4.2 (237)
40.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
GN Audio AS
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BlueParrott

4.2 out of 5
237 Ratings
10 months ago, Kris Hassan
650 is great
I use the 650 everyday I’m a truck driver an the performance of this headset is top notch best I think for anyone working an that has to communicate with anyone on the phone 👍👍👍👍👍👍👌
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11 months ago, Gaston County Lord
good device, poor app and updates
I just purchased my B450 XT headset, it instructed me to download the app and get a firmware update for the headset, and all I been having is issue after issue after issue, this is ridiculous, and yes I reached out to support, he helped all he could, the update issues never got resolved so now I will never know if my purchase of the headset and all features are fully functional, I shouldn’t have to go through all of this period.
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2 months ago, !!!Good Morning
App and update
I have used blue parrot headsets since they have come out, i upgrade to the newest one every 2 yrs and never had a problem except for this one i have now of the 650XT. I downloaded the app and tried to update but after 20 minutes it still had not moved from the 4% mark on the update bar, which tells me someone does not know how to program properly for the App to work properly get it fixed. Now thinking of going to a different brand of headset as a truck driver.
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9 months ago, Guhjar68
I do like the way it feels while wearing it. Also the communication is very clear. The issue I am having is that the multi function bottom do not answer calls or do not hang up after the call ends. I have emailed the manufacturer in several accessions and they have completely ignored me. That leaves lots to say from a company that claims to provide support but they have lack of communication. Overall, I will not recommend this device nor the company behind it.
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11 months ago, Uppersub
Great app
Does as described. I’ve use BlueParrott headsets for over 15 years. Currently have a 350. I’ve never tried a different brand because I’ve never needed too. Great device and the app is a cool addition to the headset to check firmware and change the buttons. 5 star!
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4 months ago, 19484885$,$,$;'ndjrjurieo
Not worth the money.
If you want a headset that has low customization. Can’t switch between calls when you have a call waiting. , and either the mic cuts out, or the ear piece randomly stops working then this is the headset for you! Also when you try to use the blue parrott app the app can’t find the headset while the headsets connected to the phone. It can only find it when you’re already in the app and then turn on the head set.
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5 months ago, JSTN1383
Great audio quality. The ear piece can be uncomfortable until you figure out how to get it adjusted to your head. I like that the cushion on the headband seems to be of better quality than the Garmin I had before this.
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9 months ago, trfrance69
Oh my!!
Great Headset. Best I’ve ever had. The app needs work. Customer service stuck with me and we finally got the app to update my firmware. Contact customer support. They are great and will help you until it’s fixed.
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6 months ago, MRG12345MRG
Do not buy the 650 headset. I have had mine for a month now and it has not worked properly since day one. (Yes, I have updated it). When I check the Bluetooth status on my phone it shows connected. When I check the app it shows connected. When I try and make a call it is not connected. A wireless headset should help make life easier but the blue parrot headset is just pure aggravation.
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10 months ago, Littlepete91
This app sinks
I just bought the S650 headset. I downloaded the app tried 4 times to do the firmware update and every time got to 99% and firmware update failed. tried customer support and they had no idea as to why. I love the blue patriot headsets cause they last and i have had one for 10 years now and best on the market for drivers but this app needs work.
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3 months ago, Ez2 getm58
Great device
It really works well, for what I do. Very strong and clear, Comfortable and easy to use. Long battery life. Prompt customer care. I highly recommend this unit
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12 months ago, Luvsaran
Connection poor
The device disconnects on its own whilst I’m in a call. Very frustrating to have fumble for my phone to complete the phone call because the ear piece disconnects itself. Doesn’t matter where I am. Sometimes in my house sometimes in the truck in the city in the county. Doesn’t matter just cuts out.
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9 months ago, Milky!Way2013
Good device, poor app
I bought a M300XT. I really like the headset! I was having issues with it disconnecting from my phone and having to re-pair it every time it disconnected. Since I’ve taken the BlurParrott app off my phone, the issue has resolved. Of course I’ve lost the functionality of the BlueParrott button without the app. I’d be nice if you could resolve this issue.
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4 weeks ago, Rjavos
Bad software
The blue B450xt doesnt pick up the phone when you press the button to do so first time. Then when you press the button one more time it hangs up the call. Then I downloaded this app to program the blue parrot button to pick up the call only. But there isnt such a option in this app. Bad headset. Bad app. What do they have in common? Bad software.
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11 months ago, 402operator
Won’t connect to app after update
Had my 450 for quite some time now and it was connected to the app now it won’t find or connect I’ve deleted the app repaired to my phone non of which have helped seriously thinking of going with a different headset
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2 months ago, recapper64
Unable to update
I have been trying to update to 1.07 and not able to do so. Keep getting different error messages. Update fail, server error, failed to read data from remote server. Wasted money going back to my 250 with the blown speaker
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12 months ago, Customer-4536
So I’m on my 3 headset in a year. They replaced them reasonably quickly. The sound per my colleagues is great, the feel on m head after hours not so great. The software useless. Sometimes it connects to both my phone and pc but most reliable to my phone.
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8 months ago, Cottonbelt
I have a issue where the mic volume isn’t loud enough on the phone. I have tried a repairing of device to phone with no avail and online it says to toggle off the noise cancelation yet on the app it want let me change and app want download to computer. All in all I feel this product has no real support
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2 months ago, J1999p
Headset is great! App has issues.
Best headsets out there for truckers. App is not able to find my successfully paired headset. So the app is then useless to me. I have tried turning my headset off and back on again. Repairing it with the phone. Nothing makes the app actually find the paired headset.
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7 months ago, twosweetque
It has been one of best headsets that BlueParrott has made so far to me. Comfortable to wear and long lasting battery life I truly have seen
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7 days ago, Brokeass1
A great headset been using blueparrot for years and never had any issues with them
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2 months ago, Mr.Chase322
I Love BlueParrot , I've had the xt650 and let someone talk into getting rand mcnally now I'm back with the 550 still a good buy
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3 months ago, Albert 1956
Can’t find headset
Have a 550 and app keeps having problems finding headset and when it does will disconnect my phone- looks like it could be a good app just needs some bugs worked out of it
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7 months ago, Dj Real McCoy
All good
All good
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4 months ago, AL3X$
Volumen is too low even is is all the way up sometimes it can’t hear clear enough
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3 months ago, My Angels MIMi
I like blue parent, but I cannot get it to work well with my new iPhone 14 it will not answer. I don’t know how to make it. Answer the phone call it’s crazy.
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5 months ago, jajehdu
App Won’t Download the Headset Update
As of now, 1 star. Trying to do the firmware update and while the app says it’ll take 5-15 minutes, I’ve sat here multiple times for 30-60 minutes and the update download never goes over 4%.
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10 months ago, Truck573
Last blue parrot
Bought a new headset and it automatically hangs up on people when I’m talking on it. The blue parrot button doesn’t work all the time. Very disappointing in my headset.
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6 months ago, peach575
App won’t open
Just downloaded it and it opens for 2 seconds then backs out. I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling. I’ve looked for updates, nothing
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3 months ago, JF7021
Don’t waste your money
650 headsets are pure garbage. 250 plus for a headset that doesn’t work more than it does and has horrible support. Will never buy another blue parrot product again.
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4 months ago, PuckFaerie
Voice quality poor
Voice not clear, keeps announcing connection and beeping. No instructions on why this happens. Really wanted to Ike it but will return it
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1 month ago, Strucker13
Bad quality
Second headset still does not connect unconnected from calls I will be using another brand don't waste your money
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4 months ago, John Stene
Can’t identify my headset
I have the 550 headset, and this app just sits forever saying “identifying headset, please wait” I let it do that for 10 minutes, everything was paired and connected. I closed and reopened the app. No dice
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4 months ago, farren1957
App needs work for S650.
Will not find my headset. The headset works great but can’t be updated or configured through the app.
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9 months ago, help not helping
App doesn’t offer remedy for issues with microphone volume. (Neither does desktop app). App just for gathering user info, not for productivity or usage of product.
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10 months ago, Zzzzzz39
Bought headset today downloaded the app app shows that firmware update is available and prompts to install when hangs for hrs at 4%.
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6 months ago, every negitivename is takin
Not worth it
Have to have it turned up to max to really hear anyone and the 100% hands free don’t always work
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5 months ago, ber Gunz
Blue parrot sounds great
Outstanding service!! Blue parrot the best !
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3 months ago, Coachtis31
Microphone out
This is my second pair my microphone goes out randomly on both headsets
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4 months ago, TATTEDandEMPLOYED
Headset is awesome; app is useless.
450xt is a great headset. This app refuses to find it. But it works great without it and the website is no help to get the issue resolved.
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5 days ago, Bbsbsnknz x sb
It keeps getting disconnected
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6 months ago, Max 19992005
Bad mic
Bad mic working 3 time buy in years. I never buy again this S 450
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4 weeks ago, bears0000_
Will not work
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5 years ago, Rickety16
Missing features.
Now that I've had my B450XT for a month, it's nice that I can hear better than I could with my Plantronics Voyager Legend. While the voyager is an excellent product, it isn't loud enough for me with the mild hearing loss that I have. I'm kinda disappointed that I cannot have microphone mute, voice command, last number redial, and know what my battery level is without having to change it in the App each time. Is there a way to program the buttons so I can have all those features at once? Thanks, Rick
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2 months ago, Scdiggs1976
Awesomeness .
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5 years ago, curtwinebrenner
The great and the ugly of the B450XT
The headset functions very well overall but there are two areas that are unacceptable for a headset in the $150-$200 range. First, it’s likely that you’ll lose a call when you try to answer it when it’s been in standby mode for a while. Also, even when connected to Bluetooth, if it’s been in standby mode you have to go to your Bluetooth settings in your phone and select the B450 (keep in mind, it shows as being connected)before you can answer a call or listen to music. My other issue is the weak construction of the headband. The end opposite the electronics has a lightly cushioned pad that swivels for a comfortable fit, and it does work until it falls apart. That swivel is held together with 4 tiny screws that aren’t strong enough to hold it together and it just falls into pieces. Even Gorilla Glue won’t hold it after it fails. Poor design folks! True, I’m not a trucker who puts it on and never removes it thru the day but I am in transportation and my job is much easier to do handsfree and that’s why I spent what I did. I still use it but it’s frustrating when something in that price range falls apart within 6 months.
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4 years ago, KKSS
Blue Parrot button worthless. 550XT
I purchased the 550 model using it with zoom during the pandemic almost 8 hours per day. Great sound and microphone according to my prospective clients. But I also purchased it due to the promise of programming the blue parrot button. It doesn’t happen. I have the phone paired, connected with Bluetooth to my iPhone 11 max pro. I can hear everything on my phone and talk on it also. I go to the BP app to the programming button section and it does not acknowledge that the phone is paired with headset. That’s it. Doesn’t go any further. Period. This headset is also supposed to be paired to two units at a time. It is paired to my iMac, but is totally invisible to my iPhone. I am not able to pair to both at all. I brought my headset home away from my iMac and it paired to my iPhone immediately. Come on guys and gals, need to clean up your software so the 550 XT does what you’ve advertised. I paid extra for that. Thank you.
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4 years ago, grillman39
I had my BlueParrott B450 XVi 3 1/2 years
I have had my head set for 3 1/2 years they are XVi I upgraded to them because of all the things they can do. Let me add I have a set B250 that are 5 years old I use them when I am working outside they still work great. Back to my B450 they work great I really enjoy the battery stand by time and talk time. People tell me that they can hear me better on my head set then on my phone the noise canceling is amazing on both sets I have been mowing grass and was able to take a call and I ask if they could hear me okay and they told me just fine . Before I got a set I spoke with a lot of professionals truck drivers and they all said get BlueParrott or save up until I could because they are the best!!! I agree 100%
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8 years ago, CameronL724
Great idea, but flawed....
It's great to configure headset, provide pairing information, talk to other users with the same headset, and store the user manual. However I own the 350, and am unable to configure the parrot button- which was one of the reasons I picked up the headset to begin with. Another great feature is being able to configure how much sound is required to activate the mic, so you can cruise with your windows down and not have it kick on the mic. Especially useful when dictating or giving Siri voice commands. I use an iPhone 6 Plus.
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8 years ago, WookieCookie4me
Not bad for free app
The app is simple to pick up and start using. It's a lot like regular text window except it's voice recordings instead of chat bubbles. As my wife pointed out, you can already do this from the text screen on iPhone. I will say the benefits are that the ptt key is bigger and more convenient, the voice quality seems better, and you don't have to choose to keep msgs or they disappear like the default iPhone voice chat. I don't have or use BP headsets so can't really comment on that part.
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