Bluebird App

4.5 (11.6K)
22 MB
Age rating
Current version
HI Technology Corp
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bluebird App

4.46 out of 5
11.6K Ratings
2 years ago, UniquePlayerID
I don’t understand all the negative reviews.
I’ve used this app for years and years - like long enough that I’ve had replacement cards show up in the mail because my previous was expiring soon. If the biometric login breaks because you get a new phone or whatever the cause - turn it off, log out, log back in and switch it back on.. fixes it; I had that issue when I went from fingerprint to Face ID. Never tried check cashing so I cannot speak on that. This service/app has been very good to me over the years, I recall one day that the app was down but they got it back up by the next day. I haven’t installed this newest version because.. well I just haven’t yet.. but whatever - I just updated it a week ago anyway. I will come back and edit this with all the normal rage you’d expect if it breaks when I do update. Never had an issue. Period. It tends to just work fine for me. Sorry you guys get so many bad reviews when I’ve used this app for a long while without any issues and have loved it - I don’t understand really.
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3 years ago, Phroggmom
New app is terrible
The old at least used to work so that you could move money between a set-aside account and your regular account. The updated app makes that impossible and you have to go to the website to do it. You also can’t check your balance without logging in which was a feature of the previous version of this app. Beyond all of the updates to the app that are terrible the company is actually also terrible. My debit card number was stolen and the company has been unhelpful, and every time I speak to them, when you can actually hear the person on the other end of the call, they make you feel like a criminal and there are a million hoops to jumpy through in order to have any hope of getting your stolen menu refunded to you. I had to print a form within 10 days and submit it with all the some information I’d given at least 7 times in 3 prior calls and you can’t tell if the information was received or if they are content with your responses or need more information. I guess I’ll know in 45 day when, if they decide I couldn’t have been spending money (13 hours away in another state while I was at work) and I see a refund. I do not normally write reviews but this app is terrible and this company is absolutely horrible. I’ve been with them for at least 8yrs but I’m currently trying to fins another better place to deal with.
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4 years ago, Good scan app
Poor choice for your money
If you are using this app then you likely have issues in your financial life. There are many better apps that offer more convenient use. Many months back, I was restricted from cashing checks, the reason was unknown to me & explained to me as an error after some effort in my part. The “mistaken user”, as I was told was to be corrected, soon”..It never was. It was never explained to me as to what it how or why it happened. I had used this feature for a couple years, when I didn’t have a bank account. Course, I never did bother to call back in again. I continue to use this account, as a direct deposit account only. Not for check cashing. The family feature that allows me to move my money freely among the user under me ( family ) is what I like about it. It also, has a feature to save funds automatically into a ‘rainy day’ account, a good idea if you have the funds for it. It is fee free for the uses I have it for.
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1 year ago, Mimi19937
I have been with this company for a couple of years now. After 3-4 years of using this company I get an email saying they have suspended my account and I can’t deposit any money onto my account because I can’t provide them with an actual physical address. I can’t use my P.O. Box. I call them and explain my reasons for not providing them with an actual physical address and she tells me I’m sorry to hear that, but we can’t mail anything to your P.O. Box that has to do with your account. So I asked her then why do you ask for a mailing address or paperless accounts. So I’ll be definitely closing my account. Companies are so nosy. They have to have your whole life story and more. Just when you think you’ve given them everything about you, they find more information out about you and want information about that. When is enough?! Nothing is yours to keep about yourself anymore. No wonder there’s a huge amount of identity theft. If you don’t provide your information to them then they don’t get paid for selling your information to third party companies. SMH
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2 years ago, Skyyepcr
Edited review since the return of quick balance view
I have been with Bluebird for almost 10 years. I have no complaints with the card or service as of yet. The only thing I would say is some places don’t accept Amex. But that’s ok because I just pull cash from this account and deposit into my real bank account. I use this as direct deposit for work, school and taxes. It would be nice to have an overdraft protection option like chime (spot me) and cashapp (paycheck loan or sumn) But it is what it is. I gave it 4 stars cuz everyone doesn’t accept Amex and because there is no OD protection. Other than that. It’s cool plenty of free atms every where I go. No fees for anything. Even has free cash loading at plenty of places. Really great if you can’t get a real bank or even if you do have a bank account but just want something “prepaid”. Which is good to have when buying online because you have the option to only load what you need and if your info is compromised there is nothing else for someone to take you know?
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4 years ago, Cynn Hays
New update
I hate to only give 3 stars, it’s always been 5 for me. I have used Bluebird for many years and love the simplicity of the functions -to move and save money, pay bills and order products online. The new update needs to be fixed. I loaded money on the card to pay my dads bills like I always do and it show the money has been deducted from the balance but doesn’t show the transaction information. I’m assuming it will on Monday like my actual bank does but that is one of the things I loved about bluebird. You always knew exactly how much was in your account and could see the transactions for everything you spent. Please correct this, and please implement the functions that allow you to move money and send money. I use this to send funds to my kids. I got the Bluebird Visa card and was excited to get it but it has the same updated platform. Thank you, I truly love the app but need the functions it had before the update.
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8 months ago, Brooklyn Siriano
Love it— just one minor complaint
I love the card, it’s easy and convenient. I feel at ease when using it and loading money onto it because bluebird does an excellent job with its security features such as verifying an attempted purchase if the transaction appears to be unusual or out of the area where you normally use it such as a different state. I love the savings goal feature, it might be one of my favorite features this card & app has to offer. My only minor complaint is that you can’t delete a goal after you’ve achieved it. You can re-edit the goal, and have up to 6 different savings goals. I just wish you could delete a goal and recreate it later if you want. I highly recommend this card for anybody of any age— it’s free and you can set it up with direct deposit, or link it to a debit card. You can also use it just about everywhere.
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4 years ago, Annerdna
This WAS a decent app...
I’ve had my Bluebird account for years now with absolutely no problems. It’s been a mobile bank account for me and I have loved getting most, if not every one, of my deposits early. Until the update hit. Now all the basic features I used to enjoy the most—like simply moving money from my set-aside account to the main balance account—now have to be completed straight from the website via browser only. does an update take away features that have been in the previous version for YEARS??? It’s utterly annoying, considering it takes extra steps to just moves a few bucks over when it took a few seconds before the update. It’s annoying that they have “fixed” things about the app that were never wrong in the first place.
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4 years ago, NillaChoclate
Why mess up a good thing?!
I’ve had my Bluebird account since 2010.....NEVER had a problem with the card nor the app.....I tried to log in about 2 months ago and was told that I had an outdated app, I got the “new” app and HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS!!!! I have called Bluebird numerous times to complain and get the SAME pre-scripted answers!! Last night I called yet again because now trying to log into it I get a message that states “oops, there seems to be a problem, try again later” I explained that this is now 2 weeks of me NOT being able to access my account and asked exactly what is going on....they told me that they’re working on the app and to use the website..... hung up, logged into the’s now 26 hours later and it’s still now I can’t even get into the website!!! Can’t understand how they messed this up!!! I’ve read over 1000 comments on the same thing that I’m going thru so why hasn’t the techie at Amex even acknowledged that there is a problem!!! Get your act together Amex/Bluebird....,there’s loads of other cards out there that I can apply for and won’t have this many problems!!
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3 years ago, Mauly D
Nothing. Has. Changed
Like several people have mentioned in prior posts. This app used to be fantastic. But with some update along the way it’s gone two steps forward l and thirty seven steps back. More than half the options to select merely give you a prompt telling you the feature isn’t quite yet available and then proceeds to send you to the safari version of its website. Seemingly none of the things broken now with the app were nowhere to be found on its previous versions. Week after week of using the app I’m still met with the “Coming Soon!” Prompt which it feels more appropriate if it just said “Nope!” As that’s basically what it’s telling me. Why have a feature on your app when it doesn’t work... disappointment all around.
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4 years ago, PixieRocks
Older version was better
I have been using this app for well over a year with zero problems. I recently downloaded the upgrade because it said it was better only to be Extremely disappointed not only is the app incomplete for the last 6 months it no longer allows me to transfer funds from my checking. Rather it insists on using debit cards. Which really screwed me up because I had lost debit card so I had to order another and during which time I could not transfer funds to pay little bills and ended up in tons of returned fees. Also when it came time to upload my new Debit it had set my old card to where I could not fix via my phone and had to find a desktop to do all the work. Its still not fixed. I’m very disappointed in this upgrade to the app and the loss of not being able to ise my checking to transfer cash. Also it will not allow me to transfer funds from my Paypal account or Paypal debit card. So frustrating. I hope they fix all this soon otherwise I will be finding another bank and card app very soon.
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1 year ago, neal_fan
Surprisingly difficult, unreliable service
I initially had zero success, activating the Bluebird card on a weekend: could not activate an account or card online and this app just redirects to the website, could not buy/activate a card at Walmart (numerous attempts), Family Dollar store employees are oblivious (“what’s Bluebird?”), there was no way to reach a human being at Bluebird/Amex… it looked like this service was extinct! All this frustration on successive weekends… Then I tried on a weekday and had success, sort of. Funding the card through ACH transfer failed because Bluebird doesn’t allow two-way ACH transfers and my bank requires micro deposits and withdrawals for verification. Much harder than it needs to be or should be. Yesterday and again today I tried to add money to the account using a debit card and the service had “technical difficulties”and could not add money, with zero explanation! Similarly, it appears that Amex/BlueBird is unable to use Google Voice for 2-factor authentication. …and FaceID consistently fails when opening the app.
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4 months ago, solid rock I must stand
Owner of IPhone 6
For two years my app has always worked great until just last week when I went to use it and it told me that my App was outdated so it needed an update, I tried the update and now after I log in, the app closes and all I’m able to see in 1 second is my balance, but can’t check my activity because the App won’t open!!! I noticed in the iOS App Store that this update or app is good for iPhone 13.0 So could that be the problem? For 2 years I’ve been using this same card and app and now, this headache. I can only check online for my activity. Please can you set up an update for folks who still uses iPhone 6, 7 and up!?! Thank you!
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4 years ago, AllLivesMattersAlways
Do not buy nor download this card it’s a fake and a scam
We had money taken from our card and the say they are fdic and they are not it’s a lie. For months we have been battling them over this. I ask google for your assistance to remove this app from the web cause you put money on the card and they steal it. Have my brother and did the same to his card. They won’t give us back our money. This is a FAKE APPLICATION and it is not even an American base company. I’ve called the F.B.I. And filed charges against them. I’m a reviewer for google and this app is a fake and scam. Do not buy it or download it. I’m a retired F.B.I. Agent and charges are filed against them. They lied about everything and they are not FDIC that was a lie. And if you try to call them they act like there phone is messed up and it’s not. Google please remove this app from the store till you get all the right legal information and paperwork before you have them place a fake app you can also be sued too for accessory after-the-fact. Thank you google and have a nice day
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3 years ago, Angelique.K
Very disappointed customer service in just last year and has changed tremendously . I’ve been with blue bird American Express for several years and loved their service and my card and how everything worked orderly and precise!🤔 Now I don’t understand why every time I use my card they put a hold on my transactions and I have to call them or check my email to release my funds and that’s insane and very embarrassing when you’re at the register buying things with your own money and can’t purchase anything until you get okay for your own money that it’s you making the transaction!!!! Really!!!??? Or placing a money limit on your card without you being aware of it??!!! When did they start these practices especially with long-standing members??? Very disappointed and trying to reach customer service is a joke ... It’s not what it use to be... Sadly...!!!😒 We need serious changes!!!!😤
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4 years ago, Directionman1980
Ok app but not able to load money on it.
This has been an ok app but for the past 2 months, I have been unable to add funds into my account from my external bank debit card. I keep getting a message saying “Due to technical difficulties, We are unable to process your request at this time.” I’ve tried reinstalling the app but that didn’t correct the problem. This seems to be occurring only on the iOS app but not if I add funds through the Google Play App or the website. Also it does not give me a choice to add funds using a check when it is supposed to. When are you going to fix these issues? Understandable that sometimes an app goes down for a couple of hours or something (as anything technical has its hip cups) but not over 2 months and don’t even bother fixing the issue. Please fix this issue.
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3 years ago, h3lp3r1
Great app.
Well things are back to normal with the new upgrade. I’ve been using this app. For over 3 yrs. have never had any problems, transfers to family members, send to Walmart, add funds to card from debit/and transfers back to your debit. Photo deposits. Gives you bank account for auto deposits, or tax refunds. It’s great! Thanks! There was a glitch about 8 months ago with transferring funds around, but it just hooked you up to another online screen. Nothing a push of the button didn’t cure. All functions remained functional. Really don’t see what all the bit**ing was about! Thanks again 🙂🙂👍 Only problem I’m having now is posting this review! 😂😂😂
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3 years ago, Reviewed By Liz
Great! When it works.
I’ve had the Bluebird app for a few years now. I recently switched over to Chime because I just got sick of all of the issues and bugs with Bluebird. I’ve had problems with ordering items and then having to return them for a refund and not getting my money back, Bluebird customer service ALWAYS claims it’s not their fault, it’s the sellers fault. Then I would contact the seller and the seller would say everything is good on their end. I’ve been booted out of my account multiple times and had to change my passwords probably about 5 times already. I’ve been double charged for stuff and had to contact Bluebird because the ones who double charged me and gave me my refund say that it’s up to bluebird to accept the refund and they never did. Now the newest problem is it’s not letting me into my account at all, I type in my password or try to use my Touch ID and it tells me my password is wrong and won’t let me into the account to change it. I’ve currently been on hold with customer service for over a half hour. But when there aren’t any bugs or unnecessary problems it works great! *Edit: I was on hold for over an hour just for them to tell me my account was suspended because I was negative $1.81 in my account. I’m just cutting my losses and deleting the app.
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4 years ago, elizabethwebbellen123456
Newly designed app
I literally hate the new design to this app. Absolutely hate it. When I go to log in, it takes forever to even load the screen. Never mind that, when it brings you to the new designed screen, all it shows is your balance. I cannot understand how this new design has been made to make things easier for users like myself. Please bring back the new design forreal, everything was quicker that way. If anything, all you did was make it even harder and less manageable than the last design!! I’m super disappointed and I’m sick of the other buttons not working to send or receive money. Have to go to the actual website to even do that. Like i said, everything was more convenient and quicker with the last design!!! I LOVED the old design better because everything was in one spot on the page you were brought to as soon as you logged on to this app. I could transfer money into my savings within a second!! This new design gives way too many buttons to press to get to where you need or want to be at. I have to press one thing after the next just to get to where I want to be, along with not even being able to see all transaction right on the front page. Makes me not want to have a bluebird card anymore because this design is super inconvenient and time taking into doing a simple task!!
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6 years ago, TreeClimbingLife29
I really enjoy and really like the fact the offer a set aside account helps me save money
I set mine to take out so much a week out my paycheck so I don’t even notice it coming out thanks for great service and way to cash my paychecks and just a big For Anyone that uses Blue Bird Mastercard I have not had any issues or errors so far that’s why I rate the App & Company A Five Star P.s keep up the good work and look forward for new options as weekly or monthly or ever 6 months or yearly rewards or bonuses as for spending or pay monthly fees and fees for using the deposit check in mins instead of waiting ten days just a thought and appreciate the loyal customers 👍💡💸💳🛠🛏🇺🇸
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5 years ago, AngelaOBryant
So far not looking good!
I created an account activated my card had access to the app a few days then all of a sudden it says my password is wrong... I’m positive it’s not I use the same one for everything then it asks me to answer my security question. Who is my best friend? My husband his name is 3 letters it’s says error can’t complete. So for days I cannot access the app I’ve tried to email myself the forgotten password link even though I shouldn’t have to at least 10 times not once did an email come through checked all folders just Incase. So now I have no access to see anything add money from my debit card like it said I could when I bought the card. It’s useless to me right now. I’m positive what my password is and my security question is yet it’s all in error and locked out. Or stuck on stupid I’m really frustrated I can’t believe this I used it 4 days and this is already all screwed up on me... what the heck is going on?
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3 years ago, blue over bluebird
New app is terrible
Why would you totally change the format of your app and make us update to it with out it actually working? I have been using Bluebird for over 10 years and loved it. I know some people just can’t stand any type of change but I’m not one of them. Today I was asked to update again to continue using the app. Once I uploaded and opened it - it asked to verify phone number. Ok, but if there is no number change it will not let you submit to verify! When you X out, it asks if you really want to leave that page and then requests verification all over again! Also, there is no longer a way to actually talk to someone if there are fraud issues. It has to be in writing. Poor customer service now.
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3 years ago, Sydneroo
Terrible App and Terrible Service
It’s been almost 3 months since they updated their perfectly good app to this version that doesn’t let you do anything. I have to log onto the mobile website from my phone every single time I want to move money, which takes forever. When they first updated the app, I was locked out of my account and unable to reset my password for two weeks because the emails to reset never came. I called 6 times in those 2 weeks and was blatantly hung up on 3 times when the person didn’t know or didn’t want to answer my question. I was FINALLY transferred to their “technical department” and told it was a known issue with the app the entire time. It still took them 5 additional days to resolve it. I have used Bluebird for almost 8 years but they’ve got one more month to fix the app issues before I just go with someone else. It really is unbelievable.
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4 years ago, NY'r2NJ mom
What happened!
I usually enjoy an updated app...not this one. Miss the side swipe balance feature, find it confusing to transfer between members cards linked to account now. Confusing (although they tried to simplify it) to transfer money. I shouldn’t have to reread the options example: do I want to transfer from sub account to main account in new screen or do I want to transfer money from bank to bluebird in née screen. Before you could easily swipe down which account you wanted to the money to go to. Now it’s different screens for each account that you select then transfer. Hopefully they bring back the old way aka the easiest way, to access all linked accounts & sub and select all them. Also should really have a chip for card, but that’s not an app thing but hey, it’s worth a shot if they read this.
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4 years ago, T}{E
New version isn’t complete
I’ve used bluebird for years because it was an easy way to move money to my daughter when she was younger and the age restrictions on the card were lower than other options and it didn’t have fees attached to it. But the new version won’t let you add, request, or send money because the functionality for those hasn’t been implemented yet- that’s the actual message you get when you try, and it redirects you to the website. What brain dead complete and total knuckle dragging cretinous moron approved a staggeringly incomplete version of the app to go out the door to replace the older but actually working and feature complete version? I’m going to just drop the card and find another means to quickly send and receive money between my family. These people should be ashamed of themselves for doing such a crap job of application development and lifecycle management.
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4 years ago, HistoryNerd43
New app update is a deal changer
I got Bluebird many years ago, when Walmart offered double cash back on receipts scanned in through their app onto the bluebird. I’ve been using it since. I’ve had nothing but headaches with it. I can’t change to my married name on it, because I don’t have access to a fax machine to fax my information to someone “somewhere” in Bluebird headquarters (that was 3 years ago). I kept getting locked out of my account, once while trying to pay a dentist for work he had just done and the only way to fix the problem was to call...with a mouth full of cotton and numbing agent. Now, the app has auto-updated and it’s worse than before. I have $2 left in this account that will likely be gone ASAP. And then I am DONE with this useless app and this USELESS card. Venmo and Cashapp both offer free debit cards with zero hassle.
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3 years ago, Beth B 222
Fix sub acct & set aside acct xfer s!!!
I have used this card for over 10 yrs and this is the 1st time I have been disappointed. The new update to the app has been saying the transfer to/from sub acct/set aside acct within the app will be available again soon but that hasn’t happened. It is ridiculous to have to get switched to browser to complete xfer. I keep my $ in set aside not main acct so that gas stations can’t put hold on it for way more than I intend to pump. I was able to quickly xfer what I was spending in the old app. Also card could not be used fraudulently because $ was not available until I moved from set aside. It was also easy to pre- auth a Bluebird check in the app. Where did that go???? AMEX fix the app so the xfers can be done easily again, checks pre-authorized, and also bring back quick balance feature!!!!!!
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4 years ago, damarkri
Don’t use BlueBird customer service
Use the ingo customer service, they apparently own blue bird now and are actually extremely helpful. For whatever reason though, bluebird still has a bluebird customer service being run except they just take your info and hang up on you when you try to call back. I’m guessing this is how everyone’s account is being hacked and stolen from. They are not apart of bluebird and are scammers that just lucked out with bluebirds old number on the back of the debit cards. Go through the app and call the ingo customer service (in the add funds portion of the app) they will get your stuff straightened out.
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5 years ago, APleasant_
American Express prepaid customer service is complete trash. They aren’t helpful, nothing like their parent company and I’ve finally reach my last straw with them. Their policies are bogus. I was about to get a rental and then it was cancelled and even though the merchant reversed the authorization, bluebird said they’re still holding the money for 30 days, rental fees plus deposit! The membership agreement said typically 7 days and up to 30 but they said it will be a full 30 days. I’m filing a complaint with the commissioner of financial regulation. I tried and tried to get them to release it sooner but they said it’s just their policy even though I never got the rental and the merchant even called and did the reversal and then called and told me, they basically said I should of never used my card there. Soon as I get my money, I’m withdrawing and never doing business with them again.
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4 years ago, mellyo21
Bring back “Add Funds” in app!
The new app update is terrible. I use Bluebird to send money to my teens, the previous app let me do it all from my phone with only a few clicks. The new updates make you go through the web and login every time. It’s several more steps and it takes forever. Please bring back app support for adding and transferring funds! Also this app doesn’t support family accounts. So my teenagers can’t even use it to check their balances. Remove the app from the store until you have basic functionality rolled out, especially when it was there in the previous versions!
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3 years ago, JeanneB
Mal functions of updated BlueBird app
I have loved using my simple to use and very accurate version of the Bluebird app but since the so called upgrade this app has become a nightmare! It won’t open when I need it most! Displays a message “ooops! Something has happened, please try again later”. This is so annoying! Bill pay and write a check won’t even display in money out when the app does open. I need to pay my bills on time like I always do. This is unacceptable. Please fix these issues.
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4 years ago, ArchaeoCrayCray
Used to be a good app....
This used to be such an easy way to send money to my children’s individual accounts for their allowances and use online if they wanted, and an easy card for me to transfer money to when I wanted to buy something online (for security I do not like to link my debit cards online that feed directly into the accounts where money is sitting). I should never have downloaded the update, as it took the usability of the app completely away, and now redirects you online which takes longer and is riskier. You literally cannot do anything on the app without it saying you need to be redirected online. You’re losing a customer, and will probably lose more than just me in the future. It has been this way for a month or two, so obviously they are in no hurry to address the displeasure of their consumers.
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4 years ago, R0XA223
I have been using Bluebird for numerous years. It had always been easy to add funds, transfer, bill pay etc. up until a month or so ago when they decided to update the app and even the webpage. Now, each time I try to do something it directs me to the webpage (what’s the sense of the app if you are directed to the webpage) - once on the webpage you still cannot do the things you need to! The debit card I use to add funds expired just after the “update” and I cannot edit it or delete it nothing! I have called numerous times each time I was told something else as well as hung up on because they didn’t know how to answer the questions or they didn’t wanna deal with me. I have a normal bank account but bluebird was something I still used, I am seriously considering closing this account that I have had or at least 6 years if this isn’t figured out very soon! All these complaints and detailed issues and nothing has been corrected?!? Why? This is just crazy to me that a card backed by AMERICAN EXPRESS would have such a terrible set up but even if the old one was out of date it still worked smoothly- Fix this please! We are begging you to just go back to the old but working format
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5 years ago, reyart66
Great Card Alternative to Bank Cards ! Safe!!
Great n Safe card alternative to paying w my bank card or Amex to just buy a cheeseburger or pay have it as auto pay to some online retailers you don’t trust well! With so much identity theft n stolen bank info .. ( it happened about 8 months ago) n I use this to pay for fast food places . Small amounts ..or have it added on an online retailer website !! vs other cards w same idea is so easy to manage n to add money !! Is actually “ instantly !! The only problem n the reason I don’t give 5 Stars it needs “ widget and Apple Watch support “ rather than keep opening the card to check my balance !!!!! Please add it !!
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3 years ago, bmcd0009
Bluebird amex
This is a horrible horrible card company it holds onto your money until you work your way through the system and try to find a human being to even cancel the account. It is impossible you have to call regular American Express to scare them a little bit with law suit or government complaint. All just to get bluebird amex which are all the same as Amex, to release a hold on your money, they have had for eight days. The biggest deal is they act like they can’t do anything about it blaming the company you purchased from until you bring up a lawsuit or the government finance committee or anything like that and then they canal of a sudden release the hold on your money magically back in your account and then say thank you have a nice day. Corruption at its finest, dishonest at the least.
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12 months ago, Ryan medical
I had bad credit for 20 years. Then I inherited land from my family, including a solar farm contract
Waited 10 more years and got my credit. Absolutely perfect. After relying on Bluebird to faithfully do all my banking needs for the last decade or so, I’m guessing, you can check the records, they had always help me pay my bills and do everything the right way, and I have been so pleased. Now, bluebird is responsible for my credit being destroyed, because I have the money to pay my bills, and I’ve been trying to pay them since the very first payment was due, and bluebird has refused to do their job each and every time for about three months. At that point, I gave up and decided to pursue legal action. Very disappointed Ryan Brown. One of your first and most faithful bluebird customers.
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4 years ago, Mdrosen
Holy cow this app is terrible
I am so confused. I was using this app for quite a while (and although I got hacked once and someone tried to steal some of my money, Bluebird made good and replaced the funds) the app worked pretty well. I set this up so I could give money to my kids easily and they would both have cards with limited amount of money to spend, and it was working fine. Then suddenly the app changed, and now I can add money to the main account or transfer money to my kids account. It says “this feature is not yet available in the app” and you have to click to go to the bluebird website. And then that website also barely works. What the heck? This whole system is terrible. Is Bluebird an American Express company? How is this possible, they must be getting inundated with complaint phone calls.
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4 years ago, Rican_Nene
Poor customer service and poor management!
This company has no Idea how this new generation works. They block access for the smallest things often. The time consuming its really not worth it. Routes calls over seas and making it even harder to get a five minutes issue, turns more like an hour. From blocking you account for the dumbest reason to the amount of time you waste trying to fix THEIR mistakes its really not worth it. Great features but poor management for those same features. If you really like wasting time on the phone with someone you can barely understand and like to being ready to use your card and find out its not going through for no reason, especially when you know for sure you have the money then go ahead. Otherwise don’t waste your time with this card or service.
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4 years ago, TeleDONT
It’s all good
I’ve been using this account for about 7 years. Direct deposit, atm withdrawal at 7-11 and PNC banks for free, weird pre auth checks, mobile deposits, family sub accounts, add cash at any Walmart- these are all convenient and free. Though annoying, they over authorize the card if you use at a gas tank, so if you’re right on cash don’t use the card at the gas pump but rather at the cashier inside or they’ll hold $100 until it clears. Their customer service is outsourced to Vietnam or India or some place, they’re nice but not very helpful or empowered to fix your issues. Overall I’ve never had any issues with them in over 7 years.
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4 years ago, Fuegz123
Newest update
The newest update seems problematic so far. Was having issues even launching the app, having it force close or tell me something went wrong. Once finally in this “beautifully redesigned” app I noticed loading things was SIGNIFICANTLY slower than the previous version, some menus just seem sloppily implemented, and a lot of features that are “coming soon”. I think the version before this was just fine, but like anything these days of course will be continually “improved”. I can deal with your app makeover, just fix the longer loading times you’ve created please. The only reason I use this app is to monitor direct deposits and check account balance, so the quickness of checking the previous version is something I’ll miss.
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9 months ago, jtiswireless
Needs to get with the times
I’ve had my account for over 5 years and never had a problem but i Wish they would make it to where we could easily send money to cash app or PayPal like many others do that’s my only complaint if you could make sending money in an instant to cash app or similar this would make bluebird perfect in every way cause it’s a big headache just to send money to things like cash app it’s rediculous so I hope you take my advice and implement this into bluebird and I’m sure most people that use bluebird everyday like myself would agree on this
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4 years ago, sincerelyjacs
Wow. Just wow.
You people are something else. Most of these reviews are iffy about your product but the idea seems helpful and useful so I decided to order a card and download the app. Not only has there been a “Technical Difficulties” error message for like a week, but also there’s no way to get ahold of a human being for customer service. Seriously? I have been charged a dollar numerous times to “verify” my debit card I’m trying to link yet I can’t link it. You’ve charged me but it says technical difficulties numerous times and will not let me proceed. You say there’s customer service to call but no, it’s an automated voice repeating your card balance or transactions. There’s no way to email apparently and the phone is useless. If you have a problem with them.. you’re basically on your own.
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4 years ago, all320
Update rendered app COMPLETELY USELESS!
Can someone please tell me what the purpose of the update to version 5.1.0 is? The app has now been rendered absolutely useless. Ninety percent of the features are “coming soon.” Why was it released then? Balances refuse to load. You can’t transfer between accounts. You can send money to other people. You can’t request money. You can’t add money to your account with a debit card. Literally every single feature, except setting up direct deposit and deposit a mobile check, are all “coming soon.” What good is the app then? A financial app that won’t let me see how much money I have, or move my money around. Yeah, that’s helpful. This update shouldn’t have been released until ALL features were functional. Thanks for the “update” Bluebird. It’s greatly unappreciated.
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6 years ago, zavaletaMii
Amex Bluebird awesome !
After I saw many negatives review I take my time to write a positive one , because for my personal experience I have had a good relationship with. Love the app, the web site , and the ZERO fee for have this account and a debit card , btw I have a family account too. In this days have something free is a real gift . If I have had to make a complaint would be about the new politics about a extra charge for checking books that before were free the first 50 ones. But even thought it’s Fare ;) So if you thinking open a Bluebird go ahead !!!
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4 years ago, Steph.San
App isn’t letting me recover password
I’ve had Bluebird for about 7years. Back in the day I used the card mostly for renting cars (I traveled often) I cannot pay any bills with bluebird because most companies do not take bluebird, even then I never closed my account. Recently, I decided to use bluebird for my taxes and I forgot my password on the app. The app is t allowing my to recover my password and when I call customer service, the phone hangs up as soon as it goes to connect you to an agent. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ my anxiety is sky high right now. I keep trying to hit forget password and it SAYS the send an email to my gmail but I haven’t received anything for two days! 😩🤦🏻‍♀️ What is going on?!
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4 years ago, julie2728
Do not update!
Do not update to the newest version - the new app doesn’t do ANYTHING but show your balance. I would give ZERO stars if I was able. When you try to transfer money in, you get an error message that says: ‘Coming soon! This part of the app isn’t available yet, but you can do it online!’ Same thing if you try to transfer money out, try to transfer between main account and sub account - the app literally does NOTHING but show your balance! (And the mobile website has issues if you have more than 2 sub accounts!) I cannot believe that they took an app with working features and released an update with NO WORKING FEATURES in its place! The app is USELESS. I loved my bluebird account, and I’ve raved about it to everyone I know. I expect WAY better from AmEx!
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3 years ago, whitmills
Would love to give 0 stars!
Do NOT use Bluebird prepaid cards! It’s a huge scam that steals from vulnerable individuals. I opened one and successfully direct deposited 2 checks. I then deposited $400 cash to my account at Walmart to transfer to a sub account for my daughters allowance. The next day Bluebird sent me an email saying my account had been closed due to fraudulent activity (still haven’t figured out what the activity was). They gave me an email address. That’s it. No phone number. After never getting through to a person via Bluebird’s number, I called American Express and got transferred to Bluebird. They were super rude but ultimately agreed to mail me a refund check. 4 weeks later I’ve still received nothing. Long story short, these people STEAL MONEY! Bluebird you should be ashamed of yourself!!!
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3 years ago, irishbrit52
Customer service
I would have given Bluebird 5 stars, before this ‘ new and improved’ app, but now it’s 2. This review should be solely about the app, ( of which is far worse, than the original), but trying to contact Bluebird is almost impossible, but for one telephone number! I can’t access my account because of ‘ unusual’ transactions, an alert sent to me by email, of which I can’t reply to! I tried calling their customer service number , all day yesterday, with no one answering until this morning. They couldn’t help me as they can’t access my account. I have to wait for their fraud department to open tomorrow at 8am. Why couldn’t they have put that in their email? Why no other forms of communication?! I do multiple transactions per day using my Bluebird card, to keep it separate from my bank account. Very frustrating and inconvenient. After tomorrow, I think I’ll start using an alternative way to pay . Bad and non- existent communication from Bluebird and a crappy new app that I can’t deposit to, unless I log in a second time to a re-directed log-in page. It’s a real shame.
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1 year ago, punky junkster
Best ever!!
I have been a loyal user of Bluebird for 12 years. I have tried different cards in the past but keep coming back to this one. It is a no hassle, NO FEE card. Free to add money at Walmart (yes I know Walmart 🙄) and you can use the free atm locator in the app to find an atm to use for free!! Great customer service! Added bonus? Once you activate your account online, you are able to create little sub savings accounts. Very helpful! Easy to move money back and forth from main account to sub account and vice versa.
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6 years ago, Christopher M. Wagner
No RESPECT for LOYAL customers
My advice is to not get this card, as the holder of this card for over five years I can tell you with first-hand experience they do not respect loyal customers they do not value loyal customers they will hold your money for no apparent reason and offer no reason why they did it. I am going through this as we speak I had a merchant refund my purchase I waited the merchants period of time and then for no reason Bluebird decides to hold the money from my card for one week as well when I called customer service to ask him why this was they offered me nine different reasons that it could be but no specific reason that it actually was I give this card zero stars. Mind you this is coming from a five-year user of the American Express Bluebird Card #AMERICANEXPRESSBLUBIRDCARD
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