Blur Photo Editor

Photo & Video
4.4 (8.9K)
156.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sohel Ibna Saad
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blur Photo Editor

4.38 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
1 year ago, RayAtCyberdine
Feature Request
Update: January 6th 2023 - Please add a circular and rectangular preset option for the blur tool. So we can easily just blur out a rectangular or circular area. 😊 If not already included in the video blur app, please add there too! Fantastic app by the way! I purchased it, love the app, happy to support you guys! I’ll update my rating once this is implemented! Promise! Cheers! ============== Devs, I love your app, I paid for it. Just need one thing. To make blurring a little bit easier and more accurate, please implement an “offset” for the brush so we can place our finger somewhere near where we need the blur, and see where we’re blurring. Right now, if we don’t place our finger precisely, it results in a mistake, often missing the actual object. An offset would greatly help.
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4 years ago, mistymtn0208
Way too expensive!
This really is an excellent app, the problem I have with it is that the pricing seems to have completely changed. Before, you could at least use the basic blur function for free, but you had to buy a subscription to use any of the more advanced tools. That was fine given how little I used the toll. (I basically just used it to blur out personal information in screenshots.) Now, I just discovered that you can’t do ANYTHING without a subscription, and the subscription is $7.99 per WEEK! That’s over $400 per year for an app I typically only use a couple times a month. (That’s TWICE the price of the full Adobe Photoshop app by the way!) That’s RIDICULOUS! I totally understand developers needing to make money from the app, but that truly is an exorbitant price, particularly for a casual user. I’m disappointed because this really was the best of the various blur apps I’ve tried, but I just can’t justify paying that price.
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6 years ago, Fazmoto
Greed ruins a good product
I am of the opinion that a good app is with paying for. I consider the added functionality that a good app brings to a smart phone as something that is well worth buying. I have bought many apps even though their free version did what I needed. Why? Because I believe if you put your time and effort into developing an app that helps me, I should help you back. I had the free copy of this app ( previous version ) and I used it a few times and I liked it. I updated to this newest version and it is not allowing me to save my work. Fine. I will pay for it. $2 perhaps? $5 perhaps to buy it?? Nooooo, $50 PER YEAR subscription?? Are you serious??? This is where the developer doesn’t realize that for every 1 paid subscription, he/she could have 100s of purchases if it were priced at say $2-$5 to purchase. Deleting this app now. Will not come back just based on principle. Developer, Good luck with your future endeavors.
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6 years ago, Toddmann
Can’t Save Your Work Unless You Pay $$$’s
First, let me say I like this app. It does what its supposed to do, and the results look great. That said, the fact that the developers want to charge you an incredible amount of money to use it is ridiculous. If you want to use the free version of their software, then don’t expect to do anything with what you create, because you cannot save ANY of your work to your camera roll. You can only save within the app, and that’s useless for whatever you needed the picture for. I wish I could give this app a better rating, because I think it would deserve it, but to have to pay such a high amount to just use the basic functions is stupid. Keep looking...there are just as good of blur applications that won’t cost you such a high amount.
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3 years ago, countree dru
Best blur photo background editor app for my iPhone
Best blur photo editor app for iPhone. I have been looking for… how to blur out part of a picture on iPhone. How to blur background on iPhone. Found out several apps like blur photo background editor and blur photo effect. I used them. But this photo blurring app is way more better then them. I can easily remove background from a picture on iPhone. Or blur face, credit card info, words even more easily. Thanks to the blur photo editor app developer team.
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3 years ago, Mad Horse - MH
Best Blur Background App
I was looking for an iPhone app to get the blurred background job done to one of my images. Basically I was trying to hide my car number plate but I was struggling to find any app that does produce pixelated background of pictures. Sometimes pics get blurry too, so we need to unblur it. This blur background app for iPhone does the photo blurring job quite easily. I’d recommend this app to censor your face or to pixelate any images wherever you need to keep your privacy intact. This is by far the best face pixelating app on the Appstore.
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7 years ago, Tuckymonkey
The ads are annoying because they have sound
Other than that the product is working far so good. Full disclosure: I've only had it for 20 mins so I'll rewrite this if it is awful later
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4 years ago, Naty_Caty
I couldn’t even use it 🤦🏻‍♀️
Today I was looking for a free photo blurrer and I came across this app. It looked nice so I got it, and I saw that you had the option to pay for “vip features” so I knew that some of it was free. I got it, and I selected the photo I wanted to blur but every time I did the ad for the vip would pop up. I kept exiting out of it and selecting the photo again, and it did the same thing. This app would’ve been nice, but you can’t do anything unless you pay. Might as well make the app itself cost money! So basically, if you are looking for a free photo blurrer, this app is the wrong one to download. You can’t do ANYTHING on the app unless you buy the stupid V.I.P thing. Also, even if you wanted to buy the V.I.P, it’s pretty pricey. $7 a week is $35 a month to USE THE APP. Like come on!! If you are looking for a FREE photo blurrer, then download “Blur Photo Effect Background”, it worked great for me and it’s free. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps. Have a good day :)
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6 years ago, Pixie Mommie
Beware of unauthorized annual subscription fee!
I used this app once and I actually really liked the blur paintbrush tool and the app itself. When I tried to save the image I had edited, the app prompted me to upgrade to the premium version. I tried out the “3 day free trial” for about five minutes and then decided it wasn’t worth the expensive monthly or yearly fee. So I immediately canceled the subscription in my iTunes settings. Then today I see the annual fee plus tax has been charged to my bank account. That’s a $53 charge that I didn’t authorize and I went out of my way to avoid this situation well before the “free trial” was over. Beware!
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2 years ago, CSHMDAZ
Poor design effort Just to get your money
It boggles my mind trying to comprehend why apps such as this cannot understand what “recent photos“ means. When I have a photo in my recent folder on my iPhone and I go to pull it up under the recent photos on the app it just randomly chooses which photos it decides are “recent“. This renders the app absolutely useless and assuredly the designers don’t care because it is a simple fix and it behooves me that is not something that is standard. I would not purchase this app as they are charging for something that should not cost at all.
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9 months ago, sumdrummr41
So simple, so easy to use
I tested out three other apps, including this one, at the same time. This was the ONE app that I could quickly get to blurring/saving/exporting with ease. Great controls and great design overall. I even use this app to crop my pics from my iPhone. It’s worth the lifetime purchase if you see yourself using this app often.
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4 years ago, #INSULIN4ALL
Every dev is moving to these subscription payment models, and while I get why, it’s still the dumbest approach with all things considered for the way most people consume apps from the AppStore. The actual turnover of people who really pay these astronomical monthly rates vs just delete from their phone and move on to the next app has got to be extremely high. I’d rather pay a higher up front, one-time cost vs pay a monthly subscription to virtually anything. Monthly bills are for “keeping the lights on” - NOT blurring a freaking photo 🤣 ✌🏻 out.
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1 year ago, DaDa Bennett
Does what it’s supposed to but at a cost 👎🏼
App is simple to use. It also has some decent features to add to your photos but you can find similar apps that do the same without a subscription. Not a fan of apps that require you to subscribe to a payment agreement especially when you have plenty of other free apps available. Waste of money. If you do try this app out remember to set a reminder to cancel your subscription before they charge you.
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3 years ago, ghkqcsdbjkddv
Normally when a review says, “this app won’t let you do anything without purchasing the VIP pack!”, they’re exaggerating and you can do about 50% of the things offered. This app, on the other hand, won’t let you do ANYTHING without the VIP pack. It wouldn’t let me click on a single photo to edit or try out a single feature. Every 10 seconds, the offer to become VIP pops up and makes the whole screen glitch. Honestly, stay away from this app unless you plan on paying $4.99 a month!
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5 years ago, Lemahbeanz
I don’t know how this app was able to confirm a $53 charge on my card. I don’t even use it. Downloaded it a literally a year ago for ONE PICTURE and forgot to delete it. Woke up w a $53 charge on my card (overdrafting my debit card) this morning. Mind you this was a year long subscription. Don’t download this app for your own financial security; there’s better apps and I’m sure if someone was crazy enough to want a “premium blur app” for a year there’s CHEAPER apps and I’m sure photoshop does the same even better for your money. Blur Photo is run by scammers.
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8 months ago, Adam Marcov
Fantastic blur app with amazing filters!
This blurring app is truly outstanding, offering precise control over image blurring. While the new filters are a nice addition, what would truly make this app perfect is a feature that can help unblur blurry photos. This would be a game-changer! 📸👌
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6 years ago, Chjkick
Waste of time
I spent 30+ minutes working on an image and when I went to save it, the app was saying I needed to pay and then I tried to click back to my image and it had exited out of it. The app itself does the job but I don’t like how in the blink of an eye my image that I spent over half an hour on was gone. I also feel like they should make it VERY clear in the beginning that in order to save an image you need to pay so this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future.
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2 months ago, assault ak
you only get 3 free photos it's That bad
This is Way too Greedy but I could tell this was going to be great if everything wasn't locked behind a membership and like I said you only get 3 free photos and It doesn't even matter if you save the picture at all I haven't even got any photos yet It literally forces me to pay up my life savings or leave so guess what i'm leaving and like the other review said "A Good product destroyed by greed" Describes this perfectly
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6 years ago, MaceyLayne
Too glitchy!
I was editing a photo for Instagram, spending at least 45 minutes on it, and it said it saved to my photo album. So I closed the app and went to my photo album to see if it was there... nope. I go back to the app and to my surprise the photo I was working on wasn’t there! I was so angry that I spent useless time editing a photo! Not to mention how the blur editing is SO glitchy, and takes forever to fix and erase all the ugly parts from the glitches. Definitely needs improvements.
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7 years ago, WestCoastLongie13
Why the change and huge fee now
I paid for this app quite a while back so I could get rid of the advertisements. Now it appears you have disregarded my previous payment because you have decided to charge an exuberant monthly fee to access. Now even though it shows my purchase restored it still will not let me save due to the required subscription service demands.I will not pay what I see as ridiculous and I will be contacting Apple regarding a refund do me.
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6 years ago, Bm_Ma12
Scam artist of a company
This app would not let me save the picture I edited until I signed up for their 1 year subscription. I opted for the 3 day trial and planned to cancel shortly after. However after signing up and saving my picture, they made it confusing and complicated on how to cancel the subscription. I couldn’t find it in the app nor my settings. I pressed redeem purchases and left it at that. This morning I was charged $53... all to save one picture. I recommend not getting this app.
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1 year ago, DapiBlue
How about a test run?
I’m not a fan of apps immediately requesting payments without allowing users to view their interface and photo tools. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for a freebie service; instead, permit me to navigate your app without forcing me into a trial period. Give me a test photo, provided by the app, to play around with so I know what I’m purchasing. Apps like these prey on users who forget to cancel trial periods and I’m not one to promote these poor marketing tactics.
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6 years ago, 🌟✨💫💥🌟
Are you for real? You can’t SAVE a photo on the regular app? What is the point of even having a non-paid version when it is 100% nonfunctional. You want $50 to... use a blur filter. Ok. Y’all are out of your minds, which wouldn’t even bother me except you’re tricking people into downloading your app under the pretense of having basic functionality LIKE EVERY OTHER FREE VERSION OF A NON-SCAM APP. Why not just sell the paid version and quit wasting people’s time. Good lord this is obnoxious. You get five stars for jerk design though.
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7 years ago, Smcmillan68
Great App!
I was looking for an app to be able to blur out faces for posting pics publicly, and this works perfectly! And you can zoom in for getting more precise or adjust the intensity of the blur. And if you don't want to blur then you can also pixelize the face. I love this app!
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4 years ago, VanPersiefan4life
App ruined by greed
I used to use this app simply just to blur out the background which was free and that was all I needed to do. Hadn’t used the app in a year and I needed to blur something out, and I discovered its 7.99 A WEEK?!?! THATS 32 DOLLARS A MONTH, AND 415 DOLLARS PER YEAR? That just seemed really insane to me, my laptop was less than this app costed per year. You can’t even do anything without paying. Even photoshop is less than this. This is way too overpriced, developers ruined the app with greed.
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4 years ago, Leoquest007
At first the app was cool, then it tried to force me to get the 3-day “free trial”. Beware! This app is a money-grab trap! If you don’t select the “free trial” option, then the app will not work. Once you apply for the “free trial”, this company will have access to your credit card or debit card information and will charge you $7.99/ WEEK to use their product. There are other blur apps that offer this same services for free or much cheaper. This app is a scam. ⚠️⚠️⚠️DO NOT TRY THE “FREE TRIAL”, BECAUSE YOU WILL END UP UNWILLING BUYING IT.⚠️⚠️⚠️
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4 months ago, pbacorey
Very efficient!
App works exactly as it shoulds. It is fast and very easy to use. Price is a bit steep, so plan to see if it is worth it to you. RECOMMENDATION: Incorporate a ‘dark mode’ as the white on the UI is hard on the eyes. All-in-all, pretty good app!
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7 years ago, Beensmack Biyombo
TYPO Heads up
Giving u 5 stars cus I haven't really used it yet so I don't wanna be the wild premature hater... I will adjust accordingly if it ends up being whack...but thought I should let y'all know u spelled "INSTRUCTIONS" wrong on the instructions page... might wanna check that. 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
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1 year ago, photoman60
Landscape Please
My big issue is that there is no way to edit in a Landscape format. As I primarily edit (serious editing) on an iPad Pro, editing in a horizontal format, the default ‘portrait’ format is a no-go. Call me when you address there is a lot of potential with this app.
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1 year ago, Mattosaf
Good background removing app with blur
It’s really an amazing app with photo background erasing option. I could remove my photo background and replace the background with pixelated background. Thanks
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7 years ago, VideoKid7
Can't be the price
Easy to use and free. Only need to use every now and then and it works well. A few ads pop on the free version but not much of a problem.
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5 years ago, Missrobotkarate
I was a fan...
I loved this app but when they switched to 49/yr subscription there’s no way I’m paying for it at that price. If they had some other subscription options, maybe, but there are other apps out there now that do the same thing for cheaper.
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4 years ago, Realtoronthemove
Updated my phone and now I have pay
Used this app several times. I updated my phone days ago, and I tried to use this app and now they want me to pay for it.
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6 years ago, MUSC-C
Well, this is a great app, and works efficiently in almost every manner in which it is supposed to. However, I cannot tell if I am going to be charged for the service, as there is no indication—no spot—in which I could stop auto-renewal. I mean, there is both an upgrade and renew purchase button, I just cannot find an area to stop the service before I am subsequently charged.
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3 years ago, ellebesee
Won't access photos?!
Won't actually access my most recent photos. Tried restarting app and phone, removing and re-adding access, etc., no luck. The app was also buggy - doing larger jobs, things would become blurred or unblurred at random. So glad I realized all this before the free trial was up. Definitely don't recommend.
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6 years ago, KiKi_Jo
Won’t restore purchases!
I had this app before but when I went to restore purchases after reinstalling it, it says there aren’t any to restore! I know I had this app without a doubt. Plus it had the arrow option to reinstall instead if the ‘get’ option you have with a new app. Now it’s asking a ridiculous amount for what I’ve already purchased. Smh, really?!
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7 years ago, Rayne Beau
Best blurring app I've tried
A lot easier than the other apps I've tried. The enlarge blur window is really helpful at getting super close to the edges of what you want to blur around.
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7 years ago, Lovethisapp1738
I'm only giving a five star review because they offer it for "unlimited saves". You cannot save unless you give them a five star review or pay 😟
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2 months ago, tinyweird
Not worth the time
I would give this zero stars if I could. The app intentionally closes and crashes multiple times so it uses up your “free editing trial”. I was trying to edit ONE photo and it crashed three times and I lost the ability to edit. Only download this if you’re willing to pay. 0/10
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6 years ago, liv082704
so a thing popped up on my screen and asked if i wanted a 3 day free trial. so i said sure why not and pressed the ok button. right after that another thingy popped up and said purchase complete. i was very confused, so i looked at my apple account and it said that i bought 50 DOLLARS ON THIS APP WITHOUT MY CONSENT. i literally had no idea i bought it and now i have $50 down the drain for an app i already deleted.
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7 years ago, cgooge
Exactly What I Needed
Blur anything you need with this great app! UI is clean and super easy to navigate. Blurs out what I need and allows me to save it to my camera roll or share to social media.
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7 years ago, Poodlover585
Awsome app
This is a good app when you don't have the portrait mode those iPhone 7 I send pictures to my friends and they think I have the iPhone 7
Show more
6 years ago, dare1856
Good app
I read other reviews saying that you can’t save unless you rate the app with 5 stars. I don’t know if that really works though..
Show more
2 years ago, ZambotTheShadow
Not a free trial
Response to the developer: I’m very well aware that it said a 3 day free trial, I’m not stupid I know how to cancel things. The problem is you IMMEDIATELY charged me when I clicked free trial. There wasn’t a 3 day period at all. And I didn’t even need the app after all because it didn’t do what I needed. Said it was a free trial and then charged me the amount anyways.
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7 years ago, Anthony ngyn
Giving 5 stars to save my pictures
You need to give 5 stars in order to save your photos.
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3 years ago, caitlinnnn❤️
false advertising
I got the app just to be shut down and trapped into getting a *membership* just to blur a photo. wont even let you do a pre-view. if you are going to charge to even use the app make sure you make that known. id rather pay to get an app than be trapped into a 50$ subscription for a BLURRING APP. thank you.
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3 years ago, BrittersKitty
No assistance
I downloaded and used for a few days and it wasn’t what I needed so I tried to cancel my account so I could stop billing. There is no “cancel account” option and the only choice is to email them. I’ve emailed 12x and have not received a single response. So now I have to pay my bank to stop pulling funds for this service. Major headache.
Show more
I had to pay for this useless app that i’ve used once in my life to use a feature. I pay for it and end my subscription cause i don’t need it anymore. When i cancelled it, it won’t go through so i had to continue paying. I need to speak with the person who created this app.
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7 years ago, Sauce85
Easy to use
No problems thus far. Annoying ads only
Show more
6 years ago, YourJeepGirl
Used to be an awesome App
I had used this app forever with no issues. It did what I needed and loved it. Now all of the sudden I can’t save any photos and they want $50 after a free 3 day trial. Umm no thanks. I’m very disappointed after a year of leaving my first great review to having to change it to a one star. I’ll be deleting this app and never coming back.
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