BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool

4.7 (11.1K)
195.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lemur Vehicle Monitors
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool

4.69 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
1 year ago, John#730
Best scan tool ever
First let me say I’m not a mechanic I’m a DIY guy. I have bought OB2 scanners and none of them do what BlueDriver does. BlueDriver takes the guesswork out of fixing things yourself. It’s well worth the investment so if your hesitating on purchasing the BlueDriver I’m here to tell you purchase the BlueDriver you won’t be disappointed. I’ve had the BlueDriver for three years and no issue. I just plug it in and it does the job. Also BlueDriver will tell you codes that might not show a check engine light crazy how you have this powerful little device that’s no bigger than the palm of your hand and have access to your vehicle like a professional mechanic would have. This is a must have if your a DIY guy like myself. The Bluetooth feature is so awesome no dangling cords or balky units to trip you up getting in and out of your vehicle. Bluetooth is also great when your under your hood and can look at live stats from your phone. Bottom line this is a great investment. Especially for the DIY like myself. I am truly a user of the BlueDriver I am not getting paid for me writing this. If you read my comments all the way just buy it you won’t go wrong. Thank you BlueDriver for making my life just a little bit easier.
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6 months ago, Inked Up Ran Ran
As a car enthusiast and someone who does their own maintenance and has for years, this tool is absolutely invaluable, you can't put a price on it. Not only does it have the capability to read and clear check engine codes, as well as every other diagnosable module on most models, but it will also provide recommended fixes for common codes and will track live data while you're driving. Don't have a temperature gauge? No problem. Open the live menu and select the engine temperature gauge as an option and it will data log the engine temperature the entire time the live log is active. You can add five or six data points to log at once (if my memory serves me correctly). All of this is viewed and controlled via the app on your phone. And no need to buy multiple scanner devices (unless you're like me and may do so to have one dedicated to each of your cars) because the scanner automatically recognizes the VIN number and identification information of the car you're diagnosing simply by plugging the scanner into the OBDII diagnostic port. I'm more than satisfied with this product and will continue to tell anyone who will listen that it is more than worth the investment.
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7 years ago, 😎CD😎
As a car enthusiast and someone who does their own maintenance and has for years, this tool is absolutely invaluable, you can’t put a price on it. Not only does it have the capability to read and clear check engine codes, as well as every other diagnosable module on most models, but it will also provide recommended fixes for common codes and will track live data while you’re driving. Don’t have a temperature gauge? No problem. Open the live menu and select the engine temperature gauge as an option and it will data log the engine temperature the entire time the live log is active. You can add five or six data points to log at once (if my memory serves me correctly). All of this is viewed and controlled via the app on your phone. And no need to buy multiple scanner devices (unless you’re like me and may do so to have one dedicated to each of your cars) because the scanner automatically recognizes the VIN number and identification information of the car you’re diagnosing simply by plugging the scanner into the OBDII diagnostic port. I’m more than satisfied with this product and will continue to tell anyone who will listen that it is more than worth the investment.
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4 years ago, Thor Job
I know very little about cars except that it’s expensive to get them repaired. On itemized repair bills I noticed parts aren’t always expensive but labor always is. $85 per hour here. So I wanted to start doing my own minor maintenance and was interested in getting something that would tell me what a problem may be on my vehicles. I did quite a bit of research and this device seemed to be what I was looking for and much more. Still, I was a little hesitant to pay almost $100 for this little device. Well I got it yesterday and downloaded the free app, which has free updates and no subscription fees, and gave it a shot. Not only is this app and scanner easy to set up and use, you can scan and save different vehicles, I have three. There is an online instruction manual and if you have an issue with your vehicle, it gives suggestions on how to fix it. I have already fixed a minor problem and cleared the check engine light on my Subaru. Again, I’m not mechanically inclined but I already saved around $100 in mechanics fees and part to fix a small problem. On day two of me having this device it has paid for itself. I can’t say enough about this device or the app!
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5 years ago, Mrstsan
So cool!
Yes, I said “cool” and dated myself. But this is a great tool for whatever your level of auto expertise. I used to do a lot of my own repair and maintenance so I’d know it was done right and I wasn’t getting ripped off. I’m unable to do that anymore so I feel I’m at the mercy of mechanics, the quality of which has declined over the years and the dealer messes up something about every other visit. With this tool, the power is back in my hands. I thought I’d have to buy a fancy scan tool for hundreds or even thousands to have the info this little device gives me for less than a hundred bucks. The app is terrific and easy to use. No problem setting it up and linking to Bluetooth. I have Toyotas, so it does the more extensive scans. I have the satisfaction of seeing the results of good maintenance on cars 15 and 7 years old. No error codes on either one! Now I’m scanning other peoples cars for them, I tell them it would cost a hundred bucks at the dealer. Found some preventative maintenance items that will save them money. Also a smog check issue they can fix before the test, which they would have failed and then had to redo. You’ll love this little tool.
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4 years ago, HernandezInc
Every one should own one!
This thing has saved me so much time and money it actually is hilarious. I’ve owned it for years now and I’ve got my money worth at least 8 times over. Problem after problem my Blue Driver pinpoints the problem, suggests possible fixes, lists most popular fixes, and even mentions the easy fixes like tightening the fuel cap. I’ve even been able to help friends and family with their cars too so it has saved them time and money as well. It’s super easy to use. Just plug into the OBD port under the dash and connect to your phone app. Place key in car ignition and turn. Click on “Scan” and in no time you have a full diagnosis. Bottom line is when you have a car issue, the first tool you should be reaching for is a Blue Driver. Don’t go to shops blindly and get raped by shady crook mechanics who are out to milk you slowly by the “let’s try this” approach. Know what the problem is before you go to the shop. Remember that an informed consumer is a smart consumer and smart consumers don’t get taken for rides.
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5 years ago, Magnumized
So far so good.
I would suggest some things to make the app more useful. The ability to rearrange the data fields in live view needs some work. They are difficult to rearrange in an order that the user may want without jumbling up the other fields. Make the field labels more readable. Don’t type and size makes sever I gotta which your looking at difficult depending on color chosen. Next being able to rename the saved logs would be very helpful in pulling up the ones that may have had issue. For example I run mine everyone I use the vehicle to help isolate a random recurring issue. I had a hiccup with it and immediately saved the log so the hiccup would be near then end of the log and easy to spot. I was not done with my drive so I restarted a new live log and 2 more since. Being able to name or bookmark the log with the issue would be very helpful in locating it later down the road. I’m not sure if there is an auto save function on live data. I’ve experimented with not clicking the share button at the end of each drive but can find no file. It seems to just continue logging multiple drives together until you share it. Just a log save function would be helpful. It may be there and I’m just missing it.
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6 years ago, Svennnnnan
Zero Complaints. Nothing but good vibes.
Let me begin by stating I am not a mechanic. I do however work on my own vehicles, and have become very proficient diagnosing mechanical/technical problems over the years. Between crank sensors, abs sensors, “stabila track”, O2 sensors, and cadalytic converters, this blue driver app/hardware combo is the MOAB in my arsenal. This app paired with the “Blue driver” OBD2 device is simply amazing. I have been using his device for a year, and the information that this app provides is substantially beneficial to anyone who repairs vehicles. I can diagnose problems and narrow down the true cause of warning lights faster then ever. I also use the record feature to monitor actual engine temperature if I am running hard during autocross. I have used this on a 2004 Cadillac, 2014 Accord, 2007 trailblazer ss, 2002 Subaru, 2006 impala ss, and it had worked flawlessly on my I phone 6. Also, they are constantly updating the software. This is a great company and I want to let others know that this product will not let you down. Thanks Lemur.
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6 years ago, Cruiser15
Finally a mechanic I trust!
I’m not a mechanic so when there is an issue with my truck I’ve had to rely on others to diagnose the problem. Unfortunately not every mechanic is honest or has my best interest in mind. When my check engine light comes on it’s an automatic $100 minimum just to figure out what the problem is then there’s the cost of addressing the cause, not to mention the lost time going to the shop/dealership. With BlueDriver all of that changes. BlueDriver puts me in the drivers seat for vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and repair. No longer am I relying on some technician that may or may not have my best interest in mind or someone that may or may not be up on the latest mechanical information on my vehicle. BlueDriver gives me real time information on my specific vehicle, it gives me access to the most up to date diagnostics and informs me of the most appropriate response. BlueDriver gives my truck a voice..... it allows me to talk to my truck!! Thanks BlueDriver!
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6 years ago, A freaking nickname already
Great Little Tool
Awesome gadget to keep in your vehicle or in your tool box. Most people use a smart phone these days and this lil guy connects right to your phone via Bluetooth. An issue I had. I couldn’t seem to get the device to read a VW Jetta I was having issue with because the car wouldn’t stay running. Apparently the device requires the vehicle to be running to run any sort of test or to read codes. I was hoping it could read previous issues with car not just while the vehicle was running. The app has a lot of potential it just needs a few more options. I would like to update the device via cable either iPhone or mini USB port. I don’t like having to go out to my car just to update the cpu reader. If you don’t have a data plan on your phone, iPad etc you cannot update device. WiFi will still update the device but If you don’t have WiFi in range of your vehicle your out of luck. Overall not a bad buy. I still like the product. I still say it needs a graphics interface overhaul and easy email feature, text etc.
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9 months ago, xm800
Superb Tool
Since I bought my BlueDriver 3 days ago I have used it twice. Once on a 2014 Ford F150 with a MIL warning and once on a 2015 Kia Soul with an intermittent ABS warning. In both cases it worked as advertised. Both issues were correctly diagnosed. I opted to let my mechanic do the work in these cases but he did not have to charge me for a scan because we already knew what the issue was. It has just about paid for itself already. I bought a BlueDriver largely because the “free” scanner someone gave me would not work on my new iPhone (iOS allegedly does not support SPP Bluetooth for security reasons). I used my “gifted” ELM327 and Torque with good success for years, but BlueDriver falls squarely in the category of “you get what you pay for”. Super easy to connect, the built-in manual is a great feature, the Reports feature worked perfectly. I would recommend BlueDriver to anyone who services their own cars.
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4 years ago, legamin64
New car, same great diagnostics!
Car started running rough like the hamsters were stumbling while cruising down the highway. Tranny? Loose wheel? Asteroid strike?!?! Panic ensued, prayers uttered and fingers and toes crossed hard enough to cramp both hands and feet...yes, a few tears.. I got home and plugged in the Blue Sleuth and revved up 3500 rpms and held my breath. Diagnosis, dead hamster! Need to replace the direct ignition coil(s) I opened the hood, popped the cover, and realized I’d been sadly hamsters! However two field mice had crawled up under the engine cover and passed quietly away while warming themselves using the ignition coils for warming posts (yes I have pictures!). So off to the parts store and two hours of disassembly and reassembly, holding respectful services for Moe and Manny Mouse, a proper period of mourning their loss, 20 minutes at the wake with a bunch of drunk crying mice... the engine starts and runs smooth! Another perfect repair! Now I just wish it worked on my 1943 John Deere bulldozer....
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6 years ago, BricktheGun
My best tool
This BlueDriver is amazing. I buy and sell cars as a hobby. So I go through a few cars a week. The places I buy these cars I only have a few minutes to evaluate each car. With this portable reader I can very quickly pull engine codes as well as check smog readiness. This tool has streamlined my hobby so well. I am able to make better more informed decisions. Then at home I can quickly diagnose and fix issues I already know about. This tool has literally changed how I operate. Not every car is able to give codes or read but that is not the drivers fault. It’s the nature of used cars. I love using the live feature and can track exact temperature and how the car is doing. It has saved me on several occasions from overheating and helped me track misfires. This also better allows me to insure the cars I sell are in the best running shape I can provide.
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6 years ago, Ben177463
I don’t do my own service but I do from time to time make very minor “fun engineering” modifications, and in this case I’m thinking of making some kind of MAP display visible to the driver but looking OEM-like. So as a techie but not being an automotive techie per se, I wanted something that could read CAN bus parameters and aid in understanding them. This device and app are exactly what I wanted/needed. I’m actually leaving the device permanently plugged in (after putting some gaffer tape over the LED which can be quite bright at night!) — assuming of course no one within Bluetooth range were to pull up and hack my car lol. The app seems to either contain or consult a database of manufacturer-specific CAN codes, and not only lists their value, but also the CAN address number of the parameter in question, which will help me in writing my software. But besides, this app is just fun. Just try not to look and drive at the same time! One thing I would wish for is a whole-screen, single-parameter big-analog-gauge mode (bigger than the existing portrait/landscape gauges, especially with bigger numbers around the dial and a bigger “needle”) for use while driving. You could build a safety lock out to severely discourage fiddling with it while driving. (My car = 2017 Subaru BRZ)
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5 years ago, Hymie67
Doesn’t work on 00 Super Duty
A lot of people seem to like this but I haven’t had a very good experience with it. First of all it does not support my 2000 Ford super duty 7.3. Next, my 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe it actually works on but I have to type in the Vin number manually every single time I scan it so if I am working on the car and I have to scan it several times in the process it’s a big major pain in the rear. Why can it not save the Vin number? It takes me longer to type in the Vin number then it takes me to scan the car in the first place. Then to make it more frustrating it did save the Vin number from my Ford which it will not work on! What the hell is that?! So if you want to scan a car that it will not scan you don’t have to worry about typing in that Vin number over and over again. It will save that one for you. If however you have a car that it will scan be prepared to type the whole friggin Vin number in every time. Other than those annoying issues it seems to work fine.
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6 years ago, Chris523
Love this app and device
This combination of the app and device is quite honestly the best tool you can get for your vehicles. Does far more than the $300+ scan tools. Love all the service bulletins and recall info for the autos. I do have one question though. I have a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 I use it with but it doesn't seem like all the info that could be there is. For instance tire pressure. There is a low/high tire pressure indicator light on the vehicles console but can't find such a thing on the supported PIDs. It just indicates at least one tire is outside the pressure band. Is there a way to get this added? Are some diagnostics just left out or can they not be logged through the interface? Oil pressure would be another nice one to have. It's available on the vehicles control center so one would think it could be logged on bluedriver. Other than that, I still recommend this for any car enthusiast nerd such as myself.
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5 years ago, MPKeator
Amazing Tech Tool!
I live in a small town in Montana and typically try to fix things myself. I was driving my F 150 when the service wrench flashed on the dash and the throttle would not respond. I pulled over, shut the truck off and restarted it. I was able to drive home and complete some research that indicated it was a ” throttle body” issue. Ford dealer is 100 miles away and three weeks to get in for service. This scan tool was easy it link to the app and my truck. Even though the check engine light went away this tool found the problem, initiated a report and stated that it was a throttle body issue and recommend a replacement. I ordered the parts and will install this weekend. I just saved hundreds of dollars and time by not having to go to the dealership! The live scan works flawlessly too. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Zipraimo
Where has this been all of my life!
I had 2 vehicles that the check engine light came on at the same time. I had been wanting a DB2 for a while so I researched them and settled on the BlueDriver based on the reviews I had seen. The app installation and setup was unbelievably easy and it diagnosed the problems on both vehicles. I’m getting older and one of the fixes looks like it takes a lot of flexibility to get the replacement part installed but since I was quoted about a grand to have it replaced I’m going to give it a try. The other vehicle was a fairly easy fix but still saved me about $400 by doing it myself. One feature I love is the report has a place to click on parts to repair and it takes you right to them. What a time saver!
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6 years ago, Pnewnan
Great tool
I don’t do any of my own major work but this tool takes a lot of the guessing out. I never like to have doubts as to what my mechanic is telling me and this helps me confirm it all. Engine codes are easy to read and live diagnostics are incredible for checking performance levels after upgrading various systems. Whenever I’m on the track I keep it running so I can review the data including airflow, engine load, etc. Don’t look at the system while driving though. The graphs are really pretty, but you’d much rather keep your eyes on the road in front of you I love how the maintenance schedules are also included. As an app developer, this is an extremely useful and well designed app that is functionality forward and esthetically beautiful Thanks for setting the bar high
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5 years ago, ajennings2010
It’s ok
Been using it for quite awhile now. It is nice for quickly reading codes and clearing them but it has its own issues. It doesn’t catch all codes which kinda defeats the purpose of buying this. The live data supported list for my 02 envoy seems to have shrunk quite a bit over my time of using it. In fact I just updated the firmware and lost more off that list. Said list has shrunk down to 7 sensors. Looks like features for older vehicles are being wiped for newer vehicles to be supported from what I can tell. The final problem is this scanner will cause the vehicle to act up if you leave it in. Mostly it’ll prevent your car from going to sleep. Sometimes it’ll randomly wake up the vehicle. Other times it’ll cause weird electrical issues. All of which go away when you unplug it. I tested it in a few vehicles and it’s done it to every one of them. End of the day this thing has become almost useless after all these updates. Such a shame..
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4 years ago, seczc
This is really a must have tool
I purchased this device because my 2007 Sentra started to idle at 1100 to 1300 rpm which was way too high for a manual transmission car. My brother had one of those bulky handheld scan tool you can buy at your local Autozone but I’ll tell right now, this Blue Driver device is 99% easier to use. I was amazed at all of the info on my car this thing gave me access to. It seems to be able to diagnose every vehicle system. It even inform me know of any recalls, any parts replaced due to recall and where my car was assembled. This is a must have tool even if you do not work on cars as it will let you know the area of your vehicle that needs attention when that service engine light comes on so your mechanic can’t poke you in the wallet for repairs you don’t need.
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6 years ago, 5c0tt
No longer slave to the dealer
Wow. This is by far the best reader I have used in years working on cars. Why go to the parts store to pick up a “one trick pony” when this crosses over many makes and models. It connects fast, reads well, reports are great AND I can have supplemental live data streaming to my iPad or iPhone such as manifold pressure and the like. I can even reset the history/clear codes to see if they come up again. It saves reports of past scans. I used this on a BMW X5. I felt prior to this the dealer had me over the barrel with “there is something wrong with your ...” but would not give me specifics. Well, $90 well spent. Why bring it to the dealer to have them hook up their computer for $500 just to say, give us more money. If you do your own maintenance, small investment for a GREAT tool.
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1 month ago, Blueinsider
My mechanic said this was garbage. He was wrong!!
I used this to scan my 2008 town and country which had been running rough. It said I had a cylinder misfire and provided the codes (there were 3) indicating the issue is normally resolved by replacing the spark plugs and possibly the coil pack. I went to a mechanic and he said the app was garbage and wanted to charge me $50 to diagnose and would apply that $50 towards any work I would have them do. I ended up taking it to an oil change place and they replaced the plugs and coil pack and voilà! The check engine light is off! I’ve also used blue driver to scan my two other vehicles with known issues and it successfully scanned the issue. I would recommend for anyone that could use it! Thanks Blue Driver!
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6 years ago, orthian
Exceptional Customer Service!
I'm a newby with this product and have favorable first impressions. The application has a lot to wade through but im sure that is a plus for a real enthusiast. I'm just a novice who wants to avoid being ripped off by a repair shop, by knowing in advance what the problem is. I had the misfortune of ordering mine right after a move to another state, when organizational chaos prevailed, and promptly lost it! I've looked in every conceivable place but no go. I contacted customer service hoping they might have way to help me locate my unit. They said they did not but offered to sent an open box unit for just the shipping charge, as long as I could provide proof of purchase. I think that is exceptional service and felt obliged to tell others who might be considering this product.
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6 years ago, Stevekarns
Gets into the weeds and gets all the codes to help troubleshoot everything on my GM truck. The software gives suggestions as to what the probable solution is. When I first got it, I updated to the latest app and firmware, had an issue where I couldn’t see “all the codes” or “common dash lights”, emailed the company and got a response within a couple hours explaining that the freshly released software had a bug, and that the fix was sent to Apple for release, and they kept me updated to the process through apples approval for release so then I was able to update and read all the codes, hard to find customer service like this and will support their product by recommending it to my friends every chance I get. Highly recommend the app and product!
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3 years ago, TomF NV
Every technician in the shop should have one of these in his pocket
I find it hard to believe just how good this scan tool really is at the incredibly low-cost. I have had this tool for a while but wasn’t using it consistently because I have several other scan tools. Recently, I have had an opportunity to investigate more if it’s abilities and I am really impressed. You can spend a lot more money and not have all the features and quality support available with the blue driver scan tool.I always have recommended this tool to my students I’ve been a trainer for a major automotive company as well as spending a decade teaching at the college level with 40+ years as a shop owner and technician. This is a great tool!
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1 year ago, Famforce1034
Great Investment
I purchased the BlueDriver serval years ago. I cannot tell you how much money I have save in DIY repairs because this tool accurately diagnosed the problem. We have fours cars ranging from new to a 2005. The tool worked great on all the cars. BlueDriver also gives you the information you need when you have to go to a repair shop. It give you the confidence of knowing the shop is giving you accurate information. The system works with your smart phone, it is simple to work and you are told what part you need for your vehicle and it also directs you to a website to purchase the part. I have save hundreds of dollars and this BlueDriver paid for itself the first time I used it.
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3 years ago, bass-i-disco
Handy info to share with Mechanics
I am not a mechanic and for the most part, anything beyond putting fuel, check the tire inflation and be aware of tune off cues, I let the pros take care of my cars. But that does not stop me from learning new things about them. And for this; BD is fundamental to keep me abreast of potential problems and run diagnostics on my cars. If anything else, when I take a car for service I can share what I had learned with my mechanic and in some instances that shared knowledge might allow for a quicker turn around of the repair which could also result in savings as well. But if not that much at least it helps me see in the darkest area that I am not trained for and if nothing else, increases my knowledge (removes fear) of the fascinating complexity beyond how my car works.
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7 years ago, JBow87
Great app & product
The BlueDriver unit itself is an amazing device. It’s small and discreet, and the blue light only flashes when connecting/scanning. Otherwise, the light is off when just looking at live pids or while driving. The app could use a little work. The scanning feature is really nice as it’s able to scan more than just one computer, but also multiple network computers on the vehicle (transmission, and, airbag, etc). I gave one less star because after selecting all the pids I wish to view on live viewer, when trying to scroll and view the live information, they easily go into a wiggle mode (much like the iOS setup to move apps) just by touching them, so when trying to scroll up or down, they sometimes move the one pid instead of the page scrolling. Otherwise, very well built app.
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4 years ago, Ozzy730
Worth the money
This scan tool has plenty of features to keep all of my vehicles running. Not a professional’s scanner, but for the $100, I didn’t expect it to be. I did expect it to help me make a way better diagnosis than I could before, and it does, you still have to use common sense, the problem could be upstream or downstream of the sensor that is showing fault, but it narrows down the area to one or two realistic problems. It has worked every time I’ve used it never failed. The app has froze up on me a couple of times, I just reboot my iPhone and she’s good to go. I really like that I never have to buy a card to update the tool, it updates itself and is always ready to go. Nice little Ace in the hole for the home mechanic.
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6 years ago, theb00m
I shopped around for a easy to use and well designed product to diagnose issues with my vehicles. BlueDriver appeared to be one one the best based on reviews and price point. The investment paid for itself with my first repair. I was able to diagnose and repair a cylinder misfire issue without ANY professional help. I simply installed the free software on my iPhone and connected the BlueDriver module. The BlueDriver is very easy to use and full of useful tools. Lemur regularly updates their software for new vehicles and features. It’s the perfect tool for the professional or the DIY weekend mechanic. If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool for diagnosing error codes or just want to know if you’re vehicle is ready for a California smog check, this is exactly what you want.
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8 months ago, MikeKelley official
Pro shop tech review
The Bluetooth scan tool from blue driver is amazing!!! It almost does everything. It even gives you top fixes to clear your C.E.L’s. There is a database of shared fixes from other techs and diy’ers. That is great. This thing has so much potential. My biggest complaint is that you cannot do a rear brake job on any of the newer vehicles that have an EPB. In order to do a rear brake replacement on a vehicle with an electronic parking brake , yo must be able to. Put the EPB in maintenance mode, to rewind the piston in the rear calipers. PEASE PLEASE PLEASE BLUE DRIVER MAKE THIS OPTION AVAILABLE. Even most DIY’ers would normally change their own brakes. Other than that this is an AMAZING TOOL!!! As a pro shop tech I own multiple scan tools. It is a huge help also because it links to my IPhone and IPad. Also i can share the reports. The live data is great as well. Update as of October 2023, My blue driver is useless because it will only flash red. It wil not connect. But obviously has power
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7 years ago, DLHughes740
07 Escalade and 03 Sierra Denali 1500
These two cars started to drain me financially. Engine light on in both cars - not passing / not able to smog. Amazingly both cars (being GM) had nearly the same issues and I was able to fix them myself for peanuts compared to my mechanic. I scanned my car, got the codes and explanation. For instance - I found out both cars needed Oxygen Sensors, Googled how to fix it, watched videos people posted and all of a sudden an insurmountable problem of unknown fixes and cost became dealt with and fixed, by me. I researched a lot of these Bluetooth readers and I took a gamble on this one and it paid off. It’s easy to use and loaded with info and capabilities. You can clear the codes as well! That wasn’t clear when I purchased.
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7 months ago, OldDude_
Paid for itself day 1.
At $100 the BlueDriver gave me cause for pause. 62 years old and I did work on my cars before all of the sensors took over. After that, it was just such a pain to disconnect each and every sensor to measure or test them that I pretty much quit. Enter the daughter’s 2006 Camry that suddenly had her calling me in tears while driving on the highway about shuddering so bad she didn’t think she could make it to the house. Well it has 260K miles on it and of course she hadn’t even filled the wiper fluid since owning it over a year. She had no money and after I examined and drove it I had to break the news it could any of 100 things. With no time, I began to review how far the tech of obd2 had come. The BlueDriver had everything I could want for diagnostic tools. Bought it, plugged it in and 1 coil on plug coil later she was back on the road. One hour and no outrageous garage charges. My experience wasn’t even required, it flat out told me the part needed and how to replace it, not “what system” the problem was in like most obd devices. Could not give this device a higher rating!
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3 years ago, Max r 96
Home mechanic
My Prius, or any any other Prius for that matter, does not show engine temp anywhere in oem dashboard so I got this obd2 tool simply to time how long it takes to warm to operating temp before driving so I know when it’s safe to drive “fun” Also I like to figure out and fix my cars issues rather than have a shop charge me. This is a much better alternative to the subscription based Bluetooth obd2 connectors. My only only single issue is I wish live analytics had a much higher refresh rate over the standard two times a second but maybe that’s my Prius c 1, the cheapest Prius money can buy, modules that update slowly. Either way it’s awesome to have analytics live while driving so I can pretend like I’m some sports car tuner lol.
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5 years ago, radmaster8
Know the truth and the truth will save you $$$$
My 2015 Ford F-150 had developed an extremely rough idle. I usually do my own wrenching but free time had become an issue so, I took my truck to a couple of garages to have the issue diagnosed and get an estimate for repair. Both garages diagnosed the issue as being a bad timing chains and sequencers. Estimates for repair ranged from $2700 to $4100 respectively. The issue would periodically abate itself so, I saw an add for Blue Driver and purchased it. I installed the Blue Driver, ran the initial scan, read the diagnostic codes and the diagnosis was bad VVT solenoids. Purchased the solenoids, did the work my self, threw in an oil change and the truck runs great. $170 for everything and 6 hours of my time. Based on this, Blue Driver paid for itself instantly. Great product!
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7 months ago, Fe Horse
Excellent scan tool
Purchased BlueDriver about a month ago to clear a break light/turn signal fault in the Body Control Module that other scan tools would not detect. RH turn signal was doing fast flash mode, bulbs good, fuse good. Plugged BlueDriver in and was able to scan all the modules, found the fault: “Detected short in RH brake/turn signal circuit.” Cleared the fault and immediately the turn signal worked normally. I’ve since cleared several other faults, and found what turned on the check engine light. Got that fixed directly without having to take it into the shop and say “My check engine light is on please fix it.” Saved hundreds of dollars in repairs already.
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2 years ago, Alhatesadware
Must-have car tool
I’ve used several different OBD2 interfaces in over two decades of maintaining our many older vehicles. This is easily the most convenient and useful one I’ve tried. Not only does the Bluetooth link mean no wires dangling over the pedals, having the data saved on my tablet means I have a history of coded for each car. That’s extremely helpful when chasing intermittent problems. Get this, a multimeter, a good set of mechanics hand tools, and the factory service manual. Learn to use them and you’ll keep your car running forever for FAR less than a car payment—assuming you can even find a car with all the shortages these days.
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5 years ago, Zhyliki69
My experience
My uncle showed me this device and I’m very satisfied with its Preformance, since I work on my own cars it became very handy. $99 bucks totally paid for it self many times over. My local dealership charges $140 bucks for diagnostics, other shops around $100 . Now my neighbors come to me to scan their vehicles before they take it to a shop or to confirm what repair shop already told them. Great product!!! I would suggest that developer would come up with a monthly subscription version maybe a couple of bucks or so for more advanced diagnostics and I will gladly pay. Thank you very much for such a handy tool. You saved me multiple hundreds of dollars in diagnostics fees and from been ripped off by dishonest mechanics
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4 years ago, TIGREnet
I absolutely love it!
I love this I only have two suggestions for the developers to add and this would be an absolutely near-perfect app. When adjusting ranges dragging with the finger it’s nearly impossible to get it on the exact number. Say you want the limits of a STFT -15.0 min and 15.0 max, gotta settle for something like -15.3 and 14.9 after multiple attempts dragging left and right. Why not let us tap the number in the right and type in the value to set it exactly next update? Next qualm is why not give us more 2-way functionality and access to all the modules on the vehicle? Some other Bluetooth scan tools let you do that. And please add more useful 2-way functionality like initiating a crank relearn for when changing out a crankshaft position sensor or even more useful, initiate a throttle relearn for somebody who replaces their throttle body and requires this. Those two things would be great additions I believe, heck I’d even pay extra if you charged to unlock these features. Besides these things, you have the best Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool on the market. Please consider my requests, and thank you.
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2 years ago, Steboner
Most complete OBD2 Sensor I’ve owned
I first learned about BlueDriver on a RAM Truck Forum. Was using a FIXD device, but that was very limited on detail. I mistakenly left my BlueDriver sensor connected in the truck, but didn’t wake up to a dead battery which is good. Their chat support has been awesome (quick and informative). My only recommendation would be to update the mileage. I would think somewhere, there is a sensor that reads your current mileage, so a little confused on why I really need to provide that info manually. I like that the logs are in .5 second interval’s so with the time stamp of the log, it’s easy to figure out exactly what time an event may occur. It would be nice to have the option of military time. For example 15:00:10, would equate to hh:mm:ss.
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6 years ago, SC_GolfAddict
Fantastic device and software/support
When I received the BlueDriver I went straight to my truck and plugged it in..... nothing... no blue light. I went to my next car and the blue light came on. :-) I paired the device with my phone and tried to read the codes. It would not connect to the “app”. I fired off an email and within minutes I got a response back asking me to look for a bad fuse on vehicle one. This was the cause of no blue light. The no connection was because I failed to start the car to read the codes. I just failed to read the pop up warning that stated to make sure the car was “ON”. This thing rocks with detailed live logging! No I can monitor my pesky O2 sensor issue in real-time. Thank you BlueDriver team!
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5 months ago, Big Ol’ Granny
Simple to use and works great
Took me less than two minutes to check the engine codes, and I love that the app is free, so the one-time purchase for the Bluetooth unit has already paid for itself and saved me a trip to the mechanic. There were some things advertised that I wasn’t able to figure out yet, but that’s probably due to user error (and because I didn’t read the manual or spend any real time on the app). Simple to use, works great, I can highly recommend this scanner+app combo. Pull the trigger, you won’t regret it (check that your car’s make/model/year is supported first, but it’s a pretty safe bet that your car is supported).
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3 years ago, MyMandatoryNickname!
Worth every penny!
In November Honda dealer informed us that check engine light on 2010 Honda Accord was indicating a bad catalytic converter — we took their word for it and had them replace it for $1500. In January the check engine light came back on so we took it back to the dealer...they looked it over and reported that we needed a new catalytic converter. When we reminded them that we just had it replaced they said “It’s the OTHER one”...and they could give us a discount to replace it for another $1300! That’s when we took the car back and got BlueDriver! It’s incredibly easy to use. Live data view shows that the problem is clearly a bad O2 sensor that I can replace for under $100. Wish we would have bought this sooner!!!!
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3 years ago, AzTransplantGuy
Best $100 ever spent!
I wish I had a dollar for every time this BlueDriver diagnostic Scanner has kept me out of trouble while making purchases of pre-owned vehicles, and when getting price quotes for repairs/parts/labor/etc! It’s a “dog eat dog” world out there, but the good news is that this fabulous tool has enabled us to keep them honest, while also inspired more self confidence to attempt, and carry out many of my own successful repairs! This scan tool has, and will continue to be, my #1 choice when considering a gift for those special “hard to shop for” guys and gals on gift-giving occasions like Christmas, birthdays, graduations, and of course ......Valentines Day!
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1 year ago, Jerzsubbie
Perfect DIY Tool, Great Customer Support!
I’m an avid DIYer and over the past 2yr+ have used this on multiple brand vehicles while shopping used vehicles and trouble shooting vehicles. It’s quick, easy, great value, provides plenty of detail, gives options of what type of scan you want to do (quick, full, etc.), makes clearing codes easy, and I love that it saves logs of every scan. You can do user configurable data logging and email yourself the files too. I had one small issue, emailed customer support, they replied the following morning and I was able to resolve the issue. Well worth the money in my experience!
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2 years ago, SierraCrazy8
Super happy I went with this!
I have two trucks. A 96 and a 2011 both sierras and the 96 is clearly getting older and lots of miles. Got tired of borrowing a obd scanner/ or not being able to when I needed. Searched for weeks at millions of them and kept coming back to a few. This one for the 100ish $s and some up to 400! Coming to find out my 2011 doesn’t support the stuff the BlueDriver doesn’t do. So went with this with no cords (cords trying to drive watching live data) and was skeptical but I don’t have one bad thing to say honestly super happy with it. Just wish my vehicles could be more compatible with certain modules…GREAT BUY!
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4 years ago, Bario Linda
Good things come in small packages
I am very satisfied. As a car and technology enthusiast who appreciates simple and to the point, yet depth and breadth when needed, I cannot say enough good about this product. Probably the best spent money that I can recollect. My son who is also an enthusiast and an USAF C-17 pilot has also purchased one at my recommendation so that when he is deployed his wife and I can take care of things without worrying him. She can pull the codes or data and I can walk her through the process of the repairs remotely or direct her to the shop with some knowledge of what the issue is and how much it should cost. Every owner of a car newer than the mid late 90’s should have this.
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3 years ago, Zinja636
Best tool for any DIY-Er
My In-laws purchased this for me for Christmas since I normally work on the family’s vehicles. Didn’t like going to autoparts store to use a scanner that was junk or didn’t actually give me useful information. This thing not only gives you the codes, but explains what they are, possible problem pieces, and fixes. I have a friend who works as a maintainer in the military. He says that they have used scanners that cost a few hundred if not thousand dollars that don’t do as much as this little guy! Seriously, if you have anyone that is mechanically inclined in your family and they don’t want to shell out $800-$2000 for a quality scanner, then this is your tool!
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4 years ago, anormal
Amazing, but not perfect.
I bought this OBD II because of how many good reviews has, from Youtubers like Chris Fix, and many more people. It reads so much codes that not even myself could knew, just from an expensive OBD II scanner, but I bought it for one purpose too, apart from everything else, and is to read the transmission temperature, and this OBD II doesn’t have that. It’s very disappointing how cheaper devices can do such thing and this $99 one can’t do it, doesn’t even have the option at all in there. Other than that, this scanner it’s very good, just not “perfect”. Wish in the future Blue can add that transmission temperature option, because it’s the reason I got it. I want to read the CVT from my 2017 Subaru Crosstrek, and I can’t.
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