it back!
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9 years ago, JPS.2
Can't view cc activity or make payments from other payment source.
Shows account transactions for other accounts but nothing for credit cards. Not possible to pay cc balance from regular bank account even though set up on full app.
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7 years ago, Brother Corporate
Doesn't save password
The only thing this app does different than the web app is the mobile deposit. It doesn't save your password nor use the Touch ID. Unless you need the mobile deposit, I would stick with the web app.
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11 years ago, jaaymze
Ok, not great.
Would like the ability to view all account balances, including credit card. Ability to see credit card transactions would make this app more useful and complete.
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7 years ago, Cyberwarrant
Worst App ever!
Since Blue took over from Warren the banking in general is terrible. Absolutely the worst App I have ever seen! I need a banking App that works. This App won't even open 80% of the time. Very frustrating when you really need to use the mobile banking. The website is only a little better. Might be time to change banks.
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7 years ago, momiloni
New update
The new update got rid of the pending transactions in the account! Yes it fixed the frozen screen but now I can't see any pending transactions! I need this back, please take another look and fix that because I'm a very happy member but I desperately need to have the pending transactions visible again!!!
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7 years ago, Becklarae
Worst app ever
We have had nothing but problems with blue fcu. When it was warren federal it was easy and simple. This app is constantly freezing up, has errors all the time when trying to transfer money. Really thinking about going to another bank and switching all of our loans.
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7 years ago, csifrogger
Not efficient
This app doesn't work the majority of the time. Looking to switch to a different credit union or go straight USAA since this app is never working. I need to be able to access my account on my phone so if this isn't fixed, I will have no other option!!!
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