Blur Photo Background

Photo & Video
4.2 (18.1K)
13.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blur Photo Background

4.24 out of 5
18.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Kurtzalimarie
Great App...But...
Great App! You can easily blur and unblur, also there are several other 'effects' to chose from. The option to change the size of the blurring tool needs to be able to be made just a tadbit smaller, even at zero it is still rather to big to get in those tiny spots, easy fix while you can just unblur with the hopes you don't touch the edges of what you wanted blurred, more annoying than anything, having the tool smaller at the smallest setting would be more efficient. That and the force review contributed to my 4 stars instead of 5. Over all a GREAT App!!!
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7 years ago, Hot K
I am only rating this because they made me to unlock a function!
So very annoying. I had just BOUGHT the entire app, hadn't even edited one pic yet, and when I went to adjust the opacity, it told me I could either cancel or rate the app to "unlock" that feature. Mind you, I had already payed $1.99 to get (what I thought was) full access to the features of the app. Well, of course I tapped cancel & it closed the pop up but then it popped up again. We played this stupid game 5 times & then I finally gave in & tapped rate. So, that brings me here. Wasting my time rating an app that I haven't used & know absolutely nothing about. So, for that, their app gets 2 stars. I was going to give them one, but I'm not a mean spirited person usually. I'm just ticked off that after paying $1.99, I can't use the whole app without any interruptions. Rethink it, app makers. Rethink it.
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6 years ago, SwissDutchess
Hidden Costs
Don’t buy this app. First of all, you can’t adjust the feather of the brush, so when you blur there is a hard line between the blurred area and the non blurred area. Second, you’ll pay for the app, and then to use any of the blur adjustments you’ll have to pay another $1.99. After that when you go to save the image, you’ll have to pay another $1.99 to remove their water mark from the image (and to avoid ads within the app). If they had sold it in the App Store for $5 or so up front with no additional fees, I probably would have bought it and given it a decent review. But since you buy the app without knowing that you have to pay even more just to use it properly, then I say it’s not worth the money to get.
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7 years ago, C13RA5
Does The Job
Its a pretty cool app. I like how it has different types of blurs that you can choose from. It definitely "does the job" if you're looking to blur certain areas of your photo. My only issue is that you can't make adjustments to blur areas without the blur going back to original when you click the unblur button. Once you click unblur, it literally unblurs the blurred areas.
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7 years ago, Strip Records
DO NOT BUY! Was Decent but Now...
This app was pretty decent in the past. It wasn’t one of those apps I used constantly but when I did it seemed to preform well. Unfortunately the app stopped working properly some time ago. Everything seems to be working properly, until you go to save or share and then it’s still the original image. It really pisses me off and I think Apple should pull this app. This was not just the free version. I paid for this garbage and it doesn’t preform. Also I noticed that some of the fx are not as strong as before and now I have to change the opacity but they are charging more money for an app that doesn’t work. What’s the point if it doesn’t save to my photos. Get your act together.
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7 years ago, Tatters n sexy
The app is great...for those that really haven't tried it or gave up because it wanted a review....I've read some of the other reviews and I'm only doing this because it asked me to give it a review after trying to change the opacity. So here it is. I love it. You can blur, unblur, change the opacity, and choose different effects. Change the size of your opaquing tool. Zoom in n out to get those small areas. It's great!!
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7 years ago, UTpharmer
Annoying Review Mechanism
I just purchased this app, and I was forced to write a review in order to adjust the opacity of the blur tool. I've only edited one photo with the blur tool previously, and when I tried to adjust the opacity, it told me because it was the trial version that I needed to purchase it to unlock the opacity feature. I purchased it, and now the notification says I need to review the app to unlock the opacity feature. That is misleading and BS. I'm obviously writing a negative review because I was forced to review the app before I got a chance to really use it. I'm so annoyed. Developer, you did this to yourself...
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2 months ago, Bosoleye2
Love it - It does what it says…
I read all the reviews but i have to say that it is doing exactly what i wanted to do. I have not been asked to pay more to unlock anything. I wish the ‘circle’ used to blur would get smalller in order to fit into smaller areas…but i found a way around it with my apple pen… maybe I’m not a sophisticated user but I sure am happy with the results!
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7 years ago, Mmeeeeeee:)
This app is dumb. I got it for free and when I tried to use the opacity tool, it told me to rate it. That was fine with me and I gave it a good rating and got my opacity tool. Now, they have updated it and TOOK AWAY MY OPACITY TOOL! This app is deceitful and stupid. They probably did that because people were leaving bad reviews and getting the opacity tool. Now I am writing a bad review not because I have to write one, but because this is what I think of this app. Do. Not. Get. This. App. There are many other *better* photo blurring and editing apps that you should get instead. App makers, if you see this, please change it back. I will like the app again.
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7 years ago, Maddieloveitalot
I love it
It's a good app it blurs everything out pretty good like you can't even tell what it is. The options that are free are good enough but if you want it to be better obviously pay not sure if I would recommend it that much. If you're going for more of a soft blurr then this isn't the app for you however if you aren't then I recommend it
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7 years ago, Rezzh
Nice app.
Nice app I would say its pretty decent but it worked on the photo that I am working right now.I just hope it gives you more option n to adjust things such as: brushing or even making those circles into small so I can perfectly make a good line around my face in the picture. But overall I enjoyed it.
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2 years ago, rng1995
This is genuinely the worst app I’ve ever used. I’m not sure if the free versions setup is different from the paid (doubt the app setup is different just bc you unlock features) but you can’t even zoom on the picture without it swiping to another screen and getting rid of your edits. It’s not even user friendly to edit and i can usually tolerate little annoying things but this whole app is unusable. It will take you 45 minutes to edit a pic that should’ve taken 2, be warned lol.
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5 years ago, Snyderwriter
Keep Losing Changes
I actually like the free version of the app and would buy it if not for one exasperating fact: Its insanely easy to lose your work. You can’t save a project in prices. All it takes is one tiny slip of the finger to the back carrot and yo-yo work is gone. No way to recover it. It’s happened to me twice in a row. Yes, I know this sounds like a user error, but it’s an interface issue. If you’re blurring large portions of a photo on a small phone screen, that’s a simple slip to make.
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7 years ago, bbren
Blur App Review
I'm rating because I have to in order to use some of the adjustment features... I really don't like apps that force you to rate them and get reviews in order for you to use them. It's difficult for me to give an honest review, therefore, because I haven't been able to do yet, what I got the app for! Frustrating! From what I can see, it appears to have some interesting features. We'll see.
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7 years ago, Kkmuh
Not the best
I was in the middle of blurring something and I tried to fix the way I wanted to blur the photo but it told me I had to either rate them or not use the feature. This app seemed like a cool app but if it doesn't let me change the level of blur on my photo, it won't be very nice. Hopefully they will actually give me the feature unlike some apps that tell me to rate them and I don't even get anything in return.
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7 years ago, Jayejaye4321
Really like this app but...
It's annoying they make you rate them BEFORE you get to use the opacity button so essentially you have to rate them possibly before you even finish your first project. 😒 however the app works really well and the features are great so I will continue to use it.
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7 years ago, Annabelleb43
Don't be in such a hurry for a review.
I only tried a couple things and when I went to adjust the size of the blurring tool, it wouldn't let me until I gave a review. LET ME TRY THE APP BEFORE YOU DEMAND I MAKE A REVIEW. YOU WILL GET MORE POSITIVE REVIEWS IF WE ARE ALLOWED TO CHECKOUT THE FEATURES THE APP OFFERS. App seems to blur out what I want blurred. But you can ONLY use one Blur effect in the picture per session. I will have to save my picture and do it again for the other part I want blurred. It does have different blur effects, which are cool.
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8 years ago, socaljules182
Best Blur App I've Found
Only thing I wish it had was a tool to autos elect either the portion you don't want to blur, or auto select the portion you do want to blur...otherwise it's super easy and there's so many cool backgrounds to chose from!! I do suggest this app to other people looking for photo editing apps!
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8 months ago, 😞noooooooooooo
I Purchased before it went viral, now it wants me to pay MONTHLY!
I purchased this App back in Oct 2020 payed for the no add and watermarked lifetime also in November I purchased for the lifetime opacity. Now that it has switched to monthly or yearly purchase it wants me to purchase again for the same thing, won’t let me use at all. It won’t go past the purchase selection. I pressed already purchase it states there is no record of purchase. I have proof of purchase.
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5 years ago, Jay R (NYC)
Paid version doesn't fully work
I paid the $1.99 to remove the watermark on photos I edited on this app. When I use the blur tool, what it shows in the preview of the photo isn't how the photo was edited. For example, if I blur a section of the photo everything looks fine but then when I go to save it the photo it's barely blurred. It's like if the blur looses some of its effect while it's saving. This is definitely an issue.
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1 year ago, agg411
Don’t purchase
Would not recommend! The shape of the blur tool is a circle & it doesn’t get that small so it is very hard to get the corners and things like that. Another thing is that it doesn’t give you the option to make the blur less or more it’s just ONE setting. All in all it’s just not that great I’m sure there is other apps out there that will be way better & you will have more control over the blur tool!
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7 years ago, Lol fonts
Very effective
Multiple times I've run into situations where random people are in the back or the background looks awkward and this app has saved me multiple times. Plus it looks very professional and clean
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6 years ago, Lauramdrn
SO Irritating!
I got the app but I couldn’t use it because I couldn’t adjust the opacity without spending more money. Then I saved the photo and had to spend more money again to get rid of the annoying add. I feel ripped off!
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7 years ago, Cynthia J Wee
Wow, I've been looking for an app that allows me to blur out backgrounds for the longest time and I finally found this. This app is so easy to use! As a beginner to photo editing, I wouldn't be able to do what I do without the tools this app provides. Excellent!!
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7 years ago, Us yikciv
Just rating this cause I have to
I'm just doing this cause this app doesn't let you change the opacity unless you write a review. I really don't want to write a review. I don't think an app should make you do something that not all people like to do just to get something so simple. You have to write a review just to make your pic look somewhat decent.
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7 years ago, voicefromtheblue
Straightforward implementation
It does what it says. You open up a picture and rub out the parts you want to blur. Touch size and opacity of the blur are adjustable. Have to write a review before you can change the opacity though. There is no magic wand for auto selecting large areas.
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7 years ago, CreativeMickey
I'm frustrated with apps that force reviews!
I find it highly annoying to be forced into giving a 5 star review for apps I've just downloaded minutes before and haven't even had an opportunity to try. This, right here, would be a prime example. I don't know enough about this app to write a review. That's the bottom line. But, considering you only have one chance to make a first impression, this app is off to very poor start! 👎🏼👎🏼 (Two thumbs down!!) 👎🏼👎🏼
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7 years ago, Swagboykill127
Only reviewing cuz it said so
I can't even use the full app without being interrupted. I can't change the opacity with it saying rate or cancel but if ur press cancel it will close the icon. Press it again and it will ask rate or cancel . Very annoying
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7 years ago, Jenna.xx
This app is honestly so good, you can blur people, things, cars anything you can possibly think of out of your photo !! if you don't like something in your photo or if something's wrong make sure you get this app it is the bomb !!
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1 year ago, Yoloprobro
No longer functions
This app used to work as a nice quick way to blur something but now it just puts a pop up ad about buying a subscription in front of you as soon as you turn it on and doesn’t let you X out of it. Not worth it download one of the hundreds of other free apps that do the exact same thing
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7 years ago, Jimmy LongMeat
Ransom App
I'm going to trademark this phrase Ransom App. Ransom app is when the person or company that developed the app hold key feature of the app from you and will only release it once you leave a 5 star review. Bulls%#+ if you ask me. I hate writing reviews and they force me to.
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7 years ago, Samia ☺️
It's Legit 😎
It teaches things inside the app that you wouldn't understand from a persons view , it easily gives you more options , and it's lots of fun , so share with your friends , and you come back and review what you think .
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3 years ago, lunch in a can
Subscription Service?
I was happy enough with the features and I've used this app for a while after purchasing it. Tried to use it today and it's demanding I subscribe to something I previously purchased. To make matters worse I was informed that I've never had access. I'm annoyed an willing to try another app at this point.
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7 years ago, simply easy and good
Pretty Good App
Really good app I recommend it if you want a quick blend on a picture , or if you want the main focus to be on something. It's also really easy to use and doesn't have a lot of unnecessary options.
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10 months ago, ggh dh gff my dh dh h
Perfect app
Imma keep this short and simple. I been trying to blur a f ing photo for a while and I got so frustrated because the best I can find overcomplicated things. This app gets 5 stars by default and imma keep it forever🙏🏼
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7 years ago, Fvdfgtfgtgfgd;;43(5(
Okay Except for having to write a review
I do not really know what to say because i haven't even gotten to blur or use the app before having to write a review. That is very annoying. The only reason I purchased this app was to blur photos. I never intended on writing a review unless I had a serious problem. Hopefully the app its self will be worth it.
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7 years ago, Dada369
What happened?
I purchased the app add on for blur effect and it was exactly what i wanted. Two days later, it would not work on my other ipad without buying the add-on again??? I went back to my original and it will not restore my purchase, it just goes and goes...????the adjustment of point size is WAY too large even on the lowest setting. What is going on? You need to fix this, it WAS a good app and very basic but now is useless!!!
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5 years ago, caseminotaur518
not good
i payed 4 dollars for all the features and it barely even works. If you’re trying to highlight a person, you have to get a small circle to get the small parts. But then there isn’t a small enough circle. Then I either have to leave it like that with the obvious non blurred parts, or spend a really long time to cover the parts with a big brush.
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7 years ago, Abcejejrveksh
What I was expecting
A little weird you have to write a review to unlock the ability to adjust how blurry it is but it's better than being forced to pay I guess.
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7 years ago, Brits12
Just what I needed!
This app is so easy to use! I am more of a beginner when it comes to touching photos up and even taking photos! This app makes it so easy to remove unwanted background items!
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7 years ago, _kimbert_
Really nice app
Let's you blur your pictures with ease, has different blurring effects, doesn't crash on you and in order to unlock other settings all you have to do is watch a small vid and or rate their app so easy!!! Thank you Blur!!!
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7 years ago, Fortune Mix
Only rating to unlock feature
In my opinion, it's very annoying to ask for a ranting in order to unlock a little feature.
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8 years ago, Brooklyn Dominguez
This app is very helpful for Instagram, let's say you take a picture of someone you miss and it's the only picture you have and you look very ugly or it's embarrassing, you can just use this app.
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8 years ago, MistyRuby
Love it
So simple to use and it is fun. I was also very surprised that you could use an image that had a transparent background and it saved it to my camera roll without the background.
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7 years ago, CMami_15
Fin alt I found a blurr app I like! It has many different blurr options to choose from. You can decide on how much you want it, as far as opacity. The other few apps I’ve tried haven’t worked as well as this one has.
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7 years ago, Budget friendly wife
Most straight forward background app!
I downloaded a handful of similar apps, but ended up deleted them until I found this one. It's super easy to use, which I appreciate.
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7 years ago, C4erimeliss8
Prompted to rate before full use
Haven’t been able to fully use the app because I’ve been prompted to rate it first. From what I can tell so far, it does what it supposed to- blur. I like the options provided and it’s easy to use.
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2 years ago, xtrinxm
I’ve been needing to blur some photos and picsart doesn’t allow me to use the blur effect that I want to use. BLUR allows me to use the “motion v” effect, which is perfect for the photos I want to blur!!!
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7 years ago, PRNCFantasy
Just beginning to use this App:
Really looking forward to seeing what the developers have put together in this interface.
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7 years ago, Mfranco2002
Love it
I use this all the time with my pictures. It does the job on blurring my picture. From all the apps I have used this is probably my favorite. Highly recommend.
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