Blur Photo Effect Background

Photo & Video
4.7 (23.2K)
29.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alan Cushway
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blur Photo Effect Background

4.7 out of 5
23.2K Ratings
6 years ago, WJWebb
Very Good! (*Updating to Excellent and 5 Stars!)
*Updating my review to 'Excellent' and 5 stars due to the fact that I contacted the creator of the app about considering my suggestion below, in my original review, concerning the Exif data and he immediately got back to me, said he would add it to his todo list, contacted me again within 24 hours to confirm what I was suggesting and needed, and then made it happen in an update. All within 2 days of my suggestion!!! That is amazing and he truly understands 'customer service', which can be a rare thing to find these days! It works fantastic and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you! I HIGHLY recommend this fine app, purchase with confidence. Nice app layout, tools are very straightforward and easy to use. Purchased the ad free version right out of the app and that went smoothly and they were removed immediately from the app without having to close it and restart (impressive!). Saves your edited photo with only a bit of resolution loss. I’d give this app five stars if it would leave the Exif data (metadata) in the file. That data is important to some of us who upload photos to sites in hopes of selling our photography. Please consider making this change to your very good app; it would become an 'Excellent' app at that point!
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3 years ago, keysa1971
Best free app for easy blurring!
Easy to install, easy to use. Easy to them save photos back to your “Photos” or wherever you store. Also has some editing features, not dissimilar to what you already have on your phone, but some of the filters are different and quite nice. My only real suggestion to them/ notice to you, Dear Reader, is that it would be nice if the diameter of the blur tool was able to be smaller. I mean, it’s not so big that it blurs your whole photo in a single swipe, it would be lovely to have it a bit smaller. I think I’ve written about 0 app reviews ever, so the fact that I took the time to draft this is significant. It’s a great free app.
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3 years ago, Neaner1977
Skeptical at first but works great!
I was a little hesitant to get this app because there were so many reviews about people saying it doesn’t work. But then I read the developers reply to those comments and it said there is an X in the top left corner. And when I click the X, lo and behold I can use the blur feature as much as I want at no charge. Ads are minimal and IMO well worth the 30 seconds for a few pics. Great free product!!
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6 years ago, 098Drift
Great photo blurring app so far
I needed a simple but effective blur tool for a photo with addresses on it, and this worked like a charm. I was able to blur my photos and adjust how "blurred" I wanted them--completely or "partially" with the outline of the letters still somewhat visible. It was a bit tricky to figure out how to adjust the strength of the blurring tool, but once I learned my way around the "Effects" tab, all worked fine. I appreciate how the number and frequency of ads is acceptable and non-intrusive. You can use this app without too much interference from long ads.
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2 years ago, butlermaniac
Does what it advertises!
UPDATE: Thanks to the developer for a personal response, and my rating has been updated accordingly! There IS a free way to use the app, so I rescind my criticisms below. To find the “X” to tap and skip to the free version, it requires a slight downward swipe. The app looks like a “free” option, but upon opening it for the first time, the user is prompted to pick from a couple different paid options. I didn’t see any “free” usage version, unless you count a 3-day trial period, which is vastly different from being a free app.
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1 year ago, ku-soka
I don’t know what changed!
I used to use this app to blur sensitive information from my Instagram photos and it would do so seamlessly. Very beautifully, and it was as if the writing was not there. Today, I tried using the same feature and now it’s not giving the same effect. It’s the equivalent to just blotting out the information with a brush tool. Too opaque and distracting. Even after playing with the features, and different strengths, the slightly see through option would still show the writing underneath… what is the point of this?
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3 months ago, Smurf12500
So far so good. Looks like a legit free blur app
The first blur app I tried wouldn’t even allow me to read the tos without requesting it.. why would I pay for a service like that? Which the app was literally forcing me to do before I could even try it out further. Not this app! Took me 2 seconds to get what I needed and if I needed more or didn’t like the ads I would pay for this one over the other blur apps. Simple and cheaper.
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7 years ago, Vsterminator
Best Blur App
This is honestly the best blur app I've come across. You can change the intensity of the blur along with the brightness of it. It's easy to use. There's a brush and zoom capabilities. All the strokes will blend to the same blur setting. It's great! There are no downsides. Also! The ads aren't annoying, they only pop up when you first open it and they don't interfere with your project by popping up at random times. 5/5. ESPECIALLY for a free app.
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2 years ago, Jfruecht13
Blur Photo is - Perfection
I LOOOVE this app!!! I don’t know what I’d do without it… FOR REAL. I use this app multiple times a week and whenever someone asks for an app to blur, even if I over hear someone saying they need a blur app, I’ll unlock my iPhone, tell them the name of the app and show them what the app looks like. This app has been a HUGE help for me to be able to post certain pics. THANK YOU Blur App.
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5 years ago, Disgusted in US
Not worth the effort
I downloaded this app so I could transfer part of a picture to another background. They say color what you want to keep. It’s a joke. No matter how hard I tried, parts of what I colored came up spotty. The only two pictures I managed to have any success with I had to use another app and clone paint. If this is what you want the app for, forget it, it doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Happy face112233:)
This app is the best!!! No joke dude
I was looking for an app that would not lower the quality of a picture when blurring out the background. This app made a picture than was taken from a cell phone, look like it was taken from a professional camera...It was easy to use and compared the other blurring apps, the brush was not harsh and let me get into small spaces :)
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7 years ago, Lstar-
This app is really easy to. The tools are fun, the different types of blurs are fun. I also love how you can save photos and post to social media. I personally love the invert effect. It is key when you want to blur everything expect a small part of the photo. I want to keep this app free so all Apple user can experience this app. It's so fun, and I love it. I can't imagine what this will be like in a few years.
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2 years ago, SilentShadow24
Good App
It works and does the job and apart from the ads and asking you to go premium, it’s amazing. It’s free and blurs photo backgrounds easily along with extra effects and filters (most of them are premium though, so if you want extra effects or filters, I’d suggest blurring your photo here and then doing the rest in another app).
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6 years ago, jamieannann
Thought I’d Hate This App But I Love It !!
so i just went to a game a couple days ago and wanted to edit some pics from the game and since i have a 7 - not a 7 plus or 8 plus i thought i’d find an app to blur pics instead of getting a new phone so i found this one and you know what ? I LOVE IT!! I can have pics that look like they had been taken on an 8+‼️‼️
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6 years ago, SwagScarlett
Better than the others
This app is WAY better than the others! 🖤 I have downloaded 6 other blur editor apps and this be is by far the best!🍍It has many different modes that you don’t have to pay for!!! 🍩 You don’t have to pay for anything on their and it’s super high quality! You should definitely get this app!
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6 years ago, Skydog518
Great App
I have a project that has yearbook pictures of alumni. I want to post some of these old high school pics, but there are a few guys I don’t recall in the class photos. I don’t want to post some of the unknown guys in the picture without their consent. This app was very easy to use. The multiple pixilation choices are amazing. It looks very professionally done.
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3 years ago, MsRawr
How to edit invisible photos??
This app is atrocious. When you load an image, it flickers in and out of view before going blank. For most of the ones I started with, it would disappear unless I touched the image, which would then blur parts that I didn’t want blurred. If you try to zoom in or out, the image would flash (holy epilepsy trigger?!) like a strobe and only rains visible for the first edit you make before disappearing again. This ish ain’t worth the obnoxious ads it requires. Go elsewhere. (Used on iPhone 12 mini with up-to-date iOS)
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5 years ago, Alr293
Wish it saved within the app but love it!
So I love it, but I spent a long time getting the area just right and then I chose a background and saved it, thinking I could still try out the other backgrounds, but I had to start all over again. I wish it had saved the one I was working on.
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5 years ago, Ballistic_Stitch
Does exactly what it says!
This is such a great and easy tool for me to edit my photos without having to spend a bunch of money on a photoshop software. Worked really well and super easy to use. Not many options for non-plus members but it doesn’t bother me because the basic blur is all I need. :) also no watermarks!!
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7 years ago, Graphic designer JR
Great app.
I had to search for this app. I tried four others before this. All the other apps had several ads that occurred randomly. Making it very hard to make it through an entire picture. This app however does not have spontaneous ads and is very easy to navigate.
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7 years ago, 88oogremlin
Amazing! One suggestion...
This app is awesome! But can there be a way to adjust the intensity, instead of just how fast its layered? Because when you put the setting on the least opauge one you can still layer it to the most opauge option, and I want there to be a way to set a maximum amount of blur, so it’s not too intense.
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5 years ago, Tori Blosnet
This photo editing app isn’t the best, my friend and I were looking at the reviews and we saw, “Great App!” “Amazing performance!” But it isn’t actually that good. The blur does not at all look natural, it looks fake and it doesn’t mix/fit with the photos that you blur out. Maybe it could work for somebody that finds it more useful to me, but I found this a bit misleading.
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7 years ago, Christian_guy07
Great Blur Effects
I've tried multiple apps to blur out parts of photos and this one worked great! It has multiple blur effects you can use without having to purchase the premium version! It didn't change the quality of my photos and gave me the tools I needed! Great app!
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3 years ago, nuffnice
I love this app! I usually use it for thumbnails on my videos or editing pictures. But most of the editing tools are only for premium, if Blur Photo could have more of the tools for non-premium people that would be great! Overall I recommend getting this app if you are a editor or want to be editor!
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7 years ago, Shirt' n Tie Guy
Super Simple & Effective!
Use this app today for the first time and it worked way better than expected. After using a previous blur app my expectations were not that high, however this app is absolutely amazing, super simple and effective with many useful features.
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7 years ago, Sassy_pants613
Great blur app so far
In order to save the first photo I edited with this app, I have to give this review. I have not used the app much, but so far so good. As most free apps, there are lots of advertisements, but no issues with the function of the app itself. Four stars for now, as I didn't have a chance to fully use the app before being required to review it.
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2 years ago, jjjonathanjjj
I have been using this app for ages!! One thing I absolutely love about it, is how you can still accomplish what you need with their free service, but if you wanna take it a step up and get a bunch of features you can purchase their add ons. Amazing app!!!
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2 years ago, slepai
I love blur photo so much! There isn’t one thing it can’t do it seems… Use it a lot for my photos… Especially To blur out dirty laundry in my photos and even though I’m only 10 years old I use it A lot and it really makes my pictures come to life
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7 years ago, Sierrasilenth
Perfect easy to use app!
This app is amazing, it's super easy to use, and editing is quick and you're able to save pictures to your camera roll or post directly onto social media without an annoying watermark across the picture!
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7 years ago, Actoresse
Pixel out unwanted sections of pic
There are times objects in a pic are impossible to crop but this app allows you to pixelate or glass as blur options that hide unwanted parts of pic. I use it often to bring focus to subject but camouflage what I don't want. Good app for specific purpose. IPhone 6 iOS 10 works, no problems.
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1 year ago, pls pls pls looook
My honest opinion
This opinion is from a 11 year old. The app does do the main purpose for free. But pretty much anything else you have to pay for. Depending on how you want the blur to look like it is like his they blur license plates on the Internet. That's all I do recommend this app hope this helped 👋
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2 years ago, Tom Butler Music
$11 per year - THIS IS NOT FREE - but free trials gets you there
You can probably edit the photos you need to edit for your dating profile and then cancel the subscription. But don’t forget about the subscription or else it’s $11 per year
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7 years ago, LNMMBB
Great app!
It's extremely easy to use and helps me edit cosplay photos in a flash! Hopefully it doesn't watermark the photos though. I'm only 13, so I have no money to buy a watermark remover. That's why I always delete apps that watermark my photos. Hopefully this one doesn't disappoint.
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8 years ago, Sweetiepie67893
I love this app!
This app is super helpful for when I had to blur out some things. It's super easy to do. But the only down side is that, if you want to save the photo to your camera roll, then I makes you write a review. I do not like that. But overall, I think the app is very helpful.
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5 years ago, bt72118
Great for blurring the tacky background of most selfies
I’ve had this app a while, but only just found how much fun it is. I’m enjoying applying different blurs to the background of photos to make the foregrounds really pop. Great for blurring out the tacky background of most selfies. This is a fun app~~~
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7 years ago, NewMomGumption
... features for fine tuning.
Lots of control over style, opacity and placement of blur. Useful "unblur" tool for fine tuning. Crashes occasionally before I've saved the finished image and that's the only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5. 👍🏾
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2 years ago, YPSIOW
No auto background blurring
Many blur apps require manually brushing over the background to blur it, doing so will inevitably smudge the edge of the subject, and it’s very time consuming. This app is no exception. There shall be 2 viable solutions: (1) auto detect foreground and blur the background, (2) overlap a shape over the subject, typically a circle, an ellipse, or rectangle, then blur whatever is outside the shape. I hope the developer could make improvement.
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1 year ago, GACHE85
Current free tools. Might change later
The current free options are great tools and it's worth the ads. If they change it i would not pay for it but right nownitnid great
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7 years ago, Kkpreston
Great app
I’m happy with this app. It minimally affects resolution & has different types of blurs you can apply. One suggestion I have would be to add option for vertical blur. Yes, I can rotate my image beforehand, but it would be easier if I didn’t have to do that.
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6 years ago, ArtieDomi
I used to love this app, but...
This recent decision to make the app a subscription-based service is beyond ridiculous. Who in their right mind would willingly agree to pay an annual fee just to use a few mediocre blurring tools? I get that $12 isn’t a WHOLE lot of money, but c’mon...seriously?! No one is hurting THAT bad to blur their photos! What makes this even more insulting is that they gutted 90% of the content that was PREVIOUSLY FREE with little to no warning beforehand. Wouldn’t it have been better just to have people pay a one-time fee? That’s what other photo editing apps do! This isn’t Netflix... this app does nothing to warrant it being a subscription service. To those of you who are looking for photo blurring apps, look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Megan S...
Why I like it
I like “ BLUR “ because I have a phone that doesn’t have portrait mode on the camera . So “BLUR” gives me the ability to do that with my camera !! I have the iPhone 6s Plus so it is really nice to blur out stuff etc. in my photos !!!
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7 years ago, Lisa from kentucky
Need text message feature
Just got this app and I love it but wish I could immediately send my pics via text message. Really hate moving back and forth from app to app.
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5 years ago, Peter in Japan
Great tool for blurring or mosaicing photos
Every time I searched for “photo mosaic” I could only find apps to help me make collections of existing photos. This app is outstanding, makes it easy to blank out license plates or faces with various effects.
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8 years ago, MrWufz
Works - but confusing
The first time I opened a picture to edit, it took me to a crop screen. Only after I chose to crop did it take me to the screen where I could choose to blur. Also, that initial screen didn't look nice. I prefer the Blur Background app by Joowong(?). The interface looks nicer and it starts you off straight at blurring. More intuitive.
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11 months ago, Kitty J. Pride
Works fine. Overpriced.
This will give you a good variety of blur effects. Due to these being reliable and effective, three stars. IMO it would be fair priced as a one time fee. Due to having to pay either an ongoing charge for these simple effects (early or monthly fee), -2 stars for excess price.
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6 years ago, Pamela M Mke
Love it!
It works great and has the effects I am looking for. Never any issues with photos or crashing or anything. Saves right to the photo roll/library without having to post. Excellent!
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2 years ago, Pro2vaildd
I love it!
I’m glad that the fact that you do not have to have a subscription is the best part. I use this app as needed but I love it never had any issues with it.
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7 years ago, How's this ?
Very Easy
this app is very easy to use. you can blur your photo many different ways. as well as making the blurriness very strong or not as strong. many great options. i recommend this app.
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7 years ago, Jerry Camera Guy
Great app!
I have tried a few apps and this one is a winner! The brightness and strength controls on the blur effect worked perfect. Had my photo perfect in a few minutes. I suggest reducing the strength when you need a natural blur effect.
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4 years ago, Ahmad_Zablah
Almost satisfied
This app is really capable and important for professional editors for a quick edit using phone. It has some really cool filters most of them are paid. It just needs some more options to be more flexible, otherwise it’s awesome!
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