Bluebeam Cloud

2.2 (57)
98.7 MB
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Current version
Bluebeam, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bluebeam Cloud

2.16 out of 5
57 Ratings
5 months ago, Mnelec
Latest update does not allow the opening of several drawings. Each time they are opened, it crashes on the app but online on the computer the dwg can be opened. There are several “punch” items that on the computer show up as shapes with not comments yet they cannot be deleted so not sure if that is causing the crash. Happens on several sheets in a session.
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3 months ago, Dj_Re_Imagined
iOS App Improvements
Bluebeam Cloud, used on a computer, is great. You can create projects, upload and share drawings, upload and share documents, create submittal logs, generate RFI’s, and create punch list items. However, when you upload items under the documents tab they aren’t accessible from the iOS app. It appears that the only functions available from the iOS app are the drawings, submittal log, and punch list. Adding a function to the iOS app to allow you to access the items uploaded under the documents tab would make this a much better app. I’m not sure why this is. You can use a browser on your iPad to log into the cloud and access the items under the documents tab but the markup features for the drawings, the RFI’s, and punch list all work better from the app. So your stuck using the browser half the time to access documents and using the app to generate markups on drawings, create RFI’s, and punch list items the other half of time. Hopefully they allow access to the documents through the app in a future roll out. It would change my rating for the app to 5 stars. Also, it would be nice to be able to attach/upload the actual submittal document to the corresponding entry in the submittal log so that it could be viewed from there. This app has potential but needs some work.
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12 months ago, An actual real review!
Extremely Lacking
We have two primary general contractors who do work for us. One uses Bluebeam Studio and one uses a competitor. Due to extreme lack of functionality, such as even having the ability to view drawings and information from Studio projects on a mobile device, it makes it extremely difficult to just quickly look something up from a phone. I have to VPN to my office, Remote Desktop to my desktop computer, log into Studio, and from there I can finally see things. The competitor that the other contractor uses has an extremely straightforward mobile app where you can see the drawings and other project data and even make markups on your own revision of a document and share them! I don’t see how Bluebeam isn’t keeping up with the times. It’s pretty frustrating.
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3 months ago, Brett Tama
Worst Construction Software I have ever used
One of the worst construction softwares I have ever used. Completely unreliable. - takes ages to upload drawings - freezes when opening drawings - no markup tools - with perfect service and connection will not open drawings Desktop app is amazing but this it total trash. Can’t count the amount of times i have drawings uploaded and ready for site visits. Only for it to not allow me to view any drawings and just freeze up.
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1 year ago, Joe contractor236
No markup ability
While the website notes “iOS app won’t have access to markup tools” this is just horrible oversight the APP is even complete. APP only provides a small bit of function. I want to markup a drawing in the field or even create RFIs, not possible, so I’m doing a work around and creating a bunch of punch items, ugh.. not the sales pitch how this works for sure.. Bluebeam development seems to have taken back seat and continues to look bleak since they sold.
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6 months ago, jeremy_jay
Better than what the other reviews say
This would be an outstanding app if there was Apple Pencil mechanics. Other than that, using BlueBeam Cloud as a workflow solution could be a real consideration. Ability to mark up PDFs on the app is definitely there; setting up is just a little convoluted.
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11 months ago, SludgeBeam
Shocked. Don't attempt to use on iPhone. Apple should ban from the App Store. Bluebeam Cloud on PC has "Documents" upload section that is not included in Bluebeam Cloud iPhone App. Bluebeam was getting better and better until Nemetschek takeover now every "upgrade" seems like another step deeper into the quagmire. They seem to be using users as their product testors. Looking for an alternate to Bluebeam -- anyone know of anything?
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7 months ago, Tomaho Ted
Bluebeam Cloud App Permissions Bug!
This would be a great little tool for the things it does, IF IT WORKED! For several months now there has been a bug in the app that will not allow Admin users to do Admin things. Bluebeam support has been responsive, but has not offered any help for this problem. How can they just ignore such a crippling problem for so long? Avoid Bluebeam Cloud. Do not use it!
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12 months ago, NewStudent109
Absolutely awful
Avoid at all costs. Cloud service is rubbish and same with the markup tools. Unless you use exactly what they give you, it’s useless. Good luck trying to create your own markups with this incredibly unintuitive software. It’s just another cash grab now that they’ve been bought. On to the next up and coming PDF editor.
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7 months ago, SilentWolf 07
As other users have written. Why in the world would you not have a feature to see what we have spent years programming; our projects? I login to this and only ever see a blank screen. You can’t do anything mobile at all. Please just allow us to communicate with our studio project ALREADY IN THE CLOUD!
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9 months ago, BIG EdH
Why no app for iphone?
I do not use Studio because I have a massive amount of project docs in pdf on cloud server. I need to access and review while mobile. The ipad version is limited, but I can get by with review and simple markups. Why is there no iphone version offered?
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10 months ago, Disappointed Studio User
Bluebeam Studio functionality missing
I love Bluebeam Studio on my desktop and have a dozen active plan review sessions to review plans with my stakeholders for my work and my consultants. Unfortunately the app version is totally useless. None of my plan review session can be accessed from the app.
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1 year ago, joenmyrtle8
No markup tools!?
The description says I can markup effortlessly from here. I’m signed into my work account and I have no tools available to mark up drawings on here.. get it together bluebeam! Cloud based uploading is also slow.. not off to a good start here.
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12 months ago, El_Turco
Waste of time and resources
Can’t open Bluebeam Studio projects. Can’t upload files if you have a Studio account. Not intuitive. Why not share the credentials? I don’t know what they could do to make the download less appealing.
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2 years ago, G12789
Terrible, please fix I would love mobile Bluebeam
Using the same account as the desktop app and projects won’t show up on this. Total waste.
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8 months ago, Me You 42
Bluebeam was once on course to be an industry leader
But no more. With the changes to the support of devices like iPad and other OS, it might be time to consider other options. Such as Procore. Time will tell.
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9 months ago, floralchick
Only works with Projects. No support for sessions. Why would you build an app that doesn’t support all your functionality.
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10 months ago, Minuvtc
Integrate BB Studio
Studio is the cloud service that your clients use. Please make it available for the emergent use where someone is trying to review something on mobile. Even if limiting markup+
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2 years ago, "@&$@@"
Projects not showing up
I have an active Bluebeam account with multiple projects, but none show up in this app.
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2 years ago, msgdjohnson
Doesn’t work.
Projects don’t show up. Waste of time downloading. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still doesn’t work.
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4 weeks ago, joeledwards
Markups don’t work
Try to add a markup to a drawing but all it does is pan around the sheet when I tap/drag. No markups get added.
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1 year ago, Jack yo moms
Cannot access Bluebeam studio what a waste good for nothing program
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