Bluebeam Revu for iPad

1.7 (462)
90.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bluebeam, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bluebeam Revu for iPad

1.69 out of 5
462 Ratings
12 months ago, Generic Construction Co.
Workaround for Crashing. No OneDrive or sharepoint.
Surely one day they’ll get around to adding sharepoint online support… /copium If anyone’s using the app with external keyboards, you’re *guaranteed* to crash if you have any annotation/text box open when attempting to save. This crash can be avoided by simply tapping elsewhere on the screen before tapping the check mark. It doesn't happen when using the on screen keyboard probably because it closes itself when you tap the save icon anyway. There appears to be plenty of other instabilities but hopefully this ends up helping someone else. The app would be more user friendly imo if there was an option to have real labels instead of just blindly punching all the image icons for 15 minutes to learn what they do. The app itself has the features we need, but the instability drags the score down hard. (Ver 3.10)
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2 years ago, Bobby R 1967
Missing Important Functionality
I am an architect and I have the desktop version of Bluebeam and I love it. However, this app for the iPad is a real lemon in my view, because it is super clunky to use and is missing some important functions to the degree that it is worthless to me, personally. For example, it has the “snapshot” command, but it doesn’t let you “paste” the snapshot into another document, which is the whole point of the command, at least in the way that I use it commonly with the desktop version. I contacted Bluebeam support about this issue and they confirmed that the snapshot command doesn’t work that way in the iPad version and furthermore, that copying and pasting from one document to another isn’t an option either. The support guy suggested some cumbersome workarounds, and I just gave up on this application. I asked for a refund, but they just referred me to Apple, and Apple refused to give me one. I’m really flabbergasted that Bluebeam would release such a lame app that has such limited functionality, given that their desktop version is so powerful. While I never expected the iPad to function at the desktop level, I think the lack of cutting and pasting is a HUGE oversight. This app is only good for making some limited mark ups to a document in the field, in a very clunky fashion, and that’s pretty much it.
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11 months ago, Dom S90
For The New Age
I see a lot of reviews that are negative here. I’ve read most of them and all of them are incorrect. This program is awesome. Even when used on the iPad. The problem is they do not know how to properly find the tools that are normally more easy to find while using a desktop. Everything that’s available to you on the desktop is available to you on the iPad, maybe they should look up some videos or contact the support to learn how to properly use it on the iPad before making assumptions I’m able to connect my Dropbox to it, and instantaneously have things uploaded for my office to have all the correct files and Mabs at our disposal. I still see people out on job sites walking around with huge pieces of paper and the wind blowing in their face, and it makes me laugh. I hope to continue seeing the support that this product provides and more updates to come.
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2 months ago, NP2580
Loads Studio Session Files / Performs Markups Great - Needs Updates
First and foremost, I’m thankful to have a mobile solution for Bluebeam Revu, especially as I’ll need to upload and manage Bluebeam Studio Sessions and associated files quite often. This app, however, lacks much functionality, as I cannot load profiles to mark certain comments in a Session as being addressed, and I cannot load in files into the program using Microsoft OneDrive or at least Apple Files. I do appreciate the ease of use of this application, especially with regard to being able to flatten and email documents with a single button. It would be awesome if the Bluebeam team could also optimize the UI of this application for iPad Pro 12.9” screens, as that is the screen size of my current device. I am hoping to rely on this program more heavily in the future to avoid having to carry my beefy work laptop with me everywhere, as I see the possibilities of working completely remotely with a solid-functioning Revu app.
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2 years ago, Big Abacus
App has become useless
This app was my go to for field markups/ as-built drawings. I have convinced my company to issue IPads (40+) to all foreman and techs to primarily access this app. The app was always a little clunky but most guys got navigate the basics after a day or so of playing around with the tool bar. Certainly not as robust as the desktop version but did the job. The last few weeks have been rough with constant crashes on all iPads. Errors include “memory too low” or “unable to save”. The app now shuts down unexpectedly every few minutes and will erase all markups from the last save. This is totally unacceptable and make the whole app useless. We have spent too much money on desktop access and app access for this to be ignored. PLEASE FIX BUG. Now the good. If the app is stable I would highly recommend. 4 out of 5 stars. You lose a few of the features from the desktop version but for field use it is a valuable asset. Blueprint storage in folders, quick sketches, as-builts are awesome. It beats the days of full size paper drawings and colored pencils.
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5 years ago, ITABWODI
This Architect is looking for options
Update: the app does not work in iOS 13. Crashes constantly. Don’t upgrade, or stop using Revu. As a professional Architect, I have used BlueBeam for years in the office and in the field. I liked that I could easily get files onto my iPad through the Studio feature, and I liked the ability to create tool sets on the Desktop that would transfer to the iPad app. However, ever since Nametshek bought BlueBeam, there seems to have been a complete lack of support and development for the iPad app. Seriously: not even a release to fix bugs in at least 11 months! Most good apps release bug fixes every week or two. I also see all of the instability issues that the other reviewers mention. Whenever another Architect asks me how I use BlueBeam on the iPad, one of the first things I mention is to Save Often, because the app WILL crash on you regularly. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good replacement yet, but I am definitely looking. One star for giving up on what could be a great product.
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2 years ago, Jersdevl
By far the worst app I’ve ever used
The title of my review says it all but I will go into detail. This app is full of bugs. I use this app to draw maps for my job and it constantly freezes and crashes on me. If I lock my iPad and try to open the app again. It will freeze for a few seconds. If I’m lucky, it will allow me to edit my work after 3-5 seconds but more than likely, it crashes and I have to reopen everything I’ve been working on. It’s really great when I have to redo everything I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to make it a habit to constantly save but sometimes I’m in a groove and not thinking about saving. The app will be sure to let you know that grooves don’t mater and you need to save every few minutes because there is nit telling what will cause the app to crash. I’m not one for negative reviews but this is truly the worst. I hope I can find something else comparable for work. If you can avoid this app….find something else
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3 years ago, Qzzpity
Engineer - Highly Recommend
I use this app daily in conjunction with OneDrive. The work flow is not as ideal as with Egnyte but it’s easily manageable on the 2020 iPad Pro 11.9”. Overall this app works great. I haven’t had any problems other users described. I do hope Bluebeam starts making updates for this app to support more features on the iPad. I would love to be able to sketch more flexibly and update the file storage UI. Summary, if you need to view large pdf’s or plans, this is the app for you and it does not crash like apple files app. Highly recommend. Comment: **I am not sure why there are so many negative reviews because this is my favorite app and I use it just about as much as the mail app. Totally worth it!
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5 years ago, Aziib/Jaziib
This app deserves 2 stars....
I’m a construction PM and need to constantly mark up my drawings for RFIs or simply estimating when necessary... This thing is a mirror of the desktop version but the lack of attention to it is, honestly, annoying. Further, there is no updates for iOS 13... this thing would be 10x more powerful if it was updated to iOS 13... i have been using this app for almost 3 years and had zero complaints until this day. The more i think, the more i want to simply avoid using Bluebeam, and that is the case now because the app actually crashes all together.. Don’t upgrade to iOS 13 or don’t waste your time troubleshooting why this app crashes... the framework is probably outdated so there is almost certainly nothing the end user can do.
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6 years ago, Danmilla4rilla
Great app for construction.
This program can’t be beat on PC. Mobile version is good, but has few bugs. I had lots of crashing problems. I found if I used the original files I had no crashing problems. If I tried to reduce file size to save on data across multiple devices, the crashing issues would appear. I tried adobe, Fox it, ect, and none are as easy to use as bluebeam in my opinion, although they could read the reduced size files, but with loss of bookmarks, and measuring ability. I like the field guys to be able to easily measure/scale, and have bookmarked files. Those features aren’t available on other devices. If I didn’t have the crashing bug this app would have gotten 5 stars. Use original file, crashing is drastically reduced.
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3 years ago, SB369460
Use any other app if you can
I have no idea about the Windows version but the iPad one is so bad. If you are flipping between multiple documents or making markups repetitively it crashes. Like every single time. Rendering is a joke! When flipping between pages of the same document the pages are all blank until you zoom in then zoom out. Sometimes you have to do that multiple times before it actually focuses. Online support and faqs for the iOS version are nearly nonexistent. It’s pretty obvious they don’t care at all about improving the iOS version. It’s sad because this program is way better than PlanGrid. It’s sad that some major construction companies require this. I have been trying as hard as possible to tell everyone to stop using Bluebeam until the owners get off their yachts and improve their product. It’s honestly kind of funny how bad this app is for iOS.
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3 years ago, tschnepf
Lacks lots of vital features and optimizations
This ended up actually being better than most of the reviews led me to believe but it’s still lacking a ton. It needs the ability to connect to and access a local network file share via SAMBA. Cloud solutions are nice but most of my PDFs originate on my local network server not in Dropbox or Box or otherwise. The app is also in desperate need of updates. It is not currently optimized for the iPad Pro 11in model. There are black bars on the sides when used in landscape mode. Edit: I am still very disappointed in the development of Bluebeam for the iPad. I really want this app to be good but it just isn’t. If it better incorporated with the pencil, touch interface or mouse control now available in iOS it could be fantastic, but it doesn’t and it isn’t. Reducing my review from 2 stars to 1.
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3 years ago, kadezm21
7 Site Visits so far and Works Well
Based on the huge number of negative reviews, I was pretty skeptical about downloading and using this app but so far I’ve had good luck and it’s sped up the process of documenting and organizing info from site visits. Part of it may be that I typically prepare what I need for note-taking beforehand and distill it into one pdf of as few pages as possible. That being said I’ve still added over 100 photos and 50 or so markups to a pdf without running into any issues. I know plenty of people need more than that but speaking as an engineer doing day trips to collect info for arc flash studies or documenting existing conditions this has been hugely useful.
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2 years ago, The Wambulance
Not supported by developer
This app is not well supported by the developer, which is terribly unfortunate, and unacceptable in this day and age. The app requires me to re-login daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Why? The interface is slow, outdated, and is not compatible with the latest iPad screen resolutions. I do not recommend depending on this app for any business workflow. Bluebeam has pretty poor communication and as far I as I can tell, little to no compassion for it’s users and their businesses. They are not transparent about future updates, bug fixes, or feature requests. How can they expect us to build our business around this? I think they will be releasing a cloud version of Revu which may solve all of this, but again, poor communication leaves us all in the dark.
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3 years ago, E_Planning
3rd time reinstalling - absolute garbage software
Would you like this app to remember your sessions and consistently retrieve them when you urgently need them? Well too bad sucker! Randomly, the app will no longer connect to your sessions, although you are logged in. You can click the ‘join session’ invitation links that open Bluebeam, but after a short wheel spin, nothing happens. No option to log out/back in, only fix is complete reinstall and is time consuming. You are actively stealing $10 from people for this app. What are ya doing with all that money? Apparently absolutely nothing in regard to your iPad app, you trash cans. Most likely built by the lowest cost bidder Bluebeam could find that employs programmers/developers that lack actual skill. Thanks for making work more difficult.
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5 years ago, noels777
Not sure why they don’t improve this??
So blue beam standardizes on iPad, and then doesn’t make it great?! Could display much better. I have multiple iPads, I have probably every iPad made in the last 5 years in my business somewhere. My biggest complaint is on the iPad 12.9 pro 2019 version...really doesn’t use the whole screen, it has black bars at the edge. Additionally the thumbnails of each pdf page don’t display properly. The menu cannot disappear for full page viewing (basic functionality in todays terms) Also the resulting PDF uses up at most, and I’m being generous here 75% of the screen that is available to it. Not impressive. I own many blue beam computer business licenses, have 144 employees, and will be exploring other options that the tablet version 1) works well for field foremen. 2) allows other tablets to be used besides iPads (or does a great job at iPads) Biggest gripe, you choose only iPads, and then do a half you know what job at it. Procore and others keep calling, may be time to explore their offering.
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4 years ago, Cheifmafioso
App crashes, crashes, crashes and crashes
I am a union sprinkler fitter and I used this app for surveys, field checks, RFI’S and as builds. The app worked well for about 3 months and now it crashes every 5- 10 minutes. This is a purchased app and the developer does not seem to care about resolving the issue (due to a lack of competition in my opinion) The type of software that Bluebeam provides is great tool for field construction personal and I know people in the industry will not think twice about purchasing a tool that makes the job more efficient. Our time is money and as of now I’m spending more time on restarting the app. If another developer provides a similar product and address technical issues promptly, Bluebeam will crash...just like the app they provide.
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5 years ago, ChrisLongoria
A few years back I was very satisfied with Bluebeam software. This app has always had limitations when compared to the desktop version, however, it’s current state is unusable. Developers have a set it and forget it mentality with a complete disregard of major software changes presented with each new iOS version. Not to mention the occasional software bugs that come up unrelated to new iOS which have never been addressed. If I sound impatient and frustrated, it is because I am. I have been waiting for a while holding on to hope that enough complaints have been made to see changes. Since there has been no development, and no communication from the Bluebeam team, I feel it is time to stop using Bluebeam and move on to competing service.
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1 year ago, Fredjikrang
Works pretty well, some missing features
Honestly, once I upgraded to iPad OS 16 Revu became much more stable and usable. Likely because on an M1 iPad it allows for swap, essentially increasing the available memory significantly. For the life of me though I cańt figure out how to zoom in on a PDF with a mouse and keyboard! This is much more of an issue now with the release of 16.2, since now you can have Bluebeam on an external monitor only. I can scroll and pan around using the scroll wheel and shift key, but nothing seems to work to zoom in and out, which is pretty annoying.
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5 years ago, Joebob1748494938
Good but app opening issues
I use this with Bluebeam studio bring drawings to jobsites to markup drawings and have them sync to my computer. It does this very well. However, when I am out at a job site, I am open opening and closing my tablet. Every time I open my tablet to look at a drawing Bluebeam takes 5 to 10 seconds to load something. It’s very frustrating. I don’t know if it’s trying to connect to Bluebeam studio or if it’s loading the drawing again. A loading indicator pops up but the drawing is right where I left it. I don’t believe it did this when I first started using Bluebeam. I would give this app 5 stars if it didn’t do this.
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5 years ago, Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!
Abandoned and unusable
This is hands down the worst PDF app I have tried on iOS. I feel cheated for paying for it. As a PM, I often have to mark up documents and manage multiple sets of plans in the field. This interface is so bad I don’t use it unless I need to view a PDF with proprietary Bluebeam markings on it. Even then, I don’t want to use this app. A mobile app for Contruction needs to be easy to use, readable in the direct sunlight (the dark interface is too difficult to navigate outdoors), and stable. Bluebeam for iPad is none of those things. A cluttered, confusing, unreliable, unstable, and difficult to view application has no place in the App Store. It’s too bad since they have such a fantastic Windows app. Stick with PDF Expert if you need something usable.
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5 years ago, JaycenR
Not what it should be
For what they charge for this app, it is just not worth its price right now. As a viewer, it is fine, but there are many PDF viewers and markup tools that do a fine job for less or for free. You’d probably expect this app to be somewhat equivalent to the Bluebeam desktop experience, but it’s not. Many of the most important features of Bluebeam are there, like access to Bluebeam Studio, but instability is a real problem. It crashes regularly, works slowly, and, in several functions, does not work the way you expect it to. My recommendation is, if you want Bluebeam on an iPad, save your $$$ and use remote desktop to access a PC with Bluebeam installed.
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11 months ago, Nievolution
Update this App!
The iPad version of this program is basically useless. It has nowhere near the same functionality of the desktop app and is extremely clunky. I realize that the desktop app is more robust since it is being used on a machine with theoretically more computing power, but this iPad version looks and performs like it should have come out 5-10 years ago. iPads are waaaay more powerful now and should have apps that reflect that. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be at least 75% as functional as the desktop version. I am a commercial construction estimator and would love to be able to perform takeoffs on my iPad while at a property, but that is not the case at all.
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5 years ago, Skeertd
Text alignment
I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to align my text to center, a simple task some would argue; however, they would be wrong! According to Bluebeam technical support: “That feature for Text Alignment is only available in Revu Windows, not the Revu for iPad. So you would need to open that file in Revu Windows and then use the Text Alignment feature. I tested this out on my end. Let me know if you have any other questions.” My question now is did they leave it out on purpose, or is this some sort of discrimination against apple? I just want to draw a circle with a leader and some centered text, obviously this is not allowed on Bluebeam Revu for iPad users! I will be seeking damages in the form of a refund. Discrimination is wrong!!
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8 months ago, Ok'd ok
👎 Does not connect to Bluebeam Studio
Wasted money. Can’t see any projects shared with me. Will not log in to connect with Studio. Apparently not connecting to Studio (the whole point) is a known issue because the FAQ page actually says, “try deleting & reinstalling” - um, yeah, that age-old strategy of “unplug it & turn it back on” doesn’t work. This is an old & clunky app with poor support. Bluebeam stopped supporting the desktop version for Mac, so I’m wondering if maybe they’re going to do away with this iPad app too. Whatever the reason, this app has only been nothing but frustration. Really hope they’ll smooth this app out soon as they move to a cloud-based platform.
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5 years ago, mcc4025
Basic Functionality Issues Everywhere
You would think a fairly basic pdf reader, especially one that isn’t free, wouldn’t have this many issues. 2 stars were generous with this review. This thing lags harder than any app I’ve ever used, sometimes freezing up for 5 minutes before just opening a drawing. Not very helpful when I’m trying to take notes in the field. The markup tools lag as well, even the very basic ones. Online support is limited and unhelpful most of the time. Please fix the excessive lag, at very minimum
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3 years ago, jhsduorwopu
This is a terrible App
Bluebeam puts no effort into this app for the iPad. Don’t both pinning anything and creating folders because this App crashes all the time. When this happens you will loose all your saved information. Yes I have the newest iPad so that isn’t the problem. Yes I’m very knowledgeable using the iPad as well. If you are ok will deleting the Bluebeam for iPad App and reinstalling it, then you will be fine. It’s when you get comfortable and its working fine and you start saving information again is the time it crashes. Terrible APP.....Bluebeam doesn’t care if you complain either because your company has already paid them....SAD BUT TRUE!!!!!
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3 years ago, G.Morgan
Why so much trouble
I have been using this app for about 2 years now, and have nothing but trouble with it, won’t load, signs me out and can’t sign in. When I touch the Studios tab and try to plug in so I can switch between sets of plans, nothing. Load the app and go to a set of plans, the whole screen turns blue. When the app is working it’s great but that’s only about 1-2 time every couple weeks, unless I remove the app and reinstall it. If my company didn’t make me use this program, I wouldn’t use it at all, I would use Procore. Come on guys, they’re gotta be something you can do to make the user end of this software better.
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1 year ago, solarsparky
Lots of crashes, but functional
I would expect an architect, or engineer to be using the full version of bluebeam, but my team can do quick reviews of the drawings, and add markups. I resisted starting, but it does give that collaborative approach, as the actual designer can read my comments, and everyone else can too. No more having 10 different people making the same comments. I can see if someone else already caught the mistake, and I’m free to move on. Lots of crashes 🤦
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3 years ago, beggin4meggin
This app is awful. The PC version is amazing, I use it everyday, but the iPad version is possibly the worst App I’ve ever used. Keyboard shortcuts don’t work, very limited markup tools compared to the desktop version. Why can’t I split screen to see two sheets at once?!?? It’s nice that the Apple Pencil works and you can draw. Every time I try to connect to Bluebeam Sessions the app crashes. It really struggles to load PDFs and when I add a new markup the PDF glitches and disappears. It’s very frustrating because every contractor I work with uses iPads in the field and they hate working in our sessions. I understand why now…
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3 years ago, Chuchit0
An Super A+ addition to my mini ipad
Excellent addition for your tablet. If you already have the full version this one is a most have. Going through 200 pages construccion drawings its so easy via bookmarks and with the markup tools the reports are made so easy. The cloud integration make this software a pro class. In the next version please add google drive too. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Malice007
Great app on IPad Pro
Works like a charm, a few crashes every once in awhile but I report all of them and hopefully they will be worked out. Not that many crashes that would interfere with working on projects. Seems for me anyways to happen with certain files that are password protected only. Not all of them though. Once it crashes and I try to reopen it works and I move on.
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3 years ago, pure7734
Despicable lack of progress
It’s shocking how little care and attention has gone into this app given how critical Bluebeam has become in the construction and design industry. It was always a sub par app but I expected it to move along and it really hasn’t (one example - still letterboxed on my iPad Pro 11” 3 years on…). This goes hand in hand with dropping Mac support (If this app were good it could just be a catalyst app on the Mac and give something there). This should be a premium solution given how valuable it would be used on iPads on site and in it’s current form it’s barely passable. Please do better.
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6 years ago, NachoTacocat
Could be better
The Bluebeam app constantly crashes for no reason, so you have to save markups and files constantly. I ha e tried having only single page PDFs open and it still crashes. It’s very frustrating and often makes me want to carry paper drawings instead. The app also seems to always have problems with syncing files I marked up on my iPad. Often, I have to email the files to myself and manually replace them on my computer. Bluebeam could do better with their support for the app, considering how much better Bluebeam is for the PC.
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4 years ago, TheClakiest
Seem to have forgotten one of your products?
The desktop program can out with a significant update at least a year ago. While that update might be controversial to some, at least it advanced the product. This appears to be a crummy port of the much older desktop version, with lots of added bugs and confusing navigation (just to make it more exciting?). However, I can forgive all of this. What I can’t abide, is the fact that there is no proper Apple Pencil support! This is a platform that is literally MADE for marking up documents and you‘re 5 entire YEARS behind the 8-ball on this. It’s embarrassing to say the least. I fear that this company is following other software producers in the AEC industry - instead of focusing your effort on your product, you focus on maintaining a stranglehold over market share and everyone will begin to hate you without having a viable alternative. (looking at you, Autodesk, as the pioneer in this strategy...)
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4 years ago, mr1993miller
Not For CD Drawing Sets
Was excited to learn Bluebeam was available in the App Store. Thought it would be a great addition to my iPad pro, and offer a second screen for viewing drawing markups while working from home. Unfortunately the app crashes CONSTANTLY while running large format drawing sets. Not sure if this is due to the large file sizes or newest iOS update, but Bluebeam needs to fix this bug soon. This app still has a long way to go to compete with its desktop counterpart. Too bad given the power of the iPad these days.
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6 years ago, Tom@CJE
Could be much better and no longer supported
The application as a markup tool functions fine. Where it falls short is everything else. WebDAV connections still don’t work even with the newest update. I contacted their support for some insight on the WebDAV connections and to see if there is any planned support for OneDrive. I was informed that major development for the iPad app had ended and they are only working on critical bug fixes. That makes zero sense to me. Apple isn’t going to stop releasing iPads, so why are we not going to get any new features? I suggest finding an app that will continue to be better supported in the future.
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2 years ago, MAGAV
A Steaming Pile
Will update review if issues fixed. COMSTANTLY crashes on iOS 15 (yes I tried remove/reinstall). Embarrassing site visits in the company of clients and contractors. Working off line does not help. Out of memory errors and disappearing or very low res drawings when zoomed. An unusable steaming pile is a nice way to put it. Unfortunately our large company has gone all-in on the PC application at the engineering level. It does seem to have become more stable recently, although is not at all intuitive to navigate. Clunky at best, but feature-rich if you don’t mind the long learning curve.
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5 years ago, Nasi Goren
Limited functionality
Where are the flags? That is a must-have function as many PDF files that I review contain flags. Why you remove it from this app I don’t understand. Also the page thumbnails section allow only one column view. It should freely change the thumbnail view layout as you drag the grab point to the right, like the desktop version. The worst part is you can’t add an account for Windows SMB connection. If I want to directly access files from my office server, I have to rely on other apps to open i.e. “share with” Bluebeam. Fix all of these, then I will be a happy customer.
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8 months ago, Add OneDrive
App works well enough
The app works well enough but could be better. I have found some features hidden that on a desktop are readily available. I like the sync feature to be able to save documents to an online location such as Dropbox. Developers please, please, PLEASE add OneDrive to the choices of online file storage. Most companies I know use OneDrive. I actually don’t understand why this is not an option.
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3 years ago, Big lou dawg
Will Bluebeam ever update the APP??
I have been trying to use this app now for 4 years. Now that I have a new IPAD PRO, I still can’t embed photos into the PDF form during job walks with the latest IOS 14.2. When will you Bluebeam start realizing the amount of people in the field who would like to utilize there Mobile tools, not just sit behind a Desktop or pul out a laptop? Please hire someone to do it for you if you don’t have the bandwidth internally. It would be the direction a lot of companies are going towards for mobility purposes
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3 years ago, Bikepunk311
Great app with terrible execution
As an electrical contractor, I use this app for everything. It has everything I need except the support of Bluebeam itself. It’s buggy and Bluebeam does nothing to help. I’ve been in contact with their tech support team and basically get a "will look into" only to be never heard from again. I understand the desktop version is better, but since I don’t carry around a computer this is what I’m stuck with.
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4 years ago, StructuralEng
Lacks desktop functionality
I use Bluebeam constantly at work as a desktop app. It is fantastic. However the iPad app lacks a lot of the great functionality of the desktop version and so far as been quite frustrating to work with. I’ve tried searching for this functionality online and in their sparse help menu, but it doesn’t seem to exist, or isn’t well documented. Maybe worth $5 but definitely not $10.
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9 months ago, Mr Contractor
Don’t use it.
This app frustrates me beyond belief. I crashes so much that after dealing with it for a year, I just can’t take it any more. I’m giving the iPad to my wife (bought it just for to use this app in the field), and I’m getting a tablet PC. I love this software program, and I’ve used if for probably 10 years, but I hate this app. As I said, I just can’t deal with it any more, and I’m really surprised that Bluebeam doesn’t do something about it. I wish that zero stars was an option, because that’s what I would give it.
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4 years ago, golferdavid
Long time BB user
I uploaded this app years ago and used it a lot back then. Last year I got an iPad Pro and very disappointed that BB is not keeping up with iOS improvements. Using the pen is very glitchy, does not fit the screen, and now with mouse enhancements I would expect more from BB. Using the desktop app compared to this is tough at best. I know they cant be the same, but should at least fit the operating system it is being used on.
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3 years ago, dg guy x do fhh
Pure garbage.
This app on the iPad is complete waste of time. Don’t count on it working and if it does, as soon as you update your iPad or restart your iPad it will crash and you will lose everything. The one thing that remains consistent with this piece of crap is that it will always let you down. If I could give this no stars I would. Fix your app so it compatible with tablets cause this make me unproductive. I’m better off working with paper sets of plans than wasting my time with this garbage.
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1 month ago, 0justaworker0
Need to incorporate OneDrive
App works great for basic mark-ups on prints. Would love more customization of the tools on the toolbars for items that I actually use frequently vs what the app thinks I should use. The biggest loss in this app is not being able to load from and save to OneDrive. This is a huge miss on the app maker with OneDrive being what I see most businesses in my industry using.
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5 years ago, whyisfindinganicknamethishard
This doesn’t seem like a direct port considering there are new symbols for tools and such, but the app has serious issues being able to configure email use with ExchangeSynch, forcing you to save files locally and email them. Also does not support digital signatures, lazily implementing the “signature tool” on the premium version of the app. Really? Half the time someone in the field is using this app is to fill out of a form and have the ability to sign it using a digital signature. Definitely seems like they need to hang on to the staff that worked on previous versions of Bluebeam for the desktop since it became less stable in every version since 2017, followed by a sloppy port to the iPad and a premium version cash grab. There’s no monopoly for this market, and with content like this soon they won’t have any share of that market.
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5 years ago, KitFisher
Works great but doesn’t open
If there’s any troubleshooting available I’d like some advice before swiping it off my iPad and re-downloading it and paying for the program again. It worked great for a few weeks and now I can’t open any files on it at all. I’ll click on it and it acts like it’s loading but then it force closes. It’s convenient to have this app on hand for work to pull measurements.
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2 years ago, Endo_TM
Key Functionality for PDF Viewing & Editing
The app is, perhaps, not the most intuitive. However, this level of PDF editing and markup functionality on the iPad is still second-to-none.
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